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“Check or Checkmate” – Will Clinton Win in the End?

Keep your enemies close?

Dakinikat found this terrific op-ed by Colleen O’Connor at San Diego News Network, and posted a link to it in the previous thread. I thought it was so on-point that it deserved a post of its own. O’Connor describes the Obama-Clinton competition as a chess game, and argues that although Hillary lost the battle for the Democratic nomination for President, she is besting Obama and all of her other opponents for the nomination today.

The patient, wily, and deft player often triumphs more frequently than the flashy, lightening quick one.

A grand master will pick off the pawns as they cross into enemy territory and then concentrate on checking the King.

The Queen has the greatest maneuverability of all the chess pieces. She can be the most lethal.

The King, by contrast, is often barricaded behind a wall of defenders, with little room to escape-save in a bold and risky fashion.

The King is dying. Long live the Queen.

Quietly, and under almost everyone’s radar, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been vanquishing her foes, while President Barack Obama has been multiplying his.

Furthermore, she has been paying off her debts, while Obama has been multiplying his (and the country’s) I.O.U.s.

Obama is down in the polls. Clinton is up. He is losing his liberal base and taking heat on health care, the wars, broken promises, gate crashers, the bailouts, and a grand design that leaves his base behind.

And O’Connor points out that Hillary is poised for another victory tomorrow if her early supporter Martha Coakley wins the nomination as Ted Kennedy’s replacement in the Senate. Obama’s supporters have all endorsed Coakley’s opponent Michael Capuano, but Coakley still has a comfortable lead in the polls. Today, she got a very big endorsement–from Bill Clinton.

If Coakley wins, O’Connor points out, it will be the second time the Clintons have bested the Kennedys in a race to fill a vacated Senate seat–remember the demise of Princess Caroline Kennedy?

There is much much more in this excellent, well-argued op-ed. Please read the whole thing and then come back here to discuss it. We aren’t surprised that Hillary is still going strong, are we fellow Conflucians?

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123 Responses

  1. Hillary is the definition of resilience.

    • That is a very insightful article, don’t you think?

    • Lord have mercy, she is.

      She’s been through the fire with the GOP since the 90’s when they literally tried to DESTROY her, but she’s still here!

      Obama is a trend and dude’s 15 minutes of fame are almost up.

  2. Hill looks powerful. That is one great photo.
    Hillary has all the smarts and wisdom and gravitas of a Statesman. We need a new term for describing a woman , so influential and so global in their vision. Stateswoman doesn’t seem enough.

    Hillary gives me hope….
    Obama…not so much.

  3. Axelrod’s memo to Obama:

    He argued that the issue of experience was overrated but said strength was not, and he conceded that Clinton, because of all she had weathered, was seen by voters as a candidate of strength.

    Axelrod also warned that Obama’s confessions of youthful drug use, described in his memoir, “Dreams From My Father,” would be used against him. “This is more than an unpleasant inconvenience,” he wrote. “It goes to your willingness and ability to put up with something you have never experienced on a sustained basis: criticism. At the risk of triggering the very reaction that concerns me, I don’t know if you are Muhammad Ali or Floyd Patterson when it comes to taking a punch. You care far too much what is written and said about you. You don’t relish combat when it becomes personal and nasty. When the largely irrelevant Alan Keyes attacked you, you flinched,” he said of Obama’s 2004 U.S. Senate opponent.

    • That’s interesting. I hadn’t see it before.

    • hmmmnnn, and if the f*cking media had given him half the grief they gave Hillary for imagined racism, she would be president. Did ANYONE say anything about his drug use? NO, they made every character flaw disappear down the memory hole before the GE.

      There are people in the media who should be tried for treason.

  4. Ah yes the Queen. I been afforded many a “do-over” when I foolishly lost my Queen.

    Long live Queen Hillary.

  5. Obama doesn’t like to do the hard work that is necessary for success.

    He lets other people do the hard part and then shows up just in time to take the credit.

    • I don’t know why they always seem so stunned. President doesn’t seem like the ideal job for an unprincipled, ethically challenged dopey narcissist. They expected what, exactly? He may be “a fighter” in the sense that he’ll get as dirty as he has to to win, but there’s nothing else he cares enough about to fight for.

      • I remember how last year the Obots gushed about Obama’s unprecedented political skills. Supposedly he was a master of political ju-jitsu and could bring opposing sides together and get them to agree on things. That’s where that whole “11-dimensional chess” thing started.

        The problem was he never did anything in his life to justify those claims.

        • Even Axlerod etc. seem politically tone deaf much of the time. It’s like the do incredibly stupid things and back into wins based off sheer blind luck due to circumstances outside their control. It’s the one thing they’re supposedly good at, and yet, not so much.

        • yeah, well they think he writes his own speeches too.

      • That’s what confuses me. Why is anyone surprised?

        • Because they saw what they wanted to see.

          • he even said himself that his political gift was that people saw what they wanted when they looked at him. The guy is an idiot, if the media had decided to high lite his gaffs he would be a distant memory from 2004.

    • It seems to be working for him. is there any reason to believe that he won’t ride it out for two terms and then walk around like an elder statesman ?

      • Working for him how? He’s alienated his base, his opponents, and the Independents. His poll ratings today read 47%. There are continuous articles of disappointment and disillusionment now. That doesn’t mean there won’t be a recovery if the economy rebounds, but he looks pathetic right now.

        • He is President of the US. I don’t know about you, but I see that as a pretty lofty post.

          • But what if he’s Jimmy Carter 2? Just one term?

          • bboomer, I always thought he’d be Jimmy 2 from waaaaay back. And that was before I even understood how slimy and faithless he is. In all the fainting paeans I read early on, not one person could name an actual accomplishment or deed of his. So the likelihood of his tackling successfully the huge challenges of the next president were close to nonexistent.

            The only, only thing that could possibly save him is an economic recovery. But nothing he or his appointed economic henchmen are doing are helping that. His problem is that, unlike the campaigns, he’s not going to be able to fool people into thinking things are other than they are: all the pep rallies and rock bands in the world can’t make the unemployed believe they really have jobs or the insuranceless think they really have access to health care.

          • I would love to see him not re-elected, but with the AA vote (which is not waivering) I do not see it happening. Add to that the fact that only ra cists would dare primary him . Unfortunately, I think a second term is his unless he decides that he does not want to go through the “Battan Death March ” for a second time.

          • He’s a shoo in for the nomination, sure, but that says nothing about the general. Republicans won’t be sitting on their hands next time, and if the African American vote alone could swing an election, Republican Presidents would be as rare as Democratic ones.

  6. What a great read! One had to stop and savor some of what was written. Thanks for pointing me to this.

  7. Not at all surprised, except that someone in the media noticed. It may be a pipe dream but I still hope she runs in 2012.

    • i thinks its alot more than a pipe dream

    • I do too. I hope that Obama fails so badly that he chooses not to run and Hillary does. But were that to happen, we have to be prepared to fight dirty against the liberal media which will once again try to crucify her.

  8. I don’t like the analogy. It’s far too apt. The Queen is powerful and versatile, and frankly, a far more useful piece. She also gets sacrificed to save the King.

    • As she already was. We’re past that point, now, with the King defended only by a few pawns and the other side in possession of at least one bishop, a knight, a castle, and a brand new queen. This is the end-game for Obama, and he’s less than a year into his term.

      Next round, the Queen goes back on the board.

      • The first time an Obama foreign policy decision tanks, she’s under the bus. He takes all the credit, she’ll take all the blame.

        • I had mixed feelings about the analogy, too.

          All I know is that Hillary has proven herself very resilient. She has grown very thick skin.

          • Absolutely. And even if he does throw her under the bus, she can still recover by resigning. I’m just not ready to call anything a win yet.

          • and the reason she keeps standing is because to her, this really is about serving the best interests of the American people and the world. She keeps her eye on that.

          • Watching Madame Sect’y speak on the Sunday talkshows, over the weekend, all I could do is take in pained sighs of what should have been.

        • So far, she isn’t getting the blame for Afghanistan–even though I think she supports the policy.

          • actually it was her policy. I have no problem with that. If she were President she could make it work. Unfortunately Obama may have other voices which influence him too much and he will do the whole thing half assed.

  9. Ironically, it was Kennedy’s endorsement of Obama in the Iowa caucus that ended the Clintons’ dreams of reclaiming the White House, and started the vendettas.

    That isn’t accurate right? Kennedy remained neutral for quite a while–until after the LBJ comment that made him angry, feeling that Jack was being slighted for Civil Rights progress.

    Also, the writer repeated the falsehood that Obama chose the envoys to marginalize Hillary. HRC has clarified that she lobbied for, and received, the envoys she requested because she knew she could not be everywhere at once.

    Quite a fun read. The thing about Hillary is that she is doing it because public service is in her blood. She started when she was about 10, in the neighborhood, and has been active professionally since immediately out of law school. She honestly has a passion for service, and her wonky brilliance takes it to a whole new level.

    Long live the Queen!

    • You’re right that there are some inaccuracies, but overall I think it’s a great article. She even brought in the Caroline angle.

    • When it comes to Ted Kennedy’s endorsement of Obama, I still have my tin foil hat on and believe that Ted and John Kerry planned all along to endorse Obama over Hillary. I figured there were big wigs in the Dem party preparing Obama for a run ever since he came out of nowhere to speak at the ’04 Democratic convention in Boston. The LBJ comment was an excuse for Ted to jump onto the race baiting bandwagon.

      • we are on the same wavelength. Definitely, the endorsement was planned long, long time ago.

      • I agree.

      • ITA. I thought it was planned.

      • I suspect there were a few people that misled Hillary about who they were going to endorse. We kept hearing that she was the “establishment” candidate but she wasn’t. Obama had a lot of big-name superdelegate endorsements in his pocket before any votes were cast.

        He also had money flowing like water into his campaign. The people backing him were not a bunch of starry-eyed idealists, they were party hacks and some of our nation’s rich and shameless whose financial support of politicians always seems to pay dividends.

        I never realized that Bill and Hillary had so many enemies in the Democratic party. I knew the GOP hated them but it never occurred to me that the Democrats hated them too.

        • “I never realized that Bill and Hillary had so many enemies in the Democratic party. I knew the GOP hated them but it never occurred to me that the Democrats hated them too.”

          – Is this is what was soooo extremely shocking about all of this. Many of the enemies came from within their own political family. I remembered all of the GOP attacks, their hatred of all things Clinton became the norm, but to have all of these “Democrats” turn their back on the Clintons was an eye opener.

          Bill achieved back to back championships for the “Democrats” and this is how they said thank you? Hillary has shown a lifelong pattern of civil service and they stabbed her the back.

          Sometimes it really is about jealousy, especially with Ted.

          Hillar received more votes than anyone else in primary history and they gave the nomination to that clown.

          The hardest thing to get people to admit to is the obvious.

          • Though long festering because Dems are prone to self-loathing, I think open Democratic hatred of the Clintons took hold after the New Hampshire primary when the Obama campaign began to paint the Clintons as racists. I have several AA friends who were all very pro-Clinton for years and then turned on the Clintons rabidly. And to this day these close friends and I cannot talk Obama/Clinton. It was around the same time that a lot of gays started openly hating Hillary and became Kool Aid Obamabots. And like my AA friends, some of those gays remain invested in their Hillary hating.

            Obama divided the finally-united Democratic Party, which diminished its power so severely that even with a Dem in the WH and a huge majority in both House and Senate, we can’t get anything coherent accomplished. And I think it goes back to the intraparty Clinton destruction they orchestrated, which was essential for Obama to win.

        • when people said that Obama had mostly small donors that is untrue. He had big donors with lots of small visa gift cards.
          Democrats who hated the Clintons are jealous mostly IMO.

      • Of course it was planned. How was Obama able to raise all this money before any of the candidates and draw these big crowds and have that DNC keynote speech? He was clearly selected before hand.

        • Obama made a beeline to Teddy as soon as he was handed the Senate seat and revealed his “secret”–his desire to run for President. This was before he even had a chance to be bored with policy

          Remember, both Obama’s Dem and Repub opponents’ had their sealed divorce records miraculously revealed, and their sexual peccadillos made them straw candidates. Obama ran in the general unopposed until Keyes was brought in from out-of-state just before the election.

          Teddy wouldn’t want TWO Clintons in the WH v. ONE Kennedy. That would diminish his familyl’s legacy, and a woman was not the right sex for Teddy’s mentorship if you follow my drift.

          Teddy stated that Obama won his respect for his bi-partisan work on the immigration bill, but Obama actually helped bury it.

          Can anyone cite anything that Obama did to help the people in his district who could not line his pockets (help him move to another abode he couldn’t afford)? I haven’t been able to find anything.

          Now he has lots of money from his life story and could be for the people, if he had any political skills and any desire to do so.

      • I read just last week, I can’t remember where, that Kerry was behind Obama’s 2004 Convention speech.

    • somewhat accurate…

      The thing about LBJ comment is bogus. That’s how they tried to spin it. But in reality, Kennedy and Kerry were in Obama camp since at least the summer of 2007, if not sooner. They started dropping hints in all the places.

      But IIRC, Kennedy came out officially after the Iowa, and just South Carolina primary.

      I still don’t understand why they hated Clinton so much. It’s like the question, “why did Bush went to war with Iraq?” You can have all kinds of theories, but which is the real one? You’d think there has to be a big reason for such a confluence of purposes.

      You are right that the writer takes liberties with facts to make the article more compelling.

      • Hah! We practically posted the same thing at the same time. 😀

      • There is a connection between the Kennedy’s and the Daley machine. Obama had the support of the Kennedy clan before he ever announced he was running.

        As for Kerry, he’s the guy who gave Obama his big break and picked him to be the 2004 keynote speaker.

        • I am a bad person because it makes me happy Kerry is under the bus too. He wanted SoS. He inflicted BO on us and got DENIED his dream. Hah!

      • Why they hate Hillary Clinton so much is, to me, the most compelling question of our political culture during this generation. Many years ago, in the ’90s, my bf and I visited my ex-pat father in Canada and Dad asked, “Why do they hate Hillary so much?” I replied, “You mean Republicans?” “No,” he said, “Democrats.” I told him Democrats don’t hate Hillary but obviously Dad saw something I was blind to.

        You’re right there are all kinds of theories but which is the real one?

        • I think the big shocker for me was/is the rampant sexism within the Democratic party. This explains to me why they hate Hillary so much. Many of them can’t accept that the smartest person in the room is a woman, and one that won’t back down.

        • Well she was a mere First Lady from Arkansas who had the unholy gall to propose UHC (showing up Ted Kennedy and others).

          Note that Michelle is doing absolutely nothing to upset the apple cart.

      • my theory is that Kennedy and Kerry are the classic insider DC democrats who the Clinton’s never ass kissed enough. They also couldn’t stand the idea of a woman getting to the white house when they could not.

    • Yeah, and the idea that Clinton endorsed Coakley because Caroline endorsed Khasei is ridiculous. He has no shot of winning, I don’t know who’s more irrelevant, Khasei or Caroline.

    • No, he endorsed Obama in january 2008. He got snotty about it later in the year.

      Ted Kennedy Endorses Barack Obama
      19 min – Jan 28, 2008

  10. A quote from the article:

    “Something Clinton lectured Obama about in a primary debate: never get on the plane unless the deal has already been done.”

    So I would add to the article’s list of Obama failures his trip to Asia. Obama got on the plane and went but had little or no policy success.

  11. I love this line from the article:

    Just last week, Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) –also an Obama supporter in a state that Hillary won large — admitted that he coveted her current post of Secretary of State.

    • I leave Joe Biden out of that list. He was classy. But, she left out Daschle!!!

      Caroline – check
      Edwards – check
      Richardson – check
      Dodd – check
      Daschle – check
      Kerry – check
      Craig – check

      Hopefully, tomorrow
      MA senate – check

    • This is the difference between Kerry and HRC.

      He sounds like he just wants it for the spotlight. I know Hillary isn’t perfect, but she just doesn’t come across as someone who wants to be in politics just because she wants fame. She’s had so much crap thrown her way, it HAS to be about helping people. I don’t know if I could have stayed in politics if I was in her shoes.

      Kerry – He seems fake. I never did like him.

      • It is a leader thing and sort of a religious or spiritual thing… subvert your own ego in favor of helping others.
        Others who were able to do this: MLK, Gandhi… just to name a few. Now I am not saying that she is like either of those people, but I have seen her grow over the years and I think is is obvious she has made a change in her personal philosophy or at least moved farther down the road to perfecting it. In 1992 she could get sarcastic…she still can but she does it less and less.

        • I know!!!! I was looking at old footage from Hillary from the 90’s, and it’s a fact that the GOP really were trying to destroy her but uhm, Hillary kinda had an “edge” to her, lol.

          Some might call it an attitude, but then again, the media was relentless, they misconstrued every little thing she said so I guess I would have had an attitude with the press back then too.

          She was brand-new to the spotlight back then, and I think she’s developed much tougher skin.

  12. Wow, that was a great article, the whole thing is worth the read (esp. the scorekeeping list, I can’t help schadenfreuding all those *sshats who screwed the Clintons and have taken their turn being screwed by Obama, yaay! ok, so I’m a bad person…)

    Go Martha! I’ll be out there voting for her tomorrow as well, and doubly happy to, with the Clintons’ imprimatur.

    • I wonder how many people were promised Cabinet posts or other jobs in exchange for their endorsements but ended up with an old cold tater?

      • Kerry and Richardson for starters.

      • Will that come back to haunt him in the 2012 election? Crossing fingers that the answer is yes, but guessing that Obama is safe until he loses the first primary. Politicians love a winner.

      • Ed-Ed-Edwards. I wonder if Obama called him up later and told him he was the one who fed the story to the Enquirer? Lmao

        • Edwards was the biggest fool. What a loser.

          • I bet Obama quoted Edwards’ line about Hill and old politics right back to him “Thanks for the endorsement, Johnny. Too right about old politics. Btw, how’s your daughter? You knew that was me, right? Dumbass.” lol

        • Gah. Remember those pictures of Obama going to Edwards house.

          • I also remember when Obama flew to DC to meet with Hillary and Hillary left afterwards laughing.

        • I remember reading a blog post about Hillary Clinton’s “voodoo” magic destroying all the people who betrayed her in ’08. I think it’s a little bit of karma but Kerry, Dean, Edwards, Richardson, etc. have only themselves to blame for their crimes, personal indiscretions, and poor judgment.

      • Things didn’t work too well for Greg Craig. He wanted a State Dept. job, but couldn’t work there, with Hillary there.

      • remember 2004? How many people did Kerry promise to put on the short list for VP?

    • You’re not a bad person–the *sshats are bad people!

  13. Let’s not forget Dr. Howie Dean who wanted the Secretary of Health and Human Services slot. He really put his ass out for obama with the disenfranchising of FL.and MI, and then the rules and bylaws committee meeting where he presided over stealing delegates from Clinton and giving them to Obama in an effort to push him over the top. He really got screwed by the Obama administration, after putting his credibility on the line and losing it, he ended up without a job!.

    He is now sucking up to the big pharma folks for work! What a hypocrite!

    There’s more to come, and I must admit, its been lots of fun watching them drop like flies, while the Clintons rise in popularity as the country sees Obama for the the fraud he really is!

    Personally, I can’t wait for Pelosi to drop. She has screwed women at every turn, a real Clarence Thomas, if you will. Not only does she undermine progressive feminist candidates, but she is in large part responsible for the Stupak amendment ever making it into the house health care bill. She would rather have this fucking health insurance giveaway pass on the backs of women losing reproductive rights and essential health care, than to let the good old boys down. I find her more of an affront than many of the others, and yes because she is a woman.

    There is something more repulsive about screwing over your own kind!

    The tough gritty nature of the Clintons will win out in the end. Obama will come to them again for support and will learn that the queen and the big dowg were always the peoples choice.

    • Oh, but there’s the rub. She doesn’t see any of us as her own kind.

    • And Donna Brazile – I figured she’d be Obama’s press secretary and we’d have to look at her and listen to her, as part of our punishment. He appointed what’s-her-name Perrino, to some broadcasting board, like there is no Democrat around to appoint.

      Do we know why Donna B. got ziltch?

      • why? because when people have screwed the public illicitly to help you, if you appoint them the media has fodder for stories about how they cheated for you and got rewarded.

  14. I just emailed the BIL’s and SIL’s families in MA asking them to vote for Coakley. The SIL’s hubby slurped major Kool-aid last year, but the others may be reachable. Fingers crossed MC gets the win.

    • Is you SIL’s hubby still drinking kool-aid? Many of my friends still do but it’s due to ignorance, partisanship, and denial. But that’s what happens when you get most of your information from MSNBC and continue to believe in hope and change while turning a blind eye to the disastrous state this country is in.

      • The subject’s been avoided (also live 3000 miles apart) but I think he’s a case of a closet libertarian who’s convinced himself he’s a liberal. The SIL however backed HRC and once described Obama as looking like a scared little mouse.

        Too many people I know think they fixed everything just by voting last year and have tuned back out.

      • It’s only fair to report that SIL’s hubby is voting for Coakley. Seems she trumps for having a good record as AG and still offering more of a fresh start from a standard pol like Capuano.

  15. Sabilus also needs to be held accountable for her little panel that went out of its way to undermine preventive health care for women in this whole mammography and pap smear debacle. I suppose this was all part of the ass sucking of the health insurance industry. You would think that they would have a little conscience and offer up Viagra, rather than mammograms. But no, these gals have brass nuts and wouldn’t want to deny their brothers a hard on.

    it doesn’t surprise me that Obama’s female allies are so willing to fuck over women. These fucking elitists think they are above the rest of us anyway!

  16. Violet Socks has another good post at The Reclusive Leftist

  17. Looks like USA Today is in the tank for Capuano, they keep reporting that Coakly’s lead is diminishing but don’t give any numbers.


  18. This is an excellent op-ed. I just got this from JSND in my facebook inbox. For the most part, we all predicted and knew this was going to happen. Maybe us Clinton supporters are just realists but call me crazy, everything we said is surely coming into fruition.

  19. This comment is from corrente about the possible Medicare buy-in negotiations. Anyone know if this is correct, that the system is already in place for buy-ins?

    This System Already Exists
    By Bryan on Mon, 12/07/2009 – 11:09pm

    If you don’t have 10 years in the Social Security/Medicare system, you have to buy in to receive Medicare, that’s where the “other” funding comes from on the Medicare financial report.

    The rates are set, and the system can do this without changes or new bureaucracy.

    Obviously this can’t be permitted, any more than having Part D, the prescription benefit, use the TriStar/VA/DoD drug pricing. These things would make the government look good, and private enterprise look bad. Too much money would be saved, and we can’t have that.

    They are just teeing up another football to jerk away at the last moment.

    • Yes, there is already a system for people who pay directly for Medicare. I used to be on Medicare when I was on federal disability. After I went back to work, I was able to keep my Medicare coverage for a couple of years, and they billed me directly for it.

      • Thanks. That just makes the need for legislation a lot less, one would think. Seems this should be very easy to do.

  20. the department for homegirl security blog site has a great post on Hillary Clinton. This lady always shows class and is willing to give credit to the people that work with her,



  21. Morning Boomer. I see you’re up early/late. Excited about Martha’s race? Polls open soon!

    • Hi SoD. I won’t be able to vote till later on. I have an 8:00 class and then extended office hours. I’ll vote late this afternoon sometime.

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