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Obama wins Nobel Prize in Economics

Who me?  Yes, you.  Couldnt be  Um, yeah, we know.

"Who me?" Yes, you. "Couldn't be" Yeah, we know.

Today, the Nobel Committee awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics to President Barack Obama.  Citing his intention to pull the country and the world out of the deepest recession since The Great Depression, the Nobel committee said that it was inspired by the President’s ability to promote a sense of financial well-being in the world’s bankers.

“President Obama has transformed Reagan’s vision of trickle down economics into something that rains down on all of us”, The Committee chair announced.  “Besides, we had one prize left and thought, what the heck!   We have a crush on Obama.  B-to-the-A-to-the-R-A-C-K O-B-A-M-A!”

When reminded of Elizabeth Warren’s warning that the real economy has been hollowed out by decades of deregulation of the financial industry that has left the country with a very fragile economy and that Obama has essentially continued and extended former President George Bush’s economic policies, the committee said that Elizabeth Warren was not a ‘serious person’ but a ‘cotton headed ninny muggins’ who is ‘childishly impatient’.  “Elizabeth Warren is much too concerned with the immediate impact of the financial bailout on the average consumer.  We advise her to wait and see what happens.  We are awarding this prize pre-emptively to demonstrate that Obama will do what he should have done anyway without any expectation of an award.  Call it, ‘The Audacity of Hope’.  D’OH!  Lars, take a note.  Make sure Obama gets the prize next year for Literature.”

The Nobel Committee said that it would spend the rest of the year figuring out ways President Obama could camp on the Prizes in Medicine, Chemistry and Physics but thought that they could swing it if they knocked a couple of hardworking women out of the running.

Meanwhile, the DNC released a statement condemning those who thought the Prize premature and lowering the threshhold of accountability to farcical levels as expressing “obviously racist tendencies”.  Users at the blog, The Confluence, a liberal site of former Democrats now dedicated to holding Obama accountable to the people his campaign steamrolled on his way to the presidency, rolled their eyes and said this Prize will not alter their outlook on Obama’s presidency, which they deemed a failure before it even started.  “We waited eight long years to get rid of Bush only to be disenfranchised during the primaries and stuck with this weakling for four years”, Confluence proprietor RD said, “Prize or no prize, we expect him to do the right thing by America’s voters.  We’re not going to let no starry-eyed, lutefisk eaters try to tell us what to think.”

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33 Responses

  1. Ha!Ha! He wins them all:

    but this leaves me confuzzled: Is Taliban now good or bad?

  2. And I didn’t think there was any more to be said about this. Love it, RD!

  3. Oh, and one more thing: Confluence readers may be “former Democrats now dedicated to holding Obama accountable to the people his campaign steamrolled on his way to the presidency”, but since they didn’t get taken in by Obama last year, they are deprived the right to discuss or quote B0bots who are now trying to keep Obama accountable… At least that seems to be the common wisdom in B0botland.

    • {{snort!}} Like we’re going to let a bunch of mindless idiots who can’t drink of kool-ade responsibly write the rules of debate. Not a chance. What are they going to do? Call us racists? Republicans? Whoa! I haven’t heard *that* before.

      • I’ve sure missed your writing RD, come out of hiding more often…you are much better at expressing MY feelings than I am.
        Go RD, go!!

  4. Isn’t Elizabeth Warren that pesky little woman who keeps saying that we need more financial regulation? Oh , heck, what can she possibly know about finance. We’ll just have to wait and see if she’s right. If she is the world’s financial picture may be at stake. But, first let’s just assume that she’s a mouthy woman that couldn’t possibly be right about this one. No awards for her efforts!

    • Not only do we not reward mouthy women, we don’t reward the responsible, hardworking women who carry Obama’s water every fricking day in countries all over the world.

      • No rewards required for women. It’s their job to be dutifully fulfilled by just “carrying water.” Oh, the pleasure is so in itself rewarding!

      • Ya’ know what they say, “well behaved women rarely make history.”

        Love the post RD!

  5. terrific post RD

    said that it was inspired at the President’s ability to promote a sense of financial well-being in the world’s bankers.


    There are times when I think part of the idea in giving this to Obama for nothing is to wreak the influence of the The Nobel Peace Prize. That the pushing of important cultural intuitions ( such as the Dem party) into farce is intentional to undermine them. But perhaps I’m giving them too much credit for thinking .

  6. C’mon, somebody(s) BOUGHT him the presidency of the United States-
    buying the Nobel Peace Prize is probably a lot easier, and cheaper too, no doubt.

    That bowing and scraping for the Saudi king comes to mind, for some reason.

    • If it is at all possible to buy, or financially influence the selection, I would suspect Soros.

  7. Great snark, RD. “President Obama has transformed Reagan’s vision of trickle down economics into something that rains down on all of us…”

    I hate those brown rains.

    It’s like the whole world jumped the shark yesterday. I’ve had to cross another few countries off my ‘places to run when they start to throw people in jail for not having health care insurance’ because they are too full of Obamism.

    I wonder if Europe’s love of the O-man isn’t something to do with their own guilty racist and slave owning pasts. It sure seems to be deeper than hatred of old G.W.

    • “It sure seems to be deeper than hatred of old G.W.”

      I hope so. Citing giving the prize to Carter, Gore and then Obama to give W a “slap in the face” is giving way to much power to W. A “slap in the face” is not nearly what he deserves.

      I truly believe it was a Kool-aid and branding moment. They really thought that they couldn’t go wrong picking the world’s biggest superstar. But they were perfectly wrong.

      • It’s silly if they wanted to slap W in the face, because I don’t think he’d really care.

        It’s not like he’s ever claimed to be a man of peace, or ever seemed to respect one. He was the cowboy riding in to start all the wars with his buddies.

        You are probably right in that they thought they couldn’t go wrong picking O. Wonder if they felt a sinking feeling when the Olympics fiasco went down? Or thing with Gates? Heh. Probably was too late to change winners then.

    • You have to remember that a majority of Europeans with degrees, (don’t want to call them an intellectual elite…) if they brush up their knowledge of the States at all, do it by going to what they consider original sources.

      By that they think a quick browse of the NYT, the LAT (if California inclined), Time and Newsweek, is more than sufficient to keep them abreast of the news.
      CNN, Sky and BBC World are their first choice for sat tv

      Rolling Stone is also a favorite with some.

      What can you expect?

      Of course there are those who are actually into Politics who are better informed-but they’re a minority.

  8. ROFLOL!

    The Nobel Prize for Literature will be in anticipation of the the stunningly brilliant memoir he will write after he leaves the White House. Bill Ayers is working on it already.

    Great post, RD!

  9. First year grad student wins Nobel Prize in Economics!


  10. One of the funniest pictures was the man standing behind the guy, to the right, who announced the Nobel Peace Prize. He started to laugh. He couldn’t hold it. I saw this clip a couple of times. Then Poof, the media found a better clip and edited that guy right out. Can’t have a picture of somebody laughing AT 0bamafool! The media is just so kind to us.
    It reminded me of the woman who was grinning when Gov Sanford was telling us about “his soulmate”.

  11. Great snark, RD. Made my day.

    BB, thought you might be interested: the WAPO editorial today says that Neda (from the Iranian election protests) was a better NPP recipient than Obama, and would have had a bigger impact on world politics if she had won.

    Thought you might like that, just as I did. 🙂

  12. Terrific post RD – you captured much of what many of those I’ve encountered are thinking! Great snark 😆

  13. On the last day of competition as a late entry Obama Wins the Pillsbury Cook Off!

  14. Well, I saw that Reason vid yesterday, but, this editorial cartoon kinda says it all for me —


    And to think, he did it all with one little branded, target-marketed logo — lest we forget? Just click here and see — ! My, my.


    He has the whole world in his hands now. Reminds me of that song a bit.

    I sure hope he can pull it off. The mission of this gen was “Peace on Earth” and “Goodwill towards all.”
    For all us post MLK Dems, anyway…

  15. motor trend has named him car of the year.headed to westminster

  16. I’m not sure if this post is hilariously disturbing or disturbingly hilarious, but either way, great post RD!

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