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LIVE BLOG: New Jersey Governor Candidates Debate

For those who are interested in the New Jersey Governor’s race, Fox News is offering a live stream of tonight’s candidate’s debate. According to Fox News’ homepage, you can watch it here. At the moment, I’m just getting a discussion about the debate on The Strategy Room. They are discussing the issues and candidates.

Use this thread to comment on the debate or anything to do with the NJ Governor’s race.

UPDATE 1: The debate is just starting now (7:09PM Eastern)

UPDATE 2: Riverdaughter is at the debate!

31 Responses

  1. Comment from Riverdaughter:

    Debate starts in a few minutes. Candidates are at the podium. Corzine looks like a rich banker, hand stuffed in pockets. Christie is a bloated republican. Daggett has the middle podium. He’s light and lean, Iike a long distance runner. Corzine is wearing a gold tie. Not the best choice IMHO.

  2. They are discussing the budget deficit at the moment. I know nothing about the NJ issues, but if I hear anything more from RD, I’ll post.

  3. They are talking about raising tolls. Our Governor (the Obama clone) is trying to do that too. So far, no dice.

  4. A student is asking Corzine about the poor job market.

  5. Corzine touts some program for small business. I don’t know how that is going to help a new grad looking for a job. The Fox folks are saying he’s not being responsive to the question, so they agree with me.

  6. Daggett is nice looking!

    Now Christie is talking about how horrible things are in NJ and how people are leaving the state. He says NJ can no longer afford all the tax increases.

  7. Daggett wants to reduce property taxes. I wish that would happen in MA!

  8. Unfortunately, the Fox people are talking over the candidates. It’s hard to hear what they are saying.

  9. Christie is talking about his weight. Corzine claims Christie is too fat to be governor. What an A-hole Corzine must be. As an overweight person, I’m sick and tired of this kind of discrimination. More than 40% of Americans are overweight. Does that mean they can’t be involved in their government?

    Personally, I think Corzine is too much of a fat cat to be Gov. All Goldman Sachs alums should be banned from government!

    • Frat boy nation, hoo rah! Common sense is out, making everyone’s skin crawl is in.

    • I thought, when he started that, that it was a bad move. Since so many people are not thin, it seemed to me that he would alienate a lot of voters. Just my opinion.

      • And people who are thin have friends and family members who aren’t. It’s just another example of the kool kidz club, “we hate fat people, but don’t be offended, we don’t mean you or your loved one, just the polyester clad, Sears shopping gun toting toothless religious scum!” Well, thanks for clearing that up on this serious political issue. Overweight people can still be in the club as long as they’re willing to hate on other overweight people and just put up with being ridiculed and treated badly, just like women can find a place in the He-men women haters’ club.

        It should also be noted that Mary Matalin and the Repubs made fun of Bill Clinton’s weight, “can’t control his waistline” etc, so once again frat boy nation comes to you from the playbook of tge forces of darkness.

    • If Christie is smart he will go all over the place saying Corzine says fat people don’t deserve jobs, that they are a liability.

  10. Comment from Riverdaughter:

    Lol! Corzine has been running a campaign on Christies weight.

  11. The Fox people talk through all of Daggett’s turns!

    They are discussing gay marriage now. Christie is against it. Marriage is between a man and a woman.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah….bla bla bla….

    • so Christie has the same position as ‘the One’ on gay marriage – honestly I’m so sick of the dems right now – there should be no DADT, and not DOMA, but they’re chicken shit –

  12. Comment from RD:

    Sam Alito??? He really doesn’t know nj

    [I guess that was about Christie’s comments on SCOTUS]

    • Daggett would sign off on gay marriage (I think that’s what he said). Fox people yakking over him.

      • RD says the talking over is deliberate. It does seem they are letting Christie be heard more. They are talking over Corzine now.

  13. Corzine claims NJ schools are the best in the country. RD must be livid!

  14. I lost the feed or maybe the debate is over. I’m sure RD will give us the full report.

  15. I wonder what impact this debate will have on polling in NJ. I guess it depends on how many people actually saw and/or had access to it.

  16. it would be nice if one of someone would point out that
    Corzine gave all hillarys dels to obama

    • RD has pointed that out repeatedly. None of the candidates for Gov. probably care. Christie is a Repub, and Daggett is an Independent.

      • boston i know she has pointed that out . i know but if the people of NJ new that Corzine gave there voices away . it would be a wildcard that anyone running could use against him .

        • in other words they could say something like vote Corzine if you want him to do just the oppostie of what hes promising . . and then let everyone know what he did .

  17. Both money bags, Bloomberg and Corzine- bought their jobs the same time (for Corzine it was the senate then). NY Times attacked Corzine for it but praised Bloomberg. Wouldn’t it be something if this will be the year for both of them to be shown the door?
    And, Poppy – what a card

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