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Exit, stage left


Gavin Newsom calls it quits

Chris Cillizza at WaPo:


San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom (D) ended his campaign for governor today amid faltering fundraising and an inability to make up ground on frontrunning state Attorney General Jerry Brown.

“It is with great regret I announce today that I am withdrawing from the race for governor of California,” Newsom said in a statement. “With a young family and responsibilities at City Hall, I have found it impossible to commit the time required to complete this effort the way it needs to — and should be — done.”

Brown called Newsom a “talented public official” with a “bright future” in a statement in the wake of Newsom’s announcement.

Even an endorsement from the Big Dawg couldn’t save Newsom.


Jerry Brown

And then there was one:

When Attorney General Jerry Brown, 71, became the last man standing in the 2010 Democratic gubernatorial field on Friday, the battle-scarred warrior with four decades in state politics pulled off a remarkable feat in California – home to an elbow-throwing pack of ambitious Democratic politicians.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom’s abrupt withdrawal from the race means that Brown – the former two-term governor and three-time presidential candidate – is now his party’s sole hope to succeed GOP Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and head the world’s eighth-largest economy.

Brown has reportedly raised over $7 million even though he is not officially running yet.  Unless some big name celebrity or politician like Dianne Feinstein enters the Democratic race Brown will be able to save that money for the general election next November.

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13 Responses

  1. That man has perfect hair.. lol.

  2. Jerry Brown for President in 2012!

  3. So who’s on the GOP side. Meg Whitman, who says she’s running because she was bored after retiring from eBay. Great Meg. Don’t know anything about Campbell.

  4. That clever old Jesuit, Jerry Brown. He’s cool even when he’s bald and 71.

  5. What’s more disturbing, on the other side o the aisle, conservatives kicked out of the race a moderate republican in a NY congress special election. And Obama is transparent – when everyone is looking – and not so much when we’re not

  6. I guess they were going to use Newsom’s support of gay marriage against him. Of course, Brown never publicly supported gays you know. See how beneficial it is to stay on the sidelines? Tricks picked up from Obama.

    • Brown’s been crafty and cunning since before Obama was born ( which is not necessarily a bad thing in politics – depends on how you use your power ).
      Barry could learn a few things from Jerry.

    • Brown challenged the constitutionality of Prop H8 in court.

      That’s not staying on the sidelines.

  7. Newsom didn’t drop out because of the same sex marriage issue. If you google ‘jerry brown same sex marriage’ you’ll see that gay marriage opponents are also against Jerry.

    Newsom dropped out because the polls showed him 20 points behind Brown (who has yet to declare his candidacy) and because Brown has outfundraised Newsom 7 to 1.

    I voted for Newsom both times he ran for mayor; I liked that Newsom supported Hillary Clinton last year; but I believe Brown would be a better governor. Newsom doesn’t even try to get along with the SF board of supervisors (equivalent to a city council) and he would not work well with the California legislature. Jerry is crafty and cunning indeed, and that’s what we need in a California governor.

    • Perhaps Californians are disturbed enough about their current situation to not want to trust another surprise in control of their recovery. If Brown can do for California what Obama can’t/doesn’t care to do for the country, even the most dedicated hopey/changey’s will abandon the One.

  8. there goes the eye candy, dammit.

  9. Frontpagers, hopefully you are enjoying a morning of rest! You are such deserving troopers!

    Off topic:

    “Obama’s Support From Pa. Independents Erodes”

    This has been alluded to before, but NPR has finally picked it up.

    Sigovich, who is 19 and without health insurance, says she’s disappointed Obama hasn’t yet been able to push through a health care overhaul.

    Polls say she’s not alone in her dissatisfaction. One released by Franklin and Marshall College last week shows just 40 percent of voters in Pennsylvania believe the president is doing a good or excellent job, versus 59 percent who grade his performance as fair or poor. Among independents, his approval rating is even lower.

  10. Wasting time by watching the morning political shows. I think it says a lot when the only minority on This Week with George S. is Al Sharpton discussing race relations. I’m pretty sure the two worse people you could possibly pick to discuss race relations is George Will and Al Sharpton with George moderating the discussion along with a few of the villagers in the press. And they wonder why race relations haven’t gotten better since Obama took office.

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