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NJ Governor’s race is a referendum on Obama

Taffeta, darling.  It wrinkles so easily.

"Taffeta, darling. It wrinkles so easily."

I’ve been a little quiet lately, mostly because just about all I needed to say about Obama and what a disaster he was going to be to the party was said last year.  It’s nice to see that the rest of the blogosphere is finally coming to the same place that the PUMAs were in back in 2008.  (See here and here)  We’re all old, postmenopausal, uneducated, working class racists now, even Kos.  Welcome to the club, buddy!  We’ll put your white sheet and estrogen replacement therapy starter pack in the mail.

But the scorched earth Obama primary campaign of 2008 continues to have collateral damage in other not so obvious ways.  Take the governor’s race in NJ, for example.  Jon Corzine is still trailing Chris Christie, in some polls by 10% or more.  Bloomberg now says that this off-year election race is a referendum on the Obama presidency:

The elections offer a test of whether the electricity Obama generated with voters during his campaign will power other Democrats.

Obama has been campaigning for both Governor Jon Corzine, 62, of New Jersey and Creigh Deeds, 51, a state senator running for governor in Virginia. The president’s push for health-care legislation and unprecedented federal spending on the worst financial crisis in 70 years has created headaches for his fellow Democrats, who both trail their opponents in the polls.

“The political bounce on everything that’s happened this summer has made people much more cautious, much more conservative and fearful of change,” said Ross Baker, a professor of political science at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Support for Obama and his policies has eroded over the summer. The percentage of Americans who disapprove of his handling of health care has jumped to 50 percent from 29 percent in April, an ABC News/Washington Post poll conducted Aug. 13 to 17 found.

There’s a reason why support for Obama and his policies have eroded over the summer.  He didn’t start out of the gate with the hope and change he promised, didn’t protect taxpayers from the bankers and didn’t present a strong health care policy that takes the profit out of insuring people’s health.  He didn’t do those things because he’s never really been much of a Democrat, much less a liberal one.  He has no core Democratic principles, something Jane Hamsher, Chris Bowers and Markos Moulitsas didn’t think was so important last year.  Well, that was before they became racists.

The problem is that a little more than half of the Democratic base didn’t vote for Obama in the primaries last year.  They voted for the other guy.  After 8 years of Bush, patiently waiting for 8 F&*%ing years, they wanted the most Democratic president they could get.  But the party shoved Obama down our throats instead in a frenzy of money lust and as a teachable moment on race.  (as if teachable moments on gender were not very important, but I digress.)

This is the situation we have in NJ as well, where we voted for Clinton by more than 10 points but saw Corzine give every one od our delegates to Obama at the convention.  You know, if I were Corzine, I’d be regretting that decision right about now because he’s been trailing Christie by about 10% all election season.  Primary voters usually are party loyalists.  Messing with them was a really baaaad idea. It doesn’t help that, like Obama, Corzine really isn’t much of a Democrat.  In spite of the fact that the state Assembly is in Democratic hands, he has done nothing about restructuring the tax system here in NJ, which funds EVERYTHING on the backs of homeowners.  You redstaters out there who think you have it bad with taxes should see the tax bill I have on my modest little townhouse.  Corzine didn’t take that issue seriously, just like Obama isn’t taking health care seriously or the financial crisis seriously or Afghanistan seriously.

If you’re going to act like a Republican anyway, as well as being permanently associated with Goldman Sachs, does it matter if we vote for you?  There are choices, by the way.  We don’t have to vote for Chris Christie.  I know Corzine would like everyone to believe that Christie is his only competition.  Corzine even tried to move the debate from the beginning of October to the end  so no one would know there was a third candidate.   Corzine can’t afford to lose any more ground to any other candidate.

The Star-Ledger says Daggett speaks in coherent sentences!

The Star-Ledger says Daggett speaks in coherent sentences!

But Independent Chris Daggett, who’s going to be at that debate,  just got an endorsement from the Sierra Club so I’m taking a second look at him.  Plus, he’s got some ideas about education and lifetime tenure of new teachers that I find interesting, especially since this has the potential of improving the preparation of teachers in NJ schools in the area of Math and Science. Daggett could pick up a lot of support in the growing Asian community if he emphasized a math and science component of his education plan.  And those of you who have had enough of Bush’s and now Obama’s rambling speeches and non-sequitors will appreciate this comment from our local Star-Ledger:

Daggett stands to be the most articulate of the three as well. Christie piles on the platitudes like a pie-man piles on the pizza toppings. Corzine tends to get lost in the funhouse of his own thoughts. Daggett speaks in coherent sentences….So this race promises to be a real roller-coaster ride. Fasten your seat belt.

That’s a good sign.  It means that Daggett’s at least engaged his mind before he’s opened his mouth.  He’s pretty reasonable on social issues as well.

As for Corzine, what goes around, comes around.   Maybe he can get a job in his old pal, Barack Obama’s administration, for what ever is left of his term.

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109 Responses

  1. RD who do you think will win .

    • No idea. Daggett doesn’t have the cachet of Jesse Ventura but people are really fed up with both parties.

  2. Just this summer, I met some inlaws who live in New Jersey. I’m going to make a follow-up phone call and drop a bug in their ear about Daggett and see what they say. I know they were not fans of Corzine.

    The sad thing I’m picking up about the commenters on the kool-aid blogs as they wipe hopium out of their eyes is that many of them are blaming everything on Rahm Emanuel. Once again, it’s Clinton’s fault.

    • It’s part of Rahm’s job to absorb the criticism for Obama…all the better for the CDS crowd that Rahm gives the CDS people a way to twist Obama’s missteps as the Clintons fault.

  3. I’m confused — is Daggett in the Dem pimary if he’s independent?

    I feel bad for NJ.
    At least in PA Gov Rendell stuck with HRC. He got a lot of points from me for that.

  4. Obama took the financial crisis seriously.

    He worked hard to bailout those poor schmoes on Wall Street.

  5. They have Fox Spews on the TV in our cafeteria at work. The bobbleheads that come on around 7 PM were gloating about projected Dem losses.

  6. RD, does it mean, that, to use Rahm-speak, the B0bots on line joined us in out knitting? We’ll have to knit a big, big throw to cover all the mess!
    It’s funny, I was upset while telling my “I told you so”s during W’s years (especially on war). Now, I m starting to enjoy a bit my Cassandra plight.
    Maybe because of this turnaround you mentioned – not that anyone will give us credit for consistency.

    • Yeah, that bugs me. We were right and we were consistent. You’d think we’d get some credit for that. But what do we get? {{crickets}}
      we are inconvenient and an embarrassing reminder of how wrong they were.

      • We tried to warn them so they consider us traitors.

      • We weren’t just inconvenient way back when, we were reviled in really nasty language, we were hated and slandered, no holds barred, no insult too over the top. That sort of treatment leaves its mark. I’ll certainly never look at the Democratic party and its, uh, “progressives” in the same way again. I don’t look for an apology from these self righteous, self inflated, vindictive SOBs, because it ain’t ever coming. I trust them about as far as I can kick Rush Limbaugh. To my everlasting sadness, I’ve learned that the left is full of people I want nothing to do with. I am now and will forever remain a homeless PUMA.

        • We’re still being slandered. Apparently if you add the words “appears to be” to a statement though it makes it all better.

          Let me try.

          Obama is an idiot. (offensive)

          Obama appears to be an idiot. (not offensive).

          Note the difference. (rolling eyes)

          I feel so much smarter now that I’ve been educated.

    • I just linked your post on the Clinton speech about healthcare.

      What we could of and should of have and instead the GD dnc shoved backtrack down our throats



  7. Oh, and don’t cry for poor Corzine. He’ll be able to run the country from his old haunts, at Goldman & Sachs.

  8. I love the idea of an independent winning. That’s the message that needs to be sent!

    • It might make the two parties pee their panties if we were able to sneak an option c in. At the very least it would make them have to share the collective pie(with a smaller piece for each)

  9. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/8235356.stm

    This makes me want to vomit.

    I hope Corzine goes down in a landslide. I have two daughters that live in New Jersey and I know that state is hurting.



  10. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/08/30/AR2009083002518.html

    I stopped watching tv news about a year ago, so I do not know if the bloom is off the rose or not.



    • David Corn, a blogger for Politics Daily, says that despite a reservoir of support for the president, some of his policies “have caused concern, if not outright anger, among certain liberal commentators and bloggers. It’s been a more conventional White House than many people expected or desired. . . . He’s made compromises that have some people concerned about his adherence to principle.”

      When did he ever display any adherence to principle?! Show me one instance of congruity and political courage. It was all there, if you bothered to read anything beyond the mewling of cheering press. They quote Eugene Robinson of WAPO as “thoughtful and fair?” Please. They are all responsible. If we could see it from doing even minimal research (or following your instincts–I knew the first time I saw him debate), then they were willfully ignorant and seduced by emotional group think. I’m disgusted by their too late awakenings.

      • They are all responsible….Amen. This is like when the press woke up from their War love affair and said who could have known they didn”t have WMD?? Well I knew because we invaded them, that told you right there there were no WMD…plus those who sold Saddam what weapons he had , did the invading. They knew what he did and didn’t have to the last liter
        of mustard gas.

        The point is that, ” the we didn’t know routine” is threadbare beyond belief . If they didn’t” know” , they are idiots or hacks…which is it?

      • I’m sick of hearing how “they expected” him to be so very different. On what damn basis did they expect that? What reality, what record of verifiable accomplishment underpinned that expectation? None. The “expectation” was a product of their own wishful thinking.

        It was a FAIRYTALE. And if they’d been more worried about examining this man’s actions, record, and political connections, instead of screaming “RAYCIST!” at anyone who dared to challenge their delusions about his competence and principles, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

        • Fairytale is right. You should see the books about B0 the kids are supposed to read before the big lecture. They’re so filled with B0 pablum it makes me want to regurgitate. I saw them on a PUMA site (can’t recall which one now). I guess he’s losing the college age kids so now he’s “reaching out” to the elementary kids.

        • what record of verifiable accomplishment underpinned that expectation?

          lol! Indeed. Perhaps its in Obama’s sealed records we aren’t allowed to see, but they got a peek!

  11. Oh, and then there’s this–he’s going to pull the whole Party down. Can’t say we didn’t warn ya…

    Democratic Advantage in Party Affiliation Shrinks
    Gap now 5 points, down from 17 in January

    PRINCETON, NJ — In August, an average of 45% of Americans identified as Democrats or leaned to the Democratic Party, while 40% identified as Republicans or leaned to the Republican Party. This 5-point advantage represents a decided narrowing of the gap between the parties from the 17-point Democratic advantage in January.


    • There goes that Democratic dynasty for the next generation. Let’s see, didn’t we just watch the Republican dynasty for all time go bust? Is there a lesson in there?

    • hmm if look it this way if the GOV oj NJ get beat & beat preety bad. next time around . the DNC will think twice about pulling that same stunt they did at the roll call .

  12. This is interesting news RD and must surely help explain Corzine’s persistently low numbers (in addition to his low performance). It looks like Daggett at the least will ensure Corzine is defeated and at the most could just well become one of the first Independents elected to a governorship. Now that would send a message to the Dems and give a real lift to Dems who got bruised and buried in the O blast.

  13. Oh I don’t think it’s easier to tear someone down. If our government does a good job..and if the President is in that position for the all the people..there is no reason to tear them down. We have seen contentment from the people with many Presidents. The people start tearing down when it becomes necessary.

    • I don’t suppose you’ve noticed that you said “if our government does a good job”? I think that’s the issue here. Our government is NOT doing a good job unless you’re a Wall Street high roller. Then, I suppose you’re quite satisfied.

  14. http://edgeoforever.wordpress.com/2009/09/03/wh-not-digging-anniversary-of-clinton-healthcare-speech/

    This makes me want to cry. What we could of and should of had and what the GD dnc shoved down our throats.



  15. Betty, its has become necessary. they have had no porb silencing our voices the only way to get our voices back back is to take away they power & the voices of those that silenced us . then next time they will think twice pulling that same stunt

  16. Great post Rd

    We’re all old, postmenopausal, uneducated, working class racists now, even Kos. Welcome to the club, buddy! We’ll put your white sheet and estrogen replacement therapy starter pack in the mail.


    • Definitely the line of the day!

      • dakinikat

        I posted a link to a bbc upcoming series. I thought it would interest you.
        The aftershocks of the last years economy



  17. “He didn’t do those things because he’s never really been much of a Democrat, much less a liberal one.”

    Obama was, is, and will always be the “Unity Party” candidate. The Democratic Party was high-jacked in 2006-2007 and the only thing left is the name. I’d withhold the name and start labelling Obama, and anyone who continues to support him, including Pelosi and Reid, as Unity Party subversives. They’ve stolen the name of the Democratic Party with absolutely no commitment to what it has stood for since the administration of FDR and his social conscience, Eleanor.
    Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Corzine, etc. etc. etc. should be called out as thieves and imposters at every opportunity. The only way they should be able to buy silence is by actually acting like Democrats!

  18. RD your link to TL is interesting. Looks like they are re-fighting the primary in the comment section. Seems they are about 18 months behind the curve.

    Oh well, better late than never.

    • Jeralyn ain’t happy about it neither.

      • I thought she was going to blow a gasket the other day.

        Most of them missed RD’s point which I gathered to be that the options they are facing are pretty much the options PUMA faced, vote for someone who you don’t believe reflects your values(woohoo the Dems won but we still get nothing), stay home(according to them withholding a vote makes you irrelevant), or vote for the other guy(who would just so happen to be Republican thereby making you a GOP r@tf*cker). I guess they seem to have an 11th dimensional chess move that is somwhere along the line of holding their breath stomping their feet and STILL voting for the Democrat(which is the same exact thing as option A but it just sounds so much more resolute).

        • Update : and at least one of them is going with option A

          See the difference between us and them is they are “threatening” with the intent of never really delivering

          It positively is mind boggling that someone would find this superior to threatening and then following through.

          • Threatening but never delivering is what got liberal voters in this mess. Me, I decided last year to put my money where my mouth is. To the Democratic Party: I can and WILL vote for your worst fucking nightmare just to see you get your ass whipped at the polls. And I will keep doing it until you get the message.

            The Democratic party will never clean up their act until enough of us do that. They will continue to lie their way through election season, then get into office and do what they damn well please.

          • “I’m gonna vote for you bastards anyway but I’m gonna hold my nose when I do it!”

            To which the DNC replies:

            “Thank you for your support.”

          • Threatening but not delivering is the cardinal sin if you’re raising children, and it doesn’t work in the political arena, either.


            To which the DNC replies:

            “Thank you for your support.”

            Then they ask if you can donate to “help the president” accomplish his agenda.

      • Heh:

        they have lost you, not “us” (none / 0) (#80)
        by Jeralyn on Wed Sep 02, 2009 at 11:52:30 AM EST
        Please take your third party, Hillary laments elsewhere. This is the third warning to you today. Your agenda is apparent and it’s in conflict with this site.

        I thought the name of the site was “TalkLeft” not “SupportAllDemocratsNoMatterHowAwful?”

        BTW – 3 warnings all posted after Goldberry/RD’s last comment are really 1 warning.

        • Where in this mission statement is there anything that conflicts with Goldberry/RD’s agenda?:


          • I find it incredibly ironic that they can agitate for the progressive block to leave the darn table on health care if there is no public option and not get that is basically EXACTLY what PUMAs did after the convention when the DNC decide to pretend entire states that went Hillary Clinton went to Obama. The only difference is the issue. The strategy was the same. I mean were they not at the negotiating table when PUMAs were fighting for a real roll call? PUMAs only left after they realized what they were being offered wasn’t enough.

        • Other people at TalkLeft seem to be in agreement with RD’s comments. Jeralyn wants to forget the disenfranchisement because it affects her own psychology and guilt for jumping on the hate bandwagon just to elect Obama and Biden (the guy she used to say she would never vote for).

      • Jeralyn continues to embarrass herself:

        Surprised she didn’t delete this comment:

        But hey, (none / 0) (#26)
        by ghost2 on Thu Sep 03, 2009 at 10:03:23 AM EST
        Jeralyn has major PDS [Palin Derangemnet Syndrome]. What would we do without it?

        I can’t believe a serious blog will publish this c*&p about whether Sarah and her husband are sleeping in the same room. BTW, all indications are to me that the Palins have a very strong marriage.

        Yeah, we have to have our two minutes of hate. Hence Vanity Fair interviews Levi, and SNL (during the election) peddles nasty rumors on whose child Bristol was carrying. Otherwise, we may actually see Todd Palin as who he seems to be. A very rugged, good looking, tough guy who is also very comfortable with the power and attention that his wife is getting. Wasn’t that what us feminists wanted men to be like?

        Well, no one knows what goes on inside a family, except them. However, I like how Todd comes across.

  19. I forgot there was a new thread, bringing this upstair.

    Broder ponders “Ultimately, do we want to see Cheney, who backed these actions and still does, standing in the dock?” yet stands by the Clinton impeachment for the Lewinsky scandal.


    Wapo is pathetic.

  20. Riverdaughter,

    Maybe some of the front page posters can start educating us about
    Daggett. I’m sure that the kool-aid kids read The Confluence at times, and threads get passed around the Internets tubes.

    This lifelong Dem became an independent (“Decline to State”) as a result of the DNC’s throwing the election to their Chosen One (or “God’s gift” as Nancy P. said).

    To me, he was always the second favorite of the Chicago machine–after Gov. Blag. I never found out one thing he did for actual people who were not feathering his nest for the next step up the ladder, or the next bigger house.

    • I bet if you investigated it that RD would put your work up……

    • Really? I’m not so sure they read us because everytime they end up agreeing with us, 6 months to a year later, they always make it sound like it’s a new and original idea that they’d just thought of that very morning over the latte. If the kool ade gang reads us, and they probably do, they’ll Never admit it.

      • The larger picture seems to be very difficult for some of them to grasp. They are clinging to the idea of the Democratic party the way we, well cling to our guns and Bibles.

        It’s kinda sad that they missed your larger point.

  21. Re: Bloomberg-Not sure if Deeds isn’t doing so well because of Obama or if it’s because he and his campaign staff are running a horrible campaign.The primary voters did vote for Obama last year but, with an open primary system, many of them were not Dems. I’m not surprised that Deeds doesn’t have strong support, though maybe it would be somewhat stronger if Obama wasn’t such a disappointment. His opponent is the worst sort of Repub and the thought of him winning is freaking me out. I have no choice but to vote for Deeds, even though his Dem-itude is no better than Corzine’s.

    • I still haven’t decided who I’m going to support although I am leaning Deeds. They have been running ads against him big time and I haven’t seen one single ad for him. Definitely not a well run campaign. I did get an email from Webb asking I support him.

      • Have you read McDonnell’s Pat Robertson U thesis?

        • Nope. He hasn’t been godawful as AG though. Okay, nevermind ,I just read parts of it. Deeds it is. You are pretty extreme when you say the only people who should be eligible for contraception are married folk.

  22. I’m not sure he can win it without a strong campaign but Daggett is the one I’ve been supporting – even sent him some bucks.

    I remember in a meeting a couple of months ago with Corzine I mentioned to him that there are a lot of people still angry about his handing over our delegates to Obama – he looked at me and said – “You really believe that? I don’t think so.” I told him he was going to have a rough time of getting elected – particularly since there is a viable independent candidate and I got an incredulous look.

    I also found a PUMA in the Division on Women here in NJ.

    • Joanelle, I see a collaboration in our future. Like for the next 2+ months. Who can we mobilize?

      • Go for it, women! I just voted for a female challenger (Joan Buchanan) for Ellen Tauscher’s congressional seat, but she lost to Garimendi, who was the beneficiary of robo-calls by B. Clinton and Gore. I hope they got some message in that it was not a landslide for him in this liberal Calif. area. His team pushed hard to win. We got more calls and mailers about this seat than about the primary or general elections.

        Hope you all fare better in N.J.

      • I need a solid member of the progressive block to adopt. I have a Blue dog who I will either abstain from voting for or vote to replace(The last time he had no challenger). Any suggestions? I prefer someone willing to hold the line on health care and female.

      • I’m back – was sitting with grandbabies – Although I’ve reached out to Daggett’s group I’ve not gotten much info back – I’m sure they’re juggling much these days but we need to insure that both Corzine and Christie feel a good deal of heat – so they understand that voters have had it with the nonsense from both parties.

  23. Well I spent my morning banging my head up against the brick wall that is the progressive block. Does anyone have an aspirin?

    My good and evil half are warring because some of them NEED to be taken down a peg or two. I really don’t want it to be on the backs of every person that needs comprehensive insurance though.

    It is interesting to see them in pretty much the same place we were and quite possibly having to make the same decision we did in 2012. I wonder if they will call themselves “Republican ratf*ckers” if and when they fail to vote for Obama for not reflecting their values? Oh the irony.

  24. They were making fun of the PUMA site that supports Palin in 2012. I told them that perhaps they ought to be thinking about a moderate Republican option to throw their support behind considering how abysmally Obama is performing. I suggested perhaps Snowe(who they have been calling President since she is the health care decider). Am I wrong for that? (snort)

  25. Has NJ had many Republican governors recently?

    • Nope

      As a matter of fact NJ is usually considered a teaser state because the numbers get close but it almost reliably goes democratic.

    • This is incorrect Christie Todd whitman was our governor for 8 years before she went to DC. Before that there was Tom Kean for eight years. Whitman and Kean were separated by Florio, a single term Democrat
      in fact the Ds never serve two terms here. Our congressional delegation is almost evenly split.
      It would be relatively easy for Christie to win the governors seat.

      • Sounds like California – people assume we’re solid blue but we keep electing GOPers as governor.

      • Whitman was pretty moderate though if I remember correctly. She was part of the GOP before they decided to jump the shark. I don’t really know enough about Christie.

        You have the same cycle as we do so I have been keeping up with my own locality somewhat.

        I’ve got to decide on our delegate and governor within the next month.

        • Whitman was considered moderate. But in the modern GOP, being a moderate just means you ring your hands as you do what the party want .

          Let’s not forget while EPA head, Whitman obeyed the Bush White house and said the air in lower manhattan was fine, when it was not and she knew it .

          • I’m not so sure she really knew it – towards the end of her Governorship she listened to some really bad advice.

            Part of it being to take to offer to move to the Fed – she was very uncomfortable in that administration, as it was the antithesis of what she believed in.

            Another woman politician squandered.

        • The GOP could have had a really solid situation here if they had supported Whitman when she ran against Bill Bradley – she came very clost to beating him with verrrrrry little support from the part – ewwue icky girl parts –

          They really blew it then – she eventually got strong female support when she ran for Governor and was in office for two terms.

  26. here’s a link to turd blossom’s take on VA and NJ Governor’s race …

    Click to access Polling_News___Notes_09_03_09.pdf

  27. Corzine’s problem is he’s done nothing for the average NJ voter…not one bone or even an appearance of a bone has been tossed their way.
    You have to give people a REASON to vote for you..particularly when times are hard. If they could remember something ( anything) he did for them , he’d have a chance…but he’s done nothing I can see . Not being Bush is not enough anymore.

    • With the current group of legislators here in NJ no Governor is going to get much done – we need to dump our Dem assembly and senate.

      They are entrenched and are in love with themselves.

  28. News Flash, News Flash!

    Nancy Pelosi is backing off on a “public option.” Quelle suprise!

    But they’re gonna put in trigger. Hopefully not so we can shoot ourselves when we realize we can’t afford medical insurance.

    • It is all kabuki theater. They will not renenge on the deal with the insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

  29. I am so fed up with the righteous presumption the administration and new progressives wield with this teachable moments attitude. Yes there are racists of all colors, shapes and sizes. But I’d like to believe that the majority of people across the country have been and still are moving to embrace the multiculturalism that is America. The MSM tends to showcase the extremists at both ends. But, this idea that we have to go back to the cultural mindset of the 60s to re-educate everyone on the concept of race relations is elitist, condescending and frankly naïve. Why are pols in DC continuing to invoke the race card. Seems everyday, there’s another story.

  30. (Racist ranting deleted and commenter banned)

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