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I got nothing Open Thread

Apparently the other front-pagers have been renditioned to Gitmo. I don’t have a post ready so y’all talk amongst yourselves.

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  1. I don’t like Obama

  2. Read any good books?

  3. Tom In Paine has a good post up

    • She got the raise after he won the Senate seat. There was personal proof that politics can be highly profitable for those who play. Barack hasn’t stopped doing the biding of insurance ; it would be a bit much to hope that Michelle would step up.

      • She had her salary tripled.

        They created a position for her when Barack was a state senator, tripled her salary when he was elected to the US Senate and eliminated it after she resigned when he started his POTUS campaign.

        • I read all the above sequence and it makes it even more unlikely that she will use her history to pitch health care reform. If she does, I will eat my doubting Thomas thoughts.

          • Michelle is content with her current position as “fashion icon” and supportive first wife. I always thought her to be apathetic to politics or playing a large role in affecting policy. She does what she needs to do to advance her husband’s agenda and her own social status. She’s just along for the ride and reaps whatever monetary benefits that comes with being a politician’s wife. I would love to see more political wives like Hillary Clinton who learn to work the system but have their own agenda and ideas to change it from the inside. Michelle doesn’t have any ambitions to rock the boat. In fact, she’s done everything she’s can to be the anti-Hillary, something the media loves.

        • Well, they had to combine the extra income with the Rezko discount to afford that mansion after all.

          • Mentioning Tony Rezko makes you a RRR (ratfucking racist Republican)

            So sayeth Norman over at the Bates Motel

          • myiq, speaking of, how come there isn’t a blogroll link to corrente anymore?

          • Hmmm. Someone at allegre’s decreed that Bill Ayres was no different than someone who attended a protest, how does this analogy extend to Rezko? We’ve all made mistakes, sometimes you forget to turn off the faucet, sometimes you forget to not be a slumlord and not leave tenants to freeze?

    • Damn. Myiq posted this earlier but this is what Pacific John had to say about the story at Alegre’s Corner.


      […] Michelle Obama shot down Hillary Clinton as a potential vice president, opting for Joe Biden. Michelle’s opposition was possibly the deciding voice in the debate, Andersen writes.

      “Do you really want Bill and Hillary just down the hall from you in the White House?” she reportedly told her husband. “Could you live with that?”

      Apparently not. Biden was introduced as Obama’s running mate in late August 2008

      Yeah, what kind of sissy loser would want to work closely with Hillary and Bill?

      Michelle has a really nasty reputation among my friends who know her from Chicago. Stories range from abusing volunteers at charity events to shoulder checking people out of the way when she thinks they aren’t adequately deferential. I wonder how many years it will be for the press to stop coddling her? They would savage any other first lady for this sort of thing.

      Any guesses?

  4. Awesome! I like Megan Fox. Still haven’t seen Girlfight.

    • I think she’s a horrible actress and incredibly overrated. She is not the next Angelina Jolie! I don’t think she has a lot of lasting star power. She’ll soon be forgotten when teenage boys find another valley girl to worship.

      • Angelina Jolie is overrated.

        OTOH – Charlize Theron is underrated.

        • Her acting in Monster was spectacular.

          • We live in a strange world where beautiful women have to become ugly to win respect.

          • Meh. I really doubt ugly women feel respected in American society. Lol As much flak as Palin got for being pretty, as much flak as attractive women like Hill and Pelosi and Michelle get over their appearance, damn I can only imagine how awful it would be for someone who truly was considered Unattractive to try and be taken seriously. It all comes down to same sides, different coin.

          • She means that’s what it takes to win an Oscar.

            Great movie!

          • Myiq’s a he. 🙂 I know, but I’ve seen a lot of “It’s hard to be beautiful in politics” Memes here and there lately, and I keep thinking “it’s hard to be female in politics.” 🙂

            anyway, I think it’s a function of what crap one dimensional roles there are for women. Jennifer Aniston is a bigger name than Aaron Eckhart, but he gets a much meatier role. I don’t know if she can act or not, she’ll have to wait and see if she can snag one of those rare ‘sick woman/poor woman fights the power/abused woman/criminal’ roles that have some meat to it, cuz this standing around not getting a chance to do anything 12th banana stuff isn’t cutting it. Lol

          • I misattributed the quote. myiq2xu is surely a male.

            It’s definitely related to the lack of serious dramatic roles for women.

        • Thou shalt not blaspheme against The Goddess Tres Jolie.

          Theron is great too.

        • there are a handful of actresses who can actually act. Meryl Streep, Emma Thompson, Both Redgrave sisters…..that’s about it.

      • I haven’t seen any of her acting but just like her ‘tude in this movie.

        • I love her and Katherine Heigl. All those publicists and whoever want them to shut up, and they just won’t. And they don’t care. 🙂

      • Angelina Jolie! That took my mind off politics. Thanks.

  5. A post at Allegre’s from the man with the Puplic Option sign at the Tea Party. Video in myiq’s “Res ipsa loquitor” post,

    MdFriend of Hillary to Flying Monkeys: Thank you for a really great day.

  6. What the heck is this thing about WaPo getting the McChrysta confidential report and then the Pentagon/Admin having them make certain redactions and approving it for posting?

    McChrystal was the O admin. pick for this job. The other guy was fired. So is the O putting him under the bus and abandoning his famous Mar. strategy for Afghan/Pakj. I’m not sure on the Afghan/PAK. situation but I am sure about one thing. We can not put American troops in harms way there and then not have a workable strategy that is properly resourced. Bush did this dance in Iraq before the “surge” and Bush in our name assigned a death warrant to a hell of a lot of American servicemen. If strategy and resources for it isn’t happening, get them out of there, NOW. And don’t fart around making a decision about it. Those troops are sitting ducks and they do not need to be hung out to hang.

    So that is what I am thinking about O’s war in the AP theater.

    • Word is, McChrystal has quietly threatened to resign if he doesn’t get what he’s asked for to complete the task Obama gave him. (McClatchy)

      Conundrum, indeed.

  7. My computer crashed on sunday and I’m trying to recover

    • I crashed and burned around mid-August.

      October is looking hopeful.

    • My monitor is about to blow. It’s really funny trying to view pictures or videos. What you think you’re looking at is not always what people have posted.

    • My monitor is really old and so it keeps showing me stuff from the Reagan administration. No wait, no, that’s happening now. I need another drink. (disappears under the covers)

  8. If everyone’s bored, maybe you can look for this new star that we have been noticing in the east-south-east sky here in Dallas. On clear nights it is by far the brightest thing in the sky. My sister say’s she can see in in Manhattan, KS, also.

    I check for it every night and some times it’s there, sometimes it’s not.

  9. Alien something I suppose.

  10. question:
    Why do men think that having temper tantrums will get women to do as they want?

    • Haha. Why do you ask?

    • Because their history tells them that it works.

    • I’ve noticed a lot of men berating women lately – seems to be a trend…

      most recently, the new manager at the local Italian place was just as nice as pie to the male employees and a screamin’ scoldin’ asshole with the women… spoke nicely to the male customers and apparently could not see me…

      very curious. think I’ll write the owners.

  11. did anybody catch DeLay bumping & grinding & lipsynching to “Wild Thing” earlier tonite? I’m still trying to process it. My brain can’t get past OMG WTF!????!!??!??

    • I saw it! I was rolling on the floor laughing. Delay is going to provide much needed laughs and entertainment on this season’s Dancing With the Stars.

  12. Oh — I have something to add!!

    I’m reading
    “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” by Stieg Larsson — what a good read!!

    RD recommended this and Larsson’s second book as well. Why the heck did he have to go and die in 2004! He is a fine author — well worth the death of a few trees.

  13. Our troops in Afghanistan are in major trouble and asking for reinforcements, and Obama is planning to yuk it up on the food network. I’ve felt like I’ve been living in the twilight zone since january 08, but this is getting ridiculous


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