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Failure was the plan

Many of the posts and comments urging progressives to support the health care reform bill are based on a false premise. When you remove that false premise you realize that all the arguments for passing this horrible bill are bogus.

Right now Left Blogistan seems to be in agreement that the current version of health care reform is a horrible bill. Months ago I quit paying close attention to exactly what is in the bill because it was already bad and kept getting worse. The current argument among progressives is whether or not they should support a horrible bill.

Some people blame Joe Lieberman, others blame Harry Reid, or Rahm Emmanuel, Ben Nelson, Max Baucus, Republicans, tea-baggers or even Hillary Clinton.  There are some newly-minted PUMAS accusing Obama of selling out but others are still in denial and want to believe that Obama tried to do the right thing but misjudged what he was up against or was badly advised.

Whether they blame Obama or someone else, their arguments contain the same false premise. That false premise is the idea that Obama and the Democratic leadership actually support health care reform, but the Republicans and the Blue Dogs have joined forces with the lobbyists to obstruct them.

Obama and the Democratic leadership DO NOT support health care reform.  The problem isn’t that they’re apathetic about it, it’s that they are actively opposed to it.They aren’t opposed on ideological grounds or because they want to see people suffer, it’s just a simple conflict of interest.  There is no financial incentive for them to reform our nations health care system, but obstructing and opposing reform is very lucrative.

This health care reform clusterfuck was not an accident, it was planned.

Suppose you had a co-worker who on a daily basis kept “accidentally” spilling her coffee on your desk, messing up what you were working on and making you miss deadlines? What if your supervisor was a clumsy oaf who unintentionally grabbed your breast or your ass 2-3 times a week? How about if your boss kept making mistakes on your pay, invariably shorting you 10-20% on your sales commissions?

Assume that each of these people apologized each and every time it happened, and always sounded very sincere. How long would it take before you realized that they were doing it intentionally?  Not long I would hope.

The conservative movement has been on the rise most of my adult life. They have been well organized and heavily funded, and even before FOX News was created they had their own propaganda network in the media.  The Republican party is their political arm, but the real power isn’t the politicians, it’s the wealthy corporatists.

Their primary goal is returning this country to the golden age that existed before the New Deal.  No unions, no  government social spending, and no regulation of banks and business.  Because this country is still officially a democratic republic we still have elections, but the corporatists have been successful at rigging the outcomes in their favor.

With the exception of the Big Dawg in 1992 and 1996 I watched Republicans run rough-shod over Democrats for decades. As the minority party in Congress they have been able to block progressive legislation and judicial appointments, but when they became the majority that’s when the Democrats really got steamrollered.

I used to get frustrated watching the Democrats get outmaneuvered tactically and many times I shook my head in disgust as they made concession after concession. The worst part was when they surrendered without a fight. I wouldn’t have minded losing quite so much if they at least put up a fight.

Because of Iraq and Katrina you could sense that the public mood had turned against George Bush and the GOP by early 2006. But even though polls showed the war was very unpopular the Congressional Democrats were reluctant to push the issue. But in spite of doing everything they could to lose the Democrats won big.

But when Nancy Pelosi took over as Speaker of the House one of the first things she did was declare that impeachment was off the table. I couldn’t understand why the Democrats did nothing to stop the war or end the lawless behavior of the Bush administration.  The Democratic leadership couldn’t maintain any discipline.  It was very rare to see a Republican voting for a Democratic bill, but there were some blue dogs that voted with the GOP more often than they voted with their own party.

Then one day the light came on in my head. It was about the time that Alberto Gonzales was telling the Senate he couldn’t remember a single thing about his job as Attorney General.  Then the “loyal Bushies” started stonewalling with claims of privilege and by pleading the Fifth.  There was ample evidence to justify a special prosecutor or the appointment of a special committee to investigate.  But all the Democrats did was make a little noise and then drop it.

That’s when I realized they didn’t want to win.  They were like the Washington Generals – the team that always played the Harlem Globetrotters – they got paid to lose.  The Democrats would say the right things, but when it came time to vote they let the Republicans win.  They would make speeches scolding bankers and then turn around and deregulate Wall Street.  They pretend to be on our side, but their loyalty goes to the big money special interests.

I’m not saying there aren’t any good Democrats in Washington anymore, but they are an endangered species.  The Democratic leadership has gone over to the enemy, and that includes Obama, Pelosi and Reid.  Why would they do something like that? During the Watergate investigation Mark Felt/DeepThroat supposedly told Woodward and Bernstein to “follow the money.” That is where the truth is.

The pressure for health care reform has been building for years. It was obvious after the 2006 midterms that the Democrats were going to re-take the White House in 2008 and health care costs have been spiraling out of control for the past couple decades. Add in Hillary as the presumptive front-runner and even Stevie Wonder could see what was coming.  So the corporatists shifted their attention to the Democratic party.

Last year what party and which candidate got the most money from Big Pharma and the health insurance companies?  I’ll give you a hint – it was the same party and candidate that got all the Wall Street money.  They gave him millions back in 2007 when he was a rookie Senator to start his campaign  and they spent  lots more buying him the nomination.

You didn’t really think all those career Democrat politicians in Washington suddenly got starry eyes and tingly legs just because they heard Obama make a speech did you?  The party insiders helped Obama because Obama had rich and powerful friends that asked them to help Obama.  The same thing goes for the media.  Early on Obama was getting more media attention than he deserved, and it was mostly positive.

After decades in Washington shilling for the special interests Senators Joe Biden and Chris Dodd could barely raise enough money to compete in Iowa.  Even though they were both regulars on Sunday morning news shows their campaigns got little attention.  Richardson, Vilsack, Kucinich and Gravel were even worse off.  During 2007 the six of them combined raised about $25 million.  Obama raised that much in the first quarter of the year.

They took a light-weight politician with virtually no accomplishments and hired David Axelrod to turn him into Candidate Obama.  He was nearly perfect for them, an unscrupulous man with no core beliefs except his own ambition.  Best of all from their point of view, Obama doesn’t have the strength of character to defy authority.

During the campaign Obama resurrected “Harry and Louise” to attack Hillary’s plan, and criticized her for proposing health insurance mandates.  He also promised to televise the health care reform discussions on C-Span.

People think that after he took office Obama made secret deal with Big Pharma and the health insurance companies. That’s not true.  There might have been some specific details to discuss but the basic outline of the deal was made when Obama sold them his soul in exchange for being President.

Despite his promise to consider all the options Obama made sure single payer got buried. Max Baucus helped him in the Senate and the A-list progressive bloggers cooperated to keep the subject taboo on the front pages of their blogs.

So they’ve supposedly been wheeling and dealing on health care reform for months now, and some parts have changed quite a bit but other parts haven’t. (Keep in mind the speed and efficiency with which the FISA revision and TARP moved through Congress without major changes. Nancy and Harry were in charge back then too.)

They started with a “robust public option” and after weakening it until it it was meaningless they still took it out. There was a provision for a Medicare buy-in for people 55-65 years old. Lieberman liked it, then demanded it be taken out. The House version included the Stupak-Pitts amendment.

Who will be covered and how much will it cost? Fuck if I know, but whatever the current version says will change again before it’s over. But one thing hasn’t changed.


I’ve seen my state government mandate the purchase of insurance, but this is different. If you drive a car in California you have to buy auto insurance. When that law took effect the insurance companies saw a big jump in profits. But you’re not required to drive a car. If you own a business that hires employees you have to buy Worker’s Compensation insurance. But you don’t have to be self-employed.

Obama and the Congressional Democrats are proposing to solve the problem of people without health insurance by making them buy health insurance from private companies. That is truly unprecedented and historic.

Will there be effective cost controls and guaranteed coverage? I wouldn’t bet on it, 30 Democratic Senators voted against allowing the importation of cheaper prescription drugs.  It doesn’t appear they give a fuck about us little people.

They have generously included subsidies for the working poor (the non-working poor already have Medicaid) but all that means is that they will use tax dollars to help cover their premiums.

Right now the health insurance companies are paying out in benefits about 2/3 of of what they collect in premiums.  The remaining 1/3 goes to overhead and profits, and the health insurance companies are very profitable. Soon they will have their profits guaranteed by law and subsidized with tax dollars.

That was the plan from the beginning.

The primary beneficiaries of the plan are the health insurance companies. They invested millions and they will get back billions.  The plan does nothing to reform the system. This is not half a loaf, it is a windfall for the health insurance companies disguised as reform.

The Democrats didn’t try to write a better bill. They didn’t want one. The Democrats wanted this bill because the people they work for wanted this bill.  Unfortunately we aren’t the people they work for.

I expect the bill to pass.  The Democrats aren’t worried about public opinion or job security.

The A-list bloggers can’t stop it, just like they couldn’t stop the FISA revision.  They’re as useless as tits on a boar hog. All it took was a David Axelrod whispering sweet nothings and promises of insider access and they abandoned the idea of a democratic, grassroots progressive blogosphere and became the disseminators of White House talking points.

Health care reform is a big shit sandwich and we’re all gonna have to take a bite, but the A-listers deserve a double helping for all the help they gave the cooks.

The worst part is that despite the humiliating way they were exploited and discarded most of the progressive bloggers will go crawling back to vote for Obama and the Democrats because “the Republicans are worse!”

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270 Responses

  1. Senator Al Franken has posted a hit and run diary at Kos supporting the bill. And it’s highly recced, of course, with the celeb-kissing posters praising him profusely.

    Most kossacks and Dems will eat the sh** sandwich like the good little sheeple they are.

  2. Axelrod promises to push for drug re-importation after healthcare reform

    He also promises he won’t cum in your mouth again.

    This time he really really means it.

    • Great post, myiq2xu. It belongs with other TC classics. You summed up Obama’s entire career and his plans to help the health insurance industry that elected him better than I’ve seen anywhere else on the web.

    • …good one… too bad its so true, funny, but true…

    • Really. Does he promise that women will be declared human, too?

      Nope, that’d never fly.


  3. Great post. Private health insurance stocks are going through the roof. Good job lobbyists.


    • When will the Huffpos start connecting the dots?

    • Yep. We have imposed such “stringent reforms” on the bastards that anyone who is savvy is expecting huge profits for them. Follow the money. The money doesn’t lie.

      Tell me again how the Dems are on the side of the little guy?

  4. Wow, this is your best ever. Someone needs to ask these people, if this is what your Magic Pony President and his Magic Supermajority produces, what does that say? This is what we waited for–and this is what we got. So what new magic will improve it in future, elves, sprites, goblins? This is the high water mark, it only gets worse from here. The system is broken and no amount of concession, compromise, folding and general uselessness is going to fix it.

    • I agree, Seriously. This is one of myiq2xu’s best posts. He’s been on a roll recently.

      • I agree too. This post is magnificent! It really sums up the entire nightmare we have lived through since 2004. Back then I knew corporations were powerful, etc., but I still had hopes that Democratic control of the government would help a little bit. Now I’ve abandoned that hope. The Democrats are just as bad as the Republicans.

    • Democrats have been talking about reforming health care for over half a century.

      This year we have an alleged Democrat in the White House and super-majorities in both houses of Congress. The Republicans are predictably trying to obstruct the process, and despite massive concessions the Democrats still aren’t sure they have enough votes to break a filibuster.

      We’re supposed to believe that on an issue of this importance the Democratic leadership can’t even count on the support of their own people in Congress.

      The only people who supported FISA imminity were members of the Bush administration and the telcoms, and that’s because they broke the law. Progressive bloggers and leftpundits tried to oppose the FISA revision but Harry and Nancy squished the opposition and forced the unpopular bill through Congress in the middle of an election campaign.

      They didn’t make any concessions to get it done either.

      • I agree, myiq2xu, this is one great post. I’m tired of voting for the party of the flimflam artists. They tell us one thing and then go to backrooms and work things out with their corporate masters. At least the republicans are upfront about it.

      • Superb posting, myiq. I say vote the bums out — all of them.


  5. “Newly minted PUMAs”…?

    I thought PUMAs were Hillary supporters who refused to vote for Obama – there couldn’t be any “new” PUMAs. Has it changed to mean any democrat who doesn’t agree with Obama….?

    • I believe miq refers to the fact that they’ve woken up to the sham of “party unity”, now that the party has screwed them over. Obama and his Chigago thugs used them to Axelgrease the machine.

      apologies for the bad prose…too much cookie dough today

    • It’s irony. Irony that they mocked PUMA and pro-Hillary websites for being old, bitter, and uneducated. Now they say the same things we warned them about a year ago. Some are promising not to vote in next year’s elections. Sound familiar?

    • PUMA = Party Unity My Ass.

  6. Yep, this pitiful thing will pass. And, all the political miscreants (from bloggers to the occupants of the White House) will claim victory.

    Who is there to stand up against the reckless bullsh*t in Washinton? Feingold?

    • Feingold is voting for it. I’m done with him too.

      • We need to sweep clean and start over.

        Until we clean up the corruption, any new people we elect will start getting contaminated as soon as they take the oath of office.

        • I feel like we’d do better with 20 real liberal fighters with guts and integrity. They wouldn’t be able to do much, but at least they could get the message out strongly and build for the future.

        • It’s not just a question of contamination, it’s a question, once again, of fundraising. If they try to act on behalf of their constituents, and against Pelosi/Reid/Obama, they’re told that there will be no re-election money from the DSCC or DCCC. The leaders will also make sure that their bills never come up in committee for a vote, much less coming up to the floor for a vote. The party system–regardless of party–is simply corrupt.

          • This is why Hillary didn’t go back to the Senate, Reid and company would be sure to make her life there miserable.

          • Let’s not give a cent to the DSCC or the DCCC (and of course, nada
            to the DNC).

            Let’s support only candidates that take public funding and are active in winning
            public financing of elections.

          • Since the party system is corrupted absolutely, where does reform come from? Or does America go the way of other corrupt empires: Rome, Spain, France, England, Germany, Russia? And our empire has ABC weapons. (atomic, biological, chemical) From this perspective, the future looks awesome, indeed.

          • Reform comes from the same place corruption comes from.


            When the people get upset enough, they find a way to make things better. When they get complacent, corruption spreads.

            BTW – As bad as things are now, they were even worse back in the 19th and early 20th Centuries.

            Go read about George Washington Plunkitt

        • I am done with this shit, and I am caucusing with the real radicals once again…

    • Well, looky here, 12/21/09: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/12/21/health/policy/21senatecnd.html?pagewanted=print

      “Democratic tempers flared during consideration of a Pentagon spending bill, with lawmakers suggesting that Republicans were playing politics at the expense of American troops by extending debate over the $626 billion measure as way of trying to deny Democrats time needed to pass the health care bill before Christmas.

      “Democrats first thought they had Republican commitments to back the measure, but any they had were later withdrawn, settling off complaints of a double cross. Short of votes, Democrats had to prevail upon Senator Russ Feingold, an antiwar Democrat from Wisconsin, to break his pattern of opposing military spending bills and join them.”

      • What a surprise. They’re all as phony as a three dollar bill. But it’s okay, he’ll come out with a speech about how awful it was to rush the health care bill through after he made it happen. And probably some whining about the military spending bill too, why not? Yes we can!

  7. OT: Brittany Murphy died of cardiac arrest. She was only 32.

    Clueless and Girl Interrupted were two of my favorites when I was in high school. RIP.

    • I loved her character on King of the Hill. Her life was a rags to riches story that tragically ended too soon. She seemed like a sweet girl compared to other Hollywood celebs. How sad.

    • Was shocked to hear about this. Loved those two movies also. I hope there wasn’t any foul play, drinking etc.

    • she was adorable in clueless and then she started making herself over. She lost weight, had lots of surgery on her face, died her hair and straightened it…
      It is too bad she had died. I wonder why happened but I am guessing drugs and starvation.

    • She had a small, but charming part in Drop Dead Gorgeous, a classic more people should see. The rest of the cast was incredible too (check out Amy Adams in it!)

  8. Your post is so comprehensive that I can’t even find a place to add 2 cents worth of additional outrage. (damn, I miss a typewriter keyboard with a “cents’ symbol)

    You pretty well covered all the ideas I have been thinking about too…I hadn’t quite reached the point of believing the FAIL was that baked in, but your analogies were very very persuasive.

    Personally, I , who usually pepper my email buddies with all kinds of outraged posts, have gone dark on the HCR….it is so much more awful than anything I ever imagined they could do that I am too depressed to even write about it..

  9. That about sums it up. Really well constructed and presented, myiq. The only way to obtain change is to start by voting with your feet. First, you walk away from places like Daily Kos and never look back. Then you walk away from the Democrat party and never look back. Then you start to tackle the real issues of changing the totally corrupt system and stop believing that anyone in D.C. is going to help you, because they’re not.

  10. Krugman is out of his mind. Heroes of health care reform? Hand me a barf bag. Bad Krugman!

    • I told Peter Daou off earlier today also. He said since it was 51% okay and it gave 30 million more folks coverage it was worth voting for … what a load of crap!

      you can put shit in a pie and say its edible, but it doesn’t make it food

      • Why don’t these people get the difference between insurance and actual health care?

        I know. Because they have plenty of money and have never gone without good health care…..

        • Obamacare doesn’t provide any money for actual treatments or to pay doctors and nurses.

          It gives the money to health insurance companies, and then we have to trust them to they pay for the health care.

          I’m sure it’ll be okay – it’s not like we were giving the money to Wall Street Bankers or crackheads.

      • dakinikat, what are you talking about? When and where did I say that?

        • Peter … guess it wasn’t you precisely, now that I go back and look at it …

          You said:

          Grading #hcr bill on a 1(max harm) -10(max good) scale, with 5.1 the point at which it’s worth passing, what’s a fair grade?

          and there was a set of responses that bothered me … looking back it’s not so much YOU as it was the folks that responded ..

          sorry! my bad!

      • Krugman just published his op-ed. The first paragraph is an oxymoron:

        Unless some legislator pulls off a last-minute double-cross, health care reform will pass the Senate this week. Count me among those who consider this an awesome achievement. It’s a seriously flawed bill, we’ll spend years if not decades fixing it, but it’s nonetheless a huge step forward.


        Right, it’s seriously flawed and Americans will have to suffer for decades forced to pay high insurance premiums but it’s a HUGE step forward. Put down the kool-aid, Krugman!

        • The only thing that makes the bill awesome achievement to Krugman is that it says nyah nyah nee boo booo to the GOP.

          • Exactly. The Democratic Party IS utterly opposed to the GOP. But silly me, all these years I thought it was because our principles were opposed to their principles.

            In reality, it’s not that at all. They could give a rat’s ass about principles. They are indeed fighting, but that’s not what they are fighting for. They’re just in a pissing contest to see who can “win”, who can perpetuate their own power, who can rake in the biggest bucks, It’s all about playing “Who’s king o’ the world?”

            “nyah nyah nee booboo” pretty much sums it up.

        • Every year that Obamacare is in effect the health insurance companies will be divvying up at least $1 billion in profits.

          Not premiums – profits.

        • Krugman asks why it was so difficult for Dems to bring together 60 votes. But this is essentially a Republican bill. The real question is how 60 Dems could be persuaded to vote for a bill that helps private corporations but does not truly help people. The Republicans get passage of an unpopular cost-cutting bill that nevertheless serves their free market interests, and they still get to point the populist finger of blame at the Dems.

        • DFV,

          “It’s a seriously flawed bill, we’ll spend years if not decades fixing it, but it’s nonetheless a huge step forward.”

          I think his thinking on this is equivalent to the “historic” nature of the election of President Obama.

          He’s a seriously flawed president, we’ll spend years if not decades fixing the mess he’s making, but it’s nonetheless a huge step forward.


      • There is a concern.

  11. There is no financial incentive for them to reform our nations health care system, but obstructing and opposing reform is very lucrative.

    That one sentence is the heart and soul of it.

  12. Excellent post. Obama is trying oh so hard to play dumb like he has no idea what’s going on when clearly his little plan from the start is falling right into place.

  13. No one listened to us.

    • Howard Dean on MTP this morning…

      First he argues that this bill sucks, not what they campaigned for, doesn’t serve the american people etc etc etc….then turns around to say what a great job O is doing. Maybe the view under the bus is magical in Vermont.

      • That seems to be the talking point, Kusinich did they same thing week before last. Bash the bill as if it sprang fully formed from the ground, swear allegiance to Obama, absolve him of all responsibility.

        • I keep seeing comments that go like this:

          “The bill is terrible and it’s Obama’s fault – he sold us out!”

          “But pass the bill anyway, and still vote for Obama.”

        • They continue to be rewarded with support and votes despite their atrocious behavior.

          I have a really bad feeling this POS is going to pass.

          • I think it was always going to pass and this has been one long, excruciating exercise in kabuki. It’s going to pass now for sure IMO.

          • I have thought the same, Seriously.

            This is just another transfer to Wall Street that was a fait accompli — back when they made Obama the nominee, imho.

      • Axelrod must have found some dirt on Dean and threatened to expose it.

    • Not that long ago the blogosphere was a democratic place where your standing as a blogger was based on your expertise and the quality of your writing. The A-listers were just bloggers that had been doing it better and longer than everyone else.

      Now the blogosphere is controlled by an oligarchy of A-listers and the “A” stands for “access.” The main thing the oligarchy uses their position for is to maintain their position.

  14. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the O-bots to get it.

  15. Very clear and concise summary of the ongoing clusterfuck, bravo!

    So is the answer to organize and eventually have enough money to “buy”
    these people? To provide the incentive for reform?

    How the hell did other countries pull it off? Was it from a charismatic leader who”cared” about the little people? Or was it in response to a situation like post WWII Britain and Germany?

    How the hell did the New Deal happen? Was it because the corporatists saw
    their playground (the US, and I suppose the whole world) was going down?
    And didn’t it take some years for the New Deal to be enacted? Would that mean our economy isn’t in bad enough shape yet? Or more crudely, have enough people died yet?

    Maybe we won’t matter though- perhaps the corporations are looking to China and India now- and their expectations are much lower overall.

    • We have to get the money out of politics. We might need a constitutional amendment to make it a reality but we need public financing of campaigns.

      If we’re writing letters to Congress and the corporatists are writing checks, they win. Elections shouldn’t be determined by which candidate has the most money.

      • Great minds think alike, apparently. I was just thinking yesterday that I thought I recalled a way where you could force a constitutional amendment from the ground up–in other words, by beginning at the state level rather than hoping anyone would introduce it at the Federal level.

        • We need 3 constitutional amendments:
          1. Get money out of politics;
          2. Constitutionally remove the fiction that corporations are persons and have the civil rights of an individual;
          3. Require the public’s business to be conducted in public except in cases where the Exec. or the Congress secures a national security exemption from the Supreme Court.

          It is interesting to me that McCain was and is one of the fiercest advocates of getting money out of politics (and earmarks out of spending bills) and the McCain Feingold law on this issue is still controversial and subject to massive legal challenge. I do not see why we can not have a level playing field: why can’t we have a public broadcast channel in radio and tv where all candidates from all parties can have access to the airwaves? Maybe the internet will eventually replace radio and tv as the major forum for political campaigning.

          • Absolutely agree–I’d just switch the order. I believe if you do #2 first, you will solve about 2/3 of #1 and #3.

          • Broadcasters must obtain a license to use the public airwaves. One of the requirements of keeping that license was to act in the public’s interest.
            It could be construed that free political advertising was acting in the public interest.
            But if you ask your Senator or Representative about this don’t be surprised if they pretend they don’t know what you are talking about.
            I’ve had this argument with the wacktards over the fairness doctrine abridging free speech on radio. My contention is there is no such thing else Howard Stern wouldn’t be on satellite.

          • I’m afraid it’s too late. We have a SCOTUS that allows the President to detain people indefinitely with no probable cause and torture them. None of us has habeas corpus. At this point the bill of rights is a joke. We have no Constitution.

      • I don’t know if you want to open that door today. Next thing you know is we will be called the United States of Jesus.
        Didn’t somebody say something about underestimating the stupidity of people?

      • Yes!
        Fair Elections Now

        • A step in that direction would be to eliminate caucuses but then the Deans, Reids and Pelosis of the party couldn’t game the results in their favor.

      • the only way to do that is to pray that the supreme court will de-person corporations at this point.

    • How the hell did the New Deal happen?

      One day the people who thought unregulated stock speculation would make them the next Rockefeller or J.P. Morgan woke up poor and out on the street. There were enough of them that congress didn’t dare oppose FDR’s reforms and New Deal programs.
      Once enough people get to that state again you will see meaningful change, or riots.

      • Yeah, but after that Great Depression they enacted the Federal Reserve, to make sure that that never, ever happened to them again.

        The Fed has a lot of good points, but one can’t deny that by giving “stability” it also ensured that the banksters would never again be subject to that sort of ass-whipping. Good and bad, the Fed is IMO.

    • The New Deal happened because the oligarchs were so afraid of a socialist revolution and losing everything that they were willing to not fight as hard as usual against some social democratic reforms in order to stave that off. But things are so different now, I doubt they’re afraid of anything, even riots. Just transportation wise, the aviation industry was just beginning to develop, in order to flee the country they’d what, have to
      take one of only a few luxury liners?

      • Yeah but, if it wasn’t a majority they would have just called out the army to shoot everybody. If they did rthat there wouldn’t be anybody left to polish their Duesenbergs.

        • Yeah, but now the can transfer all their money to the Caymans with one click, and have plenty of people in Sao Paulo to polish for them. They don’t need us, and they think we’re too busy watching AI to Really head into the streets, anyway.

  16. Miq I love this post, it eloquently and clearly expresses the thoughts I’ve had about the shafting of Democrats and working Americans in general.

  17. Superb post. I can’t think of anything to add. Brava!

  18. This sort of recalls the feelings I had when I had to accept the news that Hillary would not be the Dem candidate and when I had to accept the news that -0x2 was going to be potus. How many times in the next 3 years will I have to go through those feelings? Scrooge and screwed do not begin to describe it.

    • It’s endless. I went through those feelings when I had to accept that Nixon was President, same with Jimmy Carter, Reagan, Bush I and Bush II twice. Now it’s even worse because I really thought there was hope this time.

  19. This sums up the uselessness of the blogging Left in a nutshell:

    All it took was a David Axelrod whispering sweet nothings and promises of insider access and they abandoned the idea of a democratic, grassroots progressive blogosphere and became the disseminators of White House talking points.

    Bloggers made the mistake of thinking that the “new media” was somehow immune from subtle corruption in a way that the “old media” wasn’t. Their hubris in that regard blinded them, made them unwary. You know, the old media once had principles as well – they were good when they started, but got co-opted. How do you think that happened? Same way.

    Insightful piece, myiq. Bravo. This entire thing was planned and stage-managed. The big money donors saw that the Repubs had no chance in hell of winning, so instead of “investing” in them any longer, shifted and began to “invest” in Democrats. This started LONG before the election – as you pointed out, it started with his Senate campaign. He was deliberately prepped and groomed and boosted up the ladder, despite few accomplishments, for a REASON. Hell, the DNC even set the convention date for the anniversary of MLK’s speech, LONG before they “knew” he would win, or even run. No coincidence, that.

    • I’ve asked the question that why did the media switch from attacking democrats as they did starting with Clinton, then on to Al gore and finally John Kerry to praising Obama as they did Bush.
      It was sort of rhetorical.

    • It’s the Lifeboat Party.

      “Back in 1932, the future Illinois Sen. Paul Douglas advised progressives not to expect too much from the Democratic Party. It was, he wrote, ‘maintained by the business interests’ as a kind of ‘lifeboat.’ Whenever the GOP ship sprung a leak—whenever Republicans were no longer willing or able to do business’s bidding—the interests simply piled into the other party and made their escape.”


  20. One of the big progressive reforms out of Wisconsin (LaFollette) was giving the people tools to place items on state ballots, including amending state constitutions. I know CA has such a law, as well as a “sunshine law” mandating that public business be conducted in public with a narrow range of exceptions. I THINK other states also have such legislation. This can get corrupted with special interest money (the mother’s milk of politics/money) but it is a vehicle for change and here it has occasionally been the only way to break through the system.

    We need this kind of reform for the national constitution.

    • We have that here too, but it isn’t always a good thing. On the other hand, what other hope do we have? I know I sound really negative–sorry.

      • It’s almost always a bad thing, here. They say people hate referenda questions and just vote everything down, but it’s worse than that. If you look at the past 20 years’ questions, most good things fail but scary things tend overall to pass. A few exceptions, but the media is blanketed with misleading ads and they tend to payoff.

  21. This is an excellent post MyIQ. Just superb.

  22. Thanks, Myiq – really a superb piece of work.

    I remember my writing here last Fall and our discussing how it had to have all been planned long time in advance to have everything “magically” fall on the dates they wanted and needed to be “special”

    It’s all so disgusting – I have no respect left for any elected official. I just don’t trust any of them anymore.

    And now even Franken has fallen in line. Sheesh – 😦

  23. Seems to me that what is needed is a Constitutional Convention convened by resolutions passed in a majority of state legislatures. Admittedly that would throw the door open wide to mischief, like the US of Jesus from the comment above.

    However I have come to believe that the people of this country have most things in common. This in spite of the largely fictitious spokesmodels for the Left, Right, and other groups whose purpose seems to be to keep us at each others throats so we cannot make common cause.

    A Constitutional Convention holds danger but the possibility for great reward and I think it’s worth a try.

    • Yes, but.
      When the Founding Fathers extolled the virtues of a free press in the First Amendment they had no idea that press would become the propaganda arm of corporate America.
      Look at all the insanity out there, do you really think we would be mired in Iraq and still in Afghanistan if it weren’t for the likes of the NYT and Judith Miller?
      Franklin, Jefferson, Paine and etc wanted an informed public to make decisions, not a mis-informed public.

      • You can ‘yes but’ all day and it won’t change a thing. What has to happen is people have to stop listening to the MSM. In that regard, we are a lagging indicator since I doubt most people in tha country could give a flying fuck what’s in the NYT now.

        The people most effected by the various spokesmodels for the factions are people like us.

  24. Wow, that was a great post. Amazing that a Chicago politician couldn’t get this done right. Didn’t he once say that he’d bring a gun to a knife fight? I’m just kidding here because we all know he didn’t fight for anything for the people. They all pointed fingers at each other and then patted their own backs when they sold out the American people. It will be interesting to see what the final bill will look like and how much our taxes will go up as our policies go down and how much the penalty will be for not having insurance. The only way we are going to make out on this is if we buy stock in the insurance companies!

  25. Good job myiq. Thank you.

  26. “A Pyrrhic Victory?”*

    “…the Senate Democrats’ victory on health care was going to be a Pyrrhic one….”

    If the bill passes, the Republicans should start trying to repeal the worst parts.

    * All from William Kristol’s editorial, here:


    The Republicans know a majority of the people don’t like the Senate health care bill. It’ll be interesting to watch the repubs’ campaign over the next year and 3 years to win Congress and the WH back.

    • I do think their corruption on this will come back to bite them. People take it personally when someone messes around with their sick child, sick mom, husband, etc.

    • Bill Kristol is the one who sounded the battlecry to kill Hillarycare. He’s just as responsible for the situation that we are in right now wrt healthcare as Obama and the Dems.

    • (not that there was anything wrong with posting the link to the article… I just wanted to point out Bill Kristol’s history on this issue)

      • He’s a complete ass, but I’ve gotten to the point where I appreciate someone actually saying what they think instead of weasel words and excuses.

        • I totally get that. I can listen/process a lot from a variety of sources (with a jaundiced ear anyway)… it’s just when it comes to healthcare, I can’t help but think if the same pointless partisanship (the one that is driving Dems to support this pig of a bill right now) had not driven the GOP to block Hillarycare in the nineties, we would be so much better off right now.

          I can listen–but I can’t forget.

    • They’ll repeal everything but the mandates.

  27. Thank you, myiq. I believe I remember you saying early on that failure was a feature not a bug. It resonated as true even back then.

    The corporatocracy rules.


  28. As a wise woman once said: Love is the plan the plan is death.

    I doubt the obots will ever truly realize that they were played from day one. And without their permission, we would not be at this hopeless place.

  29. This is a sobering but great post, thank you.

    I personally feel like a fool, I actually thought that the 06 elections were a turnaround for dems and was so encouraged, only to be kicked in the teeth, time and time again by these assholes.

    No more.

    In the past two weeks my husband has lost his job of 16 years and with that our health insurance (with 3 kids under 18). His former boss actually said to him “I can hire 2 people for what I pay for your insurance.”
    Guess who was one of the first two to get “laid off”.

    It is abundantly clear that we are (all of us) on our own and fucked.

    In no way do I see this abomination of “reform” helping anyone who needs it without placing the burden on the backs of those who cannot bear it.

    I will go to my grave, however, believing that Hillary was squashed to enable this disaster.

    Again, thanks myiq, for this post.

  30. I can always count on Mark Steyn to give me some laughs. From the National Review…

    Apocalypse Now – Or Else

    James Delingpole has a great round-up of enranged warm-mongers furious at the “failure” of Nopenhagen/Copenhoaxin’. The Guardian’s George Monbiot:

    Goodbye Africa, goodbye south Asia; goodbye glaciers and sea ice, coral reefs and rainforest. It was nice knowing you. Not that we really cared.

    Bitter. But his fellow ecopalyptic Polly Toynbee says bring it on:

    What would it take? A tidal wave destroying New York maybe – New Orleans was the wrong people – with London, St Petersburg and Shanghai wiped out all at once.

    While George and Polly are pitching opening scenes for The Day After The Day After Tomorrow, Henrik Boehme of Deutsche Welle remains calm. Nonetheless, it is testament to the insanity that has gripped the global media that a respected reporter, copy editor and editor all approve lines like this with nary a thought:
    Copenhagen has proven a failure. This is a strong blow to preventing climate change.

    The climate has been “changing” for billions of years. Who are you to presume to “prevent” it? From the barely veiled neo-fascistic whiff of Polly Toynbee’s final paragraphs, you get the feeling that what most annoys this crowd is that they’ve been denied a shot at the ultimate exercise in universal Big Government.

    However, it’s not all bad news:

    DUBLIN — When world leaders in Copenhagen argue for days in knife-edge talks to save the planet, what more fitting way to relieve the tension than an environmentally-friendly vibrator?

    You have to wind it up. Seriously. Given the effortless ease with which Polly and George wind themselves up, the eco-vibrator seems somewhat superfluous to requirements.

  31. Well done, MYIQ. I didn’t believe him at the time, but now it seems that Nader was right in saying there’s no difference between the two major parties. Is it time to emigrate to some more enlightened country, if one can be found?

  32. Brilliant post! When you accept that it was always planned to fail, everything falls into place.

    I don’t know if you saw this yet, it’s a great shock & awe rant, but he still doesn’t see the obvious:


    • that was some darn good rantin’. it gets a b+ from me.

      He’d get an A if he’d admit that …WE TOLD HIM SO….and connect the dots that the narcissism, hubris, empty rhetoric, etc etc, were a sure sign of future performance.

      • Oh yeah, I know lol. The meltdowns are cool to watch, but the Professor was swilling kool-aid just like the rest of them. The great awakening doesn’t mean sh*t now.

  33. Russ Feingold sez it’s the Obama’s fault this bill sucks (even though he’s still voting for it anyway):

    “I’ve been fighting all year for a strong public option to compete with the insurance industry and bring health care spending down. I continued that fight during recent negotiations, and I refused to sign onto a deal to drop the public option from the Senate bill. Unfortunately, the lack of support from the administration made keeping the public option in the bill an uphill struggle. Removing the public option from the Senate bill is the wrong move, and eliminates $25 billion in savings. I will be urging members of the House and Senate who draft the final bill to make sure this essential provision is included.

    “But while the loss of the public option is a bitter pill to swallow, on balance, the bill still delivers meaningful reform, and the cost of inaction is simply too high. This bill significantly expands coverage and helps protect Wisconsinites from high costs and insurance company abuses, such as denying or restricting coverage based on pre-existing conditions. The bill also improves a flawed Medicare formula that denies Wisconsin fair reimbursement rates, encourages the kind of low-cost, high-value care practiced in our state, increases access to home and community-based long-term care, and reduces federal budget deficits by $132 billion over the next decade.”

    • Russ needs to rediscover either his balls or his principals. Does he really think they’re going to be able to do anything remotely resembling what he wants ever given this nasty bill is the starting place?

    • Feingold can also KMA then.

      • I feel like Eliza Doolittle vs. Joe Do-nothing–words, words, words, I’m so sick of words–show me!

        As far as “restricting coverage based on pre-existing conditions,” insurers can restrict coverage based on whatever they want, in practice. If the insurance company tells the rehab facility that they won’t pay for a longer stay even though you can’t quite put weight on your leg yet, as happens every day, or otherwise overrides the doctors’ recommendations, do they get penalized somehow?

      • Feingold is one of the few elected Democrats who actually talks like a liberal/progressive instead of a moderate. He usually votes like a lefty too.

        The problem is he’s rarely on the winning side of of vote.

        • a vote for Obamacare isn’t left or right, it’s a vote for the oligarchy.

        • He usually votes that way *because* he’s never on the winning side of the vote. It’s one thing to cast a vote when you know it’s 96-4 and your vote won’t affect anything. But when your one vote isn’t just a meaningless symbolic gesture and can determine the outcome, our liberal champions take a powder.

          • Bernie Sanders is an even bigger disappointment to me.

          • Yup. Bernie could have been the Ben Nelson for all the real people who are suffering. Money for clinics that may never be built, or built in places where they won’t help the people who need help? Hogwash.

          • I’m disgusted with the whole pile of them.

          • Yup. It’s the same reason the Dems put forth more progressive legislation when they were a minority, safe in the knowledge that it would fail. It gave them a platform to strut and pontificate in front of the cameras, and their corporate owners were happy to let them pay the little harmless game..

            The moment they became a majority, suddenly no real progressive bills were anywhere to be found.

  34. What a terrific post and exactly right.

  35. You know, people like Krugman think that sticking it to the GOP is enough to justify this bill– but what good is sticking it to the GOP if the Democratic party has morphed into the same thing you were fighting in the first place? The point isn’t to stick it to “GOP” — it’s to stick it to what the GOP represents. And, when the Democratic party represents the same corporate interests, but even more surreptitiously, then sticking it to the Democratic party overrides the need to stick it to the GOP.

    • Krugman lectures us little people.

    • The GOP is the stodgy standing army for the corporations, and the Dems are the subversive guerillas for the corporations.

      Things may change, but at this juncture, the guerillas are the bigger threat IMO.

      • Of course the guerillas are the bigger threat, because so many Dems are still taken in by their pitch. Progressives have been kicked in the teeth *how* many times since 2006? And they still believe the bloviating?

      • the guerillas are totally the bigger threat. They are in power and still pretending that the GOP tea party activism and opposition from GOP Congress members is what has ruined this bill. Um, no–what has ruined this bill is that the president NEVER WANTED UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE. When he was a state senator, he was for single payer. When he was a presidential candidate he was for a public option and against a mandate. When he became president he was embraced the mandate, did everything to pivot away from the public option (the WH freaking said triggers are more progressive than a PO), and laughed and pointed at those “little single payer advocates.” There is no explanation for this that puts the evolution of his views together in a cohesive fashion other than pure political expedience.

    • The Republicans got everything they want, things they’ve been wanting since forever, and they get to hang the political fallout on the Democrats. They’ll be able to win in a landslide and keep most of the worst provisions in place forever. If Krugman thinks this is sticking it to the Repubs, he’s out of his mind.

      • Answer me one question. How the hell do we know the Republicans always wanted this? They never put it forward when they were in power. Their presidential candidate would never have done this in a million fucking years.

        This shit is not a Republican bill. It’s a Democratic bill and nobody else’s!

        • They don’t want deep cuts in Medicare? They don’t want to effectively ban most abortions? Just because they’re not politically stupid doesn’t mean they’re not evil. They want someone else to do it so they don’t get blamed. If when they take over they turn into FDR and restore the Medicare cuts and overturn the abortion ban, we’ll know they didn’t want this.

          • Those are pieces of the bill. The whole miserable mess has a big D stamped on it. The individual mandate for one would never be attempted by Republicans. It goes against their very core. Their more libertarian wing would have a cow.

            Would a President McCain have proposed deep cuts in Medicare? No. Would he be pushing a ban on abortions? No. In fact, while the GOP was in complete charge did they pursue a ban on abortions? Not enough to make the religious right happy.

          • Nobody is saying McCain would have proposed this, but there’s a lot in it to make them happy. The religious right is never happy because if they get the moon and stars it’s not enough for their spoiled asses, but they succeeded in putting a number of onerous restrictions in place thanks to the Supreme Court never meeting a burden it considered undue. And there are plenty of Republicans who believe government should be a vehicle for funneling money to corporations, I’m sure behind closed doors some of them are very happy.

        • Bush got the ball rolling with his insane giveaway to the insurance companies through Medicare. He came close to privatizing it and now Obama will finish the job.

          • not to mentioning speeding up the time it will take for medicare funds outlays to be greater than revenues … I’d like them to put the CBO on that one, frankly.

          • The MMA has delayed provisions which will begin the conversion of medicare premiums to “vouchers” with which seniors will “purchase” private insurance in whole via the Medicare advantage infrastructure.

          • Medicare Advantage is not just a privatization scheme. Jeez.

  36. myiq, I would only add to your excellent piece the following evidence that failure was always the plan: Reid turning down Hillary’s request to head up a special health sub-committee after the Dem convention. That was another tell.

  37. myiq—-thank you, you put this together so well.

    money in politics is the problem-without change there, I fear there is no hope.

  38. Another flaw in this piece of crap bill: they want to go to capitated payments rather than fee-for-service payments for Medicare

    True, it’s a cost-cutting measure. But be warned: if you think your doctor spends very little time with you now, just wait til it’s all capitated care. Because in that scenario, the ONLY way for a doc to make a living is to CRAM and overbook, and see as many patients as possible.

    Sp get ready for really crappy care from doctors zipping in and out of a room barely even speaking to or examining you – because health care will become an assembly line geared for VOLUME EFFICIENCY, not individual attention.

    She/he can’t spend a lot of time with you, because she doesn’t get reimbursed according to how much time/effort was required – it’s all about the numbers, baby. With capitated plans, your doctor actually makes more money if she does less for you, or doesn’t even see you at all How’s that for yer “moral hazard”?

    • We all know how well that went.

    • It doesn’t matter–the talking points of the week are deficit neutral and cost cutting.

      The creative classes are holding up Axlerod for enough to fly to a sane country if they need treatment, anyway.

    • as it is, my doctors spend most of their time looking at the computer monitor typing notes instead of looking at me

      • Yep. Because everything has to be documented in ridiculous and superfluous ways, or he doesn’t get paid.

        Did you know that if you come in with a hangnail, he can’t just write about the hangnail, and what he did for it? No, he has to take the time to list all the things that are not wrong with you, as well as what is. Seriously, this is why charts are such a mess, because it used to be that docs could just do notes that talked about what was PERTINENT for themselves or another medical professional reading the chart.

        Now they have to meet a pack of insane requirements driven by both Medicare and insurance companies, with the result that if you flip open a chart, there might be four pages of notes and check-offs, and this and that :compliance” forms for one visit. You have to dig through all that to find the RELEVANT 2 sentences that tell you the patient came in for a hangnail, and you snipped it.

        • Any chance you’ve seen the movie Idiocracy? I think you’d appreciate it. by Mike Judge.

          I have actually had the experience of checking out and the clerk not making any eye contact at all, just eyes on the monitor, handing me the receipts. Creepy. That’s one of the reasons why I like naturopaths and homeopaths, they take time to understand. I wish their model had a place in our system.

  39. OT from Historiann – “Dear Former Students

    Thanks for writing–I always enjoy getting e-mails from my students. However, when you write to me after your final grades have been posted asking “if there’s something [you] can do” to improve your grade, I have to wonder. Are you offering me a bribe? (What do you have that you think I would possibly want? Actually, I’m kind of curious about that–but believe me, you don’t have anything that I want.) Or, are you simply unclear on the concept of final grades?

    The only thing you could possibly do at this point is to invent a time machine to take yourself back to August or September, and then come to class every day and do all of the assigned reading and writing assignments. Oh–and reading and following the instructions for essay assignments and exams is a really good idea, too. By writing papers and exams on the assigned topic with the correct number of primary and secondary sources–it’s amazing how easy it is to work your way into the “B” range if you follow the carefully written instructions and submit your work on time.

    • Oh God, I’ve been getting e-mails like that for two days now. I even got one that said,

      “I’ve been talking to my classmates, and we are concerned about our grades on the final exam. We studied really hard and felt we had done well, but we all got grades in the 70s. We think there is something wrong with the grading.”

      And then there are the ones where the student claims a lot of the answers were “debatable.”

  40. Excellent, really the best! It should be required reading for all ex-obots.

  41. We will all be suffering.

  42. “They took a light-weight politician with virtually no accomplishments and hired David Axelrod to turn him into Candidate Obama. He was nearly perfect for them, an unscrupulous man with no core beliefs except his own ambition. Best of all from their point of view, Obama doesn’t have the strength of character to defy authority.”

    Brilliant. And the exact truth. Through the year I admit that I’ve enjoyed the alleged left getting continually hammered as the truth about Obama has dribbled out. But I am not enjoying the latest round of “creative class” revulsion. I don’t feel happy about this “told ya so” . I actually feel genuine fear.

    The ObamaDON’Tcare bill signals the start of the final act of the elite’s pillage. This bill will pass and the reaction to it will be horror. At the risk of being overly dramatic I do think it is a tipping point. And I don’t see any sane voice being able to harness the reaction to constructive ends. The Obama gambit has worked. The tea party business of last summer will be seen as a pleasant pre-show. The country won’t abide this bill and it will shift dramatically to the Right. There is a volatility in the population now that aches for a leader – one will emerge and I doubt most here will like her/him.

    Whether or not Obama is fully aware of the extend he’s been used or is, in fact, a full party to it -is not relevant. I doubt he is aware of how quickly he’ll will get a taste of his own patented under the bus treatment. As Obama stays under 50% into 2010 those who financed him will ditch him. They got their TARP, they got their mandate to but insurance, they got their war. The elite actually waited to ditch W until he was re-elected. Obama won’t be treated so nicely.

    As for the Democratic party – they are committing ritual suicide. At least the leadership is. – this country has not seen a party off itself since the Whigs. But that is what the Dems are doing. A few real progressives will survive 2010. But they will be a rump faction and worthless.

    • John, your ability to foretell future events is usually uncanny, and I don’t disagree with your prognosis. What I disagree with is your conclusion–which, I think, is that the Dem party is worth saving. It isn’t. The system is currently so corrupt that there isn’t anyone, in either party, that I would be sorry to see voted out of office. We have to attack the system and build something new, and we have to ensure that all the incentives to repeat what is happening now are eliminated once and for all. IMO, that’s our only real hope–and it won’t be easy.

    • I don’t think anyone really feels good about the I told you so’s. We’re joking around some to try and keep our spirits up, but mostly it’s anger, depression, and fear.

  43. Can I just replay an oldie but goodie for ya?

    May 14, 2007

    Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama, seeking support from labor union members in New Jersey, vowed Monday to make health insurance available to all Americans by the end of his first term in the White House.

    ”We can have universal health care by the end of the next president’s first term, by the end of my first term,” Obama said, bringing 600 union workers to their feet during a question-and-answer session with members of AFL-CIO affiliated unions.

    The discussion was part of the labor organizations’ presidential endorsement process, and Obama used much of it to pitch his plan to bring health insurance to the 45 million Americans who lack it.

    ”This is an issue whose time has come,” the Illinois senator said.


    • Absolutely disgusting. He knew even back then that it was a promise he never intended to keep. He had already made his deals with the health insurance companies by then.

    • Obama’s version of Fierce Urgency = FU

      Vote for him NOW, support him in passing this insurance giveaway NOW — you’ll get your universal healthcare, your jobs, your human rights, your end to dumb wars and torture….someday

  44. I’ve seen a lot in the comments about this being a Republican bill. Allow me to say bullshit.

    Answer me one question. How the hell do we know the Republicans always wanted this? They never put it forward when they were in power. Their presidential candidate would never have done this in a million fucking years.

    This shit is not a Republican bill. It’s a Democratic bill and nobody else’s!

    JSOM, I believe you are correct. Those motherfuckers are going to reap the whirlwind. I can’t wait.

    • It is very much a D’s bill, but that D is not a Democrat.

      This bill, imho, is just like Obama– a Republican in Democratic clothing (not the same as a Republican.)

      • By not Republican, I mean there is nothing conservative about forcing individuals to buy anything via force of law. That goes against GOP ideology for as long as I can remember, except for some oddness during W’s debacle. There is enough libertarian thought in the GOP to prevent them doing something like this.

        These nanny activities of taxing people to do the right thing, whether they want to or not, have been staples of Democratic ideology. Admittedly not to this extent, but if I had been asked 5 years ago which party would be more likely to enact this legislation I would have said Dems in a heartbeat.

        I would not have foreseen the massive and open corruption though and that changes everything.

  45. Obama is now what he always was “an errand boy sent by grocery clerks to collect a bill”.

    And yes, the GOP has wisely stood down. This bill belongs to the Democrats and they will be buried by it.

    • unfortunately we’ll all be in the hole when they throw them on top of us just before the dirt is piled on.

  46. For concise reprise of the march to HCR 2009, please see Charlie the Unicorn (Episode I).

  47. Hey! the vast majority of Americans (who oppose this HCR boondoggle) are now……wait for it….wait for it….wait for it….

    ARYAN SUPREMACIST GUN-TOTING MILITIA RAAAAYCIIIIISTS!!! According to Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse from the floor of the Senate today:

    “They are desperate to break this president. They have ardent supporters who are nearly hysterical at the very election of President Barack Obama. The birthers, the fanatics, the people running around in right-wing militia and Aryan support groups, it is unbearable to them that President Barack Obama should exist. That is one powerful reason. It is not the only one.”

    • See, you laugh, but if you visited the post apocalyptic landscape of Pawtucket, with skinhead militias roaming the streets and hysterics waving birth certificates blocking the strip malls? You don’t know what Sheldon is up against.

    • {{{bangs head on table}}}

      • I had to get off Twitter the afternoon, because all the progs were praising Whitehouse to the skies for playing the race card. I like the guy but pulease!

        • said the Lamb to the chef — what is that delicious looking roast with the mint jelly? How can I get me some of that?

  48. I submitted this comment on the Orange Cheeto, in response to her coming to her senses. Her and I had many battles, ending up in me just (like the rest of you) leaving the whole scene called Daily Kos.
    Although I took a much-needed break from politics, her apologetic post today, after all that happened during the primary campaign, led me to post this “not so happy” response. I know we all screw up at some time, some point. I still believe that we should all be held responsible for when we screw up.

    I have very little sympathy for you. I participated in your diaries during the 2008 diary wars here.
    You had a slash and burn attitude to anyone that did not support Obama at that time. You even accused me, personally, of being racist on so many occasions.

    I perceived Obama as what he has shown to be – back then.

    You were not polite – you were aggressive.

    It was your right and your privilege to do so at that time. The atmosphere here for ANYONE raising ANY questions about this inexperienced Chicago politics disciple was met with utter and harsh reprimands in every blog and at all times. And I, like so many others, left here.

    I’m glad that you finally are coming around to realize that he truly is NOT the savior everyone expected him to be. He was way too inexperienced, and way to prone to be gobbled up by the totally corrupt system he would inherit – which he did. I’m sure Obama is a good man with the best personal intentions.

    But he got in way over his head, and his Chicago meteorological rise due to a bunch of established Chicago politicians, coupled with enough of his non-committal “present” votes, were a pretty good indicator to me that he should wait a few years before placing himself into the midst of a highly powerful corporate-controlled system that basically dominates the course of the rest of the world.

    I was therefore not surprised when he chose Rahm Emanuel as someone to fight for him. But the subsequent appointments of Bernanke, Geither, and all of the other gang members that brought us here, made even my own jaws drop.

    I give you credit for coming around to see the reality, in real time, but I do hold grudges, still.

    You were vivid, you were outspoken to the point of attacking so many people that felt what you feel right now, except they were alarmed earlier on than you.

    Your mind, during the primaries, was totally closed to any discussion or examination of issues put forth.

    There was nothing I or anyone else that was NOT sure about Obama could say.
    Hell, I watched the Clintons (who had brought race equality further than anyone before, ever, become the NEW RACISTS, even though their administration included more African Americans on their staff than any administration before – ever.

    Way to re-write history, just to make some seductive image, become reality.

    In closing, I’m somewhat glad that you’re coming to realize that zealotry does not lead to truth in itself, and I also wish that you could apologize to some of us who saw this coming.

    I’ll probably get troll-rated to death by this, but that’s no obstacle to me stating the truth of my experience. Should I be banned, again, it really doesn’t matter to me. It’s you that needs to be more tolerant of other views – always. Or else you’ll end up in the same place again.

  49. Great post! Indeed, the success of failure was always the plan. I heard the vote will be in the dead of night…how fitting. It seems the Dem party has been dead for some time…but as long as Bill and Hill could cattle prod it to seeming life, one didn’t realized the extent of the rot…which is total. help

    • Paper doll! Hi! According to the schedule from a few days ago, it was supposed to be at 1am, unless they changed it.

  50. Anthropogenic Continental Drift we’re running out of time.

    Gotta laugh sometime. 😉

  51. Thanks for the great post and company in these weirdest of times. Good night all.

  52. your post sent chills down my spine. it is so important to remember how much money obama had in his war chest…no one knew where it came from and i would say we still don’t except our suspicions are undoubtedly correct. i’m stunned all over again to read this. one of the things i have started to truly look at in politics and laws is who does it serve. we know who this medical insurance channeling of money serves. the companies and the pols. really shameful.

    • The corporatist-owned media never investigated. They just repeated the claim of the Obama campaign that he raised all that money with this magical new method utilizing Teh Internets. They never explained how it worked because only people under 30 are hip and sophisticated enough to understand.

      (I’m not sure but I think the guy in charge of Obama’s online fundraising is some Nigerian prince.)

      • They really wouldn’t look into it, since it would cut into their bogus narrative. Obama’s massive small donor poll who never show up to vote since he can’t manage to win anywhere with significant turnout kind of clashes with The Invincible Prince of the People.

      • MSNBC was actively spreading disinformation. I may not be getting the details exactly right here, but I remember something along the lines of Chuck Todd & Co. sitting around chatting, describing Obama’s donation page in terms that made it sound almost like a slot machine for Obama’s sippy cup supporters.. apparently the way it was designed was supposedly very addictive and kids couldn’t get enough of it.

        That was about all that they “reported” on where all that record-breaking campaign $$ was coming from.

        • And remember when their contribution website actively disabled the automatic collection of identifying data? Nothing to get alarmed about there.

          • There is something in political campaigning that is called “priming the pump.”

            Before you can hold a fundraising dinner you have to rent a hall and pay the caterer. As the saying goes, “it takes money to make money.”

            In November 2006 Obama retained David Axelrod to run his campaign. He received $25 million in campaign donations during the first quarter of 2007, even though he didn’t announce he was running until March.

            This was almost a full year before the Iowa caucuses. Obama was a rookie Senator who had accomplished very little in his life. Most of his few accomplishments were just awards and recognition he received for doing nothing except being Barack Obama.

            During the Spring and Summer of 2007 Obama did poorly in debates and was running a distant third in the polls behind Hillary and Edwards. But the media treated him as a serious contender and the flow of money into his campaign never stopped or slowed.

  53. Harpers:

    Pretty much everyone involved in health-care reform has been on the payroll of one health-care firm or another. Howard Dean, the former head of the Democratic National Committee and, heroically, a longtime proponent of a single-payer system, nonetheless recently joined McKenna Long & Aldrich, a lobbying firm with many clients in the industry. Nancy-Ann DeParle, the so-called health czar who is overseeing reform at the White House, is reported to have made as much as $6 million serving on the boards of several major medical firms. Tom Daschle, who was set to be Obama’s secretary of health and human services until it emerged that he had failed to pay taxes on his limousine and driver, now earns a $2 million salary as a “special public policy advisor” for the lobbying firm of Alston & Bird, which represents, among many other clients, HealthSouth and Aetna. Asked to describe his current role, Daschle said, “I am most comfortable with the word resource.”

  54. Our reps. are bought and paid for. I don’t trust a one of them. My hope was that some citizens might find a bit of relief with health care reform, but if more people will be hurt than helped, then dump this waste-of-precious-time bill. Single payer was the obvious way to go from the start and I’m angry that it was taken off the table. It’s hard to believe our public servants have spent so much time on a crappy, pork-ridden bill that neglects people in need. Totally unacceptable. This is not just business, it’s warped. The only reason I ever dared to hope this bill might stand a chance for improvement was because I think health care will be pushed aside for many years to come. The Obama people were so obviously bought off by many interests from the start, but I kept hearing about all of the small contributions from his supporters. How can you talk to people like that? Grrr.

    I don’t think this bloated, convoluted bill is totally understood by anybody. Add to that all of the mixed messages coming from our reps. Big problem. Poorly executed and handled. Maybe we should do our suffering in the streets. Make ourselves an unsightly mess. Nah. Don’t think that would make an impact either. One thing I’m good with – I’m an unaffiliated voter now. I will not be taken for granted again. Except by my kitties. They have the power!

    The media = pretty useless.

  55. It’s always nice to see more and more people figuring this out.

    Now, what we have to figure out is what to do about it.

  56. Violet Socks reached the same conclusion from a slightly different direction.

  57. Excellent post, astute and painfully accurate! I only wish the front pages of every mainstream and TV media (masquerading as ‘journalists’) would carry this article as “Front Page News”.
    Enlightening the people, though, is not something that’s easy or cheap….
    I’ve just watched a documentary “The Obama Deception”–a bit too libertarian, but hits some great points….

    Wonder if Obummer will be handing out hangers as prophylactics as part of his mandated healthcare plan…

  58. But there is just one little point where Obama has shown indeed his heavy-duty intellectual powers and defied his ‘light-weight’ epithet given to him by Uppity!
    Remember when during a presidential speech he criticized the cops and said that:

    “I don’t have all the facts. But it seems the Police acted stupidly in arresting my friend Gates”!!!

    Now that’s truly presidential and principled, ain’t it!?

    And this teleprompter idiot doesn’t need ANY facts to see that his healthcare plan will kill reproductive freedoms for women while permitting men like Him and the many “Larry’s” he’s probably hanging around with to take their Tax-Payer-Funded VIAGRA…what a jerk!

  59. Excellent!

  60. […] as well, Failure was the plan.  Myiq2xu at The Confluence shines the spotlight on the rigged machinery and the veiled […]

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