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Halloween Frights and Funnies: Party Open Thread

The time nears when ghosts, goblins, witches, and black cats will be lining the darkened streets of your neighborhood in search of “Tricks” or “Treats.”  Halloween, October 31st, has been linked to several religious and pagan celebrations such as the Celtic festival of Samhain, the Christian holiday of All Saints (All Hallows Eve), or the Anglo-Saxon’s Winterfylleth.  However, we know it as the night when the Great Pumpkin rises out of the most “sincere” pumpkin patch.  Linus Van Pelt will be waiting…how about you?

Rico -halloweenRico’s on duty making his “killer” BLOODY Marys, and will make sure that BLOOD Orange-tinis are dripping from the fountain all night.  We also have a case of Vampire Merlot for those that prefer to drink sweet, dark-red fluids and several Pumpkin Ales on tap.  If you’re trying to keep your wits about you, there’s always hot and cold cider.

We’ll be bobbing for (Adam’s) apple as soon as his severed head arrives, so grab a coffin chair, pull your hair back to expose your neck (you never know when the Count might stop by) and enjoy some spooky (and some very silly) snippets of a Halloween-ish nature.

We’re looking for the most outrageous, original, or downright incredible costume — Post your entries (picture links or detailed descriptions) below!

And make sure to check any “Finger” food before you take a bite.

For the right effect, open one of these youtube links in another tab or window and let run in the background, just to get you in the mood. Halloween Sounds —  Scary Halloween Music —  Monster MashJumpin’ Jean Simmons and The Haunted House SongMichael Jackson’s Thriller


I’m going to start with the CREEPIEST thing I’ve ever come across.  It is guaranteed to bring the words, What the  #@$!??? to your lips:  Conclave Obscurum.  I wonder if it’s one of those things that cause you to die if you watch it.  How long do you dare watch?  Wait till you get to the blood drops and run your cursor over them…OK… I won’t tell you any more.



OK.  Now that the blood has curdled in your veins,  let’s start out with some

Spine-chilling stories and essays

Death has it’s own blog.  Do you want to know what the Grim Reaper’s best friend thinks?  Find out at Death’s Blog or you can learn all about death at Death Central.



Riverdaughter is a fan of podcasts and so are many of the Confluence’s regulars.  For the podcast crowd, here are several spooky-themed interviews and stories to facilitate a frightful night: Ghost Chronicles.  For Civil War buffs, there’s even an interview with Mark Nesbitt, the author of the Ghosts of Gettysburg series.



Tonight’s other competition is for the best, most traumatizing, horror flick.  My personal favorites are:

The Exorcist

or The Ring

What are your favorites?


Here are a few of the biggies: Ten Great Ghost Movies — but if you’ve seen all of the more popular horror flicks, here is a list of some lesser known ones to check out: 10 horror movies for Halloween that you may never have seen before.  And finally, even Wes Craven has a few movies that give him goosebumps:  10 movies that even scare Wes Craven.


You may never look at your vintage Raggedy Ann doll again in the same way after reading this story: The Possessed Doll


And just the look of this doll gives me the willies: Robert the Haunted Doll (you see the doll at about 2 min. 30 sec.)


Still looking for some scary stories to tell by flashlight?  Here are several that might do the trick:  Ghost Stories and Tales of the Unnatural, Moonlit Ghost Tales, Ghost Stories.  There are even a few podcasts.

Travel Ideas


You don’t have to go to hell just because others have suggested it to you.  You can always check out The World’s 5 Creepiest Places and have a helluva time.  One is the Catacombs of Paris where the remains of several million dead can be observed stacked into a wall along one of the corridors.


There are also the 18 Creepiest Landscapes on Earth if you’re more of the Gruesome Geology type like me.  You might find the Icelandic Stone Trolls interesting, where the mountain sides are riddled with images of these gruesome goblins.  A photo reveals several in one spot.


Those who find themselves in a spooky travel mood and who enjoy having their adrenaline spike to unhealthy levels can opt for one of these Real Haunted Places to spend your Halloween holiday.  At the Lodge Resort in New Mexico, you just may run into Rebecca, the friendly chambermaid ghost known to haunt these quarters.


Or, if you’re in Louisiana, you can head 2 hours north of Dakinikat’s neck of the woods and spend a fitful night at One of America’s Most Haunted Homes: The Myrtles Plantation.



If you are still in need of a terrifying travel destination, try these Top 10 places to get spooked on Halloween or take a Vampire Vacation.


Frightful Facts and Spooky Stories


Just because you hear noises doesn’t mean there isn’t an axe murderer trying to pick your lock.  Or it could be one of these insane and murderous animals:  10 Worst Serial Killers


If you were planning to do so, you may want to rethink that project to resurrect the deceased :  10 Reasons Not to Bring Someone Back from the Dead.  Reason #3 — They’ll try to kill you afterward.


Don’t close your eyes at night my friends.  They just might be outside your window because they’re real!!!!Scientific Reasons to believe in Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies. Regarding Zombies and the process of “zombification.”

Zombification?  Now there’s a word I just might use again.


Awww…even Vampires need love:  Vampires Tie the Knot


There’s no such thing as a run of the mill vampire.  Actually, there are at least 23 types of vampires…you’ll very likely recognize a few.  23 Unusual Vampire Variations


Don’t settle for crackpots peddling pictures of orbs and smoke.  Get the real deal — The 30 most infamous ghost photos ever taken


Never fear.  If your Halloween party invites are a bit lacking, you can always find some interesting conversationalists by tapping into one of these “clubs.”  10 Doomsday Cults


Donald Mills at crabbyoldfart.com weighs in for the holiday of horrors: Affronts to Old People #7: God Damned Teenage Trick or Treaters

Few things chaff my thighs more than damned teenagers who don’t know when to hang up the pillowcase and stop trolling for free candy on Halloween.

I have no objection to doling out some boxed raisins or wintergreen lozenges to a damned 3-year old in a Garfield costume but I get pretty incensed when some pock-marked 17-year old smelling of old bong water and sloth shows up at my door with a insolent scowl and a demand for free food.

From the comment section, an appropriate video to accompany the post:


You could spend quite a bit of time at this creepy site where the owner has a large collection of morbid information, blogs, links, and photos.  The Asylum Eclectica.


and of course

Everything you wanted to know about Halloween but were too afraid to ask: 7 Burning Halloween Questions: Answered!


Eerie Entertaining Tips

Having a Party?  You may find some great ideas for your Boo-ti-full Buffet among these Gruesome Halloween Food creations



Ghostly gourds are only a knife away…if you’re willing to wield sharp objects and dig out the slimy guts of a gourd with your bare hands.  Take a moment to check out these Stunning Pumpking Carvings


And if you’re just looking for some (heh) “cutting edge”Pumpkin Carving ideas, here you’ll find Extreme Pumpkin Carving Ideas. But don’t kid yourself into thinking you could try these at home.  This guy is the Master Pumpkin Carver: Amazing Pumpkin Carvings by Ray Villafane



Need a main dish for that special spooky soiree?  There’s nothing better than a chunk of Meat Hand.  MMMMmmmm.  (blech!)


You just might thrill and chill your party guests if you make one of these horrifying cakes: The Most Awful Cakes Every




For all the ghoulish Martha Stewarts out there, wouldn’t you like to know how to make your very own charred corpse?  Of course you would, so the instructions can be found here.  How to Make a Charred Corpse.  Now that’s something I just might try.  Then again, you can always just buy a corpse: Corpses for Sale.


My mouth watered the whole way through this recipe slideshow.  Everything Pumpkin!! Pumpkin Desserts Slideshow.


And it’s not a party without: Oh Boy!  Party games (bwahahahahahahahaha!!!)  Any volunteers?  9 Insane Torture Techniques.  OK, if you’re not game for some “who’s hiding in the Iron Maiden,” you can always play one of these Halloween Video Games:  The Pumpkin Game, or for anyone who’s itching to know if they’re possessed or a vampire try this: We’ll be the judge of that.


Creepy and Crazy Costumes

If you’re looking to dispel all doubt this year that you’re the tackiest and most inappropriate Hallo-weener of all, select your attire from This year’s most inappropriate Halloween costumes.  And then of course there are The Most Offensive Halloween Costumes of 2009 to choose from.


Dressing up Fido for your trick or treat trek?  Here are 25 Creative Dog Costume ideas that will have your four-legged friend tricking and treating in style.  Not enough dogalicious creepy couture?  Here are several more:  Doggies on (Halloween) Parade. Dogs in Costumes, and how about your cat? Cats in Costumes.  Finally, we can’t leave out your goats and iquanas:  Pets in costumes.

The Final Fright-filled Word

You know those scary,creepy set-ups your most creative neighbors whip up to decorate their houses on Halloween?  Don’t be so sure it’s their artistry that makes it look so real.  Neighbors thought dead man was a Halloween display


and since there is nothing more frightening than this, I leave you with these images:









and if that doesn’t scare you…

What’s making the hair stand up on the back of YOUR neck these days?


This is an Open Thread — but we’re also looking for the “Best Costume” and “Scariest Horror Movie.”  What are your entries?

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210 Responses

  1. I’m having an Ambita Pecan harvest ale 🙂

  2. SOD – this is superb! Happy (almost) Halloween!

  3. {{{waiting to find out what joanelle and dakinikat’s costumes are}}}

  4. Watch for a few spontaneous rounds of Halloween trivia later.

  5. Well, I thought I’d come as a Zombie Bank

  6. Good idea – hoping Rico can make me a great Kamakazi – that should warm me up.


  8. Where is everybody ❓

    • It’s still early. Plenty of time to browse the shelves in the meantime. 🙂

  9. Gosh, I just love this thread!!! It’s a blustery, cold, wet and windy night, and it’s just what I need!!! There’s just tons of goodies here!!! I love the Myrtles, I’m trying to get youngest daughter to spend the night there with me.

    • May I recommend the “Crabby Old Fart” blog post. it’s a ROFLaffer for sure. So true!

  10. Hey nice choice of music, SOD

  11. Wow, SOD, what a round-up! Great job.

    Two scariest movies for me were Psycho and The Fly.

    For scary costumes, I could dress up as either Tim Geithner or Larry Summers, although Senator Coburn comes in a close second.

  12. Anyone check out the “Conclave Obscurum” yet? You have to hang in there for a while and click around to get full effect. WEIRD! Dunno what it is but it is creepy.

    • Wierd isn’t the word for it Sod – you’re a sick puppy!

      But then my eventually husband took me to see Psycho on our first date!

      We’ve been married a little over 45 years so I wonder what the says about me. :):

  13. I was thinking about the election yesterday, and it ocurred to me that I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if we find out in about 5-10 years that a bunch of guys (those guys) were sitting around one night about 5-6 years ago and made a bet one saying that he’d put up the money – no matter how much and bet that he could put whomever he wanted in the WH – and he put his team of wet behind the ears guys together and told them all that if they won he’d make them all rich.

    They could do whatever it took to win and he would cover the cost.

    • aaaaahahahahakakakakakaka!!!!!!!!!! That’s scary!!!! 😯 But probably not that much of a stretch

  14. Oh, gosh — it’s going to take me all night to read these links! I guess I’d better get going before all that Vampire Merlot goes to my head.

  15. Tada! I’m dressed as Goldman Sachs!


    I made it myself. 🙂

  16. Did anyone else notice that Nancy Pelosi and Hillary were wearing the exact same necklace yesterday?

  17. What fun! I’ve been to 7 of the 10 haunted travel destinations, but nothing unusual happened.

    • wow. that’s pretty good. (going to that many)

      • I thought so. The most interesting was Roswell. They had an old SAC base there, and I was financing a client who was thinking of using the huge airport hangar to manufacture buses. The runway was 6 feet of solid concrete in order to support the weight of the bombers.

    • When we lived in the French Quarter, littlest daughter made me wake up all the time to go see if we could see the ghosts dancing in the Beauregarde house all the time. It was just around the corner and then one of the really haunted buildings is Nick Cage’s House it was a few doors from our place. She was always ghosting hunting as a kid there.

  18. Katiebird – I’ve missed you – don’t see you here that much anymore

  19. OK…first Halloween trivia question: (nest answer)

    Bobbing for apples is thought to have originated from a Roman festival — what was it?

  20. Oh, my older son is a Roman history geek – we were just talking about this last week – one of the days of the festival was honoring the Goddess of fruits and trees – I think her name was Pomena or something like that

  21. woo hoo!

  22. Trivia question #2: Who was the only actor ever to play each of the following characters: Dracula, The Wolfman, Frankenstein and The Mummy?
    (nest answers)

  23. Wow! What an amazing post! Thanks, SoD.

    I’d like a pumpkin latte please. My favorite ghost movie is The Changling, starting George C. Scott.


  24. Fun links!

    I remember watching the Exorcist on TV with commercials and many scenes cut out, it still gave me nightmares! I’ve never wanted to see the un-cut version.

    • OMG I was about 12 or 13 when I saw that. I don’t think I slept for 6 days. It scared the $#i^T out of me!

    • The book was a lot scarier. I’m re-reading it right now.

      • The book really adds to the understanding of the story. About the housekeepers and the Catholicism connection. That’s what scared me the most. The whole premise was that the belief in God was what caused the possession. Bad news for a kid in Catholic school.

        I kept thinking I was going to get possessed!!

  25. I think it would be pretty far back to play all of them – Lon Chaney?

  26. Oh, my gosh I pulled that one out of my…..

    • Keep this up, joanelle, and we may all have to chip in to sponsor you as our Jeopardy candidate.

  27. Just don’t watch those movies – I figure I don’t need that stuff in my space.

  28. Speaking of scary clowns, where is myiq?

  29. I think it was Jr. who played the role in the remakes and subsequent wolfman movies in the …40’s?

  30. Yeah, I was wondering the same thing

  31. Dumb luck can only prevail for so long

  32. Trivia question #3: What movie marked the first time a toilet was not only shown, but also flushed on the big screen?

    (nest answers)

  33. Boomer — do you like my costume? (top of thread)

    • OMG! I was laughing so hard after I clicked that link that I accidentally closed my browser.

  34. I only remember 2 movies that had a toilet flush – Schindler’s List and Psycho – since Psycho is the earlier one I’ll guess that’s it but it could have been something much earlier – although Jack Paar couldn’t use the term “water closet” later than that on TV – oh, boy – I’ll say Psycho – Marian flushed it right before she stepped into that fateful shower

  35. Hollly schmolly – well, it’s someone else’s turn – I have to go – friends just dropped by. See you in the morning – thanks for the drink SOD and a great parteeee! Bye all.

  36. Trivia question #4:

    What serial killer was known as, ‘Pogo,’ and, ‘The Clown Killer?

  37. Has anyone tried the “meat hand” on the buffet? I’m a veggie so I can’t partake.

  38. Trivia question #5:

    The Celts believed that on October 31st of every year, their sun-god would be taken prisoner by an evil spirit named, Samhain.

    Samhain was thought to have called forth spirits of the recently deceased to take the form of animals in order to create fear and chaos among the living. What animal form was considered to be the most evil of these loathsome diabolical creatures?

  39. OK, here’s a classic scary movie, pit and the pendulum. I don’t know if hulu embeds work, probably not. If below is nothing, here’s the regular link:

  40. You’ll never guess….. I’m dressed as a pirate. 🙂 Boo.

  41. I lost much sleep due to this Vincent Price flick. 10 year olds should never watch “Dr. Phibes.”

  42. My favorite ghost story is “The Uninvited” ( 1944 ) with Ray Milland and Gail Russell. Not so scary but very haunting and romantic.

  43. Hi guys – Happy Halloween!!

    Thanks SOD, Great classic flicks. My favorite horror sci-fi was from the ’80s – the remake of The Thing by John Carpenter. You just never knew who was going to get contaminated next. And that all time great line “you got to be f**king kidding”

    • aaaaahhhhhh!! I never saw that one but the clip looks gross!! (Gross is good for Halloween)

  44. Trivia question #6 (here’s an easy one)

    Jack-O-Lanterns originated WHERE, were made of WHAT, and served what purpose?

  45. super creepy scary movie: Bram Stoker’s Dracula

  46. From Lady Wilde’s collection of Irish folklore ( she was Oscar Wilde’s mother ):
    In ancient Ireland, on Hallow Eve, “power is given to the dead, and they rise from their graves and go forth amidst the living, and can work good or evil, no man hindering; and at midnight they hold a festival like the fairies of the hill, and drink red wine from fairy cups, and dance in their white shrouds to fairy music till the first red dawn of day.”
    They knew how to party.

  47. Trivia question #8 (this one was for myiq, but since he’s not around…)

    What was the name of Wednesday Adam’s pet spider?

  48. Well, I took the “Are you a Serial Killer” test at the “We’ll be the judge of that link” and this was my answer:

    That’s it? Are you serious? At this time, a murderous assault by you would be about the same as being ravaged by a dead sheep. You need to watch more ‘nightly news’ to enhance your bloodthirsty transgression.

  49. Reposting Trivia question #8

    What was the name of Wednesday Adam’s pet spider?

  50. On the “How Fat is your Butt” test I got:

    Your butt is so fat, your tailor shouldn’t give you a price list, he should give you an estimate. And no, Cheerios are not donut seeds.

  51. LOL — from the testimonials at the “Buy a Corpse” site:

    I received the corpse! It is soooooooo awesome!!! Thanks!! My parents got a riot out of it. My dad drove it home sitting in the front seat:-) Anthony

  52. This is classic. you can buy Vampire stakes and a cross here:

    and at the bottom it has a disclaimer “For professional use only.”

  53. Happy Halloween All!

  54. Trivia question #9:
    Which is the only horror movie to be nominated for 10 Academy Awards?

  55. “Repulsion” — ugh! a Polanski film

  56. “The Exorxcist” won 10 AAs.

    “Repulsion” was nominated for 11 AAs.

  57. Yep!

  58. “Repulsion” (what I feel everytime I think about Polanski) was a psychological horror film. I thought it was boring. After seeing “Psycho” when I was 14, no film since has scared me.

    • Who is almost as scary as Roman Polanski? Gore Vidal, of course. Once again, no one hates women like progressive woman haters. And they believe in truth, justice and the American way, so they must be justified and right.

    • I thought Repulsion was boring too, but when I first saw Rosemary’s Baby (1968), it scared the hell out of me!

  59. Dak… I just saw your links (digg,tweet, share) above.

    Nice touch! 🙂

  60. Da google man said so (Horror film nominated for 10 Academy Awards — 3rd entry down). It was nominated, but probably didn’t win “squat”.

  61. Did anyone see “The Blob” recently on TCM, starring Steve McQueen? It was silly, not scarry.

    • I guess it seems like that now. But when I saw it as an 9 year old in the early 70s, it was pretty darn horrifying.

  62. Trivia question #10
    What was the name of the very first werewolf movie?

  63. Don’t know about werewolves, but here’s a scary tidbit: Uppity Woman mentioned the other day that she’s still getting a lot of hits to her blog from people using the search term “Obama will pay my mortgage”. I’d call that some pretty scary stupid voters.

  64. OMG — here are the most offensive Halloween costumes I’ve ever seen. OMG OMG OMG


  65. SOD — Thanks for this post. I nominate it for 12 AAs! Lots of fun, but have to go.

  66. The blind woman in ” Don’t Look Now ” used to give me nightmares.

    Trivia: Who wrote the short story ” Don’t Look Now ” is based on?

  67. Easiest Halloween costume ever since wearing a big plastic bag and going as the White Trash from Down the Street. Michelle Phan shows you how to dress like a ninja:

    She has other costume looks too.

  68. Daphne DeMaurier

    • NYSmike is correct!

      Supposedly Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland actually had sex in the movie’s love scene. Sex with Donald Sutherland kinda creeps me out, too.

  69. Scary Mary:

    Hide your children

    • OMG — I will never look at Mary the same way again.

      • I got it from Brook. She has a sick and twisted sense of humor. I don’t know where she gets it.

        For Halloween, she is going as the house from Up. She built it herself.

  70. Stateofdisbelief, you host a great party!

    I must depart, as it is almost the witching hour.

  71. Thanks, SOD, and other Conflucians here tonight. Great party. Bedtime for me now.

  72. ot
    I am at work so I can not link but newscred.com says Gavin Newsome has pulled out of the California governors race.

    Happy Holloween. I will see the pictures when I get home.



  73. Thanks SoD and everyone for a fun read. Wish I could have joined earlier. Here’s dum dum is his costume.


  74. for radio listeners–Coast to Coast airs @ 10 pm PST. The Holloween special is “Ghost to Ghost.”

  75. THAT”S Rico???


    • You should’ve been here last night Cat. Rico was dressed as an artist’s anatomy model. Mmmm hmmm. 😉

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