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Start the Weekend Open Thread

pimping is easy

I’m having a deja-who? experience today. I’ve managed to rile up the blogstalkers but I’m not sure how.  Whatever I did I want to be sure to repeat on a regular basis, even if it wasn’t me in the first place.

What are you doing while we wait for the Friday evening bad-news dump from the White House?

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125 Responses

  1. Ruh-roh!

    Looks like there’s another FLOTUS talking about health care reform:

    First lady Michelle Obama sought support for the administration’s health-care plans from family advocacy groups and health-care professionals, saying the treatment of women under the current system is “unacceptable.”

    • I totally agree, I think the solution is to fine women who can’t afford health insurance, 3800 dollars. We should also make sure that plans that currently cover abortion, stop immediately. Women who are migrant workers should not be covered at all and elderly women on medicare should have their benefits cut in the name of waste and fraud. See, we’re going to fix everything! Go-bama, go-bama….

      • then don’t forget, those of us with pre-existing conditions that do find health insurance through group plans we, get fined for having insurance … with an excise tax.

        all proceeds which go to cover less than 1/5 the people that need insurance by opting them into the second most expensive way of paying for the 37th best delivery system …

        that’s the competitive advantage!

        • NOW just sent me an action memo to oppose the Baucus bill

          • That NOW leadership change was a major upgrade.

          • yes, NOW is for single payer. Now that’s a plan for women.

          • Well, I’ve gone ahead and joined NOW. Mind you, I’ve never been a member before, was never impressed with them as a force for women’s rights, and because of their horrible actions last year, they’re on probation. But I’ve been very impressed with new president Terry O’Neill’s leadership over just the last few days. If this is an example of the principled stances I can expect from this organization, perhaps I’ll stick around.

          • Terry O’Neill/Lynette Long/Paulie Abeles and Anthony Weiner are shining examples of adult behavior. WE NEED MOAR Clintonites/people like us!

      • don’t forget, have to dump the old women out of the scooters too and return them for a partial refund (scooters, not granny).

      • She is full of S***. She doesn’t mention the increase in taxes if you already have insurance, or the fines you will incur, if you don’t have insurance, or the cuts in medicare, and if you are elderly, any retirement health care benefits will count as income. I find her very condescending.

      • I just listened to the first 10 seconds and what I find unacceptable is that her husband is willing and determined to deny women their constitutionally protected right to decide if they wish to bear a child. How she can stand up there, knowing that Obama’s plan would bar women from determining when and if they have children is beyond the pale. Who were the ‘female activists’ that CBS says were invited to be lectured to? Why didn’t they have the self respect to walk out?

        Mikulski just sent me a happy-gram about Obama’s healthcare plan and I responded byblasting her and all the female Democratic house and senate members for capitulating to Obama. I am just as mad at the men, but the women just cause my insides to fry.

        • I don’t understand why they are trying to sell this piece of c**p. It stinks, reeks, and is revulsive to read the plan. If this plan goes into effect, the middle class is gone. Who will be able to afford health insurance, a mortgage, food, clothes, retirement, college, or anything else. Talk about redistribution of wealth. That is true, it is going to the insurance and pharmaceutical companies, and Wall Street. If I have to pay 13%+ of my income for health insurance, there goes my savings for retirement.

          MO is very phoney and condescending.

          • Meanwhile the hos at Media Matters (left column) were denying that Mrs. O got an huge increase in her pay check AFTER 0zero was elected US Senator and sent a few million to her employers.

            Mrs. 0 is as full of cra* as her Mr. is.

            Mrs. 0 — shut the fuck up.

          • I think it is very possible that someday in the future there will be boatloads of illegal American immigrants sailing to the UK or China. Or crossing the border illegally into Canada to get health care. Seriously, I don’t think I can spend my entire life in a country that has high unemployment AND high health care insurance costs.

    • Funny how she didn’t give a crap when she was turning people away at the Hospital she worked for!

  2. Blogstalkers were 100% wrong about us and we were 100% right abput Obama and the election. They are 4chan trogolodytes.

  3. They are a waste of time. Do not read them. They also target male Clinton supporters like you, Joe, lambert and vastleft because anti-Clintonism is based on misogyny. Male Clinton supporters confuse them.

  4. Heh:

    “Acorn Funded Prostitution Zones”

  5. The blogstalkers are just trolls on steroids, so they’re just doing what the trolls always do. It must have finally dawned on them that any chance of meaningful healthcare reform is going down the tubes. As usual, instead of being angry at Obama – or themselves for getting us into this mess – they take it out on you. And us. I can’t believe they haven’t noticed that we caught on to this a long time ago.

  6. Grumpy Old Fart:

    The problem with young people today is that they don’t read books.

    Back in my day, books were an important part of our lives. We read them, cherished them and often gathered to burn them in the town square. They educated, entertained and brought communities together in fear.

    My old Dad always had a book in his hands. If you failed a spelling test he’d whack you with a dictionary. Fall asleep in church and he’s brain you with a bible. And God forbid you had trouble in geography because the printed World Atlas could hobble you for days.

  7. McCain’s comments on Carter’s playing of the race card.

    Not exactly my opinion, but he is down there in the bottom few.

  8. A 1000 page bill? You think they are gonna read that? The Obots will just wait for the crib sheet from Obama. It has tips and responses for us puffs. They just haven’t got their talking points yet. Nobody can figure out what to say.

  9. Oh, shit, Michelle, you’ve had 21 months to talk about women’s health and insurance issues and you and Jarrett probably decided now would be the time to put you on record of giving a rats’ ass about women. You’re as transparently deceptive as your husband.

    Please go back to something you know something about — whatever that is.

    • She may be very knowledgeable about health care reform, but since early in the primaries she’s been relegated to the role of Stepford Wife.

      She’s “not-Hillary”

      • She is certainly NOT HILLARY.

      • The media sees that as a good thing. Michelle uses the gender card only when it benefits her husband. Either to get women to vote for him or in this case to pass legislation that will end up harming women and their children.

    • “Please go back to something you know something about — whatever that is.”

      Being a Stepford wife and making the news only because she’s wearing expensive, mismatched, and sleeveless designer clothing?

  10. Egalia documents the stupidity:

    “When being a woman is a pre-existing condition.”


    • oh yes — 0zero is a feminist — MS Magazine go to hell.

      Thanks for the link.

      This is sort of like being pulled over by a pig cop — for being guilty for being female.

      No wonder the pig senators wanted Senator Hillary Clinton GONE. This is Teddy Kennedy’s MCP legacy. IF there is a hell — that’s where I hope he is.

  11. Wendell Potter is telling it like it is on Real Time. You go, dude!

  12. How many times have we seen this M.O.? He waits for days, weeks, while others cry racism and stir things up, and then makes this kind of statement so he can appear to be noble and reasonable. I call b.s. If he really felt that way and cared, he would comment right away, and nip it in the bud.

    Obama: Health care anger not motivated by his race

    WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama said Friday that angry criticisms about his health care agenda are driven by an intense debate over the proper role of government — and not by racism.


  13. Did ya’ll know Iraq has government-provided health care in their constitution? The one written by the Bushies, remember? So it’s their right but not ours. We spent $1Trillion in Iraq and all we got were these lousy “single-payer now” t-shirts!

  14. Heh heh:

    Word out of Minnesota is that Tim Pawlenty accidentally gave out a phone number for a racy phone line on his weekly radio show today on WCCO of Minneapolis.

  15. It’s better than the Full Monty:

    On Sunday, President Barack Obama will execute what might be called a Modified Full Ginsburg — appearing on five Sunday morning talk shows to make a pitch for health reform.

    It’s a move few politicians have attempted. Even fewer have been able to stick the landing.

    The Full Ginsburg, of course, was named for Monica Lewinsky’s lawyer William Ginsburg, who first did the five-fecta of Sunday talk on Feb. 1, 1999. Obama’s move is slightly different – swapping in the Spanish-language network Univision for Fox News Channel.

  16. Somebody needs to GET A LIFE:

    The founder of the Jedi religion inspired by the Star Wars films was thrown out of a Tesco supermarket for wearing his distinctive brown hood.

    Daniel Jones, 23, who has 500,000 followers worldwide, was told the hood flouted store rules and was ordered to remove it or leave the supermarket.

    As a result Jones, who also goes by the Jedi name Morda Hehol, claims he has been ‘victimised over his beliefs’ and left ’emotionally humiliated’ by the supermarket in Bangor, North Wales.

  17. myiq2xu, on so you managed to rile up the blogstalkers anyone that can jack over O-sheep are ok in my book.

    • Twenty months late because Republicans are half men and Hillary supporters were mostly women.

      • The Failbots fell in love with the “R-word” because it was so effective against Hillary.

        But now they’re up against the Law of Diminishing Returns.

  18. OMFG! You guys have to put this on the front page.

    Wow. Wolf came in third place with NEGATIVE $4600! This is a guy who makes millions to inform our country on current events.

  19. Apparently Saturday is International Talk Like a Pirate day. Arrrggghh.


    • Uh, are you sure you don’t want to rephrase that?

    • I still can’t believe my peeps voted for this yutz – I’m going to the March on Washington in October – was looking forward to yelling at President Platitude without too much fear of being shunned by my peers, but if Barky keeps up this crap maybe people will go Stonewall on his ass….

      • Me either.

        And most of my peeps treated me like a pariah who was loco because I defended Hillary and pointed out 0’s many shortcomings and the likelihood that he, being basically a lying prick, would screw us.

        Nope, don’t want to rephrase that.

    • LOL Does myiq pay you to set up the jokes like that? 🙂

    • I still can’t decide if he’s Reagan 2 or Dubya 2. Maybe he’s both wrapped up together. O’RayBush?

      Wait a minute. Has anyone seen Obama and Cheney together?

      • He also has Nixonian tendencies. I like Barack Milhous Bush, the guy who makes Poppy look at Barbara with suspicion.

  20. I’m home this Friday night because I had a class.

    So there is a new post upstairs courtesy of yours truly!

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