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      Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – October 17, 2021   Strategic Political Economy “You lost. Stop acting like you won” [White Hot Harlots (lyman alpha blob), via Naked Capitalism Water Cooler 10-14-21] “The abortion issue has been lost. I cannot fathom any plausible near or medium-term scenario in which the actually existing American left mounts a successfu […]
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Your Saturday Breakfast Read: Nobel Prize Edition

2009 Nobel Peace Prize: Opinions Galore

Yves Smith has a nice round up
Obama Nobel Peace Prize Smackdown Wrap

I was certain I was either reading an Onion headline or had woken up in an alternative reality when I learned that Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Huh? Even Obama had the good sense to say he didn’t deserve it

Tobin Harshaw at The Opinionator peruses the Intertubz for us
Does the Nobel Hate America?

As we all know, Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize for “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” Swell sentiments, but it seems unlikely that anyone will ever apply them to Brad Woodhouse, the communications director of the Democratic National Committee

“Newsweak” checks some of the hot spots around the world
How Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize Surprise Is Being Received in the World’s Hot Spots

Barack Obama’s big surprise win this morning produced more than a few “huhs?!?” heard ’round the world. Our personal favorite came from Lech Walesa, the 1983 Peace Prize winner and Poland’s president from 1990 to 1995, who told reporters in Warsaw: “Who, Obama? So fast? Too fast—he hasn’t had the time to do anything yet.” Of course, the head-scratching most relevant to this particular prize is happening in places like Jerusalem, Peshawar, and Harare.

I’m as anti Bush as anyone you’ll meet on the planet, but even for me this is getting ridiculous.
Why Obama? Deconstructing the Nobel Peace Prize nomination

This was the last in a series of three presidential choices whose logic now reveals itself to be clear: from former President Jimmy Carter in 2002, to would-be President Al Gore in 2007 (joint with the IPCC), and now recently-elected President Barack Obama in 2009, a remarkable run of US politicians as Nobel Peace Laureates comes to an end, neatly bracketing – and standing as pointed rejoinder to – the Bush years.

Anyone saying the Peace Prize Committee does not have a political agenda needs to consider the timing and nature of these choices more carefully.

Will the Nobel Prize help Obama?
A Nobel Can’t Stop Obama’s Waning Influence

The Nobel shows Obama is still popular abroad. But it doesn’t help much if the U.S. is seen as a banana republic.

The Times of London still doesn’t mince words.
Prize fools

The Nobel committee’s award to President Obama demeans the peace prize, appears politically partisan and should embarrass the White House

That is good to know: There have been other questionable recipients.
Obama Not First Surprising Nobel Peace Prize Winner: Seven Controversial Recipients

Heath-Care Mess

There’s a new new thing in town: The “opt-out public option”.
Ezra Klein thinks it’s a great idea because it forces Conservatives to make a decision in their States.
A Public Option Compromise That Might Actually Work?

It’s an opportunity to pit liberal and conservative policies against each other, rather than just pitting liberal and conservative congressmen against each other.

Alex Koppelman says this could be “it”.
Finally, a public option compromise everyone likes?

So far, the compromises that have been suggested in an effort to get some form of a public option through the Senate have ended up satisfying no one. There’s one new one out there, though, that’s getting some traction. Though it’s still too early to be sure, there may now be a solution that both liberal and conservative Senate Democrats can agree on.

Ed Kilgore likes the whole idea.
Are the States Ready To Undertake Health Care Reform?

As the U.S. Senate prepares for floor action on health care reform, there’s a sudden profusion of schemes that seek a compromise on the key “public option” question by giving states a lot of leeway. Tom Carper is floating a state “opt-in” approach. Others are talking about a state “opt-out” system. The Finance Committee has already adopted Maria Cantwell’s proposal to let states use federal subsidy funds to cover a majority of the uninsured as they see fit. And the original Baucus markup vehicle included Ron Wyden’s proposal to let states do all sorts of “experimentation” with federal funds.

The political value of these approaches is pretty obvious: by giving states flexibility on the key questions surrounding the public option debate, health reform proponents hope to give shaky Democrats and maybe a Republican or two an avenue to get out of the way of health reform while accomodating home-state pressure from health insurers and/or providers.

Garrison Keillor says he’s revisit his opinion and apologizes. Sort of.
Quality Health Care for All — Even the Republicans

OK, it was wrong of me to say last week that we should deny health care to Republicans except for aspirin and hand sanitizer, and thank you to the many readers who kindly took me to task. It was so wrong. And I withdraw the idea that death panels should circulate through red states searching for the obese and slow afoot, the wheezy and limpy, spray-painting orange stripes on their ankles, marking them for future harvest. That was very, very bad.

Republicans have the same right to quality health care as anyone else, and you can quote me on that. Even people who are crazed stark raving berserk by the thought of a president with three vowels in his last name deserve to be treated with kindness and dignity, and shot with tranquilizer darts by game wardens and wrapped in quilts and taken to refuge.


Come on guys, show some decorum.
Rep. Skelton To Rep. Akin: “Stick It Up Your Ass”

Show me some civility, Republicans cried Friday after a Missouri congressman speaking on the House floor was caught on microphone apparently cussing out a fellow Missourian.

Wow! This is getting serious.
Republican Shoots Target with Fla. Dem’s Initials

A South Florida Republican said it was a mistake to shoot at a target with the initials of the Democratic congresswoman he is trying to unseat.

Around The Nation

H1N1 is ravaging the country. Take it seriously.
CDC: 19 Pediatric Deaths Were Reported This Week

Flu is widespread in 37 states, with 76 pediatric deaths since the advent of the H1N1 virus in April. 19 pediatric deaths were reported just this week — the deaths occurred between July 19 and October 3rd. A pediatric death is defined by the CDC as children under the age of 18. Most flu being seen throughout the country is of the H1N1 variety. The number of pediatric deaths is particularly striking. In the past three years, the total number of pediatric deaths during the entire flu season ranged from 46 to 88.

As Flu Vaccine Arrives for the Season, Some Questions and Answer

The first doses of vaccine for the H1N1 2009 influenza, commonly called swine flu, began arriving at hospitals and doctors’ offices this week. But fear and confusion about the vaccine are spreading almost as quickly as the virus itself.

Way to go guys. Who wants to work FOR Rush Limbaugh?
Black NFL players crush prospect of playing for a Rush Limbaugh-owned St. Louis Rams

Mathias Kiwanuka loves his former defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, but the Giants’ defensive end says he will never play for Spagnuolo’s Rams if Rush Limbaugh purchases the team.

Kiwanuka and the Jets’ Bart Scott made it clear Thursday that they would never play for the Rams or any team owned by the controversial conservative radio host.

To which Rush Limbaugh replied: “Take that, black players who don’t want to play for a team owned by me… I got a better gig”.
Limbaugh to judge 2010 Miss America Pageant at Planet Hollywood

Rush Limbaugh will be a judge for the 2010 Miss America Pageant set for Jan. 30 at the Planet Hollywood Theatre for the Performing Arts. The Miss America Organization was expected to make an announcement to that effect this morning, though Fox News Network host Greta Van Susteren has reported on her blog that the organization has already sent a release quoting Miss America President and Chief Executive Art McMaster saying: “We are thrilled to have Rush join us for our pageant this year. He will bring a thrilling new dimension to the competition, and we know that the 2010 Miss America Pageant will be filled with new twists and exciting opportunities with him as one of our national judges.”

Modesto gang teen gets 132 years to life for murder when he was 14

A defendant who was 14 years old when he went on a shooting spree through south Modesto and killed a young father will likely die in prison after a judge sentenced him to 132 years to life in prison this morning.

Angel Cabanillas, now 18, will be the only California inmate serving a life sentence for a crime committed at the age of 14 or younger, his defense attorney said in Stanislaus County Superior Court. Attorney Martin Baker of Modesto said a life sentence for a child’s crime is “cruel and unusual punishment.”

Economy Watch

The Swedes and Norwegians fully intend to keep the comedy going. If this is really their plan, I can’t wait for the reactions, especially if you consider how much Gene Fama has embarrassed himself lately.
Efficient Market Theory Guru Eugene Fama Tipped For Nobel

American economist Eugene Fama, considered the father of the efficient market theory, is the favorite to win this year’s Nobel economics prize, due to be announced on Monday.

Robert Merton and Myron Scholes, Harry Markowitz and Merton Miller, Christopher Swann has had enough of these blunders:
Dynamite the Nobel prize in economics

[T]hose awarding the medal for economics have a long history of endorsing ideas that are useless, incorrect and even dangerous.

With the latest winner of the $1.4 million windfall due to be named on Monday, the case is stronger than ever for scrapping the prize altogether.

Adieu Hummer. I will NOT miss you.
Hummer Sold to Chinese Firm

General Motors Co. said it signed a definitive agreement to sell its Hummer sport utility brand to a Chinese heavy-equipment maker, potentially achieving an important goal in the U.S. auto company’s post-bankruptcy makeover.

People around the world have stop falling for our shtick.
US mantra of strong dollar loses its value

For 14 years US Treasury secretaries have taken up the mantra as though it were an essential part of the office. So, sure enough, Tim Geithner, like his recent predecessors, believes “in a strong dollar”.

But if one thing has been devalued over that time, it is not so much the currency itself but the impact of the phrase.

As always, people at the bottom are those who end up paying the price.
The ‘Democratization of Credit’ Is Over — Now It’s Payback Time

The recession has forced a financial reckoning for Americans across the income spectrum. The pressure is especially acute for the low-income Americans who relied on borrowing for daily expenses or to gain the trappings of middle-class life. Shifting credit practices over several decades had enabled them to live beyond their means by borrowing nearly as readily as the more affluent.

But the financial crisis and recession have reversed what some economists dubbed the “democratization of credit,” forcing a tough adjustment on both low-income families and the businesses that serve them.

Around The World

Thank Goodness some people have a long memory.
Tony Blair branded a ‘war criminal’ after Iraq memorial service

Six-and-a-half years after he sent British forces into battle in Iraq, Tony Blair today came face to face with the uncomfortable consequences of his decision when the father of one of the 178 military personnel who died in the conflict refused to shake his hand, denouncing him as a “war criminal”.

Think of all the great Italians you know from the history books: Berlusconi thinks he fits comfortably in.
Silvio Berlusconi: I am inferior to no one in history

As Silvio Berlusconi yesterday tried to shore up his position by declaring himself irreplaceable as Italy’s head of government, a court in Milan was told it had been “amply demonstrated” that he was guilty of bribery.

“I am, and not only in my own opinion, the best prime minister who could be found today,” he told a press conference. “I believe there is no one in history to whom I should feel inferior. Quite the opposite.”

Who needs vaccine when a nice suit could do the treak.
Japanese suit that fights flu

A Japanese company, Haruyama Trading Co., has developed a suit that it claims protects the wearer from the deadly H1N1 strain of influenza.

Tragedy in Haitian skies
Eleven die as UN surveillance plane crashes

Crews battling rough, remote terrain hope to remove the bodies of 11 military personnel today, a day after their UN surveillance plane slammed into a mountain in Haiti, killing everyone on board.

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62 Responses

  1. It would be so funny if the Onion would just report the Nobel Peace Prize award factually, as it really occurred.

    It would certainly be as funny, implausible, and satirical as any piece they have done in the past. And it would fit in perfectly with their other newscasts….

    • It’s sad. It most be a slow Nobel year when you reduce your criteria to wishes for world peace and nuclear disarming. I never realized that my tender years of praying for world peace should have entitled me to a shot at the peace prize. Silly me, I thought the criteria would be a little more stringent and require the recipient to do more than just think happy thoughts.

      • I see the humor in all of this but it is also sad that Obama is seen as a symbol of hope and world peace. Arthur Silber (The Power of Narrative) wrote a post that sums up the absurdity and horror of giving someone like Obama the Nobel:

        Almost no one will acknowledge the single, fundamental truth about Barack Obama, the truth of greatest and most terrifying consequence:

        Barack Obama is a war criminal.

        ….UPDATE: See also, which concludes with this: “No, really: Barack Obama just used his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech to reiterate his threats against Iran.”

        Depraved. Obscene. Absurd. Maintain the lies, and this is not only the present, but the bloody, sickening future.

        • Anglachel writes another post that hits the nail on the head:

          If Obama was politically savvy, he would have declined the award. In truth, it is a greater burden than a support*, setting expectations on situations like Afghanistan that won’t be met because national interests and political ideals do not coincide, and adding another log to the fires of resentment against Obama for being The Precious; the object of obsessive desire by a sheltered, privileged, powerful socio-economic class and a person whose real world accomplishments are negligible compared to the hype that surrounds him. It would have served him better politically for the committee to have leaked that he had been nominated but declined. I am curious as to who submitted the nomination as it would have to have been done before he even took office. The nomination submission period closed two weeks after the inauguration, but a nomination is not just sending in a name. It involves a nomination package that takes some work to prepare and submit. The groundwork for the nomination came well before the inauguration. That piece of information could also become a political negative.

          Overall, the award strikes me as a tone-deaf and politically stupid move on the part of the awards committee. It comes across as hubristic and self-indulgent. It talks to those already in agreement about the superdoublegood wonderfulness of Obama and distances those who are waiting to see tangible results. To the degree that it may complicate the actual work of the State Department, it is harmful.

          It does not unify the sundered people.

          • Anglachel? You mean the Anglachel who called us racists last year after Dakinikat’s premiere post? The accusation that ricocheted around the blogosphere and continues to cling to us like dog poop on our shoes? You mean the Anglachel who hasn’t bothered to say, “Whoops! I was wrong. My bad.” either in public or private?
            You mean *that* Anglachel?

          • I suspect the “ratfucking racist Republican” smears didn’t originate with Anglachel. She is one of several people that was badly misinformed about this blog, and all of those people have one connection in common.

            A while back another blogger made a comment about how crazy things were around here last year, but when I asked her to explain she couldn’t name anything specific.

            I can’t imagine anyone who actually visited here and read our posts could conclude we were RRR’s – anyone making that allegation had to be delusional, misinformed or acting with malicious intent.

          • You are being too kind, myiq. I had private emails with anglachel before and after her calling us racists. I knew she was going through a difficult time on the homefront. I thought we understood each other. To say I was blindsided by her accusation would be an understatement. I thought she was brilliant and occasionally, she still is. But it will be a long time before I forget what she said about us. Oh, and don’t forget when she accused all men of having rape in their hearts. Ringing any bells?

          • she accused all men of having rape in their hearts
            Is there surgery for that? And how did it get there in the first place?

            An apparently bloodthirsty, evil male (who knew)

            P.S. Hey, how did she know anyway?

          • she accused all men of having rape in their hearts.

            That seems to be a fairly common meme on feminist blogs.

            I’ve given up arguing about it anywhere but here.

          • Oh, I forgot – I think you have an obligation to verify certain kinds of accusations before you repeat them – racism being one of those accusations. What Anglachel did wasn’t just negligent, it was defamation which is an intentional tort.

            The original accusations should have been substantiated with solid evidence when they were first made, but they weren’t. They were just tossed out there casually and never even explained.

            The really disguting thing is the person primarily responsible for spreading the lies about us spent most of last year complaining that the Kool-aid zombies called him a racist.

          • I still like Anglachel and won’t pretend that I don’t visit her blog more than several times each week. I don’t know what was happening at home but I do remember that her house was robbed. She attacked TC once after Dakinkat’s first post on ACORN. I personally think it was a convenient excuse to drop TC from her blogroll because she didn’t want to have anything to do with PUMA or any Hillary supporter who was planning to vote for McCain in protest. Other than that I agree with 90% of what she writes so that hasn’t stopped me from reading her. I doubt she’ll ever put TC on her blogroll again which is unfortunate but I have a feeling she probably still visits TC.

          • my first post didn’t contain anything about ACORN in it

          • We don’t tell anyone who to read. It’s none of our business. And I will be the first to admit that it was gutwrenching to take her off our blogroll. But she hasn’t apologized and I’m still pissed. There was no reason for her to go off on us like she did.
            As far as PUMA goes, the Obots went out of their way to try to destroy us and associate us with serious nutcases. But PUMA consisted of a lot more very dedicated, liberal people than the naysayers cared to admit. When anglachel and others dissociated from us because of peer pressure, they really only weakened themselves. PUMA was a movement. Anglachel, lambert and sad to say even Alegre were just unaffiliated individuals who refused to use the power they had fior fear of being wrong. Now they know they were not wrong but it’s too late to do anything about it.

          • I have a long list of grievances from last year. Anglachel’s smear of TC is on the list but it’s pretty far down the page.

            Getting called names by an Obot is like having a chihuahua bark at you – it’s just background noise.

            But when someone you like and respect suddenly accuses you of something vile like racism it is shocking and distressing. What’s worse is when they don’t explain the accusation or back it up with any kind of evidence.

            I’d like to believe that Anglachel was misinformed but not malicious. But either way she was still wrong.

          • The uneasiness around the puma label reminds me of the uneasiness around the liberal label.

            I still read Anglachel, but I have not forgotten her “Anatomy of a Dog Whistle” post. I wasn’t a commenter here then, though I did read you guys. I thought Anglachel didn’t seem to understand what the whole concept of “the Confluence” was about, going by her comments anyway. My feeling was that she was part of that whole crowd at that time who was trying to set some accountability “on our own side” but IMHO was in effect throwing the baby out with the bathwater in the process. I had a falling out with a few pumas after the election — the experience made me realize I had outgrown the label. I didn’t go hating on all pumas because of it, though.

          • The Party Unity My Ass !!! Puma label may have started here but there were others adopting a similar label that definitely adopted things that we don’t go along with around here. There were people showing up all over the place that I’d never even heard of before calling themselves “Puma”. That’s why we’ve dropped the label. It’s come to mean something that we never supported here. I think the issues were always more central to us to start out with as well as having some one that would actually do something about them as opposed to just talking. We just decided rather than try to morph it back into something we could stand for to just drop it and move on.

  2. A few more:

    You should read the comments here. Some are shocking—there are people actually believe he deserves this, and compare him to Ghandi?!

    Even greater expectations
    Is it premature to give Barack Obama the Nobel peace prize, less than a year into his presidency?


    For his noble words, Obama deserves the prize
    The negative reaction to the president’s Nobel Peace Prize ignores history.
    By Tim Rutten


    Obama Peace Prize Editorial Roundup


    • Zena B. of BBC World was pushing BO as a second Gandhi last week. (the same evening as his Chicago contretemps)

  3. Joe Cannon has a rather nasty cartoon up about the Peace Prize.
    I like the idea of a public option with a state by state opt out. State wide pools aren’t big enough to lower the price of coverage compared to a country wide pool.

    • it would likely screw a lot of people out of health coverage who need it desperately and whose state provides little in terms of Medicaid to begin with…

      all in.

    • That’s not a light at the end of the tunnel…

      • This “compromise” is nothing but the work of magicians attempting to make the voters see something that isn’t there.

        And to goad them into voting for him again in 2012 in the hopes he’ll actually fulfill the promises then 😕

      • SoD,

        You put your finger on a very interesting (negative) aspect of the “opt-out”. Suddenly the idea doesn’t look so great.

        I think it’s much more a political game.

    • I’m not getting good vibes from the “opt out public option”
      For starters, I don’t think the name inspires much confidence to those who are on the fence either from the left or the right. It sounds like doubleplusgood. More importantly, we have a Democratic WH, Senate, and House, and they still need an OPTION that states can opt out of? This isn’t universal healthcare–it’s surreal healthcare (Ceci n’est pas une option publique.) The people with the states that would opt out are probably the people who need the public option the most.

  4. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could have a single payer option available for states to opt either in or out of? I hope the public option alternative gets traction and is robust enough to make insurance competitive. I am sure the insurers will be ginning up their war chests to oppose this ever happening.

    I think the political agenda of the Nobel committee is too obvious: there are so many factors like influencing the decision of AfPac/NATO, ending US presence in the ME, Europe, Asia and everywhere else, pushing unilateral nuclear disarmament, shoring up a failing presidency—I even support some of this, especially when I think of the tax dollars it could save, but I find myself really put off by the notion that the Nobel committee or anyone else from Europe etc. thinks they should get involved in our stuff. We can muck things up on our own and I really do not want or seek help from the rest of the world. They need to get over their US hang up; they think we are their problem which relieves them of any responsibility to reflect on their own responsibility. Jeez, do those guys ever take a look at their own history?

  5. Thanks Mablu – this is a great gathering of world wide info.

    OT – does anyone know what happened to WMCB? Haven’t seen her here since early Sept.

  6. Things could be worse. Just imagine Obama ruining Mt. Rushmore

  7. David Sirota has a very entertaining article about “Zombies.” They’re every where! Can’t link to Salon but maybe one of you link-masters could.

  8. I’m quite disappointed in Media Matters. It’s bad enough to be constantly lumped in with the Republicans, tea partiers, birthers and racists. It doesn’t seem to matter that we have been consistent in our distaste for those groups but we shrug it off and go forward. But I kind of have to draw the line on being lumped in with the Taliban. The DNC was wrong to claim that people who thought the awarding of this prize to Obama was a bad joke were somehow sympathizing with the terrorists. Even if the GOP had it comin’ after the shit the pulled over the Iraq War Resolution, the DNC is continuing to alienate its former more rational members who stubbornly refuse to believe that Obama is god’s gift to America. He’s not. We saw through him early. If anything, Obama himself has caused a widening rift in his own party and there will be no peace until that party respects the voters by holding legitimate and untampered primaries that actually count.

    • It’s an obvious ploy to get the ex-Dems to shut up. It’s the same “You’re unpatriotic” that Bush used. Didn’t listen then and can’t hear them now. The DNC is dead to me.

    • “there will be no peace until that party respects the voters by holding legitimate and untampered primaries that actually count.”

      No peace no prize.

    • The reason this stuff works for Republicans is because at the first sign of red baiting “progressives” start shrieking not me not me not me I’m not a commie take Bob. Instead of refusing to entertain the foolishness and standing on principle, they throw each other under the bus and accept right wing frames and definitions. But in the absence of terminal weenieism, good luck finding anyone who’s going to fall all over himself or herself trying to prove she’s not in the Taliban. Lol

    • I thought it was only supposed to be the GOP who lumped people in with terrorists and fear mongered?

      The DNC’s ploys are becoming ways too easy to spot.

  9. Hillary promoting peace

  10. Noble prize – very funny!

    Tories win Nobel Economics Prize for double-dip recession

    First-Year Grad Student Wins Nobel Prize in Economics!

  11. I’m quite disappointed in Media Matters.

    I thought Media Matters was supposed to be part of the “reality-based community” and was going to fact-check the media to expose lies and “spin.”

    It turns out they are just a propaganda outlet of the Democratic party.

  12. The “Nothing is Real” post over at cannonfire is quite disturbing. If you watch both videos you’ll really question everything you see from that point.

  13. Wow, your right SOD – that is really scary.

  14. Great collection as usual mablue. I’m still working my way through them. Though I seem to have been sidetracked with work.

  15. sums it up nicely I believe

    • the committee had several chances to really stick it to China and their horrible human rights regimes. Then there’s several chances to really further women’s and children’s rights in parts of the world where they are horribly abused, but no we had to get a symbolic nobel prize for the symbolic do-nothing president who basically has only enriched Wall Street executives and the insurance mafia.

  16. Modesto gang teen gets 132 years to life for murder when he was 14

    If they gave him 20 years (actual) he would get out at age 34, having spent nearly 2/3 of his life (all of his adult life) behind bars.

    What are the chances that he would be able to reintegrate into society? Prison doesn’t rehabilitate – it warehouses people.

    (We dropped that liberal touchy-feely rehabilitation stuff back in the 80’s)

    BTW – Modesto is a 45 minute drive due north from where I live.

  17. It looks like Obama’s Nobelol prize has revived his cult followers like a fresh batch of Kool-aid.

    They were acting sad and listless the past few months, but now they are all excited again.

    Too bad Obama didn’t actually accomplish something instead of just getting an undeserved award. When the thrill of pissing off everyone who doesn’t smoke hopium wears off, the Failbots will be miserable again.

    But at least the Blogstalkers will be talking about something besides Orly Taitz for a few days. I almost quit visiting their cesspool cuz they were becoming terminally lame. Their bizarre obsession with Darragh Murphy and unhinged rants were kind of entertaining, but lately they’ve been pathetic and boring.

    Maybe with this burst of energy they will come up with something new and original to mock and jeer instead of the same insipid stuff they’ve been saying since last year.

    “Effluence . . .Riverchucky . . . Meatprod . . . zzzzzzzzz”

  18. Q Since there’s so much talk of war now, will this have an impact and make him seek peace more?

    MR. GIBBS: Well, look, Helen, I would point you to what the President said today. Obviously we’ve got — the President and his team have worked since the very beginning of our administration to work toward bringing peace to the Middle East.

    Q With more war that’s going on.

    MR. GIBBS: Well, we have these disagreements, you and me, Helen. (Laughter.) But obviously I think — the President mentioned both his hopes for and work for peace in the Middle East, as well as the commitments that he has as Commander-in-Chief to protect the American people and to prevent the spread of the type of violent extremism that we see in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    Q But we’re conducting wars there. Is he trying to find a way to peace?

    MR. GIBBS: Well, again, Helen, we’ve done this before. There are people —

    Q Don’t say we’ve done this before. I’m asking you a question.

    MR. GIBBS: I understand. There are those that sit there in that region of the world and actively are plotting and planning to do America harm.

    Q How do you know that? And what are we doing to them?

    MR. GIBBS: One, I watch the news. And two, I get that from the intelligence briefings.

    Yes, sir.

    Q The Republican National Committee has been less than magnanimous about this. The Democrats are now comparing their reaction to the Taliban. What do you think of that? And how does this complicate the domestic political situation for the President?

    MR. GIBBS: How does what complicate —

    Q How does the idea of him winning this prize, if at all?

    MR. GIBBS: I don’t know that it complicates the domestic political situation. I have not —

    Q Does it raise expectations too high? Does it contribute to the perception that he’s, you know, all expectation and no results yet?

    MR. GIBBS: Look, I think, as the President said today, this is a — this announcement today represents not the achievements of one person but the hopes of millions and millions throughout the world of the life and the world that they want to live in — whether that’s a world without nuclear weapons; a world without the spread of weapons of mass destruction; a world with peace in the Middle East; a world that addresses climate change. I think all of those things are what millions throughout the world hope that — hope that can be achieved, but understanding, as the President said today, that can’t be achieved by one person. It has to be achieved through the collective action of the world. And that’s what he’ll continue to work on.

    Yes, sir.

    Q To that point, there are those who are already saying that what happened today, the President winning this prize, highlights criticism that the President so far has been more talk than substance. How do you respond to that? Because he got this so early in his presidency.

    MR. GIBBS: Again, I’m not going to parse the words of the President. I think one of the reasons obviously highlighted by the committee is that through engagement, through a renewal of American leadership, we can help lead the world to do many of the things that the President has outlined. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I think that’s actually a very good thing. I think America having that place in the world that can lead us to do the types of things that the President has outlined on weapons on mass destruction, on nuclear non-proliferation, and on issues of peace and climate change, are aspirations held by many.

    Q On Afghanistan and the meetings that have been ongoing — today is the fourth of the planned meetings — can you give us a sense of where the ball is? Has it moved throughout the meetings? Are we at a different place today, or will be in at different place today, than we were at the last meeting and the one before? I mean, is the ball actually being moved closer to that point where the President is getting what he needs to make the decision?

    MR. GIBBS: The President has been getting what he wants and what he needs throughout the process.

    Q So is the ball being moved through meetings? I mean, when they sit down today, will they be at a different point?

    MR. GIBBS: Well, you know, I got to tell you, I think it was reported somewhere today, I forget where, that — and I concur with this — that there have been all these conjectures about where different people are about different decisions on resources. I have not actually heard anybody in the meetings intone their opinion on that yet. So it’s fascinating for me to watch the back-and-forth on something that we certainly haven’t seen in the meetings.

    Today’s meeting will focus primarily on Afghanistan. We’ll spend quite a bit of time going through, with General McChrystal, his assessment. And I think that’s the basis for what we’ll do today.

    Q I guess I’m trying to get a sense of progress, though. Is there like a — for lack of a better explanation, a checklist where you can say, okay, we’ve made it to this point, we —

    MR. GIBBS: Well, look, I think that there’s obviously in each of these an agenda where we’re going through, again, as we’ve talked about, understanding and enunciating clearly the goal, the strategy to accomplish the goal, and ultimately we’ll get toward — get to discussion decisions about resources needed in order to implement a strategy to meet that goal.


  19. Joe Scarborough on the Nobel Award

    There is no clip of this on MSNBC site. There was also a longer, more fun clip, but can’t find it.

    Here is the YOUTUBE link.

    Here is another link.

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  21. Rash Limpbough is going to be a judge in the Miss America pageant?

    Why? Does the pageant let Dominican boys compete now? 😉

  22. Just saw a newsflash on Italian TV.
    It said that Obama’s Peace prize continues to be controversial-this time citing the Vatican, which said it was “misplaced”. And then went on to criticize BO’s stance on Bio-ethics and abortion.

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