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Joan Walsh is having a Kool-aid flashback

kool-aidFrom Salon:

Barack Obama’s Labor Day speech to an AFL-CIO picnic in Cincinnati on Monday was strangely heartbreaking to me, both thrilling and painful. Painful because it felt so much like a fall 2008 campaign rally, back when this charismatic political superstar with an inspiring but untested trans-partisan appeal began to close the deal, pulling ahead of John McCain thanks to the economic meltdown and his tough-minded ideas about how to fix it. But a year later, Obama seems sadly mired in troubles he inherited, as well as those of his own making.

Yet it was thrilling because there was a glimmer that the promising newcomer has learned from his long hot summer of hate — from kooks with guns at his appearances to sad, uninformed paranoid parents keeping their kids away from his “stay in school” speech on Tuesday — and may finally deliver on the game-changing political promise that gave him the most presidential votes in American history last November.

Okay Joan, put down the Kool-aid and step away from the punchbowl. It was just a speech. We all know that Obama is very good at reading speeches off his TelePrompter.

Based on two speeches (one that nobody seems to have ever heard) you and a lot of other progressives fell in love with a skinny, big-eared handsome politician from Chicago’s poor South Side upscale Hyde Park neighborhood.  He bamboozled smooth-talked you into giving it up supporting him and now he is the President.

Get a grip and focus, Joan.  He doesn’t love you.  HE USED YOU.  To avoid misunderstandings, in the future I suggest you use this:


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53 Responses

  1. Interesting. Walsh actually was late to the “Obama swoon” as she puts it, she held off longer than a lot of the others. Then just the other day she was snarking about Organizing for America asking for money to fight for Obamacare when Obama hasn’t even defined what Obamcare is. Now shes feeling all Obama jittery again. That koolaid should be investigated by the FDA.

    • I think she started swooning a lot earlier than she admits. But the editor of a political magazine like Salon shouldn’t be swooning over any politician.

      • Nope, none of them should be swooning. She did at least give Clinton’s candidacy a fairer hearing than most of her colleagues did. She was one of the few who said it was terrible what was going on in the media.

        • Yes, Joan Walsh has given Hillary Clinton a fairer hearing than many others. I’ve kept articles she wrote praising Hillary and she is a very good journalist. I have seen her with Dick Armey insulting her with a sexist remark alluding that his wife shuts up and she should do the same. Joan is one of the good journalists around. She truly admires some qualities of Obambi (Bush III or Carter II?) and makes no bones about it. But she is not drinking nor has she ever completely swallowed the Cook Aid…
          She’s a great gal. I’m saying this as an unknown reader once wrote something (criticizing Salon’s writer) and she took the time (I couldn’t believe it when I got the email from her!) to very kindly and humanely point out a few things. And she was damn right!
          I respect Joan. And so I let her sip her Kool Aid uninterruptedly once in a while….I like her!

      • Joan Walsh takes media and Obama campaign to task for their hysteria over Hillary’s RFK remarks and tells Joe Madison what’s gonna ruin the Democrat’s chances is demonizing the Clintons:

        • Wonk, Thank you for that. I either didn’t remember or missed it. Joan did a great job and voiced the frustration and anger that I felt at the time. Madison out-jerks Tweet. Who would have thunk it.

        • Since I don’t watch bloviating gasbag shows I missed it too.

        • Joan Walsh is ‘feminist dynamite’ in this one–or should I say Hillaryite in which case I don’t need either adjective! She may appear to be taking sips from the blasted Kool-Aid drink once in a while, but this gal is no pushover. I’d love to see her Hardball video where she blasts Dick Armey’s sexist comments….

      • There are times when Joan Walsh just plain seems like an idiot. She can be too disingenuous for words and she has long tolerated, even courted, some really noxious commenters on her threads. Then there’s her “concerned mom” act, which can be pretty nauseating. Seems like in the end she just wants to be a player, no matter how much wiggling and wobbling this entails.

  2. Summer of hate…hate must be teh latest Obot code word; this is the second time I’ve heard it today.

    Those who were racists are now haters?

    • Yup….I’ve heard it passed around here alot lately. seems the “Democratic Dancing Monkeys are all dancing to the same tune!

      and before I’m called a racist for that……poop on you!

    • That’s the way he wins back support.

      Typical Axelrod Media maneuvering, show a kook with a gun at Obama town-halls, have him give a speech to captive schoolchildren on his poverty stricken upbringing, show other RW kooks and all of a sudden it’s a Summer of Hate.

      Translate- people are crticising BO on his health insurance reform bill, and all of a sudden he’s being hated on.

  3. Bwaa-haa-haa! I love it. I think I saw one of these on a desk in a Democratic Ward office here in Chicago!

  4. Pelosi, Reid and the Pres are meeting. I’d love to have a listen. What do they say to each other?

  5. This is completely OT… but if Prezident Azzhat’s speech interferes with the premiere of Glee tomorrow night I am going to blow my top. Will he please just shut the fuck up!

    • lol!

    • I hear Fox is not showing it. Isn’t Glee coming on Fox?

      • from your keyboard to god’s eye…

        please oh please let fox ignore the prezident!!!!

      • I checked the satellite guide and “TEH SPEECH” is not listed on any station…. so who knows fer sure.

        • indigo, I’m pretty sure I read the other day that Fox wouldn’t be playing it. The huffpo commenters went nuts because they thought it was about Fox News Channel but it was just about Fox.

        • From HuffBlow,

          Unlike CBS, ABC, NBC and PBS, Fox will not be broadcasting Obama’s speech to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday, September 9.

          Wilshire & Washington reports that the network issued a statement: “The Fox Broadcasting Company will not air the Presidential Address to Congress on Wednesday, September 9 at 8:00 PM (ET). FOX’s sister networks, Fox News Channel and the Fox Business Network will air the presidential address in its entirety. FOX will alert viewers with an on-screen graphic at the top of the 8:00 PM (ET) hour that the presidential address is available on Fox News Channel and the Fox Business Network.”

          And Broadcasting & Cable reports that the network will instead broadcast the premiere of the new season of “So You Think You Can Dance” at 8 p.m. as well as the first new episode of “Glee” at 9 p.m.:

          Fox did not carry the President’s July 22 press conference, which was also on a Wednesday night. So You Think You Can Dance wound up beating the press conference rating on any of its competitors that time around. Instead, the network directed viewers to sister cable network Fox News Channel.

  6. Just saw an ad from “Conservatives for Patients’ Rights”
    Doesn’t sound right, does it?


    Myiq2xu, one of your best, EVAH! I am so stealing this and emailing it to my friends.

    Thanks for picking up my day.

  8. he.s campaigning again..or is it yet

  9. I gave up on Salon when Walsh permitted the picture of Palin in dominatrix gear to be published on Salon.com.

  10. Salon helped build up the idea that Obama was a credible candidate. So did Rolling Stone and a few other places.

    The same people who bashed Sarah Palin as unqualified had no problem with Obama’s blank resume. The same people who scoured Alaska for evidence to use against Sarah never investigated Obama’s background.

    • Rolling Stone was all Gaa-Gaa over him. Matt Taibbi really pimped him some Obama on that rag!

      • Taibbi wrote “where are those change posters now” or something like that recently.

        They’re probably neatly rolled up in a poster tube in his closet.

        • He was the worst with them “CDS” on that rag! I give my Rolling Stone to my daughter now…except of course last month’s with the Beatles story in it…LOL

          • yeah, Taibbi compared Hillary to Nixon and said Hillary’s supporters were the faceless ugly people who resented the pretty Obama idealists who have all the pretty things that we don’t! That was his idea of complimenting Hillary’s campaign strategy.

          • stop!!! I’m going to crack the bones of my skull if I whack it against the wall one more time! grrrrrrr

          • That reminds me of a review of the Sex and the City movie I saw, that complained that Carrie Bradshaw was wearing an ostentatious lapel pin “where the cool chicks wear their Obama buttons.” I love how people in this country are suffering and they’re being beat up on because they don’t have enough appreciation for those who think being shallow is a political stance.

          • Oh yeah. IIRC, I was still on the fence between Hill and 0-bama until Taibbi’s snotty-punk article Wonk mentioned. That pushed me into preferring Hillary. [Arkansas was a Super Tuesday state, and I had voted for Edwards because he was talking about working people’s needs. I did notice Hill picked that up after Edwards dropped out.]

            The sad thing about Taibbi is that he does make some good points, but he thinks he has to display misogyny to maintain his cred with his fellow Kewl Doodz. Due to that fault, I despise the punk, in spite of his usefulness at times, and I think I will let my RS subscription expire in December.

  11. She does have a bad case of Palin derangement.

  12. I don’t like this type of post. I think this blog loses credibility when it insults the President by focusing on his physical appearance (big ears/skinny). Its childish and mean-spirited blogging. Keep the tone of posts serious, to be taken serious.

    • Did you feel the same way when people made fun of Bush because of how he looked. He was often called “Chimpy” on liberal blogs.

      Besides, I think the “big eared, skinny” comment is a reference to how people like Joan Walsh often talk about Obama. They are always pretending he is so ordinary, comes from a poor neighborhood, etc. But he doesn’t. He’s a wealthy elitist who went to the best schools and had all the advantages.

      Furthermore, if you want a blog with only serious posts, this isn’t it. That just isn’t going to happen. Riverdaughter is a master of snark and so is myiq2xu.

    • OBAMA calls himself those things. It is his cutesy attempt to be self deprecating.

    • Didja not notice the greasepaint and big shoes?

      But thank you for your concern.

  13. That speech was “thrilling”? Hmmm.

  14. I have seen many of BO’s fans say essentially the same thing today.

    • I think it’s all media hands on deck to help him regain his mojo. Everyone is in campaign swooning mode in order to help Barry bring home the bacon for the insurance compaines .

      Everyone has to swoon for the next few days …no exceptions

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