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Greatest Speech on Health Care Reform EVAH!


Obama was for it before he was against it. The man who revived “Harry and Louise” to use against Hillary in the primaries doesn’t want to make the same mistakes she made. He drew a line in the sand and said everything is negotiable. What surprises does he have in store for us tonight?

He’s got his best TelePrompters fired up and ready to go, the Failbots have their reaction posts ready (“I was so overcome with emotion I filled my bathtub with Kool-aid and soaked in the holy nectar!) and Tweety’s legs are tingling.

Those of you with the courage to watch can help us document the atrocities historic moment as Obama gives a speech!

To help you get through it we will be playing a drinking game – every time the Congressional Democrats leap to their feet to applaud in a phony show of enthusiasm and support you must down a shot of your favorite liquor.

Keep count of each time Obama shifts from the left to the right TelePrompter screen.

The over/under is 212

(This is a kinda-sorta-semi-live blog)

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437 Responses

  1. and so it begins

  2. After 15-20 shots I’ll be out of it, I hope there are some non-drinkers watching.

    • Wish you had reminded me earlier. It would be better to be hammered before he even started speaking. Drat.

  3. What channel is the preferred channel here?

  4. I usually rely on the blogging because I cannot stomach listening and watching. Well, at least this way, if I get too disgusted, I can share the feeling. Thanks.

    p.s. I predict he will shout, like he did on Labor Day, to show how serious it is, and how strongly he feels (not).

  5. Repost, my advice for the speech

    Pretend you’re in Antarctica

  6. c-span for me with a little msnbc for laughs

  7. Ironic that Criminal Minds follows the speech on CBS.

  8. Hillary! Yay! There was an upside to watching.

  9. hillary looks great..I wonder how she feels being here for this

  10. Hillary has her brightest pantsuit on

  11. Hillary looks great. MIchelle actually has on something attractive

  12. Do the others know we are here?

  13. CNN Gloria Borger saying the speech (I presume she means the drafting) started out a lot more specific than it ended up….because they don’t want to offend… wait for it… the liberals in the House!

  14. if he fist bumps someone I’ll drink twice

  15. im sure that no matter what bambi say at the end the MSM will tell us how this is one of the greatest speeches of all time

  16. First part of speech — “I fixed everything but nothing is fixed”

  17. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

  18. there’s one drink myiq

  19. Take a drink!

  20. time for the 1st shot; make it a double

  21. Take another drink!

  22. Only “responsible” homeowners deserve to stay in their homes, says the nanny President.

  23. Totus is well-timed I see. 5 words left; 5 words right

  24. So show us what you’ve got.

  25. that’s four so far, hope y’all can hold your booze

  26. Do we drink for Dingle, or is this real?

  27. oh gawd…I’m going to be drunk in the first 3 minutes!

  28. Why oh why do I take clues from Cinie? Something tells me Scotch is just too intense at this pace…shoulda gone with white wine spritzers (yuck).

  29. Yes, we saw all this on Sicko. Now what’s the plan?

  30. Jr. Jr. looks like he just woke up

  31. Another shot!

  32. hic’

  33. I can’t disagree with the points he is making. I do doubt his earnestness. I wish he would DO something about this already. LEAD already.

  34. Did we start a pool on which of the insurance companies wrote what part of the speech?
    For the last couple of months they have been in and out the white house more than the turns on a revolving door.



  35. I’ll give him the standing O on the evil insurers.

  36. what about our military budget to fund 2 wars?

  37. Deficit spending…how about household costs of health care?

  38. Single payer!

  39. Bottoms up!

  40. he’s giving single payer and the public option the heave-ho

  41. Single payer got some applause from some brave souls. Good!

  42. They’re all standing up because they don’t want to create a new system.

  43. What’s the drinking game word? Or is it something else?

  44. Chug-a-lug!

  45. I think 212 is low for head waggles.

  46. the bickerers are applauding getting scolded. what morons

  47. Joan, it’s the phony standing O’s.

  48. ‘burp

  49. False alarm

  50. If he has such a great plan, why haven’t we known about it all along?

  51. Down the hatch!

  52. I still haven’t heard anything new or anything specific.

  53. drink up!!!

  54. ohh yeah pre-existing conditions, that’s the only selling point he has left

  55. It’ll be against the law for insurance companies to drop your coverage but not to raise your premiums so high you can’t afford them.

  56. Take a shot!

  57. What’s the limit on out-of-pocket expenses?

  58. bottle’s getting low. how long is this thing gonna be?

  59. because it hes makeing it up as he gose along

  60. where’s the public plan?

  61. He’s going with co-ops, right?

  62. f*ck the exchange

  63. That’s another!

  64. suddenly JMac had a good idea. who knew? swig, swig

  65. Oh goody. Tax credits. What if you don’t have a job and are really low income?

    Answer: you’re screwed.

  66. Mac’s a hero again, woot

  67. Sounds like a mandate, no?

  68. We’d all better hope and pray this bill doesn’t pass. Otherwide we are going to be paying more for health care than we pay in taxes or for housing. And we’ll have worse health care.

  69. Health insurance is NOT like auto insurance. You don’t have to drive; you do need health care.

  70. great. mandate, no cap on premiums, no public option.
    Are you happy now OBOTS?????

  71. It totally pisses me off that he used the mandate against Hillary and now he’s calling for it

    • yup, and what’s worse is that he said that Hillary thought the problem was that people don’t want to buy insurance but oh great Mr. Candidate Obama knew that the problem was that people couldn’t afford it. Now president Obama is going to mandate but not do anything real to make it affordable (“Details still have to be worked out” as he just said now and some people snickered)…then what’s the big deal he’s done to abolish prexist condits loopholes.

  72. is Pelosi jumping up and down with Biden and looking very drunk?

  73. And bending the cost curve would be……..no cap on insurance premiums?

  74. “key controversies”

  75. During the campaign – no mandate
    Now – mandate

    During the campaign – public option
    Now – no public option

    During the campaign – tax credits suck
    Now – tax credits – good

  76. whoa, who was that? maybe this is really a town hall

  77. Are you frakkin kidding me? That’s the big reform? That’s it?

  78. what was that little shake of nancy’s head?

  79. rolling eyes over “no funding abortions and repeal of the conscience clause”…

    good grief!

  80. No federal dollars will be used to fund abortions. How about no fed dollars used to fund child birth or Viagra either?

  81. No, they’re bad people.

  82. ok i’ll drink to that but…

  83. You do not have to drive. You can take public transportation or better yet—ride a bicycle where you can work on your preventive health program. (Do not look at those stats on bicycle accidents.)

  84. have to start sippin now, bottle nearly empty

  85. I’m gonna puke

  86. There you have it folks! It is Insurance Reform, NOT an improvement in health care or access.

  87. he just lied

  88. yes!..did he say it?

    oops ..I got in trouble for posting too quickly

  89. Boring shit from Oblahma, but I like this from the Weekly Standard.

    Go, Hillary, Go!

    The boss hears from two sources that Hillary Clinton is considering stepping down as Secretary of State this fall in order to run for Governor of New York.

    Posted by Michael Goldfarb on September 9, 2009 04:49 PM

    Then primary that asshat in 2012!

  90. Jesus Christ, is not over yet? I just went to WhiteHouse.gov hoping for a transcript, but he’s still talking.

    “Now, I have no interesting putting the insurance industry out of business.”

    I do!

    “They provide a legitimate service.”

    No they don’t!


  91. Someone better call the ambulance…I’m heading for a .40 BAL. I think that can kill me.

  92. drinkdrinkdrinkdrinkdrinkdrinkdrinkdrink

  93. Take yet another drink!

  94. why am I sighing and rolling my eyes so much?

    really, if I want to keep my bp down, I really shouldn’t watch this shi…

  95. That’s a double shot!

  96. insurance companies have been practicing medicine without a license for years now.

  97. You guys are cracking me up. I am not watching this and I know that you are just doing a fun pre-speech warm up and being silly. Yes?

  98. Oh God, not again!

  99. will not add one dime to the deficit ergo no plan

  100. why…,why…why…why…,why…why…why…,why…why…why…,why…why…why…,why…why…???


  101. If the liberal blogosphere praises him for this crap, my head will surely explode.

  102. Drinkdrinkdrink!

  103. I’m not watching, but I’m enjoying everyone’s comments. Thanks!

  104. hes sign not going sign if i one dimeis spent . but mabey a few trillion $$$

    • Brilliant. Don’t spend a dime but let the country go broke trying to pay for health care the way we do now. Penny wise, pound foolish as they say in the UK.

  105. Won’t those waste-prevention commissions be kinda like death panels?

    • I think so.

      It is about denial of care.

      It actually started in the eighties, called Cost Containment.

  106. Ashes to ashes
    Dust to dust
    If you drink good booze
    Your pipes won’t rust.

  107. three shots for that; down the hatch

  108. Miller Time!

  109. “I will protect medicare” sounds like famous last words to me…

    • Somebody better protect it from him. It’s probably all I have to look forward to for health care, assuming I’m still around at 65.

  110. media elected a “Democrat” who doesn’t think the public option is important..

  111. “Over 40 years ago…” (Re: Medicare)

    What? Obama couldn’t give any credit to Lyndon Johnson for getting Medicare passed? Lyndon was, after all, a Democrat.

    Oh, I forgot – he thinks LBJ did nothing for Civil Rights either. (Does he hate him, and that’s why he minimizes any contribution he made?)

  112. Now we are cutting Medicare, one of our more efficient plans. With a panel to decide where to make further cuts.

    This will pay for the plan!

  113. liar

  114. Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker!

  115. I wish he said he was going to pay for it by pulling the plug on Iraq or Afghanistan.

  116. what? the insurance companies are going to have a fee for high insurance pols..won’t that make the policies even more expensive? I’m confused…too many standing ovations

  117. tort reefer for the GOP

  118. HRC standing up for the public option. Sorry Hill, sounds like another sell out.

    Bending the cost curve—
    No cap on premiums—
    Millions of new customers
    Conscience clause—
    No abortion coverage—-

    Insurance company heroes for the working people
    Insurance companies!!!! I am investing in WLP tomorrow, first thing.

  119. Riding on the bus home, you guys are cracking me up. Thanks. I can’t wait to hear the failbots spin this mccain plan. Don’t get me wrong, I love john mccain, lol, but I thought the failbots were against him? Lol. Morons. O’jackass had a supermajority and the best he can come up with is mccain’s healthplan? Lmao. Love it.

  120. However many that is add another!

  121. (peering at tv through blurry eyes)

    He’s starting to sound pretty good to me

    (passes out)

    • {{{ being loaded on gurney }}}

      testing a blood alcohol level above .4 not a good thing

  122. Thank the gods for you guys, I am half drunk and totally confused.

    He is a repub…. anyone out there that can’t afford health insurance will still not be able to, in four years.

  123. Has a president been “booed” before by Congress?

  124. tough guy, I’m scared, I’m scared

  125. I’d like to kill this plan – and start over –

    Medicare for all.
    Single payer.

  126. “I won’t stand by while the special interests make sure things stay the same”


    no, you’ll just make sure the lobbyists write the legislation!

  127. oh great, Ted Kennedy is writing from beyond the grave.

  128. did he also tell him what happened that night on the bridge? inquiring minds want to know

  129. why is individualism always rugged?

  130. I don’t think Ted would much approve of what’s happened to his health care goals… to watch Obama invoke him now seems stupid.

    and wrong.

  131. Cry Me A River
    What I done to my liver

  132. Naw…Teddy was known to compromise beyond usefulness as well. Think No Child Left Behind.

  133. I like this part of his speech…don’t believe any of it..but I like it (hic)

  134. He has to shut up now…we’re missing Criminal Minds.

  135. Obama, you are omitting what Kennedy said:

    To accomplish all of this, we have to cut the costs of health care. For families who’ve seen health-insurance premiums more than double—from an average of less than $6,000 a year to nearly $13,000 since 1999— one of the most controversial features of reform is one of the most vital. It’s been called the “public plan.” Despite what its detractors allege, it’s not “socialism.” It could take a number of different forms. Our bill favors a “community health-insurance option.” In short, this means that the federal government would negotiate rates—in keeping with local economic conditions—for a plan that would be offered alongside private insurance options. This will foster competition in pricing and services. It will be a safety net, giving Americans a place to go when they can’t find or afford private insurance, and it’s critical to holding costs down for everyone.

    –Ted Kennedy, July 2009 issue of Newseek


  136. he’s going on too long now; someone should give him the “cut” sign

  137. Kill this fucking bill for Teddy.

  138. what the hell is he talking about?

  139. myiq!! wake up…time for another shot

  140. …and the walls of Jericho will come tumbling down

  141. Oblama

  142. oh gawd, I think I’ve sprained an eyeball…

  143. boorriinngg. couldn’t get thru it without a tipple

  144. Obama was doing his MLK, Jr. rhetorical cadence imitation on the “I believe” tag line. (Or was it Rev. Wright?)

  145. “seems to have been a touch of greatness” says Keith O

  146. I had improved to disliking him but now I just flat out loathe him again.

  147. Olberman on The Speech: “there seems to have been a touch a greatness”

  148. Anyone else reminded of Mystery Science Theatre 3000?

  149. George Snuffulupolus seems to be impressed with Obama’s level of emotion.

  150. Wait until you see who the Repubs are trotting out for the response. Apparently Louisiana is there go-to state now.

    • At least he was better than the snoozer governor Jindal. whatever happened to the erstwhile Dr. Frist

  151. Wait until you see who the Repubs are trotting out for the response. Apparently, Louisiana is their go-to state now.

    • heaven help the country if that’s the case, I agree with James Carville when he says he though we should outsource our government to Minnesota and send folks up there to cater their parties and cook for them

  152. Charles, where were you with the “huge debt” when voting for your frickin’ tax cuts?

  153. Anyone have some bandages? I’ve split my skull wide open banging it against the wall.

  154. I’m working tonight, as usual. It sounds like I’m not missing much.

  155. Funny when you watch this shit despising BOTH sides!

  156. C & L says that guy tried to buy an English lordship from some con men.

  157. Someone please tell me, because I was watching Fox, and they broke away, found C-Span still covering, but, unless I just missed it

    It looked to me like he just walked past Hillary, even thought she was still applauding him. I.e., no words or eye contact with Hill?

    Appreciate hearing from someone, because I believe his interaction with her is very telling about what’s going on with this initiative, or if he ever seeks her counsel on it. (Yeah – I know she’s SOS, and said she had not much to do with domestic policy, etc.)

  158. We did get a pony.
    The pony comes with unlimited premiums.
    The pony has no pre-existing conditions, it’s whatever it is.
    Now we all have to have a pony.
    We can buy it at the farmers market or in one of those online scams.
    John McCain is selling ponies out of his 39 homes.
    You can ride the pony if you have a blood/alcohol of .40 (see SOD and mylq for further directions)

  159. Is everyone so drunk they can’t type any more?

  160. Joe Wilson of SC yelled “You lie!” at him. ha!

  161. BTD gives Obama’s speech a grade F: http://www.talkleft.com/story/2009/9/9/194042/8666

    Tell me something new about this speech I couldn’t have guessed several days ago! As Falstaff said on Tuesday: http://falstaff-falstaff.blogspot.com/2009/09/as-friend-of-mine-used-to-say.html

    Obama/Bush III’s deal with the health insurance companies have been made. There is nothing new I expected to hear from Obama. Stick a fork in him and let’s plan on a real Democrat who will challenge him in 2012.

    Oh, and I pray that this turns out to be true and Hillary leaves this sinking ship of an administration soon! http://guerillawomentn.blogspot.com/2009/09/hillary-to-resign-as-sos-run-for.html

  162. Health care. Dead.

  163. Already a post up at dk “greatest speech ever”. Ah well.

  164. thank you for that laugh…I’ve heard it prolongs your life..hell knows health reform won’t

  165. CNN panel is saying he hit it out of the park

  166. I’m in spammy!

  167. Gergen says it was an endorsement of the Baucus plan.

  168. Even O’Reilly acknowledges that the public option is gone.

  169. Also couldn’t bring myself to watch. Can’t help but remember a pathetic propaganda piece I just received from a once liked and respected James Carville. He must have just said to hell with it and jumped into the kool-aid vat head first.

    An excerpt, “…. Look, Democrats have been fighting for universal health care, real action against climate changeand a total overhaul of our educational system since I don’t know when. Now, President Obama can make it a reality”.

    Just threw his book ‘Stickin’ in the trash can.

    • A number of people here applauded Carville just because he supported Hillary. Unfortunately, there were a–holes who supported Hillary as well as good folks. Carville has always been one of the former.

    • He would do all that if you would just send money! The Ragin’ Cajun wouldn’t lie to you. Just send money and it is rainbows and unicorns from here on out. Don’t you believe?

    • Oh please…Is that what he really thinks?

  170. I’m going to go check out Fox News. They can usually find something wrong with Obamie.

    Do you realize that in the space of this week O has:
    Thrown V Jones under the bus after a 3rd rate tv blowhard runs a commie meme on him
    Escalated our troop commitments
    Given the repubs—no funding on abortions, tort reform, no conscience clause and no public option; a giant windfall to insurance companies, dropped a bomb on the poor with an unfunded mandate and cutbacks to seniors and all we have left for palliative care is alcohol (and most of that is gone now too).

    • It has been quite the week. sigh. He said we’re keeping the conscience clause because women don’t want it so of course he keeps it. It was a Bush II creation so Bush III is on board.

  171. I bet that treatment for alcoholism won’t be covered.

  172. I drank but didn’t watch. So where do I pick up my pony?

    Thank you RalphB for the one piece of good news, even if it’s a rumor it’s a good’un.

  173. Sweet Flying Spaghetti Monster I wish I had the practical option of moving to a civilized country. *headdesk*

    The system is broken, has been for years. The USA will join the Roman, British, Nazi, and Soviet Empires in history’s graveyard, and no one outside its borders will shed a tear for it.

  174. the looks on those faces when O was challenged in “the chamber” are priceless. Biden and Pelosi must have dumped their dinners all over their chairs.

  175. Funny, Gergen says endorsement of the Baucus plan, Maddow calls it a defense of liberalism.

  176. The laundry list is being read

  177. No ponies for 4 years

  178. oh gawd…cognitive dissonance hurts

  179. Ponies will be in the mail tomorrow. COD.

  180. Thew bots are flippin lovin the speech. Unbelievable.

    • Maybe we have to finally realize that the bots are not who we thought they were—they are not and never were liberals—they are just socially challenged kids who never grew up and wanted someone to be their groupie leader—give them cool they never had and never could get and in return they would give groupie gropie a$$ kisses forever and ever….amen.

      • HEY! I was a socially challenged kid, and remain a socially challenged adult at 46. :mrgreen:

        • You would be in the good socially challenged catergory. It’s like using D&D as shorthand, there are many sweet role players, it’s not all scary resentment ridden crypto fascist gropers. 😉

  181. “hardship waivers??” yeah sure. Nevah happen.

  182. ACK!! did he just say that?

  183. Just a refresher about what HRC said:

    Hillary Clinton opposes a market-based, for-profit approach to providing more Americans with health care

    “We have to lower costs, improve quality and cover everybody. What’s important and what I learned in the previous effort is you’ve got to have the political will — a broad coalition of business and labor, doctors, nurses, hospitals, everybody — standing firm when the inevitable attacks come from the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies that don’t want to change they system because they make so much money out of it.”

    2007 Dem. debate at Saint Anselm College Jun 3, 2007

    • You are making me cry my eyes out. Hillary get your self out of the SOS. Run for NY Governor. I will move to NY and vote for you.

      That we got this crap when we could have had her is so bad that it is not tragic, it is so absolutely gutter politics, it is Chitown downlo.

      • That’s what it is jangles….I know, I live in Chi-Town! We’re used to this type of verbal diarrhea!

      • I use compartmentalization to avoid getting too emotional each time I see a video of Hillary & start imagining what we *could* have had with her. It IS heartbreaking, jangles.

  184. Why are they upset???

  185. So people who have insurance can’t even access this public option that will never happen?

  186. Monica Crowley thinks that Obama didn’t throw the public option under the bus because… wait for it… co-ops and trigger plan are public option…lolol

  187. Funding?

  188. That was so beautiful, the power of his mighty faux folksy cadence actually reached through the screen and healed the sick. Throw the pills away, your preexisting conditions are gone. We don’t need treatment, all we need is faith in our healing Savior. Of course, you still will have to buy unaffordable insurance plans or face massive tax penalties, but at least now you have your health.

    • I’m doing something wrong then because he made me nauseous. Must be the faith part.

    • Dennis Miller calling it beautiful karaoke (unfortunately he is for the tea partay version of health horror care).

    • “faux folksy” —- Exactly!

      I also roll my eyes when the upper-middle class globe-trotter does his faux ghetto and faux southern preacher routines too.

  189. I’m calling the Baucus plan the Bupkis plan…Obama endorsed the Bupkis plan tonight.

  190. Make a list

  191. That “Bush idea” — a “good idea” — going forward with it.

    And why do the republicans oppose him?

  192. Daki: We need that semester break conference in NOLA—we probably need it NOW.

    This is like May 31 all over again and Nov. 4 and…….

  193. BO just sent an email out to his list telling them to take action to support his plan.

    “The heart of my plan is simple: bring stability and security to Americans who already have health insurance, guarantee affordable coverage for those who don’t, and rein in the cost of health care.

    Tonight, I offered a specific plan for how to make it happen. I incorporated the best ideas from Democrats and Republicans to create a plan that’s bold, practical, and represents the broad consensus of the American people.

    We’ve come closer to real health reform in the last few months than we have in the last 60 years. But those who profit from the status quo — and those who put partisan advantage above all else — will fight us every inch of the way.

    We do not seek that fight, but we will not shrink from it. The stakes are too high to let scare tactics cloud the debate, or to allow partisan bickering to block the path. Your voice, right now, is essential.”…….etc.

  194. Don’t these people get that Obama just threw away health care reform?
    Don’t they get that this is actually worse than the Republican plans?
    Don’t they get that Obama gave the Repubs everything they could want for Xmas and gave the real Dems NOTHING.

    • Some of them don’t get it. Some of them get it… but don’t care…. they want to win one for Obambam by hook or crook or so he doesn’t become a lame duckie.

  195. Where’s Weiner? I want to know what he thinks. Bupkis is yammering now-no one cares.

  196. “The heart of my plan is simple: bring stability and security to Americans who already have health insurance, guarantee affordable coverage for those who don’t, and rein in the cost of health care.”

    Does he have his crack pipe out?

  197. I don’t understand

  198. Maybe what we need is a liberal leaning Beck bloviator.

    • nooo, we already have Olbermann as the counterpoint to BillO…it doesn’t work

    • I thought that was Olbermann!

    • Unfortunately we already have Keith Olbermann & ( I now unfortunately add) Michael Moore in this category.

      I respected Moore for several years but unfortunately both of these “liberals” bloviated on the same loudspeakers attached to the bus that drove over Hillary (& supporters) several times.

  199. zzzzzzzz

  200. Katie Couric to Bob Sheaffer — “Is the public option DOA?”

  201. Are we racist if we are against all of this.

    • Well of course, jangles–anyone who says anything disparaging Teh Precious is an EEvil r@c!$t bitter knitter Sino-Peruvian lesbian! Didya forget already? :mrgreen:

  202. This oughta be good for a laugh

    • Poor SOD.

      While you all were suffering through the best speech ever, part ??–I’ve lost count–I was practicing medicine, which, apparently, has almost nothing to do with what was discussed tonight.

  203. What did I miss? I just got home from work. Was it everything we expected it to be (crap)?

  204. “Whatever happens, we will not see Congress stand up against the extortion of its people by the healthcare industry. We will not see even the most ordinary kind of healthcare declared as a human right, as it is in so many other nations. We will see, however, greater access to the public treasury by the insurance corporations.” [This is what Joe Bageant wrote days ago.]

    He’s correct, of course.

  205. Did myiq pass out or did he have to go out for more booze? We shot to the top of the post list and will remain there for some time. 324 comments. W00T!

  206. You may be pleased to note we are not alone. Folks at NQ, Politico, Drudge not buying. AP poll showing big margin for “no sale”.

  207. According to reports, Cheetoville is rather going around in circles thinking maybe it was good and maybe is was not. They need help.

  208. This is the Bob the paramedic.

    Does anyone know how much alcohol “myiq2xu” consumed?

  209. wha? wha happan? Wha’d I miss?

    I can’t even try to watch, read, experience, or feel any of his speeches. Why? Not only because I am a racist, but also because when I hear his voice, I immediately go into a trance. Trance states pretty much preclude taking in any sensory input, or being able to communicate much, if at all. I would not say this is a pleasant, or stoned feeling. It is basically a state of nothingness which no other psychedelic drug or prescription or non-prescription, sedative, depressant, anti-depressant, analgesic or analog etc has ever induced in me. I would describe what happened to me (the last time this happened) as the equivalent of being put under for major surgery. My biggest fear is that I will come to in the middle of an Obama coma before he is done, and it will indeed, be the same as waking up in the middle of major open surgery. while having all of my teeth simultaneously root canal’d and my skull trepanned by well-meaning but sadistic shaman.

    Why would anyone undergo this willingly? This only ever happened to me by accident, while going about my blissful life. last thing I remembered was… there was this group of people in front of a TV, drooling helplessly, I looked at the TV screen and next thing I knew, I was waking up in the middle of what appeared to be a Rainbow Gathering. We were all dancing naked in the woods, consuming mass quantities of electric flav-r-aid, and when that ran out, we ended the evening sucking on nitrous, straight from the spigot 😀 I swear, it was like giant gas stations pumping it out to us. The next day we all went door to door to bring the good news of Glorious Dear Leader to The People of Merka – as that is our mission, the rest of the world is wise, and loving, and kind, and they “get IT”.

    must. consume. mass. quantities.

    (this really explains everything)

  210. Thank the gods I had a show opening/reception tonight and missed the TelePrompter recital.

    I did have some very good wine, though.

  211. This ad should have been made about Obamacare:

  212. Thanks for the thread TC folks! Laughter is always a good tonic & I finally got pulled out of the lurking woodwork. Ya’ll should do these types of live blogging threads on Obama’s speechs more often. TC commenters definitely have a healthy counter effect to the crappy way Oblahblah & MSM RahRahs usually makes me feel during his patronizing script recitals.

  213. This reform effort isn’t going to be as effective as just forcing everyone to convert to Christian Science. What a remarkable waste.

  214. That’s just great. The adolescent hasn’t spoken to me about school for four years and *tonight* she decides to answer all of my questions. I couldn’t shut her up. I completely missed the Greatest Speech On Health Care Insurance Reform EVAH!!!
    What did I miss?

    • Let’s see if I can summarize: blah blah blah, drop all promises, blah blah blah, flip flop flip flop, blah blah blah (republican yells he’s a lier, nancy’s head snaps around showing she’s as possessed as we thought she was, fire comes out of her nose), blah blah blah…

      no public option, conscience stays, no abortion funding, crap care coverage for poor with no caps set on premiums…

      blah blah blah… greatest speech evah…

      • Not a bad summary. I can’t watch him speak. He has the same effect on me that Bush did, near uncontrollable anger.

        From the speech excerpts I read online though, I’d say you nailed it. Basically, it will be worse than nothing. Liberals should ally with anybody who’s against this mess and kill it.

        • I should add that at corrente, it seems their single payer activists think this speech may be it’s death knell. I hope they are right because it’s much worse than McCain’s crappy plan during the campaign. At least, he didn’t fine the poor if they couldn’t afford to buy private insurance.

          • It’s essential to have the fines, within the crummy confines of Mitt Care it’s the only way to ensure that people who can’t afford expensive high deductable plans will be forced to buy them. The last thing we want is for everyone to opt out of this amazing giveaway to the insurance industry.

          • Yes, I know. That’s why I now favor forced conversion to Christian Science as an alternative.

          • Lol Barack W. Gantry is going to set up a revival tent and travel around healing, for a price.

        • Too many people who call themselves liberals think this was a great speech…

          The country has moved even further to the right instead of moving left.

          • I would venture to say that the majority of the Obot demo have health care or don’t think they need it. It means nothing to them.

          • Maybe it will mean something to them when they learn they will be finded for not purchasing what they don’t need? Nah, they don’t have that much brain power left.

          • I do not believe the US has really moved right. A lot of people have found a demagogue to follow for now. We just have to hope they come to their senses before it’s too late.

          • Yeah, those in the core demo who don’t have wealthy parents and are already struggling are going to be pretty much screwed.

          • Ralph B, true, I don’t think it has FUNDAMENTALLY moved right, but the rhetoric has, and it is effecting policy right now.

          • Also, I wasn’t just talking about Generation Obama when I said things have moved right, but also about the GOPers who should love Obama but instead have moved further right in their rhetoric to oppose him.

          • That’s something the Democrats don’t seem able to grasp, there’s no rightward limit to politics is this country. We seem to think if we outflank them on the right, they’ll declare themselves checkmated, give up, and hand over the keys, instead of just moving farther right, then we outflank them again, etc.

          • yes, it’s the bridge to nowhere… keep moving right

      • I was just looking on someone’s Twitter page and clicked over to a stranger’s page that they were talking to and they were all like Joe Wilson (guy who yelled), you are going down, your career is over, over and over and over. Lol Obots–forever drunk with hubris.

    • I envy you! No speech and a conversing daughter? My daughter’s been sleeping all evening and I went against my better judgment and watched The Worst Bullshit Speech EVAH!!!!

      • You will be smited, blasphemer.

      • The adolescent had a really rough year last year. Her teachers wouldn’t believe her when she said she already knew the stuff they were teaching her and she wasn’t going to do it again for the fourth or fifth time. She was constantly late to school. Constantly losing her temper with her betters. Mouthing off, listless, apathetic, troublemaking. You know, a typical adolescent with a permanent case of PMS.
        Some of her teachers got back. They dropped her from her advanced English class and her gifted and talented pull out class for this year. I tried to teill them they were only going to make the problem worse. They didn’t think she had *proven* to them that she was anything special. Her vice principal even told me that she was just a JD in the making.
        We have been waiting patiently for the result of her NJASK’s to come back. They were late this year and I still haven’t received my parent;s copy. When I called her guidance counselor about her schedule, the counselor looked up her score.
        The kid’s score made her one of the top 3 students in the school. Out of more than 1000 kids.
        The guidance counselor changed her schedule immediately.
        The kid is delighted. I am relieved. Everyone is happy.
        That’s why I couldn’t shut her up last night.

  215. Gawd! I hate regaining consciousness in an ambulance. Those defibrillation paddles hurt worse than tasers.

    • Did the greatest speech Eva make you realize the error of your ways? Will you join the elect and leave polyester pants and clown shoes behind?

  216. Only the writers and, in this instance, “commentators” on TC could , with your unsurpassed humor and insight, make Obama’s speech remotely palatable.

    Had I been anywhere else, as opposed to lurking here, I may not have survived it. Had I followed Myiq’s lead regarding the drinking rules, and inevitable frequency, I probably still would have not survived it.

    All of you are fantastic, the best, and as a loyal lurker, I greatly appreciate you, and your intelligent, thoughtful efforts.


    * Please note that, with great restraint, I avoided any reference to a “bunch of damn drunks”.

    • Lol! Thanks so much for those amazing comments you made the other day, I looked up Ella Baker in my library catalog and found a bunch of books and anthologies that l can’t wait to read. 🙂

      • Seriously, I in turn thank you very much. The fact that you are taking the time to discover Fllie, and the other women, like Diane, whom you will inevitably encounter along the way, on your journey, is the absolute best I could hope for.

        They truly deserve, even at this later time, to be “explored”. I believe that you will find them fascinating, while at the same time being amazed that you never heard, or hear, of them.

        Somewhere in the search you will possibly encounter the fact that despite all yhey had done, and sacrificed, not a single one of them was on the program to speak at the “March on Washington”, only males. In fact, they were all basically relegated to the back of the platform.

        Only after Ellie. and others, raised hell, was Diane allowed to say a few words, then immediately disappear into the background.

        I mention this only as another example of how they actually fought on two fronts, without and within, yet still accomplished all that they did.

        Sorry, once again the verbosity kicks in. I wish to be concise, yet always fail. The camera and recorder in my brain captured every intricate detail, to the point that when I speak about one aspect. I am mentally bombarded with dozens of related thoughts and images.

        So much of the civil rights movement’s true history is distorted, incorrect, or simply vanishing. Sadly, the same is true of the ERA movement.

        I have been asked, and encouraged, for years, to write a book. I have had many offers by well published journalists, journalism professors, writers, as well as newspaper publishers to help with the project, yet I have never been able to commit to such. I think my reluctance is based on the fact that I would be writing about heroes (females and males) that are icons to me, and I still remain their protege, still their junior, and unable to do them justice.

        However, I did finally agree to an ora/living history invitation, and am currently engaged with an historical association, and university, in trying to produce such. It goes slowly (again,verbosity, and too much detail), and I will likely die before it is finished. Nonetheless, I am trying.

        Thanks again for your interest in said wonderful women, and again, apologies to you, and any and all, for another of my too lengthy rambles.

    • LOL Thanks for the restraint. hic

    • uh, that should be “bunch of damn great drunks…”

  217. The very serious David Gergen (putting on his very profound voice) says it was a wondyful speech that a few months ago when there was a glow about this president this speech could have swept the nation… (then with a very poignant pause and heavy heart Gergen says…) but now the divisions are too deep and this wondyful speech may not be enough to heal the divide.

  218. The latter portion is a true masterpiece of understatement.

  219. Guys, you are killing me.

    It’s 6.45 am and I just wanted to find out from my peeps here what went on at THE Speech and your reaction thereof.

    400 Comments? How am I gonna read them. Just to peruse them will take a day.


  220. I could get though a reading of Bartcop for the first time in a year and a half. Even ‘old bart is putting down the kool-aid cup and saying WTF? Predictably it’s Obama refusal to do anything but bow to the powers that be that’s waking bart up…However if one just looks at Obama’s political career, there’s nothing new in that That’s Barry’s motius operandi . Why did folks think BO being at 1600 would change that?

    • Oh oh I know this one. Because they’re smoking the hopium? Do I get a cookie 🙂

      • I don’t get where this disillusionment comes from. If they could pretend he was 14,000 things he’s not before, why can’t they keep pretending he’s a great President who’s fixed everything and brought us UHC?

  221. Oh god, an obot friend of mine says she was so taken with the speech and how inspiring it was that she cried. She says we’re so lucky to have such a genius as president and how upsetting it is that we still have such horrible racism that keeps him from getting everything done.

    I shit you not.

    Last week, and this is priceless, she complained about people wanting more transparency in visitors, meetings, etc. and said that He is so transparent they just don’t know how to handle it.

    Isn’t that precious.

    • Well–all I can say is, I’m never in my life going to vote for a winning primary candidate or anyone who inspires me, so no matter how delusional they are, the more well meaning Obots will always have their “It was amazing! Just like JFK!” images to hold on to. It’s nice for them.

    • we still have such horrible racism that keeps him from getting everything done.

      That how they are going to explain the next 3 1/2 years I guess . Yes, It’s those horrible racist insurance companies who are just forcing him to hand over the store!

    • I keep getting e-mails from a deluded bunch of Obama campaign workers, volunteers and donors. Up until today they were still holding out hope that teh One would “fight for a public health insurance option because a bill without it would not be “change we can believe in.”

      They even launched a site called YesWeStillCan.org

      I mean, it’s just so embarrassing.


      • They probably think he’s legally bound to honor his campaign slogan. Lol I can see the suit now, “Is this or is it not change we can believe in?”

        It’s called, next time take account of the fact that he’s running against health care using Republican talking points.

      • “YesWeStillCan”…. and I still have the same question… still can… what?

  222. […] Wonk the Vote over at The Confluence opines: the park must be the size of the grave that he dug for the public option […]

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