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Sunday Afternoon Respite: Open Thread


The news seems to go from bad to worse.  In the midst of all of this we need to step back and refresh our spirits by contemplating life’s pleasures.  So, pour yourself a glass of your best Chardonnay and sink down into the comfiest chair in the house.   Admire the crystal clear golden nectar; swirl, take a deep sniff, and let the first sip linger as your taste buds acclimate to the notes of those precious grapes.  Now, close your eyes and take a deep cleansing breath — in through the nose, out through the mouth.  Ok.  Isn’t that better?

Now that you are properly relaxed, here are a few stories and items to make you smile and maybe even chuckle.  You’ve earned it.


Why Dogs are Man’s (and Woman’s) Best Friend: A soldier’s welcome after 11 months in Iraq

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Putting things in perspective: What would YOU wish for?



chocolate(14) For those of us who absolutely love chocolate, it’s been reported that this scrumptious treat is good for our health.  So break out that box of decadent truffles you’ve been hoarding; and if you want to find the perfect wine pairing, this article will help you match your favorite chocolate treat with the best choice.

And while you’re at it, save a bit of that Godiva chocolate bar and make a lucious Chocolate Godiva Cheesecake


Here is this week’s mesmerizing time-waster.  All you need to do to create your own virtual kaleidoscope is glide your mouse about the the page.


What is cuter than sleeping puppies?  Not much. Ok, maybe sleeping kittens.


If you thought the Olympic pitch was an epic failure, check out these 30 Dumb Inventions profiled by Life Magazine.  The “Baby Cage” from 1937 left me speechless.  What were they thinking?


Someone on Flickr put together a video collage of all 130 photographs taken of President Obama with foreign dignitaries during the recent U.N. meeting.  The outcome is a stunning revelation.  Barack Obama’s amazingly consistent smile.  Lest you question the validity of the montage, all 130 individual pictures are included for your verification.


Need some ideas about how to exact revenge upon that annoying co-worker?   Here are a few suggestions.  Things to do when your colleague is away.


The next time you’re in Southern California, you may want to seekout “Ramona.”  — On the trail of Ramona


If you think “America’s Got Talent,”  wait till you see what Sweden has. Bits & Pieces: Sweden Has Talent.


You many have considered “Freakshows” a thing of the past; but in Venice Beach California, a collection of oddities preserves the unusual attraction.


The earth never ceases to amaze me with its natural beauty.  In Columbia you will find the world’s most beautiful river, Caño Cristales.


These photos are NOT photoshopped.  Enjoy the magic of Forced-Perspective Photography.


It was only a matter of time before someone saw the cornucopia of guffaw-inducing images posted as you exit those amusement park rides.  I’ve purchased a few myself.  Here are 12 of the funniest Roller Coaster photographs.


Word to the wise gardner: Be careful as you harvest those last items from your little yard garden.  You never know what you might have growing out there.  10 Disturbingly Shaped Vegetables.


and finally….

There’s a reason why you should NEVER feed the animals in a National Park or any other wild preserve area.  They may just start to expect it.  Gorilla pushes woman off a cliff when she refuses to hand over the monkey food.


The Final Word…

Remember, life’s too short.  Say “I love you” to at least one person today.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


68 Responses

  1. Dogs are not just man’s best friend. That black dog reminds me so much of my sweet Rusty who is in a fight against cancer! I love the dog video! I am a woman and I can honestly say there is nothing like the love of a faithful dog! A dog loves you on good days and bad. They don’t care if you’re in a bad mood, ate too much or slept too little. They just love you for who you are…..their best friend!

    • Well, when I say “man” I am certainly referring to all humanity. 🙂 I have two crazy dogs myself. They give us that greeting whether we’ve been gone for days or just 15 minutes. Ah…unconditional love.

  2. LOL-the veggies and Barack were FUN

    • Man…I don’t know if I could eat those things!

      • Did you see one of the new links? I just got called a cheerleader and apologist for Obama and the Congress because I said his package wasn’t big enough to stimulate a lot due to appeasement of Republicans in that last post. Some people evidently can’t read but appear to be able to blog.

          • dakinikat — The western experience guys are laughable. They are members of the religious right. They read The Heritage Foundation and writers in something called the Evangelical Philosophical Society, as they’re interested in biblical authority. The two “cheerleaders” (of which you were one) were both women. (I think another bias can be read between the lines.)

            I put a hex on them!

          • oh, ick … it’s definitely not their life time this time out … maybe in a kalpa or two

            It always amuses me that when folks can’t get serious journals to publish their articles they set up their own ‘institutes’ as echo chambers and then just expect people to take them seriously because they found funding. Heritage foundation and the Mises Institute so fall into that. You don’t them publish in anything peer reviewed so folks can check their data and hypotheses other than their own echo chamber peers.

          • Actually Dankikat, I didn’t refer to you as a cheerleader I referred to the author at the Moderate Voice as one. However I can understand the misinterpretation of the context. I only have taken issue with your idea that more stimulus spending was needed and that the idea that cutting out 40-100 billion from a ridiculously structured stimulus package made little to no difference since it was never setup to stimulate anything except a 40 year old New Left agenda.

            Secondly to Artemis. LOL! I am not a member of the Religious Right. I actually have little use for religious or political zealots regardless of what side of the aisle they are on. For clarifications sake I am probably best labeled a Burekan Conservative. This means I believe in a deep need for the separation of Church and State. However I do not think removing the underpinnings of spiritual practices or religion from the philosophy of the West is all that smart since it had a very profound effect on our legal system. The very idea of a social contract between government and citizen came from the concept of Natural Law and Natural Rights. Both believed by many great British Empiricists, such as Locke and Hume, to be Divinely inspired.

            Thirdly I did not quote the Heritage Foundation, although I have in the past and plan to in the future when their information is viable. The link form Heritage I used was to one of its Professors who was giving HER, not the think tank’s, testimony to Congress.

            I just love this one, lol.

            “The two “cheerleaders” (of which you were one) were both women. (I think another bias can be read between the lines.)”

            Conspicuously my source from Heritage is a very very bright WOMAN named Professor Karen Campbell. Yeah, I am such a misogynist.

            [sarc on] I think my next post will be on how bad women’s suffrage was for the country. [sarc off]

            Get over your victimhood, grow up, and stop looking for oppression where it doesn’t exist. You sound like an Obama supporter.

            Also, If you know anything about Nouriel Roubini, one of my other sources cited, he is a New Keynesian economics professor, in the fashion of Paul Krugman. However the difference between the two is that Roubini is far less politically motivated than Krugman and he doesn’t write for the NY Times.

            Thank you for your time Ladies and I hope all finds you well.

        • Some people are just too opinionated for their own good.

          Do you ever feel put off blogging?

          • No, any more I almost feel a compulsion to do it … even more since I have detractors from both sides of the ideological spectrum. Besides, I just see a lot of b.s. based opinions more than actual debate from some kind of intellectual perspective which makes me even more compelled to bring up basics. I used to taking on Marxists and Libertarians in graduate classes, and I’m as likely to argue some monetarist points as Keynesian. (Like the arguments between the freshwaters and the saltwaters) But they at least argue based on knowing something. Most of the ideological sorts the drop in and out just buy into whatever appeals to them more than what’s been proven to work and not work. They just look for things that support their world view and excoriate whoever doesn’t based on feelings and nothing more.

          • oh, and I don’t mind people blogging under nom de plumes, but unless some one has a little bit of their background up, I never take them too seriously. I just assume they don’t put anything up about their background because they live in their mother’s basements and watch star trek or golden girls, depending on which sexuality they’ve experienced no luck with …

        • I wouldn’t worry too much about that guy. I couldn’t make much sense out of his post. I don’t think he knows jack.

        • I’ll take our cajun economic expert thank you.

          • Thank you, I’ve worked hard to try to bring rationale to the arguments and also data and theory. All this arguing based on raw emotion is nonsense to me!

  3. I went to your provocateur’s site Daki and read the piece. I don’t think this person did you any real harm. It could have been the gangs at Huff Po or Cheetoville —now they know how to rip into your soul.

  4. Here’s for dakinikat…something to make you smile: Kitty Whack a mole mouse

  5. Would anyone here mind if I rant????

    Beloved son of mine is sick. 103 temp and puking and all. And ya know its flu season….but if you have flu like symptoms (he has them all) you are NOT supposed to go to the doctor just stay put. Unless you are high risk (which he is)… which is in itself is disconcerting….. so this is how this is being handled.
    He has been prescribed Tamiflu (which I agree with) but they are not running flu tests because they don’t have one for h1N1 available here though the cdc ranks the area as having it “widespread” AND here’s the kicker…. Tamiflu for children is SOLD OUT in the entire area. I drove an hour one way to get one of the last batches available.

    This begs several questions ~

    Since they are prescribing Tamiflu to anyone with flu like symptoms without flu tests, couldn’t people be given this medicine without having the flu? Which the Dr. assures me won’t hurt him….BUT why don’t we have flu tests?

    It’s sold out everywhere! What if he doesn’t have the flu but just got the medicine but some other child DOES have the flu and won’t get it…. AND

    Most importantly ~ there is a h1n1 pandemic…why the hell isn’t there enough Tamiflu for everyone and anyone to get their hands on????? We have known this was coming and flu season happens EVERY year.

    OK- rant over…it’s been a sleepless night. And I’m exhausted and a bit scared but am grateful that we have gotten him Tamiflu within 24 hours.

    • (((Indigo!)))

      Prayers for you and your baby. Wish I could help. 😦

      • SOD – thanks I know it will be OK. His pediatrician is great, and my partner and I have built our lives/career around him and being there for him when he gets sick (he was born with primary immunodeficiency but antigen treatments have boosted his immunity to normal levels though he still catches everything and gets REALLY sick when he does)…
        but this pandemic is scary and I do not understand the lack of preparedness that has become routine in this country.

        • it takes over week to figure out if its swine flu or not … we got told that because all the students were saying they had it until we informed them of that …

          i always try drinking flat coke or flat ginger ale to settle things and then the japanese (and we use this a lot because it works via my japanse mother in law) always try feeding a little rice in green tea to settle the stomach or the irish remedy (my mom) which is bread with butter. just try to keep him hydrated as much as possible … tepid baths help with the fever… that’s what worked with my two when they were little.

    • I sure hope he’ll be OK!

    • Wow. That is tough Indigogirl. Hope the respite offered here can work a little magic for you. Sometimes it seems as a mom, that when you are just about out of any and all strength, someone in the family needs you to have a full supply. Goddess bless you and your son and bring both of you rest, peace and a bright new day.

    • FYI: Puking isn’t typically a sign of the flu.

      “Stomach flu” is typically a bacterial infection, ala food poisoning.

      • Sorry, but you aren’t correct. I don’t do proper links, the information is easily found on the Mayo site.

      • from flufacts.org

        “Stomach symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, may also occur but are more common in children than adults”

      • my point poorly made is not whether he is getting poor treatment or whether he has flu or not…it is this.

        If Tamiflu is supposed to be able to really help, then why isn’t there more of it available????

        Every pharmacy should have loads of it on the shelf ready and waiting!!!!!

  6. Today, Cokie Roberts said the following about Roman Polanski:

    “Roman Polanski is a criminal,” Roberts said on ABC’s “This Week.” “He raped and drugged and raped and sodomized a child. And then was a fugitive from justice. As far as I’m concerned, just take him out and shoot him.”

  7. Regarding the stupid inventions, I really liked the illuminating tires! and the sea shoes!

    But yeah, the baby cage….LOL.

  8. The perspective photography link is fun. The banana pic confused me for a second.

  9. sod~ these links are great! they are keeping me quite entertained while the youngun’ snoozes thru his umpteenth viewing of “cars”

  10. This is an interesting assessment. I loathe Dennis Miller, but this is funny and true:

    Why They’re Wild About Sarah

    Democrats may equate the name Palin with the sound of sharp nails clawing a chalkboard but so much the better, says Miller, a show business pro who understands a thing or two about shtick and the art of pushing peoples’ buttons.

    “I mean, she drives the right people crazy,” he told O’Reilly. “Do I think she’s going to outsmart you? No. But do I think that, in some way, she has an appeal with people that practiced politicians might never have? Yes, I do.”


    Palin has this knack for sending the liberal-left into knee-knocking spittle-inducing convulsions. More than any other Republican, Palin stirs passions. Most important, she has the sort of sass that attracts big crowds of true believers willing to open their wallets for her. Can you say that about the likes of Tim Pawlenty or (gasp!) Bobby Jindal? Not with a straight face.

    • That T-shirt is so ugly. I’m sure they could have found better pictures than those.

      • you mean the pics of the obamas? I think those are drawings… it isn’t a very nicely designed t-shirt… guess Shepard Fairey was too busy to design them all, lol

  11. thanks SOD! I pretty much got sucked into the Oddee website vortex for quite awhile — 😀

    Ok, and here is my silly weekend website contribution:


    • Yes! That’s one of my personal favorites. I just hope I never end up on that site.

  12. That photo montage of Obama’s U.N. pics is about the weirdest thing I’ve seen in a while.

    • It is so bizarre!

    • He is a borg. He seems incapable of feeling the country’s pain. Even Arnold is showing pain. BO needs to grow up fast. This is no longer his birthday party.

  13. SOD – this is great – loved it all -in fact needed this kind of thing after last week’s craziness! 😆

  14. That forced perspective photography is so great, i love that kind of stuff.
    Here’s a little website contribution, always good for a laugh:

  15. Thx for the respite care, SOD. 2 leep will fill some hours.

  16. Thanks for posting the article that included my town Hemet Ca.
    It is a small but growing town on the other side of the mountain from Palm Springs. But we have better weather,



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