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      Everyone remember the Panama papers? A leak of bank records showing that the ultra-rich are hiding massive wealth, tax-free and often breaking the law to do so? A rather weak set of laws designed to allow tax avoidance by rich people, at that. Found out the other day that the reporter who broke the Panama Papers story was killed by a car bomb. Coincidence, n […]
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Buy a clue, Ezra

Ezra Klein in today’s WaPo:

Monday was the day of the liberal revolt on health-care reform. If you want a nice round-up of the commentary, see Mike Allen. What’s been striking, however, is the implicit argument that this is somehow a simple failure of liberal will. Rachel Maddow called it “a collapse of political ambition.” The problem, she said, is that “Democrats are too scared of their own shadow to use the majority the American people elected them to in November to actually pass something they said they favored.”


The problem, I think, is that there is a tendency to understand heath-care reform as an equal negotiation in which all sides want a deal, and you can game out various bargaining stratagems. But health-care reform is not a negotiation. It’s a campaign. Reformers wants a deal, even as some differ on its precise shape. The opposition wants to kill the deal entirely. And that gives the opponents a lot more power to say “no.” “No” isn’t their fallback position. It’s their position. The supporters — if they’re not sociopaths of some sort — actually do want to extend health-care coverage to 40 million people and regulate the insurance industry and create out-of-pocket caps and make life better for millions and millions of people. That makes it hard to say “no.” Being a decent person turns out to be a terrible weakness. And the pressure is even greater because the history of this stuff is that you don’t get a deal at the end of the day. Failure isn’t an unlikely outcome. It’s the default.

No, no, no ,no, no, NO!

Ezra just doesn’t get it:


Follow the money Mr. Klein. Which candidate got the most money from the health insurance industry and Big Pharma last year? Which party got the most money from the health insurance industry and Big Pharma last year?

Open Secret

What do you think the health insurance industry and Big Pharma were paying for? (Hint: It wasn’t to buy us all ponies)

As they say in Chicago, “An honest politician stays bought.”

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43 Responses

  1. Looking at that chart, I’m amazed that Dennis Kucinich got $5,100.

    But, then again, the health insurance industry does have money to burn.

    • Any one who works for a hospital or pharmaceutical company is counted in those numbers. I work for a CRO so I would count in Hillary’s totals. It would be more instructive to see WHO gave the money to whom?…was it the nurse on the night shift or the CEO of UnitedHealth Care?

    • One more…take a look at the top 20 recipients in all cycles. Then look at 2008 alone, and then 2006. Obama made nearly all of his in th 2008 cycle.

  2. Reform, the public option, losing support, Obama clearly walking away from Pub opt as is Pelosi:



    Oh, and health care stocks up. That’s got to be the biggest tell yet.

    And, still, I have people telling me “Obama wants you to push him”, “he’d be a real Democrat if we only pushed him”, “he wants to be”.

    My *ss!

    Well, I’d be happy to push him, actually. 🙂

  3. With the average income of insurance CEOs being $11,000.000 and people clamoring for this continued situation to persist, it feels like a lost cause. Heaven forbid that the clamor be for the little guy. Depressing!

  4. Why would Big Pharma agree to spend $150 million to support ObamaCare unless there was a big payday in it for them?

    • They care about their customers and the American people?

      • Their motto : stockholders before patients!

      • Have I got a bridge for you or maybe some land in Fla.
        The Easter Bunny and Santa Claus will bring you the papers.



  5. I am envisioning a nationwide ad campaign across all media:
    Wall St. Investment Banks, Financial and Brokerage Firms
    (list the most known suspects/$$$$$)
    (list the known suspects/$$$$$)
    Auto Industry
    (list the known suspects/$$$$)
    Big Pharma
    (list the known suspects/$$$$$)
    Health Insurance Companies
    (list the known suspects$$$$$)
    American Homeowners
    American Taxpayers

  6. Rally cry suggestions for Washington

    Insurance compaines before the public!

    stockholders before patients!

    that might help to clarify things

  7. Kool-aid Detox, Stat!

    Obama is more devious than that. He is providing cover for republicans not to filibuster. Despite a super majority, filibuster is still possible because there are many wavering blue dogs. So if he appears to have given up on the public option and surrendering on other issues, the republicans may feel safe enough to allow a vote. Wait till the bill gets approved by a majority and goes to reconciliation. This is where you will see the real Obama. After the bill becomes law, the republicans can blame Obama for trickery and not being true to his word. The end result, though, is that Obama gets what he wants and the republicans get what they want- they are able to blame everything on Obama’s trickery and lack of honor.

    (from the comments at Salon)

    • OMG, it’s like Nixon’s secret plan to end the war. Hehehehe.

    • No wonder they feel for the “Hope and Change” crap in the beginning. These folks seem to be about as gullible as it gets. So now they seem to be convincing themselves that Obama will take care of it behind close doors. HMMM, they need to get a clue that he’s been working behind close doors all along. That’s why it stinks, not what makes it better.

    • That is exhibit one on why we got Obama in the first place.

      Just elect this first African Am. with the Harvard degree and he will work out fine. Trust us, him.


    • Hey, Einstein, the fallacy in your argument is that you do not know what it is that Obama actually wants. Not that logic has ever been an Obot’s strong suit. Nice try, though.

      The real Obama. Hilarious!

    • Yeah, the mythical ‘reconciliation rescue.’ That’s what liberal radio guy Thom Hartmann says he’s holding out hope for, swearing that if Obama doesn’t come through with real reform then, he’ll stop asking listeners to be patient.

      Mind boggling naivete. All one need do is look at the difference in Big Pharma bucks to R’s versus D’s until recently to see millions of reasons that won’t happen.


    • Wow…that is some massive delusion going on.

  8. I’m getting tired of all of this. Day after day proving the Obots wrong. Day after day watching them make up excuses for Obama’s broken promises. He’s an opportunist, beginning and end of story. We’ll be saying the same thing two years from now. Nothing will change.

    • Obots are like women who say and believe He said ” he was sterile and he would not lie” while they are in labor with triplets.



      • lol. Good example. The example I always thought of when talking about Obots is that they are like women who are abused by their partner but keep making excuses for the abuse and go back to him because they think he’ll change.

  9. NONE of this surprises me — I expect that 0bambam will continue his pattern of turning over and bowing to those he owes. Those of us who live in caucus states and attended our local caucus SAW a bought and paid for election. For someone to have vast sums of money (probably unreported) — enough to buy whole state parties — means that he is obeying the agenda of whomever bought him years ago.

    In February I knew that the democrat party was DEAD — and then when the Dem headquarters were moved to Chicago — the dem party was not only dead and buried in tons of cement — the body was cremated and the ashes sent down a shaft to hell.

    The American voter has been lied to, manipulated and the future of the young of America is being looted.

    I used to think that the preachers who looted their congregation while promising the rewards for giving to the church would be “everlasting life” were the most evil. But 0zero and his handlers have figured out how to use the tricks of the hell and brimstone preachers in the political arena.

    Sugar had a series of YouTube videos on her blog — comparing the Rev. Jim Jones with Obama — and the tricks both men used in their “sermons”. Perhaps those vids need to be posted here???

  10. It’s the small things that show Big Dawg isn’t a fan of the hope and change man. Obama talked to Big Dawg today about his N. Korea mission. From the AP article:

    White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said the session would be the second conversation between the two men, although the meeting in the West Wing situation room was to be the first in-person and in-depth debriefing between the current and former president.

    Like I said, if it were President Hillary pushing for universal health care, he’d be out there everyday in town halls to clear up the confusion about single payer, pubic option, etc. Anything the Big Dawg does for the Dems right now he’s doing it for his wife and her career in the Party.

  11. In a slightly ligher vein, Delay hopes to show fancy footwork on Dancing With the Stars.

    The 62-year-old former Congressman from Texas said there would need to be some “negotiations” if someone wanted him to wear sequins or show the open-shirt look.

    DeLay later posted a message on Twitter: “Headed to the studio for my first rehearsal and to meet my partner. Hoping it’s not Nancy Pelosi.”


    • The longer they’re on the show the more money they make.

      • You got that right. Whoever picked him should be fired.

      • DeLay later posted a message on Twitter: “Headed to the studio for my first rehearsal and to meet my partner. Hoping it’s not Nancy Pelosi.”

        oh, come on, SOD-Delay and Pelosi!

      • I as an avid DWTS fan am so NOT amused by this asshat being considered a “celebrity” ….. WTF ~ I don’t want to see this slimeball dance even one time, gawd help me and y’all avoid the future ranting on this blog if he makes it thru.

  12. This may turn the criminal justice system on it’s head.

    DNA Evidence Can Be Fabricated, Scientists Show

    Scientists in Israel have demonstrated that it is possible to fabricate DNA evidence, undermining the credibility of what has been considered the gold standard of proof in criminal cases.

    The scientists fabricated blood and saliva samples containing DNA from a person other than the donor of the blood and saliva. They also showed that if they had access to a DNA profile in a database, they could construct a sample of DNA to match that profile without obtaining any tissue from that person.

  13. I am opposed to this guy saying that he is the healthcare guru when he has made a point his entire life of avoiding doing anything that didn’t somehow directly benefit himself. Even at the personal and often professional expense of others. He doesn’t know a single person who isn’t of a suspect character.
    I haven’t been able to make heads or tails of the obamacare bill. It’s strange that at the townhall meetings there is no presentation as to what the bill entails. It’s probable that those presenting don’t know but it’s also more than likely that there are hidden agendas, capitulation, pork spending within the bill.
    So while I supported Hillary and her efforts for single-payer because she has paid the dues, worked her ass off, gone the extra mile – I will never support something that Obama does because I don’t believe anything he says or does is genuine.

  14. Where Ezra made his big mistake:

    “The supporters — if they’re not sociopaths of some sort— actually do want to extend health-care coverage to 40 million people and regulate the insurance industry and create out-of-pocket caps and make life better for millions and millions of people.”

    As myiq2xu said, “buy a clue, Ezra.” Obama *is* a sociopath of some sort.

  15. […] here. Move along. Posted on August 19, 2009 by Uppity Woman I just found this chart over at Riverdaughter’s “Buy A Clue, Ezra” […]

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