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Good thing that Palin b*tch didn’t get elected, huh?



Remember last year when the Forces of Darkness almost put “Rape Kit” Sarah and her scary lady parts in the Oval Office? Luckily, the Obamacrats spread the word that Bible Spice and her Crypt Keeper running mate intended to restrict women’s right to choose, and truth, justice and the American way were saved!


Just imagine what would have happened if Caribou Barbie was PILF – we might have gotten a health care reform bill that was a give-away to the insurance companies and cut-off funding for abortions (but not Viagra.)



sarah palin cunt

This is what feminists look like


Thankfully, Barack Obama used the same “99 Problems but a b*tch ain’t one” mojo that vanquished the diabolical She-Clinton and put that Palin bimbo where she belongs.


As Naomi Wolf said, it was Christmas, New Year’s and Hanukkah rolled into one:



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131 Responses

  1. Good morning, myiq. That new avatar of yours is really scary though….

    What is really starting to bug me is guys like this who refused to help Clinton supporters back when we were fighting the good fight at the Cheeto. Now that it’s too late, they are lecturing the Koolaid Krowd about women’s rights.

    • Then there were ones like this guy who knew Obama was NDG but voted for him anyway because “The Republicans are worse!”

      • VL voted for Obama? I didn’t know that.

        • Like a lot of people he talked a good game then caved in the end.

          • Here’s what Vastleft said:

            This morning, I’m voting for Barack Obama. For two reasons:

            To say “fuck you” to the Republican Party.


            He’s half-black.

          • Wow. Did not know that but honestly can’t say I’m surprised. I noticed he belonged into the holier-than-thou blogger boyz group when I saw him go off on a few regulars at The Reclusive Leftist. I love his second reason btw, “because he’s half-black”, lol.

          • MLK would be so proud of VL, judging a man by the color of his skin rather than the content of his character and all.

          • Yikes. I didn’t realize that. I thought VL was one of the good guys. Are you sure that comment wasn’t snark? If not, then VL should change his tagline. It’s funny but, hey, he voted for the freakin’ ponies.

  2. Women who miscarry later in pregnancy may not be covered if the Stupak amendment stays in the bill.

    Hospitals and doctors in general do not have terminology to classify a difference between the termination of a live pregnancy and one in which the fetus has already died. To them, a D&C is a D&C, regardless of the state of the “conception materials” removed. Regardless of how many times I made sure to mention to the staff, either for the sake of my sanity or to spare me some sort of imagined shame, that I was ridding myself of my “dead fetus,” to them, it was all the same.

  3. ABC:

    Obama – “Health plan must be deficit neutral.”

    FSM forbid we go in debt to help sick people.

    Wall Street – debt okay

    War – debt okay

    Sick people – fuck ’em!

    • Deficit neutral haha! Given the current trajectory of healthcare inflation, no chance in hell. This bill will try by tinkering at the edges with insurer overhead and provider efficiency (all the while pre-empting a path to single payer). But the two big ways the bill plans to be deficit neutral are big middle class taxes and a one third cut in medicare spending. BO has issued a veto threat for any subsequent attempts to undo the medicare cuts. That will not play well in the midterm elections next year.

      • How could the AARP possibly support this without a member mutiny?

        • They supported Bush’s giveaway to the drug companies too. Lots of members did quit. I wonder what they’ll do when Obama decides to start euthanizing old people because they are eating too much food and taking up space that could be used more productively by young people?

        • I joined AARP for the discounts. I really do not feel like most AARP ‘members’ care what the AARP’s official positions is.

          • I left AARP a year ago when it became clear they were on the loser team and didn’t represent my needs as a senior

  4. Morning – just leaved thru a German newspaper…re yesterday’s celebrations in Berlin they noted that O does not seem to be too keen on European special occasion unless of course it is a marketing gig in C-hagen – ouuch!!

    I am sure he did not go as he would not have been the center of attention. What would he say to somebody like Lech Walesa who risked his life for political change (change we can believe in) and got for that the Noble Peace Prize?”Hey dude, you got that price too – cool?”

  5. This is ridiculous!

    • Obama knows he needs that religious base to win in 2012. Women? Hey, where those b*tches gonna go?

    • Yesterday, I said this would happen. What ever happened to the separation of church and state?

    • Boxer and other women on the hill are organizing already against this. I called her office yesterday and left a message saying I hoped she would fight this and make a public statement so her constituency would know where she stands. About 7 I heard the story on radio news. They must be getting lots of calls–well, that’s cynical, isn’t it. I wouldn’t have questioned her motives 2 years ago, but it’s a whole new ball game post election.

      • I am going to call Boxer today. She is up for re-election and I will not vote for her, if this stupid amendment is in the bill. I am already getting tired of hearing for the “greater good.” Yeah, right on the backs of the infirm, elderly, and now women.

    • Thank God Cheetoheads tried to pressure everyone into supporting Big Tent anti-choicers like Bobby. What harm could it possibly do? If he votes for Reid as majority leader, we get a puppy!

  6. The AP has a BS article up (we can’t link to AP) — Obama pressed into role as National Healer.

    Ben Feller is the steno-lad who wrote this POS article.

    A sick in the head person like 0 — can NEVER be a healer. All he can do is READ a script — he has no innate empathy.

    Where is the vomit bag when I need it?

    • I dunno, I think he fakes sincerity pretty good.

      • Fake sincerity is easy to spot — when the teleprompter breaks –old dumb dumb can’t remember what he was talking about.

        I’ve heard far too many evangelists to be taken in by a copy cat — who learned the style from the preacher man — who shouts “God damn America” from the pulpit.

        But then a whole lot of dumb idiots thought 0zero’s “r@ce” speech was the bestest ever — they missed his disrespect for his grandmother. Whereas I read the speech and that is the first thing that I saw as I skimmed it for the “high” points. People who are impressed by 0zero’s “oratory style have never sat through hundreds of fire and brimstone sermons.

    • Did you see the Time mag with him on the cover with a white coat and stethoscope? Talk about projecting onto a blank screen. And the way he goes along with it….double barf. The thought of him getting all made up, taking pics, trying to look benevolent–made my blood boil. He’s like the impostor in Catch Me If You Can.

    • Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

  7. Better than Ezra Klein:

    Rep. Jim Cooper: House health care bill was ‘one of the best votes I ever cast’

    This is the same Jim Cooper that submitted an alternate bill to Hillary’s health care reform in 1993. He claims she swore to “crush” him and blames her for his loss to Fred Thompson in the 1994 Senate race.

  8. Apparently Harry Reid is on board.

  9. Who woulda thunk such a thing?

    Oh yeah right. Us.

  10. Naomi Wolf appears to have retreated into the shadows regarding her endorement of Obama as Superman Feminist of our lifetime. She’s busy with her new book.


  11. Misleading headline:

    Republicans Far Behind on Women Legislators

    Yep, the GOP doesn’t have enough women holding office – but NEITHER DO THE DEMOCRATS!

    The story sorta glosses over the bi-partisan failure of both parties to nominate and elect women.

  12. Digby:

    Nancy Keenan needs to find another job. Her appearance on Andrea Mitchell this morning was an embarrassment to the pro-choice community.

    Are you surprised? Nancy K endorsed “Rape-gurney” Joe over Ned Lamont.

  13. These women who called us racist for the last 2 years for seeing Obama for what he was are now kicking themselves in the ass. I wonder when Obama- Odinga/sharia Law supporter signs the most restrictive anti-choice legislation in 2 decades, if Ms. and the feminist Majority/Ellie Smeal retract their support for the black man that they blindly supported because he was black, NOT because he was a feminist.

    And I suppose, I’m still a racist for speaking the truth here.

    Last night I wrote a letter to Emily’s List asking them to stop supporting Nancy Pelosi who so willingly sold women down the river for personal gain. It was obvious last year that she was not interested in empowering women when she denied the sexism that was hurled at Clinton and jumped on board with the guys to bash and destroy her. Claire McCaskill is another trader on the list. She yesterday made her rounds defending the Stupak Amendement.. If Dirty Harry gets it in the Senate Bill, you can bet that Claire will sign on to it.

    • KJ,

      The POTUS is a Christian and is not his stepbrother, so it is unlikely that sharia law will be imposed. Further, given the Stupak amendment, it seems that even if Islam did not exist, societies are quite capable of making laws that designate women as less-than-full citizens.


      • Steven Mathers,

        I was referring to Odinga, Obama’s cousin, who is the prime minister of Kenya. Odinga and his muslim followers imposed a reign of terror on christian communities after losing the election to the current president. Odinga is a muslim and ran for president on a political platform to impose sharia law in Kenya. When he lost, he claimed that the election was rigged, and he and his followers became violent. They attacked and burned villages and christian churches. Finally, the current government agreed to a power sharing settlement whereby Odinga was made prime minister is exchange for ending the violence.

        Obama campaigned for Odinga in Kenya in 2006, knowing very well that he was running on a platform to impose sharia law in Kenya. If Obama supported women’s rights he never would have campaigned for such an out right misogynist.

        So please get your facts straight! Also, Islam is and has been for a very long time one of the most misogynistic religions. Misogyny is pervasive in most cultures including ours, but Islamic cultures tend to be the worst. Islam SUCKS!!!!!

      • Mr Mathers… Obama was very specific when he said he supported women’s rights to wear the hijab.. that is what he had to say to women in the ME. Give me a break.

  14. Already $150 million has been spent this year on TV ads behind the healthcare debate. MoveOn has been busy.


  15. It seems that some people failed to get the point of this post.

    I was not defending Sarah Palin – I was pointing out how we were told last year that Sarah had to be defeated to defend legal abortion and how Obama was hailed as the epitome of a feminist.

    Both those ideas were completely bogus.

    • seems to be a little bit over the top to discuss supreme court appointments when you can take such a handy short-cut.

    • Yup.

    • Sarah does a pretty good job of defending herself. Personally I have a hard time seeing how she would be worse.

      • I don’t think she would have been worse, if for no other reason than if a McCain/Palin administration had backed the very same bill that just passed the House, the allegedly good guys would not be sitting on their hineys assuring us that the Prez will make it all better.

      • Sarah would never let something so damaging to women pass through the door let alone Congress

    • Sarah Palin’s actions as Governor were quite moderate. She didn’t make moves to prevent access to abortions for Alaskan women. And McCain would not have saddled us with a “health care” bill that shafted us into paying $$$$ for a crappy plan, or taxed us when we couldn’t afford to pay.

      Yeah, I’m damned tired of saying I Told You So.

  16. Obama lover Bob Herbert suddenly has issues with Obama’s priorities:

    A Word, Mr. President

    I would tell the president that more and more Americans are questioning his priorities, including millions who went to the mat for him in last year’s election. The biggest issue by far for most Americans is employment. The lack of jobs is fueling the nervousness, anxiety and full-blown anger that are becoming increasingly evident in the public at large.

    Last Friday, a huge crowd of fans marched in a ticker-tape parade in downtown Manhattan to celebrate the Yankees’ World Series championship. More than once, as the fans passed through the financial district, the crowd erupted in rhythmic, echoing chants of “Wall Street sucks! Wall Street sucks!”

    I would tell the president that the feeling is widespread that his administration went too far with its bailouts of the financial industry, sending not just a badly needed lifeline but also unwarranted windfalls to the miscreants who nearly wrecked the entire economy. The government got very little in return. The perception now is that Wall Street is doing just fine while working people, whose taxes financed the bailouts, are walking the plank to economic oblivion.


  17. Congress, President Obama will pass health care reform bill by Christmas, Sen. Schumer tells News

    More than 40 Democrats signed a letter yesterday saying they will vote no if that language survives when the final bill comes back to the House. Losing that many votes would kill the bill.


  18. The UK Tepegraph having another go at the special once…for not going to Berlin


  19. As Dakinikat urged me yesterday to keep on saying:
    I’ll repeat what I said yesterday:

    If you haven’t, please – reach out to your elected officials – by email or phone and let them know what you think of this travesty they call a health care bill and what you think of them for putting it together and leaving women begging again.

    Don’t hold back -do it today!!!

    • Done Joanelle. Sunday morning after I read TC and realized what my dem congressman had voted for. Utter disappointment, he is usually much better than this. 😦

      • I’m going to call Boxer today and thank her for taking a stand. They will need our encouragement. They will be dumped on, Chicago style.

        • Great idea Erica – we should all give the good guys and gals a pat on the back and a hearty thank as well!

  20. how much can possibly cost a truck load of coathangers and dump it in front of congress…happy to hand over my credit card and for good measure i would also throw in some burkas!

  21. OT: Happy 234th Birthday USMC! Semper Fi

  22. Gotta disagree with the Big Dawg on this one:

    CNN has learned from two senior Democratic sources that former President Bill Clinton will attend the Senate Democrats’ weekly luncheon Tuesday to address the caucus about health care.

    A notice obtained by CNN went out to Senate Democrats saying, “All Senators should be aware that former President Clinton will be making a presentation on Health Care at tomorrow’s caucus lunch. Senator Reid has requested that all Democratic Senators attend.”

    A constant refrain from Democratic leaders is that wavering Democrats must heed what they say is a lesson of the Clinton administration: fail to pass a health care reform bill, and congressional Democrats will suffer on Election Day.

    The Health Insurance Industry Protection Act is better of dead.

  23. It’s nice to see some of these Obama worshipers, followers, and appeasers starting to wake up. But that does not change the fact that they were all being Neville Chamberlain when it came to standing up to what happened in the primaries and what has happened day by day up to this point. They are all still appeasers and have helped destroy what we have spend years building. And yes, I’m looking at you too Digby.

    • Keenan deserves criticism for being ineffectual, but not from digby. A) hypocrisy much? Plus, as long as she tolerates an Amen Corner of misogynist yahoos, all she’s doing is throwing red meat into a den of lions. She should be ashamed of herself. “digby presents a woman for you to tear apart on a silver platter. Another woman, I mean. Don’t hold back, do whatever, she won’t care. If you aren’t attacking someone else, you might get restless and start on her, she doesn’t want that!” Chickenshit deflection at its finest.

  24. Everything I said about him to my Obot friends has turned out to be true. My own brother told me I was crazy, that Obama was the most progressive man in the Senate.

    And look at Halitosis, over there on Americablog with his new Boycott the DNC pledge. Mr. Misogynist did everything he could to bash Hillary during the primary and now he finds that President Hottie Dreamboat is a homophobe who has no use for his gay ass, That’s something those of us gay Hillary supporters tried to tell him light years ago.

    God these people like Digby and Halitosis are so hard to take. All whiny and indignant now, after they allowed this to happen. Anyone remember the Salon.com article from last year titled, “It’s Okay to Vote for Barack Obama Just Because He’s Black.”

    They lost their minds.

    And we gays and women, in particular, pay the consequences. Maybe TBogg can chime in with some more PUMA jokes. What a laugh riot.

    • I was banned over at Americablog for telling them that Obama don’t like gay people and welcoming them under the bus.

      • and I used to say in the primary that if Obama had not offended you he just hadn’t gotten around to your group yet.
        the man truly is an arrogant clod just like Bush.

  25. I hope Pelosi loses her female support over this one. She has really shown herself to be a sellout! i hope women’s groups remember what she has done here with this ridiculous health-care bill

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