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Saturday Night Open Thread – Fantasy Bucket Lists

It’s Saturday night. Time to unwind.  Summer was pretty much a bust weather-wise and so I’m looking forward to the colorful hues of the Fall.  I’m also thinking about my “Bucket-List.”  You know, that “things to do before I die” list?  I’ve been checking things off recently and I figure that I better add a few new ones because I’m not sure what happens when the list runs out.

Right now, remaining on my “bucket list” are the following:

1) Travel to Australia and hug a koala bear

2) Go whale-watching in Cape Cod

Now it appears that we may be going to Cape Cod for next year’s vacation so that means my bucket-list is close to the end. I really need to beef it up.

S0, what’s on YOUR Bucket-List?  Maybe I can steal some ideas; or better yet, what have you checked off your bucket list?  Share your stories.

appletiniFor your relaxation, Rico has whipped up a batch of his killer Appletinis, but of course the bar is open and your liquid refreshment wishes are granted for the price of a generous tip.  Tonight’s live entertainment is Michael Buble’ accompanied by David Foster on the piano.  Enjoy!

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54 Responses

  1. I’d love a shot or two of good single malt. please , Rico. I’ve crossed off the whale warching on Nantucket, the trip to Europe and the cruise on the Delta Queen. I’ve lived in San Francisco.I grew up in the Smokies so I’ve seen their wonders. I would still like to go to the Greenbrier resort, horse and buggy pickup at the train station and all. I would also love to ride the Trans-Siberian Express.

    • Wow, your “bucket list” of things you’ve done and things you’ve yet to do are wonderful!

  2. I’ve also done the Nile Cruise.

    • Egypt is now on my list. 🙂 Hmmmm….after that horrific experience with air travel, I wonder how long that flight is?

  3. Mine is fairly simple, see Patrick Fitzgerald leading Barack Obama out of the White House in handcuffs. Does that count as a bucket list entry?

  4. Sail around the world.

    Tell more male chauvinist pigs off. (see mikie above)

  5. fantasy bucket list: have the Clintons and Harry Connick, Jr. over for dinner.

    reality bucket list: get my container home built. which, ironically, will probably kill me.

    • have the Clintons and Harry Connick, Jr. over for dinner

      Now *that* would be awesome!

  6. Ride the City of New Orleans from Chicago to New Orleans.

    Write some biographies.

    Get a job that allows me time to write.

    • I’d love to read those biographies BB. Who would you like to write about?

      • I’m not sure. I’d just like to write about people. I have one idea right now.

    • Fabulous.

    • I’ve ridden the City of New Orleans more times than I can count, BB. But that was back in the days when I wouldn’t have become paralyzed from sleeping in my seat overnight, when there was still a dining car with white tablecloths and decent food (and ashtrays available), and a complete absence of cell phones and Ipods and laptops and therefore plenty of opportunities to exchange life stories with complete strangers as the train clackety clacked through the flatlands of Illinois and beyond.

  7. go to Greece because it is so beautiful. I want to float on an inner tube off one of those island where the water is impossibly blue.

    Go to the land of my ancestors, Scotland, England and Germany

    Sing on Broadway, get a standing ovation

    go to Alaska by starting in San Francisco and driving up the coast. Then taking a cruise to see the glaciers

    Living next door to Tim Gunn and being best pals.

    sky diving just once

    living on a lake with few or no neighbors … I want my own lake dammit! And I want lots of pine trees and other woods and wild animals and birds.

    I want to run a summer camp… problem is deciding if it is adult artists and musicians, kids, artistically gifted kids, kids who need to learn to live productively and appreciate nature and hard work or some combination of all of those. Some kids just need to put down the game boy and get in a canoe.

    Get back my good health and former fighting weight so I can keep up with the grandchildren I am hoping to have some day.

    More books

    get a law degree just because

    Start an organization to teach people about single payer because no one else seems to want to take it on and educating people about it is the only way we are going to get it.

    • Living next door to Tim Gunn and being best pals.

      Love Tim Gunn!!

      sky diving just once

      ack! I’m too much of a chicken for that!

      • Me, too. My dad was in the 82nd, but it isn’t genetic. The closest I’ve come is parasailing, and that was fun/

        • oh geez, i parasailed in Mexico in a former life; i screamed with fright throughout the entire experience…literally from the moment my toes left the sand. the pictures are hilarious.

          • Where? I went in Acapulco. It was $5 american as opposed ti $50-100 here,.

          • Puerto Vallarta. Can’t recall the fee…it was over 20 yrs ago.

            My bf, who had gone first, was practically rolling on the beach laughing his ass off at me.

  8. I think I’ll also add going deep sea in one of those super subs and see the remains of the Titanic before it dissolves totally.

  9. Ooops…I forgot. I want to go to Atlantis in the Bahamas.

  10. If I might add to my list just one more thing, I’d like to go to the Edinborough Tattoo.

    • chat – I am curious…

      Are you a member of the U.S. Drum and Bugle Corp cult?

      Members of my family marched and directed corps for many years.

  11. Done the Cape Cod whale thing. I have been told by my Aussie friends that the k bears are boring but the roos are interesting.

    I still want to salmon fish in Scotland during a good run.

    Would like to float the Green or Colorado River of the Grand Canyon.

    And, for some reason I want to ride a camel.

    sod – Have you been to Niagara Falls?

    • No, but I’ve been trying to convince my hubby to do it. I guess you could say it’s on my list.

      Also, I’m ok with boring K bears. They’re just so damn cute and I hear they smell like eucalyptus! The Roos would probably beat the heck outta me.

    • My daughter’s boyfriend just came back from whale-watching in Cape Cod and said it was amazing. They saw over a dozen whales and they also saw a baby whale nursing from its mother really close to the boat.

      • aaaaah

      • The whole family did the whale-watching thing and we were all up chucking inside the boat in under an hour. I have never seen waves so high (higher than the boat times) and at first it was great than we wondered when the waves were going to settle down. I think I would go again, but on calmer seas.

        The family went out again, but I stayed home. They told me they went on a yacht and the trip was much nicer. Ah, missed it.

        My current bucket list item is going to Europe.

    • Camels are nasty, smelly and they spit.

  12. I want to spend an entire year in England and France and Wales and Italy and Norway. Oh, and I want to sail the Atlantic Ocean on the way over, and ride trains and ferries between countries and cities.

    Is that too much to ask?

    • Nope, not at all. Bucket lists should be that way. IMHO

    • Don’t skip Scotland.

      • Right! Scotland is beautiful!

        The scenery is breathtaking everywhere – wonderful mountain walks, whether you prefer hillwalking, mountaineering or rock climbing. Very friendly people, although a bit shy, terrible food except for the breakfast, that is so voluminous that it will take you through the whole day, lol!

        And if you get a chance, do attend a Highland Game! With events like pole tossing, backwards hammer throwing and pipe bands on the program. Very special and lots of fun.

        … and of course there’s always the whiskey distilleries. 😉

        • Actually you can sublimate with Highland Games here.Stone Mountain and Grandfather Mountain have spectacular games.

  13. funny things about dreams, they can come true, not always as expected.
    I used to say I wanted to spend Christmas in Hawaii, New Years Eve at the top of the Mark in San Franciso and see the Rose Parade on New Years day.
    I did get to Hawaii but not on Christmas. When I passed my book of rules a conductor and I had a drink at the top of the Mark. When I moved to California I got to see the Rose Parade.
    Now I would like to travel across Canada by train and come back through the Northern United States by train.
    I would like to visit Tuscany and Ireland.
    There are so many beautiful places and great people in the world I know I will never see all of them but I have been luckey enough to see some and meet some great people.
    I would have loved to have met James Cagney and James Mitchner. Just to listen to their stories.



    • This was all great Helen! You’ve done some wonderful things and it’s certain you’ll do many more.

      Tuscany sounds wonderful.

    • Helen, my husband travelled across Canda by train. His dad worked 40 yrs for the railway and so he was thankfully able to ride for free – travel by train is as expensive as, or more than, air.

      He was blown away by the scenery.

      • We railroaders are lucky people. We get to see the beauty that a lot of people never do.
        One of my favorite was from Emeryville Ca to Reno Nv.
        When we were going thru the SIerra Nevada Mts we were so high we were above the rainbow. I rode up with the engineer as it was a road trip for me and part of my job.
        One of my railroad jobs was calling crews. I used to call the crew for the City of New Orleans. Great people.
        I have met people from all over the country and traveled up and down the East and West Coasts and across the country by train. The New England crews were some of my favorite crews. They understood I was as crazy as them so we got along fine.
        I got treated better on the trains the most of the upper management. When I traveled the crews always told me the best places to go to really get to know a place. When I retired I was a supervisor of train operations and handled trains from Seattle to San Diego
        I had a great time and got paid well and was never bored. I still work two nights a week of a commuter railroad and get to torture crews that I tortured for years.
        They understand that the object of their job is to make my job easier.



        • Cool!

          My father-in-law loved his job so much, he missed only 1 day in the 40 yrs.

          I’ve never been on a train. Guess I better add that to the bucket list!

          Seattle is my favorite (so far) American city. When I lived in Vancouver, I spent lots and lots of time there watching the Mariners and Seahawks, shopping at all the shoe stores., attending concerts, etc.

          At one time, I dated a guy in Windsor, Ont. Because the airfare is so expensive within Canada, I used to drive to Seattle and fly into Detroit. So, I spent lots of time at the Seattle airport, too.

        • Helen I share your love of train-riding! Though not a professional, like you. 😉

          I once rode by train from Copenhagen to Rome in the early spring. It was amazing to watch the spring sort of unfold as we went further south.

          We had made sure to ride with a dining wagon attached, as I so wanted to feel like Ingrid Bergman, lol! Don’t even remember what movie I was recalling, but the feeling was wonderful!

          When passing the beautiful, pittoresque, fairy tale-like villages in the south of Germany, I planned to come back and spend time in these villages. Never did – yet. So that will have to be one of my bucket wishes. 🙂

  14. Hi SD –
    I love the photo…what’s the name of artist?

    • Josey. That’s a picture i took of the Merced River in Yosemite with a bit of hue enhancement/alteration.

  15. Hey guys, i’m mainly a lurker who has been trying to comment more (even though i feel so much of what i want to say has already been said — you are all just too smart!) so here’s a little something

    Rico, an arizona sweet tea for me. (being underage stinks — however, i guess that this gives me about 70 more years to complete my bucket list!) my bucket list:
    -visit Italy, india, and Machu Pichu
    -live in either France or Norway for a while
    -join the Peace Corps
    -start a humanitarian organization focusing on Western Africa
    -learn to speak at least 3 languages (English not included)
    i’ll think up more, but thats pretty much the big stuff so far

    Oh, and SoD, i remember a while ago you had a post on cap and trade. If you are still interested, i’ve recently come across an alternative idea that you might like. its called Tax and Dividend
    It works by putting a tax on environmentally unfriendly materials, like oil and coal. Then when these materials are bought, this tax all goes into a large pool, which is then evenly distributed to every US citizen at the end of the month.
    maybe an example will help you visualize it:
    say there are 2 guys, guy A, who is a total environmentalist, and guy B, who is environmentally irresponsible.
    Guy A, at the end of the month, spends $50 on the tax. Guy B spends $250. It gets pooled together to $300. $150 is given to each person. Therefore, guy A gets $100 overall, while guy B loses $100.

    Here’s a link that does a better job explaining the details (its a PDF) http://www.columbia.edu/~jeh1/mailings/2008/20080604_TaxAndDividend.pdf


    • I will look at your link. Thanks.

    • Hi Kevin, keep talking.

      The only problem I have with he tax and dividend plan is that something people just can not afford to make the environmentally friendly choice. People should not be punished for being poor.

  16. Here are a few fun things:

    Cycle through France and Italy
    Live in an Italian mountain town for a year
    Hmm, back to cycling, cycle through New Zealand
    Take one of those car racing courses
    Sing a duet with Joan Baez
    Own a few dream antique cars (have to think which ones though because there are so many)

    • If you google “Joan Baez Nana Mouskouri”, one of the first returns should be their impromptu duet, 1984. (I’m on my daughter’s Mac and am embarrassed to say I have NO idea how to cut&paste on the thing).

      You may enjoy it.

      I love Nana, who imho is the quintessential songbird, and have seen her live 4x – even have an autographed photo! 🙂

      • Cut: Highlight what you want to cut&paste.
        Hold down the apple button while punching c.

        Paste: With the cursor mark where you want to paste.
        Hold down the apple button while punching v.


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