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Don’t Expect Apologies From the Dark Minions of the Kool-Aid Kingdom


Dear Riverdaughter,

There is an interesting parallel between the situation of anti-Obama Democrats and that of the members of the resistance in post-WWII France. Given these parallels, I think it unlikely that we will receive an apology from the dark minions of the Kool-Aid Kingdom, generally-speaking. I think it more likely that they will continue to attempt to diminish us, because our existence reminds them of their failings.

Preventative maintenance requires this rider. I know the situations are not equivalent. I’m noting something they share.

Furthermore, there is no doubt that the vast majority of Obama supporters were not engaged in scorched Earth politics. They are not the object of this analysis.

As France re-made herself after WWII, participants in the Nazi/Vichy structures were embarrassed by the very existence of those who refused to participate under Nazi power. They were even more embarrassed by the existence of those who fought the power. The existence of the Resistance stood in stark relief to those who participated in Nazi-esque collusion.

As establishment people, they overcame their embarrassment in two ways. The first thing they did was to deny and exclude access to the power structure to resistance participants. They also worked to remove resistance participants from the structure, where possible.

The second thing they did was fabricate resistance credentials and attempt to bury their collusion with the Nazis. They created the myth of their integrity. By preventing the possibility of comparison through their exclusionary activities, they safeguarded the myth of their integrity. Their large numbers, tied to the fact of their establishment ensconsement, enabled the myth to become reified.

It is unsurprising that the dark minions among Obama’s enablers, who practised scorched Earth politics within the Democratic party and beyond, continue to assault those who worked against his ascendance. We are living examples of their moral and/or intellectual shortcomings.

They are tied to the power structure of the party. The re-writing phase of their autobiographies is underway. Expect some to engage in rearguard, credential boosting actions, like shearing the hair of the less powerful, more identifiable members of the Kool-Aid Kingdom.

These actions will mean little, however, until the history of the Resistance is co-optively revised. To do so, they will need to make us disappear from the public eye, through means that deny our power or diminish our voice.

I expect no apologies from the dark minions of the Kool-Aid Kingdom. I expect they will attack us because it is the only way for the myth of their integrity to take root.



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91 Responses

  1. We were right about Obama but we’re traitors because we refused to support him.

    (actually we were wrong about Obama – he’s far worse than we thought he would be)

    • The traitor stuff didn’t really turn me off as much as the assumption that not getting behind Obama meant the preference for Hillary was only “about Hillary” and “not about policy/principles.”

      • That assumption reveals quite a bit about the people making it. They judged us by there own motivations.

        For them it was “about Obama” and not about policy or principles.

      • WV,

        They did not understand that scorched Earth politics destroys the foundations upon which a party stands together. Because they lacked this very basic understanding, they also could not understand why their actions eliminated the obligation for post-primary unity.

        Because their capacities for understanding prevented them from seeing the reasons unity did not occur, they created explanations for our departure, such as the Hillary cult projection.


      • Don’t forget how Hillary was the anti-Christ one day and the next it was “Obama and Hillary have the same positions on practically everything!” really–if I hadn’t already sussed out that whatever this was about for Obots, it wasn’t liberalism or principle, I think that would have given it away….

        • They usually didn’t even wait the full day to alternate theories. If I remember correctly. It was like they were alternating the “if you do what we want we’ll give you a cookie” with “Do what we want or we’ll toss you in the closet without dinner.” It was quite the show.

  2. I don’t want apologies, apology is useless anyway. I would just like to see people not repeat the same mistakes in 2016. Probably wishful thinking.

    • In oreder to not expect the same outcome you’d have to switch up the variables and admit that you made calculating errors. Sadly, I don’t see that.

    • I’d like to see us undo the mistake in 2012.

      • Again, with half the party still insisting on denial being solely a river in Egypt I don’t see how that is going to happen. Not only that but even if we managed to get them to see reality (where Obama does not promote that progressive agenda) we’d still have to fight the entrenched infrastructure that gave him to us to begin with otherwise known as the DNC. We’d need them to see reality pretty quick and they seem pretty intent on hoping Lucy won’t pull away that football on Ol’ Charlie Brown.

        I’m interested to see if we get a third party in 2012.

        • I think the third party route could very possibly happen. There are still many unhappy people, including all the independents, who will not find their way forward with either a Rep. or Dem. option. Obama has opened many doors IMHO. Apologies, I think not. First, in order to apologize one has to admit fault. Second, many still cannot see what is literally staring them in the face. Many will carry on secretly “hoping” that all will end well.

  3. http://theplumline.whorunsgov.com/president-obama/house-liberals-write-directly-to-obama-no-public-option-no-support

    “Any bill that does not provide, at a minimum, a public option built on the Medicare provider system and with reimbursement based on Mediare rates — not negotiated rates — is unacceptable,” reads the letter, which was sent over by a source. It was signed by Reps. Lynn Woolsey and Raul Grijalva, the two leaders of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

    “A health reform bill without a robust public option will not achieve the health reform this country so desperately needs,” the letter continues. “We cannot vote for anything less.”

    “We look forward to meeting with you regarding a robust public option in any final health reform bill and request that that meeting take place as soon as possible,” the letter says.

    Last month, five dozen House liberals wrote a letter to Nancy Pelosi ruling out support for any bill without the public option. While today’s letter doesn’t bear all those signatures, it signals that House progressive leaders intend to try to maintain a united, potentially confrontational front even as the president prepares to make his case in a major, make-or-break address to Congress.

    Should Obama jettison the public option, progressives will come under tremendous pressure to back the plan anyway. White House advisers will likely insist that liberals mustn’t deny the president a historic victory and enable a defeat that could cripple the first African-American presidency.

    Here that riverdaughter, if you oppose Obama’s junk healthcare reform, you are a racist.

    We should be looking at policy, not skin color and gender.
    This again reminds me as to why affirmative action needs to be scrapped entirely.

    Obama is going to be a one term wonder like Carter.
    At least Carter had a core of beliefs and did try to change the country.

    As someone said: “Jimmy Herbert Obama”.

    • Barack Hoover – a vacuum in the Oval Office

    • White House advisers will likely insist that liberals mustn’t deny the president a historic victory and enable a defeat that could cripple the first African-American presidency.

      The White House advisers need to realize that the fine print of healthcare legislation that will affect this country for many years to come is more important than their played out race-baiting.

      • As a person of color, let me say to the White House that this isn’t about him!!! The fight is about the 47 million uninsured, the 25 million under insured, the 2/3s of folks who go bankrupt due to health related bills, the small business owners unable to keep up with the EVER rising rates, the folks in the 40-61 age group who are first to be let go due to high premiums, the Americans who can’t buy health insurance due to pre-existing conditions, and the 60 Americans that die each day due to lack of Health Care!!! So, if he wants to be historic, he needs to support The Public Option, because we aren’t buying into the BULL.

        HR 676 Single Payer (Pubic Option), Everyone In, Nobody Out, It’s All American, just like gran’s Medicare!

        • WV,



        • Yep. This is not about him, but his narcissism won’t allow him to see that.

          • I think Copernicus described the rotation of the celestial bodies around the center of the universe as Obamacycles.

          • Obamacycle, n. A peddle-driven personal transportation device with two square wheels.

        • WV, always watch your ‘l’s in public…. :0)

          • georgia72,

            Gee golly shucks, that is the iphone for you 😯 and I need at least a 2++ power glasses when in waiting rooms trying to type on a touch screen the size of one’s palm. So sorry… 😳

            Steven Mathers can ya fix it? Some one, please how embarrassing especially since I don’t talk naughty! Thanks for pointing it out.

            SOS 😳

    • Well, I’ve been a racist since last year. I know that because people keep telling me. I just had no idea. My mother was shocked when I told her. She didn’t bring me up that way. What can I say? The minute I stood up for voters who were being disenfranchised and said Obama was not ready and didn’t have core Democratic principles, I became a veritable grand master of my local KKK. It was that easy!
      Well, if the progressives become racists too, they will be in good company. Or bad. It’s so hard to tell anymore. For all I know, I might be truly evil and beyond redemption too.

    • News Flash!!

      Nancy Pelosi just backed off on the public option.

      But they’ll put in a trigger, just in case. I hope (see–I have hopes, too) it’s not so we can shoot ourselves when we realize we can’t afford decent medical insurance that actually will cover us when we’re ill.

  4. Apology unexpected.

  5. Mike Lux at OpenLeft:

    Big Media frequently (usually?) gets it wrong, but their hyping out about the big gamble Obama is making with this health care speech to Congress is actually correct. He is raising the stakes for himself very high, not just through the roof but to the moon and stars. If he fails now to get health care passed, it will be the biggest Presidential level political fiasco since Carter’s botched rescue attempt of the hostages in Iran.

    So far, so good, but a big swig of Kool-aid and:

    You have to give the President credit for his courage. The willingness to take big gambles and then make them work is a hallmark of greatness.

    Uh, Mike? Hopenchange all you want, but you ain’t getting a pony.

    • myiq,

      Mike’s de Luxe version of openleft progressivism.


    • No, it is an act of desperation.

    • He is raising the stakes for himself very high, not just through the roof but to the moon and stars

      Which tells me it’s a done deal. And all the pundits pimping the line Obama is ” raising the stakes ” 24/7 is also telling me it’s a done deal. Barry Inc to not roll the dice unless they are fixed …. like always

    • You have to give the President credit for his courage. The willingness to take big gambles and then make them work is a hallmark of greatness.

      LOLOLOL!! Stop it ! My laugh lines are hurting! That’s not the result of a kool-aide gulp, but of a kool-aide suppository. imo….

    • You have to give the President credit

      What is “credit” a euphemism for? 4 delegates?

    • “The
      willingness to take big gambles and then make them work is a
      hallmark of greatness.”

      Unless you have tits. Then we’ll crucify you for trying.

  6. You know, I don’t expect an apology. I’m just not going quietly into that dark night.


  7. Steven,

    You apparently have hurt some feelings. I’m not sure why they care since you appear to irrelevant and all that blather.

    What I don’t understand is how blasted difficult is it for them to say “heh, you were right, he wasn’t the progressive bastion we were hoping for. Help us work around him.” Nope, instead some of them stubbornly seem to think it’s a good idea to malign people who were essentially right when they questioned Obama’s intent on passing and promoting a liberal agenda.

    • cw,

      I’m earnest in the sense of The Importance of Being so.


      • The idea of a principled stand seems somewhat lost on them.

        I have really tried today to explain too but all it translated to was “pumas are saints”

        I might as well have been speaking in French or Spanish

        Hasta lumbago and que lastima indeed.

    • Was it Peter Beinart who started the drum banging about how only pro-war Dems could be taken seriously on national security issues? This was AFTER they realized the war was a disaster, but not only could they not admit they were wrong, they had to redefine wrongness as the test of judgment. It’s always somebody else’s fault, it wasn’t a fool’s errand, it was just and necessary but mismanaged, And only knee jerk hippies believe otherwise. And when they abandon Obama, they’ll say they were his most reluctant supporters and held off until the rac ism she unleashed, comperable to 1968, pushed them into it.

      • I suspect that RD and Steven are right and one of the reasons they want to paint us as irrelevant is because they want to be able to rewrite history and we stand between them and doing so. Using the logic many of them seem to be using THEY are just as irrelevant as we are. It isn’t like they are being listened to anymore than the rest of us are.

        • We’re Banquo’s ghosts.

          We remind them of stuff they don’t want to remember.

        • ….they want to paint us as irrelevant is because they want to be able to rewrite history and we stand between them and doing so…

          lol! Yes and you know Obama has not helped them at all in their rewrite of history endeavor . His betrayals have come so fast and furious, they have to craft rewrite whoppers, and not just little lies that work best with rewrite. When they bring themselves to complain about Barry, that’s what they complain about…their disappointment etc. the fact that Bush policies continue without a speed bump doesn’t seem to bother them nearly as much.

  8. Where I come from, there’s a saying for what you just described: “We were few, but many are left”. More recently, I saw this happening after supporting the Iraq war became an embarrassment: media and political figures started altering their past. Notable example: John Edwards who sorta apologized for voting for IWR but never mentioned he also sponsored it.

  9. http://www.soldierforhillary.com/2009/09/03/kids-inspired-by-hope/

    this is one of the scariest videos I have ever seen.
    If this is the future of this country I am glad I am not young any more.
    give me the youth of a country and I will have the country.



    • While the GOP protests against the speech to students were a tad shrill, they were not all the way wrong on principle. I am happy NYC starts schools the following day – so, my kid will miss this indoctrination opportunity. otherwise, I would have told her – the answer to “how can you help Obama” is “remind him of all the promises he made last year and broke now”

  10. LOL, EOF, Barack should remember, “feedback is a gift”, LOL.

    Schools weigh Obama’s address request

    Here in Denver, Obama’s most favoritest place, there is lots of unhappiness about this indoctrination (speech).

    Oh, and no way will we see an apology anytime. That would involve those who were thoroughly, 100% duped to admit to being weak willed, non thinking and easily swayed.

    • http://mediamatters.org/blog/200909030020

      On November 14, 1988, Reagan addressed and took questions from students from four area middle schools in the Old Executive Office Building. According to press secretary Marvin Fitzwater, the speech was broadcast live and rebroadcast by C-Span, and Instructional Television Network fed the program “t o schools nationwide on three different days.” Much of Reagan’s speech that day covered the American “vision of self-government” and the need “to keep faith with the unfinished vision of the greatness and wonder of America” but in the middle of the speech, the president went off on a tangent about the importance of low taxes.

      there he goes again, following in RR’s footsteps!

  11. the comparison made by Steven is interesting. The “collaborators” are basically cowards that either follow their own crass interests or are easily fooled by demagogery. There are other similar comparisons that can be made with other European countries during the war where the collaboration level was even higher or who deliberately choose to “cooperate” like Sweden. In Sweden the active collaboration between the Royal family, the Army and even the coalition government (including social-democrats) is still more or less taboo. Those people used the “redeeming” of the actions of Bernadotte and Raoul Wallenberg to ensure everybody that they had always been “on the right side”, but… after the war. And similar comparisons can be made with former communists from the Eastern block. After 1989 they became “socialists” and “democrats” overnight. And often kept theit seats.

    In France a part of the left is still uncapable to condemn Stalin or…Trotskij. When it comes to the Liberation, they are eager to tell you that “they fought for France”. Even if it’s true that they suffered the biggest losses (and a majority had a genuine feeling of fighting for their country) the communist leadership didn’t fight for France but for the Komintern, secretely hoping that the insignias of the liberators would be red stars instead of white ones. The young Guy Mocquet who was shot at 16 while hostage of the Nazis was caught distributing leaflets accusing “British and American imperialism” but there wasn’t a word about the Germans in Nazi occupied France, since the orders were to respect the Ribbentrop pact, big brother Stalin knew best. But today when there is a commemoration, the local communist mayor will hail him as “a martyr of the nation”, and the flags will be tricolore and not red. This behaviour is known as “recycling” in France. So American cousins, if you feel betrayed (and I would feel the same when I follow the current healthcare debate) , don’t expect apologies…

    • Mr. Wolf,

      I’m not familiar with l’histoire de Guy Moquet, but I am familiar with Stalin’s efforts to thwart revolutionary activity outside of the USSR, due to his fear of the growth in power of the right. Homage to Catalonia by Orwell, for example, beautifully describes how Stalin’s fear of the combined might of the Germans, Italians, and Japanese (in Manchuria) lead him to abandon promoting Communism elsewhere and instead to use the Comintern to work to form popular fronts. For example, in Spain, prior to the civil war, the standard election joke was “Vote Communist to prevent Marxism.”

      It takes no stretch of the imagination to imagine Stalin joyfully abandoning that avenue, when Hitler offered the pact.


      • Mr Steven

        here in French (hope you can read it)


        “‘à l’origine, le culte rendu aux fusillés de Châteaubriant a eu pour but d’occulter le fait que lorsqu’ils ont été internés, le parti des futurs fusillés n’était nullement sur une ligne de résistance à l’occupant ”

        see (less elaborated)

        The French communists didn’t go into active resistance before 1941 (Hitler’s attack on the Soviet Union). The assassination of a Feldkommandant, by a commando in Nantes 1941, caused the execution of Moquet in retaliation, Moquet became iconic due to his age.

        Even Roosevelt protested at that time.

        This was problematic for the French communist party, because there weren’t “first hour resistants” like the gaullists. Thus the portraying of Moquet. To make things clear, I am not “blaming” Moquet for what he did, he was the product of the circumstances. But it’s an example how “wrong stances” are recycled in “heroic ones” in a later context, which was the point of your post..

        Remember that the official stance of the PCF 1940 “was opposition to the (British) imperialistic war against the interests of the working class”. Obviously for them the Nazis were kinda “victims”. The PCF had been previously forbidden before the defeat because of its actions to demoralize the French Army. When the Nazis occupied France, the communist leaders first demand to the Nazis was the permission to restart their newspaper under the premiss it would be “neutral” to the occupier…..!!!!

        to be fair many young communists allied themselves with gaullists and didn’t follow that line. But the first organized act of “military” resistance was on order of Stalin.


  12. should read :

    “between the Royal family, the Army..”. AND the Nazis.

    sorry for that, was somewhat unclear.

  13. Excellent post, Steven! I love it.

  14. TYBB

  15. New post up.

  16. excellent, Steven. these thugs and weasels need to be identified even though they will never cop to any acknowledgment of their complicity with Obamarahma’s sell out du jour.

  17. Progressives seem to believe that the Hispanic American vote will put Obama over the top in 2012. Campaigning has already begun. Immigration reform will obviously play a role, and no doubt race will again become politicized. On immigration, the best policy does not have to be driven by electoral politics one way or another. But if Sotomayor’s confirmation or the healthcare debate is any indication, I’m not optimistic.

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