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What will it take for Koolaid drinkers to finally accept reality?

Some still refuse to see the truth

Some still refuse to see the truth

The Obama administration’s betrayals of liberalism are ubiquitous. Has he ever kept a single one of his campaign promises? They could hardly be called promises anyway, since Obama had such a long history of voting “present” before he ran for President. Way back in January, 2008, I was asking Obama supporters to name an issue that he really cared about enough to stand and fight.

I never got a clear answer–because Obama never made those kinds of commitments. He was always wishy-washy and all over the place when it came to important issues. Yet we are still seeing passionate Obama supporters who fail to deal with this reality. Here are three examples of Obama administration betrayals that I found today in about 10 minutes of ‘net surfing.

Outrage #1

Long-time Obama stooge and Huffpo columnist Sam Stein reports today that unnamed “Hill aides” have complained to him that the votes for the public option would be there in the Senate if only President Obama would step up and fight for its inclusion in the health care reform bill.

“There is a clear sense that it would be helpful,” said one senior Democratic aide. “Throughout this entire debate the White House line has been ‘We will weigh in when it is necessary’…. Well now we need 60 votes. So if it’s not necessary now, then when will it be?”

“I think folks in general in Congress were looking to the president to clearly define his feeling on the issue,” another aide said. “And I don’t think he has done that on the public option from the get-go… With a lot of senators nervous because of elections or other political dynamics, it would be helpful for the president to send a strong signal that this is what he wants in the final bill.”

Let me get this straight. There are still people working for U.S. Senators who actually believe that Obama supports the inclusion of a public option in the bill?! And these morons are helping to run our government? No wonder things are so f**ked up! These “Hill aides” need to put down the Koolaid glass and step away from the punch bowl. Time for a reality check. Obama doesn’t care about the public option. He will only accept one if it is either completely neutered or forced on him. Pull up your britches and fight for it yourself!

Outrage #2

Bob Herbert, who has permanently destroyed his own credibility with his servile sucking up to Obama, both as candidate and as President, is horrified that the rich are getting richer quicker now than they did under George W. Bush.

I wrote a column that ran three days before Christmas in 2007 that focused on the deeply disturbing disconnect between Wall Streeters harvesting a record crop of bonuses — billions on top of billions — while working families were having a very hard time making ends meet.

We would later learn that December 2007 was the very month that the Great Recession began. I wrote in that column: “Even as the Wall Streeters are high-fiving and ordering up record shipments of Champagne and caviar, the American dream is on life support.”

So we had an orgy of bonuses just as the recession was taking hold and now another orgy (with taxpayers as the enablers) that is nothing short of an arrogantly pointed finger in the eye of everyone who suffered, and continues to suffer, in this downturn.

Whether P.T. Barnum actually said it or not, there is a sucker born every minute. American taxpayers might want to take a look in the mirror. If the epithet fits…

Time for you to look in the mirror, Bob. You helped foist this nightmarish presidency on the rest of us. Now you’re complaining that Obama helped out the investment bankers who gave him the money to run his campaign and celebrate his inauguration? Give me a break. You’re the sucker–and you used your powerful position in the media to ensure that the rich would get richer, the poor would get poorer, and the middle class would disappear. Well, to be honest, Herbert still isn’t blaming Obama. He has all kinds of complaints and suggestions, but he doesn’t deal with the fact that, as President, Obama is responsible for what’s happening. The government could have provided money to put people to work instead of handing the U.S. Treasury over to the banks. The government could institute regulations to prevent the bankers from using taxpayer money to fund their gambling habits and their obscene bonuses. But he didn’t. It was a choice.

Outrage #3

Remember that amendment that Al Franken pushed for? The amendment to prevent military contractors from getting away with rape? It turns out that the Defense Department opposed that amendment–with the support of the White House.

A message sent to senators Oct. 6, discovered by reporter Ryan Grimm, shows that Obama’s Pentagon opposed the measure.

“The DoD opposes the proposed amendment,” a message from the administration said.

A White House spokesman told Grimm they supported the amendment’s “intent.”

“We support the intent of the amendment, and we’re working with the conferees to make sure that it is enforceable,” spokesman Tommy Vietor said.

The intent? The White House supports the “intent” of the amendent (which is to allow victims of rape like gang-rape survivor Jamie Leigh Jones)? So what’s the problem?

“The Department of Defense, the prime contractor, and higher tier subcontractors may not be in a position to know about such things. Enforcement would be problematic, especially in cases where privity of contract does not exist between parties within the supply chain that supports a contract,” the Pentagon’s remarks added. “It may be more effective to seek a statutory prohibition of all such arrangements in any business transaction entered into within the jurisdiction of the United States, if these arrangements are deemed to pose an unacceptable method of recourse.”

Oh, I see. No. I don’t. WTF?! That sounds like stalling to me. It’s nothing but goblety-gook! It seems to me that simply making sure that rape victims can sue the employers who made their rapes possible ought to solve the problem. Honestly!

Obamaphiles have been painting the Republicans who voted against the amendment as pro-rape. What will they do now that it’s clear that White House was on the side of the pro-rape Repubs?

Here is what Ryam Grim had to say about this at Huffpo today:

The amendment, sponsored by Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.), is intended to address the type of Kafka-esque treatment Jamie Leigh Jones received from the U.S. justice system after she was gang-raped by fellow KBR workers. The defense contractor argued that her employment contract required that her claim be heard in private arbitration rather than in open court.

When thirty Republicans lined up against an amendment that would have required defense contractors to allow their employees access to U.S. courts in cases of rape or sexual assault, Jon Stewart ripped them to pieces.

“I understand we’re a divided country, some disagreements on health care. How is ANYONE against this?” he wondered.

It’s a question, it turns out, best addressed to the White House.

It’s time some of the Koolaid drinkers went into detox and recovered the use of their frontal cortexes. Stop blaming everyone else but yourselves and Obama for the way things are going. Those of us who saw Obama for what he was and stayed true to our liberal beliefs could use a little help.

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86 Responses

  1. Dynamite post, bb.

    I have to wonder, though, about the hope that the obots will recover the use of their frontal cortexes. How will that help? It’s not what they think with.

  2. great post, bb. All this whining now and no one saying they really misjudged the Obama candidacy. They’re still deep in denial and we’re still hearing excuses too.

  3. I was amazed today when someone said to me, “If you go on another Obama rant I am going to go.” The reason I was amazed is that this person was nodding in support of what I said about Obama’s gay hate agenda just two days ago. Confronted with evidence, most of the time I get comments like, “Well, I have never heard that before,” or “I just don’t know about that, I guess.” I am not suggesting people just take my word for it. Go look. I will give you the words to google. You want to see his gay hate, his contempt for the environment (see PEER’s ObamaWatch), his failure to stand up for health care for the poor and elderly…it’s not like you won’t find what I found. Do research. No one ever said any of this about Bush, though. If anyone said, “Bush did this crazy thing…” people would accept it as gospel. Only if you challenge The One are you in trouble.

    • My mom is still doing that too–pretending like it’s the first time she’s heard this stuff. She doesn’t even like Obama that much, but she just can’t deal with the horror of what’s happening.

    • I hope you told him/her to have a nice trip. 😉 Speaking truth is what we do, if some people can not handle the truth it is not our problem.

  4. Sorry – this is OT but I just read the article below at HuffPost written by a Minister/Therapist.


    She says that women aren’t happy and we just need to get in touch with our femininity. Oh barf…

    • some one said Ariana’s writing about about how to be happy as a woman and all this is just to get her book presales up

    • OMG! I missed that one.

    • I was on the elliptical at the gym when Maria Shriver came on the Today Show to do a piece on American Women and changing sex roles. I wanted to strangle her. Of course, I was in Baltimore and she was in Manhattan, but I still wanted to strangle her. America and her women would be in much better shape if her cousin, her uncle and she did not ram Obama and his incompetence down our throat. How can she profess to be Ms. Feminist, when she personally worked to ensure that America’s First Women President was undemocratically denied? She is dead to me. (I love saying that, it sounds so dramatic.)

  5. Howard Dean gave a talk at my school today and I managed to catch some of it between engagements. I have to say, I still don’t get it. How can he speak on one hand about everything wrong with the Baucus Bill and, yet, turn right around to talk about how totally awesome BO is? I do not get it. Don’t even get me started on the bitter oldster stuff he pulled out of his back pocket. I was with him, ten seconds from buying the book he was peddling, then he just goes on to a tangent that caused such cognitive dissonance that I had to leave the room. He had some good points, but they were highly overshadowed by his bullshit about my generation. He told us not to screw it up and all I could think was, Too late.

    • Oy. But it’s good to see you, Regency.

      I just noticed today that the guy who wrote “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man is going to speak at my school. I’m thinking of going.

      • Nice to see ya. I’m around all the time, I generally just have nothing to say or no time to say it. You see my twitter procrastination habits.

        I’d see that guy if I were you. Maybe he’ll have something truly enlightening to say. I mean, I left Dean to go draw a red X on a shirt to represent the Invisible Children in Uganda. That was somehow less disappointing.

        I can say that it was entertaining seeing the guy dressed up as the Grim Reaper with a sign saying “the Grim Reaper of Socialism” going up to the mic to ask a question. I should have stuck around for that.

    • Regency!

      Where have you been? We were about to post a reward to try to find you.

    • thank goddess you didn’t buy the book!

      • I was this close. Then he pulled the card. You know the one I mean and I wanted to smack him. Really? Older people are bitter? Really? He said that my generation is the generation of conciliation while his was the more contentious and that they’d go down fighting, and keep fighting in Hell or Heaven, wherever they ended up. It…made me really sad how docile we sounded comparatively. God, my generation are like “stupid, masochistic lamb[s],” to quote a terrible book called Twilight. We’re going down and we don’t even have the decency to be mad about it.

        He also mentioned the Clintons in passing, possibly more before I got there, and that was nice. It’s always nice when they come up.

  6. Great post, but I doubt the Sippy-Kup Kidz will ever accept reality.

    “Reality is for people who can’t handle Kool-aid”

  7. So they all continue to be stupid, cowardly and corrupt.

    At least 0 is making it easier for people to relieve their pain with medical mj. Maybe he does care.

  8. Love this post, bostonboomer.
    So much I emailed it to Herbert.
    Hope he’ll love it too 🙂

  9. Super post BB! Nailed it.

  10. Really great post, bb! Keep it up, you’re on a roll.

  11. I emailed this to Al Franken. Well, he was an optimistic fresh Senator for a week or two at least.

  12. OMG, Mike Lux has an outrage post up at Huffpo too. But he leads with major sucking up to “The One.”

    I am glad we have a president with real brains and a mind that can understand complexity, because when I think about the problems we have, and what it will take to solve them, the idea of George W. Bush, John McCain, or Sarah Palin being in charge gives me a bad case of the shivers.

    Further down:

    Brain power is not enough, though. History has numerous examples of smart presidents whose presidencies were not especially successful — John and John Quincy Adams, James Buchanan, William Howard Taft, Herbert Hoover, Richard Nixon all come to mind. John Adams was just as smart as Jefferson, Buchanan had as much brain power as Lincoln, Hoover was considered by his peers a genius while FDR was considered an intellectual lightweight. Yet all three of the former lost the confidence of the American people and essentially failed as presidents, while all three of the latter not only succeeded as Presidents but became known in history as three of our greatest. They kept the American’s people’s confidence in spite of the hard times they were leading the country through.

    But he never quite gets up the courage to hold Obama responsible.

  13. Super post , BB – Thanks.

    Regency, I’ve missed your pithy comments and Catarina we’ve been seen a definite lack of snark without you.

  14. ooops – should be “…we’ve seen a definite lack of snark…”

  15. BB, there is an excellent diary over at mydd that I think the readers here would be interested in. It is about an amazingly brave woman in Afghanistan. I will link it and maybe someone can get his permission to post it here.


  16. Wow, and thank you for giving us a piece of your mind, bb. Excellent post!

    I remember asking the same thing of the obots in January 2008: Just what issue was BO passionate about. And all they did was get angry because they thought I was pointing out that he didn’t have a pet issue. In reality, it was an honest question. They couldn’t answer it then. And they can’t answer it now.

    Because it’s never been about issues. It’s about feeling good without any effort. They love BO because he represents their work ethic, the “let’s do lunch” work ethic: All talk, no action, and a pat on the back because they changed the world by electing a (half) black man. All is right in the U.S of O. Meanwhile, back in the real world we’re continuing down the tube at ludicrous speed.

  17. One useful thing that Howard Dean said today was that the reason things tended to fail is because politicians hated giving constituents bad news. They liked to say that they were giving people healthcare but they never liked to talk about the business of mandates and premiums. He talked about mandates and how they made good policy sense, but were not what the public wanted to see.

    He also talked about an ideal exemption for people under the age of 28, since people in that age range are the cheapest to insure. He basically said that after that age you should have your crap together. If not, it’s your ass. Lose your house, lose your car, not our problem.

    He brought up the lack of cost-control measures in the Baucus Bill also and mentioned the way that the lack of cost control had done so much damage to MA. His words, “We’re going broke, but with the Baucus Bill, we’ll go broke even quicker.”

    He made a good impression when he wasn’t chugging the kool-aid.

    He’s shorter and thinner than I remember.

  18. Via Reclusive Leftist:

    A man who allegedly videotaped a friend having sex with a horse at a farm in Washington state in 2005 is now accused of performing sex acts with a horse in Tennessee.

    I blame Jack Daniels

  19. Great post BB!

  20. Awesome post. That’s absolutely unbelievable, but I can’t say I’m surprised. What’s great is that Failbots will Have tge audacity to continue to cry about the Republican minority and mysteriously fail to mention the Commander in Chief’s position. If it works, use it, regardless of degree of disingenuousness. BO touches inhuman Republican policies and sanctifies them with his divinity, he burns away their sins

  21. I have nothing to add about this post, BB … except:

    HELL YA to everything you said!!

    The progressive faux-surprise at our White House chameleon leadership is maddening.

  22. Great post BB, they (especially Herbert) deserve every word. Thanks!

  23. Here’s what it will take for Koolaid drinkers to finally accept reality: Intervention. It works like this:

    When your friends, family, co-workers start to whine about Obama being less fabulous than they imagined, you first make small, soothing noises, so as not to frighten them. I know we’re all mad about how obtuse they have been for the last year or so, but these are our people and we want them back!

    Next, use short, simple phrases to express that you feel their pain. I’m borrowing from my friend here for a few examples: “It’s Bush’s fault”, “I feel sorry for Obama”, “He has so much on his plate”, “It’s an impossible job”, or “People should give him a break, after all it’s only been 10 months.” If you’re not comfortable with these, make up your own innocuous phrases, such as “Oh, my God!” “I can’t imagine,” “Are you serious?” or “That’s amazing!”

    Once you lull them into a sense of false security with these phrases, bring up Obama’s hypocrisy on ALL subjects, also in little, palatable sounds bites. There’s probably not ONE AREA about which Barack has not lied to the American people, or brought in some kind of wacko to oversee a department or project. But the whole time you have to seem sympathetic and supportive of their position. Keep a straight face, as much as humanly possible, or it is all for naught!

    This is an important mission, salvaging our relationships, not to mention our country. And I think it will be fun to try and carry it out. In my opinion, doing the foregoing will mightily help accomplish what we want most – to open people’s eyes to Obama’s total lack of qualification, effectiveness, and even care for our country. Otherwise, we may be looking at FOUR MORE YEARS of the liah messiah. Hey, if they can keep Bush in for eight years, they can certainly install BO again!

    We’ve seen that the Koolaid Kids are not open to normal discussion, logic, and reason. We need to try something different, and I think this personal, caring approach will work.

    Good luck and God speed!

    • Stuff like, “Gee, I wonder why he doesn’t at least start withdrawing troops? I mean, he is the Commander-in-Chief, isn’t he?”

      “Gee, I wonder why he doesn’t tell the government lawyers to fight for — not against, for — women’s rights to stop men from raping them? I mean, he used an executive order to tell the Feds to stop prosecuting marijuana growers, so he can do it when he wants to.”

      My problem is that I can’t keep the “you box-o-rocks twit!” expression off my face.

  24. The NYTimes furloughed 100 reporters/workers three days ago. I would hope B. Herbert is among them. He has exhausted all his ideas and has been writing the same four columns, and its derivatives, for the last ten years.

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