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God Forbid we Should Change the Status Quo


Jake Tapper of ABC News had an “exclusive” interview with President Obama today. The first part of the interview was shown on ABC News hour tonight, more will be shown on Nightline tonight, and the rest on Good Morning America tomorrow. Tapper asked the President about the abortion language in the “health care reform” bill passed by the House on Saturday night.

“I laid out a very simple principle, which is this is a health care bill, not an abortion bill,” Obama said. “And we’re not looking to change what is the principle that has been in place for a very long time, which is federal dollars are not used to subsidize abortions.

Saying the bill cannot change the status quo regarding the ban on federally funding abortions, the President said “there are strong feelings on both sides” about an amendment passed on Saturday and added to the legislation, “and what that tells me is that there needs to be some more work before we get to the point where we’re not changing the status quo.”

Call me crazy, I thought Mr. Hope ‘n Change was elected because he wanted to change the status quo. Can someone please explain to me why it is so important to make absolutely sure there is no change in the status quo on funding abortions? And furthermore, doesn’t the Stupak amendment already guarantee a very big change in the status quo? So does that mean Mr. Obama will do something about the Stupak amendment to return us to his beloved status quo? It’s not really clear, but no, I don’t think he plans to do anything but sit around waiting for someone else to take responsibility for this ongoing nightmare of a health care bill.

Obama told ABC News’ Jake Tapper that he was confident that the final legislation will ensure that “neither side feels that it’s being betrayed.”

“I want to make sure that the provision that emerges meets that test — that we are not in some way sneaking in funding for abortions, but, on the other hand, that we’re not restricting women’s insurance choices,” he said.

I don’t know what the heck that means except that Mr. Obama is not going to take any kind of stand. He’s going to carry on with the “on the one hand…on the other hand” crap until someone else take responsibility for limiting women’s rights so dramatically that many of us are still in shock. But Mr. Bipartisanship is still trying to please both “sides.” Of course both of those “sides” are mostly made up of very rich, old men.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said today that the President is not going to “take sides” on the Stupak amendment controversy.

The White House on Monday signaled it would keep its distance in the increasingly vocal debate over whether health insurance reform should include language related to abortion.

When asked whether the president supported Rep. Bart Stupak’s (D-Mich.) amendment to prohibit the public insurance plan from covering abortion services, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs dodged the question — multiple times.

“Well, ask me that right before Christmas and the end of the New Year,” Gibbs said during today’s press briefing, noting the president still expected to sign a healthcare bill before the year’s end.

The press secretary later clarified, “We will work on this and continue to seek consensus and common ground.”

Now there’s a surprise. Has Barack Obama ever taken a stand on anything? I don’t think so. And once again he’s going to vote “present” while women are stripped of what reproductive rights they had left. Good luck finding “common ground” on the abortion issue. If there is any common ground, it’s a very small strip of land indeed.

Meanwhile the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the house bill *only* makes older people pay twice as might for health insurance as older people. These are the figures:

under the House’s 2-to-1 cap, a 20-year-old would pay $3,169 in annual premiums and a 60-year-old would pay $6,339 for comparable plans, if they both had incomes above the subsidy-eligible level. Under a bill passed by the Senate Finance Committee, which had a 4-to-1 age-rating ratio, the 20-year-old would pay $2,258 and the 60-year-old would pay $8,357.

I have never in my life had to pay more than $2,000 for health insurance. The idea that I could ever afford to pay more than $6000 or $8,000 per year is unimaginable to me. What have these so-called Democrats done to us?!!

We are so screwed. I guess I should be grateful that I’m past menopause, so at least I won’t be needing an abortion. It looks like some young women are going to be finding out what it was like when I was in college. No birth control, no abortion, no help for women in crisis.

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221 Responses

  1. I’m just about to run screaming into the street while tearing my hair out.

    • I’m that angry and frustrated.

    • I don’t have any hair left.

    • I just want to cry … we’re not fuggin looking to change the status quo? wtf?

      thank the GREATER ethos my oldest is an ob/gyn and well trained right now, that’s all I got to say, mine are protected against this crap but I just grieve for every one else’s daughters … I fought in the 1970s for more change than we have going down right now from mister I lied to become president

      • What is wrong with him? Why is he so obsessed with balancing “sides” of issues where this is absolutely no “common ground?”

        • Remember when it came to corporate bailouts? “I won, I can do whatever I want”?

          • Right. When he’s fighting for the corporations, he’s all fired up. But when it comes to representing the American people on healthcare, he doesn’t want to take sides.

            What a waffling jerk. He never intended to change the status quo. Only intended to fool people into thinking he would.

            I wish every day for him to be defeated soundly in 2012, giving him the defeat he should have had in the primary.

          • Fighting the corporations?
            They got their money no strings attached.

          • Not fighting the corporations, fighting for the corporations.

        • I remember reading/seeing stuff back in 2007 or 2008 about Obama — and this was before when the idea of not voting for the Democratic nominee whoever it turned out to be, even if I had to hold my nose to do it, was still anathema to me — I remember something where Obama describing his decision making process being consensus building…. there was another about him being a Socrates even back in his college years yarda yarda.. the one where he was describing himself, I remember it sounding robot-like, like he truly had no opinions himself, he wasn’t just doing this to mask or put aside his opinions and build consensus. Wish I could remember the quote so I could find it. Like I said, this was before I was even thinking I wouldn’t vote Obama if he was the nominee.

          Oh here, I found the article about his college days.

          Obama was so evenhanded and solicitous in his interactions that fellow students would do impressions of his Socratic chin-stroking approach to everything, even seeking a consensus on popcorn preferences at the movies. “Do you want salt on your popcorn?” one classmate, Nancy L. McCullough, recalled, mimicking his sensitive bass voice. “Do you even want popcorn?”

        • he just loves voting present and hiding in the bathroom on the tough votes … it’s just more of the same!

          • He has all the signs of being a passive aggressive. I’ve known more passive aggressives than I care to remember. They are tricky, sneaky back stabbers and always get someone else to do the dirty work.

          • Wikipedia — Passive aggressive behavior — remember how 0bama loses everything — in fact he made a big deal out of the fact that he loses everything — notes, briefs –anything that people give to him:

            Signs of passive-aggressive behavior

            The book Living with the Passive-Aggressive Man lists 11 responses that may help identify passive-aggressive behavior. [2]

            * Ambiguity or speaking cryptically: a means of engendering a feeling of insecurity in others
            * Chronically being late and forgetting things: another way to exert control or to punish.
            * Fear of competition
            * Fear of dependency
            * Fear of intimacy as a means to act out anger: The passive aggressive often cannot trust. Because of this, they guard themselves against becoming intimately attached to someone.
            * Making chaotic situations
            * Making excuses for non-performance in work teams
            * Obstructionism
            * Sulking
            * Victimization response: instead of recognizing one’s own weaknesses, tendency to blame others for own failures.

            A passive-aggressive person may not have all of these behaviors, and may have other non-passive-aggressive traits.

      • Every since Barack started his run for president I have told all my friends that this is the end of what so many of us fought for in the 70’s. Like the ladies who fought for the right to vote only decades later to see women forget what they fought for…now we see the break throughs of the 70’s lie by the wayside. The next generation of women will have fewer rights then we do now and it won’t be by the hands of the Republicans but by the Democrats – how can a woman – Nancy Pelosi smile about this bill that takes away a choice that was fought so hard for many years ago. I am ashamed of what was shoved through but proud that I did not vote for the SOS Obama and his “present” vote.

  2. Obama is clear that he will not defend women’s rights and will bargain them away at every available convenience. It the bone he tosses every time. Shame on those women who threw Hillary Clinton under the bus for this piece of shit!

    • I knew Obama was going to be a disappointment but his actions (as well as inaction) have seriously crossed the line into worst Democratic president ever territory. I find it ironic that the Democratic pro-choice women who supported Obama over Hillary are now getting repaid with their worst nightmare imaginable, the possibility of an anti-abortion amendment to a “health care” bill that could do more harm to women than we’ve seen from any other president in recent memory. The so-called feminists who supported Obama over Hillary should resign from their positions in shame.

      • Yeah. I keep wondering what all the young women with unicorns in their eyes are thinking now.

        Now all we need is a return to the draft, and men too will have some idea what it is to have your whole life at someone else’s (non-existent) mercy.

        Hope-n-change. Hope-n-change. He just didn’t say what he was hoping for or changing into.

        • That is a VERY interesting comparison. Because what happened the last time it was young MEN whose lives were at the mercy of another? A huge, huge movement, powered in large part by the work of women, who often were treated like crap in return.

          I’m just sayin’.

          • Progress that is made on the back of women and then leaves women behind is no progress at all. It is an ephemeral, superficial bandaid that will fall off. Real, lasting progress is like Hillary said in Berlin: “To expand freedom to more people, we cannot accept that freedom does not belong to all people.”

          • backs* of women.

  3. Shorter Obama: Any woman stupid enough to vote for me deserves exactly what she’s going to get.

    On the status quo, remind me again, the problem was that Clinton was this short sighted thinker with incremental change, while Obama was the sweeping visionary who was going to transform society in one fell swoop with the power of his irresistable charisma.

    Do I have that right?

  4. When Pelosi so quickly cut Clinton’s throat during the primaries, it was obvious that she was a tool of the patriarchy and was willing to sell any and of her gender for the chance to be one of the boys!

    • Pelosi is disgusting. She uses her gender the way Obama uses his race, to advance their own careers and legacy. There careers are based on them selling out the rights of women, gays, and minorities. They could give a rat’s ass about anyone else but themselves.

    • Absolutely! Her “neutrality” was a joke. She saw Power and $$$

  5. Mother Jones: Why the Stupak amendment is even more radical than you think. By “you” I think they mean Obots.


  6. The costs of this fucking monstrosity are totally outrageous. On top of what I know damn well will be premium increases for everybody who purchases insurance, this POS will cost the US taxpayers a minimum of $1.8 trillion dollars over the next 10 years. And I guarantee that number is lowballing.

    What’s worse is it doesn’t go into effect for 4 of those 10 years. But a big chunk of the costs go into effect immediately. Just imagine what the costs will be in the second decade, if it’s not dismantled before then.

    Pardon me for saying so, but these people couldn’t organize a fall off a barstool!

  7. This interview amounts to him voting “present.”

  8. Wasserman-Schultz is saying she’s confident that Stupaksis will be taken out.

    and then here she is mooning the GOP for their idiotic objections

    the Dems cannot pin the GOP as the only enemy of women’s rights and health anymore… what the Dems passed on Saturday was a disgrace to women’s health, both the bill and the Stupak amendment.

  9. From Mother Jones:

    That’s because Stupak’s amendment doesn’t just apply to the public option—the lower-cost plan to be offered by the government. The House health care bill will also provide subsidies to help people and small businesses purchase plans on an exchange. This represents a lucrative new market for insurers: anyone earning less than $88,000 for a family of four qualifies for assistance, as well as certain small companies. But to gain access to these new customers, insurers will have to drop abortion coverage from their plans.

    Around 87 percent of plans cover abortion (though not all employers choose to actually include it). But under the House bill, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that 21 million people will participate in the exchanges by 2019 and that 18 million of them will do so via government subsidies. In theory, insurers could create separate plans for women who don’t qualify for credits but still want to buy a plan on the exchange. In reality, this is unlikely to happen, meaning that even women who purchase plans entirely with their own money in the new market may be unable to obtain one that offers abortion coverage.

    • that needs to be repeated EVERY WHERE … it’s not just PUBLIC funding you fuck heads!!!

      this better go down in committee or I’m going to a foreign country and asking for asylum as a political refugee

  10. More from Mother Jones:

    Over time, the goal is for many more people to join the exchanges—the bigger they are, the more effective they’ll be. Not only will this put greater numbers of women in the same bind, it could affect abortion coverage in private plans outside the exchanges, too. “How big will exchanges have to be in an insurer’s business model before they decide it’s easier to standardize their coverage?” said Adam Sonfield, senior public policy associate of the Guttmacher Institute, a policy and research organization that focuses on reproductive health.

    • Why the fuck aren’t more women SCREAMING about this???

      Don’t they realize that war has been declared on women (again)?

      The Dems are the enemy — politicians are the enemy.

      Thankfully we inherited a home NOT in the US — so I am out of here — leaving next year for good it looks like.

  11. I haven’t read the latest version of the Insurance Co. welfare bill but it is likely that the $8,357/year premium if for the “basic” plan, also known as “Junk Insurance”. There is minimal economic protection with high deductible insurance that pays only 60% of the medical bills.

    • I’m betting that, too. The insurance companies are going to make out like bandits, and what the HELL are people going to do when they can’t pay, and their wages get docked for fines by the IRS?

  12. Arthur Silber gives it a name:

    The Fuck You Act

    • That’s awesome. I love an effective and timely f-bomb. So true.

    • truer words were never spoken or written or sent out to the greater ethos

    • Ayup! And then after the The Fuck You Act they screw you again, by controlling private coverage and not believing that women in America shouldn’t have reproductive rights or Human Rights.

      If men could be raped and become pregnant, they would STFU and leave Reproductive Rights alone. Strangely enough, men are half the equation in women becoming pregnant, yet they didn’t loose their VIAGRA coverage!

    • I like is even better name later in the article:
      The Fuck You and Making You Fuck Yourself with Threats of Destroying Your Life Act

  13. BTW, Stupak (supposedly a Dem) is a member of fundie crazy group The Family and rents a room in their C street residence.

    • remember when bloggers tried to distract from the Rev Wright convtroversy and make a stink about the Family and Hillary’s participation in the Senate prayer group.

      hope they’re all happy with Obama’s Fundie-Care.

      • Oh my god, the Ehrenreich piece? I sure do. That was the most ridiculous hit job ever. A nice prelude to idiotic attacks on Palin’s religion.

  14. Their reckless disregard for women’s health is unconscionable.

    • Why, oh why, are they giving so much power to the Catholic church? Pelosi is catholic. Maybe, she is trying to atone for the past transgression of being pro-choice.

      • JFK:

        I believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute–where no Catholic prelate would tell the President (should he be Catholic) how to act, and no Protestant minister would tell his parishioners for whom to vote–where no church or church school is granted any public funds or political preference–and where no man is denied public office merely because his religion differs from the President who might appoint him or the people who might elect him.

        • {{quietly weeping}}

          • oh, bb, I know this is hard. I myself feel a bit like I’ve been hit by a truck. But hang in there, we’re going to need all hands on deck, and we can help each other organize and get through this.

        • That needs to be sent to the President and every member of the House and Senate. I’m hearing on the news that the Catholic Bishops were unwilling to compromise on what they found acceptable, so Pelosi went along with what they wanted. Now, the Catholic Bishops are set to pressure the pro-life Senators and are feeling their power, since they were successful in the House.

          • wow, good thing we have a constitution that has a nonestablishment cause … we could be back under the influence of the people that brought humanity THE DARK AGES

          • Please don’t forget the Inquisition. Doesn’t look like those rabid bastards have changed much.

          • I don’t know about that. There are some serious pro-life senators ie Hatch (who has proposed an amendment to a senate bill prohibiting using public funds for abortion) and Bob Casey. Then you have someone like Claire, who says, “No big deal.” There are some others, but those three come to mind. I wouldn’t be so sure that it will come out.

          • I’m joking, there’s no way this is coming out. There would be no point in giving in to their blackmail, only to then remove it, when it has to be voted on a second time.

          • We were urged during Sunday Mass to lobby our Congresscritters for anti-abortion language in the final bill. I mean, it’s not like I was unaware of the Church’s position on this issue, but this is the first time in my 38 years that I have ever been exhorted, from the altar, to lobby! Appalling. What’s more, this appeal was made not five minutes after we were asked to increase donations to cover the parish deficit…. Well, maybe you should consider butting out of politics and using that money for the electric bill, guys.

          • That is grounds for removing the tax exemption from your church.

          • Seriously. Looks like they were directed by the bishops’ conference to make the announcement — the letter (with contact info for reps) that was inserted into the bulletin was on their letterhead. I actually liked this church up until now. : (

          • Send that bulletin to the IRS!
            I was born and raised Catholic but I be damned if I’ll ever let those child molesting clerics get their paws on any on mine.

        • Boy oh boy are the Catholic Bishops going to be surprised when they find out they’ve been played for suckers and this is coming out of the final version! I can’t wait to see their faces then!

        • That statement was in reply to charges that he would be subservient to the Vatican if elected.
          something no other candidate before or since has had to promise.

      • yeah, well, look wtf is the majority on SCOTUS and then take a deep breath

  15. Read and weep:

    “As President Obama’s plans to overhaul the health care system hinge on the Senate, former President Bill Clinton is headed to the Hill.

    Clinton, the last Democratic president to attempt health care reform, will address Senate Democrats at their weekly caucus meeting Tuesday at 1:45 p.m, a senior Democratic aide said.

    The aide did not know if Clinton will speak specifically on health care, but it is hard to imagine the topic would not come up given his legendary, failed, effort to reform the system in 1994 and the top spot the issue occupies on the Senate’s agenda.

    Last month Clinton’s wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, addressed the caucus’ weekly lunch to discuss foreign policy issues.

    UPDATE: Clinton will be talking to the Democrats about health care, a source close to the former president said. White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid asked Clinton to address the caucus, the source said.”


    • Now they are going to force Hillary to defend abortion restriction? I don’t know if I can handle that…..

      • Hillary can’t get involved in the domestic issues, since she is secretary of state. I hope Bill doesn’t sell us out.

      • This is Bill, not Hillary. He’ll likely do his usual “say a lot without ever actually saying he agrees or supports it” – that’s what he’s been doing since Obama has been in office. Talks a lot about Democratic principles, talks around the issue, is notably silent on the specifics of whether he supports what is actually being done.

    • Uh, I thought Bill was the loose cannon albatross that the entire Dem political establishment hates? Why would they listen to him?

      • And he’s a flaming RAYCIST, too! Whyever would they want Bill? I really wish I could see both Clintons tell ’em all to stuff it.

    • That would be the world’s biggest embarrassment for fuckface if he has to get Hillary to push “reform”. What an endless embarrassment this joke of a pResident is.

    • weeping and laughing… they need Bill… and yet their media arm will yammer on… “Obama passing healthcare…doing what Clinton couldn’t do… will Obama be a Reagan or a Clinton” (more like a Carter)

  16. Oh, poop! 😦

  17. Arthur Silber:

    If you listened carefully to what almost every politician said during the last election campaign — and I emphatically include what Obama and all leading Democrats said — and if you understood what they were saying, you realized that they told you over and over again that they would fuck you in an endless variety of ways, until almost every last drop of your blood and almost every dollar you possess were gone. In their infinite kindness, they won’t kill you, for they hope to extract still more from you, as your life and hope slowly ebb away.

    They’ve kept their promise. They’ve fucked you yet again, just as they said they would.

    And they are very far from done.

  18. Anyone who wants to leave their 2 cents on the NARAL blog, here ya go.. lol. i like to rub it in Kaneen’s face every time i get the chance.


    lol. i think i was banned from posting comments.

  19. OT:

    Washington (CNN) – White House National Security Adviser Retired Gen. Jim Jones issued a rare public statement Monday vehemently denying media reports suggesting President Obama has privately decided to send close to 40,000 more U.S. troops to Afghanistan, as tensions between the White House and Pentagon appear to be flaring up over exactly what the president will announce.


  20. I don’t know what the heck that means except that Mr. Obama is not going to take any kind of stand.

    I am so sick of this nauseating cowardice praised as leadership. How has he gotten away with it for so long? What the hell does he stand for? His own political survival–that’s it. Even I didn’t think he would be this bad–and as you all know, I have never been remotely a fan.

  21. Speaking of which, my new Senator is sticking her neck out again. Obama could learn a few lessons from Gillibrand on political courage. She is also spearheading the repeal of DADT while he prevaricates about that too.

    Senator Gillibrand to Speak in Opposition of Stupak Amendment, Tomorrow (Tuesday) 10:30 am on C-SPAN

    She also tweeted and Facebooked her strong opposition to the Stupak amendment:



  22. And on another vacillating front, apparently Obama is going to send more troops to Afghanistan, but he’s going to do it over a 13 month period so he can’t be blamed for not doing what his general suggested, but it’s not really what the general asked for either and will most likely be ineffective this way:

    Obama’s Afghan Plan: About 40K More Troops

    (CBS) Tonight, after months of conferences with top advisors, President Obama has settled on a new strategy for Afghanistan. CBS News correspondent David Martin reports that the president will send a lot more troops and plans to keep a large force there, long term.

    The president still has more meetings scheduled on Afghanistan, but informed sources tell CBS News he intends to give Gen. Stanley McChrystal most, if not all, the additional troops he is asking for.


  23. Would it be possible to get a campaign going to have people mail (e-mail) their representatives, senators, and the DNC stating that “because of the conditions in the Health Care Reform (gag) Act, the $$$ amount that they would normally be donating will instead be donated to a fund with Planned Parenthood (I don’t trust NARAL) to subsidize abortions and reproductive healthcare for poor and middleclass women”?

    Maybe if they see very concretely that the money is going away and why, they will do something about it. And, at the very least, it will do something to help all the women who will be affected by this.

    • They don’t care, their Wall Street and health insurance cronies will make up the difference in campaign donations and under the table cash.

    • Maybe, but this is such an epic scale giveaway to the insurance companies, I’m sure their contributions will more than make up for mere mortals’ contributions. Not to mention anyone who loses his seat over this will be rewarded with a cushy lobbying gig.

  24. heads up, HRC is on Charlie Rose right now.

  25. “Men are taught to apologize for their weaknesses, women for their strengths.”

  26. And to think — we could have just had Medicare for all.

    But that would require politicians who care about their constituents.


  27. Apparently Claire McCaskill now opposes Stupak, according to Huffpuff, after this morning saying it wasn’t a big deal.

    Pretty soon she’ll be like Obama saying she pressed the wrong button.

    • Claire must of started receiving negative phone calls. She is such a rat. Is she up for re-election?

    • Are you serious?

      What’s her excuse, “I’m too stupid to have any clue what’s going on”?

      • according to her twitter page she just now figured out that Stupak goes “goes too far limitng] private funds too”

        • What a doofus. She should of figured that out, before opening her mouth and putting her foot in it.

        • No, she was willing to sell women down the river until she watched the Sunday morning talk shows and read the opposition to Stupak at liberal sites then figured that she would suffer a lot of blowback if she didn’t change her opinion on Stupak or at least appear to be against Stupak while voting for it anyway.

          • Bingo. She knew damn well what it was, and what it meant. She just saw that there was backlash, that’s all, and is trying to cover her ass.

            Fucking snakes, the lot of ’em.

          • But it’s always fun watching them do the Bush dance: we’re not liars who are deliberately manipulating and screwing you over, we’re just stupid!

            Very reassuring excuse. *Now* I want you running the government.

          • Good thing that evil b*tch Palin didn’t get elected, huh?

          • I have made that point several times today, and heard only *crickets* in response….

          • She’s a snake handler who went to community college and persecuted my favorite Playboy centerfold, you brute!

          • Yup… but her excuse appears to be that she supports Hyde but not Stupak and that Morning Joe didn’t ask her whether she supported or opposed… here are her unfolding excuses on twitter:

            # @hb4president That IS the current law which no one is trying to change. Longstanding Hyde federal law= no public $ for abortions.about 1 hour ago from web in reply to hb4president
            # Asked this morning my opinion on whether Stupak amndmnt would kill the bill(said prob no) and NOT asked my opinion of the amndmnt.Im opposedabout 1 hour ago from web
            # @jenlabarbera It’s too early to say,We all need to keep talking and working toward a good bill.I hope it’s not in it and will vote that way.about 2 hours ago from web in reply to jenlabarbera
            # Oppose Stupak.Don’t think we should change current law which is no public $ for abortions,but amndmt goes too far limitng private funds tooabout 4 hours ago from UberTwitter

          • *rolls eyes* Morning Joe isn’t a courtroom, you’re allowed to expand your answer beyond what was asked, Claire. Another winning excuse….

        • No wonder she loves Obama so much, ignorance is bliss and they’re two of the happiest people in America.

        • Ya, mean she just goes along with what the ‘FeMANist’ says, without checking. 😯 My O MY!

    • Democrats have been pressing my wrong buttons since May a year ago.
      Now I use my vote as a weapon, I go to the polls and vote straight republican no matter how loony the candidate is.

      • Under these circumstances that’s not bad. Next year, I’m going to be a Republican at least long enough to vote against Rick Perry in the March primary.

        • My kind of man!!!

        • We have closed primaries here in PA so I’m keeping my Dem registration so I can vote for the weakest guy possible then going repub in the general.

          The Dems have stuck it to me the least I can do is stick them.

        • Not much choice here in TX, but if I’m given the option of Perry or Kay, I’ll take Kay in a heartbeat. Perry is THAT bad.

        • I really hope Kay beats that creep, even though I can’t vote for her (and I did think it over)

          Bill White’s already raising a lot of money for a Senate run, but who would you want to take Kay’s old seat?

          • I really really like Rick Noriega, who ran against Cornyn and lost. He’s a common-sense Liberal and a stand-up guy, who never drank any koolaid.

          • I had zero hesitation about voting for Noriega in the primary but had some mixed feelings about the idea of Noriega winning attached to Obama’s election. For instance, Cornyn, GOP bozo that he is, will be voting against this healthcare mess (for all the wrong reasons obviously)… but if it had been Noriega who would be voting on it, I suspect he would have been voting yes. Just my hunch, though.

        • Please you guys, go GREEN! Then there’s at least a record that the constituency is more liberal than they are. Voting Republican may turn them further to the right! If a R ends up winning, at least the Dems will know why if enough people go more liberal.

          Voting R out of desperation just turns the discourse further right. Vote your principles.

  28. Listening to HRC on C. Rose is like music to my ears. Same consistent brilliance, detail, conviction, focus. The antithesis of the vague garbage he shovels.

  29. This is exactly how a passive-aggressive personality would handle this — make excuses — and use chaos. I’ve been saying for years that 0zero’s “leadership” style is chaos.

    And this is part of the passive-aggressive personality.

    1. Obama loses stuff — he has a chronic habit of losing papers etc.
    2. He creates chaos.
    3. He gets others to do his dirty work.
    4. blames others (for his mistakes etc.) It is always someone else’s fault — never 0bama’s.

  30. Today at work during the pre-shift banter I clued in a couple of the guys and gals what happened Friday and what it means to them.
    How many friends family and co-workers did you speak to?

    • I’m proud to say that I post on a local news paper’s forum and that most of the O-bots have blocked me.

    • Surprisingly my family members are just as hacked as we are and most of the other people I spoke with are not for it.

      Even the anti-choice guys are against it because they hate the rest of the health care bill. This really seems like a loser to me but I don’t really know any current Obots. None that will admit it anyway.

  31. Well I’m out of here for now so I’ll leave you with this to cheer you guys up:

      • Did I ever mention I’m the organizer of the ‘Dykes who dig William Hung’ club/

        Well, I’m not, but I do like him, he’s a local kid (at Cal) who’s very sweet and who will hopefully be a much better engineer than he is a singer.

        • I think it’s kind of weird how much anger is directed at people who can’t sing, dance or act. Not being talented is not a moral failing! Lol

          • I know, and he was so sweet about how bad he was, took singing lessons so he could have a shot “if I deserve it.” He was also smiling ear to ear because girls would look at him after Idol so he had hope he might “make a friend.” He was on the local news here quite a bit and I got kind of fond of his upbeat personality.

      • Please go back to the other Klown avatar, this one is too scary. 😯

  32. This story is a tale of contrasts in health care systems written by a doctor working in American Samoa after the September tsunami.

    American Medicine Through the Looking Glass

    So if I hold a mirror to the flags of this remote U.S. territory, one of which is the American flag, I see Alice’s strange world — a world in which cancer treatment is a luxury and biofeedback is a critical need

  33. Along with everyone else I am furious over Obama and the DINO’s plans for health insurance reform and controlling women’s private parts. But does anyone else think that all of this is another distraction from the most serious problem plaguing the country right now which is the economy and job losses?

    • Yep — that’s what 0zero does best — chaos and mis-directions.

      Jobs hemorrhaging and perhaps worse then we are being told — my guess from DK’s economic review today.

      Troops being dribbled over to Afghanistan — when the US should get the hell out. Look what happened to Russia??? Their example is what happens when foreigners try to shape up Afghanistan — they end up kicking the crap out of the foreigners.

  34. My sentiments toward the slithery Dems in Washington at the moment:

  35. More from that Tapper talk with Potus. BO says about his Walter Reed Hospital visit, “it reminds me of the costs involved, that they are not abstractions.” Wow. I have been angry all day, but that takes the cake. It’s all a video game to him. Emotional maturity of a 16 year old.

    • Hillary in her commencement speech at Wellesley in 1969:

      What does it mean to hear that 13.3 percent of the people in this country are below the poverty line? That’s a percentage. We’re not interested in social reconstruction; it’s human reconstruction. How can we talk about percentages and trends?

    • dont you mean a 12 year old.

      • My eleven year old has more tenderness and empathy in her little finger than he has in his whole body and soul.

    • Abstractions!?!? WTF! Yes BO they are real flesh and blood people, wish you were.

  36. wow its seems things get crazy,er everday with BO no he

    where we’re not changing the status quo.” BO

  37. Gallup: Among Independents, 44% say Congress should vote against HCR; 22% say vote for. http://bit.ly/4bzfPs

  38. I taught my daughter about coat-hanger abortions today. She was horrified. I’m horrified. And betrayed. And if we think that’s the worst that will happen as a result of the actions of this week, we’re all wrong.

    I’m praying now for the girls bleeding in back alleys. For the babies who have babies. For one night of tequila and sperm that ends a girl’s life, turns her into a slut or a mother or a martyr or a statistic. Takes away her right to be a person.

    Not on my watch. This is war.

    • When abortion was illegal – Untold stories – part2 of 3

    • When I was in high school — abortion was either impossible or back street/coat hanger.

      One of my classmates was raped — when she started showing she disappeared for awhile. What was different about her case is that she was essentially gang raped — pulled into a car by boys who lived elsewhere.

      This part I need to tell — although her rapists didn’t “penetrate” her they did spill of lot of their “seed” — they were so eager that they ejaculated on her. So she assumed that although she was violated and traumatized she couldn’t get pregnant. But she did get pregnant.

      By the time her mother realized what had happened — it was too late. Even then back then there were the illegal means and if parents were willing to take a second mortgage then they could pay for abortions.

      I think we all know stories — or have some to tell of our own.

      In grad school — a friend told me how she managed to get an abortion. When she discovered she was pregnant — they already had two children and couldn’t afford another child. So she had a hysterectomy at 35 — which was a very common way to have an abortion back in the bad old coat hanger days. This, apparently is what women of the reproductively hazardous years have to look forward to — thanks to the 0bamacrats.

  39. 12-y-old girl victim of violence by husband ( Will we have little girls as brides next? When will a woman be allowed to make a decision?)

  40. Just when I think that 0zero couldn’t be more loathsome, that he has sunk as low as any “elected” individual can sink –he goes and proves me wrong.

    THANKS BB for this thread —

    we are so screwed — when will women stop being the willing victim of abuse from the patriarchy???

  41. What will they give away next? Our RIGHT TO VOTE?

    • I’m wondering how birth control pill coverage will end up in this so-called reform. Regular daily contraceptive pills can be taken in quantity to use as a “morning after” pill. I will bet they will backtrack on OCPs too, and that’s something Hillary worked on for a long time.

      • Insurance companies aren’t required to cover birth control in the bill. Lots of health plans already refuse to cover bc. The bill does not even require coverage for pelvic exams.

        Remember when Obama said that the bill would save money because it would require preventative care? Apparently not for women.

  42. Sec. Hillary Clinton Defends Reproductive Rights and Family Planning

  43. The Denver Group: Keeping the Democratic Party democratic (GeekLove, I MISS YOU!)

  44. The coathanger Dems have done something really remarkable. They now have liberals praying they don’t reform healthcare. What an accomplishment.

    • Obama is brilliant at uniting people against him.

    • Really, I do think the house and senate are playing different games with the same goal.

      No public option, no passage in the senate.
      Stupid-pak, no passage in the house.
      Voila, no passage.

      But if the Democrats think they aren’t just destroying themselves, they’re utterly insane.

  45. I am a liberal and I have no party.

  46. Priceless. Christopher Walken reading a lady Gaga song:

  47. New post up

  48. […] rates via demographic? Check Meanwhile the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the house bill *only* makes older people pay […]

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