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Election Night Blogging II: Christie is NJ’s New Governor

Well, it looks like this is not a good night for the Democrats or the current occupant of the White House.  Republicans have won the governor’s mansion in VA, Gracie Mansion in NYC and it looks like they are going to pick up Drumthwackit in New Jersey as well. (It’s official,  Christie won.  No, I’m not thrilled.)

Corzine’s loss should have Obama peeing his pants right now,  Those of us who voted for Corzine in 2005 thought we were voting for a financially savvy, socially liberal Democrat who would fix New Jersey’s egregious property tax system.  Corzine came to office blessed with a Democratic Assembly.  And yet, he did virtually nothing about the property tax issue.  He shuffled some things around and made incremental changes.  Then, he walked away from the issue early in his term and has spent the last four years coasting on the fact that he’s a Democrat.

But it is the glacial incrementalism that is doing him in.  He was elected with the same expectation of hope and change that swept Obama into office.  And what we got instead was the status quo and a placeholder.  New Jerseyans are really struggling to pay these taxes and if Corzine can’t be bothered to do something, he’ll be replaced by the Republican who at least promises to not raise them.

I thought Daggett was great candidate.  He was impressive in debate, had some realistic plans for reforming government that demonstrated a comprehensive knowledge of how our state works and he had a sunny, optimistic personality.  What he didn’t have was a major party or party identification that would give him a fair ballot position.  If you want to see how bad his ballot position was and how the odds were stacked against him, check out this page of county by county ballots.   The New York Times barely mentioned him in their campaign coverage and major polls rarely included him.  It was almost as if he wasn’t there.  Yet he was the only third party candidate who qualified for public funds.  I just hope that he doesn’t get discouraged by his numbers.  I’d vote for him again in a heartbeat.  Run, Daggett, Run!

And all you Obots out there?  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  Bwahahahahahaha!!!!!

205 Responses

  1. Bringing this up from downstairs:
    For those who want to follow results online:
    NJ results here:

    Maine results here:

    Houston results here:

    NY 23 results here

  2. Obama soiling his Depends, I doubt it. He gets to strut and preen for 3+ more years.

  3. NY 23 says that Fulton County’s machines broke. I can see this going to court no matter what with all the problems being reported.

    • NY23 doesn’t look even close to over. Chances are good it winds up in court either way.

      • For a supposedly red county it’s not looking too good for the tea-loons.

        • It’s been stuck on 67% for what feels like forever. I wonder how big the two counties are that had difficulties?

        • Maybe the Obama Rimmers will pull it out.

          • I look at this as a rejection of Hoffman and the idea that social conservatism should somehow prevail on the ballot. I’m glad they won’t be able to pretend the country’s largest problem is controlling individual choices like reproduction or social engineering it so that minority continues to get the short end of the stick.

  4. Openly gay candidate Mark Kleinschmidt has won by 101 votes to become Chapel Hill, NC’s next mayor.

  5. Wow, he conceded. Well…

    On a more local note:


    Parker 30.5%
    Locke 25.9%
    Brown 22.9%
    Morales 19.8%

  6. I’m stunned. Simply stunned. The last thing we needed in VA or NJ were republicans. Sadly however there were no real Democrats running against them. That’s the real lesson. But of course the media won’t get that. Nor the Obots.

    Way cool that the Dem might win that northern most district in NY. Fingers crossed.

    • Yep, we’ll hear all kinds of screaming about “tea partyers” (sorry, won’t use the other term), and the DNC and the Obots won’t for one second look at themselves.

      • The tea-partyers voted for Christie. What about the 6% of us who voted for Daggett? That’s what really cost Corzine. I’m betting that there were a lot of Clintonistas in that 6%.

        • What have the exit polls said about turnout? Did Dems stay home?

        • I was about to say the same thing. The bus many of us were thrown under have left some pretty deep tread marks. I didn’t vote today but I’m willing to bet that a lot of older voters who supported Hillary Clinton ended up: voting for an Independent, voting for a Republican, or staying at home. The consequences of last year’s election aren’t over by a long shot. Obama is going to have a much tougher time in 2012 than he ever imagined ten months ago.

          • I think Obama is going to end up being Jimmy Carter II. He won’t be reelected unless he starts pretending to actually be a Democrat. I just hope to God that doesn’t mean we end up with a Conservative Repub in the WH again. What we need is to get Obama off the ballot in 2012 and Hillary or some other real Democrat on.

          • From your keyboard to Goddess’ ears, bb. Obama off in ’12, Hillary on.

      • The thing is that NY 23 is actually a rejection of the tea party movement and the fact that we have LGBT candidates and openly gay candidate mean that this isn’t a rejection of liberals at all.

        • I think that NJ was a single issue race- taxes. If we had had a LGBT or openly gay candidate who would have promised to fix our taxes, it wouldn’t have mattered if he was R or D.

          • Until we get rid of many in our legislature no Gov – I don’t care who it is – will be able to make the changes we need.

            We have an entrenched, self oriented group that doesn’t seem to care about us taxpayers in our legislature.

            I can’t imagine how Christie will fulfill his promises.

        • Agree, but the bots will never be able to look at the current state of the Democratic Party, as led by The One, as having anything to do with losing VA and NJ.

    • I’m crossing my fingers for NY-23.
      Yes, the media has probably already gotten its narrative ready to absolve Obama of any responsibility. Actually, Obama had relatively little to do with Corzine’s loss but I suspect that Corzine could have a profound effect on Obama. Maybe the Democrats will get a wake up call.

    • Hoffman was on with Hannity before, and he was a total —-. After he said she was too liberal to run and dissed her like three times, he said “It would have been nice if she endorsed me” (the hell? Can you say, sense of entitlement? Can you say, she’s not your mommy?) “but, we’re going to win without her.”

      Mebbe not, punkass!

  7. What’s the deal with Obama saying he won’t watch the election results. What a fricken asswipe. He either doesn’t give a rats ass about anything, my guess, or he’s a complete idiot.

  8. The Democrats are so clueless. They think it’s a big game. People are suffering and they’ve been given one chance to show they can step up and fix it. But they act like it’s business as usual and they can slide by on nothing.

    • Pretty much.

    • Yes-ok – give money to try and fix a failing banking system. BUT at least insist on credit card honesty, and small lending in exchange. AND support local government jobs (at the very minimum).

      No, they did nothing and went kabuki on executive bonuses instead.

  9. Same sex marriage law going in the wrong direction in Maine. Sigh. Why is it that people are so afraid of giving homosexuals the same rights and protections as the heterosexuals? I don’t know a single guy who would turn in his Playboy subscription if all of a sudden gay guys were allowed to marry and how lame does your marriage have to be to be affected by whether the people next door are two guys or two girls or a guy and a girl? I mean seriously.

    • My mom is one of those voters who can’t stand the thought of 2 guys doin “unnatural” things to each other. But my brother and sister-in-law can do those same things and it’s OK because they’re married. So, why not let everyone marry? Because they shoudln’t be doing those things.
      Ehhh, ok.
      There’s no reasoning with some people. You just have to wait for the generation to lose strength.

    • And yet, medical marijuana looks like it’s going to pass.

      • How is the wording on the ballot? Could it be that people think they are voting for it when they are voting against it?

        • Let me go check.

        • Wording:

          Do you want to change the medical marijuana laws to allow treatment of more medical conditions and to create a regulated system of distribution?

          • Again, I see this as a money issue. The liberals have pretty good success at convincing conservatives that it is a waste to incarcerate people for tons of money for smoking something that has a negligble effect on health particularly when you compare it to cigarettes or alcohol(which are legal).

    • “how lame does your marriage have to be to be affected by whether the people next door are two guys or two girls or a guy and a girl? I mean seriously.”

      That is the idea that has always bubbled up in my mind when people start talking about defending marriage. How do two women, or two men, who want to be married affect anyone else’s marriage? My guess is that the only potential for an adverse effect would be if one of the members of a married heterosexual couple is not really heterosexual. Is that the source of heterosexual fear of same sex marriage?

      • yea i dont get people that think that that they even have the right to tell others that they cant get married .

      • I straight out ask people who tell me they are against gay marriage who exactly they think are going to “go gay” and turn in their heterosexuality if we allow gays to marry. It flummoxes me. I haven’t met a single person who has said that their sexuality is predicated on whether or not the state recognizes their sexual preference. If all of a sudden the state stopped recognizing heterosexuality I’d still be attracted to men. It’s how I’m wired.

        The only person who I could see being threatened would be someone on the fence who saw themselves as swinging both ways but was too consumed with guilt to ever admit it out loud. Otherwise why would it matter? I mean as some have pointed out if this was about the sanctity of marriage then why aren’t they so all fired anxious to do away with divorce?

  10. Unhappily, I expect Obama and the DC Dems to draw exactly the wrong lessons from these defeats, and move even more towards the GOP.

  11. The Obama Wing of the Democrat party gave no good reason for voters to turn out in an off year.

  12. I’m arguing with some person who seems to believe the exit poll people should go door to door so that the fact that Dems didn’t show up to vote for Corzine or Deeds become more relevant. BTD is whining because indies were considered more relevant since they didn’t park their backsides at home.

  13. What’s that pic RD?

    • Nope. It’s Corzine’s car. You may have missed this story but about 9 months into his first term, his state trooper SUV was cruising at about 100 mph out of Atlantic City when it had a nasty accident. Corzine wasn’t wearing his seat belt. He was nearly killed. Screwed up his leg really badly. Broke his femur. Spent some time in a wheelchair. Really stupid. He made some public service announcements on seat belt safety but we should have all known then that he was kinda careless,

  14. Pacific John of Alegre’s Corner was at TalkLeft and said the WH said that they aren’t watching the numbers, lol. It’s ridiculous for them to lie about something like this. They just don’t want to release a statement explaining why Dems are losing despite having The One in office.

  15. 86%

    49 Owens
    45 Hoffman
    6 DeDe

  16. We, the Democratically controlled legislature will make sure that your boy Chris Christie is a lame duck from day one.

    We will defend the honor of President Barack Obama against the racist puma movement.
    Shame on you for supporting this corrupt bigot and tool of Karl Rove.

    Shame on you!
    Corzine is a good man and he should have won this!

    • Your definition of good is evidently very different then New Jersey folk. Knock yourself out on Christie, we aren’t overly invested in him as a matter of fact since you have a little reading comprehension problem Dagget was who RD was pulling for.

      Thanks for stopping by though.

      Buh Bye and good luck in 2010 with the track record you’re gonna have to work with. LOL

      • Shame on you.
        Chris Christie is just like George W. Bush.
        The same person who you claim to oppose.
        Strange how you were rooting Christie by not supporting Corzine.
        So will the PUMA/Palin/Neo-Con movement not stop until this country is destroyed?

        • Well if he’s like W, then he’s also like O, you can learn to love him. He may not look so cute on the poster, but he’s got just a beautiful penis. All your requirements are satisfied.

        • Shame on Corzine

          Had he actually paid attention to his constituency during his term he might have won.

          Frankly, I’m done with entitlement. If the Democrat doesn’t perform he can count on me voting for his opponent. It’s really that simple. If you want my vote then EARN it.

          You don’t get to complain the GOP is destroying the country when you control two of the three branches by the way. The Dems seem to be doing as good a job as the GOP in plundering, pillaging and dithering about how HARD it is to govern and pretty please can the GOP come to the table.

          • Corzine would have to have gotten virtually all of Daggett’s votes to beat Christie, anyway. Even two-thirds wouldn’t have cut it. That would have been virtually impossible, especially as even the Dem party believed a significant number of Daggett’s votes were coming from Christie. Corzine would almost certainly have lost (maybe more narrowly, but lost anyway) without Daggett in the picture.

          • As RD said, it would have been a moot point had Corzine actually addressed problems like the property tax. The Democrats have gotten lazy and complacent and figured they can phone it in because they aren’t Republicans in a fairly blue area. NJ residents just handed them their wake up call. Just being a Democrat isn’t good enough.

          • Good points. My comment was directed at our idiot friend who’s blaming Christie’s win on Daggett’s voters and claiming them for Corzine by divine right or something. Lol On top of all their other problems, Failbots can’t count.

          • Shame on you.

            Corzine is for gay-rights.
            He is for wage standards.
            He is for public education.
            What entitlement?
            Corzine is for giving the best to the working class.
            Christie is for the elites.
            Of course you would prefer him, Christie is as extreme as Palin. I see.
            You are PUMA. Shame on you.

          • God you are stupid. Is your mommy awake, by any chance? Nobody owes you their votes (that’s what that big word entitlement means). If you want them, earn them. Stop putting forth abysmal candidates and demanding votes. Put forward good candidates and respectfully appeal for the votes you need, or blame yourself when your moronic, craptacular entitled whining gets you the predictable result.

          • Uh moron

            While you’re focusing on being for psuedo gay rights the rest of the country is dealing with the economy.

            Corzine should have addressed property taxes.

            High wages don’t mean bupkiss if the state you are living in insists on taking a larger percentage of them for property taxes.

            In case no one shared this with you….it’s the economy stupid.

        • Shame on the Democratic leadership for thinking they could build a new coalition by throwing out the old one.

          • Votes are courted; they’re owed! If the Dems need you, you owe them, dammit! And they don’t owe anybody anything but the back of their hand.

          • Corzine is for giving the best to the working class.
            Christie is for the elites.

            Hilarious! Corzine of Goldman Sachs is for the working class?! And why don’t you ask Riverdaughter about what Corzine has done for the educational system in NJ?

        • Another idiot crashing in with nonsense. Show one post on this blog that was “rooting for Christie.” One.

          Yea, that’s what I thought.

    • Uh yeah. No doubt the Democratically controlled legislature will fight fiercely, Harvard. There’s a first time for everything.

    • Huh?? I didn’t vote for Christie.
      Who the fuck are you anyway?

      • Many NJ voters were upset with taxes in our State – they are strangling us but then Corzine sealed his fate when he disenfranchised the voters of NJ last year.

    • Corzine didn’t win in a very democratic state. That should tell you something. Unfortunately you will not learn because you are an Obamabot, in other words a dumbass 20 something kid.

    • You got nothing to defend there, boyz..

  17. Clean up on aisle 2!

    • Heh

      Don’t interrupt their tantrum. It’s so darn unfair that Corzine got beat for basically overturning the will of New Jerseyians and ignoring their economic difficulties. He should have been entitled to the votes dontcha know.

    • Wait, I thought we didn’t count any more. If we don’t count, or don’t exist, or aren’t relevant, then why oh why have a baby tantrum.

  18. Maine is looking worse. 52% to 48%

    • Yep
      Downright depressing.

    • I can’t watch any more… prop (h)8 last year in CA left me perfectly exhausted and very, very angry.

    • Maine is not New England. Kick them out, cept maybe Portland.

    • That’s why I was/am concerned about the WA state version — the rural votes will take awhile to filter in. Lots of us wait until the very last minute to mail in our ballots.

      The religious right is NOT very Christ like. The religious cults with their little (and huge) churches really do control a lot of votes — and the GOP party.

      I was going to just skip voting until my husband reminded me about the state wide ballot issues.

      NEXT November is going to be a wild ride — I don’t see 0zero changing — and he refuses to listen — because his administration is all about HIM and his ego.

    • Is this not what we wanted?
      A return to traditional values and good old fashioned hard work. Do you really want the Obots who think they are entitled to get there way?

      • If by “we” you mean Obama and Obots, yes, it’s what you wanted. At least you can celebrate something there at HQ.

      • Ah, I see you’re very confused. No, see we’re the liberals. You’re the pseudo progressives who is so clueless you’re actually for people who are pushing pro corporate even pro conservative policies. The fact that you don’t see that means you’re in a religious stupor chanting yes we can and other such nonsense and have no relation to reality any more. You have a kool-aid IV attached and have no idea what’s going on, which way is up, or even which is your ass and which is your head. You, I’m afraid to say, are a failbot. You are reaping what you’ve sown and seem to be coming to the few real liberals left and complaining. Sorry, we’re just not that into you.

      • Could at least spell the word “their” correctly.

        • I make that mistake all the time. It’s not his spelling that’s stupid, tho’.

    • Piss. Eat my shorts Maine. You suck donkey doo up there in Maine.

      I wonder if they’re more afraid of scary gay people or scary lady parts. Hey people of Maine, you suck.

      OK, getting late…

  19. Maine sucks. Maine is unworthy of being part of New England. If anyone from Canada is lurking, please take Maine with our compliments.

    • Why would they want them? Canada has same-sex marriage.

    • Wow. I lived in Waterville, Maine as a teenager and loved it. Found the community to be a very tolerant place (it’s a college town — Colby). It also preserved the French culture that you won’t see anyplace else in the country (except similarly in Louisiana).

      Nice to see we’re just hating on an entire state because of one bad result. California sucks! California is unworthy of being part of the West. If anyone from the Pacific Ocean is lurking, please take California with our compliments.

  20. I’m pretty proud of NY 23. It looks like at the end of the day abortion and same sex marriage weren’t the prevailing issues for the voters and they didn’t get bullied into accepting social conservatism.

  21. “I thought Daggett was great candidate. He was impressive in debate, had some realistic plans for reforming government that demonstrated a comprehensive knowledge of how our state works and he had a sunny, optimistic personality. What he didn’t have was a major party or party identification that would give him a fair ballot position.”

    He sounds great RD — sorry he didn’t win…many DEMS could care less about political affiliation anymore. Can the good guys win for a change?

  22. PUMA in 12′!

    How does McDonnell/Robertson?
    We will restore the values that make America great from the ilk of Mr. Obama and the Chicago way!

    • Isn’t it amazing how the number of independants are growing?

      I hear everytime a Democrat gives a corporation a gimmee( be it banking or health insurance ) an angel gets its wings. You all should keep up the craptastic job and remember to keep on blaming all your problems on the minority party. It’s a winning plan.

      • Yes it is.
        These socialistic giveaways from the Democrats and “Obots”
        are going to bite them in the rear end.
        People are tired of Goldman and Sachs running the country which is why Corzine lost.

        • What socialistic giveaway you putz. The socialist in Congress actually wants a universal health care plan unlike the rest of the Demodummies who are more interested in keeping good ol’ Cigna and Blue Cross competitive.

          People are tired of the lame lies from both parties.

          • Corporate socialism is what I speak of.
            Let the markets work. No bailouts for anyone.
            If the banks were allowed to fail we would already be clear of this mess.

          • I was just about to ask the same thing (what socialist giveaway?)

          • I applaud this Bot. It’s rare that you admit you want to screw the working class and all you care about is Goldman Sachs. Okay, you probably didn’t mean to admit it because you’re scary stupid and believe that socialism means taking money from the poor to give to corporate parasites, but good for inadvertently telling the truth anyway.

          • “Governor elect McDonnell” your argument might have more merit if your party weren’t so all fired concerned with rigging the market for the poor health insurance companies who need to be protected from a government program that might impede their ability to make a profit. So much for that “free market”

            I got yer free market too. I’m not buying what either side is selling me and I got some news I’m sharing what I see with all my neighbors. If I get my way both parties days will be numbered.

  23. We are not going anywhere Riverdaughter.
    Obama’s good friend Cory Booker will kick Christie (Rove Plant and friend of the PUMA movement) to the curb.
    Sure it will take a lot of force to move that weight, but it will be done. Governor Cory Booker (D-NJ)! Count on it!
    Obama/Biden 12′!
    PUMA never!

    • Keep it up with the fat jokes, the electorate loves that.

      In fact, the electorate just loves melodrama twelve year olds who can’t tell the difference between video games and real life–lucky for you! Lol You go! “We are coming Father Abraham, 100,000 strong…” lol Everybody sing! They’re not going away, intergalactic war is ON! Oh noes!

      • Do we still have ammo from the great keyboard wars of ol’?

        >>——–> I’ve got some arrows. (Hee hee)

      • Your party, the GOP is at 17%.
        The Democrats will gain next year once the stimulus kicks in.
        Then it’s on to 2012 and 40+ states for Obama.
        You can sit and whine all you want about how bad things are but remember it was the Republicans such as Bush and Palin who made this mess.

        • *pats New Jersey legislature gently on head, after donning gloves as a precaution* Shhh. Obama is going to win all 57 states and take you riding on a rainbow with the magic unicorn. And sing you lullabies. Go to sleep now. We are Obots, why be sad? Let’s just pretend Deeds and Corzine won like we pretend everything else. Look! I see magic puppies!

        • My party is independant and it’s at about 40% AND GROWING since neither one of the nimrod parties can actually lead worth a hill of beans thus far.

          1. Palin had nothing to do with the Federal government, she occupied a position in a state where she enjoyed great popularity. A state I might add where she increased funding to Head Start and low income health care, appointed a pro choice judge to the bench, vetoed a bill on the grounds of unconstitutionality that would have prevented gay couples from enjoying the same benefits as hetero couples enjoy, routed out corruption in her own party and forced oil to a piss on the pot or get off it and share the wealth with Alaskans. In short, she was more liberal then the second coming of St. Ronnie. So that argument is a load of crap.

          2. Your guy ran for President. He doesn’t get to spend the next 4 years whining about his predecessor. Perhaps he was unaware what the job entailed in which case he should go ahead and step down. Otherwise, shaddup about how he has to continue spying because Bush did it first.

          • Obama has to clean up Bush’s mess.
            I see your game. You are blaming Obama for something he did not do.
            Strange how your talking points sound just like the GOP’s.

          • Oh boo hoo. About time to take some responsibility and take some initiative don’t ya think. It’s called leadership.

          • If Obama couldn’t handle it, he shouldn’t have run, or he should have admitted he wasn’t up to the job. You buy it, you own it. “The Buck Stops Here” ring any bells? He’s responsible for taking a job that needs doing that he isn’t equipped for. Don’t sling a line of bs about ready on day one and then cry, but it’s hard! I didn’t know we were in a mess! We all knew, that’s why we wanted someone to fix it, not cry about it.

          • Psssst, the unemployment rate isn’t a talking point nor is the banking giveaway. They are called facts. If you don’t like them I suggest you work your backside off to get the party you elected to be in charge to change them.
            Frankly the whining about the unfairness of time not existing in a vacumm for the Democrats is just as tiresome as it was when W was busy blaming his problems on Clinton. It’s passe’ ,juvenile and non productive.

            You get 4 years to turn things around. If you can’t don’t be surprised when you are out on your keister. Excuses are like buttholes. Everyone has got one.

        • No, it was you who made the mess. So you can lie and wallow in it, or you can get off your ass and push the admin to get off its self satisfied ass and do something about said mess.

        • Ok, you know we’re going to ban you. Not because you’re that annoying but because you seem to think we are Republicans. And you also seem to have an obsession with PUMAs, which was the name we used during the primaries last year. So, clearly you are a newby here and are not paying any attention. Enjoy the dungeon.

    • yawn

  24. Why all this sudden obsession with Puma from Obots. Nobody saying Puma here. If you’re are seeking atonement from Pumas, there are plenty of other places you can go. Sorry the evening did not work out for you.

    • Of course nobody’s saying Puma! Didn’t you hear–Puma never! With the power of such mighty zingers, we will all be ground into artificial cheese flavored dust. Repent!

    • They just realized Mr Invincible can’t protect them from crushing defeat and saw a glimpse into 2010 if they can’t get the Democrats in Congress to actually DO SOMETHING that benefits the electorate instead of CIGNA or Goldman Sachs. They aren’t going to go into irrelevancy quietly gosh darn it.

      It would be funny if it weren’t so darn pathetic.

      I’m not the least bit sorry the evening didn’t work out for them.

      If they want votes they better get crackin’ on REAL HEALTH CARE reform or jobs instead of figuring they can coast on their 2008 win. It’s no longer a referendum on W.

      • Obama is the man.
        You should be ashamed of youselves!

        You will see as we gain seats next year.
        The Republican/PUMA brand is not what the people want.

        • Heh

          Yeah good luck with that.

          What are you planning on running on the giveaway to Goldman or the giveaway to Blue Cross?

          We can hardly wait to see what strategery you all are hatching.

          • You Lie.

          • “you lie” censure that legislature!

          • Mandate! Mandate! Mandate!

            I think that should be your rallying cry.

            It will go really well with all his pre election talk about how he opposed a mandate and how mean Hillary was for suggesting it. Or he can go with how he opposed McCain and his crazy nutty idea of taxing the health care of people who get care through their employee. (Oh for the good ol days when that was crazy talk eh)

            Or wait maybe you can run on the almost 10% unemployment.

            So many winning issues.

          • Yes, he’s man. And he’ll fix everything with his magic penis. It’s so much better than having a brain. Just wait!

  25. NJ Legislator,

    You obviously don’t have a clue. Obama is an ass and clearly is in over his head. PUMA’s reject the Obama camp sexism and frat boy mentality. When we see those sexist enablers lose power after steeling women’s votes and then throwing us under the bus, there is a bit of gratification that we experience even when we don’t like their prevailing opponent.

  26. hmmm looks like there a O-sheep infestation

  27. The exit polls show that this was not a reflection on Obama rather individual local matters.
    The Dems are still in the majority.
    Nice try PUMAs’s.

    • Keep dreaming and waiting, robot. Hope is bound to be just over the horizon. Time for your mantra.

      • Cue the rousing rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow…..

        Where troubles melt like lemondrops, oh way above the chimey tops……………

        • Somewhere, we can select crappy candidates like Deeds who are sure losers, then act like victims when they do, because voters who are smart enough to point out Deeds is a sure loser somehow owe us to save us from our own arrogance and stupidity. Somewhere, we don’t have to take responsibility for the consequences of our actions because nothing is ever our fault. Somewhere, b—— know their placccccceeeeee–

    • The Daily Kos not a reflection on Obama .. HA HA you keep telling your peanut size brain that

    • Heh, yeah pay no attention to how his popularity has dropped in the polls and more and more states disapprove of how the majority party is handling things. The ponies are in the mail.


    • I took a poll in the arugala aisle of Whole Foods–Obama has a 100% approval rating! Highest ever recorded! He beat tangelos!

    • Of, for crying out loud! Where the heck is myiq?

      Elections bring the worst of the worst over to our playground.

  28. I find the Obots more offensive because they are more deceitful. The Republicans are up front about their bigotry. The Obots claim to believe in gay and women’s rights when it suits them, and after getting our votes the first thing they do is throw us under the bus.

    Its like being assaulted by a family member rather than a stranger. Its always worse when its your family who screws you over.

  29. Clearly Obots can only see and think in two dimensions. No depth perception. Must make driving difficult.

  30. I’m guessing our botbait is around 12 years old. Probably time to mop up the mess. If we keep responding he’s likely to start crying.

  31. Some horrible repubs are in where they shouldn’t be all because of no real Dems running against and a failed DNC with a failed head of the party, who pretends he’s not even interested. What kind of leader of a party is not interested in how his party does in elections? No leader at all. This night has been very telling.

    Now it’s my bed time. Night all.

  32. Where’s myiq? NJ seems like a sincere but dumb and delusional kid, however the Gov Elect is so stupid and sad he can only be a blogstalker. Myiq! You’re missing your blogstalker buddies!

  33. I see several people have ignored the rule about feeding trolls.

    • There you are!

      Do your thing, handsome clown.

      • I’ll just leave the mess. If I delete the troll droppings it screws up the nesting, and I’m too tired to reedit all of them.

    • It was just like old times, with the fun!

      • That troll (it was just one) was pretty lame. They really need to work on some new material.

        I halfway expect them to say “Your mother’s an astronaut” or some other outdated insult.

        • myiq2xu i know it was pretty sad

        • I assumed it was one at first, actually NJ was so over the top looney I thought he might be a parody of an Obot, then he sounded so much like a disillusioned little kid that I thought maybe they were different people. They’re always unbearably lame, Watching them flail stupidly is the funny part. 🙂

          • Yeah, that’s the best part indeed.

            Thanks to myiq for being around watching anyway. It makies me feel secure.

        • next election day can we advertise for smarter trolls? I hear Freerepublic has a few available.

  34. Hoffman conceded about an hour ago.

  35. Just for shits and grins I checked out that Orange place – massive denial. The only thing they seem to be focusing on is the NY race won by a Dem. Get a clue, you idiots.

    • Will be interesting to see how Rush, Sean, Levin, Fred Thompson, Palin and the rest spin this loss. Maybe conversatism isn’t making quite the comeback they thought it was. There ‘ll be a lot of spinning on both sides today

      • To me the message of last night is that people want some action on saving the middle class (jobs, health care, property tax relief) and they don’t want wingnut social policies. But just wait and see. The DC Dems will interpret this to mean they shouldn’t pass health care reform and they need to move further right.

        If the Democrats don’t do something about jobs, they are dead meat in 2010 and 2012.

  36. And just so everyone is clear on this, Riverdaughter’s vote for Daggett in NJ is the single most important reason why Deeds lost in VA.

    Please make a note of it.

  37. Kos speaks (and sounds like a puma):

    Tonight’s big lesson
    by kos
    Tue Nov 03, 2009 at 09:32:52 PM PST
    There will be much number-crunching tomorrow, but preliminary numbers (at least in Virginia) show that GOP turnout remained the same as last year, but Democratic turnout collapsed. This is a base problem, and this is what Democrats better take from tonight:

    1.If you abandon Democratic principles in a bid for unnecessary “bipartisanship”, you will lose votes.
    2.If you water down reform in favor of Blue Dogs and their corporate benefactors, you will lose votes.
    3.If you forget why you were elected — health care, financial services, energy policy and immigration reform — you will lose votes.
    Tonight proved conclusively that we’re not going to turn out just because you have a (D) next to your name, or because Obama tells us to. We’ll turn out if we feel it’s worth our time and effort to vote, and we’ll work hard to make sure others turn out if you inspire us with bold and decisive action.

    The choice is yours. Give us a reason to vote for you, or we sit home. And you aren’t going to make up the margins with conservative voters. They already know exactly who they’re voting for, and it ain’t you.

    • Meh,
      He was all over the board. Earlier the reason Corzine lost was because people that voted Corzine out in New Jersey were Republicans in denial all along.

      He still doesn’t see to get the whole sitting on your hands thing and its interesting to see the mental gymnastics going on in the thread.

  38. Poor things..wasting time watching the game.

  39. Cheetos and kool-aid causes that kind of thing.

  40. Where’s Donna Brazille? I want to ask her about the new and improved Democratic coalition.You know, the one that doesn’t need us anymore. Perhaps ‘The New Jersey Legislature’ and “Govenor Elect Bob McDonnel” should be addressing their letter to her.

  41. where oh where is Donna. probably home crying in her beer.
    and calling to see if her mama has some more good advice for her lol.
    R.D. i,m sorry you are not happy.

  42. […] Riverdaughter (who lives in NJ) explains why she believes Corzine lost. Corzine’s loss should have Obama peeing his pants right now,  Those of us who voted for Corzine in 2005 thought we were voting for a financially savvy, socially liberal Democrat who would fix New Jersey’s egregious property tax system.  Corzine came to office blessed with a Democratic Assembly.  And yet, he did virtually nothing about the property tax issue.  He shuffled some things around and made incremental changes.  Then, he walked away from the issue early in his term and has spent the last four years coasting on the fact that he’s a Democrat. […]

    • ……and has spent the last four years coasting on the fact that he’s a Democrat


      Corzine did nothing for the electorate, you know, the VOTERS??? So when it came time for the campaign, he had nothing to say about his own record…cause there was nothing,…. zip,….. zero.

      And fact of the matter is what passes for Dems these days look alot like Republicans. When the electorate has a choice between two Republicans, they are going to pick the actual Republican.

  43. […] The Confluence: Corzine’s loss should have Obama peeing his pants right now. … And all you Obots out there? Be afraid. Be very afraid. Bwahahahahahaha!!!!! […]

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