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Happy Birthday Big Dawg!


Dear President Clinton,

I must admit, I am unabashedly your greatest fan.  I voted for you in 1992 not really knowing much about you, but I did sense something special whenever you spoke.  There was a great heart, soul, and mind within you that emanated from your being.  I felt that you were the real deal.  Sure, I heard all the rumors about your personal failings; but who am I to judge?  I wanted a compassionate human being in the White House and you seemed to fit that bill.  I was looking for a president that would make life better for those of us struggling to make ends meet, to care for our children, and to honor and care for our aging parents as they deserved; one that would breathe new life into the elusive American Dream.  It was beginning to look like the ability to send your kids to college, own a home, go on family vacations, and not worry about medical bills was being buried by those who valued the individual over the collective.  But then you came along.  As I watched your inauguration and listened to you speak of the promised “forced spring,” I sensed that a different world was in the offing.

As your first term progressed, I watched the shenanigans of those who sought to destroy you and Hillary.  A landslide victory giving you a second term did nothing to stem their viciousness.  They were obstructing your ability to serve the American people without debilitating distractions.  I watched them waste millions of our tax dollars chasing rumors and innuendos with nothing to show for it except a stained blue dress.  I also watched as you continued to work for the American people during this time, never wavering, never forgetting US.  As I watched your impeachment I cried.  You were working for ME and they were trying to stop you.  But still you persisted, and continued to do so until the day you left the White House on January 20, 2001.  That was a terribly depressing day for me.

Listening to his closing speech at the meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative in 2006 tells me all I need to know about this wonderful, intelligent, compassionate man.

For those that can handle the heartbreaking reality, Bill Clinton reviews the 8 greatest years of peace and prosperity of our generation, in his farewell speech:

You exceeded all of my expectations Mr. President.  The eight years of your presidency were the best years of my family’s life.  We felt economically secure, we had hope for the future, we felt safe; and you and your wife made us feel like you really cared about us. 

You are the greatest president of our generation.

Thank you for everything Mr. President.  I will never forget.



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92 Responses

  1. *sniff* That was very touching SOD…

    Happy Bday Big Dawg!

  2. Bill and HIllary performed a miracle in how they turned around the near destruction of this country economically by the Reagan/Bush and Bush/Quale years. I didn’t think it was possible, and yet they did it. I don’t think many people get what they did and how amazing that turn around was.

    We needed that same miracle to turn us around from Dubya/Darth, but instead we have Dubya2/Doofus. And funny enough, things don’t look good.

    Big Dawg, thanks for what you’ve done. And Hillary, please find a way to run in three years. I think we may need you too whether you want to or not.

  3. Happy Birthday, Bill:

  4. How different the would would be if Bill Clinton not dallied with Monica.
    Al Gore would have been elected, 911 could have been averted or the damage lessened, Iraq and the Middle East would be stable, and thousands in the Gulf Coast region would still be alive.

    • Sorry, make that hundreds in the Gulf Coast area.

    • Exactly, Al Gore would have availed himself of Bill Clinton’s talent and charisma.

    • Don’t forget, Donkey Brazille was Gore’s campaign manager and we all know what that traitor is capable of. Sabotage?
      And also remember, Gore DID win.

    • Gore didn’t lose – he won. But yeah, distancing from Clinton – as assinine as picking Joementum, Brazile.

      • Didn’t Bill give Brazille her start?
        Was it her decision or Al’s on using Bill or choosing Joementum?
        Oh, and better late ….
        Happy Birthday, Bill. Now go out and kick some R butt.

        • Yes Bill gave Donna Donkey Brazille her start and he was stabbed in the back.

          Bill and Hillary also bailed out Chapaquidick Ted in 94′ too.
          I know I would have let him drown.

          Teddy Kennedy could not stand that some “hick” had to bail him out. His ego could not take it. Just as the Kennedy’s hated the Johnsons because they were not bluebloods like they were, also Johnson could get things done. JFK was impotent, politically and as rumor has it, then some.

    • you are both wrong. Gore had polls that showed that independents were less likely to vote for him if he campaigned with Clinton. While Bill’s job performance polls were high his personal approval were not so good and he was a liability then as unfair as that is. Despite that, Gore praised him and their partnership at every campaign stop.
      VP’s seeking to be president do NOT drag the sitting president along on the campaign trail. It makes them look like they are running for VP again. It is NEVER done. The meme that Gore lost because he didn’t use Clinton is BS spread by someone who was carrying water for Clinton and didn’t like Gore, probably a DLC type who decided that Gore had gone too populist and told them to get lost.
      TN has become very conservative since Gore left as senator in 1992. There is no reason he should have won it. And Clinton did campaign for him in Arkansas. Regardless Gore won.

      And Mr Mike, Gore won. Clinton’s personal life had nothing to do with an unconstitutional move by the SCOTUS stealing Florida for Bush when Gore won that state and everyone knows it. Nader had more to do with Gore’s vote being close enough to steal than Clinton did. Polls showed that without Nader in the race lying his ass off about Gore in Florida, most of his voters would have voted for Gore.

    • The powers that be would have installed GWB in 2000, regardless of Monica.

  5. Happy Birthday Big Dawg, many more to you!

    Very nice tribute SOD, the Clinton years were the best my family has had as well. Thanks! (sniff)

  6. Happy Birthday, President Clinton!

    (and if you happen to be lurking, please consider giving a shout-out to StateofDisbelief, your number one fan here at TC..)

  7. Happy Birthday, to the man who will always be MY president. Love that Big Dawg!

  8. HB Big D!


    (ps Love your wife even more!!)

  9. Happy Birthday, Big Dawg!

    Heartwarming post, SOD. I know you speak from the heart, because that’s exactly how I feel. We may be not doing great (like,at all), but we’re doing a hell of a lot better than we’d be doing if Bill (and Hillary) called it a day and moved to Canada.

    OT: Please, tell the White House to leave the Clintons out of the healthcare debate. There’s even talk of dragging Hillary into it, which is funny because 1) she has a job; and 2) she knows nothing about healthcare…right?

  10. Happy birthday, Bill Clinton! And hey, thanks for bringing those two Americans home!

  11. Happy Birthday Mr. President!
    I’m sure the Clintons have stopped by TC before to read what their fans have to say and to get away from all the kool-aid from Nutroots Nation!

  12. But why would the Clinton’s go along with what is happening to this country today??

  13. My president forever, best president of my lifetime, best of all presidents we’ve ever had.

    The Big Dawg.

    Nothing more can be said.

  14. I remember Bill telling a story about when he was campaigning for Hillary in Texas. He said a Latino man spotted him at an airport and screamed “I love you Bill, thank you for 8 wonderful years” and Big Dawg told him, “You can repay me by voting for my wife!” I’m sure that vote was locked up anyway, but that’s Clinton for ya.

  15. Happy Birthday to you

  16. Happy Birthday, Big Dawg, from Maui. I am standing on the beach, waiting for the sun to come up.

    • What a cool way to start the day! Have fun and don’t forget the sunblock….really don’t forget. It would suck to ruin your stay with a sunburn.

      And if you see my friend’s son say hi for me….lol.

      Looking forward to the pics.

  17. Adding my very own hearty Happy Birthday Big Dawg!

  18. Happy Birthday, Mr. President.
    SoD, I love that line about Clinton’s two terms being the best years of your familiy’s life.
    The Clinton years were Camelot for real!

    • True! When EVERYONE was considered worthy to have a seat at the Round Table. The Clintons were inclusive.

  19. Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

    That Latino man in the airport and many more wlll be singing a round of “Las Mananitas” for you today.

  20. Happy Birthday Bill…Leo people do it better!!! 😉

    • We sure do!

      Happy birthday Mr. President, if only you could run again! They were 8 great years!

  21. When I tell the young whippersnappers how things were during the Clinton years, they think I’m hallucinating, or having an acid flashback. They can’t believe there was ever a time of affordable living, peace with the world, and so many good jobs you could pick and choose from among them. They just shake their heads and mutter about “Alzheimer’s” — it’s sad really. They just can’t picture such an America.

  22. I don’t even mention a government that actually worked, that would just blow their young minds.

    • You mean before Bush took Grover Norquist’s advice and shrank it to the point where New Orleans could drown in a sea of incompetence?

  23. FYI You can go to the Clinton Foundation and make a donation and send him your birthday greetings. Just in case he doesn’t read this. He is a very busy guy. lol.

  24. Dear President Clinton,

    Today is a special day, the day you were born. I celebrate you and your life. May you, your family and your calling be blessed by God each day.

    Happy Birthday and many returns of the day.

    Love and Blessings,

  25. Happy Birthday, President Clinton!
    I heart you and Hillary!!
    You’re simply The Best…
    better than all the rest!!

    Thank you SOD for the wonderful post!!

  26. Happy Birthday, President Clinton.

    I love you and your family. What an gift to America! If only the DNC/Pelosi had not denied us another great President and compromised the Democratic Party’s integrity by making a deal behind closed doors, or if their chosen one had had the integrity to demand a level-playing field.

  27. Happy birthday, Big Dawg, from a major, completely unabashed fan who thinks you’re someone who’s pretty damned unique. You are practically without equal on the political stage, and there is just so much for this liberal to love about you.

  28. Felicitations to you, President Clinton. Bless you and your wonderful family.

  29. Happy Birthday President Clinton! We miss you.

  30. happy b-day 2 the BIG DAWG

  31. Best President of my life time thus far!

    And, judging from the raw deal we were handed in 2008, looks like the distinction will hold.

    Miss ya, Big Dawg!

  32. Bill Clinton was, is and will forever be THE KING! He is the “Natural, The Best There Ever Was!”

  33. Happy Birthday President Bill Clinton…you are one in a million and there will never be another like you…

    …and you are loved by millions all over the world…including me!

    Thanks for all the good you continue to do in this world for countless people…

  34. […] For linky goodness go here […]

  35. Happy Birthday, Big Dawg. Thank you for everything you have done for our country.

  36. Happy Birthday Mr. President. You are the best president this country has ever had. And you are a true humanitarian and a great person . God bless You and Hillary and Chelsea forever. May you have many more birthdays and wonderful health and success forever. I love you
    Cheryl Smith

  37. Happy Birthday, Bill! The greatest President Ever! And he had the greatest First Lady. Even better than Eleanor. I thought you did such a good job that I didn’t even have to pay attention until Monica. Then I had to keep an eye on the right wing big time to challenge what they tried to do to Bill. Obama can’t even hold the Big Dawg’s coat.l

  38. […] For linky goodness go here […]

  39. Happy Birthday to the awesome Bill Clinton. The only presidential candidate I ever voted for that actually won.

  40. The memories I hold from your administration, make it possible for me to make it through this abysmal one. Keep well and happy. My birthday wish for you is that you get to see your wonderful wife clean up the mess Obama is creating.

  41. Happy Birthday! Big Dawg came from the JFK school of American Civics and Public Service. He’s a shining example of American presidential leadership and the proper way to run a constitutional democracy. Too bad today’s Democratic Party leadership doesn’t measure up. I remember the ‘New Covenant’ at his last State of the Union. Even with vicious right-wing poison going on, it was still an inspiration.

  42. Happy Birthday MR.PRESIDENT..
    we love you.
    thanks SSOA.for the great tribute.to the best prez ever..

  43. I was not old enough to vote
    for Clinton either time, I came into young
    adulthood during his tenure. (I was old enough to vote for
    President GoreI do recall
    his first years in office, he tried to push
    some very liberal/progressive policies.
    Gay equality in the military, tax increases
    on the wealthiest (he got some, but not
    what he was aiming for), and of course healthcare.

    Clinton’s rightward drift only occured after the
    1994 midterms(though he ran slightly to the right
    on crime matters as a need to appease the weak
    soccer moms who are filled with irrational fears
    of mythological boogymen coming after their kids).

    It would have been just if Clinton and Obama
    had eachothers terms. There is a much greater
    desire to right the wrongs of Reaganomincs
    today than there was 16 years ago.
    If Clinton were President now, he would
    be aggressivly pushing for economic reforms
    for the middle and working class.

    Underneath the service, Bill Clinton was very
    liberal. Obama is a mealy mouth opportunist(much like
    most other political-types). He is better than
    what we had, but Obama’s actions are deeming
    him a one term wonder.

  44. Happy Birthday Bill!!!

    He really was the BEST President of our generation.

  45. You were our last best hope for peace and America blew it!

  46. Happy B-day Mr. Clinton! You were the greatest president since I’ve been alive. The dreams of hope and prosperity were really possible under you and my family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts!

    Please give us a gift in return, can we go back to the Clinton years when living our ideals actually felt possible ?!? I’m tired of hearing how things are possible from the teleprompter king.

  47. Happy birthday Big Dawg.

    After 8 years of Bush and just 6 months of Obama, we are now realizing what we had in you.

  48. Happy Birthday Bill! Will we ever have another Democratic President?

  49. Thanks, SOD – this is a great post and a great chance for all of us TCers to wish the Big Dawg his deserved best!

    He was a Great president and I am greatful to have been able to vote for him and to have lived those wonderful years with my growing family.

    I also remember folks trying to figure out how they could finagle it so we could have him remain for a third term! 🙂

  50. […] Obama courts political death, Bill Clinton celebrates his birthday. Today we celebrate along side good ol’ Bill. Happy Birthday […]

  51. One of my favorite things is to visit white house website and read about Bill Clinton’s presidency.

    “…During the administration of William Jefferson Clinton, the U.S. enjoyed more peace and economic well being than at any time in its history. He was the first Democratic president since Franklin D. Roosevelt to win a second term. He could point to the lowest unemployment rate in modern times, the lowest inflation in 30 years, the highest home ownership in the country’s history, dropping crime rates in many places, and reduced welfare rolls. He proposed the first balanced budget in decades and achieved a budget surplus. As part of a plan to celebrate the millennium in 2000, Clinton called for a great national initiative to end racial discrimination….”


    Now that’s a legacy.

    • He is truly amazing!!

    • Thank you for sharing the link. I teared up all the way through. THAT’S a President. The one thing I can say in favor of Øbama is that he makes Bill Clinton look like a god. And former CDSers are starting to wake up and recognize!

  52. Happy Birthday to the Best Dawg ever. Celebrate a life well done!!!

  53. I hope he reads this thread!

    BTW, I have part two of healthcare up, if anyone is interested. It’s waaaay too long, but I was trying to explain a lot of sort of “inside baseball” stuff.

  54. SOD is wrong about one thing. I am Bill Clinton’s greatest fan!!!

    If we have to duke it out SOD, well to quote Dubya, “Bring it in! Er, I mean bring it out? No wait, bring in the clowns. Whatever, I’m not scared of you!”

    ~See there, trying to quote Dubya just automatically makes you stupid~

  55. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. PRESIDENT. How I long for a return of the prosperity. of your presidency. Best President ever.

  56. Happy Birthday, President Clinton! You were indeed the best President of my lifetime and I am glad I voted for you twice. Don’t take this the wrong way: I was hoping you’d end up being the second best President…

    Truly excellent post, SoD.

  57. Happy Birthday, President Clinton!

    As a child you would often hear someone grumbling about so and so being the best and only president in their lifetime that was worth a damn.

    I get it now.

    Here is hoping that Hillary will get another chance to negate that statement for our generations.

  58. Happy Birthday Big Dawg! Thank you for your 8 years!

  59. Happy Birthday President Clinton,
    yes, you are still our president! at the least the best ! I hope you are enjoying your day and we thank you for all the peace and prosperity, that somehow has been misplaced by those following you. If only we could have shared Hillary ,as our president , we would be having the second wave of eight years of a president who cares about the people and has what it takes. We will be looking forward to seeing you and Hillary, as we always have been, seeing your great works ………You have a wonderful daughter who seems to have yours and Hillary’s great traits. thank you for your gifts to this country.

  60. I was lucky enough in the primary 2008 to meet Chelsea and she is so open and friendly and intelligent , a beautiful young woman ,she could be our third Clinton president!
    Okay, and I met President Clinton ,I was in the front of the line as he came around and holding my Hillary sign {I worked in her campaign} and as he shook my hand I said pennslyvania is for Hillary ,he put his big hand around the side of my face and said god bless you. I think my friend beside me almost fell over. what a cool memory for me.
    He took so much time going around and shaking hands and signing everything and he does look right at people not at a teleprompter. What a guy! Chelsea was the same way. What a family ,now that’s a family to be honored.

    • What a great memory, Rose. I, too, saw him on the campaign trail for Hillary and he was kind enough to give me three — yes, three —

      Happy Birthday to the greatest president of my generation and to one of the most brilliant and compassionate leaders this country had ever known. You are the real deal!

  61. mno hialite Mr President. Kiss your wonderful wife and daughter for us.

  62. Happy Birthday President Clinton.
    You made a lot of dreams possible during your terms.
    Thank you for that.
    Your family is one to be proud of for their service to the country.
    My wish is for you to head the United Nations. You would be awesome in that position and the world needs someone like you to lead

    First you as president
    Second Hillary as the next president
    Third Chelsey carrying on the tradition as president.



  63. Happy Birthday Big Dawg.

  64. It is so great to see everyone share their thoughts on President Clinton. I hope he or someone close to him sees this and he knows how much we appreciate him.

    Big Dawg’s presidency taught us all that *we* mattered too. He gave *us* a voice at the table. As we search for the common theme of our group, I think this is what is the glue that makes us who we are at the Confluence. We know what it was like to be a part of the equation of our government and this current regime stole that from us. We’re not willing to give back what Big Dawg gave us.

    That’s what links us together.

    I hear the Clintons are relaxing in Barbados (?). I hope so. They deserve a special respite.

    Love to Bill and Hillary. You’re the Best!!!

  65. Being President didn’t make him the Big Dawg and not being President doesn’t diminish his stature by one iota He’s Still Bill!

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