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Politically Incorrect Open Thread

I’m pretty sure that this video is sexist or something I’m supposed to be offended by it but I can’t help laughing my ass off when I watch it.

What’s on your mind?

24 Responses

    • These are the same people that argue that if you look at porn you’re gay.

      Yeah, that will really help.

      • What’s astounding is how someone so ignorant got a position in Congress. I mean the guy goes and says that socialism would undermine individual liberties while making the argument the government should be able to undermine individual liberties like the right to choose who your partner is. How utterly absurd is that.

    • Steve King is a buffoon. I kinda get a kick out of him blathering on c-span. There is no wingnuttery too outlandish for him to pitch when the camera is rolling.

      • It’s interesting that he’s going with the Rick Sanatorum model. If we allow men to marry each other next thing you know they’ll want the right to marry box turtles.


    • I like when they go down the democracy route, as if they’re being deprived of their Constitutional Right to Busybodyism. I should get to vote on whether you’re allow to exercise your civil rights, but mine are absolute.

      • My guess is the word egalatarian baffles him. I mean gosh forbid we have a system that gives equal rights on deciding reproductive choices or issues regarding domestic partnership to the INDIVDUAL rather than a bunch of random people who will be minimally impacted by that individuals choice.

        It’s a slippery slope dontcha know. Once we allow people to marry who they choose they might actually think they would or should have a right or say in their government. Sigh. Couldn’t have that happen.

        Idiocy this strong ought to be outlawed.

  1. Yeah, it’s probably sexist, but … the twinkle in his eye is sex-ay.

  2. Idiocy this strong ought to be outlawed.

    If you’re referring to people who wanna get married then I agree.

    Marriage ruins perfectly good relationships.

    • Hasn’t ruined mine yet. It must be an operator error thing. 😛

      • My ex took the “until death” part literally.

        She’s up for parole again soon.

        • It’s not easy being married while always having to play defense with your internal organs.

          • (Capt. Spaulding….kidney removal…)

          • My mom had one of those sorts(my dad). They suck. I test drove my husbands tolerance and had a seperate bank account because of the dysfunction from their marriage.

          • I think it’s amazing that so many people get married, really. It’s brave. Just saying “separate bank accounts” makes me think about the level of trust and intimacy required to set up a household. Even just all the minor everyday decisions, somebody is using your money, you’re using theirs, you trust them enough to be intimately involved in huge aspects of your life. It’s a pretty awesome and impressive leap of faith.

  3. Violet Socks is trying to raise money for her bandwidth over at reclusiveleftist.com if anyone’s interested

  4. LOL-that video was so funny!!!!

    The old lady at the end with the walker cracked me up!!!

    • It is funny. I don’t know if it is sexist or ageist — seems like the rich little old ladies get the last laugh, after all. 🙂

  5. Country music is interesting but I’m more interested in alt country and women performers. Ran in to a new book — albeit academic focus — that was interesting. “Natural Acts: Gender, Race, and Rusticity in Country Music” FYI.

  6. I’m a huge country music fan and listen to a LOT of alt-country. My only caution would be that a significant part of so-called alt-country is just really crappy pseudo-country designed to appeal to people who consider country music beneath them (it can kinda be like the Whole Foods Nation of country). Not that there aren’t outstanding perfomers in the mix–I’ll put Robbie Fulkes in there, for one–but caution is advised, especially if the review begins “I don’t normally like country but…”

    The interesting thing about country music is the way that it makes room for both new-style “pop” country and for more roots-based, “mountain” music. Sometimes, even in the same performer. Dolly Parton is an excellent example of this; Patty Loveless is another. And country music fans are just as happy listening to old-style roots country and bluegrass and outlaw country as they will to modern pop-country stars like Kenny Chesney. Marty Stuart is a big country star but he’s also an accomplished hillbilly musician and has never left his mountain-man roots behind. One of the most intriguing careers is that of Dwight Yoakam, since he was embraced by the alt- post-punk crowd before Nashville deigned to notice him, and since his most hillbilly-style honky tonks are also his biggest hits.)

    If you really like alt-country and women performers I’m assuming you’re already familiar with Lucinda Williams. I’d also strongly recommend a listen to Renee Austin — her voice is a force of nature. Also check out Emmylou Harris’s “Spyboy,” which may be out of print — totally brilliant if you can find it. So is her duet album with Mark Knopfler.

    OK I’ll stop now!! Sorry, but I really love country music and think it gets an unfair rap from a lot of people.

    • A lot of people seem to think C&W is still guys in sequined jackets singing at the Grand Ole Opry about their dog and pick-up truck

      • Don’t you know that it’s not the perfect country-and-western song if it doesn’t mention Mama, trains, trucks, prison, or getting drunk?

  7. And myiq2xu, I loved the video!!

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