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      I haven’t written about this because others have been dealing with it well and pandemics aren’t something I know a great deal about. It does look, now, like the Coronavirus stands a good chance of turning into a pandemic, and I think we should discuss preparation a bit. Our world produces most goods in a […]
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The “Racists are now ‘left of the left’ Oxymoron” (emphasis on ‘moron’)

Some of you may be wondering where I disappeared to.  I am sitting on the lanai of a rented condo in Maui, looking at a the clouds.  It’ll pass, I’m sure.  Today, we are taking the road to Hana.  It’s early morning here.  I finally got a decent internet connection.  I’ve been following the news off and on in the past couple of days and was amused to find that someone in the White House is now calling single payer advocates the “left of the left”.

The “left of the left” is not just your typical Birkenstock shod, bamboo sheet sleepin’, compost eating, Berkeley professor type.  No, the “left of the left” ranks right up there with Pol Pot.  Single payer advocates are scheming to force the helpless American citizen into the iron manacles of mandatory CAT scans.  But first, they will implement a regime of preventive medicine.  All of the hypereducated Whole Foods Nation shoppers will be rounded up into exercise and nutrition camps where they will be chained to treadmills and will sweat side-by-side with old, ugly, working class, uneducated women.  They will be made to listen to some perky blonde chic who looks buffer than they will every be as she spouts hour after hour of pseudo scientific drivel on the benefits of taibozumbayogalates- to a disco beat.

But that’s not all.  Any time they want to get emergency services, they will have to sit in a waiting room, decorated in Soviet decor circa 1952, with 500 illegal immigrants and their screaming, feverish children whose noses are pouring rivulets of snot.  No one will get special treatment, not even if they arrive in an ambulance straight from the golf course where they have been struck by lightening.  You wanna know why?  Because we will all be paying such high taxes for those snot nosed brats that there won’t BE any golf courses any more.  No one will be able to afford the greens fees at the private courses and will have to share the tees at public courses with the sweaty, unwashed Tiger Woods wannabees.

(The BFF, who likes getting lei’ed, just filled up my coffee cup.  I could get used to this.  Where was I?  Oh, yeah.)

And let’s not even go there with the choice of doctors.  You will be lucky to get a doctor at all.  The government will actively recruit adolescents who show some talent for applying bandaids and administering drugs to attend to you with their tender mercies.  You’ll have to bribe them with hot new laptops to get anything stronger than tylenol and they will constantly remind you off some psyche shattering slight as they probe you arm with needle, drilling down through subcutaneous adipose tissue to tap into your veins for a routine blood test.

This is what is in store for us if we let the ‘left of the left’ spread its vicious propaganda of the efficiencies of government and economies of scale instead of individualized policies, lovingly customized for the special needs of each and every one of us by the beneficent, bipartisan and uniquely American health insurance industry.  Is this what we want, people?  To be forced into Tricare? Like my mom?  The Fox News watcher who loves her government insurance?  Ahhh, what does she know?  Stupid racist Martin Luther King Jr lover.

How short our memories are.  It was only last year that we long-haired, hippie type, pinko fags were stupid racists.   And now my 70 year old mom is a long haired, hippie type, pinko fag.  It’s kind of late for her to have an identity crisis.  I’m so confused. Of course, we probably *still* are racists and don’t even know it.  The White House has probably never seen the likes of us.  We’re both ignorant bigots and anarchic, civil rights types with a penchant for healthy living.  One thing is for sure: Obama wants nothing to do with us and he’s making a point of telling the whole world how utterly repellent we are.

Well, until he needs our votes, of course.  Then we’ll just be stupid, racist, lefties with no place else to go.  Consistency is not a problem when your goal is “to fool enough of the people most of the time”.   Good thing he doesn’t need our help on health care insurance reform because he’s not gonna get it.

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58 Responses

  1. glad to see you enjoying the vacation R.D

    • Yup. The BFF has discovered the pleasures of a ripe papaya. He’s starting in on his second of the morning. “I can always buy more at the farmer’s market down the road”, he says. Like, the farmer’s market is now some kind of ‘source”. I can just see him glancing furtively at the papayas tomorrow morning. “So, how much for 2 kilos?”
      He’s already asking me about the logistics of smuggling some back in our checked baggage. That is, *my* carry-on baggage. He only uses a carry-on so if we get stopped by some agricultural agent, he’ll just ditch me at the airport while I’m in custody.

      • RD,

        Happy holidays.


        ps. Spammy has incarcerated an innocent..

      • When I lived in Kenya (Peace Corps) I was able to enjoy papaya to my hearts content….loved lemon juice sprinkled on top. Now, not so much, to expensive and just doesn’t taste the same.

        • I had a similar experience when I was in Ecuador (Peace Corps). I used to use lime juice on my papaya. They grew as large as watermelons. Fruit in the states is just not the same.

      • My friend and her mother would always smuggle back the real Hawaiian kettle potato chips. They are in a clear bag with red lettering and amazing.

        They would bring an extra bag just for the food they would bring back from their family reunions. Let’s just say those kettle chips never lasted long.

        I agree about fruit not being the same in the states. We finally broke down and started buying fruit from Trader Joe’s just to see if they were getting better fruit than the regular supermarket. It was worth the trip. The peaches and blueberries had so much flavor compared to the supermarket fruit.

        Of course, compared to Hawaiian fruit I am sure there is another few levels of deliciousness to go.

        • ugh…Poorly written…

          Obviously, they weren’t packing the pot luck back from the family reunion. But tasty treats only available in Hawaii.

      • Tell him not to miss the papaya juice–delicious and affordable there. A friend in college was from Honolulu, and she used to bring back macadamia nuts and papaya juice, and we would gorge.

        Aside: she graduated in the class of 1979 from Punahou…I have not talked to her in years, but I imagine it’s small enough that she must have known a certain other 1979 grad of some reknown.

  2. The drive to Hana is gorgeous–take your camera and stop frequently for pictures. Sounds like Hawaii’s working it’s magic relaxation techniques on you. Good. Enjoy every minute.

    The “left of the left”, you’ll note, comes from one of those unnamed sources, but the smart money thinks it’s Rahm, who’s spent his entire time as COS trying to slap down “progressives” and support Blue Dogs. To those of us who saw the real Obama back during the primaries, this attempt to make proponents of Medicare-for-all seem like the lunatic fringe is hardly surprising.

    The bigger news is Glenn Greenwald’s article on Obama’s deliberate health care sell-out (and bank bailout sell-out) to ensure Repubs don’t have any campaign funding from The Usual Suspects come 2010. Jane Hamsher has been writing some more detailed articles on the same scenario. On behalf of Conflucians, this morning I held my nose and dove into dKos to see if there was any reaction to Greenwald’s article. The reaction: Greenwald’s an evil man who has always been against Obama and real Democrats; we just need to keep giving Obama more love; and on and on. How that website has any credibility left is just beyond me.

    Keep having fun on your vacation.

    • Greenwald is a bit of a paradox. He doesn’t blame Obama necessarily. He blames elements of the White House, as if they’ve somehow taken Obama hostage. That’s just ridiculous. He’s not some babe-in-the-woods. Obama is totally onboard with all of this. He signed onto it when the RBC committee decided to penalize Florida and Michigan and he never stood up for the voters in either of those states. That’s all anyone had to know about him.
      That’s why I can’t quite sympathize with Jane and Glenn and the others. They should have known all about Obama last year. They let themselves be fooled even as they knew they were being fooled. And they allowed their readers to get swept up in it.
      We were never deluded and we have post after post to show it. But somehow, we’re the racists.
      Go figure.

      • Yeah, had to stop reading Greenwald for quite awhile last year. Interestingly, Jane Hamsher is the one who keeps crediting all the evil to Rahm Emmanuel rather than Obama. Glenn seems to realize that Emmanuel doesn’t do anything without Obama’s blessing. Meanwhile, 22 broken promises later (or whatever the number is) there are still tons of star-struck voters still trying to convince themselves that “someone” or “something” is keeping Obama from doing all the good things he promised during his campaign. That’s why people like Obama and Bush keep getting elected.

      • They are adept at the “good-cop-bad-cop” routine.

      • I tried to post a comment earlier on myiq’s thread about Michael Moore. Same thing–he calls Dem Congressmen “weak, spineless cowards,” but then talks about how much he loves Obama and agrees with almost everything he’s done since taking office. WTF?

    • R u from the NY Times posting here? Just curious since the newspaper is known as “The Gray Lady”.

  3. Enjoy the sound of waves meeting a sandy beach!!!!

  4. enjoy enjoy enjoy

    As far as being a long haired hippy, I was too busy working and raising kids the first time. Now I am retired and have the time to rebel. When i was a very little girl my dad always called me Rebel. I really think it is about time I lived up to the name.
    My government has deserted me for corp gold. The damn fools sold themselves cheaply. As long as I draw breath I will holler and scream and type to make them remember who they are supposed to represent.
    This is My country.
    It is a right to good health care not a privilege.
    it is a right to good government not a privilege
    it is a right to have votes count not a privilege
    If I remember correctly didn’t that document say
    Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness



  5. Didn’t Diane Keaten, playing Louise Bryant in the movie “Reds,” mention “the left of the left” in conjunction with Communist Party USA factional politics?

    Is that what we’ve come to now? Where spokesmen for an allegedly “progressive” Democratic president tar everyone who wants reasonable, universal health care (which is provided in every other country to which comparisons of the US make sense), and who want that health care within the context of a type of government program (Medicare) that has not only been proven successful, but has become an accepted, established element in the lives of everyone in the group of people it deals with (the elderly), includiing the upper middle class and the wealthy, as some sort of Trotskyite, bomb-throwing revolutionaries, so radical that even Stalinism isn’t leftist enough for them?

    This Administration is a sick, disgusting joke.

    • >>Is that what we’ve come to now? Where spokesmen for an allegedly “progressive” Democratic president tar everyone who wants reasonable, universal health care (which is provided in every other country to which comparisons of the US make sense), and who want that health care within the context of a type of government program (Medicare) that has not only been proven successful, but has become an accepted, established element in the lives of everyone in the group of people it deals with (the elderly), includiing the upper middle class and the wealthy, as some sort of Trotskyite, bomb-throwing revolutionaries, so radical that even Stalinism isn’t leftist enough for them?

      Or as racists. Whatever works.

      • My brother who has lived most of his life in Australia (where he could find a first-rate academic job when the first glut of American Ph.Ds hit the market) absolutely loves the Australian medical system. He became an Australian citizen (dual citizenship with U.S.A.) and buys insurance to cover him while he is here–his home country. He told me that my mother’s recent removal of a tiny skin growth, which would have been removed using nitroglycerin in Australia, was given the Mohs surgery treatment. The charge was in the thousands of dollars. My mother has been really healthy, but she is still a gold mine to unscrupulous doctor businesses.

        All except about $100 of her dermatology bill was paid for by tax payer’s money (she also has insurance from her former company).

        Medicare is being exploited by the medical industrial complex. That’s our tax dollars–not as wasteful as our foreign nation-building (but maybe as destructive of life since excessive medical intervention can be deadly).

        The San Francisco Chronicle, which has been taken over by Hearst Corp., ran an expose recently about the cost in life and limb of medical negligence in hospitals. The old Chronicle was the first to expose what transfats do to us and what ingredients end up in most pet food. I have to hand it to Hearst and esp. to my State Senator Alquist for bringing a bill to the California legislature to make hospitals report their errors, which tended to have been swept away.

        Part of the problem is that nurses are too busy measuring the amount of gauze in a bandage for the bean counters at the insurance companies.

        As my doctors says, insurance agents are practicing medicine without a license when they tell her what she can and cannot do with her patients.

        • CB —

          When I had skin cancer a couple of years ago, I looked into the various treatments available and Moh’s has a 99% effectiveness, while other treatments have about a 70% effectiveness. I figured my life was worth having the Moh’s.

          BTW, a small squamous cell skin cancer can metastasize and kill you.
          Melanoma is not the only killer.

          I don’t know whether your mom needed Moh’s, of course, but don’t assume that it was a rip-off.

  6. RD
    I do not know if they are still there but years ago I wanted to bring so lais home for my kids. At the airport they were very expensive. Someone told me that if you go across the parking lot there are stalls where they make the lais and will pack them for travel. It cost a lot less.



  7. Hope you’re enjoying your vacation RD.
    I wish I could say this surprises me, but it doesn’t.

  8. RD: Aloha and aloha. May the sunsets at the Barefoot Bar.

    My sister is a lifelong Republican, a Cahtolic—-conservative in some ways but not in others. Strangely enough this election has brought us some grounds for political communication. We were discussing the Obamacare bomb yesterday and she was, of course, very unhappy about the Obamacare mess and could not believe how badly it has been managed. But then she said something that really surprised me. She said, “I thought the plan was going to be Medicare for all with the option to buy supplementary insurance. All this other stuff is just crazy.” I thought this so supports what many on here have said. People get Medicare for all. People understand the need to fix MEdicare—but so many Amricans have Medicare—or they have parents who have or had Medicare, so they know that it works.

    How different our national dialogue would be if we just were focused on Medicare for all with options for supplementary and strategies for bending the cost curve and making Medicare more cost effective and sustainable. What a missed opportunity.

    • Absolutely, jangles. It would have been so much easier to explain and to sell to the public.

      MIssed opportunity, indeed.

  9. RD, glad you’re having a good time! 😆

  10. The “getting lei’d” part sounds especially nice….

    Enjoy your time away..

  11. no reform is reform without a public option IMO…Of course IMO, no president would have been as fine as Hillary…Still feel that way..Obama is proving that he is the spineless sell out he has always been…

  12. Rep. Anthony Weiner, NY gives a very clear argument for Medicare for all. In it, he point out that 40% of Americans already get single payer, government funded health care with low administrative costs: Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans, Dept of Defense, Indian Affairs.

    This is Part I.

    This is Part II.

    He leaves Joe Scarborough literally speechless when he keeps asking: What do private insurance companies add to health care?

    • More red tape and obstructism?

      • He makes it seem not a hard sell.

        Everything people fear will happen with Gov’t funded HC is already happening with our current patchwork system of private HC insurance, only it costs more and is more complex.

        • Yes, private insurance companies are also mired in bureaucracy, red tape, and complexity. Think of WCMB’s post on coding issues.

        • That’s what I say. Even if one accepts Gov’t funded HC
          would stink ( and I don’t ) we HAVE stinky Privative HC and with Gov’t funded HC, you wouldn’t lose your house trying to stay alive. Seems like a deal to me

    • I just love him! He is sharp as a tack. I would consider a move to NYC just to have him as my Rep. Lucky New Yorkers!

      • Yes!

        He’s my Congressman and I love him. I only wish he would take on Bloomberg so we could have him as Mayor!

    • What do private insurance companies add to health care?

      Thank you. So glad someone is on TV is ASKING this .
      One of the problems with this “reform” is it will ensure dinosaur private insurance companies will be blood sucking 30-40 % of every medical dollar spent…for nothing…..

  13. Question for you guys: I’ve been trying to find info on whether Obama has ever filled the 17 top treasury positions that I know in March he hadn’t.

    There are 18 senate-confirmed treasury slots, and in March, Obama had filled ONE – Geithner. Has he ever gotten around to the rest, now almost 8 months into the year? I can’t find a damn thing on this, and you know the media is not covering it.

    • Intrigued by your question, I just went over to the Department of the Treasury to check things out. Looks like there are tons of vacancies. Don’t know if applicants there are required to fill out the same onerous questionnaire that Obama has been handing out to others, but I know Hillary complained at an earlier moment that the amount of info required was turning people off from applying for govt positions.

    • wmcb-I posted this last month but it might serve your purpose.
      It’s from Justin Webb’s BBC blog:

      Obama still filling out his team

      Justin Webb | 20:30 PM, Friday, 19 June 2009

      I attended the formal swearing in of Philip Gordon, the new Undersecretary of State for Europe today.

      Lovely ceremony, proud family, good speeches. And above all a reminder that this administration is not yet fully staffed!

      Bizarre but true: Phil (who is a friend so I will say nothing about his competence and politics) is by no means the last aboard. Others still languish un-confirmed and unable to begin their public service.

      Justin was so far anti-Hillary that he posted “Hitlery” cartoons on his site (then took them down)
      however he surmises that

      I suspect the Obama view is that there is a long, long way to go. He faces no imminent election – and might gain politically if his Democratic friends in Congress get singed a little in 2010 – so he presses on at his pace and with his priorities.


      Pity Justin is back in England now, his gaffes were eye opening.

  14. I have TRICARE and it sux. I haven’t seen a real doctor in at least 10 years. The only good thing is that they do have real pediatricians that the kids see.

    • Sorry to hear that – I thought TriCare was good.

    • Tricare is as good as the primary clinic and doctor you pretty much get assigned. I had doctors in the military that were great(couldn’ty ask for better if I went out and looked for my own and paid top dollar) and doctors that were more concerned with advancing their military career then actually providing care for patients.

      How much are they charging to switch to Tricare Prime these days?

      • When I was in I noticed that there are two types of doctors…..Doctors that happen to be Officers and Officers that happen to be Doctors. The first kind are the best. The second kind really suck.

      • No doctor. We have been assigned a nurse or physician’s assistant at the last three installations.

  15. OT – couldn’t resist –

    Tom Ridge confesses — what we already knew.

  16. Hi RD…sounds like your vacation in paradise is going great!

    Speaking of “smuggling” goods — when we went to the Dominican Republic, we visited this village where an old woman was roasting and grinding her own coffee beans fresh from the trees. She brewed coffee for us and it was incredible. I purchased several of her “packets” of coffee (they were wrapped in like a white tissue paper) to take back.

    To make a long story short, I placed all of the packets in a plastic storage bag from the grocery and placed it on top of my carry on luggage.

    Going through customs in the DR, I just so happened to be “the one” they pulled out for a random search of the bag. Believe you me I was sweating bullets cuz I knew those little “crude packages” looked rather suspicious. The guy pulled the bag out, and glaring at me with a highly suspicious eye, he opened and took whiff. “Coffee” I said sheepishly. He sniffed again, still looking at me with a “look.”

    Thinking I was about to do a remake of “Midnight Express” Dominican Republic version, I stood there ready to soil my shorts. But then, he slowly closed the bag and put it back in my luggage.

    Whew…what an experience. I found out later drug smugglers often hide drugs in coffee since it masks the smell. Geesh…I should’ve done more research.

    Anyhoo…your papaya contraband should be safe. 🙂

  17. Great post RD… funny and true!

  18. […] considering that Greenwald was wrong when supporting Obama I’ll go with Riverdaughter’s The White House has probably never seen the likes of us.  We’re both ignorant bigots and […]

  19. MSNBC – Jane Hamsher discusses health care reform and Obama’s Left flank

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