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Nature’s Canvas: Breathtaking Autumn Colors in the Pine Creek Gorge

Pine Creek Gorge 1 10-24-09

Splashes of bright yellows, reds, orange, and green make Fall foliage in Pennsylvania's Grand Canyon a sight to behold

My husband and I decided to celebrate our anniversary with a relaxing getaway to Tioga County, PA.  We hadn’t visited this beautiful area for almost 2 decades and thought that it would be the perfect time of year to enjoy the breathtaking canvass of colors that Pine Creek Gorge in the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon is famous for.  We selected a lovely little Bed & Breakfast in this quaint little town, hoping to find some tranquility to accompany our autumn views. (By the way, what is it with people who wear their pajamas and fuzzy slippers to breakfast at a B&B? … but I digress.)

The Gorge did not disappoint.  So, while my husband naps I thought I’d share some photos of our morning at the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.

A lovely place for a picnic in Leonard Harrison State Park

A lovely place for a picnic in Leonard Harrison State Park

We approached the canyon via Leonard Harrison State Park.  Almost 20 years ago we sat here at one of these picnic tables with our daughter.  There is something about the sight of fallen leaves that calms me.

Bright Foliage amid the fog in Pine Creek Gorge

Bright Foliage amid the fog in Pine Creek Gorge

When we first arrived, a morning fog wafted through the canyon making for an interesting view.  Despite the prior weekend’s snow, and a report of full foliage on October 13th, the canyon remained striking in its hues.

Morning fog in Pine Creek Gorge

Morning fog in Pine Creek Gorge

The fog continued throughout the morning but began to lift around 11:00am when we reached the valley side look-out area.

Pine Creek Gorge Valley

Pine Creek Gorge Valley

Even though the weather report called for rain all day, we found ourselves amid all of this beauty as the rain abated and the sun peeked through.  It was a glorious morning in the canyon.

Even the hiking path was lined with spectacular and abundant color.

Even the hiking path was lined with spectacular and abundant color.

I hope your weekend is also enjoyable and relaxing.  And now I think I’ll join my hubby in that nap.

Happy Fall Y’all!

19 Responses

  1. wow..beautiful pictures
    happy anniversary.S.O.D
    thanks for sharing that just made my day

  2. Those are some awesome pics. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to have to visit once I make to Pennsylvania.

  3. Those are gorgeous, you and katiebird take the most amazing photos. Have a great time and happy anniversary.

  4. Your pictures are beauty for the soul. Thank you.
    Happy Anniversary. Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy.



  5. Wow, beautiful!!! Almost makes me long for seasons again …

  6. Oh, SOD – that is breathtaking – enjoy and congratulations on your anniversary! It sounds like you and yours are good friends – I too have been very lucky in that regard. Have a wonderful weekend! 😉

  7. SoD,

    These photos are amazingly beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing them. Have a wonderful anniversary!

  8. SoD- Having a tough day and those pictures lifted my spirit. Thanks for sharing.

    Congratulations on your Anniversary. You and Mr. SoD are very lucky. Enjoy your nap.

  9. thanks, that did my heart good. and many congrats.

  10. Congrats on your anniversary SOD. The tree pics are beautiful.

  11. Congratulations SOD. You and yours pick the most de-lick-u-us places for get-aways. I thought your photos from Yosemite were spectacular and these from Pine Creek Gorge are equally so. Both venues show us the awe inspiring range of the woman in charge of landscape design. I share your view on the calming effects of fallen leaves; it is equal to the quiet sounds of falling snow in soothing my ruffled feathers. Thank you, thank you.

  12. just stunning!

    thank you

  13. Beautiful pix–thanks for sharing. I enjoy your travelogues.

  14. Absolutely, stunningly beautiful! Thanks!

  15. Beautiful photos, SOD. They are reminiscent of the sights we see at this time of year in Bolton Landing, a small village that time forgot up in Adirondack Park here in New York State. It is amazing that nature will go out in blazing colors just before it hibernates.

  16. Happy Anniversary, SoD-and many more 🙂

    PS I hope the B&B guest wasn’t wearing those awful slippers with the bunny heads…

    • Ha! No. but they were pink and fuzzy and she had pajamas with cupcakes all over them.

      We’re on our way home at the moment. I think I might write about the “B and B” experience. It certainly had some unusual (at least for us) aspects to it.

  17. I especially love the colorful hillside intermigled with fog. The hills make me think of Southeastern Ohio where I went to High School.

    • Yes, I think those are my favorites too. That fog was so graceful and the light on the canyon was just enough to let the colors through nicely.

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