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NJ has a place to go! Chris Daggett airs his first campaign ad

If you’ve been following this blog for the past couple of months, you should know that Democrat Jon Corzine, the incumbent, is trailing Republican Chris Christie for Governor of New Jersey.  Christie’s lead over Corzine has dwindled in the past week.  He now has about 6 points over Corzine.  But the curious thing is the actual poll numbers.  Christie is at about 47%, Corzine is at 41%.  So, what accounts for the missing 12%?  Undecideds account for some of that missing 12%.  And then, there are some newly unaffiliated voters, such as myself, who are taking a hard look at THIS guy:

Independent candidate, Chris Daggett got his PhD in education but he’s been working for and with both Republicans, like former governor Thomas Kean, and with Democratic administrations in NJ on environmental issues for many years.  He recently received an endorsement from the Sierra Club and his stance on social issues puts him in the moderate to liberal camp.   He has some daring ideas on education and has about as good a chance as either of the other two candidates in reforming the property tax issue. He may be a relative unknown now but Daggett has a slot at the candidate’s debate in early October and from what I understand, he can think and speak in coherent sentences.

The property tax issue is what is dragging down Jon Corzine.  This ad depicts Corzine’s attitude perfectly.  He is detached and uninterested in the crushing tax burden that most homeowners face, including yours truly.  In his first term as governor, he did diddly squat to reform the state’s funding mechanism.  Christie is a Bush Republican.  ‘Nuff said.  Neither one of them is a prize.

Jane Hamsher and her readers should take note.  What we have here is a “teachable moment”.  Remember Lamont, Jane?  I do.  I answered your call and canvassed for him in CT on the weekend before the primary.  We changed the narrative in 2006. This is an opportunity to scare the bejeesus out of the Democratic party.  You know, the one that told us we had no place else to go?  This election is a referendum on Obama, so saith Bloomberg.   And THIS year, I do have someplace else to go.

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22 Responses

  1. Register me to vote and send me an absentee ballot!

    • What do you think I am?? An Obama campaign volunteer?
      Don’t you have some movie star to elect or something?

  2. I so badly want this guy to get elected.
    I want some true accountability from our representatives and the only way that’s going to happen is to break the two party rule over this country.

  3. What is even better RD is that if you folks in NJ could elect an independent in NJ–an important state—it could perhaps give courage to oh so many others that we do not have to take the party picks. People forget that Bill Clinton got a boost from a 3rd party challenge making it possible for him to defeat an incumbent president. Good Luck. Think how much fun you will have pricking that Republican bubble w/o having to give into the Democratic machine.

  4. good luck in NJ! sending a message is certainly warranted.

    • It’s going to be tough. He’s not well known and the polls are only asking about Christie and Corzine. We have to spread the message that he actually exists before he can get a good foothold.

      • I just checked his website. He needs that phone canvassing set up like Hillary did where you could make calls from your home. It was great and my daughter and i were able to log tons of volunteer time from home.

      • maybe we can bus in some of those “Volunteers” from chicago. you remember them don’t ya RD? They same ones shipped to Iowa, Indiana, texas etc.

  5. The guy is speaking to me! He has a new blurb on his site about affordable housing and he relates it to a new urbanism kinda thing.
    Can his mass transit plan whisper sweet nothings in my ears? Be still my heart!

    • He needs volunteers on the ground to go door to door. He should take advantage of “free” media, i.e., the local news — rallies will usually catch some air.

      one to one…that’s his best strategy.

  6. I would be more than willing to make calls for him. I have two daughters living in New Jersey and they really could use some good representation.



  7. That is a great ad. I love it.

  8. He’s got my vote and my husband and two sons and daughter-in-laws votes and we DO live in NJ – you’ve all made some great suggestions.

    Feet on the Street is truly the answer – I live in a deeply Repub area of Dem NJ – but folks are just fed up! Here’s our opportunity.

    Jangles, you’re so right – if we can do something here in an “important” State it should shake up folks elsewhere. 🙂

  9. Did spammy get me? I posted a comment but it didn’t show up – am I stuck in spam cyberspace?

  10. Help! I think I’m a prisoner in spamville!!! 😯

  11. Myiq – how can I rectify that?

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