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It’s hard to be humble when you’re One-derful


Oh Lord it’s hard to be humble
when you’re perfect in every way.
I can’t wait to look in the mirror
cause I get better looking each day.

From Tony Harnden at The Telegraph :

The conventional wisdom is that President Barack Obama was embarrassed by the patently ludicrous award to him of the Nobel Peace Prize. And to be fair it did seem so when he accepted the honour (a term I use loosely) last Friday, quoting his daughter Malia as saying: “Daddy, you won the Nobel Peace Prize, and it is Bo’s birthday!” (call me a cynic but that’s a fabricated quote if ever I heard one).

Since then, however, it’s become abundantly clear that Obama isn’t even faintly sheepish about the award. Yeah, there’s all the usual guff about him being humbled, it’s about us not him blah blah blah. But this can’t mask the fact that he’s as pleased as punch about landing the prize. He’s lapping it up and seems to view it – sadly and mistakenly – as a major validation.

Apart from the clue that he’s going to skip over to Oslo to pick up the gong personally (great opportunity for a wonderful speech), consider the emails his White House is sending out. No opportunity to shoehorn in a mention of the Nobel prize is being missed.

Yesterday, it was: “Earlier today, President Obama spoke with President Felipe Calderon of Mexico, President Oscar Arias of Costa Rica, and President Alvaro Uribe of Colombia. In addition to thanking each for their respective calls regarding the Nobel Peace Prize, the President…”

The day before it was: “Late Saturday morning, President Obama returned Indian Prime Minister Singh’s phone call. Prime Minister Singh had called President Obama on Friday to congratulate him on having won the Nobel Peace Prize. The President expressed his appreciation for the call and congratulations. He noted that he was humbled and grateful for having received the Nobel, and that he saw it as a call to collective action on shared challenges.”


All in all, it’s a hilarious display of vanity and self-absorption masquerading ineptly as humility and selflessness.

But there’s a serious question: What does it say about Obama’s character when such an empty symbol means so much to him?

You didn’t really fall for all that humilty bullshit, didja?

This is the guy who:

Decided he was qualified to be president after only two years in the Senate

Wrote TWO memoirs by his mid-forties (and without having accomplished anything worthy of note)

Ran a campaign that was based on a cult of personality

Rented a stadium and built his own faux-temple just to give one speech.

Shall I go on?

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57 Responses

  1. You know, one of these days Zero is going to fall flat on his ass. What will the bots say then? “He’s just testing out seats?”

  2. You forgot

    and said he was the one the world was waiting for…

  3. Everything up to now was expected, til the Nobel. Unlike Obama,I am speechless.

    • I was not surprised even a little… just kicking back and watching the web of the Oligarchy reveal the strands.

      If the Oligarchy wanted PEACE, there would be PEACE. But they don’t so there won’t… too much fwordin’ money in it for them, their friends, and all of their offspring.

  4. On the money, Myiq – as ususal!

    Whatever happened to Mac Davis anyway??? I’m sure he knew that someday there would be a president o who could use that song – it fits perfectly! 😆

  5. Fredster – do you really believe that? No ponies, no single payer, no guantanamo closing – I really wanted that pony! 😦

    • That pony is headed for the glue factory.

    • Too late. Alpo had first dibs.

    • Fredster – do you really believe that?

      Hell no I don’t believe that. I put up the Streisand cuz I figured that’s what the Nobel committee must have thought, or, what Obie thinks about himself!

      • Oh no, if it’s the same Fredster as at NoQ–he’s one of the wittiest Obie critics on the internet 🙂

        • Geez, I dunno of any one trying to be moi and I’m hardly witty, but NQ just goes all over the place with its comments and topics. One minute they are almost right wing (for whatever reason they can’t stand the idea of providing health care for everyone) and then the next they are veering back over to the left.

          I’ve commented there some and God knows I’m no supporter of Obama. Hmmm…maybe I was drunk and did some comments I can’t recall! 😯

    • if he did all he promised, I would claw and scratch and stomp my way to first in line for fluffers, but he won’t, so I;m not, gonna sit back with my co-dependencies and watch the show.

      • Not me–he got there illegitimately by violating the most fundamental element of our democracy–one person one vote. The continued fecklessness is just proof of the lack of character that allowed him to manipulate the system in order to have the plaque on his desk. Good for him–phony. It’s pathetic that he is so proud of his faux award. I hope Mother Theresa cannot see how the “honor” in her name has been tarnished. Unfortunately, Mandela can.

  6. Quick! If there are any Conflucians in the Totowa nj area who can come to Paterson university, please do. There is a rally here for Chis Daggett. I’m already here. Come join the unParty.

  7. BTD has a couple of good HCR posts up at Talkleft.

    I can’t follow that bunraku stuff too closely, but those of you who are interested should go see.

    • Maybe when reading times are leaner. 11th Dimensional Chess isn’t my thing either. But some of the commentors are good, notably Anne.

  8. Dakinikat should do a post about this but until she does Glenzilla will have to do:

    Apparently, the U.S. government didn’t have enough Goldman Sachs executives in key financial and regulatory positions, so the following happened this week:

    A Goldman Sachs executive has been named the first chief operating officer of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s enforcement division.

    The market watchdog says Adam Storch, vice president in Goldman Sachs’ Business Intelligence Group, is assuming the new position of managing executive of the SEC division.

    The move comes as the SEC revamps its enforcement efforts following the agency’s failure to uncover Bernard Madoff’s massive fraud scheme for nearly two decades despite numerous red flags.

  9. The comments responses to that Toby Harnden are interesting. They start with:

    Maybe Obama’s daughter meant that, as it was Bo’s birthday, the dog should have got the Nobel Prize, instead of Daddy.
    I mean, she does have a point.

    and just get pithier. I think Barry’s days as “Mr Awesomeness” are severely numbered to the world at large.

    • The Telegraph is a very right wing paper.

    • Yeah, sure….every nine year old got up that day waiting breathlessly to hear who won the NPP.

      Isn’t the Heismann about to be awarded?

      Remember how miffed Rosemary Carter was when Jimmy lost? For the people of this country, tt may end up where the high point of this guy’s entire term will be the shock and dismay on all their faces when they’re told to vacate the WH.

    • OMG — that is funny! My family will not let me dress my dogs up. 😦

      • Your family must be opposed to animal cruelty.

        If you look closely you’ll see that none of the dogs looks happy.

        • I bought my Golden Retriever a raincoat, hat and booties and my husband went nutz. He looked sooooo cute tho!

        • That bothers me too, myiq.

        • I did buy them tropical bandana scarves for our luau last year.

          • Once I got antlers for the dog to wear at Christmas, as a joke, sure he would rip them off immediately. Instead, I could not get him to stop wearing them until I gave him a bandana to replace them!

    • Most of those are from Tompkins Square dog costume contest – seen some of them live. This year – October 24.
      My dog is trying to eat her witch’s hat so I got something for her neck instead.

  10. Can you fix the link to Harnden’s article. No workee.

  11. I found a quote somebody should wave under O zero’s nose. It’s from Calvin Coolidge: “No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.” It was in the book The Secret of Shelter Island, subtitle Money and what matters, by Alexander Green. The amazing thing is I chose that quote over a week ago to use for this coming Sunday’s church bulletin, which I compile for the little congregation here in Pullman, Washington. Does it have O zero all over it, or what? And Coolidge? O zero and ol’ Calvin are two of a kind, a kind I wish we could keep out of public office.

    • Coolidge gave us the “Coolidge effect” — sexist, newest rooster gets the hens — and new females turn the rooster on.

      So 0zero is the new rooster — and he will soon become the old has-been rooster. His pretty speeches can’t pay the bill.

  12. “consider the emails his White House is sending out. No opportunity to shoehorn in a mention of the Nobel prize is being missed.”

    This is true. No sooner was the prize announced than an email was sent out to their list from BO saying ‘thanks for your support all along’ and ‘this means you should continue to support me’. (paraphrased).

  13. Don’t forget the mock up AF1 and the columns at Denver.
    I am sure we will eventually find out he lobbied to get this prize.

  14. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=113883274&ft=1&f=1003

    Now backtrack has one of the most important bennies of all. Can we talk him into using it?



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