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Glenn Beck is a skidmark on the underwear of mankind.

(h/t Egalia at TGW)

This is an open thread.

319 Responses

  1. I changed the title. It was originally “Glenn Beck is a f**kstain on the mattress of life.”

  2. Funniest headline ever!

  3. Yes, but at least his stuff sticks when he flings it.

  4. Brilliant imagery, MyIQ. What a whack-job this guy is. So, what’s wrong with this picture? Why does this guy have any credibility whatsoever?

    • He tells other paranoid and emotionally ill people what they want to hear.

      • and there appears to be more of those than we’d like to think

      • I’m paranoid and this is NOT what I want to hear!

      • Wackadoodlian batshittery.

      • dakinikat, on September 7th, 2009 at 8:34 pm Said:
        He tells other paranoid and emotionally ill people what they want to hear.
        and there appears to be more of those than we’d like to think

        I hope this isn’t directed at those of us who disagree with you all on the Jones;Beck issue. Because if it is, it’s insulting.

        I’ve been a long time reader here, and this is the first time I’ve felt that way. If we disagree we disagree, but it’s like you guys are determined to cause strife over this. Why, I don’t know, but guess until other topics take center stage I’ll cut out for a while.

        • I don’t understand why you are defending Beck. He’s a wingnut and a moron. This is a liberal blog. All this talk about communists is just wierd, IMO.

          How come people aren’t all upset when people involved in defending torture still have their jobs?

        • We didn’t comment on it for a long time because we went out and fact checked the entire thing first. If truth is a ballpark, Beck’s not even in right field, he’s not even in the bleachers. This was purely to get back at some one for the 57 now sponsors that have refused to advertise on his show. That’s right, 57.

          You can disagree with me all you want, but I can’t see one thing to base this on other than paranoia and some kind of knee jerk emotional reaction to I don’t know what…

          sorry if it offends you, I’m not out to personally insult people, but this guy went on a witch hunt and ruined a man’s career

  5. hmmmm myiq2xu i guess it safe to say that your not in the Glenn Becks fan club

  6. OT: The green cayenne peppers are so just as hot as the red ones! (I got a little carried away with my dinner tonight, mistakenly believing the press on how much weaker the green ones are…)

    • Sophie, from what I understand, green peppers turn red as they mature, but cayennes are at their hottest just before ripening. They say after they turn red, leaving them on the vine makes them sweeter. Just so we all know.


      • Thanks for the info! Since health care in this country is not likely to improve, I’ve resorted to eating hot peppers daily. I generally have a good idea about how much heat I can take, but my expectations were off on this one. I am now a fan of green cayennes, but will not use them as generously in the future.

        • Chilis are that way as well. Green chilies are fresh while the red are aged. Reds are generally milder. Yummmm.

  7. Speak the truth Glenn! You can all live in your little cocoons.

    • Glenn wouldn’t know the truth if it teabagged him.

    • Beck doesn’t even fact check.

    • Glenn Beck lives in an alternate reality.

    • The clips of Glenn Beck as presented is just a flipside of what Glenn Beck has presented against Van Jones. Except I can easily excuse Becks screaming “Get off my phone!” than Jones’ saying: “there are no Columbines committed by black children. . .” “Republicans are a. .holes . . .” “whites steering pollution into black communities . . .” It shows a big racial chip on his shoulders and a mentality that makes me wonder if he is capable of just policies for all Americans. Jones is in govt. Beck is just one of those talking heads. He doesn’t have any official capacity in shaping policy.

      • His statements are a big fat nothing, his Columbine statements are being twisted, here is what he said:

        Our young white males are suffering in this society, profoundly. Profoundly. And no one is saying a word about it. We’ll criminalize the black student, black child, criminalize the Latino child, we have this whole discussion about whether they are animals or they not animals, should we abuse them should we help them, blah blah blah. You’ve never seen a Columbine done by a black child. Never. They always say, “We can’t believe it happened here. We can’t believe it’s these suburban white kids.” It’s only them! Now, a black kid might shoot another black kid. He’s not going to shoot up the whole school! “My cousin’s up in here, I’m not going to shoot the whole school then, I might hit my cousin! I’m gonna shoot you though!”

        But these young white men will be in so much pain, and so isolated, so alienated they’ll shoot up the entire school. Where is the concern, where is the love, where is the compassion for these young men?

        Where is concern, where is the love, where is the compassion for these young men? And it is doubly twisted, because if there’s anything that you’re doing that is wrong, we want to hurt you, we want to punish you, we’re not going to help you, we’re not going to love you. And so rather than punish you and attack you and jump on you like we do the black kids, we’ll just ignore you and we’ll just neglect you.

        We have got to begin to look at this idea of criminality, of evil, of wrongdoing, of mistakes as being a universal condition, requiring a universally loving response and a universally embracing response — so that our society in trying to confront evil at any level does not in fact become evil.

        It is just as evil, in my view — to attack these young black and brown men — it is just as evil to neglect and to ignore these young white men, who, as best I can tell, have very little now in the way of loving, affirmative male leadership, that can put an arm around, wipe away a tear, and show a kind of masculinity that is not brittle or mean-spirited. And that I think is the problem that gets masked over by calling any community evil.

        • Really despicable that this has been twisted into something bad and the exact opposite of what he was trying to say.

          • I have yet to hear anything Jones has said that I find shocking or offensive.

            He’s been an advocate, not a politician. You expect advocates to be blunt.

          • I wasn’t exactly impressed by some of what he wrote about Hillary and Palin during the election (and mind you I don’t agree with Palin’s conservative views anymore than Jones does) but what he said here about not just failing one group but failing them all and about not just calling any community evil is really a compelling statement, an eloquent statement, something worth discussing, it’s not the phony postracial crap that the media ate up in 2008.

          • Please be careful on this. A “black kid” may not shoot up a school but this statement ignores the other reality—shooting up neighborhoods. Gang wars in inner city neighborhoods take to the streets a terror every bit as ugly as school shootings. And those wars are primarily black kids against black kids or against Hispanics or Hispanic against Hispanic..

            I find no comfort in reading this twisted rant by Jones and it truly makes me wonder about the academic standards of Yale.

          • “Twisted rant?”

            WTF are you reading?

          • Please be careful on this. A “black kid” may not shoot up a school but this statement ignores the other reality—shooting up neighborhoods. Gang wars in inner city neighborhoods take to the streets a terror every bit as ugly as school shootings. And those wars are primarily black kids against black kids or against Hispanics or Hispanic against Hispanic..

            Huh? In context he is clearly acknowledging that there is black on black crime. Jones could have pointed out there was a mass shooting by a black teenager and an older black guy in 2002. But, it was not a school shooting. The Virginia tech shootings had not yet happened when Van Jones made his video, and that was not by a brown black or white kid.

            At any rate, Jones’ overall point was about failing ALL of the youth, not just one group, and about providing more support to white youth, and about not looking at any community as evil.

  8. I guess having an avowed marxist working within the White House is not a threat?

  9. OT – i just watched a little bit of Mcneil Lehrer and they had on 2 authors that wrote about the 2008 election. GOD it was heart breaking and infuriating to watch as much as i could STAND of it.
    No mention of all the total Bullshit and thuggery and race baiting and frickin’ outright CHEATING by mr. f*cker fraud thug freak lying sack of sh*t. Nothing about the free media ride. No investigation of his background. AHHHHHH.
    AHHHHHHHH. I’m still heartbroken.
    To see him up there grinning like he’s king of the universe when he’s a pathetic spineless lying narcissistic race baiting sac of sh*t.
    I know i sound crazy. I feel crazy right now!!!!
    I thought this had subsided a bit. Nope.

    • Sometime I think I’m getting over it and then some shit-for-brains Failbot starts spewing CDS from his pie hole.

      • The failbots are the biggest hypocrits.
        I remember in the primary i kept arguing that playing nice with the republicans would NEVER work.
        We needed a fighter. THAT WAS HILLARY. they had already dragged her to hell and back and she was unafraid to look them right in the eye and laugh.
        WHAT F*ckin idiots they continue to be. GOD DAMNIT!!!

      • I don’t think I’ll ever get over it.

        • I don’t really want to get over it. I need to remember this and the asshats involved from now on. Helps keep a perspective on what gets written and said that’s pretty valuable today.

        • I will never get over it.

          I have made up my mind that what happened in 2008 deserves no forgiveness.

        • I KNOW I’ll never get over it. Has no one written a book that exposes everything that went on during the primaries and particularly in Denver?

    • Usually, history is written by the winners. But the blogosphere changed all of that. Someday, some history grad student is going to do research on the 2008 election and he will find us.
      Er, provided we make hard copies of all of our posts.
      And write our own book.

  10. Why so rough on Glenn?

    • Not nearly as rough as he deserves.

    • Why are you so *concerned* about “Glenn?”

    • From The View:

      Beck got called out on his lie, and Barbara Walters said, “You are an investigative reporter.” Beck said, “No, I am not.” She said, “You are a reporter.” Beck said, “No, I am not.” She asked, “So, you check no facts at all?” Beck said, “No, I am a commentator. I commentate on life.” Barbara Walters then asked Beck numerous times if he checks his facts, and he wouldn’t answer her question.


      • He makes stuff up, people believe him, and folks lives are ruined. That my friend, is the act of a major asshole.

      • I don’t think “commentate” is a word, unless the verb form of “commentator” was added to the latest dictionaries.

        Just more evidence for Beck’s stupidity.

      • Barbara Walters? ROFTLMAO. BW is a joke. She has an entertainment show — The View is NOT NEWS. Good grief people — do you not know the difference between

        If Becks statements weren’t factual – Obama, Gibbs AND JONES himself would be providing facts to demonstate that. Hasn’t happened and its not going too.

  11. Marxism is inherently anti-American.

    • Where’s it say that in the Constitution?

      • racism is not in the constitution either; or health insurance for all.

        • Heck if the conservative front can read the second amendment and conclude that it means that any person should be allowed to carry any gun then I think I can say that promote the general welfare IS about providing health care for All……..If your side gets to interpret how it likes I see no reason why our side should not get to work within the same parameters.

          • What you just said could be applied to you. And what side do you think I belong to? I think Barack Obama is bad for the country. I hold anyone who associated with ACORN, SEIU, and OBAMA, suspect from the beginning. That’s my side generally.

        • what exactly do you consider to be promoting the general welfare?

          Leaving babies on ice floes to starve?
          Allowing slavery to exist?
          Keeping women from voting?
          Stopping gay people from having rights?

        • You’re missing the point. The original comment was “Marxism is inherently anti-American.”

          That’s not true. It says nothing in our Constitution about what type of economic system we have to use, and even if it did we could amend it.

          We started with an agrarian economy that utilized slavery. We outlawed slavery as we moved into the Industrial Age.

          Our Constitution defines what kind of government we have.

          • actually, we’re the product of mercantilism, that’s a predecessor to capitalism so we weren’t even free wheeling market capitalists in our roots.

          • Adam’s Smith’s book was written in 1776. It wasn’t until much much later it developed into what we know as capitalism because we needed the industrial revolution to do that. As you mentioned the agrarian economy was never ‘capital’ based … it was based on natural resources.

  12. I fully support Glen Beck. Am I the only one that noticed Van Jones and Company have not denied ONE of the facts that Glen Beck uncovered on Jones. Not on Jones admitting to being a radical racist communist…..not on Jones cry for reparations and not on Jones allegations that “white america” is poisoning minorities. Poison would be a better word to describe Van Jones words and act. Glen has won with facts and Obama has reacted in typical fashion. When the going gets tough…..he throws his “supporters” under the bus.

    • What facts?

    • http://www.huffingtonpost.com/eva-paterson/glenn-becks-attack-on-van_b_271518.html

      Beck is fabricating his facts.

      For instance: several times on his show, Beck has said or implied that Van went to prison for taking part in the Rodney King riots.

      No Criminal Convictions

      Van has never served time in any prison. He has never been convicted of any crime. And just to be clear: Van was not even in Los Angeles during those tumultuous days.

      I know because he was working for me — in San Francisco — when the four Los Angeles police officers were acquitted in the beating of Rodney King. I was the Executive Director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area when Van was an intern.

      The verdicts came down on April 29, 1992. I remember Van (who was then a legal intern working with me from Yale Law School) coming into my office in San Francisco. Many of us, including Van, sat there together, listening to the news and weeping. We were all in a state of shock. That night, TV showed the tragic images of LA burning.

      The next day, when an initially peaceful march in downtown San Francisco devolved into chaos, Van left the area in tears. He was not involved in any destructive activity. He even penned an essay despairing of the violence and the state of the country.

      So how can Beck make such unsubstantiated claims?

      • The True Story (From Someone Who Was There)

        This is what really happened. On May 8, 1992, the week AFTER the Rodney King disturbances, I sent a staff attorney and Van out to be legal monitors at a peaceful march in San Francisco. The local police, perhaps understandably nervous, stopped the march and arrested hundreds of people — including all the legal monitors.

        The matter was quickly sorted out; Van and my staff attorney were released within a few hours. All charges against them were dropped. Van was part of a successful class action lawsuit later; the City of San Francisco ultimately compensated him financially for his unjust arrest (a rare outcome).

        So the unwarranted arrest at a peaceful march — for which the charges were dropped and for which Van was financially compensated — is the sole basis for the smear that he is some kind of dangerous criminal.

        Van has spoken often about that difficult period 17 years ago — and its impact on him, as a young law student. But to imply that he was somehow a rioter who went to prison is absurd. Beck also bizarrely claims that Van was arrested in the Seattle WTO protests. That is just a flat-out falsehood.

        You don’t have to take my word for it. Arrests and convictions are all a matter of public record. Beck is at best relying on Internet rumors or even inventing claims to boost his ratings.

        Beck is no more accurate with present facts than he is with past ones.

        Not a Mysterious ‘Czar”

        Beck has said repeatedly that Van is some kind of a mysterious “czar,” accountable to no one but the President. A simple Internet search shows that this claim is false. A March 10, 2009, press release announced that Van was hired by the Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality – to work on her staff as a “special advisor.”

        In other words, Van is within the normal White House chain of command, reporting to an office confirmed by the United States Senate, just like most White House staffers. Media outlets sometimes use the “czar” shorthand. But the facts show that Van has no mysterious role or extra-constitutional powers.

        Beck has implied on two occasions that Van Jones and other Obama appointees were not vetted by the FBI. False. I was interviewed in my own office by an FBI agent, dutifully vetting Van. Yet another fabrication on the part of Mr. Beck.

        Beck also claims that Van has somehow gained control over $500 million in Green Jobs Act funding and can hand out millions of dollars at his whim. Again, that is patently ridiculous.

        No Authority to Hand out Billions

        The law is clear that the Department of Labor has authority over the program, with normal rules governing the funds. Anybody who thinks that a lone government official can pass out money, arbitrarily and without oversight, knows nothing about our legal system. A blizzard of lawsuits would stop any such scheme in its tracks, if one were ever put in place.

        Perhaps more importantly: final authority at the Department of Labor lies with the Secretary of Labor. Anyone who thinks that a Senate-confirmed, Cabinet-level Secretary would cede control of a $500 million program to some mid-level White House staffer knows nothing about our political system. It is ridiculous.

      • Promoting Business-Based Solutions

        But I have to take on the worst one: Beck repeatedly and mistakenly asserts that Van is presently a communist.

        Once again, this charge is easily refuted – most obviously by the pro-business, market-based ideas Van has promoted for years, including in his best-selling book, The Green Collar Economy. Van’s book is a veritable song of praise to capitalism, especially the socially responsible and eco-friendly kind.

        Yes, for a while, Van and his student-aged friends ran around spouting 1960s rhetoric and romanticizing revolutionary icons. But that was years ago. Way back then, I counseled him to rethink his tactics and to work for change in wiser ways.

        In time, he jettisoned his youthful notions and moved on to seek more effective and attainable solutions.

        Fortunately for all of us, it looks like he has found some. Over the past several years, Van has emerged as the perhaps the nation’s chief proponent of using business-based solutions to create jobs and clean up the environment. In his book and his speeches, he highlights the key role of entrepreneurship in solving our nation’s problems.

        The ‘Green’ Jack Kemp?

        Van believes in government clearing the way for private-sector innovation. In a YouTube clip, he said recently that progressives and conservatives should work together to find common ground and create a clean energy economy.

        Van said: “We are not promoting welfare. We are promoting work. … We are not expanding entitlements. We are expanding enterprise and investment. … We are not trying to redistribute existing wealth. We are trying to reinvent an existing sector, so that we can create NEW wealth – by unleashing innovation and entrepreneurship. This should be common ground.”

        He has been preaching that gospel, in various forms, for years and years. Van Jones is the nation’s “Green” Jack Kemp — using business-based solutions to attack poverty.

        I found it interesting that Bill O’Reilly in his interview repeatedly asked Glenn Beck whether Van Jones’ youthful views had changed over time. Beck never answers those inquiries and instead keeps insisting that Van has championed these ideas recently. Again, that is simply not true.

      • Quotes Taken Out of Context

        Upon investigation, it turns out that Beck is quoting (out of context) an article that in fact makes the OPPOSITE point.

        The 2005 profile that Beck is flogging actually makes it crystal clear — even in the headline — that Jones has “renounced” his earlier views, matured and moved on. Van’s transformation is the entire point of the piece, and it is impossible that Beck does not know this.

        Fortunately, O’Reilly seemed to sense the truth. I remember seeing O’Reilly interview Van Jones some time ago and was struck by how much respect O’Reilly showed for Jones. Perhaps O’Reilly’s knowing queries were prompted by that encounter.

        When Van worked for me, he did exhibit that “know it all” quality that so many of us – myself included — have when we are young. Over the years, I have enjoyed watching him grow and blossom into a loving father and husband — and a creative, effective leader.

        Van Jones: A True Patriot

        Mr. Beck’s unfounded attacks are misleading and false. All of us who know Van are so very proud of him and the work he is doing to improve the lives of ALL Americans. He has touched and improved thousands of lives in the course of his career. Now he is in a position to help millions.

        He will do well because Van is a true patriot, who loves his country. He has dedicated his life to trying to make it better — especially trying to uplift the poor, the left-out and the left-behind.

        In his book, Van draws a distinction between “cheap patriotism” and “deep patriotism.” I highly recommend that chapter to Mr. Beck.

        I do hope Van is keeping his head up, walking tall and continuing to fight for green businesses and green jobs. Our country needs more of them – and more people like Van.

      • Just an off-topic comment…so that rag Huffington Post is a news source now?

        For me, it’s at least as bad as Faux News.

        • myiq2xu pointed it to me, this article is written by some one who knew Jones for a very long time. It’s a first person narrative on her relationship with him and what she knows about him. That’s not in the same category as news. I just found it to be a relevant source on the man’s life rather than all the crass speculation we’ve had from people who’ve never met the man. Make sense?

        • Hillary posts on Huffington post sometimes.

          Lots of people post there because there is an audience to reach.

          Huffpuff is a news aggregate — you have to consider the source on the source.

        • Huff puff IS very tabloid and it is horrible

          but there is some stuff worth reading there, that’s all I’m saying.

    • An interesting problem that arises when studying urban environmental inequality is that industrial facilities produce jobs as well as pollution, leading some researchers to ask whether industrial facilities are socially desirable, socially undesirable, or both, and whether the pollution burdens and employment benefits of industrial activity are borne by the same individuals, neighborhoods, and social group. Although these are important questions, no study that I am aware of has attempted to determine whether industrial facility employment or pollution is a stronger predictor of neighborhood demographic composition. This paper addresses this shortcoming in the literature by asking whether industrial facility pollution or employment is a stronger predictor of neighborhood racial composition in the Detroit metropolitan area in 2000. Results indicate that industrial facility pollution, proximity, and employment are all statistically significant predictors of the percentage of blacks in a tract. The strength of the association between air pollutant concentration levels and percent black is virtually the same as the strength of the association between factory employment opportunities and percent black. However, both of the facility proximity indicators used in this study are more strongly associated with percent black than is industrial employment opportunities. Moreover, it is likely that the variable used to measure employment opportunities overestimates the industrial employment opportunities available to blacks. Thus, although Detroit’s black neighborhoods experience both employment benefits and pollution burdens from local industrial activity, the pollution burdens appear to outweigh the employment benefits.


    • Who cares what Jones has said? Is that so much more important than all of the crimes of the Bush era?
      Jones has said something very trivial, tiny, inconsequential. But it has your knickers in a twist.
      Cheney fricking waterboarded a guy 163 times, rendering his testimony in a court of law completely useless because it was acquired under duress. Which one of these administration officials deserved to be fired?
      The answer is obvious to us and if it isn’t obvious to you then you have a problem with your sense of morality.
      Maybe you’re on the wrong site.
      We don’t like Obama’s habit of throwing people under a bus when they become inconvenient to him either. That doesn’t mean Glen Beck, Idiot du Jour, is right, factual or honorable. He isn’t.

  13. OT again. I finally brought myself to watch a portion of B0’s AFL-CIO speech (the health care part). He is definitely back in campaign mode (if he ever left). And it certainly seems he’s trying to sound more like a preacher, although it sounds forced and rehearsed.

    I am not sure he was correct when he said, “We have never been this close. We have never had such broad agreement on what needs to be done.” I thought we had been this close if not closer in the past. Wasn’t JFK two senate votes away? And frankly, I’m not seeing all that much “broad agreement” on what needs to be done.

  14. Glenn Beck should send you all roses for giving him free publicity. Has it not dawned on anyone yet that if you’d like someone to have less power, you should stop giving him more?

    He’s one of a whole media full of people who are stains on their professions. He may or may not be worse than some others, I don’t watch any of them anymore. Calling any of them out is well and good but when it gets to the point of weird near obsession it’s really self defeating.

    I would like to see some climb down on this stuff because, while this discussion is ongoing, much more important things are happening in our world. There are voices here that I trust and that’s not true in too many places now. fwiw.

    • It’s all hit and run stuff … notice a comment and then off to never never land!

      • I don’t give a crap about Beck. I would like him and most other pundits off the air. I really think it gives him too much power though.

      • By give him power, I mean there is a streak of paranoia on the right which says, “if my guy is being talked about he must be protected because he’s on my side”. Just note that his ratings went way up after people tried boycotting his sponsors.

        • His listeners are already all riled up over the Jones thing anyway. He’d be getting pretty much the same amount of publicity over getting someone fired even if nobody was disagreeing with it.

        • the more the left go after him the bigger a hero he is to his fans.

    • I agree. Glenn is extremely popular because he has power and he has power because the White House caved.
      Think of it: Bush had a zillion bad guys who should have been fired but as far as I know, none of them were ever forced out. They might have resigned voluntarily but it took YEARS, not a few days.
      So, the more we point out what an asshole Glenn is, the more of an asshole with power he will be. In fact, he’s the only one that seems to be getting through to this White House. Do we really want to call attention to that?

      • I really think there’s a streak of right wing paranoia which just can’t be overplayed. Any tiny attack on this dude will yield even more “rally round the flag” from his audience. I really don’t know how you get around that effect.

        • Giving into it in the first place was the fatal error. He should have held off Like Bush.

          • That’s absolutely right. Bush was a full bore horror show from start to finish, but I would argue he was an incredibly successful horror. He got whatever he wanted from Republicans and Democrats. The country is in the dumper largely due to it, but Jeez Louise did he run roughshod for close to 8 years.

            I had the highest hopes that Hillary could do the same and reverse this mess. But no …

          • Shit yeah….giving in doesn’t stop them, it just WETS their appetite for more!

      • Indeed. The problem is not Beck . The problem is the swift Obama Inc cave in. However if Jones was the Wall St czar instead of the green job czar , he’s still have a job imo. It’s not like Obama Inc cares about “green jobs” . It well might be Barry is glad Jones is gone

        • I can’t understand how they couldn’t have vetted him and seen all of this as a red flag. (no pun intended). It’s the same with Giethner and with Daschle. I thought they had such an iron clad vetting process every one was supposed to be squeaky clean?

      • Bush had a habit of apparently nominating unqualified people. Maybe this was his way of giving everybody a chance to beat up on him so they would leave alone his people who were already in.

    • With the exception of Beck a one or two others, the media has been MIA….we saw it in the lead up to the War in Iraq and all during that joke of a Presidential Campaign in 2008. (talk about not vetting someone). Beck is a welcome and refreshing change to what many had begun to accept as “news”. Had Beck never brought facts the truth about Jones to the forefront…..he would still be shaping national policy — which can be summed up as “blame and punish whitey”. Van is now the poster boy for how not to win friends or influence people (at least not in the way he intended). He was salavating just thinking about all those tax dollars falling in the hands of his cronies. Reparations had almost become a reality. Poor Van….maybe someone can send him a New Black Panther Backpack!!

      • You paint a terrifying picture. Truly, we dodged a bullet here.

        • It really is a terrifying picture. And I will be forever grateful to Glenn Beck for having the courage to expose this dispicable jerk for what he truly is.

          In an essay entitled “Organizing the Hip-Hop Generation” in That’s the joint! The hip-hop studies reader, Jones is quoted as follows:

          “They’ve taken hip-hop where it’s never been before. They’ve taken hip-hop ciphers to the evening news,” boasts Van Jones, executive director of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in San Francisco, one of the principals of Third Eye. Mixed with hip-hop’s aggressive attitude, the political message can get “scary,” he says. “You won’t find it in a traditional civics-class curriculum: We’re willing to take issues into our own hands if the system won’t work. As scary as people thought gangsta rap was, it’s nothing compared to young people using hip-hop to express what they’re going through and targeting the people who are really responsible.”

          Jones says he founded the Ella Baker Center–named to honor the soul mother of SNCC–in response to the failures of the civil rights establishment, which had become “too tame and too tired.” “I don’t believe the true power of the people can be confined to a ballot box,” he says, but must express itself in strikes, boycotts, pickets, civil disobedience. “We need to be about the whup-ass. Somebody’s f***ing up somewhere. They have names and job descriptions. You have to be creative about how you engage the enemy, because if you do it on his terms, the outcome is already known.”

          So as the laments and defenses begin, remember that Jones is not exactly a passive victim. On the contrary, he himself apparently advocates Alinsky-style targeting and intimidation of political opponents. In fact the November 2005 profile in the East Bay Express that first got Jones into trouble says that his anti-prison group developed “a reputation for in-your-face tactics.”

          • I was being sarcastic, the thought of us being this close to reparations really isn’t going to keep me up at night. Beck is a liar, fraud and phony, and I highly doubt he’s actually scared that Jones was plotting to nationalize convenience stores. The only reason he’s doing this is because he can. It’s a witch hunt and a game of gotcha and a horrible thing to do to someone who hasn’t done anything wrong and whose job performance nobody has a problem with, but Beck doesn’t care, it’s money in the bank to him. Swell. Let’s drive all the competent people out of government jobs over nothing.

          • Reparations for who, for what and why? The hatred of white american that literally oozes from every pore of folks like Michelle Obama and Van Jones will ultimately result in a roll back of civil rights.

            Listen to this fool being “foolish”……..Beck didn’t bury him, the idiot buried himself.

          • Michelle Obama might not always exude sweetness and light but it’s a huge stretch to claim she hates all white people.

            Being shocked and outraged at black advocates saying negative things about racism in the white community (especially the white power structure, aka “Whitey”) makes about as much sense as freaking out over a feminist bashing the Patriarchy.

          • WTF? Again, if you find anything even mildly objectionable in that, I don’t know what to say. If that was supposed to illustrate what a fool and fraud Beck is trying to gin up paranoia over absolutely freaking nothing, then well done.

          • He was giving a hypothetical example to help define two terms. How is that even germane to all nasty things you just said?

          • Hey, where were you and Beck when Obama brushed the dirt off his shoulder after the Pennsylvania primary debate where his ass was handed to him by Hillary Clinton? Where was the outrage over disrespectful hip-hop culture?
            We heard crickets.
            Beck is an opportunist. He and his media buddies stood back and in some cases even *encouraged* the nomination of Obama over Clinton and even McCain. Now, they’re outraged? Give me a fucking break. This is EXACTLY what they wanted. A weak Democratic president that they can pick apart for four years.
            Some hero.

          • I don’t see anything horrible in that clip.

            I myself wonder if the Mississippi River could be one of the last great economic infrastructure projects that would be COMPLETELY GREEN.

            Being able to raise and lower the floor of the Mississippi River would prevent floods, being able to tap the energy of the mississippi for hydroelectric purposes could be an incredibly green project.

            Building such a system would be a HUGE public works infrastructure project that would then payback many times over. Such an idea is not even talked about. Instead, the money that could be going to such a project, is going to protect oil in Afghanistan and Iraq.

      • The press has been MIA on the lead up to the war in Iraq? What are you smoking? I want some. The press LEAD the lead up to the war in Iraq. Remember Judy Miller?
        Oh, nevermind.
        Glen Beck is not refreshing, new, accurate factual or any other damn thing. He is an entertainer and provocateur. We don’t have anything but contempt for him.
        I’m really surprised at you. Can’t you find a freeper site to go to? I’d hate to ban you because you make such an easy target but your praise of Beck is getting old.

  15. Obama throws another one under the bus. Obamas silence on the VJ issue speaks volumes. Not one word to refute any of the facts Beck put forth. Its an insult to our intelligence to hear Obama, a spineless lying hypoctire try and convince the American People that he never had Van Jones fill out any background or vetting information? A chef or housekeeper has to fill it out — but not his Green Czar. My gawd…..just when you think the lies can’t get any more absurd……BO proves once again that “YES THEY CAN”. I wonder when the MSM is going to dig into the Gerald Walpins firing and Michelle Obamas role in it……Im thinking probably the 2nd tuesday of next week. Adios VJ — you won’t be missed.

    • We’re not crazy about Obama but VJ’s indiscretions don’t even come close to Karl Rove’s or Scooter Libby’s. I don’t really care what kind of vetting process he went through. Jones was a pretty clean character compared to some others we have lived with for 8 years. I mean people who thought nothing of taking the law into their own hands and exposing national intelligence assets or torturing people.
      For all we know, Jones might be right. The Bushies may very well have known that something big was going down on 9/11. Maybe they didn’t know how big, as evidenced by Bush’s stupid face while reading My Pet Goat to school children. But we know they knew something was imminent. George Tenet gave the briefing.
      So, why fire the guy?

      • No one is defending Rove….he and Bush have nothing to do with Obama and Jones. Bush, as bad as he was, stood up for something, Obama throws so-called friends and allies under the bus at the first sign of trouble. The issue of Jones admitted radical racist and communist beliefs made it impossible for anyone in this administration to attempt to defend him. They thought the Obama Smitten Media (like Chris Matthew and Keith Olberman) would continue to keep the dirty little secret……secret. Enter Glen Beck…..adios VJ.

        • Admitted radical racist and communist beliefs? This guy dabbled when he was a kid in stuff. It’s obvious if you read his stuff and follow his career he’s all grown up now.

          No one really took Beck seriously because no one really takes Beck seriously because he makes stuff him, misquotes people, and pulls things out of context. He himself (quote above) says he’s not an investigative journalist and has been caught making up lies before. How on earth can you take any one like that seriously?

          • He made those radical statements when he was a kid? He made the comments in March 2009????? Kid — no.

            Evidently everyone took Beck seriously, including Obama. Van resigned, Obama let him — end of story, no further debate required.

            No way to defend Jones when he is on video making the statements (and not when he was a kid).

            Where are all of his Black Panther Brothers now????

          • So now Obama is the arbiter of what’s right and wrong? Obama didn’t defend Mr. Jones because he’s a spineless weasel who only cares about sucking up to his Republican buddies. That says a lot about Obama and nothing about Jones.

            Btw, you keep mentioning the Black Panthers. While this trip back in time to the 50’s and 60’s is a lot of fun and all, is Jones actually associated with the Panthers in any way?

      • From what I’ve seen posted I don’t think VJ is any kind of a radical. I am much more of a radical I would imagine. There are times when the worst thing you can do is give in to pressure and the Obama administration did. We may as well just put our head down and hope he doesn’t keep throwing people under the bus.

      • Maybe because he is not really a Democrat?

        That would be a good reason!

      • That continued reading of my pet goat looks like what is known as an “audible” in football. The quarterback checks out the defense, and calls a different play then the one discussed in the huddle.

        What Bush did by reading for another 7 minutes from a book, looks like an audible to me. There is no basis in reality to delay for more than a few seconds leaving that classroom.

        Bush had no way of knowing that staying and finishing the book would keep those kids from feeling fear moreso then what might actually be happening, unless he already knew…..

  16. In an essay entitled “Organizing the Hip-Hop Generation” in That’s the joint! The hip-hop studies reader, Jones is quoted as follows:

    “They’ve taken hip-hop where it’s never been before. They’ve taken hip-hop ciphers to the evening news,” boasts Van Jones, executive director of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in San Francisco, one of the principals of Third Eye. Mixed with hip-hop’s aggressive attitude, the political message can get “scary,” he says. “You won’t find it in a traditional civics-class curriculum: We’re willing to take issues into our own hands if the system won’t work. As scary as people thought gangsta rap was, it’s nothing compared to young people using hip-hop to express what they’re going through and targeting the people who are really responsible.”

    Jones says he founded the Ella Baker Center–named to honor the soul mother of SNCC–in response to the failures of the civil rights establishment, which had become “too tame and too tired.” “I don’t believe the true power of the people can be confined to a ballot box,” he says, but must express itself in strikes, boycotts, pickets, civil disobedience. “We need to be about the whup-ass. Somebody’s f***ing up somewhere. They have names and job descriptions. You have to be creative about how you engage the enemy, because if you do it on his terms, the outcome is already known.”

    So as the laments and defenses begin, remember that Jones is not exactly a passive victim. On the contrary, he himself apparently advocates Alinsky-style targeting and intimidation of political opponents. In fact the November 2005 profile in the East Bay Express that first got Jones into trouble says that his anti-prison group developed “a reputation for in-your-face tactics.”

  17. is this supposed to be damning?

    • Haha, apparently. Ella Baker was a contemporary of Thurgood Marshall and Martin Luther King Jr among others great Americans. Through SNCC she mentored such notorious radicals as Julian Bond. I’m grateful she essentially founded SNCC cause the ideas from there went straight into SDS, where I was a member after I was discharged from the Corps and started to protest Vietnam as a student.

      The only argument I might have with his more aggressive tactics is I think all working class people should be included in any movement. These things shouldn’t be based on race anymore. Everybody has a dog in the fight.

      • Yes, over here they dump toxic waste on the poor and ignorant-usually in the South of Italy with Mafia collusion.

        Just two days ago I saw a news clip about a radioactive hillside down South. Toxic waste had been dumped there and people were dying of cancer.

        It’s not so much a question of race as of mafia and corruption.

    • Are we in bizarro world? I’m sorry, but seriously. Is that supposed to be…even mildly objectionable?

  18. Wow – a black activist who talks about racism.

    Can’t have none of that shit.


    • Having lived in Louisiana and knowing that the most toxic of the chemical plants are always put in the poor areas of the state, I can attest to daily reading about the politics of pollution. The Tulane Environmental Law Center attacks that problem all the time. They were so successful at it one time that Governor Bubba Foster made a law especially to stop them from helping poor black people stop new chemical plants being built in their neck of the woods.

      I’m really familiar with this problem. They did it to the Cajuns earlier too.

    • I didn’t learn how wrong that was in school, but that’s because we used the US’s most popular textbook, “Wahabbism for Infidels.” which may or may not have been chock full of subversive images of women fixing cars (though, obviously, not driving them).

  19. It’s barely 7 am here and I just wanted to check what went on at TC while I was sleeping.

    The title of this post just made me spill my coffee. Thanks big guy for nearly ruining my keyboard.

  20. Wow! What a thread this is.

    RD, where did you get this one?

    Chinese Sanitation Policy by Wu Flung Poo

  21. sigh, I think I have endogeniety problems in my gravity model

  22. stepping out of my lurking phase friends its been a long time but I have been very busy at work and such…

    (we are remodeling the office and my gay decorator gene is being challanged by powers that be in local goverment)

    someone challanged my obama is a failure stance and wanted my well reasearched sources…(I love you guys)

    so I refered him to my 3 favorite blogs….I am posting thsi warning on them:

    “Good morning all up all night but just so you know a friend is going to be checking our data to make sure we are not right wing Obama is a socialist haters and not the honest attack this dissapointing faux liberal from the left group…

    (PS if he comments here don’t call him an Obot-he doesn’t like it)”

    of course I informed hiome if you and the other two blogs declare him an O-bot then he will be considered one in my book…

    I really miss you all! I will be back soon when I convince these dunderheads faux wood finish can never be anything but tacky

  23. Ouch:

    This helps explain why the political left is so upset about Mr. Jones’s resignation. Listen to David Sirota, another left-wing think-tank denizen and activist, who wrote the following Sunday on the Huffington Post Web site:

    “Finally, the Jones announcement will inevitably create a chilling effect on the aspirations of other movement progressives. Van is a fantastic person who has done fantastic work. He’s kept his advocacy real and didn’t compromise his principles. And so when he was appointed to a high-level White House job, it seemed to validate that you could, in fact, keep it real and also advance in American politics and government. That is to say, his story seemed to prove that an outsider could also succeed on the inside—and that outside advocacy doesn’t automatically prohibit you from one day working on the inside.”

    Mr. Sirota is speaking for many on the movement left who believe they helped to elect Mr. Obama and therefore deserve seats at the inner table of power. They are increasingly frustrated because they are discovering that Mr. Obama will happily employ “movement progressives,” but only so long as their real views and motivations aren’t widely known or understood. How bitter it must be to discover that the Fox News Channel’s Glenn Beck, who drove the debate about Mr. Jones, counts for more at this White House than Mr. Sirota.

    Dave can still kiss my ass.

    • I love these people. Obama is a backstabber. You watch as he throws people under the bus. You HELP him throw people under the bus (Howie, I’m looking at you). But you don’t have even the slightest inkling that’s where you’re heading, because you’re just more special than all those others? Good luck with that. Obama told the nutrootz to screw off long before he became President, and they acknowledged it. But everyday they rise with memories wiped clean hoping for miracles. See idiot, useful and “dupe.”

      • Oh, but they’re gonna “hold his feet to the fire” now that he’s in office.

        • What’s really sad is they admit they got used but they’re still waiting for another booty call.

        • Because nothing says leverage like cult like inexplicable worship of someone who’s diametrically opposed to everything you believe in and who makes it clear that all you’ll ever get from him is a kick in the teeth. They’ve got him running scared, if he doesn’t shape up, they’ll primary him with, um, you know, that guy, and they might not vote for him in the general, either! Yeah!

          • that’ll show him. Gosh protest voting is SO out of touch with reality and not about principles or policy or anything, but primarying a sitting president or sitting out his re-election, yeah that’s really realistic and helpful and effective and sooooo will advance your issuez!

          • Except that when the time comes they’ll go ahead and vote for him anyway.

          • Especially because they won’t even go through with it. All Obama has to do is whisper “psst! Girl!” and they’ll run back to him screaming. He screws them, they get mad, they support him anyway. And plus–Whole Foods Nation may be the trendiest nation, but it’s not the most populous nation.

          • oh they so will go crawling back to him, and they will remind themselves how it would be worse under Clinton when they pull the lever.

          • But it’s not like they won’t extract concessions. He’ll promise to eschew gender reassignment surgery and to put one foot in front of the other while walking. lever-age!

          • Concessions. well, that’s a relief. In the great progressive era of Barack Obama, Glenn Beck gets what he wants and progressives get silly string to play with.

  24. I have not seen one youtube of Van Jones yet that is damning or instills me with fear or anything. Have not gone and seeked them out, I just see the ones that people post and so far it seems like big fuss about nothing. I can understand agreeing or disagreeing with Van Jones views or thinking he can be an asshole sometimes (which he admits he can be) and I can even understand being wary of his signing the petition, but the stuff he said in these clips taken by themselves is not very edgy or anything. The asshole comment, a big nothing. In politics today people make entire careers out of writing books calling the other side some variation of asshole. The comment about Bush being a crackhead for oil, well Bush is from the party of “Drill baby drill” after all, that’s a very typical mainstream left opinion of the GOP (i.e. that the GOP is addicted to oil). The comment about ‘white environmentalists shifting pollution to minority communities because they had no social justice frame’ seemed to be comments from a serious exchange about real issues, not just some flaming naw naw naw rhetoric. His eco-capitalism comments and saying that it will take starting with a small subset and push and push and push it until it becomes the engine for transforming the whole society.,…uh Hello, that is how people who believe in green economy talk, that’s not “radical.” The truther petition and his radical youth is what did him in, but these youtubes are a big SNORE as far as proving anything. all the youtube part is proving is that he had grown up and mainstreamed himself incredibly well. He’s very clearly partisan left in these clips, but he’s not some madman running around saying stuff that isn’t being said in the mainstream. Olbermann is more of a raving lunatic in his special comments than the Van Jone clips that I’ve seen.

    Like I said earlier, that charlatan Beck is the one who reminds me of crazy uncle Wright and his theatrics.

    • I kind of hope that these clips are being astroturfed, because the thought of real people presenting them as if they’re the smoking gun when they’re such a fat lot of nothing is kind of disturbing.

    • How many times did GOPers accuse Democrats of hating America, supporting terrorism, etc?

      It never got any of them fired.

      • I enjoy that too. Let’s be unPC, let’s tell it like it is, let’s not pull punches, let’s get the vapors and become incredible shrinking violets and demand people’s heads when we hear the least little thing we disagree with.

  25. Ok, I stopped watching the Cable News shows because there were winging things up there with pre-ordained agendas and pretending it was news.

    Who is better for us to watch, Glenn Beck or Keith Olberman, if we were tied down and had to watch one or the other?

  26. ahem, “they were”.

  27. Jeebus, what a day!

    I haven’t had this much fun banning and deleting trolls since the Wonktard War.

  28. this will probably get me banned but it has upset me for three days. Glen Beck and Van Jones are not that important and can change nothing in this country. Everyone is wasting time arguing over them.
    The fact that one company ES&S bought out Diebolt and now controls all the voting machines in this country is not bothering anyone. That can change this country”s future and affect every person in it. Why isn’t anyone making it an anti-trust issue.
    We just had three elections stolen and now we can not count on any future elections being honest.
    This is this country”s worst nightmare. It goes against everything that is American.
    Tomorrow everyone will be talking about backtrack’s speech and this will still go unnoticed.



    • Why would it get you banned?

      Yes, ES&S acquired Premier (aka Diebold) but the real issue isn’t who makes/owns the voting machines but who controls them.

      • Here’s a suggestion, why don’t you write a post about it and submit it to us as a guest post?

        • I have never written one but I will do some investigating and see what facts I can come up with on this issue. I really do think it is very important.



          • If you write one don’t treat it like a term paper. Just put together a few quotes from your sources and then briefly discuss it.

            Check your email for where to send it.

      • One company owning all the voting machines should be an anti-trust issue. The damage that could be done to this country through election tampering is immense. Look at how hackers proved that they can be manipulated and votes changed. One ownership increases that risk. I can not understand why the government did not step in as they have in other less important mergers or takeovers.

        I am sorry I got so demanding and strident over the issue, but it does worry me a lot.



      • yeah, if they are now owned by the democrats, then its ok. (ha ha, snark alert)

  29. Best post ever. OK, mostly because of the fun with trolls. Sometimes it’s fun to let them out of the cage to see what happens. 🙂

  30. Good night now.
    I will be doing some research in the morning on the subject.
    Thank you for listening to me



  31. I have yet to see anyone explain what is so bad about a marxist/communist working in the White House.

    • I think it’s bad because of what we know about Marxism and communism based on how those systems have worked historically. In practice, they are horribly stifling and intensely controlling forms of government. Whatever noble ideas come out of reading about the philosophies, the reality of these types of regimes have presented us with some of history’s most mind boggling atrocities. That’s why immigrants from eastern Europe are so rabidly anti-communist, because they have seen the horrors.

      I just finished reading a debut novel by Tom Rob Smith. The name of the book is “Child 44”. The novel is set in Stalinist Russia. It’s really worth reading because the author does such an excellent job of placing the reader in the time and circumstances and really makes you feel each and every second of the stress and oppression of the time. I highly recommend the book. I’ve always felt I had a good understanding of what is bad about communism but after reading this novel I have a better understanding of how communism affected every single aspect of each individual’s life.

      • Laissez faire capitalism didn’t work so hot either but we let disciples of Rand and Hayek work in the government.

        The same goes for fans of voodoo economics.

        • Let me add:

          We’re not talking about changing our economic system to communism, nor about electing a marxist to the Oval Office.

          We’re talking about one voice among many advisors.

          • There’s a big difference between “…capitalism didn’t work so hot…” and communism. When you really consider the stifling of imagination and thought and the rigid control of every single individual that has historically been a mainstay of communism, you wouldn’t want one of these a$$holes anywhere near a position of power not only because of the enormous potental for corruption, but because the person hasn’t figured out that communism has failed over and over again and nothing good has ever come out of it. I’m not defending Glen Beck, but I think that hatred of him has obfuscated the issue here and I think the issue is Obama’s abuse of the czar system and the dangers of having unvetted people in positons of power.

            Glen Beck hatred has people actually defending communism. Every Hillary supporter knows the feeling of having our votes stolen and our voices silenced. That’s the kind of oppression communist governments practice every day.

          • You’re talking about totalitarian systems of government. I’m talking about an economic theory.

            I find it amazing that in 2009 we still have people going “ZOMG! Commies!”

            Van Jones is a FORMER communist who was a special advisor on green jobs.

      • janicen… how true.. you don’t know what you’ve got till its gone…

      • In Europe Communist parties have largely evolved into Social Democratic style parties. This is because they are part of a regular electoral system, with alternative party changes.

        The problem arises when there is no real alternative. Parties will when they can get away with it, suppress change and ensure their own permanence in office, by electoral fraud, arrest of opposition leaders, or in a softer manner by manipulation of the media.

        Oligarchies in particular, are rarely challenged in America, Senators are there for life.

        Unfortunately this too has effects on every single aspect of each individual’s life. For the working poor in the US, life is certainly not easy.

    • Because we have been indoctrinated since birth against the evils of communism. It really opened my eyes when I lived for a year in a former communist country and was shown their textbooks from the 60’s teaching them the dangers of capitalism. I realized I had been taught the same but opposite in my schools.

  32. From Egalia:

    This is not the 1950s, we have an avowed socialist in Congress. And we have profoundly ignorant avowed flat-earthers at the highest levels of government.

    We have misogynists, racists, idiots, crooks and liars at the highest level of government, but we can’t have a low level advisor to the president who is an intellectual who once flirted with the preeminent critique of capitalism known as communism?

    Communism is “a socioeconomic structure and political ideology that promotes the establishment of an egalitarian, classless, stateless society based on common ownership and control of the means of production and property.” Communism is a whole lot like capitalism, in theory both look good. In practice, greedy power-hungry humans ruin it for all of us.

  33. OT Guess who got an amazing standing ovation at the Venice film festival yesterday?

    Oliver Stone who was there with Hugo Chavez to present his film “South of the Border”.

    Sorry could only find it in English on HuffPo


  34. Some Palin blogs are saying well Sarah quit government because of smear campaign against her so why isn’t everybody calling Van Jones a quitter like they called her. Well Palin encouraged people to tune in and watch Beck and the “extraordinary job” that he’s doing exposing the people in the WH. By promoting Beck’s witchhunt, she’s not following her own advice to the media:

    And first, some straight talk for some, just some in the media because another right protected for all of us is freedom of the press, and you all have such important jobs reporting facts and informing the electorate, and exerting power to influence. You represent what could and should be a respected honest profession that could and should be the cornerstone of our democracy. Democracy depends on you, and that is why, that’s why our troops are willing to die for you. So, how ’bout in honor of the American soldier, ya quite makin’ things up. And don’t underestimate the wisdom of the people, and one other thing for the media, our new governor has a very nice family too, so leave his kids alone.

    • BTW the commenting on several other blogs do in fact call Van Jones a quitter. And yes, Sarah has some “‘splainin to do” on this one. I am very sorry to hear her align herself with someone like Beck. Even if he were telling the truth, he is not the political affiliation she needs to develop.

    • Palin wasn’t about to be fired.

  35. I found it interesting to hear the comments from the pundits on Bret Baier’s Fox News Special Report yesterday about the Jones dust up. There was pretty general agreement that the sticky wicket for Jones was not the communist party part or the eubonics/crackhead comments about Bush, or his comments calling Republicans aholes etc or some of the other items here that have been debunked but the signing of the “truther” petition. That saying he did not understand what he was saying was not credible. The second part of their comments dealt with the whole vetting process—that any president has a question about past associations or involvements that might prove embarrassing—none of that happened with Jones or any of the so called “czars”. The commenting seemed to be more about why is this political machine leaving itself open on such issues or on the other hand if it is going to appoint people who have radical writings or edges that attract controversy, why

    • sorry this posted somehow in the middle of that last sentence

      why is the administration not standing behind these appointments.

      My take on it is that Jones was a controversial appointment. He was not insignificant. He had say so on some 80 billion in green job money. My guess is that the administration walked away from Jones because he had some standards about “green jobs” money that were proving to not fit with the usual political pork distribution schemes that run DC. I understand he has already been replaced. I think this whole thing is fishy. Look at the timing of his resignation—12:01 am—the traditional time of an execution.

    • Cannonfire has debunked the truther allegations:

      The actual petition that Van Jones signed makes no reference to any of that “bombs in the building” nonsense. In fact, it asks a lot of questions which I consider fair (especially when we consider the petition’s date):

      Why were the extensive missile batteries and air defenses reportedly deployed around the Pentagon not activated during the attack?

      Why did the Secret Service allow Bush to complete his elementary school visit, apparently unconcerned about his safety or that of the schoolchildren?

      Why hasn’t a single person been fired, penalized, or reprimanded for the gross incompetence we witnessed that day?

      Why haven’t authorities in the U.S. and abroad published the results of multiple investigations into trading that strongly suggested foreknowledge of specific details of the 9/11 attacks, resulting in tens of millions of dollars of traceable gains?

      What happened to the over 20 documented warnings given our government by 14 foreign intelligence agencies or heads of state?

      Why did the Bush administration cover up the fact that the head of the Pakistani intelligence agency was in Washington the week of 9/11 and reportedly had $100,000 wired to Mohamed Atta, considered the ringleader of the hijackers?

      I applaud Van Jones for asking those questions.

      • Maybe we should have the beckster look into it.

      • Wasn’t the purpose of the 9/11 commission to address such issues and didn’t they decide their was no evidence to substantiate these things?

        • I still think that something else is going on with this one that has little or nothing to do with Beck’s rants. The WH walked on this guy for some reason we do not know.

          • I tend to agree. With Obama & Co. it pays to be suspicious of everything. Nothing is ever quite what it seems.

          • At first I wondered why Obama wasn’t defending his appointment, but now I realize it’s because he doesn’t want to give the right wing two victories. The first victory is the fact that they drove Jones out, the second victory would be for liberals to start defending Jones’ Marxist/communist background. It’s best for Democrats to just let this go away and move on.

          • What is wrong with his background?

            It’s not that unusual for young people to be somewhat radical and to explore alternative theories of politics and economics.

            Jones is not a communist now.

          • Yes, I think so too.

            When nutjobs are pulled out by the media, it’s always something else that’s being hidden. IMO anyway.

            (How about the $2billion being passed to Soros’ Brazilian oil company for off shore explorations, for example. By Ex-im bank which this February just settled a 7-year long legal proceeding brought by Friends of the Earth, other NGOs, and various American cities, about its financial assistance to oil and other fossil fuel projects)

        • Many people (myself included) think the 9/11 commission report was a whitewash.

          Not one person lost their job over the numerous failures in the intelligence and law enforcement communities. I’m not saying that Bushco had specific prior knowledge, but at a minimum they were criminally negligent.

          • You probably don’t buy the “single bullet theory” either and I would wager the same for Cannon. So far, it’s made no difference in our history.

            Same goes for the Truther “questions”. No answers will be forthcoming, so have a nice time on the conspiracy circuit.

  36. My problem, or more specifically my contempt, regarding Van Jones is personal. It has nothing to do with the events of today, nor his politics. It goes back to 1997, when I first heard that he had appropriated Ellie Baker’s name to advance himself.

    He has been quoted as saying words to the effect that: Ella Baker Center was just a note on a piece of paper, just a thought, then I decided to use it. He should have left it as “just a note”. By not doing so, he proved what a shallow, self-serving, egotist he is.

    Ellie Baker fought chauvinism/sexism constantly, while at the same time, battling for equalty and justice.
    The last thing she would have ever wanted was for some man, anyman, to ever use her name as a stepping stone.

    In fact, as private, and low-key, as she was,I believe that she would have even objected to a Vanessa Jones using her name. Had she allowed a Vanessa to do such, at this point in time, I feel certain that she would have demanded that it be equally focused on empowering women, as well as a continuation of racial equality and justice. Furthermore, she would have insisted on vetting, and signing off on, every aspect of policy.

    Ellie never cared to receive persoal credit or to have her name even mentioned. She was far too dedicated, and too busy , to ever bask in any limelight. However, she constantly resented women as a whole not being given credit for the major roles they played. Women were, in fact, the backbone of the movement.

    • He does not seem very attuned to women’s issues in the stuff I’ve seen, His huffpo posts about Hillary and Palin sounded like par for the course among the bloggerboy take on both their candidacies. That said, his comments on the subject were sporadic, there were much worse offenders among the bloggerboyz.

    • I apologize for my verbosity, but more needs to be said regarding Ellie, and the fact that Jones used her name to gain credence.

      I beg of each of you, knowing how you feel about women being used, as well as your general disdain for phonies, pretenders, and usurpers, to please take the time to search Ellie’s history, her feelings about the repression of women within the movement, her belief that recognized leaders were more of a hinderance than a help, Also, if you will, please do a search for “Ella Baker and Diane Nash” just to see what a helluva duo a 57 year old and a 22, 0r 23, year old made when they met in 1960. The same year I met each of them. They were amazing.

      Regarding the sexism/repression, even with the large age gap, Ellie and Diane were of one mind on that issue, as they were all else.

      Ellie used the analogous term boot-heel alot, and spoke of being under the boot-heel from within as well as without, often covering such statements with laughter, other times just laying it flat out. She had absolutely no use for back-riding, name building, opportunists. A fact that stands alone as how she would have felt about Van Jones’ opportunistic name appropriation. Hell, she even said that MLK did not make the civil rights movement, the civil rights movement made MLK.

      On that note, I will add that Van Jones knew damn well better than to use MLK’s name for something, the King kids would have had his hide. However, Ellie did not have any children, nor any protected estate they I know of. She did have a niece that she had taken custody of sometime in the 40s, but, I do not know what became of her later, nor do I know if Bob, her secretive husband, preceeded her in death. I assume Jones did not have to ask anyone’s permission to use her name, as would be the case with most known figures.

      Ellie died in 1986, Van Jones would have been 18 years old. To my knowledge he never met her, and he certainly did not research her “core” feelings and beliefs. Otherwise, he would have known how abhorrent his actions would be to her, and that his using her name was an extremely callous, incongruous act, equivalent to dancing on her grave.

      • I’m not disputing anything you say, but that is a reason to dislike Jones, not a reason for him to resign or be fired.

        • With all deference, Myiq.

          I do not believe you find in my comments any reference to Jones needing to be fired, nor his having been fired.

          I merely pointed out my deep, 12 yr old, core distrust, and contempt for the man, based on absolutely personal feelings regarding what I see as his misuse of a personal friend’s legacy.

          Hell, my feelings long pre-date his becoming an Obama CZAR, and long before, I assume, most of you had ever heard his name.

          I clearly stated at the beginning of my too lenghty, and most likely boring ramble, that my comments had absolutely nothing to do with recent events.

          If my comments offended you, so be it.

          My senile attempts at commenting usually turn into rambles. constituting the main reason I mostly remain a very loyal and faithful lurker.

          Any comments I make,whether civil rights, womens’ equality, politics, etc,.are all based on personal experience, and most always wind-up with verbosity being their most outstanding characteristic.

      • With further apology, just a bit more, then i will stop.

        If , and when, hopefully, you do a deep search on Ellie
        you will find that she did, later in life, in essence, embrace communism. I had lost touch by that time, as had those that I was closest to. We, then and now, can only speculate. ’66 or ’67’ was probably last true contact, afterwards would have been circuitous.

        You will also find that SNCC, with Ellie as a mentor, had deep conflict with the SCLC as to the direction the movement should take. Ellie and SNCC wanted no figure-head leaders, as I stated earlier. They wanted the marches and demonstrations to be as local as possible. They wanted the local people to march, to empower themselves, and so the town could see that it was people they knew who were asking for rights, their employees. People they depended on every day to tend their children, care for their elderly, provide the man-power for their businesses, etc.

        They did not want MLK, the SCLC, and bused in protestors in the lead. Ellie said words to the effect that “strong people did not need strong leaders, they had themselves to look up to”. This conflict manifested itself most conspicuously in Albany, when SNCC planned a demonstration/march and asked MLK, and others, not to come. Mlk, and the others came anyway, got arrested, then needed SNCC to bail them out. With Ellie prodding, and Stokely at the forefront, SNCC,et al, got their pound of flesh. They adamantly refused to bail them out unless they agreed to immediately leave town, which they did.

        I refer to incidents such as this to futher point out Ellie’s disdain for what she saw as name-builders, and to demonstrate that if she felt so strongly about MLK and others, she would most certainly have been appalled at a Van Jones, who had the audacity to steal her name, to enhance his own.

        I again apologize, and feel rather foolish for having written all of this, when it may be of no interest to anyone. However, I hope it may somewhat explain why I find the Van Joneses of the world to be more about hype than honor.

        I also hope, above all, that I will be able through these posts, and any searches anyone will do, to be able to introduce you to some very amazing women, Ellie, Diane, and others you will discover as you search. Women I came to know, respect, and love for their courage, brilliance, dedication, and cohesiveness, while individually maintaining their unique, and truly beautiful, characteristics.

        Dakinkat, I hope you will find ithe fact that at Shaw, while putting her “participatory Democracy” plans into action, one of Ellie’s major focal points was economic empowerment. The two of you would have made a good team.

  37. I think I have been wasting my time here. Very surprised.

  38. does anyone remember when Van Jones trashed Clinton?

    I found this on stray yella dawg..

  39. The first victory is the fact that they drove Jones out, the second victory would be for liberals to start defending Jones’ Marxist/communist background.

    God forbid anyone treating socialism like a viable theory of government. Something like that might shift the Overton window to the left. Let’s keep the debate between neoliberalism and Randian libertarianism.

    If people start discussing socialism as anything other than a abomination we might end up with universal health care.

    • ZOMG!!! Can’t have that!!! /snark of course

    • Oh, we’re talking about socialism! See, I guess I got confused when you said,

      myiq2xu, on September 8th, 2009 at 4:27 am Said:
      I have yet to see anyone explain what is so bad about a marxist/communist working in the White House.

      …I thought you were talking about Marxism and communism. My bad.

  40. geez, seems everyone’s a wee bit sensitive around here.. I’ll leave you to you happy tribe. bye

  41. I just took a quick break to check this thread: Still fascinating.

    (Can somebody get MyIQ sleeping pills and FORCE him to take ’em? Where is RD, our ‘tinkerer’?)

  42. I swear the Jones firing works for Obama Inc as much as it does for Beck’s PR machine . If you want the Left to STFU ,( and Barry does) …fold on Jones. And now the bar for what’s ” acceptable ” Left smack talk is way lower than it was a week ago.( However the Right of course can say what ever it wants with impunity . ) Jones being treated like this is a message to the Left …Message received . It seems a pretty timely
    stepping / down firing just before the Health Care give away. just saying

    • Yep. I’m sure he’s delighted. And you can be sure he’ll be feeding Beck names of anyone he wants to get rid of in the future, they’re on the same side anyway (okay, Beck is partisan and Obama sure isn’t, but it all works out the same).

  43. Glenn Beck is a weasel of the highest order, but Van Jones had far too much on record to survive and from what I’ve read today it was probably a comment at a rally on 9/13/2001 that sent him packing. From an Anti-War (even before we went to war) website posted on 9/13/01, 2 days after the attacks of 911:

    “Community Gathers in Oakland to Mourn and Organize Against Racist Violence Committed by US Government”


    “A recurring theme of the speakers was the brutal violence committed by or supported by the United States government on a daily basis. “The bombs the government drops in Iraq are the bombs that blew up in New York City,” said Van Jones, director of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights”

    This is why he ran without a fight, or why Obama decided he wasn’t worth salvaging. Whatever the reason, the majority of Americans would not want to sign the paycheck of someone who made that sort of statement just 2 days after 911. This sort of “on the record” statement is what is more commonly known as “pooping in one’s nest”.

    Also, I have read that he doesn’t really have any educational background to qualify him as a green expert. Does anyone know if that’s true? If it is it may have been the other shoe that was poised to drop. Whatever happened as seasoned Dems or even Independents you have to know that the right wing of the puglican party will use whatever they can find, where ever they can find it, to stone Democrats. That’s what they do folks and they’re damned good at it.

    And if you want Americans to flee the Dem party in droves, just hint that the PARTY supports a communist ideology or agenda. You can go ahead and fold the tent! Since there is no history to demonstrate that past and current Communist States are not tyrannical and oppressive and depressive and have no concern for individual rights, I think using the purity of the true ideological communist theory won’t pass muster with MOST Americans.

    • You don’t think our foreign policy for the last 50-60 years had anything to do with the reason we were attacked?

      What Jones said was insensitive but not inaccurate.

      • To clarify – I’m not saying we deserved what happened on 9-11, but I understand why the terrorists targeted us.

        • Well, you may not be saying that we deserved it, but Jones certainly did.

          America and Americans are not the root of all evil and if anyone feels compelled to point out all of the mistakes America has made over the past 200 years, they should also feel compelled to point out all of the good that America has done around the world. The lives that have been sacrificed and lived in the defense of others both in war and in humanitarian work, not to mention the technological advances that have come from the minds and sweat of Americans. Like most countries, we’re imperfect, there is much to regret and much to celebrate, but Americans will not embrace Mr. Jones notion that bringing down the Towers was somehow deserved or a just retaliation for bombing the Iraq no-fly zone (that was the bombing that Jones was referring to).

          But we do agree on one thing, Beck is skid-mark!

    • If we oppose Communism because it’s totaletetarian, wouldn’t the best way to oppose it be to embrace the freedom embodied in our Constitution? Instead of trying to declare certain beliefs forbidden and fireable offenses? We won’t defeat totaletarianism by starting down a repressive path. It reminds me of a friend of my mom’s telling me that when she was in college in the 1990’s, her college prez bragged about how he fired all the left wing profs in the poly sci dept because “those people take over the dept and persecute anyone who disagrees.” So he fired people for their beliefs to promote free expression? Irony much? That makes no sense. If Jones uses his advisor position to try to violently overthrow the government, then sure, fire him, but that’s probably not going to happen. And yes, supporting the right to unpopular beliefs may be an electoral loser if anyone even cares about the issue, but it’s still the right thing to do.

      • Well Mr. Jones has done and said exactly what he wanted in his private life without repercussion, at least none that I can find. And I totally support his right to believe whatever he wishes, but if you’re working for the government and being paid via the tax dollars of U.S. Citizens you might need some appreciation of America and Americans, don’t you think?

        And I can tell you this for sure, if you worked for a private company and bad mouthed that company in public, you wouldn’t have your job long. And if you lived in Communist N. Korea or China and bad mouthed the government on a street corner, 2 days after your country had been attacked, you’d be in prison or executed.

        We live in a free society, it is imperfect, we can definitely improve, but I have no desire to throw out the baby with the bath water.

        • How’s holding the opinion that some socialism would help this country being unappreciative of americans and america? I don’t get this. It’s not like he wanted to declare war or blow up buildings. He wanted social justice and feels that more social welfare programs are required. While it is your right to disagree with him, I really think that calling him unamerican for it reminds me way too much of McCarthyism.

          • I remember when liberals were saying “Trying to achieve peace through war is like trying to get virginity by fucking”

            Our actions in Iran in the 1950’s led to the 1979 Iranian Revolution.

            Because we wanted to overthrow the mullahs in Iran we supported Saddam Hussein in Iraq. We knew he had WMD’s at one point because we sold them to him.

            Because we wanted the Soviets out of Afganistan we supported Osama bin Laden and helped create the Taliban.

            Who knows what problems we’ll be facing in 20 years because or our invasion of Iraq?

          • Is this social justice? “The bombs the government drops in Iraq are the bombs that blew up in New York City,” (again he was talking about the bombs in the no-fly zone, and the bombing that Bill Clinton ordered in 1998 to destroy Iraq’s nuclear and chemical weapons sites. For the record 8 arab nations signed on to that, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Oman )

            What undid Van Jones was drawing a moral parallel between terrorists and the actions of the United States government. I know some folks believe there is a moral parallel, and anyone who does I could never convince otherwise, but I don’t and I don’t believe most Americans do.

            And I have long been a proponent of social justice (damn I even support SPUHC) and have for many, many years belonged to organizations like SPLC, ACLU and others that many might consider far left, but none blamed the bombing of 911 on the U.S. Government.

            But it all balanced out because Van had his alter egos on the right, Pat Roberston and Falwell screaming that 911 happened because of gays (which would be me) and Choice.

        • I think if you’re working for the government, you should be capable. Of course he has appreciation for Americans and America. He lives here, he is American, just like anybody else there are Americans and things about America he likes and things he doesn’t. I don’t care too much for Obama even though he’s the President, to many that means I’m unpatriotic and hate America and unfit to work a government job.

          • I know a lot of Americans who have no appreciation for the country or their countrymen. Not saying it’s perfect, it’s just better than any communist government that’s ever existed.

          • Bad analogy!

          • Is that your interpretation, or did they declare full out they have no appreciation for their country and fellow citizens? I think most of us have a tendency to think of the things we like or agree with as representing America, and therefore anyone who disagrees is not just wrong for having a different vision of what this country should be. Just because they don’t appreciate the same things doesn’t mean they don’t want the best for the country as they see it.

            It’s actually a pretty good analogy. The President represents the country, therefore not supporting him enough, or not supporting him uncritically, means I have no appreciation for this country or its citizens who chose him . I’m unpatriotic, I’m against democracy, if I can’t show appreciation for America, its people, institutions and sacred traditions, I am unfit to be paid with tax payer dollars. Regardless of how well I do my govt job, my unamerican beliefs are unacceptable.

          • That should be they’re not just wrong for having a different vision than us, they’re somehoW opposing America instead.

    • Unlike the youtubes, this statement from Jones right after 9-11 is upsetting.

      • Here’s the entire text from the link:

        Hundreds of people gathered at Snow Park in Oakland tonight to mourn, provide support for each other, and speak out against violent United States policies at home and abroad, which they say are the underlying reasons for unprecedented terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington DC. Organizing against a growing climate of racism, nationalism and anti-Arab bigotry was a focus of the rally.

        Organized by youth and people of color in Oakland and San Francisco, solidarity speakers included supporters of Palestine, people returning from the WCAR in South Africa, police brutality activists, anarchists and socialists, anti-gentrification activists and other people representing dozens of cultures and ethnicities. International solidarity was the theme as community and activist groups stood together against the threat of more US violence. Michael Franti of Spearhead also spoke, saying that “we need to be in a war against war.”

        In addition to an open mic, people at the rally talked with friends and strangers, cried, and began coming to terms with the events of the last three days. Many people who attended have family members still missing on the east coast. And many others have been the target of increased racism and discrimination during times of crisis in the United States, like the Oklahoma City bombing or Gulf War.

        A recurring theme of the speakers was the brutal violence committed by or supported by the United States government on a daily basis. “The bombs the government drops in Iraq are the bombs that blew up in New York City,” said Van Jones, director of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, who also warned against forthcoming violence by the Bush Administration. “The US cannot bomb its way out of this one. Safety at home requires justice abroad.”

        In a diverse international community shocked by recent world events, deep feelings about the United States government were expressed. A young Puerto Rican person said that “the belly of the beast had something back to eat.” A young Filipino human rights activist said that “when we found out what kind of place got hit, we were kind of glad to see the Pentagon burning. But we also know that thousands of Puerto Ricans, Haitians and other workers were in those buildings.” An African-American man who works on gentrification issues in West Oakland said that “we’re always seeing Americans drop bombs on people. We watch the Vietnamese get bombed, Iraqis get bombed, Palestinians get bombed, now it has come home to roost.” Japanese-Americans spoke about internment camps and the nuclear holocaust brought on by US militarism.

        Violence and repression within the United States was also talked about. A representative of TransAction said, “We know what it’s like to experience police violence on a daily basis.” Mesha Monge-Irizarry, the mother of Idriss Stelley (who was killed by SFPD in June), also spoke: “We pray for many lives killed by this government, of black people, and of innocent black people in the third world who will be slaughtered with this terrorism retaliation.”

        United States support, in the form of arms and funding, for apartheid in Israel was also discussed. “You want to know why they hate us?” asked one woman. “Forty Israeli tanks just entered Jericho tonight.”

        Those present were determined to make their voices heard in an increasingly hostile, war-mongering climate scripted by the government and recited by corporate media. They also vowed to fight within their own communities against racism and hostility towards Arab-Americans. Everyone sensed that this was an important time in history, and that the stuggle against injustice requires international solidarity. “Everyone should be as wise as these inner-city youth here today,” Van Jones concluded. “We all have more in common with the working people of the earth than we do with George Bush or Colin Powell.”

        An African-American man summarized his feelings: “We don’t want innocent people dying. But that’s the price we pay for the government in this country.”

        • the other stuff I was having trouble figuring out what the hell people were even having a problem with in the first place.

        • IQ, no one’s going to argue with you over the history of aggression in the world, but Van Jones was wrong to use that platform to attempt draw a moral equivalency between terrorists and the Government on that day. We can retrospectively see a lot of things but NOTHING justified what happened to the folks who died on 911.

          Van Jones just didn’t know then that he would be Obama schmoozing now, if he had he probably would have made a much different sort of statement, Ah retrospect, to have you sooner.

          Now I’m not going to argue with you on your own turf, to much incoming. You and I have some bad history and I’d prefer to keep it as just that, HISTORY!

          I suspect I’d be better off not to visit here, don’t you think?

      • I understood the context of what he was saying. I just meant that unlike the youtubes, I can actually see why people would get bent out of shape over this one. It is upsetting. That doesn’t change my mind that Glenn Beck’s witchhunt is a bad thing.

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