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      Yesterday I had a brief article, which noted a general rule, “only things the rich and powerful believe will benefit them will be done” and applied it to shortages, suggesting that if the rich and powerful are benefiting from them, no serious action will be taken to end the crisis in countries where that is true. I wanted to note that this is a general rule. […]
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B-plus? Are you shitting me?

I didn’t watch the 60 Minutes interview with Obama because a) 60 Minutes quit being a news program years ago and b) listening to Obama talk is bad for my digestion. I’m glad I watched a rerun of White Christmas instead because I probably would have smashed my television if I had heard this:

President Barack Obama, in an interview that aired Sunday, gave himself “a good solid B-plus” grade for his first year in office.

Obama must be using the same grading system they used when he was at Columbia and Harvard Law School. But if he deserves a B+ then what the fuck does a D look like?

It used to be that a C was considered “average” but nowadays it is considered barely adequate. But if a B is now the average grade then Obama deserves no better than a C-minus or a D-plus.

Even at that I’m being very generous – he deserves an EF for EPIC FAIL.


Apparently Obama was on ABC talking to Oprah and not on 60 Minutes when he put himself on the honor roll. I didn’t watch that show either.

Violet Socks reacts here.

Lambert reacts here.

The Purple Avenger offers a right-wing response here.

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86 Responses

  1. He also said that when he passes health deform, that would push his grade up to A minus.

    Clearly he is being modest, the insurance companies will give him A+++++++ when he passes it.

  2. Um, I understand that he’s not going to honestly evaluate his performance and give himself a failing grade, but a smarter bad President would carefully sidestep that question. Hell, a smarter successful President would probably deftly sidestep that question to avoid appearing overly narcissistic. Obama goes out of his way to reenforce widespread negative perceptions and shore up doubts.

    • And it’s not like Oprah wouldn’t have helped him out. Had he politely demurred, she would have said, “Well, I give you an A+, Mr. President,” and he could have smiled modestly and replied, “Well, Oprah, I think you’re being a little bit generous. But I appreciate it and I strive everyday to do an A+ job for the American people” blagh blagh blagh.

      • I could come up with lots of better answers than he did.

        “An A implies I have done everything I possibly could and haven’t made any missteps. I prefer to think that there is always room for improvement.”


        “A grade is like a poll, it’s a snapshot of the moment. I believe that we should take a longer view. I have no doubt that a year from now, and two years, four years in the future, people will look back at what we’ve done this year and they will realize that we laid the foundations of lasting economic recovery and foreign policy success.”

        • He thinks he hasn’t made any misteps? OMG, this man is delusional. I hope the interviewer laughed out loud.

        • Ooops. Reading is fundamental. Sorry….

          I think I might have been blinded by rage for a moment.

        • That is exactly what Bush kept saying: in the long-run people will appreciate my decisions.

          • Out of 44 Presidents we’ve had a few great ones and a few bad ones. Most of them were so-so.

            Two years ago I would have said any Democrat is better than Bush. I never imagined someone would take the title of “Worst President Ever” from Bush so soon.

          • fif ~ unfortunately the anointed one is so bad the people now DO appreciate him if not his decisions. whodathunk?

          • Obama owns that title now. Wow what an asshole, in the words of Lambert.

        • Gosh myiq, both of your answers are FAR superior to Obama’s. Why would a president even walk into that trap? Oh yeah, because it was Oprah and not a real journalist, so he’s given yet another free pass, which is the overall problem. Since Obama’s not taken to task (nor ever has been) he doesn’t feel he needs to carefully craft his answers.

    • Translation: I really think I deserve an A, but I’m too modest to say so.

  3. Oh my. Whatever happened to gentleman’s C’s?

  4. He accepted a Nobel Prize for peace by saying if you kill all your enemies, they’ll be quiet. The only reason he didn’t give himself an “A” is because the fact that he had to explain the obvious meant that his staff had done something wrong. When a man can bend over and toot his own horn to orgasm, whaddaya expect, humility?

  5. Everyone at Hahvahd deserves a B+. Just for participating. As in showing up to vote present.

    Didn’t you know that?

    • My students think they should get an A even if they don’t show up. Of course Obama did get to be president of the law review and he never edited or wrote an article the whole time. I think maybe he’s been coasting his whole life and doesn’t know what real hard work would even feel like.

      • Have you had any students who rarely came to class and did sloppy work come in at the end of the semester and beg you to raise their grade?

        “If I don’t get at least a B in this class I will get put on academic probation!”

        “You should have thought about that when you were partying and having fun.”

        • I have a student in one of my classes right now who wanted me to let him skip the final exam and just give him the same grade on the final that he got on his previous exam. He failed the first exam.

          • i guess its fair to say that a few of your students r not that bight

          • They feel entitled to get something for nothing.

          • You are entitled to something when you earn it.

            You are not entitled to it because you want it.

            Some people (like Obama) feel entitled to things they have not earned because all their lives they have been given grades, awards, jobs, promotions etc. that they didn’t deserve.

            Obama supporters engaged in some massive projection when they claimed Hillary thought she was entitled to the nomination last year. She never acted like she was entitled, even though she earned it.

            It was Obama who acted entitled, and his supporters who threatened to riot if the nomination was “stolen” from him.

      • i had a student write me last night that he had calculated his grade point average and got 91. The problem is his test grades were 90, 75, and 78. Of course, I asked him how it was possible to get a 91 average when the highest score you had achieved was a 90 and haven’t heard anything ack . It sounds like he must’ve had the same math teacher Obama had …

        • Yeah, but-ya know…there’s curving. They do that in all of the hard classes. 😉

        • The average is 81 – could he have mistyped? Either that, or he’s expecting some really weird weighting on those scores!

      • I once had a student who went wailing to the Dean that “I thought I had an AAAAAAAAAA!” when every paper I’d turned back to her had a big red F at the top.

  6. SYD, is that showing up to vote present?

    There is a personality disorder at work here.

    Did both shows air last night?

  7. Speaking of “Hahvahd”–where are those grades?

  8. When I first saw the headline of this post, I thought one of my students had hacked into TC. LOL! I heard something last night about Obama saying he’d give himself an A- if health care reform passes. Give me a break!


  9. Well, I don’t know about Harvard but here in the Princeton area anything less than an A is considered failure. Students could get suicidal over it.

    • In graduate school a C is a flunk … you’re only allowed one of them on your transcript. “A”s are pretty easy to come by if you’re in a noncompetitve program which Harvard law school is … once you’re in, they only care about graduating you.

      • DK, not to be OT, but Denninger has a good piece up related to rent-seeking that might interest you.

        • oh, kewl, one of my favorite topics … the lifeblood of monopollies!!! thx!

          • Krugman is off the Kool-aid this week. He has a column about the follies of banking deregulation today.

          • Excerpt:

            Effectively, what the financial system has done is siphon off an increasing portion of the rents charged for various activities while justifying the increasing prices (that is, lower risk and therefore less reserve against “adverse events”) through concealment via bogus “risk-shifting” and “risk-management” that in fact never really occurred.

            Remember, “rent” is a generic term. We think of it as what you pay to occupy an apartment, but in fact “rent” is charged for the use of capital in all of its forms – as a place to live, as a means of financing investment, as a means of financing speculation. All involve the charging of rent of one form or another, and all the financial system has done over the last 20 years is find ways to increase the amount of rent that lands in the financial system itself – instead of being distributed to the actual owners of the capital that is being lent out!</blockquote

  10. I am not surprised at his estimate of himself—he has ever been living the delusion of himself. The very fact that he answered that question is the idiot proof that he was not ready on day one or day 100 or day 200 or day 365. And I am sure that for the State of the Union speech day whatever it is, they will put up some greek pillars in the congressional hall of shame to tout his non-performance as splendid.

  11. I am at work and cannot check but firedoglake says that the Copenhagen conference just broke down and countries are walking out of it, It is being reported on Democracy Now,



  12. I KNOW!! I just copied the same link to bring over here. Talk about delusions of grandeur…lol, in the online poll, 52% give him an “F.” That is really frightening, because it shows how utterly disconnected from reality this guy is. He really is a legend in his own mind.

  13. OT, but I have some morning links for ya’ll:

    Lieberman Rules Out Voting for Health Bill


  14. Firestorm over lady ‘commish’

    If Mylan Denerstein becomes the FDNY’s new commissioner, the first blazes she’ll have to put out will likely involve sexism and racism — over her own appointment.

    The 42-year-old former federal prosecutor is on the short list to be named the city’s next fire commissioner — leading to the possibility she would be both the first woman and first African-American to hold the job.


  15. The Obama apologists are coming out of the woodwork now. Now it’s the “system’s fault.” Wasn’t his entire justification for having no experience, that he had some magical power to CHANGE the way they system works in a way no one else ever could?

    Don’t blame Obama. The US political system is broken


    • I love this part especially:

      So this is where we are. We now have a distended nightmarish version of what the founders wanted. We’ve got a Congress that can not only stand up to the executive branch but can (at least on domestic matters) dictate terms to it. And we have a minority that has the power to stop the majority from doing much of anything.

      These are the two basic reasons the great progressive dawn of the Obama era has ground to a near halt……………But for now, people on the left would rather engage in juvenile carping about how let down they are.

      How could there ever have been “the great progressive dawn of the Obama era” if it has ground to a halt already. Or was it akin to the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize – “A” for anticipated effort? And there seems to be a great deal of “carping” in this article.

      • Love this! A FOR ANTICIPATED EFFORT…. sounds like a campaign anti-slogan to me

        • Didn’t they give him the Noble Peace Prize for anticipated effort instead of real effort? I wish I could get prizes and grades based on anticipated effort. How do you get on that plan?

      • The Congress is SUPPOSED to be able to stand up to the Executive Branch. The three branches–Executive, Judicial and Legislative–form one of those “three legged stools.” If one is longer than the others, or particularly shorter than the others, it drops you on your a$$. The Framers meant them to be at least nearly enough equal that they can check and er–balance–each other.

        The Imperial Presidency of Richard Nixon changed that, and Bush built his own wobbly dunce’s stool of the “Unitary Executive” on that same pattern. Now comes Bush 3, and not only to we get more of the same concentration of power in the Executive, we have bots who think it’s the Constitution itself that’s the kingmaker here.


      • Erm, call me crazy but didn’t the Founders intend for Congress to be preeminent and the executive weak? Isn’t the Imperial Presidency a recent phenomenon? And didn’t they tend to favor inefficient, divided government (Federalist # 10, say)?

        Sheesh. I don’t think these guys were demigods who can’t be disagreed with by any stretch–but Failbot tendencies to act as if their views are THE views and represent apple pie and America get old.

  16. From the comments at Ace of Spades HQ:


    Probably claims its 10 inches, too.

    Unlike Obots, wingnuts are occasionally funny.

  17. O gives a whole new meaning to the term “grade inflation.” btw, if a bar is set so low it is underground, is it still a bar?

    • The worst part is that Obama probably said B+ because he was trying to be modest.

      He thinks he deserves an A+

      Meanwhile, 54% of people polled say he deserves an F and his approval rating is at the lowest for any President at this point in their term.

      • I’ll tell you exactly why he gave himself a B+. It A) implies humility- it’s not an A! B) has that nice, positive Plus ring to it and C) is still a better grade than most of his supporters get, without being so high that he looks like one of those intimidating suck-up straight-A bitches. You know, like Hillary.

    • “…if a bar is set so low it is underground, is it still a bar?”

      It’s a dive bar.

  18. Go read that Lambert link – it’s good.

    “The biggest burden on me right now is that economic growth has happened, but job growth has not happened,” Obama told Winfrey on the ABC special.

    It’s not a burden on you, asshole. It’s not about you!

    As we tried and tried to tell them, for Obama it has ALWAYS been all about Obama, and “his dreams of myself”. This is nothing new. Why should he change now, when the idiot fauxgressives rewarded him so handsomely for his self-absorbtion?

    • There’s such truthiness in that … it’s always about him never about the country, the voters, the people, or any one else. The only time he lights up during a speech is when he gets to talk about himself. The other times its just passionless reading of details. That’s why he goes on all these talk shows … they ask him questions about him. Those pesky reporters are beginning to ask questions about the country and he finds that irksome.

  19. 60 Minutes was the first of the TV Tabloid shows. They may have started out as a factual news show but that went by the way side in the early 1970’s when they did a show about Jeep CJ roll overs that was thoroughly discredited. That’s when I stopped watching.

  20. For some strange reason the Kool-aid blogs are ignoring this story.

  21. You just know he really, really, really wanted to give himself an A!

    • Probably would have been his first “A” ever. As far as we know it is, as we’ve never seen any school grades!

  22. Today Obama made this proclamation: he claims that he “did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of fat cat bankers on Wall Street.”

    At one point is he technically a schizophrenic?

    • He lies.

    • It could be the truth. He ran for office to get fabulously rich and famous without doing any actual work. Helping out a bunch of fat cat bankers on Wall Street is just a means to that end.


  23. Thanks for the link, myiq!

  24. Thanks for the laffs, myiq!!

    You know, as I posted elsewheres (‘cuz I repeat myself a lot, like Obama), most politicians are raving egomaniacs. But most of them are also smart enough to know they have to *fake* the humility thing. Pretend to be humble, pretend you’re just a regular guy trying to do a good job. Most pols know how to do this with breathtaking ease and skill–heck, most good CEOs and professional athletes and celebrities know how to do it.

    Once again we see lack of experience, combined with magical belief in one’s own press, and the results ain’t pretty to watch.

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