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Open Thread: Exploding Heads in Obot Land

This is how bad it has gotten out there in prog-land. This diary is rapidly moving up to the top of the rec list at the Cheeto:

Obama vs. Hypnotoad 2012
by citizenx

[You’ll have to click on the link to look at the graphic. WordPress won’t let me paste it.]

“If Hypnotoad ran against Barack Obama in a Democratic primary in 2012, which one would I vote for?”

citizenx’s diary :: :: Hypnotoad had its own television show called “Everybody Loves Hypnotoad”. It consists of a stationary camera filming the Hypnotoad and its noise continuously. Despite the odd premise behind the show, it ran successfully for over three seasons.



Obama vs. Hypnotoad
Obama 13% 67 votes
Hynotoad 42% 212 votes
Please Just Kill Me 36% 181 votes

I know. It’s not funny. But it’s on the rec list, and Hypnotoad is beating Obama in a landslide.

143 Responses

  1. Where the heck is myiq2xu? I hope he isn’t sick.

  2. Obama is beating Pie by 5 %!
    Go over and vote now!
    He should have included the Unity Pony as a choice.

  3. I’m loving the title of Black Agenda Report’s latest article:

    “Universal Health Care? We Keep the Candy, But You Can Have the Wrapper. No. Wait. Give Us the Wrapper Too.”

  4. What a strange day — totally depressing but wildly interesting. BB – your pic sums it up pretty well.

    I continue to be amazed at how depressed I am by all this. You’d think my expectations would have protected me from it.

    • Me too. I keep discovering new depths of despair, agony, and gnashing of teeth.

      • Me too. I keep discovering new depths of despair, agony, and gnashing of teeth.

        Then stop reading Kos, TPM and Hampster.

        • I seldom do read them, but for the past couple of days it has cheered me up immensely to see their horrible agony.

        • I wonder what part of the old saying,”if the people lead, the leaders will follow” they missed? Now is when we can get the party’s attention; after all, they will be needing voters pretty soon.

        • It’s not reading those blogs that is depressing me. It’s what I see our government doing to us. I don’t that my info on that from prog blogs, thank goodness!!

      • Mostly I’m finding new depths of cynicism and schadenfreude.

    • Me three. I feel like I should know better to believe any of this is real, but they’re good showmen. They drag it out and drag it out until it almost seems real, you get your hopes up, and the entire house crashes around your head.

  5. Obama’s a distant third, with “Just kill me” in second.

  6. So on today’s Kabuki Scorecard, Nelson is a yes, Landrieu is loving the thing, Lieberman will vote yes, Sanders offered up some mealy mouthed blagh blagh, I may, I will try. Anyone else?

  7. They’re all going PUMA. Is this a dream? Some twisted nightmare? Someone pinch me!

  8. Ian Welsh:

    After reading this compilation by Thomas Schaller of various leading “progressives” views on whether the Senate bill should be killed or not, I am beyond disgusted at many of the putrid, spineless, stupid quislings who call themselves progressives.

    (h/t Lambert)

    • More:

      Thank you Joan “lesser evil” Walsh. That election has been trotted out ever since to justify voting for Democrats no matter what they do. It’s good to know that your support is completely unconditional. Of course, perhaps it might have helped if Al Gore and Joe Lieberman had actually fought. Buses full of union members and other demonstrators were willing to go, and Al Gore, the “good man” didn’t want to risk that flaring into violence. So he told them not to roll, and the Supreme Court, seeing that no one gave a damn, gave the election to Bush 5-4. The result was, literally, hundreds of thousands of dead people. Why? Because a good man wasn’t willing to fight. Just like you, a “good woman”, I’m sure. Just like Democratic progressive in Congress. If you won’t fight, and the other side will, the other side will always get what they want. But people like you, who belong to the party of wimps, never understand that, do you?

      • In Al Gore’s defense, did anybody realize just how psychotic W. was?
        Also remember that the media had brainwashed most of America into thinking the man was a phony and a liar by misquoting him or making things up out of whole cloth.
        Had he by some miracle gotten in the White House and 911 occurred the republicans would have started impeachment proceedings on the 12th. Again egged on by the media.

        • I liked Gore but he ran the worst campaign since Mike Dukakis.

          He was VP to a popular POTUS who gave us peace and prosperity, and Gore treated the Big Dawg like a leper.

          He hired Donna Brazile to run his campaign and appointed Holy Joe as his VP.

          It’s like he wanted to lose.

          Blaming Nader for the loss is like blaming Lieberman for the health care bill.

          • Thanks for saying that. I agree with every word, but I don’t really like Gore that much.

          • Just picking Lieberman was enough to guarantee a loss.

          • For Gore to win, all he had to do was let Clinton campaign for him in Arkansas. If he had, Arkansas would have went for Gore and Florida wouldn’t have mattered.

            It’s like Gore threw the election out of anger at Clinton or some such nonsense.

          • Hell, Clinton could probably have helped Gore carry Tennessee.

          • When Gore didn’t fight for it in 2000 is when I realized I could not be a Democrat any longer. I didn’t respect them. Hillary pulled me back but not again, not for anyone.

          • I liked Al. When I voted for him.

            But, you know what…. all of these Obama lies are hurting the whole party’s credibility. Including Al’s.

            The Clintons, and dare I say… Joe Lieberman … will be the only Dems left with a shred of dignity when this is all over. Because they never bought the lie. And the whole world knows it.

        • Also in Gore’s defense–

          Demonstrators wouldn’t have made any difference once the matter got to the Supreme Court. The case wasn’t decided on its merits but on the number of Supreme Court Justices beholden to the Bush family for their positions. We started moving back toward a feudal system with the election of Reagan, and the Supremes fulfilled their obligations as good vassals.

          • Same gobsmack moment as Ralph above. In Jan 2001 I changed my registration from Democrat, which I had been all my life, to Independent.

            I switched back to Dem briefly in 2008 so I could vote for Hillary in the primary, then went back the next day to reregister as an Independent.

            I voted for Cynthia McKinney in 2008 presidential.

            Damned if I will be told I have to vote for the 2% less evil party by anyone, ESPECIALLY “progressive” talkers and bloggers. I’ve been doing that for the last 40 years. Enuf is Enuf.

      • Did you see who is arguing with Welsh in the comments to that post?


        Why won’t he go away?

  9. Supposedly the reason Ben Nelson has decided to vote for the bill is because Obama threatened to close an air force base in Nebraska.

    • The WH is denying that as a vicious rumor, but I’m hearing it came from several sources. I saw Nelson on TV saying he WILL vote for it, though, and that was a pretty fast about-face for him.

    • And OF COURSE Obama couldn’t have made this or similar threats back when the bill contained even a tiny smidgen of actual useful legislation! That would have been Wrong!

  10. Groperboy will write another “best speech evah” and Obama will draw the straying ‘bots back into the fold, Kos will wear ashes and sack cloth in atonement for the Hypnotoad diary.

    • I dunno. It’s not that easy to get the genii back in the bottle.

      • You underestimate the stupidity of your average O-bot.

        • Remember all the 5 minute freakouts they used to have during the campaign? Obama would do something awful, they’d get upset, then totally forgotten and back on message.

        • Charlie Gibson is on now giving an ‘exclusive’ interview with Barack Obama on nightline (he gives about 10 of those exclusive interviews a week)

          I wonder if he will try to sprinkle a little hope and change to calm down the fauxgressives?

          • What I did find interesting is that he is now saying ‘if’ we can (get things done). What happened to yes we can?

          • Gibson wearing knee pads?

          • Obama and Axelrove need to just give it up. The man is so overexposed, it ain’t even funny. Fads have a short shelf life, and almost everyone I talk to, right or left is sick to DEATH of hearing Obama yammer on TeeVee.

            Obama is the Macarena of politics.

  11. Joseph Cannon has an interesting post up (short), asking why, all of a sudden, the faux progressives are suddenly calling “betrayal”, and asking whether it’s really possible that the Obots believed everything Obama promised. Personally, I think most O supporters knew they’d made a mistake at the time of the FISA vote, but, by then, they’d already painted themselves in a corner regarding Hillary and it was too late to back out.

    I also think they couldn’t bear the humiliation, at that particular time, of admitting that they were wrong about Obama. For those who would have willingly shifted to Hillary, it was too late–the fix was in by then. For the others, they just kept doing a head number on themselves. They focused their anger on hatred of Sarah Palin, or saying that any Dem would be better than McCain, or inventing a litany of excuses as to how Obama would change once he was in office.

    Unfortunately for Obama–and all the Dems determined to follow him over the cliff–the abused spouse finally had enough. The health care debacle was the final straw, following upon egregious civil liberties abuses, huge handouts of taxpayer money to greedy and irresponsible banks with nothing in return, and a so-called bailout program that hasn’t produced any new jobs.

    What we’re seeing today was always inevitable. It was just a matter of when.

    • I think they kept living in denial and that he would eventually come through for them but he needed to put on this ‘show’ to get the job done. The Great and Powerful Oz just got the curtain pulled on him.

      • Now there’s an idea for a fun post: Let’s all put up a list of the excuses Obots used to convince themselves–and to try to convince others–that Obama was The One We’ve Been Waiting For. We could go all the way back to the primaries, just to have a record for posterity.

        • Hillary is worse
          He has to win, in order to help us
          He is playing multi-dimensional chess
          Bush left him a mess
          He needs to placate the media
          he has to placate the GOP
          We are not helping him enough
          It’ s Rahm Emanuel
          It’s Congress
          It’s the Clintons
          It’s the PUMAs
          It’s the racists
          it’s the white people
          Reagan did it too
          Clinton did it too
          It’s Rahm! (I know, but it’s been used a lot)
          I am sure there’s many more

          • Rahm is horrible. So why would the All Virtuous Slime Free Prince of Chicago pick him as CHIEF OF STAFF, again? Their cognitive dissonance knows no bounds.

          • Deceptacons?

          • he is from DLC
            pa Rahm pum pum pum
            DLC is bad alphabets
            pa Rahm pum pum pum
            Rahm worked for Clinton
            pa Rahm pum pum pum
            Rahm is Clinton’s fault
            pa Rahm pum pum pum
            he drops f-bombs
            pa Rahm pum pum pum
            he works for Obama
            pa Rahm pum pum pum
            it’s still Clinton’s fault
            pa Rahm pum pum pum

          • Lol Bill didn’t make him Leo
            He got evaluated
            For sending dead fish
            Because he is scum
            Duh duh duh dumb

          • y’all missed my favorite

            He’ll be transformational.

            I often wondered if people realized that transformating something doesn’t necessarily denote progress.

          • I often wondered if people realized that transformating something doesn’t necessarily denote progress.

            For instance, the way Obama’s hero Raygun transformed things? Not so good.

        • the media loves him so he will win and be able to get things done!

          he knows what Nickelodeon is!

          he could be a TNR writer

          he’s going to legalize pot!

          he’s for single payer!

          he’s against the war!

          he doesn’t take any special interest money!

          he’s running a bottom-up campaign!

        • He voted, no no no no make that gave a great (unrecorded) speech against the Iraq war!

          He’s new, fresh (not old, stale, experienced)

    • It took the FEMA debacle in the wake of Katrina for the Bushitters to realize the “Best Presnit Evah!” wasn’t.
      We can only hope that the Obots come to the same realization about Obunko before too much damage is done.

      • I suspect it would have happened a lot sooner if the economy had tanked earlier. I’m still highly suspicious of the timing of the announcement last fall that we were facing an imminent crisis. Why was the crisis any more imminent in September than it was in, say, May? Even Katrina wasn’t enought to persuade the Bush Bots. They had to lose their jobs before they realized what a crook he was.

    • They took things to such an extreme that they really couldn’t climb down without extreme public humiliation. Once they went off the deep end with evil Hillary and Messiah Barack, they pretty much had to swallow any qualms and ride that train to tge end. Tge only reason they’re jumping off now is because they can try to blame Obama and absolve themselves. They’ll never admit they blew up the party for no reason.

  12. http://www.blackagendareport.com/?q=content/universal-health-care-we-keep-candy-you-can-have-wrapper-no-wait-give-us-wrapper-too

    Like the Obama campaign itself, the public option was never more than a brand. It was a container designed to fit our hopes and dreams just well enough and just long enough to close the deal, an empty wrapper, with little or no candy inside. Our so-called “progressives” in Congress knew all along it was a fraud, but they played along. When “progressive” Democrats were drawing lines in the sand and “fighting for the public option” all spring and summer and fall, they told us it was this humungous public entity that would be open to hundreds of millions, to anybody wanting an alternative to private insurance, and that it would compete with and force the price of private insurance downward. Howard Dean said we should think of the public option as Medicare, only for everybody.

    This kind of “public option” was a transparent hoax, as the wonderful blog of PNHP, Physicians for a National Health Plan pointed out last spring. A great candy wrapper.

    From the black agenda report

  13. I went to B0botland and took a screen shot of their “greatest threads”

  14. Could this guy save Obama?:

  15. Hey, in honor of Chuck Schumer, how about that scene where Nicholson tells the waitress to hold the chicken between her knees? Because sticking it to people with low paid, thankless jobs is rebelliously fighting The Man.

  16. From WSJ/NBC polling:

    Now, for the first time, more people said they would prefer Congress did nothing on health care than who wanted to see the overhaul enacted

  17. I just thought I’d stop in and leave the nice people here with some delicious schadenfreude:


    • >I knew she would be terrible on torture, terrible on Gitmo, terrible on CIA >black sites and terrible on warrantless wiretapping. I knew she would >carry on Bush’s war policies as if he were still in office.

      Huh? This writer is even more clueless and pathetic than the popular girl wannabee she describes. Where did she get the crazy idea that Hillary was terrible on the warantless wiretapping idea? Was she on vacation during the whole FISA debacle?

      This is my problem with some of the Obama regretters. They have no idea what they’re talking about. They still have this image of Hillary in their minds that is bizarrely out of touch with reality. These vulnerable, naive people have a construct of Hillary in their minds that was planted there by someone else. That someone else was phenomenally successful at using criticism and culture to make Hillary look like some kind of female viper. And even when Obama is no solidifying before their eyes into what he always was, they can’t get rid of their construct of Hillary. They just prefer to vote for her now because Obama LIED to them.

      We live in a country of children who still believe in Santa Claus and Wicked Witches.

      • I thought there wasn’t a sign of intelligence reading the comment section, but then I saw a few comments that were not totally insane, including one that FINALLY got the point that Hillary is WYSIWYG whereas Obama never was–but then I saw the commenter wrote a recent diary about how you must vote for Democrats or theocrats will rule the world. The koolaid fountain continues to bubble away.

      • wait…Santa isn’t real?

      • Well, they got the Wicked Witches right.

    • That was refreshing.


  18. Okay. I’m typing a comment. Yeesh. I’ve been here from day one. No longer a Dem, yet a Dem from day one – the 60’s baby, yeah.

  19. Gotta say, I feel so much freer here.

  20. I went to the DKos link – had not been back in almost two years. It was a creepy crazy place when I left. The thread reads to me as if they still don’t get it. There were maybe four posters that I recognized. If it is true – idealogy is character driven, then maybe that explains it. They have no clue IMO. If these are children it still does not explain the lack of comprehension – no power to deduce and deduct. I have been searching for a reason for this insane inability to grasp reality. It may be that reality is too painful – it’s like we have a nation of PTSD(violence is one of my personal “issues” that colors my perspective) affected youth. The adult age participants are easy to explain – cynic opportunists. To view our youth by their heros is to see how society’s message of late has created an extremely shallow and hollow group. The youth that does practice some analytical thought processes are to be treasured and nutured. For myself, I just feel it is from my DNA. I have read many others who make that statement.

    I feel lucky to have found TC back in Feb. 2008 – for a blast from the past – look at Cheap …Ignorant….Vile….KO the ever present opportunist – changes with the wind. That anyone with two brain cells is still watching him is another clue to why we are where we are today..

    • If these are children it still does not explain the lack of comprehension – no power to deduce and deduct. I have been searching for a reason for this insane inability to grasp reality.

      the reason is marketing, imho. These people never checked the ingredients or the nutrition label, they just believed the stupid bullshit on the front of the box.

  21. Like skipping around and tra la.

  22. bebe’s. I don’t know what to think. Wah.

  23. Yep. Totally marketing. Brand game.

  24. “Big Eddie” is backing up so hard this morning he’s beeping.

  25. Ed, Ed Ed…
    Man, that man bit the dust a long time ago. Major Hillary basher. Sad guy.

  26. I voted for Hypnotoad. I, for one, welcome our psionic batrachian overlords. :mrgreen:

    Since this is labelled as an open thread, here’s a little ditty from Loudon Wainwright III:

    Need I even say NSFW? 😉

    • Hmmm, I thought it would embed the title; it didn’t. The title is “I Wish I Was A Lesbian”. And a man’s singing it, go figure. :mrgreen:

  27. Morning joe is on fire today.

  28. Ironically, it was Clinton who best characterized Obama’s candidacy when she said that she and John McCain would “put forth” a “lifetime of experience” while “Senator Obama will put forth a speech he made in 2002.”

    Oh yes, ironic that. *eyeroll*
    The kitchen sink that Hillary allegedly threw at Obama? Turns out that it was not a sink afterall, it was the truth. Very ironic. Who could have predicted…

  29. I don’t think he means it..he’s just afraid of angering his folks. If he truly believes it he is an ass. Well, he’s an ass anyway.

  30. Sorry to say, think my heat seeking devices will be concentrating on the most needy among us. What?

    • Morning Joe just had the best discussion/argument about the big O. Most honest assessment I’ve heard in a long time.

  31. Go Joe, tell the truth about the man!
    Mika– a man with “no track record”
    Hello???? Now you get it?

  32. Ed Schultz + idiot.

  33. Off for a bit. Can’t wait to return and see what you great minds are thinking this morning.

  34. Oh gawd, I’m so confused. Ha. Not really. I know the game plan. I am totally liberal. Ha. You won’t convince me, buddy. Nuhhuh. Nope. No way.

  35. I only have personal health insurance because I feel I have to. It is breaking me. There will come a time when I feel I have to fall on my sword. So what? Big deal. It all comes down to practicality.

  36. Slimeball. He has no credibility. We can do better.

  37. There’s nothing funner than goading these people at the Big Orange Sippy Cup. I got threatened with banishment because I dared to suggest – well, I outrighted painted the ugly picture – that Barry made it into office by crook AND hook.

    This is the only pleasure I’m getting – the heads asploding, I mean – out of this “presidency.”

  38. Even the Christian Science Monitor is giving Obama credit for things that haven’t happened yet.

    “How Obama won the right for sanctions on Iran”


    It goes along with some well meaning folks delusion that by pointing in the “right” direction, Obama will necessarily follow and make something good happen. Perhaps if the Monitor awarded him a prize ….

  39. So, here is my embarrassing voice. Go away, girl. Go away.

  40. Could it be that Hillaryzillary is back….ahhuh. I know that speech pattern and level of discourse.

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