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Matt Yglesias tells the rest of us to “Grow up”

Matt Yglesias and, I suspect, the rest of the Obama Movement “intelligentsia” are having a fit because some Americans have decided to sit out the elections next year.  He shakes his tiny fists and wails at Think Progress:

So it’s also worth sparing a few words for the potentially demoralized voters who are considering staying home. To wit: Grow up. Nobody ever accomplished anything in politics by not participating. Going to vote on Election Day is not a monumental demand on your time, and there is not a single problem in American public policy that will be made easier to solve if liberal stay home on Election Day. If you contribute money or time to political campaigns and you’re disappointed with people you’ve given to or volunteered for in the past, you should of course feel free to decline to offer your cash and services in the future. But you shouldn’t just get depressed and stay home, you should probably write a note and send it in the mail explaining exactly why you won’t be donating this time and laying out which other, more progressive member you’re choosing to support instead. And on Election Day you should go vote for the better candidate and hope he or she wins. Successful from-the-left primary challenges can do good, but letting the worse candidate win a general election isn’t going to make anything better.

I hope Matt and I never meet in a dark alley.

Let me take this on in a few crucial sections.

First, Matt tells us to “Grow Up”.  I’m not sure that he’s actually referring to me specifically because I may vote next year, though I will probably never vote for one of the two major parties ever again.  I am certainly not apathetic but I understand the people who are.  Matt and his friends forced Obama on us in spite of 18 million primary votes that showed we preferred someone else.  And it’s not like we didn’t desperately need a Democrat.  Presumably, those 18 million of us had to put up with eight f%^&ing years of George Bush and his vengeful, authoritarian, cold, heartless administration.  There is no love lost between Bush and us.  We hated the Republican bastards.  But Matt and his friends HAD to have their way.  And they weren’t nice about it.  The primaries were nasty, alienating and separated the party into two parts: the triumphant ones, of which Matt is a part, and the LOSERS, that would be us.  Then, the triumphant ones stomped all over us.  They called us racists.  Well, they still do.  And they think we’re old, female and stupid.  They took our votes and trashed them.  They humiliated our candidate at the convention and denied her a roll call vote.  What we witnessed at the convention looked like a hostage crisis not an exercise in democracy.  Then, just to put the cherry on the sundae, they had Jon Favreau pose with a cut out of Clinton where he’s grasping her breast.  I’d be naive if I believed that that photo wasn’t staged just so the rest of us women got the picture- literally.

And Matt is telling US to “Grow up”?  Do these actions sound like the behavior of adults?  And now Matt and his buddies are having a hissy fit because those of us with real jobs who are about to lose them and families whose kids need braces and houses that are about to go into arears look back on the past year and despair.  We were not Obama’s favored ones.  The bonus class is.  While we watch as our jobs are outsourced to India, Obama refuses to crack down on the bankers who are sitting on our money so we can create new businesses.  As we watch our 401K’s barely recover and tenuously stabilize, we anxiously await the next crisis that will wipe our savings out and yet we have to worry about some idiot commission removing the last barrier between poverty and social security.  We watch helplessly as our instructions on health care are ignored while Joe Lieberman threatens to filibuster anything that will decrease the profits of the insurance industry.  And the president is asking Harry Reid to give into Holy Joe?  What the hell is going on here?  What is Obama’s real motivation?  To have “health care” as his signature issue  even if it’s meaningless so it can’t be challenged by Hillary?  Is that what this is all about?  Stopping a Draft Hillary movement in its tracks?

Let’s talk about Joe Lieberman for a moment because Matt says that if we don’t like a politician that is getting in our way, we can always vote him out in the primary.

In 2006, I went to Connecticut at Jane Hamsher’s invitation.  I walked the streets of Meriden and all those little towns in the weekend before the primary for Ned Lamont.  Lamont won that primary, remember?  We were the little people who could,  We made a difference and changed the narrative of 2006.  Suddenly, the war was on everyone’s mind.  That was what helped anti-war Democrats get elected to Congress and changed the dynamic in DC.  Or so we hoped.  They let us down, but I digress.

But Joe Lieberman wasn’t done.  No, he had help from Chuck Schumer and others to mount a campaign as a third party candidate.  Joe Lieberman with the help of the Democratic party nullified the primary result.  Joe Lieberman took the party’s money in the primary and then did not abide by the primary results.  It was foreshadowing.  Because the party did a similar nullification of the party faithful’s votes in NJ, NY, PA, MA, CA, TX and a bunch of other states who voted for Hillary in 2008 by suppressing her victories in MI and FL.

Here’s the thing, Matt: you can’t tell people to spend their electoral and emotional capital on candidates who they like and then pull the rug out from under them without consequences.  You can’t insist on an empty suit for President and promise Change! and transformation and then not deliver for the electorate after you’ve made them abandon who they really want without some of those people giving up on you.  And you can’t tell a country that they have no choice and expect them to feel like they are still free.

The Democratic party has engaged in a process of teaching their constituents learned helplessness. It has over and over again raised expectations and then dashed them.  It has asked for our input as a formality and then ignored it.  It has belittled and demeaned and made inconsequential the lives of average voters and their families.  Now, those same voters, seeing no reason to expend any more energy on a pointless game they cannot participate in has decided to sit it out.

Your buddies are in deep trouble now by their own doing.  Don’t blame the electorate for not caring whether you stay in power or not.  They don’t exist for your wish fulfillment.  They’ve got more important things to do with their time, like figuring out how to make a living without your help.  Your party, which *used* to be my party, has a leadership vacuum.  You quashed the one leader you had and now, who among your ranks has the moral authority to lead us through this mess of a recession?  There is no one.  The electorate is just responding to the grim reality of the situation you and your childish enthusiasm have created for them.

Grow up, Matt.  You reap what you sow.

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282 Responses

  1. one of the most important things that kept this country form violent elections was your vote.
    Both parties since 2000 have made the people’s vote invalid. They told the people we will take your money,due what we want with it and screw you.
    As an old speakeasy owner used to say
    “hello sucker”
    People will only tolerate abuse for so long and than they strike back. The backlash is only beginning and thank God it is still non-violent and I pray it stays that way.



  2. Wow. That is one righteous rant.

  3. Thanks Riverdaughter, for being strong, and telling him where to go. You have a lot of Hillary in you.

  4. IOW, Matt, you and your friends broke the party, now you own it.

    The majority (i.e., those that voted for Hillary) of the former Democratic Party were told we were not wanted nor needed. Sadly far too many of that majority still voted for Obama because they thought they had no choice, which of course rewarded the corrupt, crooked behavior. Now that it is more clear what a wholly owned subsidiary of the financial and insurance industries the empty suit and his juvenile partners in crime are, a good number of that majority just can’t seem to muster enough enthusiasm to get out of their tent from the homeless village and walk 10 miles to where they might be able to vote. Imagine that. I guess they’re just not creative enough.

    • Can homeless people vote? I thought there was a thing about registering an address? How does that work? I certainly HOPE they’re not disenfranchised.

  5. Aren’t these the same a$$hats who told us our votes didn’t matter? Earth to Yglesias: There are no “better” candidates.

    I wonder why they’re so worried about the left. IMO, they should be more concerned about the independent middle. Maybe they think they’re going to lose the middle anyway and that they may actually need the left in order to win in 2012. Curiouser and curiouser.

    • He is obviously assuming that if everyone “goes out and votes” they are going to vote the way HE wants them to. Hey Matt: talk to the hand.

      • Matt doesn’t deserve the whole hand.

        Hey, Matt, talk to the middle finger! 😉

    • That is the perfect answer. They told us our votes didn’t count, so never again will they have our votes or our money or our volunteering. F-You, Matt and Rahm, and Nancy and Harry and Axelrove and Donna…and especially BO. You screwed us and Hillary and the Democratic process. And you will reap what you have sown.

    • Matt needs to grow up and grasp the concept of “leverage.” As in, if you won’t withhold your vote, if you make it clear you’ll always vote and always vote for the Dem, you ain’t got any. They’ll take you, laugh at your sternly worded letter, and throw you under the bus at great velocity. Notice how the Repubs take the religious right seriously, while the Dems laugh at you?there’s a reason for that.

      • Hey, even the Dems take the religious right more seriously than they do the prog blogs. They blew it bigtime. We coulda had a Democrat in the WH. Now all we have is the banks’ and ins. companies’ butt boy.

  6. In 2008 I was fighting not just for Hillary Clinton (whom I genuinely feel/felt was so much more qualified to be POTUS, and whom I will continue to support for anything she ever wants to do in the future), I fought to stay in the Democratic Party.

    And I failed. I was kicked to the curb. Given my walking papers. And told to “get out”.

    So I left.

    In the past I organized for the Democratic Party (I ran a campaign in my hometown that brought a Dem majority into power – so much so that the Repugs have not even put up a slate in the past 3 elections).

    I created advertising and mailers for local Democratic Party candidates.

    I donated – thousands of dollars – much to my husband’s chagrin.

    I marched in DC for every Pro-Choice rally that took place during my lifetime.

    I marched in two huge New York City Anti-War rallies.

    I phoned, and walked, and talked, and e-mailed for every Democratic candidate in my lifetime.

    In the past, I, and others like me, were the backbone of the party. We got things done. We funded campaigns. We turned out the vote. We won elections.

    I believed in a party that supported hard working people, health care for every American, all human rights, every part of the Constitution, worked – together – against racism, jobs in America, fairness in monetary policies and justice for all (I know, pretty sappy, isn’t it!)

    And then I was asked by so many Obama supporters who took control over the Democratic Party to leave and not let the door hit me in the ass on my way out, that I decided to do just that.

    Because the New Democratic Party is a complete unknown to me. I don’t know or repsect the power players. I don’t understand what those power players are trying to do except, IMHO, disenfranchise the former backbone of the Party. I don’t support the candidate that those power players pushed onto the electorate. I can’t tell you his policies…because he can’t articulate those policies to me.

    In 2008 I got a mailer for Obama that included a “Special Message from Ted Kennedy” in which Senator Kennedy said: “The Obama Campaign is about a new generation of leadership….we will turn the page on the old politics of misrepresentation, distortion and division…” – a strange message from Senator Kennedy who was one of the oldest parts of those old politics.

    And the overall theme of the mailer from Obama played off of and repeated one of the most asinine lines I have ever heard in my entire life: “We are the change we’ve been waiting for.” My head exploded.

    So I got it. In the bigger scheme of things I am “yesterday”, old news, past my prime. The New Democratic Party doesn’t want or need me, my time, my money, my passion, my commitment or my vote. They just want me out of their way.

    So I left. Not with rancor. Not with bitterness. I just left.

    So good luck, Democratic Party.

    And God Bless America. We’re going to need it.

    • I left too. But I left with rancor, bitterness and fury. And it only takes a second for those feelings to re-surface.

    • When I met my husband, I was working for the Carter campaign. He picked me up at the polls for our first date. I, too, had spent my adult life giving money to and campaigning for the Democratic Party. As soon as Hillary lost the nomination, my money started going to Cynthia McKinney. We sat out the Virginia governors race last month and we will continue to sit out or vote Green. The Democratic Party will need to do something truly extraordinary to win us back. And I don’t see that happening any time in the near future.

    • if you haven’t read PacificJohn’s over view of the caucus fraud from yesterday, you should:


      • BTD’s belief that Obama did not rig any part of the primary process, which he hasn’t yet responded to.

        Pacific John is replying to BTD’s post on “The Primary Wars”. WTF was BTD asleep blindfold for the whole of the primaries last year. To think I sometimes read him. 😦

      • Someone should really try to file a lawsuit over what went on so we can abolish the caucuses.

  7. What’s the point of participating voting for the Democrat, if as Yglesias said the other day “America is ungovernable” ? Of course when it’s a matter of holding Obama accountable, it becomes the predictable pea-brained argument of ‘it’s not Obama’s fault he can’t get anything done, the GOP is blocking him’ but then suddenly when it comes to VOTING, it’s somehow our responsibility to vote for the Obama Party to keep getting nothing done? The fauxgressive blogosphere has so many narratives, they’ve lost track of what they are saying.

    The nutroots sold Obama as being so unique that he was the only one who could ever change Washington–they own that myth. They can try to run away from it now all they want, but it won’t get rid of the egg all over their faces.

    • & they ignored that HRC kept saying you need a fighter, because this is the kind of resistance that real change would require. No, O was “magical.” (Though there was absolutely zero evidence of that in his record.)

      • Yeah, history will show that 2008 and most of 2009 were the years of magical thinking — i.e. the myth of the magical President and the demise of the Dem Party.

    • wtv,

      “The fauxgressive blogosphere has so many narratives, they’ve lost track of what they are saying. ”

      In the days of cannon-oriented warfare, canister shot was used to provide a shot-gun-like blast at the enemy. Like a shot-gun, it was a short range weapon, only used when the enemy was close. Napoleon’s whiff of grapeshot is a good example of the canister effect.

      In a pinch, should the grapeshot run out, anything that might cause damage was used to make up the shot.

      My sense of why the fauxgressives are using so many narratives is that their ranks are losing discipline as the enemy closes for hand-to-hand combat, they have run out of grapeshot, and the only fighting option that remains, apart from fleeing, is to load the cannons with anything that might hold back the enemy.


      • I think you are right, s. And I think that they are looking at reality and realizing that the non-political, first-time-voter, starry-eyed hordes who swept Obama into office are now bored or disillusioned, and not likely to turn out again. They have moved on to the next fad. The type of campaign that Obama ran is very effective, but it only works once. You can’t repeat being New! and Fresh! and Change! and Historic! after you’ve been president for 4 years.

        So what can they fall back on? The old tried and true Dem workhorses, the old FDR coalition that was their bedrock for decades. The problem is that they screwed over that coalition, and are panicking because they pulled a one-time gimmick that that is not sustainable without those “old reliable” voters. And those voters are deserting in droves.

        • Hey, The One was just enacting the re-incarnation of Axelrod’s Hope+Change(TM) campaign for Deval Patrick. Worked in Mass., similar speeches (“just words”…”We hold these truths….”). That actor wasn’t qualified so the voters of Mass. didn’t fall for the rerun with Obama. In spite of Teddy and Kerry telling them to NOT vote for Hillary she won by 17 points.

          The next iteration will have to get more creative: Changed Hope(TM)?

        • The irony is that there was a chance to elect a candidate that was truly in tune with the middle and blue collar classes, and they blew it. I doubt that chance will come again for a long time, and those short term memory first time, starry eyed hordes in ten years time will be complaining about the lack of principled leadership. Of course, they will have their mortgage paid and gas tank filled, courtesy of their messiah…..or not.
          And Matt has the audacity to tell the grown ups to grow up? Alice in Wonderland with the Cheshire Cat redux.

        • Correct. That is why Creigh deeds lost by 18 points.
          That is why Corzine lost to a corrupt/reactionary bigot Chris Christie. New Jersey is a Democratic state. Corzine should have been able to squeak out a win despite his lack of popularity.
          That is why the GOP won so many local races across the nation in November. Those one time creative class and young voters did not vote last month nor will they vote next November.
          I do not see the working class base coming out in November 2010 either.

          Do not be suprised to see the Democrats lose 6 seats in the Senate and the House revert back to the GOP.
          Granted that the GOP would have a minimal majority 220 seats do to the crashing numbers, the GOP will come out in full force and that combined with Democratic anger/apathy could be enough to give the Speakers Gavel to John Boehner.

          The creative class (whom I do not believe cares for America) has made a massive mess for their party.
          Ignoring the demeaning the working class base is a huge mistake.

      • Well, if that’s where we are now, run up the black flag and set bayonets because it’s about to get really vicious.

  8. “Don’t blame the electorate for not caring whether you stay in power or not. They don’t exist for your wish fulfillment.”

    This drills right down to the base of the whole problem. It was never about doing what was best for the country or its people, but for doing what’s best for him and his crowd.

    It’s just a slightly personalized version of “Obama can never be failed, only you can fail Obama.”

  9. Thanks for the post. For a unique combination of put-down condescension and pure meanness, Matt’s post really couldn’t be bettered, and I appreciate your putting the words to the emotions a lot of feel about it. The A-list Village bloggers and their followers really don’t want any dissent or any criticism. Fernholz at TAPPED and Yglesias just went off in frothing anger on Taibbi when he dared to point out how beholden Obama was to Wall Street, and Sir Charles at Cogitamus has been doing nothing but post “grow the f— up” lectures at his site. Thanks for not shutting up and for resisting.


  11. Oh, I intend to vote next year.
    In the primaries I’ll be voting for the Democrat that Obama doesn’t want and in the general for the looniest candidate regardless of party.
    If the Democrats want my support they can start by scrapping this abomination of a health care “reform” bill then go on to eliminate the caucuses so we don’t have a repeat of 2008.
    Then and only then do they get my money and vote.

    • the democratic party is going to have to be knocked down before we can rebuild it.

      • Democratic Party, an oxymoron after what happened in 2008.

      • Agreed. And that can’t happen with people staying home or voting third party or whatever. People need to suck it up and vote Republican already. The math goes like this: in a two party system you essentially have two votes. If you want to fuck over the Dems you can A) NOT vote for the Dems, thus removing a vote they were banking on, and B) Vote FOR their biggest competitor, thus raising the bar they have to beat. See? Two votes. If you stay home or vote third party, you’re essentially casting a half vote, only one of your two votes. If we want to get the Dems to do anything other than what they’re doing now, we have to fuck them as hard as we can. And if we EVER want the option to elect a third party, we need to start demanding that both big parties make changes that would make that possible- and THAT will be no picnic.

        • I am voting for women. If women are 52 percent of the houses of congress and have the white house the country goes more liberal and more populist period. When he democrats see democrats voting for women including republican women they will run more women. That’s that!

          • I still think the 30% solution is a joke. I’m all for putting women in positions of power as an end in and of itself. But it’s a CORRELATION between egalitarian policies and electing more women, not CAUSATION. If you ask me, it’s that more egalitarian cultures and more egalitarian periods of time mean that BOTH events occur (more women get elected, and more liberal policies get passed). It’s a third factor causation.

    • Wonderful rant, rd!

      Mr. Mike, I think yours is a very sane response. I intend to vote as best I can to throw the bums out. That means voting in the primary against the incumbent (unless they are Democratic and the administration hates them, but that does not apply to my Congress-critters), then voting against the incumbent again in the GE.

      The way I see it, we replace as many members of Congress as possible in the next election (preferably with Democratic primary challengers). Let them see how it feels to be unemployed. If the new Congress (and President) does not “get it” any better than before, we do the same thing again. And we do it again. Eventually, we might have a elected officials who listen to us.

      Of course, it would be easier with public-only funding of elections.

      It’s a dream but it is the only possible strategy I can think of which might work. The good news is that I will have more of my own money next year, as Hillary Clinton is not running for anything and there are only a few candidates I will send money to — and unlike other years, none for the Democratic Party in general.


  12. RD,

    I voted for Joe (no health care for the poor) Lieberman for VP due to the party unity thingie and once I figured out that Maxine Waters was spot on, I did support Ned Lamont. Ned Lamont was impressive, but many of the party insiders were still in Joe’s camp. Ned Lamont had the support of the bloggers and many of the young folks that were working very hard to get him elected.

    I think the powerful feared a self made, no beholding candidate like Ned Lamont and that is why the Republican Party put so much money towards assuring that Joe got back in, they knew they could count on him in the future.

    The imagage of him with his rolled up white shirt, speaking in spanish, saying he cared about the working folks seems like a big insult today as he is even blocking insurance access for those 55-61 via Medicare. The 55-61 group of uninsured are uninsured because it costs too much in the private sector and they have pre-existing conditions.

    I hope that someone like Lamont comes forward to challenge Joe and his anti-working folks stands. I am so tired of this life time politicians continuing to block health care.

    Where is Al Gore and why doesn’t he speak up now and say he supports access to Medicare for those 55-61? Paging Al Gore…..

    • Lieberman not only won against Lamont by retaining the party insiders- after that election, I looked at the county by county results and he also got a majority of Repub votes. Hmm…how did that happen?
      Hmm… does that remind anyone of “Dems for a Day”?
      Must also impact their governing styles, I’m thinking.

    • Isn’t it not until 65 that Medicare kicks in for everyone? Even with 55 to 61, the insurance companies would make a killing on the older cohort between 61 and 64.

      Also, since many people hold off treating very treatable diseases until Medicare kicks in, the costs might be reduced if the age limit were lowered.

      When the government (our tax dollars) pays for medical costs, you can bet that the subsidies on the cheap fructose corn syrups will vanish. Many of the illness we are facing now are the result of lifestyle changes from when we lived in communities that required us to mobilize ourselves some of the time (outside of machines), and food was fresh and whole (or had to be prepared by humans).

      • Lieberman falsely insists he didn’t change mind on Medicare buy-in
        Lieberman falsely insists he didn’t change mind on Medicare buy-in

        By Sahil Kapur
        Tuesday, December 15th, 2009 — 12:51 pm

        Story continues below…
        Lieberman also endorsed the idea in 2000, when the expansion of Medicare specifically to those between 55 and 65 was a plank in the Gore-Lieberman campaign. He personally defended it in an interview that year with the Bangor Daily:

        He said during the interview that the fastest growing group of uninsured are those 55 to 65. For that reason, the ticket proposes an expansion of Medicare to allow those and older to buy into the public program. There would still be a buy-in price but it would be less than buying private insurance, he said.

      • Yup, you are correct, it is 55 to 65. So, he doesn’t care obout those workers that are strapped and unable to secure insurance…leaving them out in the cold.

        Good, grief and I voted for this man because of PARTY UNITY and Al Gore. 😦

        • Let’s not forget, too, that Lieberman was Obama’s mentor in the Senate and Obama campaigned for Lieberman against Lamont.

  13. You are far nicer than I, RD. I am a 65-year-old female (just got my Medicare card), raised in difficult circumstances, self-made, Ivy-league educated (via scholarships), admitted to the Bar in three states, successful litigator for years. No one tells me to grow up. No. One. And certainly not a privileged punk who doesn’t know his ass from his elbow. Even his “reasoning” is absurd. By not participating I sure in hell can accomplish something. Simple: until you offer me someone who represents my concerns, you don’t get my vote. Period. You need me; I sure in hell don’t need you.

  14. Ole Matt needs to call Donna Brazille. She can give him the names and addresses of the new, improved Democratic Party members. He can get them to vote the way he wishes I’m sure. Donna says they will do as they are told.
    Being from Florida and voting the last 2 Presidential Elections, only to be totally ignored has been a civics lesson unlike anything I was taught in school.
    I am sick to death of these A-list bloggers going on and on, lecturing me as if I was the child. The children won by cheating. The adults need to punish them with a good spanking.

  15. I am sick of being told i have to vote for politicians who don’t represent me or care about my interests because the other guys are worse.

    The difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is the Republicans are more honest – they don’t lie and pretend to agree with me on the issues then go to Washington and sell me out..

    IOW – Republicans stab you in the front.

    • Heh,

      The difference between the two is one laughs at you and the problems you face to your face and the other party chortles behind your back. Neither one cares- not even a little-not anymore.

    • My standard email sign-off for awhile has been:

      “What a ClusterF**k–one party has no heart, the other has no spine, and neither has a soul, having sold it to buy reelection to their own personal gravy trains.”

      Spot on, RD and comments.

  16. Obama’s “Waiting on the World to Change” Generation is demoralized and doesn’t want to vote — What did they expect? Shouldn’t have built the shiny new coalition by throwing out the old reliable coalition….

    • Wonk, you’re dead on. I said much the same to Steven upthread.

    • Most were just caught up in the celebrity aura and doing what the media told them was “Koooooo.”

    • Wonk — omg, I’ve always hated that song, even long before Obama the Messiah, because I’ve always thought is was like the anthem of the slacker, shiny-pebbles generation.

  17. I’ve been a voter for over 40 years. During that time I have never missed an election. In 2010 I am “actively” not voting. At this time I feel the only way to change the Democratic Party is to throw all of the bastards out and start over. I know, you may like this one or that one. I do too. But, the whole organization stinks of corruption. It has to be rebuilt from the ground up. Our Dem leaders can all go get lobbying jobs which seems to be all they want anyway.

    Matt can kiss my ass.

    • Make that two of us.

    • If you don’t vote for a Democrat they have to go out and find a replacement vote. If you vote against a Democrat they have to go out and find two votes.
      Since they aren’t doing anything for you anyway voting against them isn’t going to make any difference.

      • The idea of costing them two votes was the reasoning behind my vote for McCain/Palin. Maybe next time I’ll folow Mr. Mike’s advice and vote for the craziest loon I can find, short of Glen Beck.

      • EXACTLY.

    • What sucks is that 2008 was our year. Hill voters could have made the difference, and everybody knew it. If we’d come through, that narrative could not have been ignored. Unfortunately, with 90% voting for Obama, we gave that leverage away. If he loses in ’12, they’ll be talking about Republicans, tea partiers, etc. making the difference, they won’t be talking about us. It’ll probably be a while before we can get back on the radar and taken seriously.

    • better idea… since the ruling class that has a grip on us is male, just vote for women. Not that some of them are not assholes, but they would still be a breath of fresh air in DC. Imagine lots of women pols NOT beholden to the old boys club.

  18. From Politico

    In a provocative argument designed to rescue his foundering health-care plan, President Barack Obama will warn Senate Democrats in a White House meeting Tuesday that this is the “last chance” to pass comprehensive reform.

    Obama will contend that if it fails now, no other president will attempt it, aides said.

    White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer told POLITICO: “If President Obama doesn’t pass health reform, it’s hard to imagine another president ever taking on this Herculean task. For those whose life’s work is reforming health care, this may be the last train leaving the station.”

    Previewing the message, Vice President Joe Biden said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”: “If health care does not pass in this Congress … it’s going to be kicked back for a generation.”

    • Whoa, is that all they have – if we don’t do it no one else can? That is truly pathetic, especially because Clinton tried and failed, yet it didn’t stop the current crop from putting forth this bill. Perhaps what Biden really meant is that if they don’t do it now, for the rest of their political life, they won’t ever try again. Funny, my mother always told me that if I failed, I had to try, try again. I was never allowed to take my ball and go home.

      • They can’t defend the contents of the bill so they have nothing left but emotional manipulation. Notice that the WH isn’t saying “for those who desperately need healthcare, this may be the last chance…” The push is “for those who’s life work is reforming health care…”

        • Oh, that’s a dog whistle to try to guilt the Hillary supporters to get behind this piece of crap. That combined with the “Hill as VP in 2012” rumors being floated are all attempts to get us back on board.

          What they are saying, in essence, is “do it for Hillary’s sake.” My response to that is “fuck you and the unicorn you rode in on.”

          These people need a lesson in humility and accountability to the voters, and I intend to give them one. Don’t bait-and-switch me. Don’t campaign on steak, then try to feed me a shit sandwich. If you do, I’m not swallowing it like a good little Dem – I’m spitting it right back in your face. Try again, asshole.

    • From the Politico article:

      “For those whose life’s work is reforming health care, this may be the last train leaving the station.”

      Who in the world is he talking about? No one in the room yesterday has made health care reform their life’s work.

      I wonder how many times the White House has discussed bringing Hillary in as a fixer in to lobby the cause – esp. with the female Senators. Then they go: NO – we can do it on our own. They would rather have a bad bill or no bill then admit they need her.

      I bet they are still discussing the pros and cons as I type. Mostly they are afraid that using her will make Obama look weak. Well…

      • Who in the world is he talking about? No one in the room yesterday has made health care reform their life’s work.

        my guess is that they’re trying to subconsciously invoke Kennedy’s memory

      • She wouldn’t do it anyway. She’s made it very clear that as SoS she does not involve herself in Obama’s domestic agenda.

        • I think she would do it if they added some provisions that really matter – if they gave her something to work with. It would have to be behind the scenes.

          I feel certain she has tasked her staff to keep her briefed on all the provisions and changes. She could hit the ground running but they won’t ask her.

          They could also use her husband who knows a little something about health care.

          • I need to add – Hillary and Bill actually care about health care reform. Obama and Rahm are against it. However, Obama needs a win. It is time for him to re-think his political strategy for 2012. Maybe the girl can save him.

          • I think a clue into Hillary’s thinking about the current bill is found in http://www.nolimits.org/, a website set up by her closest ally Ann Lewis (Barney Frank;s sister) and members of her campaign team, especially this post http://my.nolimits.org/profiles/blogs/stop-stupak-rally-a-success. Some pundits believe that this NoLimits group was set up to prepare for another Hillary run.

          • I’m good with Ann Lewis, get her emails and generally support what she and her team are doing. But I don’t think much of Barney’s watered down House bill on financial reform. Also not optimistic about Dodd’s version in the Senate. They are all being held over a barrel by the large banks and the Fed, and BO is their biggest sponsor. That’s the plain reality. These motions he’s going through is all theatre. So, it would be helpful to hear from No Limits on how Main Street can best mount an offensive against Wall Street. I have an inkling of what Hillary’s approach would be, and it wouldn’t include Barney, BO, Tim or Larry. I don’t know if it is prepared to push that hard.

    • The thing is that employers no longer wish to pay for health care plans as it makes them even more uncompetitive.

      Health insurers wish to keep in business.

      The only answer is mandated private insurance.

      • Laurie, do you mean mandated and strongly regulated private insurance, or some form of public insurance that has a path to single payer. Either way, don’t private insurers need to be disintermediated in a big way to address spiraling costs – which is what this current bill does not do, regardless of Lieberman’s wedge imo. Cost of healthcare administration could sink us before we improve the provision of actual care. Sorry if I misunderstood you.

  19. I think what really has them shit scared is that the AA’s are threatening to stay home as well. Doug Wilder wrote an op-ed in the Richmond Times the Sunday before last titled, “Why Creigh Deeds Lost” where Wilder basically said Deeds lost and now VA has a Republican governor because the Democrats ignored us and we stayed home. Funny how, when the AA’s stay home, they are being principled and well organized. When we do it, we’re bitter and spiteful.

    • It is one of the foundation tenets of misogyny: Women exist to support the men. We are supposed to be forever at their beck and call. It is our duty. And when we don’t do as we’re told the men lash out.

      Somehow while chasing a link trail, I ended up at BTD’s blog. And a commenter there admitted that s/he chose Obama over Hillary because electing an AA man was more important than electing a woman. Progressives seem to have respect for the plight of the AA community, at least it’s part of their uniform, but they waste no tears over the depth and breadth of misogyny. They are way too comfortable with their hate.

      • I saw that, too. I felt like I had been slapped in the face—again!

        • Me too. Now we’re stuck with a Regent University alum for a gov.

        • The blanket presumptions made about racism are extraordinary. Things along the lines of “I know what my parents used to say at the dinner table, so I know most people of that generation are racist.” Racism exists, deeply among some. But the way these kids simplify makes me wonder if they’ve ever ventured outside the bubble of their college campuses or other liberal conclaves. And I agree about the casual and virulent misogyny. To hate and ridicule Hillary’s qualifications and ability because she’s a woman, that is bigotry to me.

  20. Amen, RD. I learned a long time ago that while people get to choose their own actions, they don’t get to choose other people’s reactions. Matt et al. made their choice – the Lightbringer at any cost. They got him. They can live with the fallout.

  21. Spot on, Myiq – I’d rather deal with the overt behavior of the Republicans than the covert behavior of the Dems.

    Towards the end of the primaries I told my husband that I thought “the kids” were going to determine who the next president would be – the bloggers who lived in basements, had no real source of income, who had fallen in love with O – the love affair is what determined our fate – I’m heartsick at what has happened to the country I loved – and frankly I don’t want to sit back and just let them have it.

    I suggest we vote every incombent out of office – clean house and just move on – I love you all but I’m tired of living under the bus. 😦

    • Kick them all to the curb should be the voter’s duty this election cycle. Whoever is the incumbent vote them out, even if you like them. Huge turnover is the only way to break the vicious circle.

  22. Oh, Matt, Matt, Matt. You and the rest of the NEW! Democratic party can run along and try to win an election on your own, mmm-kay?

    After all, you were the ones you’d been waiting for, so why do you need us? You yourselves said we were not needed anymore. You know, all of that old hag and blue-collar working class vote that you guys sneered and jeered at, and kicked away from the ropes as you sailed up up and away in your beautiful beautiful Obama balloon?

    Geez, all we did was take you at your word, why the angst now? You can surely win in 2010 and 2012 without the dead weight of us old bitter hags weighing you down – YES YOU CAN! I’m sure you’ll think of something – be creative.

    See, the reality is that I don’t need to grow up. I am a fully functional adult, thanks, who realizes finally, after years of falling in line, phone-banking, donating, and pounding the pavement, that I own my vote. And I can give it to or withhold it from whomever I damn well please. The Democratic party does not have a lien on it. It’s mine. That’s called PARTICIPATING, Matt. It’s called accountability.

    Stomping your feet and shrieking that I somehow “owe” Obama and the Dems, or have a responsibility to bail them out of the wreck they’ve made of his presidency, is not maturity, Matt. It’s just a really boring and amusing demand that I’ve heard lots of times from my 4 teenagers. No, honey, I don’t HAVE to do anything, no matter how you try to guilt me into it.

    I’ll read you my coffee mug, same as I’ve read it aloud to my kids when they pulled the “But…but..you gotta rescue me!” juvenile bullshit. Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part. So do your homework next time, sweetie.

    • brilliant.

      • “Stomping your feet and shrieking that I somehow “owe” Obama and the Dems, or have a responsibility to bail them out of the wreck they’ve made of his presidency, is not maturity, Matt.”

        This video of a child having a tantrum reminds me of Matt and his fellow Bots:

        • LOL! Perfect! RD needs to add that to the post.

          • Hah! I remember this tantrum throwing video. Notice how calm the dog was following the calm mother around while the kid hollered? America needs more pack leaders and few tantrum throwing babies of all ages.

      • Yes. Brilliant.

    • Can I say just one more time how much I missed your pithy (and spot on) comments while you were away, WMCB?

      My coffee mug says “Smart women elect to make a difference.” That’s what I did in 2008, and I’m looking forward to it again in 2010 and 2012. And one other thing about being a bitter knitter….I love cleaning house, love it, love it, love it!

  23. Seems to me he’s saying Democrats may not be the best candidates. but it is your duty to go vote for them. Ha, that will give me something to laugh at all day long. And, as for other Dems. and Repub.’s next year, looks like I will have a very gleeful year indeed.

  24. BUT BUT BUT, what do you mean we will have to do the drudge work that you used to do? It was supposed to be ponies and hope and all the good stuff.
    Get your self back here and rattle those pots and pans.



  25. It’s that “team” mentality that scr@wed things up – folks believed they “had” to vote Dem when they didn’t – consequently we ended up with the worst possible president – with no experience, no moral code, no loyalty, no empathy, no sense of responsibility, no patriotic pride… 👿

    Thanks RD – I LOVED your rant!!!

    • Yup. How does “Let’s reward them by voting for them after they’ve kicked us in the teeth” ever result in them changing their behavior? It doesn’t, it hasn’t, and it won’t. It’s just asinine on the face of it. Yet that’s precisely what Matt is pleading we do.

      • It doesn’t work with children, it won’t work with politicians.
        They need a serious time-out to think hard about what they’ve done… and not done.

        • But indigo, that’s exactly how the religious right took over THEIR party despite being a minority, right? They fussed and fumed and then voted for any old GOP candidate anyway? Isn’t that what they did?

          Nope. They took over their party by withholding their vote if the party didn’t toe their line. And the RESULT, many elections later, is that when the fundies say “jump”, the GOP asks “How high?” The GOP knows that they kick that group in the teeth at their peril. They learned the lesson, because the fundies buckled down and TAUGHT them that lesson, even at the risk of letting a Democrat win an election or 2.

          Which is why I laughed my ass off and them shook my head when I saw a Progressive comment the other day that we’ll never get change until we are 51% of the party. What a fucking idiot. There’s a roadmap for how to do this, moron – but you have to stick to your guns in order to do it.

    • Good synopsis, Joanelle.

  26. A progressive group is running an ad in Chicago targeting Rahm:


    Why ? He is just doing what Boss asks him to do.

    Once again so-called progressives get it wrong.

  27. Love this post. Thank You for not letting him/them get away with more of the same.

    They gave us Barack Antoinette, and I won’t be happy until he meets Marie’s same fate (figuratively of course).

    • Barack Antoinette. Let them eat fake. 😉

      • LOL I think the “fake” is eating their brains. It’s giving them “lecture fever”. Condescend, condescend, condescend. Please, Matt tell me what to do. I just don’t think I can vote in another rigged election. Oh, you just want me to rubber stamp something? Why can’t you say what you mean?

  28. My goodness, what a lovely rant and a cohesive bunch of commenters!

  29. thank you thank you thank you

  30. Amen, RD.

  31. There’s audio of FDR’s economic bill of rights radio address going around elsewhere in the blogosphere, but I like seeing this–the video footage of FDR saying it:

  32. I have to say, it is kind of satisfying seeing all the Obots crying and stomping their feet like this. Too bad the country has to be destroyed by their folly though.

    The big question will be how big of a bump will Obama get from the insurance company bailout. And how long will it last. And will he be lucky with the timing of an eventual turnaround in the economy/job market despite his best efforts to transfer all wealth to wall street. He could indeed be completely lucky on all fronts. If not, the only thing that would possibly save him would be another war. Let’s not go there.

    • ” [T]he only thing that would possibly save him would be another war.”

      Or, God forbid, another 9/11. Didn’t that
      horrendous event legitimate GWB’s presidency? I hope BO and the powers that be don’t become that desperate. Very scary.

  33. Boy, are they boo-hooing on the PUMA hating blogs today. Even TBogg has taken a momentary pause in attacking Sarah Palin to acknowledge that their “Lincoln” has turned out to be the gutless, narcissistic wonder we knew he was. Some of them are still in denial, of course. Focusing on Lieberman and/or Rahm Emmanual instead of where the buck really stops.

    I wonder how HRC is feeling right now, watching health care reform being gutted. It’s very sad. I don’t know how the Dems will ever come back from this. I have lost all faith in them.

    So far no apologies yet from the folks who accused me of not supporting Obama because I’m a angry lesbian racist. I won’t hold my breath.

    • This was Hillary’s plan all along to let the people see for themselves who Obama really is. Now that people are starting to see we all come out of this better.

  34. Good news~ Sen Webb is standing firm against the Healthcare Deform Act
    Bad News ~ he’s an asshole (see comments on Hyde Ammendment)

    Webb cites concerns, amendments, votes on health care

    Sen. Jim Webb

    Like all of my colleagues in the Democratic Party, I voted in
    favor of proceeding to debate the proposed health-care reform legislation. I have yet to decide whether I will support final passage of the bill.

    I have stated on several occasions my concerns that the Obama administration should have begun the health-care process with a clear, detailed proposal, from which legislation could then be put into place. Instead, the legislation now before the Congress is the product of five separate congressional committees, three in the House and two in the Senate. I and my staff have carefully worked through thousands of pages of sometime contradictory information, and have done our best to bring focus
    to the debate and clarity to any final product.

    Our country needs health-care reform. While a strong percentage of Americans are satisfied with their health care, the system is not working for millions of others. Spiraling costs for health care also have placed our biggest industries at a severe competitive disadvantage worldwide, and have become unsustainable for many small businesses.

    But true reform must be done in an effective and responsible fashion, without creating a cumbersome, overly bureaucratic system. The bottom line should be to achieve a more cost-effective health-care system that increases accessibility, affordability, and quality of care, and which does not burden our economy along the way.

    The process also requires openness, so that the American people understand exactly what is being debated. At the start of this debate I was one of eight senators who called on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to post the text and complete budget scores of the health-care bill on a public web site for review at least 72 hours prior to both the first vote and final passage. This request was agreed to, affording proper transparency in the process.

    Over the past few weeks, I have taken a number of difficult
    votes. As with every other issue since I came to the Senate, I have voted my conscience throughout this process. I have broken with my party six times, including four votes to send the current legislation back to committee for a more thorough review.

    I voted five times against proposed cuts to Medicare due to my concerns about taking half a trillion dollars out of that system at a time when the pool for Medicare is about to expand with the retirement of those in the Baby Boom generation. I am a long-time supporter of Medicare Advantage programs which have, in my view, greatly improved services in rural areas of Virginia, and I did not want to see cuts to benefits or services.

    On the issue of abortion, I studied the bill closely to ensure
    that no taxpayer dollars will be used to fund abortions. I am
    convinced that this legislation strictly adheres to the requirements of the Hyde Amendment. It also includes clear conscience provisions for providers and consumers who elect to reject a plan that offers such coverage.

    Since drug prices in the U.S. have risen dramatically in recent years a 9 percent jump in 2009 alone ? I have co-sponsored an amendment to lower prescription drug costs. The measure would allow Americans to safely import lower-priced, Food and Drug Administration-approved drugs from other approved countries, and
    save the federal government nearly $20 billion over the next 10 years.

    In summary, I have been doing what I can to shape the bill, for the good of our country and without bowing to party politics. As we continue to debate the bill and amend it, I remain hopeful that the Senate can reach consensus on fair and effective health care legislation. Whether this is so will determine my vote on final passage.

    • Yeah I got that message too.

      He did vote to table the Nelson amendment though.

      His phone must have been ringing off the hook today. When we tried calling to speak to someone we were getting a busy signal.

  35. Howard Dean is now calling on the Senate to throw out the health care bill.

    He wants to start over.

    Poor Howie – he picked the wrong horse.

  36. Nice one RD. Merry Christmas to Confluence & Co. Or any other holiday — you choose your fave.

    ps: I think he meant liberal(s) above?

    Actual liberals in this country are really wondering what gives about now. And, anyone who has been a Dem for life probably isn’t loyal any more. It all depended on solving the last eight years, but?

    It’s like the last eight years, redux. It is.

  37. The new campaign has begun; and yes, the D’s want our money! It begins with the anti-Sarah Palin campaign. Got an email from John Kerry today; they want to scare the shitz out of us. (No money from this gall btw) I heard that Al Gore was going to appear on MSNBC – also in an anti-Sarah Palin campaign. They must be worried. They must also think we are stupid.

    • Yes, this lifelong Dem (worker and donator) was outraged to get Kerry’s email.
      I unsubscribed! I remember how hard I worked for him in 2004. The woman who was coordinating all of our efforts admitted at the finale that he really was a wimp. Even Edwards fought for Ohio.

      Obama is more of the same wimpiness, but at least Kerry won the nomination fairly and had a record that indicated he might be able to do the job. It wasn’t based on a campaign slogan and wishful thinking.

      Frankly, Kerry’s smear makes me closer to voting for Palin the second time (and my second Republican vote–2008 was my first). I am sick of sexism. Palin was more qualified than Obama based on real experience, and she seems to have a spine.

  38. PS. Move-On – just sent email asking Prez to step up and run the show; Joe Lieberman isn’t the Prez, they say. And, the Big O gives himself a minimum of a B+? For what?

  39. Thank you, RD! I am so angry I could probably strangle Yglesias with his own entrails right now. There is a bit of schadenfreude in seeing Yglesias and others gradually come to grips with the fact they, who fancy themselves astute and savvy political analysts, were so easily duped. Well, I for one do not intend to make it easy for them. No forgive and forget, absent a lengthy, abject apology in print.

    But there’s hope here. It is not even a year into Obama administration and his luster is already irreparably tarnished. I expected he’d be able to string along his loyal followers until at least the midterms. Anyone considering challenging Obama for the nomination should know we’re here to support their challenge.

  40. I just got in!

  41. We *wish* he was like Bill with the economy.

    • Next they’ll probably blame Roger Clinton for Obama’s failings.

      • No, Roger’s Bill’s. The true evil comes from Hill’s side of the family. Damn you, Tony!

        • Please! Tony has a PENIS. Why blame him when you can go after Dorothy? It combines mother-blaming with CDS. I think it’ll be a new national pastime.

    • I really wonder when all those people lost their minds? Obama has absolutely nothing in common with Clinton on the economy, foreign policy or anywhere else that I can find. If he did I would be happy about it.

      Hint to the dumbasses: Larry Summers does not equal Bill Clinton!

      • I can barely express my absolute rage at those who have the nerve to disparage the greatest president of our generation — HE RE-ESTABLISHED THE DEMOCRATIC BRAND. He reminded real people what a president can do for us. SHARED prosperity. I have no problem with business being taken care of as long as the people are also taken care of. Bill knew how to maintain that balance.

        • He gave us the longest period of economic expansion in our nation’s history.

          • He gave the Democrats back to back championships, the middle class prospered and they said thank you by throwing mud on him.

            It’s truly bizarre.

          • Yeah, and for 6 yrs of his terms he had to deal with a Republican majority — and look what he got done. (((sigh)))

    • They’re like little kids. They can’t take responsibility for their own stupidity and poor judgment. They can’t accept that Obama came to them pre-corrupted. They can’t accept that the entire party is filled with useless wastes of space. So they go back to the bogeyman. It’s the Clintons! If we could get rid of them, it would all be fine! Except we did and it isn’t–but that’s because, despite Barack’s public seething contempt for Bill, Bill is somehow mindmelding him into hiring all kinds of people who go against Barack’s principles and whom he would never hire! Poor, stupid, easily manipulated puppet!

  42. Dean is calling to scrap the Senate bill and opt for “reconciliation” in the House. Can someone tell me what “reconciliation” is?

    • Reconciliation is a maneuver that can be used to pass issues affecting “the budget.” New agencies or structures cannot be created, just money in money out stuff. With reconciliation you only need the majority not the 60 for cloture.


      • The pubs never had a filibuster-proof majority.

        • Ok, I read that. What is wrong then with reconciliation being used to push progressive health reform so reform doesn’t have to be gutted to get the magical 60 votes?

        • Reconciliation could only be used if the bill was stripped or the GOP didn’t press objections. Seems that was how the Republicans got away with it. Or is that incorrect?

          Does anyone think Sen Coburn wouldn’t press an objection to the bitter end?

          • Sounds like a plan to me.

          • Then you get something like this from digby.

            And Obama can say that you’re getting a lot, but also saying that it “covers everyone,” as if there’s a big new benefit is a big stretch. Nothing will have changed on that count except changing the law to force people to buy private insurance if they don’t get it from their employer. I guess you can call that progressive, but that doesn’t make it so. In fact, mandating that all people pay money to a private interest isn’t even conservative, free market or otherwise. It’s some kind of weird corporatism that’s very hard to square with the common good philosophy that Democrats supposedly espouse.

            If that’s what we get, they can shove their Medicare expansion, since people won’t be able to buy-in to it anyway without subsidies which are not included.

          • Ralph, the fact that they are refusing to use reconciliation makes me very suspicious that the entire INTENT of this bill is to set up those govt agencies, and expand the power of the Executive branch.

            Because they could DO HCR without all that. Is the stuff that would have to be stripped away in reconciliation the real prize they are after, and the actual care is secondary? What are they hiding in those pages and pages of legalese? A bill passed under reconciliation would have to be fairly simple and easily understood. Maybe that’s the very thing they don’t want – anyone understanding what they’re doing.

            I don’t even know with these corrupt fuckers anymore.

          • I think it’s just what Democrats are want do when they pass legislation. Creating another bureaucracy, whether it is needed or not, seems to be par for the course.

          • care?

      • Thank you.

  43. OT, Comcast signaling it may push NBC away from left.


  44. Anyone else get an email from Kerry and the DNC Senate Campaign Committee asking for money today?

    • They’re all looking for money.

    • Got it. It is time to implement the Escrow Plan. We need a lawyer and a financially savvy person.

      • Rec’d an email from MoveOn today.

        • President Lieberman sure is powerful.

        • Why would anyone in their right mind donate to fucking MoveOn at this point? They are worse than useless.

        • Oh, wow, MoveOn is going hardcore on Joementum! He’ll be out of the caucus before sundown, yippee!

        • Ha. You think that’s funny. That’s not the only one.

          • ROFLMAO

          • Don’t be cynical, SOD. Let’s appeal to Obama’s sense of justice and fairness! If he knows we feel betrayed, he’ll feel just awful!

          • {{{practicing her ‘sad’ face — bottom lip protruding waaaaay out}}}}

          • Let me know if anyone else needs some laugh therapy. I get 3 or 4 of those things a day.

          • Hey Moveon members!

            You are the dirt on the shoulder that Obama has been waiting to brush off. How does it feel?

          • Does it feel “historic” ? Or, “unprecedented” ? Or, maybe it just feels “cool” to be part of something so special!

          • Can you call President Obama immediately?
            Sure. Immediately. I don’t think he responds to that name though. How about numnuts? Or maybe asswipe? No. Well, keep trying MoveOn, maybe you’ll eventually find a name he’ll answer too. Have you thought about dropping some money in his palm. I hear from GS that it works like a charm.

            By the way MoveOn, aren’t you happy with the guy you pushed on us all? Isn’t it kind of strange that you don’t like the guy you decided would be president, and now you’re asking us to help. Sort of makes you seem like a completely useless organization doesn’t it? I thought you would agree. By by now.

          • LMAO at the tell Obama part!!! These people are a riot!

        • MoveOne.org stabbed Hillary in the back after she came to their defense over the Petreaus/Betray Us ad from September 2007.

          Moveon.Org was selling 100% proof kool-aid too.

          MoveOn.org and Kos made a CHOICE not to listen to what Obama was saying. They did not want to hear what Hillary had to say. These groups chose to back Obama based upon his slick slogans and cheering crowds of young kids who know nothing about the world.

          It is time for MoveOn.org to, “Move On” and close their doors.

    • Are you talking about the e-mail from John Kerry and the DSCC called “Sarah Palin” — yeah I got that e-mail.

      • Look over there, it’s Sarah Palin!!!! Boo!

      • I noticed they didn’t make jokes this time, although they did compare her to Limbaugh. So pretty quickly she’s gone from being ignored, to ridiculed, to the adversary. To me that means they are worried.

        RD – any lawyers I know are in construction litigation, and I’m not connected. The people you are talking about need campaign skill sets, don’t they? The escrow account is good, but it also sounds like a Pac.

  45. Jane H. was on Ed Schultz today – she did a good job telling it like it is.

  46. Move on makes me ill. Why are they blustering about Lieberman killing this crappy bill? It’s about the only worthwhile thing he has done in the last decade. And mo.org is one of the biggest manipulators of truth out there. They ripped Clinton; they promoted -0. Now they want to blow steroids on putting down Liber-man? Joe is holding out for more juice and he’s in a position to do it. I hope he screws this loser legislation up and makes -0 look like exactly what he is. I really do not care who shreds it up and I would not lift a finger to punish them for their service to the country.

    • Personally I’m holding out hope that Bill Nelson will kick it in the crotch as well.

      • Nope.

        • I meant that I’ve heard Bill Nelson from Florida is against the bill for his own reasons. I hope one more kick in the crotch will finish it off and finally kill it dead.

    • Personally, I don’t even believe Joe is running circles around Reid like this. Reid may be a dope, but he can’t be stupid enough to publicly reveal this deal only to be immediately kicked in the $&@). Joementum is probably designated bad cop of the week who’ll make a stunning last minute reversal and be the deciding vote.

      • Joe may be just fucking with the Dems because he can do it. If so, I kind of like that attitude.

  47. Kerry and co. should send that email on Sarah to Sarah. In a 3 week book tour she sells 1 million copies of her book and Harper Collins expect final sales to reach 3 million. She could probably donate a few $$$.

  48. Here, here, RD!!! Well said.

    Slightly OT, but this post made me think of the Obot I was dating who dumped me last year because I refused to get on the bandwagon. He implied I didn’t “get it” because I don’t have kids, and him, being a single dad, needed to vote people in to Washington who would “listen.” He accused me of being hawkish, because I supported that warmonger Hillary.

    Not to belittle the mess we are handing the kids, but……

    Bwaaahahahahahaaaaa.!!!!!! (evil revenge laugh at his expense)

    • and him, being a single dad, = and he,

      (don’t usually correct my typo’s/errors but that one was necessary)

  49. Over at Balloon Juice the regulars are lining up to declare they are Type-2 Obots (Cynical Pragmatists) who always knew he was just another Democratic politician like Hillary.

    My response:

    I was a regular here since 2006. I started out supporting Edwards then switched to Hillary. I went from being one of the gang in November 2007 to being called a “troll” by February 2008 all because I didn’t support Obama.

    Anyone who was here during the primaries who says they didn’t drink the Obama Kool-aid is a lying sack of shit.

    • Of course their new stance begs the question, if he was just like Hillary, why not pick the one who could govern and could stand up to the Lieberman’s and could fight? After all, there was plenty of information available showing who Obama really was and what he would do.

      Obviously there’s no point in asking that to an Obot, no matter the Type, they don’t live in the world of reality and facts. They’re still on the kool-aid. The only difference is before they were proud of being on kool-aid, now they pretend they’re not on it.

      • Remember McClurkin? It was then that they started arguing that anyone who didn’t understand that didn’t understand what Obama was about, bringing us all together, bigotry getting its fair seat at the table. “So basically, if we want someone to stand up and fight the Republicans, vote Hillary. If the dreaded triangulation is what we’re all about and our problem is Dems aren’t spineless enough and don’t just roll over for the Republican agenda enough, vote Obama?”

        • Remember McClurkin?

          • Sorry. 😦 I don’t want to cause you pain, but it was one of those ultimate WTF moments–what is this all about, anyway? It makes NO sense.

        • Please stick to the commandments, Seriously.

          1. Whatever bears the name Clinton is triangulation and the enemy.
          2. Whatever bears the name Obama is 11 dimensional chess and a friend.
          3. No creative class-er shall protest vote.
          4. No creative class-er shall vote third party.
          5. No creative class-er shall write in anyone’s name.
          6. No creative class-er shall abstain from voting for Obama.
          7. All creative class-ers are equal.

          • Don’t forget that evil is brought to us by the letters DLC. However, if you espouse all of the principles of the DLC while never officially joining the organization, it’s almost like you believe the exact opposite of your actual beliefs. Style over substance, check. Stupid meaningless feel good turf wars, check.

          • You forgot:

            8. All opposition to or criticism of Obama is racist.

          • You also forgot 9. Racism is a REAL problem, and misogyny is just a bunch of shrill bitches whining because they have their periods.

          • You forgot the “some are more equal than others” part. /s

    • Yup. Just like all the Cheetos who were rah rah for Bush’s war, then gradually morphed into “no, I never really supported it, I was just giving the prez the benefit of the doubt, blah blah blah…”

      Bull. Shit. They’re like the guy who spent the entire weekend shit-faced drunk climbing naked on the roof and trying to hump the recliner. But the story later is that, “I only had a couple, I was totally in control the whole time.” Yeah, right. They were MAINLINING the koolaid over at BJ. Liars.

    • The Cynical pragmatists are worrying for nothing… Maintenance care for both Type 1 and Type 2 Obamabetes is covered in the Health Insurance bailout.

    • Cynical pragmatists based on what? Obama couldn’t win a large state or a primary state to save his life. His wins anywhere were based on low turnout. If people came out to vote, he lost. He wasn’t brung anyone to the table. With crucial groups like Latinos and working class voters (with the exception of working class African Americans), he was a dud. He raised lots of money, but got no return, he spent like a drunken sailor and lost anyway, making money advantage pointless. THe media worshipped him and He still lost and lost and lost. So cynical pragmatists chose the candidate who gave every indication he’d have a hard time not messing up the Gimme Year?

      • and yet the media said it was Obama who was electrifying the electorate and bringing record turnout to the polls. they acted as if people voting for Hillary had nothing to do with that. Hillary would win states with record turnouts and the media coverage would act as if it was all Obama’s doing. It was surreal.

        • Yeah, all of Obama’s voters had a little trouble with the machines and ended up voting “present.” 😉

    • She won Ohio as I recall.
      And PA, NJ, NY, MA, CA, TX, NH, IN, WV, KY, and on and on.
      Did you ever think there woul come a day when the candidate who won so much of the primary vote in HUGE states would end up with so few of the delegates from those states at the convention?
      How dare they substitute their judgement for ours?! I am still pissed off. If they thot I would ever come to accept it and move on, they were sadly mistaken.
      These bastards need to be punished or they will do it again.

      • Let’s see…how many of those wins translated into recognition of the voters in Denver?

      • You forgot Florida and Michigan.

        The only big state Obama won was Illinois. He won the red states and the small caucus states, but ask Pacific John about how he won those caucuses.

        • I have some personal experience in the TX caucuses and they mirror PJ’s exactly. There isn’t one bit of exaggeration in his account at all.

          • I have disgusting memories of my Washington State caucus. What a effin’ example of what democracy is not.

      • Yep – you know I had to respond to that letter. I told them if they didn’t fix their voting mess, they weren’t getting a dime from me.

        To put caucuses back on the slot for 2012!?#!! To have no way to address complaints through the judicial system? To allow the possibility of a repeat in delegate snatching!?

      • I’m starting to get mad all over again.

        I’ll say it again, I just don’t know how Hillary does it.

        Over and over she has to be the bigger person.

        She must have some kind of long-range vision and wisdom because I’d be ready to cuss somebody out. “Oh, I won, and you all are going to nominate this crooked muthaph****?!!##??”

        But in the end, they forced Obama on us and he has shown us that he is a joke so she might get the last laugh afterall.

  50. AP is reporting that another couple gained entrance to a private White House event and got close enough to shake hands with the president.

    • According to the AP story, the Obama-supporter couple arrived a day early for a tour so they were escorted to a private breakfast with the Obamas and Bidens. The couple sounds happy to meet them but kinda confused why they were escorted there.

  51. “It has asked for our input as a formality and then ignored it.”


    This pretty much sums up the primary.

    The Dims held a contest, Hillary won, but they nominated Obama anyways.

    They held a primary just for show.

    What kills me is when you have these talking heads that say that Hillary ran a bad campaign. ….I’m like, uhm, she beat him.

    It’s extremely scary how people try to rewrite history, but this post hits the nail on the head.

  52. These lapses in security for POTUS are beginning to creep me out. (Berlusconi’s too.) Are they trying to prepare us for something …? They’d better get their sh#$%t straight ’cause the last thing I want is BO as a martyred saint.

  53. Al Gore on Sen. Lieberman Rachel Maddow

  54. From Corrente:

    And then, let’s remember, that the Rules and Bylaws which awarded four the delegates that Clinton won in Michigan and all of the delegates who didn’t vote for her to Obama, was chaired by James Roosevelt, CEO of Tufts Health Plan. Obama wouldn’t be president right now if it wasn’t for the CEO of a health insurance company.

    • right.

      And this clown was running around bragging about how the health insurance companies supported his healthcare plan, this was the first time they supported a healthcare plan, like it was a badge of honor.

      It’s obvious that they felt more threatened by Hillary and would rather throw their support behind the easily bought Obama. Give this clown a title and tell him he’s the first at something & he’s all yours. She was talking about healthcare reform back in the 90’s before it was a “hot topic”.

      … That was one of the tshirt options on her site during the primary. Does anyone remember that?? I was going to vote for that one, but ended up voting for the “For everyone who’s ever been counted out but refused to be knocked out! “

      • Just looked at my Hillary tshirt yesterday. Sad what might have been but even angrier about what is!

        • Over at the Democratic Underground the OZero children are burning or tearing up their Obama t-shirts. One said he was going to mail all of his shirts, approximately a dozen, to the White House after he is finished shredding them.

          Its fun to watch.

          • Skinner is going to have his hands full.
            The DemocratUnderground has been “tombstoning” (banning) those who are to critical of Obama.
            It seems Skinner is going to lose many paying (donors) members.
            I am sad to see that we are getting nominal changes.
            Though I do agree that it is enjoyable to watch these loons get blind with rage now.

          • DU also had a Great Gay Purge this year. It was ugly.

          • I was told that I had to sign some agreement not to be “mean” to Obama (as
            a Hillary supporter who was simply defending the truth). I refused.

            Don’t miss the fools.

      • Don’t ever call Obama a clown.

        Captain Spaulding will get very upset if you do.

        And you really don’t want to upset Captain Spaulding.

    • Well isn’t that just too ironic? Takes a slimey leech of a health insurance CEO to recognize one of his own viscous kind.

  55. The risk of dying is 40% higher for uninsured Americans between 55-65 years of age. ARE YOU LISTENING JOE LIEBERMAN!!! Remote Area Medical LA – Free Healthcare

  56. It is more and more obvious that the rmain eason for usurping the democrat primary was/is health care destruction. The only thing 0bama and Rahm and Nancy and Harry have focused on together is this insurance bailout. First was the quickly passed “stimulus” pork plan and now the disaster that must be passed before Xmas. We all knew 0bama was financed by the big corrupt destroyers. We just didn’t know for certain, in which order they were allowed to destroy this country. I guess in the front of the line were the bankers and the wall street traitors, then the Chicago mafia and the Olyimpic teat suckers, and then the health care cabal. Too bad about the olympics! NOT. This country is just in the slow moving Katrina like flood. All due to no leadership, corruption on a new level, and a president who might as well be the right hand man of bin Laden. We are fucked. At least we knew 0bama was going to be the chief fucker puppet. We aren’t surprised.

  57. Joe Lieberman’s Constituents Arrested in Senate Office Sit-In for Single-Payer “45,000 people die each year due to lack of health insurance.”

    • mmflint
      November 05, 2009

      Nine people protesting in favor of universal health care were arrested for unlawful entry this morning after occupying the office of Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT), according to Capitol Police.

      Protesters chanted “Everyone in and no one out, universal health care now!” and “Represent Connecticut, not AETNA!” as they were taken from the office, ABC News reports.

      Lieberman, who votes with the Democratic caucus, has said he does not support the public option and may join Republican efforts to filibuster the Senate health care bill. …

  58. Obama Quits, Cedes Presidency To Joe Lieberman “Like no Public Option” and “No Medicare Expansion!”

  59. Lieberman Threatens to Withhold Health Care Vote

  60. This thread is getting full – there is a new open thread up.

  61. The progressive blogs needs to pay more attention to people who are falling between the cracks in this economy. That includes minority and ethnic groups who are enduring a disproportionate share of hardship in employment, housing, sustenance, discrimination. I come here to learn from Dak and others about the realities on the ground and the neighborhoods. I don’t find that at the “progressive” sites. Lots of complaining about Republicans, Palin bashing, updates on Beck and Rush. But not much about people – normal people of all colors and persuasions who are falling down or barely getting by. If these progressives are so smart, why are their priorities so mixed up. They are in love with the sound of their own righteous rhetoric but can’t spare the time to be aware of people suffering right now right here.

    • The progressive blogs needs to pay more attention to people who are falling between the cracks in this economy.

      They’ll get to them

    • The progressive blogs are run for the most part by the creative class. They have no time for dealing with the “lowly” working class.

      • The creative class *is* the lowly working class. They are just waking up to this fact. We are all in the same boat now.
        As a creative class worker, I really wish people would refrain from treating us like we’re elites. We’re not.

        • Yep. The fear factor over dropping into the pool of the great unwashed is pretty high right now. That river in Egypt just keeps rolling along. Education is not necessarily the road to the real “creative” class, despite the recent meme. The Wiki says creatives are the – “core force of economic growth”. LOL. The next herd of worker bees, to be disposed of when the time comes under the “paper cup theory of labor”. Just like everyone else. Only, creatives had to fork over a lot of their own money to get there. How much does a creative’s education cost now?

          I’m sorry RD. It’s going to be a tough road.

          When enough women move into a man’s profession the pay rate and job openings compensate downward, to meet the lower caste.

  62. Well written. I have been demoralized, starting with the debacle of Gore v. Bush, followed by the equally demoralizing Obama versus Clinton results….I no longer put any power in the act of voting…it is a farce used by the ruling elites to lull us into a false sense of security…….the country is lost, move out…..

  63. I decided after the 1994 election never to vote for a Republican again. And I haven’t.

    I decided after the 2008 primary that I’d never again vote for any other candidates than non-Republican women. And I won’t.

    Carolyn Kay

  64. […] crystal ball to see this one coming.  All over the PUMAsphere, bloggers are angrily penning “we tolda so, suckers!” pieces in response to those Obot For America suckophants who so eagerly tortured anybody […]

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