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Barack’s Very Very Bad Day

h/t Larry Johnson at No Quarter for the CNN video.

The American media is stunned, horrified, shocked at Europe’s failure to bow down to America’s “rock star” President. Here’s USA Today:

It started with a jaw-dropping first-round defeat for Chicago, the United States and President Barack Obama. It ended with an overwhelming final-round rout for Rio de Janeiro, South America and Brazil’s own charismatic president.


Chicago had long been considered a front-runner, if not the favorite, to get the games. The decision by Obama and first lady Michelle Obama to travel to Copenhagen to pitch their city’s case in person to the IOC had been seen as a potential game-changing coup to seal the deal over Rio, Madrid and Tokyo.


It was a humiliating result for Chicago just hours after Obama had become the first American president to appear at an IOC host city vote. He and his wife, Michelle, spoke about their love for his adopted home and her native city, but it wasn’t enough.

“They (Obamas) were well received, they were welcomed,” Gosper said. “That’s what’s stunned me. There is no evidence other than a positive reaction to their presence. The whole thing doesn’t make sense other there has been a stupid bloc vote. To have the president of the United States and his wife personally appear, then this should happen in the first round is awful and totally undeserving.”

Some members criticized the Chicago presentation as being flat and dull, apart from the Obamas’ appearance. Even the president’s pitch wasn’t seen as inspiring as some had expected.

“Objectively seen, he didn’t do too much,” French member Guy Drut said. “Michelle Obama was exceptional. She held a really great speech.”

Who thought it was a good idea for the President to go all the way to Copenhagen to make a pitch that might fail? NPR–NPR!–is calling it “Obama’s Olympic Oops.”

Hometown pressure notwithstanding, even those who don’t believe the loss will inflict long-term damage to the president or his agenda say there are questions to be raised about advice he got before inserting himself so publicly into the selection process.

“With Chicago rejected so early, they clearly didn’t have a shot,” says Julian Zelizer, a Princeton University history and public affairs professor. “Why spend time on this, given that it opens the president to jokes and criticism?”

The loss will cause some embarrassment and give fodder to late-night comedians and Obama’s opponents, Zelizer says, and the president has no one to blame but himself.

“He asked for it the minute he went and personally made the appeal. This is the attention you’re going to get,” he says. “It’s a story of his own creation.”

I feel kind of guilty for this, but I can’t help experiencing a little joy at this failure by our oh so narcissistic arrogant self-confident President. It’s only the Olympics after all, and Chicago may be better off–I’ve heard ordinary Chicagoans didn’t really want it to happen. From the Foreign Policy blog:

it’s…pretty embarassing for Obama, who traveled to Copenhagen to make a last minute pitch for Chicago.

One has to imagine the White House thought that Chicago had this in the bag if President Obama was willing to take time away from debates on health care, Afghanistan, and Iran to advocate for his hometown.

Not everyone thought so. Last week, also at the FP blog, John Hoberman asked, Why is Obama going to Copenhagen?

Over the years the IOC has listened to many fawning politicians bent on acquiring the games for their prestige value, and Obama cannot simply assume that his unique “transformational” charisma will carry the day. At the same time, there is no doubt that Obama has learned to talk the required Olympic talk. The White House statement that proclaimed the United States “is eager to bring the world together to celebrate the ideals of the Olympic movement” is exactly the sort of diplomat-ese boilerplate that allows the Olympians to play at transcendent geopolitical importance.

All of this makes Obama’s Olympic mission a political gamble both at home and abroad. If he pulls it off and brings the games to Chicago, he will add a gleaming, but low-carat, gem to his crown. For there is nothing that fades more quickly from the American mind than a quadrennial Olympiad. If he fails, the right wing will pillory him as a dilettante who should have kept his eye on weightier affairs of state. Nor would a “loss” to the president of Brazil or the prime minister of Spain do much for Mr. Obama’s international stature. All of this suggests that Obama should have left well enough alone and stayed at home.

I wonder which of Obama’s staffers is going to get the blame for this one? This could get really interesting. And the IOC loss isn’t the only humiliation our President faces today. It turns out that President Obama had a nasty fight with French President Sarkozy and British Prime Minister Brown last week, and someone is talking to the Telegraph about it.

Barack Obama argued with Gordon Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy over last week’s announcement about a secret uranium enrichment plant in Iran Photo: Reuters
The President is believed to have angered the European leaders by insisting on delaying a joint press conference until after he had chaired a meeting of the UN Security Council.

Mr Obama is said to have been worried the announcement would undermine the impact of his session on nuclear non-proliferation.

Details of the disagreement appeared to explain why Mr Brown and Mr Sarkozy, the French president, took a harder line on Iran than the American leader at the meeting

The Prime Minister said it was time “to draw a line in the sand” on Tehran’s nuclear programme while the Frenchman mocked Mr Obama for the naivety of his “dreams” of eliminating nuclear weapons

Suddenly the French, who were the butt of so many conservative jokes during the Bush Administration are looking like tough guys compared to President Obama. From the Washington Post,

Sarkozy’s fundamental position — seek dialogue but impose stronger sanctions unless Iran opens its nuclear program to international inspection — dovetails neatly with the stances of Obama and other major U.S. allies, Heisbourg and French officials said. But his recent public comments have suggested impatience with Obama’s extended-hand policy and a conviction that the time has come to deal firmly with Tehran’s nuclear program.

“We supported President Obama’s extended hand to Iran’s leaders, but this hand cannot remain extended indefinitely with leaders who do not respond,” Sarkozy said last month at a meeting with Merkel in Berlin. At last week’s U.N. General Assembly meeting in New York, he ratcheted up his language, saying the extended hand had been ignored and, in what seemed to be a challenge to Obama, questioning whether it was worthwhile to keep waiting for a return gesture.

And the execrable Charles Krauthammer is just loving it. I’ll spare you any nasty quotes from his piece, but I don’t think Obama is going to enjoy reading it.

Remember when we were all so embarrassed to have cowboy George W. Bush as President? Remember how we dreamed of having a Democratic President who would get us out of Iraq and restore America’s image around the world? And what did we get? An arrogant, self-aggrandizing dilettante who can’t stay in one place long enough to actually get something accomplished.

Is there any chance President Obama might learn something from the events of this bad bad day? Somehow I doubt it, but one can always hope.

UPDATE: The London Times is even meaner and nastier than the Telegraph.

Mr Obama was greeted — as usual — like a rock star by the IOC delegates in Copenhagen — then humiliated by them. Perception is reality. A narrow defeat for Chicago would have been acceptable — but the sheer scale of the defeat was a bombshell, and is a major blow for Mr Obama at a time when questions are being asked about his style of governance.

At home, it is difficult to turn on a television and not see Mr Obama giving a press conference, or an interview, or at a town hall rally, in his all-out effort to sell his troubled reform the US health insurance system. After three months of enormous exposure, Mr Obama has achieved this: the growing likelihood of ramming a Bill through Congress with — at most — just one Republican vote.

175 Responses

  1. Repost from downstairs…

    Not on universal healthcare, not on Afghanistan, not on holding Wall Street accountable, not on creating jobs….but on the Chicago bid for the Olympics…

    Not a good day, says Democratic strategist Peter Fenn, “but nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

    “Any country getting the Olympics is a big deal, we know that,” Fenn said. “His heart was in this — here’s someone who isn’t afraid to take risks, and stick his neck out.”


    • Yea, he doesn’t stick his neck out for gay rights, health care, women’s rights, the environment, etc, but Chicago and his cronies’ bottom line? You betcha! That’s the only time he gets really excited–when it’s about Obama and Obama related concerns.

      • What’s the point of him getting excited about something if he’s just gonna fail anyway?

        This is what happens when Obama doesn’t have a pipeline full of campaign cash coming from Wall Street and the corporate media controlling the flow of information.

        He still could have pulled it off though, All he needed to do is arrange for Danna Brazile to count the votes.

      • Well said.

        • Ani! So good to see you over here! One of the best bloggers on the internet IMO. I’ve always thought you’d fit in very well over here…

        • Hi Ani! I love your posts on NoQuarter! It’s my main reason for visiting the site. I’d love to see you comment here more often!

    • He acted stupidly, again!. In follow-up to the big Chi Town bomb one of our US IOC people noted that it is customary on the first round for delegates to cast a “hometown” favorite vote and that Chi Town knew the US delegate count was very small (just the 18 votes out of some 98 possible). In other words it was pretty knowable that this mission was a big gamble. Either the staff around O did not do their homework or they thought his rock star status would somehow overcome hometown commitments—-either way I would say this adds up to acting stupidly. In addition it is well know that Rio, representing South America that has never had the Olympic games, was clearly a favorite and Uhlu has been working the IOC diligently for more than 5 years. The Rio bid committed 3 times the budget of Chi Town and Brazil people clearly were behind their president while Chi Towners were not.

      And you are so right—why doesn’t he take risks for something that really matters. What was the real agenda her imho—they knew Chicago was in trouble; they thought O had such a successful trip to the UN/Pittsburgh, so popular on “the continent” that he could win the day when no one else could. He acted stupidly because he just can’t get enough of himself.

      Burris showed his Senatorial acumen by blaming the loss on Bush!

      • Okay, I know the Obots love to pin things on GWB, but how could this possibly have been laid at his feet. I mean, that’s really stretching things.

      • Wanna place any bets on how long it will take for the “Zombies” to blame this on Hillary?

  2. From the Krauthammer piece:

    Why forgo the opportunity? Because Obama wanted the Security Council meeting to be about his own dream of a nuclear-free world. The president, reports the New York Times citing “White House officials,” did not want to “dilute” his disarmament resolution “by diverting to Iran.”

    Diversion? It’s the most serious security issue in the world. A diversion from what? From a worthless U.N. disarmament resolution?

    Yes. And from Obama’s star turn as planetary visionary: “The administration told the French,” reports the Wall Street Journal, “that it didn’t want to ‘spoil the image of success’ for Mr. Obama’s debut at the U.N.”

    Image? Success? Sarkozy could hardly contain himself. At the council table, with Obama at the chair, he reminded Obama that “we live in a real world, not a virtual world.”

    He explained: “President Obama has even said, ‘I dream of a world without [nuclear weapons].’ Yet before our very eyes, two countries are currently doing the exact opposite.”

    I keep thinking this is just some kind of strategy–he can’t REALLY be this clueless and narcissistic right? Right? I knew he was inexperienced and arrogant, but even I didn’t foresee this level of utter incompetence and naivete. It’s like a psychological case study.

    • Well, I’d love to have a nuclear-free world. JFK tried to do it.

      • But as usual, his head is in the clouds. Priorities need to be addressed, and considering that he was sitting on a big fat Iranian lie about nuclearn development, that should have taken precedence over his desire to advance his own legacy.

    • I would prefer to live in a nuclear-free world, but I don’t think Obama’s (or anyone’s) image is enough for lasting progress on this issue.

    • Krauthammer may be execrable but I would say he nailed it.

  3. I have to post this again in case anyone missed it on the other thread–it’s too good. I just love that laugh:

    • Oh that was so cute. Thanks, fif!

    • The warm laughter in the room really highlights the differences in how she is received and how B0 is faring on the international stage. Everyone gets how smart, and experienced, and capable she is. And they seem to love her around the world, too. In comparison, he falls very short.

      I keep feeling this little quickening of hope–she is the world leader and he is not, it’s getting harder for this to be hidden–I think she may be able to run again someday. Maybe we will get our Madame President for real after all…..

      • I would love to think that might happen!

      • I kept on saying during the Primaries that Hillary was really very popular abroad. She was known and liked, and what European leaders liked about her was her level of preparation. (and her education)

  4. The Obama Family Narcissism knows no bounds! Picking Chi Town would, of course, be all about them. If they love the city then, so the world.

    • I’ve said this several times in other threads over the last several days. Obama had to repay a few political debts to the Chi-town political thugs who assisted him in getting his opponents off the ballot in Chicago, giving his wife a nonexistent $300k job at the UChicago hospital, and ultimately making the deals necessary to put him into the White House. Obama doesn’t go out of his way to help anyone unless it directly affects his political and business deals. Some of those Chicago political thugs made room in their schedule to fly to Copenhagen too. It’s because they saw money signs where Chicagoans who wanted the Olympics in their hometown genuinely thought that it would be good for their city’s tourism and image. The amount corruption and deals made with shady businesses would’ve likely been unprecedented in Olympic history. The city and taxpayers would’ve been left with a hefty clean-up bill while Daley and Obama’s business friends making off with millions of dollars.

  5. Obama is the third Bush term. That is the only thing Democrats need to get through their heads before the Messiah attempts to run for a second term in office. There needs to be more Dems other than the people at The Confluence who will support whoever challenges Obama for the Democratic nomination.

  6. Brazil had too much in its favor, especially given its position in the evolving geopolitic.

    Chicago’s bid was not well-constructed in some significant ways, in terms of fitting the desires of the IOC. This is not the fault of the POTUS. For example, the IOC likes providing facilities for the future. Chicago’s 80,000 seat stadium was to be a temporary.

    I don’t know how the cost/benefit analysis of an Olympics in Chicago would cash out locally, regionally, or nationally, but if a nation is making a bid, imho, it seems proper for its leader to help it along.

    It’s also easy to appreciate the sentiments of those who recognize that some much larger issues do not seem to be getting the attention they deserve.

    • I agree, but that isn’t the point. The point is why did Obama go to Copenhagen in the first place? And if he felt he had to go, why not stay for a couple of days instead of dropping in for four hours and then taking off. One of the IOC people told NPR they felt condescended to.

      • BB,

        It’s normal for leaders, power people, and celebrities to represent their countries, as noted by the stuff from the NYT below.

        “President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of Brazil had led Rio’s emotional appeal to win the Games, and the urge to make history tugged at the I.O.C. He was among the tearful, raucous celebrators in the auditorium when the announcement was made.

        Pelé, the former soccer star, was jumping up and down while locked in an embrace, tears streaming down his face.

        Juan Antonio Samaranch of Spain, a former I.O.C. president, had made a passionate and personal appeal for Madrid in its presentation.

        King Juan Carlos of Spain and Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama of Japan also came to work on behalf of Madrid and Tokyo.”

        If things were close, like the USOC wrongly thought, the POTUS might have helped with swing votes. Then again, perhaps some swing voters would have felt slighted by his brief drop-in. Who knows?

        IMHO, Barack’s very very bad day that was the USOC’s bad day is mild compared to the very very very bad day for the U.S. of A. and Barack that is indicated by 9.8% unemployment when his advisors original top projection was 7.9%.


        • Well that’s the point, isn’t it? The President should be here taking case of our problems in the U.S. And again, he is the first U.S. President ever to lower himself to personally appeal to the IOC. It’s never been done before.

          I’m sorry you don’t like my post. It was just an attempt to lighten things up after the long discussion of unemployment. I can’t focus on the recession/depression 24/7. Maybe you can. I can’t.

          • BB,

            I can like a post and disagree on a point, BB. I can love an argument that reaches a conclusion that I loathe. To be able to do so if part of my training.

            I like this post. I think it it is a good synopsis of a meaningful general trend. Further, I think it is vindicating and salve-like for the many of us who were castigated for intuiting that these very things were likely to occur.

            As I note below, I think of the Olympics and the World Cup, as singularly meaningful, world cultural phenomenon. It is that view that makes me think it OK to give Barack a pass on the issue.

            I’m sorry if my words conveyed something other than that.


          • The fact that the Olympics is an important event (for some–to me the corruption involved has made it less so) doesn’t mean that the poor people of Chicago should have it forced on them when they clearly want their local government to actually deal with their very real problems. Kids are getting beaten to death outside of schools on a practically daily basis.

            The situation in the schools is very much a creation of the Daley machine that Obama supported. I think it’s very likely he was forced to make this appeal by some of this thuggish Chicago supporters. Next they should make Blagojevich head of the IOC.

          • BB,

            I cannot disagree with that.

            In my first comment, I cut out a part that addressed the point that countries should not make bids that don’t benefit the nation, and in particular the locals and the region.

            It was this presupposition that I based the Presidents support upon. I cut it out as I was already being run on.

            Vancouver’s World Fair is an example of a bad event. Land speculators and developers made a killing by “renovating” inner city dwellers out of their home. The more an event steals from those with little, the less it deserves support.

            Further, in terms of corruption, I imagine the IOC could school the Daleys.


          • No matter how you look at it, this was poorly managed. He was vacillating about whether or not to go right up until this week–as he does with everything. Then he goes with his wife & OPRAH? He breezes in at the last minute, and his pitch is mostly about their family and relationship to Chicago, instead of focusing on the US. He is spending presidential capital and it is not inexhaustible. They are ham-handed, and think his campaign aura is enough to finesse complex issues like the politics of the IOC or dealing with Iran.

          • IMO this was just another way for him to feed his ego. He has shown time and time again that he has no problem pushing important matters to the backburner while engaging in public appearances that don’t accomplish anything other than getting applause for himself. He does not seem to like it when people are not agreeing with him and clapping for him.

        • You think it’s a very very very bad day for the US because Chicago didn’t get the Olympics. Do you balance your own check book? 😉

          • I was going to ask the same thing.

            As for the IOC schooling the Daley machine on corruption – I disagree too. They managed to install the president of their choice, blatantly cheating, and got away with it.

            We in London are going to be paying off the Games for years, but at least we’ll have some lovely facilities for some people to enjoy in the future…

            On the other hand, I do think the Games would enable Brazil to provide a better, safer city for their people, so I’m very happy for them.

      • BB, the problem is that he now believes his own hype – he forgot that it took tons of money to get him in the white house – rather, he believes he was elected by adoring hordes of Americans, when in fact he failed and they just about had to drag him across the finish line with more money and fraud.

    • I think it cheapens the office of the presidency for the President to go campaigning for a sports event, even one I love like the Olympics.
      In addition, the presentation was all about him and his city, IMO. I think he and his staff really miscalculated how his diffident half assed effort would just charm the pants off of everyone.

    • No one said it was his fault. There was an election that he couldn’t buy. But when you say “healthcare is doing fine, I can go take care of this” and “this” falls to pieces – how pathetic does it look?

    • He is the first US president to go begging to the IOC, isn’t he? If it’s the proper thing to do, why didn’t Bill Clinton do it? Why didn’t any other President? It’s the city that wanted it, not the U.S. Most Americans ignore the Olympics.

      • because this was about paying back the Daley machine

      • BB,

        The Beijing Olympics was the most watched U.S. television event of all time.


        I appreciate that the POTUS is, or was, and may again be different than other world leaders with respect to what situations deserve the presence of the office. As I noted above, I also appreciate the view that there are far more serious things that deserve his attention.


        IMHO, the Olympics thing does not ring pathetic, but the other stuff you mention and that BB lists does, which is why I appreciate the argument that he ought to be getting into his work and out of his invisible clothes. Then again, WonktV was also right when she said the clothes are missing the emperor.


        • OK, you win. Barack Obama is the greatest! Long live Barack Obama!!!!

          Are you happy now?

          • BB,

            I did not offer praise to Obama. I simply said that I did not think the Olympic trip was a bad thing to do as POTUS. He is deserving of criticism on so many levels and issues that, IMHO, giving him a pass on the Olympics bid is unlikely to bring out the Halellujah chorus.


          • Obambam is a narcissistic jerk — which is the only reason he went to play rock star in Europe. BUT on that stage there were other rock stars. Obambam is just another ugly American overseas — or he will soon be.

          • NWR,

            Whom does not lie very well?

            Where is the lie that you speak of?


          • Please don’t accuse other commenters of lying, NWR. Steven doesn’t deserve that. I’m going to have to edit that out of your comment.

        • I appreciate that the POTUS is, or was, and may again be different than other world leaders with respect to what situations deserve the presence of the office.

          You mean like Letterman, Leno & a George Lopez commercial. He does not understand the symbolism and weight of his office, and how to use it sparingly for maximum effect. There are many more serious concerns that his office can influence than bringing the Olympics to Chicago. Plus, if he was going to put the presidency in that position, he should have done advance work to know that he would not look like a powerless fool. It’s like his promise to meet with dictators without preconditions–there are things that you spend presidential power on and things you don’t.

    • S
      You say it is not the fault of the POTUS that Chi town bid has significant weaknesses—-it is the fault of the POTUS to put himself into a situation where he is most likely to fail. That is not about “taking risks” that is about being stupid.
      He had major and significant reasons for not going, especially when his people had to know the calculus was against success; if they did not know that then they and he are stupid for not knowing.

      This is like the Gates/Crowley beer summit—he jumps into something from the presidential treetops for the photo op and the belief it will be a distraction from bad news or that he will be a hero. For a president to do this is profoundly reckless and may get us into another Iraq or worse. It is a pattern of behavior that is becoming deeply disturbing to me.

      • j,

        I agree with the notion the the USOC did not do their homework and did not approach the situation with due diligence. Accurate intelligence would have saved this minor setback from occurring.

        I agree that the beer summit wasn’t proper conduct for the office. I understand why some see the Olympic bid as a continuation of this pattern. I do not because I believe the Olympics and the World Cup are singularly important world-embracing activities.


        • Oh I see — studly penis waving sports thing???

          YEP — so right!

          • NWR,

            Are you spewing sexist remarks because you do not have an argument?


          • Huh?

          • Somewhere there’s a wit missing its nit.

            Some of the most memorable Olympic accomplishmnents have been women’s victories.

          • I do enjoy commercial sports — it is a male macho — testosterone useless waste of time.

            I view the Olympics as a huge waste of money time and talent — and that money could be used elsewhere.

            Commercial sports very often goes along with the objectification of women — as in cheerleaders etc.

            I have never seen the reason to spend gazillions of $$ on commercial sports and to waste vast sums of money so that millions can sit on their asses to watch a few over paid jerks in the modern day throw back to the gladiators.

          • That should be I do NOT enjoy commercial sports.

            And so what if women have advanced in the Olympics? It is still a stupid waste of time and money. I don’t see the point of once every 4 years — countries use the talents of athletes. China is one of the worst is using, training and then forgetting about the has been athletes.

            I don’t like the way NBC covers the games — delaying coverage etc. until the damned east coast has seen the coverage BEFORE the west coast can watch what has happened the day before (when the games were in Korea). The TV coverage of the games is so bad — that IF women’s sports are covered it seems purely by accident. So any more I just don’t give a damned and ignore professional/commercial sports garbage. NOW I can rant and


  7. Thank you Hillary Clinton!

    Hillary: “role and rights of women is critical to foreign policy…it is national security”

  8. So, now that Michelle told the Brazilian First Lady that the gloves come off, is she going to rip her eyes out now?

    • She said that? Way to go Mechelle. Throw your considerable weight around and tell those Brazilians ” we are the Prez and FLOTUS” if we want it, we get it and you get out of the way;” Those Latin and South Am. love that stuff. Hugo will be so pleased.

      • Michelle did tell the Brazilian First Lady that she was going to go after her in Copenhagen:

        Already, the spirited competition has sparked some high-level trash talking. At the G-20 summit in Pittsburgh last week, Michelle Obama sat next to the first lady of Brazil, Marisa Letícia Rocco Casa. “I said, you know, ‘I’m going to hug you now and then I’m going after you in Copenhagen,’” the first lady said. “And she said, ‘You, too.’ So gloves are off.”

        Stay classy, Michelle.


        • Can I just say how dispiriting it is to hear the words trash talking in reference to the FLOTUS?

          Even more dispiriting that I am not surprised in the least by her behavior or its classification.

    • HAHAHA. Thanks for the Democratic primary flashback. For those of you who don’t remember, Michelle “joked” on the campaign trail that she wanted to rip Bill Clinton’s eyes out: http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2008/may/04/barackobama

  9. One possible reason that Roman Polanski doesn’t want to come back to CA.


    He still owes his rape victim $500,000, plus heavy duty interest from the settlement in her civil case against him.

    • So it’s worse than I thought. Not only did he avoid sentencing, he didn’t pay his rape victim everything that they agreed to in the settlement. It’s not like he doesn’t have the money.

      Will Jeralyn mention this injustice? Doubt it.

    • Kirstie Alley – takes a strong stand against P! So some people in Hollywood have sense and dare to speak up!


  10. Well, having been to Rio, my first reaction was…..would I rather go to Chicago or to Rio (if I were going)? hmmmm

  11. OT — For those “detectives” like me who were dying to know this tidbit, Polanski agreed to pay $500,000 to Geimer in the civil suit in 1993. Court records don’t show he ever paid her anything. In fact, in the last court filings in ’96, Polanski owed her $604,416.22, including interest. (source: AP, Greg Risling, posted 10-02-09 , 8:05pm)

  12. bb — Didn’t see your entry about Polanski.

  13. how long before al sharpton & jackson come our & label the OIC as racsit or have they already??

  14. Deal buys Iran time to obscure activities at Nuclear plant.

    Iran’s promise to admit inspectors to a secret nuclear plant, though hailed as a major step this week by U.S. officials and their allies, may come too late to glean key information about its design and history, private experts and foreign government officials said Friday.

    Allowing access within two weeks of the announcement would in effect give Tehran nearly a month following its Sept. 21 acknowledgment of the plant’s existence to obscure whatever evidence there may be in the facility, analysts and experts said.

  15. Boogieman: sounds like you’re having a knee-jerk reaction. Lots of people have been throwing around the “racist” accusations of late. How come you instinctively mention Sharpton and Jackson? both of whom have been surprisingly quiet of late.

    • They are probably both really disappointed in Obama at this point.

      • Maybe Jackson is but don’t forget Biden was dispatched to the most recent annual gathering of Sharpton’s National Action Network; the most high profile keynote speaker they’ve ever had. Shaprton is mainstream now. He’s done rocking the boat.

    • Joanie in Brooklyn, my bad your right i should also have mentioned REV WRIGHT …

  16. The IOC is itself a eminently bribable organization. It’s shameful that BO took this trip given the health and state of our nation. I’m sure it was a personal decision to go.

    • 3W,

      The IOC is archetype for such corruption. To some extent, its’ ethics are antithetical to the event it represents.


    • It had to be a personal decision, who tells him what to do? The Olympics are a privately run event…not governmental, so he sure didn’t go on official political business.

      Think about who benefits and who loses if Chicago had been named. Benefits go to the developers who have to build the stadiums, arenas, etc. Losses go to the taxpayers who will foot the bill for those over-charged contractor friends of the O’s. Pretty much the way Obama operates.

      I’m just glad golden boy fell flat on his face and the international committee rejected him…I see this as another bit of proof that our media makes up the stories about how LOVED B&M are around the world.

  17. It was mentioned before but cannot be emphasized enough. This deal of the Olympics for Chicago has been in the works through Obama, Jarrett, Axlerod made big bucks and Emanuel.This involved Rezko, Penny Pritzer and on and on. It was covered at great length and in detail by an investigative reporter nobody read. I believe her name is Evelyn Pringle. It was something to read at the time, especially realizing she was being ignored by the MSM. There was some big powers at work there. It was full of detail.

  18. ROFLOL!!!!

    Jeralyn is now defending David Letterman. Since when is it immoral to have sex with someone who works for you, she says.

    She lives in a different moral universe than I do. Letterman has a wife and child. How must that kid feel knowing his dad is having sex with his employees? Not to mention that it’s an abuse of power for a boss to have sex with an employee.

    Not that I wanted to know anything about Letterman’s sex life–yuck!!

    • Honestly, there are times when I don’t know if I should laugh or cry for her. She seems to excel “at lookin’ for love in all the wrong places”.

    • She’s looking for the next big gig as a celebrity pro bono lawyer ala Gloria Allred.

      • That would be a logical conclusion — shall we start taking bets as to when her upward mobility might happen?

        • Never would be my guess. She just turned 60, and has been on this quest for years and years.

          She even admitted that it was the “celebrity” angle on this story that piqued her interest. She is ALWAYS on the side of the celebrity…no matter how guilty they are.

          She’s blind to her own hypocrisy, though. She accuses other commenters against Letterman of being exactly what she is when the Palin females are even mentioned in the press…she still maintains that Bristol deserves to be a target since her mother “trotted her out” during the primaries..

          • I thought she was younger than 60 (maybe because of her lack of sense and maturity) so after reading your comment I googled her to see her background. Yep, she’s 60 and according to Wiki she was one of the principal trial lawyers Timothy McVeigh in the Oklahoma City bombing case.

    • Oh gawd, I was about to mention Jeralyn’s post when I read your comment. The woman just does not get it. She doesn’t see the sexism, the power structure of the patriarchy, the abuse of power as an employer. Has she EVER taken a women’s studies course either in college or law school? My goodness….

      It’s not that we are prudes. It’s because Letterman made the choice to talk about his sex life on his show as if it wasn’t a big deal that he cheated with his long time partner whom he married and had a child with. He had sex with numerous women who worked for him…yea, I’m SURE that made the work place comfortable for the rest of the women of his crew who had no interest in sleeping with him.

      Jeralyn defends the actions of Letterman sleeping with his subordinates but continues to mention how horrible it was that Palin took Levi to the Republican National Convention. Jeralyn has no common sense whatsoever.

    • To quote Violet Socks at the Reclusive Leftist

      The Dicks Gone Wild news is all-consuming. We got incest, we got rape, we got pedophilia, and now we got David Letterman screwing around with his employees and being blackmailed for it. Jesus.

      Some of you will say, “But Violet! How can you compare extramarital sex to crimes like rape and incest?” I’ll tell you how: because they all involve men putting their dicks wherever the hell they want to put their dicks, no matter what. No matter who. Mighty is the dick, and its will is sacred! Nothing must stand in its way! Neither loyalty nor law nor compassion nor basic goddamn human decency shall stay the dick from the swift completion of its desired rounds. All hail the goddamn dick.

    • In fairness, though, Letterman hasn’t been married that long, and this stuff apparently happened before he had a child, too. I feel you on abuse of power, but what I’m reading ex staffers are saying he never acted inappropriate around female staffers, but a lot of relationships formed among co-workers working closely for long hours. I mean, two words–Big Dawg. Yes there are lines but….

      • Yes but Letterman has been the bane of any straying politician, so I really don’t feel too sorry for the hypocrit.

        • Yeah, he’s a jerk, but some people elsewhere are using words like sexual harassment and rape and it’s like woah. Until someone comes forward to day otherwise, he’s no Roman Polanski.

          • I just feel bad for his kid.

          • Oh yeah, me too. He’s out of his mind, the story would have gone away quicker if he just said “no comment.” now his family will be humiliated. I can see how he was scared by tge blackmailer mentioning his son after that kidnapping plot a while ago, but still, he didn’t have to open this can of worms publicly.

          • Oh I haven’t seen anyone calling him a rapist or anything. That’s certainly overboard.

          • But he is her boss, and many women who have 2-3 or 4 little mouths to feed at home and absolutely can’t afford to lose their job will acquiece – you may not call it rape, Mr. but as I woman, I would.

            I have not knowledge of that young woman’s situation or perhaps her reason for consent – maybe she just want to get it on. But… 😕

      • Letterman’s career has been based on him being a total hypocrite and making fun of other people’s indiscretions. He’s made fun of Bill and Hillary, Palin and her family, and many other celebs and politicians caught with the pants down. Letterman was in a committed relationship with his wife for over 20 years. Yes, they only got married recently but that doesn’t mean he didn’t cheat on her when they were living together. Considering he’s a public figure and has made a fool out of so many people I think it’s appropriate punishment for him to be forced to admit to all of this in the public eye and open himself to criticism and jokes as well. Karma is a b*tch.

      • Another point is that Letterman seems to have been sleeping with multiple women from his workplace at the same time. I read that his wife used to work for him and it seems he was dating her while sleeping with other women who worked for him. I can understand someone having a relationship with one person in the office but more than one, even if it isn’t at the same time, just makes the workplace uncomfortable and awkward for everyone. But I guess when you have millions upon millions of dollars, the world is your oyster.

        I honestly don’t care about Letterman and I’m not surprised by his behavior but this is just my opinion on the whole story since it is now public fodder.

        • “Shouldn’t CBS be somewhat culpable in allowing a ‘hostile work environment’ for the women (plural) that Dave had sex with? Maybe it was all consentual…but what if any of the female employees come forward and says they felt coerced? Pressured?

          Think of it…one the ’stars’ of the company you work for (but in this case trully known industry and worldwide) wants to have a relationship with you. You say ‘no.’ Will you still have a job? Be able to be promoted? Be able to find a similar job (at another network–’don’t hire Mary…she gave Dave Letterman a hard time…’)

          It begs the questions if CBS will have collateral damages from Davey’s trysts…and because of potential lawsuits, will CBS have to let him go (do they still have morals clauses???)

          Karma…remember all the Palin jokes…like the A-Rod ‘knocking up her daughter during the 7th inning stretch?’ is a real bitc# here…lets hope some of Letterman’s female subordinates are bitc#s too and go after him and the network.”

          • Good points. How do you say “no” when you work for rich and powerful men? Do these men even take no for an answer? If you turn them down for a date or sex after the date does this put your job and future at the company in jeopardy? I would think that yes, it would put a woman’s career at CBS in jeopardy if she were to turn down a man as rich and influential as David Letterman.

    • Jeralyn has lost her damn mind!

      • Are you sure she has a mind to lose? Could be that she just has an implant.

        • LMAO!

          She’s an enigma to me. One breath she’s all over Republicans for their sins and in the other she is all…Live and let live.

          Go figure.


    • Letterman made lots of money dishing it… he can spare a few dollars to defend himself. I will not defend him. He made his attitude about women very well known in the last two years.

  19. This man speaks for me on the Polanski issue. He really knows what he’s talking about.


    • I’m sorry, but if I had any say as to how Polanski would be punished for “RAPING” a child…..I would revert to my Apache forefathers and skin his A$$, smear some honey on him, tie him to a cactus tree and let the damn ants have at him!

      I can’t believe these “Hollywood freaks” are defending the man!


      • Can you tell us how you really feel?

        But I agree with you.

        Somehow I think that people are getting an education about what was done to as 13 year old child — whereas when this happened so very long ago — there seemed to be very little empathy for the victim.


      • See – talk like this and I don’t agree with you. He raped a child. It is a crime. He should face justice. Absolutely. I don’t see why having made some callously twisted and unpleasant movies should change that. However, torture and murder don’t become a civilised country – I know the US goes in for it, but who said it was civilised – and when the lynch mob forms, what I want to do then is stop them. So please don’t muddy the waters by lining up with the murderers and torturers.

    • Polanski is a sick, perverted criminal and he needs to be locked up!

      If I had any say in how he should be punished, I would revert to my Apache ancestors and how they took care of rapist in their midst!

      Tie him to a cactus tree and skin him alive. Pour honey all over him and let the ants and bugs have at him but not before cutting his whoo haa off and feeding it to the coyotes!

      There’s a special place in hades for animals like this.

      Sorry but I DESPISE people who abuse children and Rapist above all!

  20. OT but so wonderful. The Ken Burns’ documentary “The National Parks: America’s Best idea” is available to watch (warning, there are 12 separate segments) at PBS until 10/9.

    I’ve been blown away all week by this.


    • If he covers Theodore Roosevelt National Park, I’ll watch it. But everyone ignores North Dakota.

      • It covers the history of the National Park Service. With so many parks, (58) and all of the national monuments and National Military Parks (hundreds) most just get a passing mention and some awesome cinematography. But they do speak of the 6000 miles of highway that connects all of the Western parks and the Badlands (which if I understand is in the TRNP) gets a few mentions.

        The great thing about the documentary is the history. It certainly inspires preservation of these great areas. That’s what Burns was going for.

        • It takes you from Lincoln’s interest in setting aside of National Parks, to the dedication of Yellowstone, to the establishment of the National Park Service on through the battles over the Alaskan areas during Carter’s term, and pays homage to so many of the heroes (Steven Mather, John Muir, Adolf Murie, George Melendez Wright, and Lancelot Jones) we’ve never heard of (well maybe not John Muir, he’s pretty well known) that dedicated their lives and fortunes to preserving these wonderful areas.

          • OK, you convinced me. I’ll watch it.

          • My hubby and I are making up our “Nat’l Park” wish list already. Katmai in Alaska is on top. We’ve never seen the Grand Canyon, and we’d like to go to Dinosaur nat’l park, Canyonlands, and ones we already had on our list, Glacier and Teton.

    • Is it true that National Park workers are losing their jobs?

  21. I don’t think it is always inappropriate for a President to be involved in the lobbying effort to have a US city selected to host the Olympics.

    But I have to wonder about Obama priorities – there are much more important things for him to worry about right now.

    I think Obama demonstated poor political judgment though. He risked being embarrassed (and ultimately was) for something that was not important to the nation or to his political standing.

    He put his prestige on the line by going to see the committee and gave the impression that he thought all he had to do was show up and the committee would swoon.

    Now he looks weak, egotistical and stupid

    (more than he usually does)

    • I agree, IIRC Tony Blair did a lot to boost London’s bid, but it was behind the scenes legwork.

      Showing up at the last minute to make a speech- comparing the many ethnic communities in Chicago to a microcosm of the world, just doesn’t cut it. Neither do Michelle’s homely references to her father.

      Similar rhetoric may have won them the WH-but it’s time for less reliance on charisma, and more on simple political savvy.

      Rio had a far stronger case.

  22. In other Talk Left news, BTD continues his assault on the mainstream corporate media. You know, the same media he counted on to elect Obama, thus his primary reason he stated for supporting Obama over Hillary. He says the Media has no credibility. So what does that say about his media darling?

  23. Not sure if anyone posted this earlier.

  24. Great post. I lean towards the theory that someone must have gotten an inside tip that Chicago was a shoo-in and he could go and actually look like he was accomplishing something however minimal for a change. Of course with Obama you never know, maybe he just wanted to see the statue of The Little Mermaid and is past caring how anything looks. I also think it’s unseemly for POTUS to go fluff for his hometown like a ward boss or smalltime booster.

  25. Senator Rowland Burris of Illinois, the Senator who was appointed to fill President Barack Obama’s vacant Senate seat, blames George Bush for Chicago not getting the Olympics in 2016. Burris stated in an interview, shortly after the announcement, that the image of the U. S. has been so tarnished in the last 8 years that, even Barack Obama making an unprecedented pitch for the games could not overcome the hatred the world has for us as a result of George Bush.

  26. Hollywood’s Strange Morals

    Rex Murphy on the CBC nails it on Polanski and Whoopi, etal. ht: ghost2 at Allegre’s

  27. WOW – didn’t realize the spanking was that brutal until I saw the link – thanks for putting this out there !!

  28. Has anyone seen this? Too funny !!

  29. The sum total is lacks the gravitas to deliver on promises.

    • I have zero tolerance for 0ots — the few that still identify themselves with bumper stickers now have a nasty, arrogant little victory sticker on their rear windows. They are damned lucky that I have excellent impulse control — but one of these days the fools will return to their cars to find windows smashed or worse — by someone who has no impulse control.

      YES we told the 0bots that their guy was completely inexperienced and we were called horrible names and even had death threats.

      Today is another — WE told you so days.

      • Dems with Obama stickers on their car and placards in their house should be as embarrassed as the Republicans with Bush 04 stickers and placards. Even if I was guilty of such an offense, I wouldn’t display teh dumb to the entire neighborhood.

    • In fact, even the Big Dawg tried to point it out (Candidate X and Candidate Y)…

  30. When I heard about the Olympic debacle for Chicago, I just knew it was a moment to be savored by all the people who got burned in the presidential election. I am glad that everyone here did not disappoint.

    As for the Obama magic not working on the Olympic committee- yes!

  31. A bad day for Obama is a great day for me! I love seeing him humiliated, love it.
    So Obama didnt get what he wanted, when he wanted it did he? He sure got a big slap in the face from the IOC didnt he?
    He thought he had it in the bag, he owed those in Chicago who helped him get elected so he had to go.
    Out in the first round, do we have video of Obama’s face when that announcement was made? I hope so, I am sure that we will be seeing more and more of that loser look on his face.
    This is nothing more than karma. He is now losing his support from other countries, even those he thought were his friends. They are laughing at him, such arrogance to think his mere presence would sway the IOC, but that’s how Obama rolls.
    He loves himself so much and he thinks the whole world loves him too, time for a rude awakening Obama, you are not who the world has been waiting for, but when he shows up I am sure you will be one of the first to know.
    What goes around comes around. You get what you give. I think Obama is in for even bigger disappointments to come.
    Bring it on, I love a good laugh!

  32. if Obama had to fly somewhere, it was to American Samoa. That is what a President is supposed to do in a such a situation. Even if the catastrophy isn’t of Katrinas magnitude the CO2 release and depletion of the ozone layer can at least be motivated by some REAL issue, not PR for a lost cause.

    • well said well said

    • Yup

    • I second that emotion. what about the late response to guess Georgia. I guess he was too busy prepping for Copenhagen.

    • Yes, I was astounded that I had not heard Obama make any formal statement about the disaster in American Samoa. If he or his handlers had any idea what they were doing, they would’ve arranged a flight for him to go to American Samoa while leaving Michelle solely responsible for the Olympics. It would’ve been a stark contrast to Bush’s lack of response to Katrina and probably would’ve given him a boost in the polls.

  33. Hollywood’s Strange Morals

    Rex Murphy on the CBC nails it on Polanski and Whoopi, etal.

  34. oh yeah…right. Nothing to praise.

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  36. From the Times

    Mr Obama was greeted — as usual — like a rock star by the IOC delegates in Copenhagen — then humiliated by them. Perception is reality. A narrow defeat for Chicago would have been acceptable — but the sheer scale of the defeat was a bombshell, and is a major blow for Mr Obama at a time when questions are being asked about his style of governance.


  37. Barack and Michelle’s speeches in Copenhagen:

    Embedded video from CNN Video

    • sorry you’ll just have to scroll down the videos until you see a pic of Michelle in a yellow dress.

  38. And now, let’s have a drum roll for irony:Axelrod blames…politics for losing Olympics site

  39. BO looks more like an infomercial everyday. Or maybe it’s the cable news people. Does not help the nation’s leadership image in the world.

  40. I wanted to offer a link to Evelyn Pringles article long ignored by other media. She did many articles which can be reached through this. It goes back to show the extent of Chicago’s Olympic bid and all the players in line to make money.

  41. More people from ChiTown who had a very bad day yesterday


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