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Moonbats for Moonbeam

From the Sacramento Bee:

The California attorney general’s office opened an investigation Thursday into allegations that the state’s largest health insurers were rejecting medical claims at alarming rates.

The inquiry was prompted by a report released Wednesday by the California Nurses Association. The report suggested that the insurers rejected a fifth of all claims received over the past seven years.

“The public is entitled to know whether wrongful business practices are involved,” Attorney General Jerry Brown said Thursday in a statement.


The nurses union said some of the companies had denial rates between 27 percent and 40 percent during the first six months of this year, with PacifiCare rejecting 39.6 percent of claims it received.

The CNA said Cigna rejected 32.7 percent, Health Net 30 percent, Kaiser Permanente 28.3 percent and Blue Cross 27.9 percent.

Jerry Brown is the right kind of crazy.  He is also a genuine liberal.

Born in 1938, Edmund Gerald “Jerry” Brown Jr. is the son of Edmund G. “Pat” Brown, California’s last old-school New Deal-style liberal governor. Pat and Jerry bookended Ronnie Raygun’s tenure in Sacramento.

Jerry Brown attended a Jesuit seminary with the intent to become a Catholic priest but he left the seminary to attend UC Berkeley instead. After graduating from Cal with degrees in Latin and Greek he attended Yale Law School. As a young lawyer he worked as a community organizer working with migrant workers and anti-Vietnam war groups. In 1969 he entered his first political campaign when he ran for and won a spot on the Los Angeles Community College Board of Trustees.

From Wikipedia:

In 1970, Brown was elected California Secretary of State. Brown used the position, which was historically limited in power, to bring lawsuits against corporations such as Standard Oil of California, International Telephone and Telegraph, Gulf Oil, and Mobil for violation of campaign-finance laws and argued in person before the California Supreme Court.

Brown also enforced laws requiring members of the California State Legislature to disclose sources of campaign funds and investigated allegedly falsely-notarized documents that had allowed Richard Nixon to claim a large tax deduction. Brown also played an important role in the drafting and passage of the California Fair Political Practices Act

In 1974 Brown was elected governor and refused to live in the Governor’s mansion, renting a modest apartment instead.  He also drove a state-issue Plymouth instead of riding in a government limousine.

As governor Brown was a leader in energy efficiency, sponsored and signed the first labor laws in the U.S. to protect farmworkers, and began the California Conservation Corps. His appointments emphasized minorities and women, echoing the social awareness of his era. He also decriminalized marijuana possession.

In 1976 he ran for the Democratic nomination for President and won several primaries. After losing the nomination to Jimmy Carter (he finished 3rd) he successfully ran for reelection as governor in 1978. He challenged Carter for the nomination in 1980 but lost again.


In 1982 he decided run for the Senate and lost to Pete Wilson. More Wiki:

After his Senate defeat in 1982, many considered Brown’s political career to be over. During the 1980s, Brown traveled to Japan to study Buddhism, studying with Christian/Zen practitioner Hugo Enomiya-Lassalle under Yamada Koun-roshi. He also visited Mother Teresa in Calcutta, India, where he ministered to the sick in one of her hospices.

In 1992 Brown suffered his last electoral defeat, losing the Presidential nomination to the Big Dawg:

When he announced his intention to run for president against President George H.W. Bush, many in the media and his own party dismissed his campaign as an ego-trip with little chance of gaining significant support. Ignoring them, Brown embarked on an ultra-grassroots campaign to, in his words, “take back America from the confederacy of corruption, careerism, and campaign consulting in Washington”. To the surprise of many, Brown was able to tap a populist streak in the Democratic Party.

In his stump speech, first used while officially announcing his candidacy on the steps of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Brown told listeners that he would only be accepting campaign contributions from individuals and that he would accept no contribution over 100 dollars. Continuing with his populist reform theme, he assailed what he dubbed “the bipartisan Incumbent Party in Washington” and called for term limits for members of Congress. Citing various recent scandals on Capitol Hill, particularly the recent House banking scandal and the large congressional pay-raises from 1990, he promised to put an end to Congress being a “Stop-and-Shop for the monied special interests”.

Quickly realizing that his campaign’s limited budget meant that he could not afford to engage in conventional advertising, Brown began to use a mixture of alternative media and unusual fundraising techniques which was derided at the time as “silly”, but would later be dubbed “revolutionary”. Unable to pay for actual commercials, Brown used frequent cable television and talk radio interviews as a form of free media to get his message to the voters. In order to raise funds, he purchased a toll-free telephone number, (the same number is still in use by Brown) which adorned all of his campaign paraphernalia.


After spending a few years as a radio talk show host Brown successfully ran for Mayor of Oakland in 1998. He then ran for Attorney General in 2004 and easily defeated Chuck Poochigian.

He is currently an unofficial candidate for governor in next year’s election.

Right now Barack Obama is a virtual lock to win the Democratic nomination in 2012.  No matter how poorly he is doing in the polls the Democratic leadership will prop him up and do everything they can to prevent a primary challenge.  If they succeed we’ll be facing another bad vs. worse general election, and this time around Obama may well be the bad vs. someone worse like Newt Gingrinch or Mike Huckleberry.

Hillary Clinton won’t challenge Obama for the nomination, nor will any party insiders.  Jerry Brown is not a party insider and he doesn’t give a flying f**k about party loyalty or unity.  He also wants to be President.

I have great respect and admiration for Hillary but Jerry Brown would not have conceded the nomination with the lead in votes and trailing by only a handful of pledged delegates.  He would have fought it tooth and nail all the way to the floor of the convention.

Here are Brown’s main negatives:

1. He has an annoying habit of saying what he thinks instead of what he thinks people want to hear.

2. He has that kooky “Governor Moonbeam” reputation.

3.  The media hates him.

On the positive side:

1. He says what he thinks instead of what he thinks people want to hear.

2. He has been consistently ahead of the times, which earned him the nickname “Governor Moonbeam.”

3. The media hates him.

If he runs in 2012 the progressive bloggers might even support him since he was a community organizer, didn’t vote for the war and doesn’t have one of those scary vajajay thingies.

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70 Responses

    • From the link:

      During Governor Brown’s tenure, California produced 25% of the nation’s new jobs, significantly reduced taxes and built up the largest state surplus ever. His eight years in office are generally considered among the most innovative in California history. He established the first agricultural labor relations law in the country, enacted collective bargaining for teachers and other public employees, started the California Conservation Corp (CCC), signed into permanent law the California Coastal Protection Act, earned federal protection of Northern California wild and scenic rivers, brought about the country’s first building and appliance energy efficiency standards and made California the leader in solar and alternative energy.

      Brown appointed more women, Asians, Latinos and African-Americans to high government positions than any other chief executive.

      He also created the nation’s first Wellness Commission, the Office of Appropriate Technology, the Native American Heritage Preservation Commission and the California Commission on Industrial Innovation. As president of the University of California Regents, Brown successfully sponsored the establishment of the prestigious Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation. Brown legalized the practice of Acupuncture and strongly supported the rights of chiropractors, osteopaths and lay midwives. He also significantly expanded apprenticeship programs and created the California Worksite Education and Training Act (CWETA). He mandated every high school district to establish clear graduation standards and successfully fought for increased math and science requirements for both the California State University and University of California systems.

      In the field of crime fighting, Brown enacted hundreds of tough anti-crime measures, including the “Use A Gun Go To Prison” Law and mandatory sentences for rape, sale of heroin, violent crimes against the elderly, child molestation and selling PCP. He established and funded the Career Criminal Prosecution Program, the Career Criminal Apprehension Program and the Crime Resistance Task Force. As a result, the percentage of convicted felons who were sent to state prison increased 100% during his governorship. Recidivism (parolees returning to prison) was a fraction of what it is today. Finally, Brown restructured the California Arts Commission so that it was composed of practicing artists and increased funding by 1300%.

  1. This country needs more like him. He does stand up for what he believes. He does have respect for the people of this country. He uses his office the way it is suppose to be used to look out for the people and their interests.



  2. Brown is on the right side (as in “correct” not “conservative”) on gay rights, global warming, and campaign finance.

  3. Sounds like a genuine “Principle before Party” candidate. Sign me up!

  4. He was my first choice in 92. It took me awhile to warm up to Clinton. I finally decided I could vote for “Hillary’s husband.”

    • I remember him running in ’92 and the msm literally cutting him out of the pictures. Their excuse was his war chest wasn’t big enough to make to the end.

      Obviously showing his picture might improve the war chest probelm.

      Anyway, we voted for him for AG and will support him in whatever position he runs for.

      My brother in law saw him walking around Oakland very approachable and without bodyguards. From what I’ve seen he seemed to really take to heart his Mayor position in Oakland. There were construction projects to have condos in the downtown area so that people could walk to public transportation (BART), and to downtown restaurants and stores. Increasing foot traffic in the area rather than having the area close up shop when the 9-5 ers left for home. Smart idea.

  5. Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

    I have to say, I was upset about a lack of a floor fight at the time, and we as voters deserved it, but we’re also confined by the reality of our party. She couldn’t possibly have won, and it would have gotten really ugly–already it was her so-called supporters like Frank and Rangel who were furious with her for not grovelling to Obama’s self-declared imaginary milestones. It’s not so much one of these ‘if you don’t fight you can’t win’ scenarios as ‘all the traditional rules and procedures are off the table, good luck finding a dozen actual Democrats, we’re in Crazytown now.’

    • Hillary is a realist, she fought as long as she had a power base from which to fight. She certainly fought longer and much harder against a drumbeat of WWTBQ that I doubt most people would have if they had been in her heels.

      • Months and months of ever more hysterical WWTBQ!!!!
        Every time she won a huge Dem state, it was WWTBQ.
        and when Barry won a WY caucus of 8 ..it was HE”S THE ONE!! No one would have fought longer or harder than Hillary Rodham Clinton did . No way and no how , and perhaps Hillary would not have fought as hard as she did if she had not already been though such shit as first lady . She was battled tested . God Bless Hillary. Everyday she stayed in, democracy had a hope

      • I was, and still am, terribly disappointed that she didn’t fight. None of the boyz ever just caved and if she really wanted it she should have fought for it – I would have – even if I knew the deck was stacked against me – simply because there were 18,000,000 people out there counting on me. 😕

        • Hillary didn’t cave. None of the boyz ever faced the kind of drumbeat to get out the way she did.

          • Even when they were trailing the leader by huge margins. Hillary and Obama were in a virtual tie.

          • you’re right Wonk – no one in my adult memory ever put up with the kind of abuse that Hillary faced day in and day out.

          • She had to face goalposts shifting everyday. The boys played within certain expected perimeters. She was treated worse than Ted Kennedy only she was running for an open seat. While, incidentally, Kennedy and Carter were tongue kissing each other over the unique horror of it all. Yeah, they were tied, but this wasn’t a normal situation. “hey, you’re a superdelegate, let’s talk about health care.” “I’m sorry, but my 7 year old thinks you have cankles. He doesn’t care about health care.” everytime she won a state, she lost superdelegates. What could she have used to persuade these morons? You know they were keeping tabs on the situation, and I’m sure they were losing sds left and right.

    • Hillary was in a very tough position. I believe she would have fought tooth and nail if her opponent had been a white man. But with all the race baiting and hatred coming from party insiders and the media. I also think Hillary tried not to burn any remaining bridges she and Bill created with the African-American community. She probably decided that there was no way of winning and it was better for her career and uniting the party just to “give up” without a fight.

      Hillary did what she thought would put her in the best position possible if she wanted to run for president again as well as help mend her and Bill’s legacy. I don’t know how she could have dealt with the situation any better than she did without completely ruining her reputation, her career, and Bill’s popularity.

  6. His age makes a run in 2012 a non-starter. He will be 74. Reagan was 69.

    • He could still be a special advisor to President Hillary Clinton.

      • Hillary won’t run.

        • She will if Obama continues his downward spiral. The only thing that will save him is a spectacular economic recovery. If things get worse on that front, the spiral will become a tailspin, and his most adoring party sycophants will be the first to abandon him–running away before they can be blamed for his failures.

          • No matter how much Obama spirals downward, Hillary won’t run against him.

          • We had our ONE chance at President Hillary Clinton, it was in 2008.

          • Our only hope is 2016. Hillary won’t run against Obama. She’s in his administration and will remain loyal to him until he leaves office. If Obama loses in 2012, we can focus on convincing Hillary to prepare for a run in 2016. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

          • Obama may well decide presidentin’ is jes’ tew hard and quit after one term. That’s the only way I see Hillary Clinton becoming #45.

          • I doubt Obama will quit. He’s counting on Democratic insiders and the dirty money he receives from Wall Street and the health care industry to help him win another term. He doesn’t care what us peasants think of him as long as he has the backing of the rich and powerful.

          • Obama will run in 2012, Hillary won’t run in 2016.

            My two cents.

          • I’m more worried about the GOP primaries. They have some potential candidates that are atrocious, and whoever wins the nomination stands an excellent chance of beating Obama.

            Believe it or not there are worse things than a second Obama term.

          • That’s why I mentioned here a few days ago that if it becomes clear that Obama will likely be a one-term president, Democrats need to vote in the Republican primary so we can at least get the lesser of many evils. Most Dems will likely remain tepid supporters of Obama, vote for a Green Party candidate, or abstain from voting. I’m a realist and I’ll vote in the Republican primary if it means we get an Olympia Snowe rather than a Mike Hucakbee. Anglachel, Lambert and the like can sit home and pout but if we must get a Republican, I at least want a say in what kind of Republican our country will have to deal with for four years. Sitting at home won’t make things any better.

          • to me 2012 is gonna be bad no matter what, Obama vs. romney turd or worse huckaboob, that’s not a choice, that’s a farce.

            I’m more worried about 2016 primaries and whether the left will have learned to THINK about the consequences by then or if again they’ll just want to feel good and feel like winners.

    • They said he was too young to be governor but he won anyway.

    • Yeah, but remember that Moombeam diet keeps you young!

  7. California friends tell me that when he was governor, Brown would actually answer his desk line himself instead of putting a caller through a succession of increasingly inaccessible secretaries and gofers.

    I liked him then, both on issues and slightly flakey personality. I still like him now.

  8. Can you imagine a president who has actually bathed the poorest of the poor and the dying? I’m in!

  9. myiq, what do you think of the mood of Calif voters? They did give the Governator a 2nd term…tho you’d think a lot has changed since then.

  10. I like Jerry Brown but he’s a piss poor loser. Did he ever officially endorse Clinton at the ’92 convention? He made a big deal out of not doing so for some time.

    During that campaign, he was also the first person to attack Hillary Clinton for being a corporate lawyer and the cattle future’s deal. He’s not exactly a first class act but he is on the right side of the issues and politics is blood sport, so go for it.

    • I said he had an annoying habit of saying what he thinks.

      I believe it was Leo Durocher who said “Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.”

  11. So on the Democratic side, we have Newsom and Brown. What other Democrats are running?

  12. two years ago, a post comparing Barack Obama to Jerry Brown…it’s very ironic to read this now


    • But if I could only ask Sen. Obama one question it would be this one, offered with respect and courtesy:

      What do you consider your highest purpose in this life, the purpose for which you would sacrifice everything?

      I suspect he has an answer. Before coming to any conclusions about his candidacy, I’d like to hear it.

      keep waiting for that answer

  13. I’ve liked the man and still do. I’d vote for him — if given the chance. But I will NEVER vote for 0zero/0bambam.

    I hope he goes after the Insurance companies with a vengeance. That rejection rate for claims seems out of line — I’d like more information. Are the rejections — random — or every 4th claim — or from specific hospitals or regions — what is the pattern of rejections? Are over 25% of the insured population hypochondriacs?

  14. Since lots of people are turned down because of pre-existing conditions, seems they would have the healthier among us. Of those, 25% are being turned down. What a scam. Can’t even pay when given the healthier clients.

  15. On the subject of big egos…

    Michael Moore had this to say today:

    “The American people are now thinking more like me.”

    what a tool

    • He’s no better than the asshats on FOX and MSNBC. They all get paid way too much to run their big mouths.

      • Moore made his name as a muckraker and he’s pretty good at it.

        As an advocate or pundit he sucks.

        I’ll never forgive him for his opposition to Gore in 2000

        • He helped screw our country over twice. The first time by opposing Gore in 2000. The second was attacking Hillary and pushing the racist meme in 2008. He’s done more harm than good and his documentaries aren’t enough to fix the damage that Bush II and Obama have done to this country.

        • His latest muckraking about capitalism seems designed to avoid touching the current president’s involvement.

  16. When my son needed brain surgery BC/BS rejected the claim 4 different times for 4 different reasons – in the end one simple letter (that I wrote) was sent by our attorney on her letterhead and they agreed to the surgery.

    I guess that’s what they mean when they say “push comes to shove”

  17. Please note. The State of California has an elected state office called the California Insurance Commissioner. It is a constitutional office. It is currently held by Steve Poizner, Republican, who is running for Governor. Notice that this office has failed to take any action or apparently even notice there is a problem. Moonbeam may be taking this action for both legal reasons and political reasons but it is decidedly a smart move.

    I think CA ians have pretty much come full circle on Gov. Moonbeam. He has the great advantage in CA of broad name recognition—something Newsome decidedly does not have. He also has a kind of citizen of the state geography—you don’t think of Brown as belonging to San Francisco, LA or San Diego, north or south. Brown suffered at the hands of his own party (and probably still does to some extent). The Dem party in CA has a real problem with being in total power for the last decade or so and as their power increased the schools went downhill, taxes went up, quality of life went down and the state’s economic status totally tanked. There are Republican fault lines but they are not as broad as the Dem ones.

    Jerry just might be able to put the gov. ship back into the Dem column. I will be working for him and voting for him.

    • Newsome’s base was the LGBT community. Brown preempted that with his challenge to Prop H8

      Doing the right thing is smart politics too.

  18. Palin-Brown 2012!
    Because ideological consistency is only for those who think small.

  19. BTW it was not mentioned in this post but as Mayor of Oakland, Moonbeam really transformed that city. It was a hotbed of drug traffic, political corruption, criminally negligent public schools and urban disintegration. No question that Moonbeam really made a difference. I would note that one of the most successful tools he used to turn the schools around was city support for charter schools. Oakland still has major problems but they are no longer a corrupt third world entity.

  20. From the Boston Globe:

    Joseph P. Kennedy II announced today that he will not seek the Senate seat held by his uncle, a move likely to end the Kennedy family’s half century of political dominance in Massachusetts and entice several other candidates to jump into the race.

  21. I’d vote for Jerry in a NY minute. He’s the man.

    • What’s really weird is he is working on winning his third term as governor of the nation’s most populous state and people think he’s “unelectable.”

  22. Jerry Brown was the first presidential candidate I ever voted for (’92). Would love to see him run again. That is all.

  23. Jerry Brown was one of the reasons I am a Democrat — he represents what California Dems are all about. His generation of Dems are the solid Dems. Dems we looked up to as little kids during the protest years of the 70’s.

    In the news, we see how he is just working on problems quietly behind the scenes out here.

    He’s fantastic and I hope he will be governor first.

    I’ve said before after what the female Dems did to Hillary out here?
    None of them will ever have my respect again — none of the ones I voted for.

    But Jerry Brown?

    He’s fantastic and check out all the work he has done in Oakland, too. Like his school for the Arts.

    I read an interesting piece in SFGate where Pelosi helped nix Brown’s run for President ages ago.


    Nice piece.

    On the above about Beck — well, since we don’t have any journalists left? At least he presents an opposing view. The whole thing is a three ring circus at this point in my opinion.

    It’s sad to watch. I no longer am following on TV — just the LAT.

    Brown is spiritually evolved — most Californians relate to that?
    And so will the bulk of the Baby Boom. I hope.

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