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      Last Friday I wrote an article on the idea that if a society has a rule or duty, it must apply to everyone in the applicable situation, no matter who they are, even if it’s someone you love. It was interesting to me that most of the commenters disagreed. Perhaps this is my fault in choosing the famous example of a German general executing his own son for aba […]
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One more time with Carrie Prejean


Sorry, but I can’t resist. From the NY Daily News:

Deposed beauty queen Carrie Prejean still owes $5,200 for breast implants floated by pageant organizers in January, a new lawsuit claims.

Ex-Miss California Carrie Prejean stiffed pageant organizer K2 Productions even though she requested the surgery “to be more competitive” at the April 2009 Miss USA pageant and verbally agreed to repay the K2 loan, a complaint filed yesterday states.


“She attempts to cast herself as a virtuous young woman and the victim in a supposed conspiracy against her,” the cross-complaint states.

“Had she heeded the guidance of the Gospel of John, who admonished only those who are without sin to cast stones in judgment, she might have avoided this legal battle.”

I doubt old John the Apostle ever attended a beauty pageant, but I bet he would get a good laugh at either side of this case invoking Bible verses to support their arguments.  Anyone who had actually read the Gospel attributed to him (or Saint John the Divine, depending on who you believe) would know that the part about casting stones was a quote from Jeebus, the original DFH.

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56 Responses

  1. This is an open thread

  2. “to be more competitive”

    I personally think there should be a disclaimer for all the FALSE assets when competing in a ‘beauty pageant’, otherwise, call it a ‘MAKE OVER PAGEANT’!

    “The Lord giveth, and the Lord may taketh away if ya don’t pay”! 😉

  3. Greta thought it was terrible that they wanted the money repaid.

    Well, I’m sure they don’t want the implants back.

    • I think it’s terrible too. They should just write it off.

      • Oh I don’t think it’s terrible. She was stripped of her title after she decided to launch a new career as an aggrieved heterosexual:

        Ex-Miss California Carrie Prejean is accused of using her title without authorization to help promote the National Organization for Marriage’s “campaign of intolerance” against gay marriage.

        She took the “benefits” of the K2 productions’ Miss CA pageant to launch her new “career”. She verbally agreed to repay the cost of the surgery, so she needs to pay up and stop bad-mouthing the pageant company.

  4. Does this mean we’ll have another boobage thread on Violet’s?

  5. I’m a cad, I know, but this phrasing:

    breast implants floated by pageant organizers

    is just too funny.

    • Don’t forget that she was “stripped of her title.”

    • TBC:

      I noticed that too -heh-

      NOT to make fun of Ms. Prejean, however, or ANY women with implants…
      just the *word* floating specifically is ironic for the context (and probably written on purpose).

      Personally, I don’t get any thrills out of criticizing or being sanctimonious regarding women who’ve gone to extreme measures (plastic surgery, eating disorders, psychotropic drugs, etc… to deal with low self-esteem & body shame) based on a society that virtually spoon-feeds babies/girls/teens/women to realize that perfected bodies =’s worth as a human being.

      Women start getting brainwashed by society, family, friends, media….etc… from an early age —

      and then get criticized with fake “shock & awe” from the same people who helped contribute & perpetuate warped standards for women….

      Carrie Prejean is a reflextion of our society. Instead of making her an easy scape-goat & target….instead of criticizing her…
      we should look at how we ALL keep these stupid/unhealthy boxes for women to squish their normal bodies/minds into –

      that last rant was not to YOU black commenter… it was just venting in general 🙂

      • What’s even worse is she had already won the “Miss California” title when she got the “enhancements”

        • I’m more interested in people that have gotten an “enhanced” “implant” to substitute for a neo-cortex.

  6. Here’s a fun one:
    From the article:

    An electromagnetic black hole — which sucks in the light surrounding it — has been built at Southeast University in Nanjing, China for the first time. The device works like cosmological black holes in that it has gravity which is intense enough to bend the surrounding space-time, causing any matter in the neighborhood to spiral inward and create the hole itself.

  7. For those digital book inclined, there is a new e-reader on the block touted as the Kindle killer:
    Me, I just read books for free on my free iPhone book reader. Of course I like reading old books or listening to old books on tape. If you want something newer than 75 years old, you need to pay someone. Bastards.

    • Dandy, which reader are you using? I’m checking them out too, lately been craving some Austen and most of the classics apps feature her.

      BTW, can I just say how totally absurd it is that beauty contestants can have plastic surgery to “be more competitive.” Why don’t they give the prizes to the surgeons if it’s their work that’s being judged?

    • I hate reading from the desktop, is it significally less annoying with the iPhone? The scrolling and the glare bother me. I’ll be the Luddite hoarding the 9 million books the technosavvy have discarded. 😉

      • A couple of advantages and disadvantages. It’s small so you can read in bed and on the train, etc. But it’s small. Glare is less of an issue since it’s easy to have it at any angle. Scrolling issues are a bit better because the readers tend to have a touch to turn a page interface where you see the page turn. But then it’s small so there’s less on a page. So the iPhone isn’t bad, but it’s a bit small for reading. Actually the smallness by itself isn’t the issue I think, it’s that you sort of have tunnel vision to the mini page and don’t have a view from on high where you are. That’s the sort of interface stuff they still need to figure out.

    • I’ve been waiting to see that. I’m not going to buy one until the price goes down and there are more books available. Plus Google is doing something now too.

      • I looked at Kindles but none of the kinds of books I read manage to make their way there. Besides, I’m really tactile when it comes to books, I like touching them and writing in them.

        • You’ve hit the two problems I have as well.

          The reading look and feel is still not quite there. The size of these tablets and probably the size of other tablets soon to be out (e.g., Apple) seem about right. But for some reason they still don’t have the interface right. I want the look and feel of a book. OK, it won’t be paper, and it won’t have the tactile part, but they could try to get the other aspects of having a physical book: flipping through pages fast and slow, bookmarking, and most importantly, notes on the sides. They’re getting closer, but they’re not there yet.

          And while it’s certainly fun to have a bazillion class books available for free, they don’t tend to have the books I want. I’m guessing the infrastructure to make it easy for small publishers to publish books within the kindle or other bookstores is still a bit dodgy or isn’t priced right. I’ve noticed a few publishing directly as an iPhone app. Not a bad idea and probably a better percentage than you get otherwise. Sadly.

          So there’s a ways to go. When they get the interface a lot better and work with the small and academic publishers, then we’ll have something. But even then, I will always want “keepers” in real book form. Same with my music and movies. Maybe I’m just old fashioned.

          • plus, my favorite place to read books is in the pool during the hot weather and in the bath tub during the cold … I’d hate to drop anything that expensive and electric in that much water

        • I feel the same way. There’s just something about holding a book in your hand and seeing it on the shelf.

      • Agree on the price issue too. Which is why I’m only using free stuff now. The readers should either be nearly free or just be multi-purpose platforms like tablets or netbooks or smartphones. And with the other platforms, the software should be free or nearly free where they make their money on the proper thing, the books. Ideally it would be a common format like music where I can buy a book once and then “play” it on any device. Not holding breath.

  8. In other fun news, CIA just invested in a firm that datamines social networks (incl. in the US of course):
    One fiendishly clever thing they can do is match writings and find people writing under different (anonymous) names. But the CIA would never do that and collect data in US citizens would then. Oh wait.

  9. Is it really a surprise that a contestant from California, which is I daresay the boob implant kingdom of the world, had boob implants?

    It’s just so darn hard to be taken seriously with those things bobbing in your face!

    Off to Violet’s to read more about boob implants.

    • Violet’s post wasn’t about implants – apparently a bunch of people were shocked and dismayed to discover that Meghan McCain has big ‘uns

    • I know several women who’ve gotten implants after cancer surgery.

      There is nothing stupid or silly about women who chose implants (even if it is not cancer related).

      Women are made fun of if they have no breasts… women are made fun of if they have small breasts….women are made fun of if they have large breasts (McCain)… women are made fun of if they have augmentation.

      I’m tired of the stone-throwing all the time.

      Some men go to great lengths to get hair implants when they lose their hair. It is the same kind of society-generated insecurity. But why blame individual people for being products of crappy standards?

      Personally, I don’t think anyone should feel ashamed or insignificant just because they feel insecure about their bodies & we live in a F*cked up judgmental society regarding appearance.

  10. Time wounds all heels:

    GENEVA — Roman Polanski lost his appeal Tuesday to be released from jail, as a Swiss court rejected multiple offers from the 76-year-old director to post bail or go under house arrest to reassure authorities that he would stay in the country.

    The Federal Criminal Court said Polanski poses too “high” a flight risk to be freed and that even his Swiss chalet in the luxury resort of Gstaad was insufficient collateral to guard against his escape.

    Roman Polanski drugged and raped a 13 year old child.

    • Ha ha. I’m getting to love the Swiss more every day.

    • When he fled the US for France he soon took up with a 15 year old Natashi Kinsski (sp) and had a lengthy relationship (no wonder he likes France, its age of consent is 15).

    • The Blogstalkers are now supporting Polanski (because The New Agenda wants him locked up)

      • “You start supporting rights for subhumans, next we’re not allowed to rape children! It isn’t about misogyny, it’s about racism! Really! But, raping little girls is good too!”

        • You really channeled a Blogstalker on that one.

          Kinda scary but inane.

          • Lol It’s not hard, anything supported by anyone with scary lady parts is bad. Like, Ted Bundy-generally considered a bad guy, but I betcha “someonehag” and “someonec—” from some girl website don’t like him–therefore, he becomes their hero! Simple! Bash bigotry!

  11. Our Lady of Perpetual Outrage:

    MoveOn demands that Democrats stay off Fox News

    This won’t end well for the Obamacrats

  12. Lucky duck:

  13. In honor of Ms. Prejean – the Holy Toast kit

  14. Actually, most scholars now think that the story about the woman taken in adultery — the Pericope Adulterae, as it is called — was originally in John, since it is not included in the earliest manuscripts and the vocabulary is quite different.

    It is, however, a very old story:


    Some people think that Luke wrote the thing, and that, for some reason, it got bumped from one gospel to another. At any rate, neither author was talking about breast implants.

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