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The Burning Land




(Photos from the Los Angeles Times)

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38 Responses

  1. Those photos are startling. California is a very risky place to live–wildfires, mudslides, earthquakes. And now a hurricane is headed that way.

  2. A good friend of mine & family lives up in the Hollywood Hills near the sign. The fire is really close to his house. He moved there from NYC about a year ago because he works closely with Cirque du Soleil designing their sound and he’s from NYC. They’re evidently in a huge continual smoke cloud. Nasty stuff!

  3. Is this the one that started in Santa Cruz or has another one ignited?

  4. OT: RASMUSSEN POLL: Obama Approval New Low at 46%

    No link yet.

    • I guess a $50,000/week mansion in Martha’s Vineyard wasn’t enough of a vacation. Obama plans to take a vacation from his vacation. Can we say Bush III?


      The president spent the last half-day of his holiday with his family, taking his daughters to buy candy and ice cream at a general store close to the Blue Heron farm compound where he was staying.

      Obama returns to Washington to renew his effort to pass a sweeping health care reform plan through Congress, and with his personal approval ratings eroding due to the punishing economic crisis.

      On Wednesday, the president will head off to his official Camp David retreat in Maryland for a four-day break — seeking the quiet that evaded him in the millionaires playground on the US east coast.

      “He is looking to get a break from his vacation,” Obama spokesman Bill Burton said.

      “I don’t think you can replicate such a terrific place as Martha’s Vineyard, but I do think that he’s looking to get some more rest and relaxation when he goes up there,” Burton said.

      • On Wednesday, the president will head off to his official Camp David retreat in Maryland for a four-day break

        how can they write this shit with a straight face? A break from your feaking break? How many don’t get the first break ? And break from what? Shooting hoops and the Wed night cocktail party? Well this is the guy who though Hillary making him campaign was the Bataan Death march

      • “a break from his vacation” for “more rest and relaxation” WTF?

        • LOL. Exactly. If you’re going to screw over the American people and vacation while you should be working, at least get better PR and spokespeople to make up good excuses. Any spokesman who admits that their employer needs a break from a vacation should be fired.

  5. I’m about 60 miles south of the largest fire… driving home last night, at a high point in the road, it looked like a mushroom cloud…

    we are in a high fire area and had very bad fires here a couple years ago… keeping our fingers crossed for all those directly affected.

  6. Seems the Rahmflu strikes again – Bill Moyers speaks the truth – except it’s all Emmanuel’s fault

    • That’s Rahm’s job when things don’t go well, to draw fire and take blame. Well, really anyone in the WH. But the press should be smart enough to not fall for that obvious ploy. It’s as if they’re not really doing their job. Gosh, wish I could not really do my job like that.

  7. I can see the smoke and fire from my backyard, I live about 18 miles from the fire. Well actually its spreading so fast its hard to tell where its going. We have been in a drought for ever, so its no wonder all our canyons are tinderboxes.

  8. We also have fires in Yosemite and Fresno we had smoke from them yesterday but the air appears to be clear today. CA has an environment with marginal natural water and a climate that is tender dry this time of year. When the weather shifts from prevailing ocean breezes to the deserts CA heats up like a tinder box and fire hazard becomes extreme. I have not heard if these fires are arson related or natural. The other big problem is that brush accumulates for years on the forest floors and provides a huge fuel supply. The canyons that people love to build in are fire traps because the winds move up those canyons with lightening speed. Many of the regions you see in flames are on the edge of the wilderness areas and they are very difficult to reach. The Angeles National Forest is a tragedy. It is surrounded by heavy crowding from LA. It is very dry this time of year and has some rugged mountain peaks. All the roads through there bear the history of WPA work projects—beautiful stone work.

    • tinder box is right… I’m not sure how you put out a fire when it is 105 degrees and 7% humidity…

      seems like things would just spontaneously combust…

  9. I sat the fires and other disasters are judgment on California for Sen. Barbara “don’t call me ma’am” Boxer.

  10. I say the fires and other disasters are judgment on California for Sen. Barbara “don’t call me ma’am” Boxer.

    • California is one of Mother Nature’s favorite places. She surrounded it with mountains, deserts and ocean to keep the riff-raff out but we showed up anyway.

      So she is sending us a message:

      “Welcome to California – now go home”

      • Kind of like those horror movies when the new family shows up at the run down old house, and they hear a voice that says get out.

        I saw pretty much every disaster you can get there. I kept an eye out for flying monkeys but never saw them. 🙂

      • lol

      • Indeed, and she as been saying so for awhile. I’m very sorry for everyone out there. It’s awful

  11. Stay safe all you Californians! 😦

  12. I spent enough years living through those fires. Patly as a reaction to that I now live in a temperate rainforest. Highly recommended.

    But with you guys there and many, many friends there, I desperately hope it all gets contained. A few friends in Santa Cruz just squeaked by those fires. Knock on laminated artificial simulated wood like materials.

  13. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/n/a/2009/08/31/national/a065419D59.DTL&feed=rss.news

    When I left work on Saturday night/Sunday morning the fires had crested the hill near Acton. The firefighters were using the Acton station as a staging ground.



  14. http://calfire.blogspot.com/

    Anyone living in California might want to bookmark this website if you do not already have it.
    Needed information posted by California Fire Department



  15. We go through this every year in California. But this year it seems to be acres of beautiful backcountry.

    Hope it isn’t in your area Miq2xu.

    ps: on that piece above about healthcare & the wealthy…

    was that the Orange County set?
    mebbe so.

    But, there are plenty of us who are solid Dems out here.
    Just like regular old Confluence Dems who have always been Dems or believed in Dem things.

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