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Monday Morning News and Views


Hurricane Ida batters coast of Cancun, Mexico

Good Morning, Conflucians! This morning more than ever, I’m so grateful for all of you, and so glad we have this blog where we can discuss, argue and rant about politics and news events. I can’t begin to imagine what I would have done with out TC and all of you Conflucians over the past couple of years. Thank you all for being here! I hope you have a marvelous Monday, despite the bad news.

This has been a very tough weekend to be a liberal who saw through Obama from the beginning when so many other other people who previously seemed sane and reasonable just gulped down the Koolaid and adjusted their blinders so as to see only “hope ‘n change” filtered through their rose-colored glasses. I don’t enjoy saying “I told you so” anymore. The consequences of electing an inexperienced, narcissistic, apparently amoral, misogynistic, homophobic man to the presidency are becoming all too clear. And those results are tragic.

From where I sit, the pain of the unconscionable betrayal of women by the President and the U.S. House of Representatives still feels fresh. Stateofdisbelief said it so well yesterday in a comment on Quixote’s post:

Yep. Last night was it for me. They can all pound. F#$K Sestak, F#$K Specter, F#$K Holden. I am done. No help. No phone calls. No canvassing. No money. No vote.

I hate them all.

There is no one that can argue with a straight face that women should vote for Democrats. There is nothing. They burnt the bridge.

It’s over for me too. I can never again consider myself a Democrat. We need a new party to represent those of us who were FDR, JFK, LBJ, WJC, HRC Democrats–there is no longer room in our former party for liberals who believe in equal rights for all and compassion for our fellow humans. Both of the parties now represent only the superrich and giant multinational banks and corporations. We’re on our own now. As Quixote wrote so eloquently:

But women are just, as always, the expendable canaries in the coal mine. Their rights are toast, which means so are everyone else’s.


Rights are for all. When only some people have them, they’re just privileges. And privileges can be taken away….

The right to control one’s own person is fundamental. Even the right not to be murdered is secondary, since killing is allowed in self-defence.

So what’s happening in the news this morning? It’s hard for me to work up much enthusiasm for surfing the ‘net right now, but I’ll post a few links and you can add your own in the comments.

It looks like Hurricane Ida has weakened to a Category 1, so I hope Dakinikat and her fellow N’awlins citizens will be able to safely weather the storm. Fingers crossed.

Hurricane Ida chugged toward the Gulf Coast, and despite warnings extending more than 200 miles across several states, residents seemed to take the first Atlantic hurricane to target the U.S. this season in stride.

Authorities said the hurricane weakened early Monday to a Category 1 storm, with 90 mph winds, and could make landfall as early as Tuesday morning.

The New York Times has a very good story on the background of the shooting at Fort Hood.
Fort Hood Gunman gave signals Before his Rampage

Major Hasan’s behavior in the months and weeks leading up to the shooting bespeaks a troubled man full of contradictions. He lived frugally in a run-down apartment, yet made a good salary and spent more than $1,100 on the pistol the authorities said he used in the shootings.

He was described as gentle and kindly by many neighbors, quick with a smile or a hello, yet he complained bitterly to people at his mosque about the oppression of Muslims in the Army. He had few friends, and even the men he interacted with at the mosque saw him as a strange figure whom they never fully accepted into their circle.

It is beginning to look like Major Hasan was a very likely suffering from clinical depression at the very least. He had turned to his religion for solace, but he needed much more help than any religion could provide. Sadly, it appears that many of his superiors either ignored or simply did not notice the ominous signs and they did not listen to those who tried to warn them.

During his years in Washington, Major Hasan turned increasingly toward Islam, relatives and classmates said. In part, he was seeking solace after the death of his parents, in 1998 and 2001.

Mr. Hamad, the uncle, said Major Hasan took the death of his parents hard, isolating himself and delving into books on Islam rather than socializing. “But this was a few years ago, and I thought he had coped with it,” Mr. Hamad said.

Major Hasan also seemed to believe that his mosques could help him find a wife, preferably one of Arab descent, he told imams. Faizul Khan, the former imam at the Muslim Community Center in Silver Spring, Md., said he knew women who had been interested in Major Hasan because he had a good job. But he did not find any of them pious enough, the imam said.

Though Major Hasan told his cousins that he planned to marry sometime this year, he was not known to have ever had a girlfriend, relatives said.

Hasan had had major misgivings about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan since at least 2004.

During his time at Walter Reed and the Uniformed Services University, Major Hasan also became increasingly vocal in his opposition to the wars. He knew much about the harsh realities of combat from having counseled returning soldiers, and he was deeply concerned about having to deploy. But over the past five years, he also began openly opposing the wars on religious grounds.

A former classmate in the master’s degree program said Major Hasan gave a PowerPoint presentation about a year ago in an environmental health seminar titled “Why the War on Terror Is a War on Islam.” He did not socialize with his classmates, other than to argue in the hallways on why the wars were wrong.

The former classmate, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of working for the military and not being authorized to speak publicly, said that some students complained to their professors about Major Hasan, but that no action had been taken. “It didn’t cross my mind that he was dangerous,” the former classmate said. “He’s a chubby, bald guy. He wasn’t threatening.”

I hope that this story will be carefully investigated and that information on the investigation will be readily available to the public and members of the military. It is essential that we learn as much as possible about what led up to this unprecedented event. This man killed or wounded more than 40 people on the largest military base in the U.S. Understanding how it could have happened and preventing such horrible events in the future is essential.

Here are a few links to the latest blog posts responding to the horrendous bill the House regurgitated on Saturday night.

Why this person is still at the Daily Cheeto, I can’t fathom: I’m Done Talking About Abortion, by Angry Mouse (Warning: this post has more than 1300 comments) Here’s an exerpt:

My autonomy is not about your religious beliefs. My autonomy is not about your “concerns.” My autonomy is not about your arbitrary belief that rape victims are entitled to reproductive health care, but women who “use it as contraception” or “change their minds” or “forget to use birth control” are somehow not entitled to reproductive health care.

I refuse to argue the minutia anymore. I refuse to beg for the right to be a full and equal citizen. I refuse to be taken for granted by the Democratic party, who tells me I have no choice but to vote Democrat in elections, and then congratulates itself for its big tent when it comes time to vote on legislation.

Don’t tell me how you feel about abortion. I don’t care how you feel about abortion.

Tell me how you feel about my rights. Tell me whether you believe I am a full and equal citizen. Tell me whether you really believe the Democratic party stands for women.

It is time for every member of the Democratic party to answer one simple question:

Do you believe in equal rights for women?

Amen, sister!

Open Left: Where Health Care Reform Stands Now: Who’s Selling Out Whom For What

For a long time I’ve read that the bright red line for many progressives was a robust public option. None of the bills, including the House bill, have [sic] a robust public option. In addition, the Stupak amendment removes practical access to abortions for many women.

It appears that the bright red line was not a robust public option. The bright red line was, and is, guaranteed issue. As long as a bill has guaranteed issue (in exchange for which insurance companies insist on an indvidual mandate, aka, cost sharing and forced customers) any other sacrifice is acceptable.

This health care “reform”, if passed in this form or worse, which it will be if it is passed at all, will blow apart eventually, because it will not contain costs or ‘bend the cost curve” and the US economy simply cannot indefinitely afford health care costs which rise faster than inflation or wages. But for as long as it lasts, it will help some people at the cost of other, generally younger and poorer people.

If progressives really meant that a robust public option was their minimum requirement, when Medicare +5 failed they would have gone into opposition. They didn’t, therefore it wasn’t their minimum requirement. It remains to be seen if enough progressives really will vote against a final bill which still contains the Stupak amendment. Given progressives failure to live up to their threats to pull support if no robust public option was in the bill, I am forced to suspect that if Stupak is in the final bill, the final bill will pass.

I can only hope the DINOs in the Senate will defeat this bill, but will our “pro-life” majority non-leader really pass up the change to restrict abortions for not only poor, but also middle class women?

Reclusive Leftist: Rachel Maddow is becoming post-rational

Murphy writes: If the Democrats won’t stand up for women, why should women stand up for the Democrats?


Turkana at The Left Coaster: No Celebrating Until EVERYONE Has Health Care

Marcia Angell, MD at Huffpo: Is the House Health Care Bill Better than Nothing?

It’s absolutely tragic that President Obama and most of our members of Congress do not agree with Hillary Clinton on the issue of equal rights for women.

UPDATE (h/t stateofdisbelief): The Urban Dictionary now has multiple “definitions” for the word Stupak.

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115 Responses

  1. Per NYT, POTUS staying classy:

    “Does anybody think that the teabag, anti-government people are going to support them if they bring down health care?”

    What a uniter.

    • Oh, my God, what could have been – Thanks BB – I too would not have gotten through all of this without TC and the give and take we find here.

    • Just shows how ignorant he is about history. I wish this president would just stand up for something, some ideal or policy, other than continually standing up for himself … he is utterly concerned about himself.

  2. Yahoo/Associated Press:

    Don’t look for the Senate to quickly follow the House on health care overhaul.

    A government health insurance plan included in the House bill is unacceptable to a few Democratic moderates who hold the balance of power in the Senate. They’re locked in a battle with liberals, with the fate of President Barack Obama’s signature issue at stake.

    If a government plan is part of the deal, “as a matter of conscience, I will not allow this bill to come to a final vote,” said Sen. Joe Lieberman, the Connecticut independent whose vote Democrats need to overcome GOP filibusters.

    “The House bill is dead on arrival in the Senate,” Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said.

    • Gotta love the rhethoric and the pinning this on “liberals”.

      Uh no the “liberals” support a single payer option. The House Bill was the Blue Dogs.

      • Is Pelosi a Blue Dog? No vote on it without her approval.

        I’m still waiting on the Progressive Caucus to stand up for something, or do they stand for nothing? Except Kucinich and Massa.

        • Yes Pelosi is a Blue Dog. That’s the only explanation for her allowing the Blue Dogs to hijack a bill to to add in anti choice legislation.

          I know liberal. Dennis Kucinich is a liberal and Pelosi is no Kucinich.

          By the way the difference between a liberal and progressive is apparently a backbone and an unwavering belief that core principles should not be compromised away.

          Feel free to call Nancy a progressive if you must. She definitely ain’t a liberal.

          • We almost agree completely. The only difference is I don’t think Pelosi is a Blue Dog, I think she’s a sellout. Liberal she ain’t.

    • Their objection is that the House bill MIGHT NOT SCREW ENOUGH PEOPLE? I’ve got nothin’ here.

      • It proves how much Obama wanted bi-partisan support. He keeps thinking that if he makes things as Republican as he can, they will vote with him. His mistake is in not realizing how he could let them write the entire bill and they still wouldn’t vote for it. But, the great part is we get a really horrible R-style health insurance bill and he got one weak R to take his bribe.

        Watch him brag it was bipartisan support that brought it to us 🙂

    • I don’t care who kills that putrid bill at this point or why. Just make sure it dies.

  3. {{{SoD}}}

    Hillary is in Berlin right now.
    Not the President.

    What do we even need Obama for?

    • We need Obama for ceremonial events – supermarket openings, award shows, etc.

      That leaves Hillary free to do the real work.

    • It was also Hillary who was there for the dedication of the USS New York containing the scrap metal from 9/11. She gave a moving speech (so not a surprise). I can only imagine the dispassionate, autotron mouthings of That One when he speaks at Ft. Hood.

      What do we need Obama for? The Chyster who inflames thoughtful people to abandon our political parties as they exist today and build a new political party and system dedicated to keeping religious ideologies out of public decision making in every area of our lives as the Founding Fathers intended and who came to this new land to escape what religious belief will do to destroy government of, by and for the people.

      • OMG, Obama is going to speak at Fort Hood? I hope he can work up some emotion. He doesn’t have to really care, he just has to put on a good enough act that broken-hearted, traumatized people will believe it. I couldn’t believe that cold-dish statement he made right after the shootings.

      • Yes I caught her scrap metal speech just passing by. I was thinking how pleasant it was to hear her voice, and to another moving speech from the heart, when it flashed upon me all the haka there was during the Primaries that Hillary was SHRILL. 😦

    • Has our girl said anything about this nightmare of a bill?
      I know it’s not her place, but it was her signature issue and it’s very telling that she doesn’t say and the media never asks.

    • That might be nice. Allies are good to have.

    • I attended Republican Conventions in the 1980s (completely sent there by my feminist democratic friends including one on the National Committee because I was going to go back to being a democrat at that point) to stop the Republicans for pulling their support of the ERA, reproductive rights, etc out of their platforms. Everytime I stood up to argue for the ERA or any of that I was soundly boo’d down by right wing Christian groups that had staged a grass roots take over of all the parties to eliminate anything that didn’t suit their narrow view of the world.

      Feminism is not non-partisan since the days of Gerald Ford. The suffragette movement may have had it’s roots in the abolition movement as well and all of that may have started in the Republican Party but those days are long gone since the age of the Radical Christian Jihadist agenda.

      • So where were the women’s groups to shout down the Christians? Ceding ground has only left women with less ground. Catholic bishops are now calling the shots on “our” side. How is that any better?


    • Well here’s something from Meghan McCain that looks to be pretty interesting and insightful (from the broken clock is right twice a day):


      • The commentors on that story seem to be largely misogynist idiots. There are some who understand but they are a distinct minority.

  4. Thank you for the Hillary videos. They are beautiful.
    I remain profoundly depressed.

  5. bostonboomer… not to worry in a few days you’ll soon be feeling like you have finally escaped from an profoundly unproductive co dependent baggage laden loser relationship and start to embrace your already insightful, but also newly unencumbered thinking….me I made my declaration, of never again, during the run up to the NH primary and I am now happily and forever an empowered female Independent!

    • Thanks, but my thinking hasn’t been encumbered. I’m not sure why you thought it was.

      I have opposed Obama since November 2007. I consider myself a true Democrat. The party I used to belong to is now the Corporate party and bears no resemblance to the one I belonged to.

      None of that changes the fact the my country is going down the tubes and is no longer a representative democracy. I’m not going to feel better about that in a few days.

      • I am a democrat too and unless there is a woman’s party I plan to stay one. The main reason is I want my democratic woman’s voted to be counted evrey time I vote for a republican woman.

  6. Me too, but I needed to see it. I’m glad it’s still on youtube.

  7. How To Divide a Party, In Three Easy Steps!

    So, you’ve decided to become the leader of a big political party. Only one problem: it’s too big! What to do?

    Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here at the Horse Race Blog, we’ve developed a three-step guide to making that broad party a little more…narrow. Just follow these simple instructions and your majority party will be smaller and a little easier to handle in no time!


    Step 1: Participate in a bitterly divisive nomination battle against a prominent opponent, making sure that you only win certain factions within the party. Leave your opponent to win other factions, even down to the very last contest. If possible, make condescending remarks about how bitter, clingy, and xenophobic some of those other factions in your own party are. This will ensure that they remain perpetually skeptical of your administration.


    • Wow! Going to read now….

    • Well, for a conservative, Jay Cost is extremely perceptive. He doesn’t say anything specifically about women though–beyond what he said about Hillary voters being alienated. And he thinks a public option for health care is a bad thing.

      • He also thinks Sam Nunn is a “senior statesman” who should be in Obama’s cabinet.

        • I know. Evidently giving Olympia Snowe heallth care reform apparently isn’t good enough. Go figure.

      • Brings to mind the wise words of my sister, whenever I was disappointed my a man:

        “What did you expect, he’s a guy!”


  8. I am really hoping now that Joementum & his buddies succeed at derailing the whole damn thing. I read somewhere that it might not even come for a vote this year. Women better get organized by then!
    And the NYC tabloids do Fort Wood

  9. I’m with you in the tears. I’m with RD and a 3rd party. We need to get over winning elections and get to real solutions for real people about real problems.

  10. If this is true, why wasn’t this guy confronted as an active duty member?!

    Officials: US Aware of Hasan Efforts to Contact al Qaeda


  11. The Guardian panders for Obama:

    Obama after a year: Keep the faith

    It is easy to see how the realities of power betray the hopes of a year ago. It is harder to stick with the vision, but that is what we should all do.


  12. Let’s see, how late is the NY Times on this???

    The President Whose Words Once Soared

    WASHINGTON — As the most gifted orator of his generation, President Obama finds speechmaking perhaps his most potent political tool. It propelled him to national prominence in 2004 and to the White House in 2008. And whenever he needs to calm economic fears or revive stalled health care legislation, he takes to the lectern.

    But the limits of rhetoric were on display last week when the president could not rescue two foundering candidates in governor’s races in New Jersey and Virginia. Has Mr. Obama lost his oratorical touch? Is the magic finally beginning to fade? Does the White House rely too heavily on his skills on the stump to advance his priorities?


    • Whaddaya expect, with rousing speeches like this?:

      Obama called on the audience to vote, and to make sure others do.

      “You’re going to need to get cousin Pookie off the couch, and say, ‘Pookie, it’s time to go vote,’ ” POTUS said. “You’ve all got a cousin Pookie, you know who I’m talking about.”

      • He falls so flat with this colloquial bs. Not to mention that it is so beneath a US president.

      • OMG…I rest my case. I thought you were joking upthread about Cousin Pookie. This is the Messiah? I hate it when he tries to get all folksy and friendly–it’s so phony.

      • now, if I referred to black people as cousin pookie, what do you think would happen?

    • If Obama is “the most gifted orator of his generation,” I’ll eat my hat.

    • “Has Mr. Obama lost his oratorical touch?”

      Hard to lose something you never really had in the first damn place. No, people are losing (some of) their illusions. Not. Fast. Enough.

      • He’s a motivational speaker, that’s it, that’s all. And not that great of one, either.

  13. Maybe the Fort Hood shootings were a Terrorist Act?

    U.S. intelligence agencies were aware months ago that Army Major Nidal Hasan was attempting to make contact with people associated with al Qaeda, two American officials briefed on classified material in the case told ABC News.

    I hope ABC doesn’t have this story right.

    • I saw another story that he attended a particular mosque at the same time as 2 of the 9/11 hijackers, and may have had contact with them. While contact isn’t guilt by any stretch of the imagination, the picture is not looking too pretty when you add it all up (assuming these things are true, which I’m not convinced of yet.)

      • Ain’t it the truth. After reading some of these stories, I feel like I know less than before. Hopefully, all will come out in time.

      • That story is a stretch. The fact that ABC talked to intelligence officials and they say they were aware of Hasan trying to contact al Quaeda? That’s a bit more concerning, in my mind.

    • Depends on who the “people associated with Al Qaeda” are and how close the association is. If it’s a Qaeda operative, then there’s a problem. If it’s a cabdriver who once spoke to some Middle Eastern diplomat whose third cousin knows Bin Laden’s son-in-law’s aunt, then there’s not a problem, other than the yellow journalism that turns that into a “link.” One “news” source was claiming a day or so ago that Hasan and two of the 911 hijackers “shared a spiritual advisor” because they attended the same mosque in Silver Springs.

      Let’s wait for facts. So far what we have is mostly speculation, though it seems to me that bb is right when she says Hasan was suffering from at least clinical depression. I’d add that he seemed rather certain he was going to die. Giving away possessions and such is classic pre-suicide behavior.

      • Even so, there are many reports that Hasan talked often and loudly about his anger at the US and the military, and his feelings that the wars were an attack on Islam. At the very least, he should have been questioned and watched. It’s frightening, after 9/11, that he was in the military and was not considered a threat. If he had been reported, a thorough evaluation could have detected signs of instability and danger.

        • Balls were apparently dropped all the way around. Apparently Hasan tried everything he could to get the Army to release him; you’d think they’d have seen a danger signal there. The headline in my regional paper yesterday was “Iraq vets weren’t stunned” at the incident. Whatever else was going on here, it looks as if it originated in massive burnout. I don’t know if there’s officially such a thing as secondary PTSD–“infection,” if you will, from close and constant dealing with those who are suffering from it–but I’ve seen what happens to drug counselors and other human service workers who have been constantly exposed to others’ psychological and even physical illnesses. They tend to come apart in much the same way as their clients.

  14. I’d like to know how we can stop this administration from totally destroying the country I love – he clearly has no feelings for America, he clearly cares not at all for us and what on earth is it with Pelosi that she does his bidding like a little puppy?

    • My kids had a good idea. They said Pelosi is the New Obama girl. Someone needs to photoshop her over the original Obama girl and do her singing the Obama song a la JibJab.

    • I think Pelosi has even greater power with Obama in office. Hillary would not have given Pelosi free rein.

      • Obama’s “Mommy.”

        That’s disgusting, really.

        Although it fits his life story.

      • Absolutely–we said that last year. Pelosi wants to be Queen Bee, and she knew HRC would have been a force she could not manipulate.

    • Axis Sally pelosi thought she could control backtrack where she could not control Hillary. She never really understood that backtrack has used and thrown away women for decades.
      Remember his grandmother, Alice Paul.
      He has a habit of bitting the hand that feeds him.
      The Rev Manning has a video out on why he has not asked his Kenyon grandmother to the white house for Thanksgiving Dinner.



  15. It’s great to talk about voting more women into Congress, but what’s the point if they’re not going to use their power? Reading the article at Politico, it occurred to me that, once again, it was the women who were persuaded to “suck it up” for the “good of the country”. The vote was going to be close–everyone knew that. If De Lauro and De Gette and other women had stood firm, it would have forced Stupak and others into the position of being the bad guys.

    Someone yesterday was talking about the one degree extra to have the water reach boiling point. Well, we already have that one degree, but the women aren’t using it. It’s the women in Congress who need to cross their legs and say “no more rape of American women on women’s issues”. Force the men to negotiate with us.

    • Yes, Grayslady – made the comment about one degree extra – I had worked with Heidi last year to begin the 51% campaign and then she took ill and things got put on hold. It was her idea and I got the pins for her – but I haven’t moved on it because it was her’s.

      We should send your comment about Delauro and DeGette to each of them and every woman Representative – ask them why they let us down -what on earth could their rationale have been and what do they need from us to support women in Congress to NOT BACK DOWN!

      I’m sick of them wanting to be “one of the guys” they are not guys they are women – they need to act like it!

      And what was that with Maloney being first to ask Pelosi to sign her copy of the bill – good grief! 😕

      • Exactly! It’s the same song playing again and again–just as it is for gays. The difference is that women represent a majority of the American populace. We’re always being told “just wait your turn; we’ve got other more important things to do right now, but, don’t worry, your time will come”. Would blacks have their full civil rights today if they had taken the same approach? Has anyone forgotten who received suffrage first? Black males or women?

        You don’t win fights by being timid. The women in Congress should have said: Okay, you want to play hardball? Now is as good a time as any to challenge the Hyde Amendment. You say that health reform is important to you? Fine. So are our rights as women, and there is no true health reform as long as it’s built on the backs of poor and middle class women.

    • how ’bout we force men to back off and mind their own business?

    • One degree extra does no good if it’s one degree from just anywhere. One degree from ten degrees is hardly tepid. You need to be at a tipping point for that one degree to push you from a simmer to a boil.

      The 30% Solution (research quoted in Carolyn Maloney’s book) says that empirically you need at least 30% women in a legislative body for them to have enough critical mass to support each other and stand their ground as a group. The current 17% simply is not enough. We need to elect more women.


  16. oops – should be “I made the comment”…

  17. Claire McCaskill in the Sen. is continuing her lifting for That One and screwing all women the way she screwed HRC. ” Oh, this is anti-abortion thing is not a poison pill. Not to worry.” What really makes me mad is not that she flaunts her anti-female, kool-aid sucking stupidity on Morning Joe—it’s that she is probably right.

  18. So where are the women’s organizations this morning? Are they taking the morning after pill or what?

  19. Ah, but abortion is something they can hang there hat on -they know that there are tons of people out there who are against abortion – but they hid the rest of the issues that left out any female reproductive care – since both the House and Senate bills include lists of specific services that must be covered by health insurance companies and be provided without asking patients for additional money, it’s hard to understand why all the services provided in a basic well-woman visit to the gynecologist isn’t on any of those lists i.e maternity care, newborn care, pediatric dental and vision services, and substance use disorder services. hmmm, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, other procedures pre-post childbirth? It seems they just don’t want us around – certainly not our reproductive organs – maybe the best thing to do is not complicate things with sex?

    • The logic, I think, is the less attention paid to female parts, the less chance she’ll discover she’s pregnant in time to do anything about it. I’m not kidding — that’s the way they think.


  20. I am a registered Democrat, but consider myself an avowed Independent now and I will only vote in the Democratic primary to cause as much havoc as possible to those who treated us the way they did here in Texas. It was a disgrace.

    • Go get ’em Jessie!

      • Consider Green. It’s an ACTUAL liberal party.

        • the Green party is NOT about women’s equality. Everything else will come first.

          • TINPA,

            It is inarguable that difficult choices mean sacrificing some good things to achieve other good things.

            Notwithstanding, Green policy encorporates empirical research that ties successful economic/environmental outcomes to female emancipation using indicators such as higher levels of women’s education, greater liberty for women to choose outside employment , and greater liberty and access to reproductive medicine. Given that women’s emancipation is taken as central to environmentally-sound development, it seems more than likely that a Green government would not place women’s issues on the backburner.


          • I don’t know what you’re talking about:


            note they call for covering abortion under national health care

    • They don’t deserve us – We need to all just walk away from them -abandon them – I left last May when they abandoned our girl

  21. If you haven’t please – all of you reach out to your elected officials – by email or phone and let them know what you think of this travesty and what you think of them for putting it together and leaving women begging again.

    Don’t hold back -do it today!!!

  22. Claire McCaskill says she’s OK with the Stupak amendment. It doesn’t affect the majority of Americans, she says.


  23. I’m noticing another thing from the supposed progressives, even including Mother Jones. In the midst of turning back women’s rights by decades, among the other negatives of this WH, they are trying to distract and talk about other things. Today I’m seeing lots of posts about, wait for it, Sarah Palin. Really? With the Dems doing all of this damage, we see posts about Palin. And posts about other Repubs.

    The classic, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

    • Yeah, a month back one of my in-laws brought up Sarah Palin after I voiced my disappointment with the Dim majority for their health-care efforts. WTF? Maybe we should all try that excuse for not getting our work done — It’s All Sarah Palin’s Fault.

    • Yep, read Dakinikat’s post of yesterday that is all about how they use distractions whenever women start rising up

  24. http://still4hill.wordpress.com/2009/11/09/video-commissioning-of-the-uss-new-york-11-7-2009/

    This may have been posted before but I did not see it.
    This Lady is the best of America.

    Axis Sally and backtrack took her issue health care and did their best to destroy it. Maybe trying to smear her because people associate Hillary with health care. They failed.
    She will always be more than them because she cares and works hard and understands and loves this country and her people. They may temporarily have the offices but she will always have the hearts of the people that love this country..



  25. I’m still horrified and reeling that the AP would mendaciously call Dems who don’t believe that the govmt could be a force for good “moderates”.

    That’s where our discourse is right now??? If you believe our tax dollars could possibly be used for something good, other than killing people, you’re radical?

    get me the frick outta here.

    please everyone vote Green until the Dems move left. This is insane. Or better yet, we can turn the Green party into a viable force.

    • I once had a long argument with an Green party internet idiot because he insisted that only poor women should be allowed to get abortions because other women could afford to raise another child and were just selfish and immoral to have an abortion.

      • I don’t think that’s where the Green party stands on that issue! you’re right, he’s an internet idiot – don’t listen to him.

  26. Hi TeresaINPA, the person you were talking with must be unlike any Green I’ve ever met. The Green Party is pro-choice, period. In fact, one of the party’s ten key values is gender equity. I’d encourage you and anyone looking for an unabashedly progressive political party to get active with the Greens. For more information on the Green Party, you can check out http://gp.org/

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