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Kiss my ass, Dave


David “M-M-M-My” Sirota has written an accurate yet ridiculous piece about last year’s election:

Though the 2006 and 2008 elections were billed as progressive movement successes, the story behind them highlights a longer-term failure. During those contests, most leaders of Washington’s major labor, environmental, antiwar and anti-poverty groups spent millions of dollars on a party endeavor — specifically, on electing a Democratic president and Democratic Congress. In the process, many groups subverted their own movement agendas in the name of electoral unity.

The effort involved a sleight of hand. These groups begged their grass-roots members — janitors, soccer moms, veterans and other “regular folks” — to cough up small-dollar contributions in return for the promise of movement pressure on both parties’ politicians. Simultaneously, these groups went to dot-com and Wall Street millionaires asking them to chip in big checks in exchange for advocacy that did not offend those fat cats’ Democratic politician friends (or those millionaires’ economic privilege).


But after the 2008 election, the strategy’s bankruptcy is undeniable.

As we now see, union dues underwrote Democratic leaders who today obstruct serious labor law reform and ignore past promises to fix NAFTA. Green groups’ resources elected a government that pretends sham “cap and trade” bills represent environmental progress. Healthcare groups promising to push a single-payer system got a president not only dropping his own single-payer promises, but also backing off a “public option” to compete with private insurance. And antiwar funding delivered a Congress that refuses to stop financing the Iraq mess, and an administration preparing to escalate the Afghanistan conflict.

I’m not disagreeing with anything that Mr. Sirota says. The problem is that Dave writes as if he spent the last few years hermetically sealed in a mayonnaise jar on Funk&Wagnalls front porch. In reality Dave was a Kool-aid chugging, CDS infested Obamafluffer.

There were a whole bunch of people last year who weren’t so keen on the idea of subverting their agendas in the name of electoral unity. They even formed a group. Dave didn’t think too highly of them when it mattered. Earlier this year he had this to say:

I’m very proud of the reporting I did during the campaign, and of the work I’m doing with the team at OpenLeft. We don’t carry water for individual politicians – we’re honest and straightforward about trying to do our part to build a movement. And that means there’s going to be praise and criticism – all at the same time. That doesn’t make us the hypocrites in American politics – not even close. Indeed, the real hypocrites are those who insist they care about the future of this country, but either disengage or actively work to undermine a president because their favored candidate didn’t win.

So my message is pretty simple:

1. I – and other Obama supporters – have nothing to apologize for on this score. Nothing at all. If telling the truth makes you dislike me or anyone else, that’s your problem, not mine.

2. To Naderites, STFU and start doing the unglamorous work of building the third-party you say you really want.

3. To Clintonites, just STFU and slither back to your rathole of bitterness. Your candidate lost because she helped create the problems we now have to fix. Deal with that and become a productive member of society, or again, just STFU.

As Joseph Cannon said, “The guy is just plain bugfuck nuts.

If Dave and his ilk did such a good job “reporting” then how come we know more about Sarah Palin’s scary lady parts than we do about Obama’s years in Chicago and his relationships with Tony Rezko, William Ayers and Reverend Jeremiah Wright? How did an empty suit get into the White House without showing his college transcripts and legislative records?

How did someone with Obama’s resume raise $50 million dollars in the first six months of 2007 despite mediocre polling and piss-poor debate performances? Who were the wealthy and powerful people that jump-started Obama’s campaign? More importantly, why did they do it and what do they expect in return?

Where was Dave Sirota when democracy was punked by the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committed in order to anoint Obama as the Democratic nominee? Where was the hard-hitting investigative journalism when the caucuses were gamed?

Before Dave Sirota is welcomed back to the ranks of respectability a mea culpa and an act of contrition are called for. First Dave needs to utter those two magic words – “I’m sorry.” As for the act of contrition I will offer myself as a representative of all the disenfranchised Democrats.

All Dave Sirota needs to do is name the time and the place and I will be there to offer up my flabby white ass for him to kiss. I’ll even make sure it is freshly washed. It can be a small, private ceremony – just me, him and a photographer.

If he would prefer to apply his liver lips to another set of buns  I’m sure there are plenty of pissed off Democrats who will volunteer. All Dave has to do is give us an address or fax number and we can all send him photocopies of our asses so he can choose which one he wants to pucker up and smooch.

After the way he chapped his lips on Obama’s skinny butt one more derriere shouldn’t be too hard.

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225 Responses

  1. Sirota seems to think that the only people who have a right to be disappointed with Obama are the small donors who worshipped him last year.
    The disenfranchised people who voted for someone else are still not fully human beings to him. I think he is under the misimpression that we were too stupid to know what we were doing last year.
    Really, myiq, I think we should stop trying to get through to David Sirota. He’s got a fricking persecution complex that “haters” are out to get him and he’s just dense as all get out.

    • I didn’t really expect him to accept my offer.

    • Sirota should know what we were doing last year, before he was scared by the nasty lady parts he was writing articles about how insane it would be for Obama to run and what a terrible President he’d be. These people are absolutely unbelievable. They think they can perform mass hypnosis and force everyone to accept the new reality as they rewrite history from minute to minute.

    • sirota seems to have one motivation and that is to be accepted as some sort of real journalist in with the kool kidz. He’s just another sippy kupper.
      In addition he seemed to have a bad case of Naderism a few years ago when he signed on with the ever so kool Kuchinich gang who hated Dean for taking over their favorite spot outside the circle of democratic party trust. …but then he and they (most of them anyway) fall right in line for the incompetent empty suited old white guy with darker skin.

      • I can understand candidates moving towards the center in order to win elections. That’s being pragmatic.

        Bloggers, pundits and political authors should stick to their positions. When they become cheerleaders they have sold out.

  2. And another thing: If more Clintonistas had annoyed David Sirota and his idiot friends last year instead of taking his advice and shutting the fuck up, we might have gotten a floor flight at the convention instead of a massive rollover. We might have had REAL unity. We might have scared the bejesus out of Obama so that he would stay on the straight and narrow.
    But they were too afraid of being in the out group. Jesus Christ on a Cracker, when will people finally get over their fear of being unpopular to their snobby peers?

  3. The piece of history Dave gets wrong is that independent groups were usually co-opted from the ground up, not the top down, just like the way the A-listers like “chickenshit” Digby were hounded into pitching whatever values they started with.

    • But Digby is a blogger that still gets cited by everyone, even though she admits to having caved.
      What do we get for being consistent and right?
      In fact, it’s almost worse than that. For some reason, I think we might be lumped in with the Tea Partyers and birthers. We’re nothing like them, though there were a few former PUMAs who went off the reservation. For some peculiar reason, I get the impression that Krugman and Daou and people like that think we have gone the way of the Reagan Republicans. Where the f^&* would they get that idea?
      Oh, yeah, Lambert has been running around the web telling everyone we’re racists and to avoid citing us.
      Well, someone must be reading us.

      • Naw. Digby is cited because she doesn’t rattle narratives popular with her readers.

        It’s not that anyone (aside from fakers like Sirota who are dealing with their hangover demons) thinks Hillary loyalists are anything. We’re invisible, in part because history was buried, in part because Hillary herself did not encourage other Dem politicians to pick up the cause for the base of the party.

        • Truth is that when Hillary threw her lot in with Obama, it largely made her loyalists largely irrelevant. The only way to not be irrelevant was to vote GOP and that was a step too far for the majority of them. At least, that’s what it looks like from my standpoint.

          • I told Daou a couple of nights before she gave her speech in DC that it had gone beyond Hlllary at that point. The DNC had stomped on and outright disenfranchised voters. I didn’t want to vote for McCain. I HATE the morally bankrupt Republicans. But it was important to me to send a signal to the DNC that Obama was leaving a lot of support on the table and he wasn’t going to walk away with a landslide.
            2008 was the first (and last) time I have ever voted for a Republican. It was a protest vote and it was necessary.
            (BTW, I didn’t make that decision until I was in the voting booth. I almost left it blank on top but I was still so angry that pushing that button for McCain was the very last thing I did before I hit the “Cast Vote” button that opened the curtain. And then I went to my car and I cried. My whole identity as a Democrat went right out the window last year. And not because I don’t believe in core Democratic principles. I just don’t believe in the party anymore. Last year was the last straw.)

          • Speaking of Daou, he might as well get comfortable under the bus with us because the Failbots will never forgive nor forget that he worked for Hillary.

            I saw a post the other day where they simultaneously bashed him for supporting Hillary and (in their minds) doing a bad job of supporting Hillary. (The reason they were bashing him was something that had nothing to do with last year’s election)

          • Daou was a really decent guy. He never pushed anything on us. He just kept us up to date and treated us with respect. I appreciated that. When he set up that conference call with Hillary so she could thank us for blogging for her (without asking or payment or any quid pro quo), I was delighted. She struck me as the kind of person who writes sincere thank you notes after she has dinner at your house.
            The Clinton campaign behaved very honorably towards us last year. For that, Daou deserves kudos.
            I don’t believe that nice guys always finish last. I think it was important that they didn’t stoop to mind games. As we can see, the people who did resort to that have lost half of the base they now need. So, karma is a bitch. But Hillary and her internet director never were.

          • I like Daou and wasn’t criticizing him.

          • I know. I’m just making sure that everyone knows that the Clinton Internet people were on the up and up. That shit about her Campaing pulling out all of the stops to be dirty was something I never witnessed. Never saw it at her campaign offices either. She had Sean Astin as a surrogate (met him in Harrisburg). SAMWISE FRIGGING GAMGEE. It doesn’t get more earnest than that. And he was as good on the Clinton Campaign trail as he was on the slopes of Mt. Doom.
            You never saw a Clintonista surrpgate flicking the dirt of his shoulders.

          • From what I gather having No Quarter on your blogroll last year was a mortal sin.

            Never mind that there were lots of different people contributing there (including Chuckles Lemos)

          • FWIW, I completely agree that the Clinton campaign from top to bottom was beyond reproach. Those I saw here in TX were just fantastic in every way. What happened to her and all those great people made me glad to vote for McCain. I would have done it over and over if I’d been a Bot 🙂

      • “Tea Partyers and birthers” are just a couple more names for anybody opposed to what is going on.

        I realize that some people don’t want to be associated with Republicans, neocons, bitter knitters, clintonistas, the “woman’s studies set”, or whatever other names people have been called, but I just want to say that what we all have in common is that we are Americans exercising our constitutional right to voice our opposition. Keeping people afraid of being labeled wingnuts or liberal loonies has served the Gov well and kept everyone divided so we spend all our time trying not to be mistaken for a tea bagger or a birther or a racist or whatever.

        • I’m just wondering what their going to call the increasing number of black people I know that are waiting for their ponies too … I suppose race traitors or something equally horrid. There’s a lot of disappointment down here. I just read a cartoon in the Gambit comparing Obama’s response to Hurricane Katrina this year as the same as Dubya’s the last couple of years … basically a picture of them each holding a cake saying I remembered your anniversary, here’s your cake! I should scan it and post it.

        • Excellent point, yttik. Excellent point.

          I have abandoned the “not wanting to be associated with” banner. And I no longer give a damn who they think I am.


        • this is going to sound loony to some here, but your comment made me think of Jesus and the stories about him hanging out with low class crooks and whores.
          don’t know why I thought of that. I am proud to be a non lemming.

      • This site should get more credit than it deserves. I didn’t know Lambert was telling other bloggers not to cite to TC. That’s unfortunate because I like Corrente but I hate seeing these folks diss TC when they are basically saying the same thing. The only difference is that PUMAs have defended Palin against sexist attacks when they’ve remained silent because she’s a Republican.

        • Lambert agrees with us 100% on policy but talks shit about us anyway.

          • He was giving us the cold should long before Sarah Palin was a household name.

          • Yep, and to think I asked him to help us in June 2008. He behaved like we were a bunch of toddlers.
            Personally? I think he’s just jealous that he didn’t get a mention in The Bloggers on the Bus.

          • It wasn’t like he joined PUMA and then changed his mind and left. He never wanted anything to do it.

          • He doesn’t want PUMA cooties. Now that they mislabelled the brand as Republican fanatic; who does? He just want’s to be popular. He’s like that weird kid in all the teen movies that will do anything to be popular and the kewl kids still pick on him because he’s such a kiss up!

        • I don’t know if he has asked others not to cite us but his actions indicate that he has been up to something that makes us look bad.
          And yes, a lot of the accusations of racism emanated from his site last year. He had a chance to put an end to it but he did so very tepidly. It didn’t help that Anglachel got all knee jerky too. But hey, it was August 2008. The Obot trolls were on a roll, invading our sites and (I suspect) creating some racist PUMA sites to casually associate us with. It was really despicable.

          • I really like Anglachel. I’m still a fan of her writing but I suspect she wanted to distance herself from TC long before Dakinkat published the so-called racist Acorn post. Anglachal is also a big fan of Corrente so she probably wanted to go the way of Lambert because the PUMA movement was being totally discredited by the media and liberal bloggers. Another thing is that after August, it was clear that many people here chose to protest the DNC disenfranchisement by voting for McCain. Some anti-Obama Dems thought that was an unforgivable sin, not that it really mattered in the end nor should individual decisions on how to protest the DNC should be criticized. Sitting out the election isn’t that much of a difference and is still seen as a sin to the Obamacans who still tell all Hillary supporters to STFU.

        • I really didn’t think about it before, but sites like Corrente, New Left and so on are indulging in what has always been normal left wing male behavior.
          By this I mean what has been happening in Europe for more or less the whole of the last century.

          I know it sounds bad but censorship, and creating Pariahs, has always been out there, along with who is dialectically more politically correct. In particular women have often been those who were companions and little else.

          I’m talking about small left wing groups here -those to the left of the Labour or Communist Parties.

          In Italy the real path for women to reach serious governmental positions on the Left, has always been through the Trades Unions.

          • It’s simply kewl kid envy, if they think they can separate themselves from the threatening others, it makes them kewl kids. He’s like the Sal Mineo character in Rebels without a cause.

          • You can’t build yourself up by tearing other people down.

          • They believed the accusations that PUMAs were low class hillbillies that Obama ridiculed in San Francisco. Even if they are anti-Obama, they want to make sure that they are recognized as part of the creative social class that the media Obamacans are a part of.

          • Even if they are anti-Obama, they want to make sure that they are recognized as part of the creative social class that the media Obamacans are a part of.


    • Here’s Greenwald, with the opposite diagnosis:

      During the 2008 election, Obama co-opted huge portions of the Left and its infrastructure so that their allegiance became devoted to him and not to any ideas. Many online political and “news” outlets — including some liberal political blogs — discovered that the most reliable way to massively increase traffic was to capitalize on the pro-Obama fervor by turning themselves into pro-Obama cheerleading squads. Grass-roots activist groups watched their dues-paying membership rolls explode the more they tapped into that same sentiment and turned themselves into Obama-supporting appendages. Even labor unions and long-standing Beltway advocacy groups reaped substantial benefits by identifying themselves as loyal foot soldiers in the Obama movement.

      The major problem now is that these entities — the ones that ought to be applying pressure on Obama from the Left and opposing him when he moves too far Right — are now completely boxed in. They’ve lost — or, more accurately, voluntarily relinquished — their independence.

      • Yeah, I read that before. Those of us on DailyKos saw it happen up close and personal. It’s not like it was a true grassroots movement. Sites like that were co-opted by Axelrod and his astroturf squad. Can I prove it? Not definitively. But before Edwards became nonviable as a candidate, the same phenomenon was happening on the web with his supporters. At some point in time, the cheerleading squad was given the order to start rooting for a different team and almost seemlessly, the conversion diaries started up for Obama. I’m guessing that the culprits behind it were Dean people.

        • They were co-opted and astroturfed and used, but they cooperated with it, they willingly let go of what little integrity they had and they welcomed the invasion.

        • I actually genuinely believe there were conversions but I’m inclined to believe that some of them felt pressured to choose a side. I do know a bunch of us actually met up at another site for a bit following the TU debacle where kos basically took away TU status of some of the Edwards folk but left all of the egregious Obama supporters there status. It was the beginning of the end for me at that point at Daily Kos. Shortly after you had bunches of accusation posts and poor polite Allegre trying to defend the smears that had no basis. No attempt seemed to be made to vet things as true or blatantly false. I felt like I was reading an online version of The Sun.

          I still miss orangeclouds and nyceve. Not enough to go back though.

        • as a Dean person, I don’t think it had a thing to do with Dean except that most of his supporters are the classic elitist liberals that fell into paroxysms of liberal white guilt they had to erase by supporting the cool black guy.

      • What was really disturbing about last year’s primaries was the way that virtually overnight anyone who didn’t support Obama was a pariah.

        The A-list bloggers could have squashed the CDS stuff, but they either encouraged it or sat silently and allowed it.

        • Ahh, here’s where the real stupidity is. They hated Clinton because she wasn’t liberal enough for them. She voted for the war. They were going to let that issue slide for Edwards but not for Hillary. Nothing about the lefty blogosphere makes any logical sense. In fact, I don’t think it has the ability to think rationally. I’m almost embarrassed to think I once thought they were smart. Certain bloggers I can forgive, like BTD, eriposte, Susie Madrak and even digby to a certain extent. It was obvious that they were pulled into supporting Obama out of a genuine fear of losing to a Republican. But the others? Why should we pay any attention to anything they say? As Krugman says, I will have a hard time trusting Markos again.
          Now they’re shocked, SHOCKED! at how everything turned out. It’s not like we didn’t try to pull them off the railroad tracks before the train hit them (and us). All of the evidence was right in front of their faces and we desperately tried to point it out to them, over and over again. They were completely mesmerized. Not only mesmerized but fucking nasty creeps about it. I just can’t get over how stupid and mean they were. It just boggles the mind.

          • They hated the DLC but they are cool with Rahm Emanuel telling Obama how to be POTUS.

            Jeralyn said Biden would be a deal breaker and then she took all of .00001 seconds to change her mind.

            The Failbots even accepted the Princess of Darkness as SoS.

            It was (and is) all about the O

          • Actually it was even dumber. They hated the people she surrounded herself with. I even remember kos writing a FP piece saying he had no problem with Hillary personally- he just didn’t like the consultant crowd she hung with- not that it didn’t stop him from savaging her when she made the big crime of being happy and grateful that Michigan folk voted for her in great numbers.

          • The DLC thing was hilarious. They acted like the problem was the organization itself, not the principles behind it. Obama espouses all the DLC positions we supposedly don’t like? No worries, he never officially joined! Um…say what? This isn’t Sesame Street, it’s not the freakin’ letters we have a problem with. That stupidity led many former Clinton opponents to start to question WTH this was really all about, anyway.

          • March 2009:

            President Barack Obama firmly resists ideological labels, but at the end of a private meeting with a group of moderate Democrats on Tuesday afternoon, he offered a statement of solidarity.

            “I am a New Democrat,” he told the New Democrat Coalition, according to two sources at the White House session. </blockquote?


          • A New Democrat, yes, but not THAT kind of New Democrat! He doesn’t triangulate, he brings people together in compromise! He doesn’t believe in Old Politics, but in New Politics! His man parts are familiar and unscary!

          • There were non-PUMA bloggers like Alegre, Violet Socks, and Susie Madrak who kept TC on their blogroll so I have no complaints about them. They might have disagreed with some of the views stated on this blog but they respected those opinions and never called anyone here racists. What I still can’t comprehend is why bloggers like Anglachel, Lambert, Avedon, etc. made a big deal about not having TC on their blogroll or not citing to this site as if we were no different from Ann Coulter. The problem was that they wrote posts stating that they wanted nothing to do with us and that hurt more than the Obots calling us freaks and bitter racists. I still go to their blogs because I think they have important things to say so I don’t know why they felt the need to insult and alienate some of their readers who visit PUMA sites.

          • for my purposes all this puma vs. nonpuma infighting stuff is really myopic and pointless. I had a falling out with a puma blog after the election, but I didn’t go hating on all pumas because of it.

          • I agree, Wonk the Vote. I never understood the point of former PUMAs breaking off to create their own blogs, then breaking off from those sites to blog on their personal sites. Then the non-PUMA anti-Obama bloggers who have tried their hardest to distance themselves from us even though we agree on practically everything. It makes no sense.

          • except she didn’t vote for the war. She voted for the inspectors to go in and find WMD and remove it, so that there was no need for war. She voted to stall bush and stop the war. She knew bush didn’t need that vote to go to war. It was a last ditch effort to slow bush down.
            When people tell me she voted for the war I generally tell them to go watch her statement to congress and get back to me.

            The one who actually voted for and supported war was Edwards. His statement was very hawkish. Then he gave that half-assed apology saying “we were all fooled”.
            Speak for yourself John, I knew you were a snake and a phony as soon as you were elected to congress.

        • I definitely need a new dictionary. All the old, usual, regular, accepted definitions seem to have gone out the window, I suppose it has to do with the same thing that made, you’re bad! = you’re very good!

  4. Look Dave,

    I owe you… and your kind NOTHING,.NOT A THING.

    It is exactly your kind of arrogant behavior, on the part of Obots that keeps me and millions of others far, far away.


  5. “But after the 2008 election, the strategy’s bankruptcy is undeniable.”

    It’s their moral bankruptcy that is undeniable. Integrity matters. Believing that winning at all costs is morally acceptable because once you get in there you will do all this good, is a false premise.

  6. There is nothing in Sirota’s apologetics that wasn’t already written about many, many times by many, many non-obotson the left way back during the primaries. He will hardly even acknowledge that fact, though, since plaguarists never do.

    I find his attempts to play the victim here odious. As much as the currently constituted Democrats and Obama tried to ‘put one over’ on all those poor, small dollar donors, every one of the interest groups AND their constituencies were actively complicit in their own hoodwinking. The best of them covered their ears and yelled ‘LALALALA I CAN”T HEAR YOU’ when faced with any info that contradicted the official propaganda coming out of astra-turf central; the worst relentlessly attacked anyone even inquiring what a true state of affairs must be.

    As gratifying as it is to see the formerly fanatic woke up from their electric Kool Aid dreams, Sirota’s still basically dealing in lies. The best that can probably be said about him is that he’s lying to himself because it’s too scary to admit how willingly he joined, if not led, the howling mobs.

    • He’s not fully awake yet. He still does not identify himself with us. Until that happens, he might as well be in terminal Obot mode. To think that DAVID SIROTA might have all of the political power of an old, uneducated, working class, postmenopausal, racist Clintonista?!?

    • I still don’t get how you’re a victim when you buy obvious lies. I mean not every one was fooled. That ought to then make the real fools obvious.

      • Yeah, and of course, Bush voters are responsible for everything Bush has ever done. We’re totally responsible for everything ever done by anyone who’s related to or ever met Hillary. Naderites are responsible for everything Bush has ever done. Obots, who are highly educated, have lots of money and leisure and should know better? No responsibility for anything, nothing to apologize for, it’s our fault, it’s Obama’s fault, it’s everyone else’s fault, it’s never, ever, ever even the tiniest bit their fault.

        • Don’t forget that Hillary is responsible for everything bad that happened in the 90’s (including Monica) but she gets zero credit for anything good.

          • Yeah, and all the policies she was known to havE strongly voiced disagreement on as First Lady don’t count either, because if she were serious she would have publicly denounced them (such common practice among First Ladies and Cabinet members, and….) and then filed for divorce and primaried him. Since she failed to do that, she’s wholly responsible. Disagreement is not enough. She should keep her up pity a$$ out of policy–BUT she also has to prevent any mistakes from Bill or take the blame.

          • Shorter CDS: Hillary should have divorced Bill.

          • That amazed me coming from women especially. How is that our business? It’s easy to say what you’d do when you’re not in that situation, but we don’t know these people or what their relationship is. It’s like we’re making demands on her to do what we think should be done in that situation to prove she’s “strong” as if we know about their lives. Way to hold women to bizarre standards we’d never hold me to. They could sure support the guy who had to tag along on his wife’s job interview and give approval.

      • shorter Sirota “the clinton supporters were right and I hate them for it”.

        It’s kind of like when your teen age son realizes you were right about something you fought over and still has to reject you to become a man. One would hope Sirota was on the path to true adulthood. But I won’t hold my breath.

  7. My message to Dave

    I ain’t sitting down and I ain’t shutting up and frankly you ought to be grateful I’m not. Health care reform is too important for me to sit back and wait to see if you can pull Obama across the finish line on it like you managed to do in the primaries. I’m not in the mood to soothe your ego because everytime you see my name or someone who participated in supporting Clinton to the “bitter” end you think the words “I told you so” (as you ought to). Don’t blame me because you bought a bill of sale on a product you weren’t even sure what it was, let alone whether it would be sufficient to do the job.

    Now Dave go get your Color Wonder paper and color us a nice picture of what the country would look like if it actually had a leader willing to fight for health care reform.

  8. I guess looking in the mirror and knowing that you help screw the country makes Dave testy.

    We owe no one an apology for putting country before party always.

    During the primary no one could give an answer on just what backtrack had done
    During the primary no press vetted him.
    What real information was made public about his beliefs, his record., his lifelong companions?

    Dave and his ilk owe this country a very big apology for their failure to do their jobs. I will take years to undo the damage that they helped do to this country.



  9. He must be giving up on getting that time slot after Rachel.

  10. Excellent post…If they are just figuring this shit out , then they are idjitis . It’s that simple .

  11. In the Sirota comment section someone said something like, “but what were we supposed to do? Hillary was too corporate…”

    If Hillary was so “corporate” why did the corporate media fight her so hard? I think the elites were worried that no matter how much they stuffed her campaign coffers, all bets were off if she got into the White House and was carrying out her own policy agenda.

    • Obots are too lazy to bother with rational thought. Just give them a meme and they’ll repeat it endlessly.

      • True . The whole point to Bambie love was you got to chuck rational thought out the window. That’s why any call for rational thought was met with screams .

    • This is q question I asked last year when BTD kept saying Obama was the media darling. My first reaction to that was, “Then RUN!!”

      • The Obama partisans kept saying it was a good thing that he was a media darling and I was like wtf, have you been asleep the last 8 years?

      • Then people wonder why Obama isn’t able to lead on healthcare and fight for a public option, which beyond the issue of his not wanting to upset the people who will be bankrolling his next campaign, also has a lot to do with the fact that the media doesn’t want a public option and without the media to prop him up, there goes those darling perks.

        • Like Bush ( again) Obama Inc came into office chanting the mantra, ” Not like Clinton.” …how’s that working out ?

      • ….BTD kept saying Obama was the media darling. My first reaction to that was, “Then RUN!!”

        Hell yes, that is the infallible sign.

        Media want = bad
        Media really wants = realy, really bad

      • The hypocrisy is so lost on them.

        • Because Obama needed Bill and Hill to pull *US* in. They knew there were a lot of potential holdouts. I think it is indicative of a guilty conscience. But it doesn’t really matter. The financial meltdown saved Obama’s butt. If not for that, I think he might have lost no matter what the Clintons did for him.
          Oooo, do you remember how they were pre-blaming her for O’s projected loss? Remember how they had to go have a talk with Bill because they felt he wasn’t pulling his weight and always had a full dance card in Africa?

        • It was tacit acknowledgment that there were people who would vote for Hillary but were undecided about Obama.

          • there was a blackberry e-mail that was supposedly from Donna B that circulated around the blogosphere… Donna saying something about black people “saving Clinton’s ass” ..

            well hey good luck with that ADD American Idol base of the new shiny coalition, the Donna Bs can go to them to save Obama’s ass on this rudderless “insurance reform” that he’s trying to hatch or trigger or whatever the bs spin is these days.

          • Donna B’s “the “younger, more urban Dem coalition” was in charge.

    • But these are facts and you can’t have those in lala land.

    • Again, either willful ignorance or dishonesty: the public info regarding Obama’s large corporate donors was/is all out there. The same corporations he has accommodated at every stage at the expense of policy, principle & the American people.

      Hey Dave: you greatly overestimate your importance if you think I give a damn about your opinion.

    • remember when she was at yearlykos (when it was still called that) and said yes she dealt with lobbyists but that they did not determine her aggenda…she was savaged by the sippy-cuppers. Obama just lied about his connection to lobbyists and they ate it up… and when he hired a bunch of them for his cabinet…..crickets.

  12. M-M-M-M-Oh my, you powned him! Bravo, myiq!

  13. OMG Myiq2xu,

    Absolutely awesome post!

    • I second that. Great post, myiq. You should write one to every blogger that has told TC readers to STFU or accused the writers here of racism.

  14. Hey, get a load of this. Too funny.

  15. That wasn’t no small dollar donation from the lil ‘ people that sponsored the democratric convention, that was ATT. That should have been a clue Mr Sirota.

  16. I voted for McCain because I could not vote for Obama after what I saw his campaign do to the Dem party..( with the elite of the Dem’s party’s help and high octane enthusiasm ) I voted for MaCain that reason, and because McCain clearly DID NOT have backing of the GOP party at all. It said GOP on the leaver…but the swift boats were in dry dock . The GOP laid down for Barry. The same people behind Bush wanted Obama and badly , that much was crystal clear to anyone paying attention.

    • The GOP sure ginned up opposition to health care reform. Where was their noise machine last year?

      • Indeed. People kept saying” where was the GOP noise machine?” ….. and as they keep not showing up to help McCain, people said, well justly famous GOP noise machine ” is waiting” . Waiting for summer , waiting for after the convention…. on and on .

        But when did the GOP noise machine ever wait to slime someone? Like never, until 08.

      • At the home stretch the noise machine threw them an ACORN so they could whine about it after the election.

        • threw them an ACORN…
          “them” being the rightwing base.

        • lol!…yes, the joyfull vim and vigor the professional Right brings to a sliming was conspicuously missing .

          • Even the winger blogs were mystified and angry over the lack of fight shown by the RNC

          • yeah but that’s the thing that the left claimed to be so anxious about, that “polarizing” (code for strong woman) Hillary would “unite” the wingers against her but Obama would not. They were focusing on the wrong thing…. they thought that Obama’s “likability” would translate to the left not being blocked on policy as much as they would if it were Hillarycare instead of Obamacare…. so misguided, for a number of reasons. Now instead of single payer being the perfect and the public option being the compromise, Obamacare has shifted it to the public option being the perfect and the compromise being a mandate to buy bad insurance.

          • Candidate Obama freaking campaigned against the mandate for bad insurance, he fooled people to vote for him against Bad Hillary who he falsely argued thought the problem was that people didn’t want insurance rather than that they couldn’t afford..
            well Obamacare suddenly found its inner mandate but not the other stuff that Hillarycare would have done to make insurance affordable.

    • Yup…the elites would rather have Barry who they can manipulate than Mac who likes to fight with people in his own party.

    • Yes, PD, that’s what it took me a while to figure out. I noticed the Corporate Media weasels were fluffing Obama and slagging Hillary, but I figured that was because their paymasters wanted an Elephascist prez, as usual, so they were trying to saddle the Democrats with what I thought was the weaker candidate.

      I figured that once the conventions were over, the CM operatives would turn on Teh Precious like the pack of jackals they are, in favor of their old BBQ buddy McCain.

      Instead, they kept fluffing Obama and turned on McCain. WTF?

      Only then did I begin to realize that, bizarre as it seemed to me, this time a preponderance of the Misruling Class actually wanted the Democrat to win–including all of the Media Sith Lords except Murdoch the Mad–hence the orders to all the lying media weasels (except the ones who lie for Faux Noise) to sing the praises of Mr. False Hope and Chump Change.

      Now, this year, I am seeing why.

  17. Then people wonder why Obama isn’t able to lead on healthcare and fight for a public option,
    That is coming at the question from the wrong perspective. Again people are projecting onto the “blank screen”. Obama worked with the Insurance industry to kill the IL state equivalent of “public option” in 2003. His secret White House deals that lock in trillions of dollars of future revenues for Pharma weren’t done because of lack of leadership. Obama didn’t change to “Health Insurance Reform” because of lack of leadership or outside pressure; that was his goal all along. If he manages to get this massive give-away for the Health Industrial Complex signed into law, he is the master of 11th dimensional chess.

    • Well yes, but I don’t expect that people will understand that much if they’re still debating whether Obama is punking them. It’s enough that they even get that Obama is letting them down on the public option. Some don’t even get THAT.

    • That is probably why the insurance industry and pharmaceutical companies contributed beaucoup bucks to his campaign. It was planned all along and the people were duped and are still being duped. I could tell during the primary that he wasn’t serious about health care. His lack of passion was quite telling. People want him to get a backbone, but this was the plan all along. Bastards.

      • What is The One passionate about other than the subject of his two books?

        His curt reading of his script (paper or teleprompter) makes it hard for me to know what is of interest to him. He seems disconnected, just like he was bored with the Senate after one year. “Words, just words” (and those were written by Axelrod and first recited by Patrick Deval of the first Hope+Change (TM) campaign).

        Although there was nothing in his background to suggest The One was qualified or ready for the job, I did expect that the Democratic “leadership” that pushed him in (at a cost of $10 to $15 dollars per vote) would have made more of him.
        What do you think of your “gift from God” now, Nancy P?

  18. BTW, I too, remember about falling off my chair hearing those words come out of Donna Brazille’s mouth on CNN. That was when I decided to change my registration. That very day. I am watching the new, younger and urban coalition she spoke of and I know I did the right thing. Boy, they aren’t that young. But they sure are NAIVE.

  19. myiq2xu id like to know the same thing what happend to tthe REP slam machine

  20. I don’t want my butt kissed. I want them to publicly say, “You were right all along. We should have listened to you. We accelerated the demise of the free world because we are fucking idiots.”

    Particularly, I want my ex-partner, who said, as she was leaving me, that the problem was that I had a negative world view–that I hadn’t even given him a chance to take her (used to be fat, but now skinny thanks to the miracle of Bariatrics) ass and publicly acknowledge that she and her IQ-brilliant but common sense deficient Bushie-cum-Obamaphile nieces and nephew-in-law really fucking blew it.

    (The rest of them are on a list over at Cannonfire.)

  21. myiq2xu—you have a certain tone and perspective that at times is too perfect for words.

    The butt he needs to kiss were he not so disgusting is HRC’s were she not most likely to blow it up with one of those North Korea missiles.

    • Hillary has too much class for something like that.

      I, other other hand, have no class.

      • Sirota just put you up on his face book account.

        Centrism: Cons says I hit Obama too much from left; Lib freaks say I’m a right-wing Obama apologist http://bit.ly/zHlRy http://bit.ly/41HWSc

        you’re a lib freak now….

        • so now Centrism is cool? I thought centrism was evil, after all those evil Clintons were centrists.

          • He’s not being a Centrist, he’s just finally figured out he was take in like the rest of the lap dogs.

          • True but why he touting that he’s centrist? I thought centrism was a dirty word…I guess centrism is the new black…

          • I’m not sure what he’s claiming … it’s really odd to me! But I have to say, I’ve never been called a Bolshevik before … lots of other names, but never a Bolshevik

          • it does seem like he’s saying he’s a centrist but if you go to that conservative blog he’s got a sign saying “I’m a card carrying liberal.”

            Color me confused.

        • select comments:

          Who are these libs? I just think you trash on socialism too much!

          It’s because you’re not a card-carrying Bolshevik. Gotta get the card. Then the lib freaks will give you a break.

          NO true Democrat can say it is the Democrats who are too extremist.

          I can tell you from experience no liberal likes you when you tell them you are a Communist. I designed the card!

          what’s really needed is for PRECISELY those progressives who aren’t so “purist” as to be essentially irrelevant to actual policy debates but who are specifically dismayed w/the centrist tendencies of the Obama Administration to UNIFY around some kind of ‘rainbow’-like program, especially in the economic sphere. There could be some kind of … Read Moregathering on the web & elsewhere of such progressive leaders, especially but not only economists and other relevant professionals, to outline a PROGRESSIVE ALTERNATIVE ECONOMIC PROGRAM to then be refined by the main similarly progressive organizations, and then be the basis of mass mobilization — for more progressive and “socially beneficial” taxation (eg of pollution), alternative energy, bailing out homeowners and students rather than banks, a major second stimulus bill, and soon, a progressive health care policy STRATEGY going from the present, etc. There needs to be really concrete and practical PROPOSALS for masses of people to support.

          There is always going to pressure frome the right. If the left doesn’t apply equal or greater pressure, we’ll end up where we were a few years ago. It’s bad enough we are where we are now. Obama owes us!

          I think we can rest assured that no one read either the article or the links he put up … I’ve never seen so many non sequiturs all lined up in one row!

        • What else is new?

          I’ve been a DFH moonbat for years.

      • Despite HRC’s unquestionable class acts, I hope that there is a small little patch somewhere in her heart of hearts that is quite willing to pull the nuclear option on a few select idjits in chief.

  22. Do the bots of the blogger boyz not know that their pimping small contributions for O was a sideshow compared to the shift from Wall St. big buckaroos? The small contribution for prez campaigns are important but the truth is they are really nothing when compared to what the big corporations can do.

  23. Okay, myiq2xu, I stepped up to the proverbial bat for you … let’s see what happens

    “I’m not disagreeing with anything that Mr. Sirota says. The problem is that Dave writes as if he spent the last few years hermetically sealed in a mayonnaise jar on Funk&Wagnalls front porch.”

    How is that saying you’re right wing? Just curious?

    • I never said he was a right winger. I said he was a Kool-aid chugging, CDS infested Obamafluffer.

      I also said (quoting Joe Cannon) that he was bugfuck nuts.

  24. Superb piece on Sirota. He a top Obama fluffer and drank deeply of CDS.

  25. Wait, if Dave now has a problem with Obama, doesn’t that make him a racist?

    • Ding! Ding! Ding! You are correct!
      Vana, please hand Mr. Sirota his white sheet and hood.

  26. I wish I hadn’t read and been reminded about David Sirota’s immature, devotional and “buckfut nuts” platitude about the primaries.

    I am so glad some of these “progressive” jerks aren’t anywhere around me now. I would not be able to contain myself and the foul and disgusting words that would come out of my mouth.

    • just curious, I couldn’t get to the linked page…is Sirota advertising a new book at the start of his rant?

  27. I guess the msm can get out their kneepads again.
    On September 24 , backtrack is going to chair a
    Security Council meeting at the UN.
    I got this from a comment at No Quarter.

    this is the link that was in the comment

    I hope this link works I could not copy and paste as I am at work



  28. Now this is a tough criticism of Obama from the left.

    Human beings, by and large, like to be led. They like their leaders to inspire their confidence — even when doing so takes the form of the most fantastically shallow dress-up kind of blowhard buffonery, à la George W. Bush — so that they don’t have to think too much about how little personal confidence they themselves actually possess. Obama is the complete antithesis of this model of the presidency. He is Harry Reid’s incontinent grandmother as president. He is Neville Chamberlain’s squirrely little nephew knocking shit over in the Oval Office while he plays “Mr. President”, in-between episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants. He is a bowl of Jell-O. That someone forgot to put in the fridge. He exhibits no competence as a chief executive. He inspires no confidence as a national leader. And, increasingly, his credibility is coming into question. Who wants to vote for that?

    This is the most pessimistic stuff I’ve read yet. Hope he has his hemlock at the ready.

    • That article also said:

      Put it all together and it’s pretty hard to see how Obama gets a second term. Which can mean only one thing: We’re looking at a Romney or a Palin or some sort of similar monster as the next president, despite the fact that their party was absolutely loathed only a year ago, and actually still is today. It won’t matter. People will be voting against the incumbent, not for any candidate, and that will leave only one viable choice, especially for centrist and right-wing voters. Whoever wins the Republican nomination will be the next president, crushing Obama in the general election (assuming he survives the Democratic primaries). And that’s a particularly scary notion, since the party’s voting base who will make that choice in the Republican primaries is the same crowd you’ve seen featured all this summer at town hall meetings. Olympia Snowe is not going to be the Republican nominee in 2012. Know what I mean?

      So, do we have to actually register as Republicans so we can vote in their primary and have some influence in the next Prez?

      • It might come to that. If it becomes clear that Obama will be a one-term president, Democrats need to start registering as Republicans and vote in their primaries so that we get an Olympia Snowe type of Republican instead of a Newt Gingrich Republican. I still find it unbelievable that Democrats did this to themselves. We could have had Hillary! We could have had 8 years of a competent Democrat in the White House!

      • Here you only have to register as an Independent (well, technically unenrolled), we have an open primary.

        • we have open primaries here too. I have never voted repug in my life (voted for McKinney last year) but if Snowe or any other repug woman runs for Prez in 2012 I will probably be asking for a repug ballot, if only to try & make them run a woman in the GE

          • Yeah, me too. If Palin or Snowe runs, I’ll switch and vote in the primary, otherwise I’m not gonna bother.

      • I intend to if it comes to that.

    • Wow! Talk about pessimism, but we saw some of this before. Just didn’t think, it would be so bad, so soon.

    • Woohoo, really lays it all out there, doesn’t he? Didn’t think it was possible to read someone more pessimistic about our political future than I am. I’m suddenly feeling a bit on the Pollyanna-ish side.

      Could hemlock could become the Harvey Wallbanger of 2010 and beyond?

      You know, in spite of all the rapidly accumulating inconveniences and discomforts of aging, I sometimes find myself feeling glad that I’m no long anything approaching young. Which also leads me to cast a sad eye on those who are.

  29. More like the gelatin powder that never got mixed.

  30. I agree, Wonk the Vote. I never understood the point of former PUMAs breaking off to create their own blogs, then breaking off from those sites to blog on their personal sites. Then the non-PUMA anti-Obama bloggers who have tried their hardest to distance themselves from us even though we agree on practically everything. It makes no sense.

    Disenfranchised–The puma or not stuff is a distinction without any real difference. The public option is going down the tubes, and unfortunately it seems like a lot of people who are for a public option are split up into camps that don’t want to work together right now to push back as a united force because ewww this or that group has cooties. Last year fractured the Dem party in ways that couldn’t just be wallpapered over by some election time theatrics of party unity.

    • so what r u trying to say???

    • I was responding Disenfranchised, we were talking about how people try to distance themselves from puma… I’m saying that they can distance themselves all they want but the distinction doesn’t really mean anything and it’s a waste when people could be working together on issues.

      • To some people (like the Rumproasters) health care reform is not nearly as important as PUMA hating.

        • Well, it wouldn’t be, would it, after all they voted for President Harry and Louise. Whole Foods Nation has health care, the lumpen can lump it.

  31. OT

    Acording to AP news
    Van Jones resigned.

    read this at No Quarter.



    • From the Washington Post:

      Van Jones, special adviser for green jobs at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, resigned Saturday, following weeks of pressure from the right and a flurry of revelations about his past statements.

      “I am resigning my post at the Council on Environmental Quality, effective today,” Jones said in a statement dated Sept 5 released around midnight on Sept 6.

      “On the eve of historic fights for health care and clean energy, opponents of reform have mounted a vicious smear campaign against me.They are using lies and distortions to distract and divide,” he continued. “I have been inundated with calls — from across the political spectrum — urging me to ‘stay and fight.’ But I came here to fight for others, not for myself. I cannot in good conscience ask my colleagues to expend precious time and energy defending or explaining my past. We need all hands on deck, fighting for the future.”

      White House officials had offered tepid support last week Jones after he issued two public apologies in recent days, one for signing a petition that questioned whether Bush administration officials “may indeed have deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen, perhaps as a pretext for war.”

      Earlier, Jones said he was “clearly inappropriate” in using a crude term to describe Republicans in a speech he gave before joining the administration.

      Republicans had demanded further action against Jones. Rep. Mike Pence (Ind.) on Friday called on the adviser to resign or be fired, saying in a statement, “His extremist views and coarse rhetoric have no place in this administration or the public debate.”
      Senator Christopher S. Bond (R-Mo.) urged Congress to investigate Jones’s “fitness” for the position, writing in an open letter, “Can the American people trust a senior White House official that is so cavalier in his association with such radical and repugnant sentiments?” On Saturday, Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), added his voice as chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. “Van Jones has to go”, he wrote on his Twitter account.

      White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Friday that Jones “continues to work for the administration” — but he did not state that the adviser enjoys the full support of President Obama, instead referring all questions to the environmental council where he worked, signaling the resignation was imminent.

      Jones, a towering figure in the environmental movement, had worked for the White House Council on Environmental Quality, as special adviser for green jobs, since March. He was a civil-rights activist in California before turning his focus to environmental and energy issues, and he won wide praise before joining the Obama administration for articulating a broad vision of a green economy Democrats could embrace.

      • Lol How about targeting Rahm next? Are there laws about sending dead fish through the mails? Tax cheats yay, treating other Dems like dirt okay, insulting his Repub buddies nay.

      • Obama White House : Profile in Jelly. How come GOP folks get caught in airport bathrooms and in diapers with their soul mates , but they stay put in office?

        It’s no surprise this White House is easily frightened. and folds . Now that the GOP has tasted blood, look out. You don’t stop them by not fighting, you just encourage them …duh

  32. helen good that guy had to go

    • Really?:

      Fox News Channel host Glenn Beck all but declared war on Jones after a group the adviser founded in 2005, ColorofChange.org, led an advertising boycott against Beck’s show to protest his claim that Obama is a racist.

      As Digby said:

      Murdoch and Ailes have made it quite clear that if you mess with Fox they will unleash the crazies. They’re taking Van Jones’ scalp to send that message.

      Even if he was a “truther” what’s that got to do with the job he just resigned from?

      • I’m no fan of Obama but we need good government and Van Jones seems to have been a good pick for the position he held.

        None of the criticisms thrown at him had anything to do with his qualifications or job performance.

        • Obama stands by stooges like Geithner, but caves with actual ethical and competent people. It’s not really funny, but he is incapable of doing anything right. Granted we’re all screwed, but it’s such an extended calculated f-// you after f/// you to the progressives that I have to laugh. How do you like it, Sirona? Lol I look forward to the day when they start waxing nostalgic about B. Clinton. 😉

        • (I usually just lurk, but wanted to comment). I do not like Van Jones at all. Here is what he said about then President Bill Clinton regarding the missile strikes against al-Queda:

          “‘This is using dead Third World bodies to cover up his own unzipped pants,” declared Van Jones…”

          He also declared himself a communist in the 90’s. Nope, I don’t think he is right for any job in government.

          • *shrugs* He may be a jerk, but it sets a very bad prescedent to remove someone from a position based on past stupid statements that have nothing to do with job performance. Obviously there are some statements so inflammatory they warrent dismissal regardless of how long ago, but as paper doll points out this is just inviting O’Reilly to dig up stupid statements by everyone and target them all one by one. Obama has a hard enough time finding anyone capable of doing his or her job as it is, forget finding a crony of his who’s never said anything stupid.

        • my friend a admitted marxist has no business in government in this country,plus if you listen to the various tapes of jones he is way out there.

  33. This article from the Gray Lady about Obama’s lessons learned from Hillarycare is a piece of work:


    • The NY Times says:

      By the 2008 presidential campaign, Mr. Obama’s Democratic rivals, including Mrs. Clinton, were again promising universal coverage. Mr. Obama never did, except for children. He emphasized that insured Americans would see lower costs, more choices and better coverage.

      Not true, Obama kept trying to present his healthcare plan as universal…

    • ack the quoting messed up, the “by 2008 …. more choices better coverage” para is the part that should be quoted.

    • Mr. Obama got a faster start than Mr. Clinton by not repeating his mistake of trying to write the law for the lawmakers. The Clintons’ secretive labors on a 1,342-page bill cost nine months and stoked resentment among Congress’s proud Democratic committee barons, who felt left out.

      The Big Dawg says that’s not true – Congress told him to present them with a draft bill.

      • In anything , the Clinton’s were too accommodating of congress ….both of the Dems who did NOTHING to suport their POTUS and the GOP, who threw whatever they could at the bill to stink it. What really got the proud Democratic committee barons, pissed off was how brilliant Hill and Bill were. That won’t make you friends in DC. Brilliant people make you work and show you up…they can’t help it ! lol!

    • In a lesson that holds some irony for Mr. Obama given his campaign against special interests, he has mostly rejected the Clintons’ industry-bashing populism. That has helped keep powerful groups at the table, to prevent their allying against him as they did against Mr. Clinton.


      In a lesson that holds some irony for demonstrates Mr. Obama‘s hypocrisy given his campaign rhetoric against special interests, he has mostly rejected the Clintons’ industry-bashing populism and instead cut secret deals with them. That has helped keep powerful groups at the table, to prevent their but they are still allying against him as they did against Mr. Clinton because they like their bread buttered on both sides.


      • Yeah that whole “lesson 5: co-opt the opposition” section was a crock.

      • “People have underestimated the strategic value of some of these alliances in terms of being able to keep this thing going,” said a former Clinton aide, who asked not to be identified because he now lobbies for several industries.

        Unnamed “former Clinton” aide… yeah sounds like Dick Morris.

        • Smells like him too.

        • Cutting secret deals with the industries that want to hold Americans hostage and profit from their illness to keep this thing going—that’s pretty much the textbook definition of how to create a high quality health care plan, isn’t it? It’s so so obviously worth keeping it going.

        • oh frick on a stick, I messed up the tags again, my comment is obviously the part about the quote sounding like Dick Morris.

          Well here’s more bs quote from the article–

          “Before Mr. Obama was elected, advisers began debriefing Clinton veterans to draft “lessons learned” memorandums. According to interviews with more than a dozen participants in the debates then and now, those lessons have helped the president’s proposals progress further through Congress’s committees than the plan advocated by Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton did. All the while, the administration has held the tentative support of powerful associations for doctors, nurses, seniors, hospitals, drug makers and, as Mr. Obama recently put it, “even the insurance companies,” which did the most to defeat the Clintons.”

          He stuck with the insurance companies and got the lobbyists who are in bed with Congress to get a bad bill further through Congress… gee shocking! what a lesson learned!

          • Getting a bill “further” through Congress is an amazing feat. Take that, you Republican supermajorities! We’ve got your number! Someday when we’ve increased the size of the chamber to 5000 and managed to elect 100% Dems, we’ll PASS a bill, you’ll see! It’ll be a crappy bill, but we’ll pass it! We are so a real party, ha!

        • yep,,,,

  34. New post up on Van Jones

  35. just curious, I couldn’t get to the linked page…is Sirota advertising a new book at the start of his rant?
    OH! You’re my new favorite blogger fyi

  36. Oh, I did miss your post when I made mine. Remember when he made a comment on his blog I think that “Obama did call him personally and gave him one hour interview over the phone? His very personal phone he never washed since? Some b-bots are really cheap to aquire.

  37. “3. To Clintonites, just STFU and slither back to your rathole of bitterness. Your candidate lost because she helped create the problems we now have to fix. Deal with that and become a productive member of society, or again, just STFU.”


    just came from Upps place and well, Hillary wins the popularity poll…

    umm, hmm…

    This guy should eat his words or his hat whichever comes first…

    great piece!

  38. I’m not a birther.

    I listened to MTC because of TT and because it’s an informative show about Democratic politics. TT has his own reasons for listening to the show. Neither of us EVER cared about the issue or ever mentioned it in the chats, believe me! =) I never cared to see the BC. I brought it up to absolve the few Democratic birthers out there.

    It might have to do with Matt, Phillip and MommaE being Southerners who tend to be more interested in it. They are all solid Democrats and obviously not racist. Phillip is not really a birther, he’s just interested in Democratic politics. Matt and Phillip are also very young, 19 and 20.

    The only document I want to see is his Columbia transcript. There are many documents he has not shown that other Presidents have. He’s trying to protect the Brand when more and more people want to know the Man. He’s very mysterious in this sense. The desire to see all these documents is about transparency. That’s not to say many Republicans aren’t racist in their motivations a lot of the time with their birtherism, Tea Parties, opposing health care and opposing Obama.

  39. wow, myiq, you are a big part of why TC is my number one FAVORITE site!

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