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What Happened to Obama Nation?

Remember when all the Obots at the previously liberal blogs told us that Barack Obama would be the best candidate for President because Hillary Clinton would have to deal with all the old scandals of the ’90s? And remember how the Obots then dug up all the old right-wing attacks and used them against Hillary in the primaries?

Remember how they told us the Republicans would have a field day if the Clintons were back in the White House? How they told us that Obama would be able to get things done that Hillary couldn’t because he was new and fresh and charismatic? And when we asked them what Obama stood for, whether there was any issue that was so important to him that he’d stand and fight, they attacked us and called us racists and Republicans or told us to “go read his website?”

Well here we are, just seven months into Obama’s term and the Republicans have already gained the upper hand in the health care debate. The crazies are out in force–shouting down Democrats at town halls and carrying nutty signs claiming Obama is a socialist and claiming he’s not a U.S. citizen. How long before the Republicans start accusing him of dealing drugs and murder–just like they did the Clintons? Worst of all, we no longer have any semblance of an independent media to debunk the nonsense being spread by the right wing noise machine. As Rick Perlstein points out in a piece written for tomorrow’s Washington Post:

Conservatives have become adept at playing the media for suckers, getting inside the heads of editors and reporters, haunting them with the thought that maybe they are out-of-touch cosmopolitans and that their duty as tribunes of the people’s voices means they should treat Obama’s creation of “death panels” as just another justiciable political claim….

It used to be different. You never heard the late Walter Cronkite taking time on the evening news to “debunk” claims that a proposed mental health clinic in Alaska is actually a dumping ground for right-wing critics of the president’s program, or giving the people who made those claims time to explain themselves on the air. The media didn’t adjudicate the ever-present underbrush of American paranoia as a set of “conservative claims” to weigh, horse-race-style, against liberal claims. Back then, a more confident media unequivocally labeled the civic outrage represented by such discourse as “extremist” — out of bounds.

The tree of crazy is an ever-present aspect of America’s flora. Only now, it’s being watered by misguided he-said-she-said reporting and taking over the forest.

Let’s face it, President’s Obama’s health care initiative is in danger of going down in flames. Last week Organizing for America sent out e-mails to supporters asking for help in defeating the right-wing memes that have already overwhelmed the health care “debate.” The e-mails asked supporters to get out in force to defend the President’s plan (whatever it is–I don’t think anyone really knows).

In a piece in The New York Times today (also linked in MABlue’s morning post), Jeff Zelaney reports that in Iowa at least, there seems to be little enthusiasm for the effort to support Obama’s health care goals. Bonnie Adkins, a long-time Obama enthusiast, worried that she wouldn’t have room for all the volunteers who would show up at the pot luck supper she held at her home for canvassers to make calls in support of Obama’s health care agenda.

“We had 10 people. Not a huge number, but good,” said Ms. Adkins, 55, who has been an Obama volunteer since the first day she saw him during a stop here on March 11, 2007. “The enthusiasm is not there like it was a year ago. Most people, when they get to Nov. 5, put their political hat away and it doesn’t come out for three years.”

That’s a pretty weak turnout. None of the Obama supporters that Zelaney talked to in Iowa seemed all that enthused.

More than a dozen campaign volunteers, precinct captains and team leaders from all corners of Iowa, who dedicated a large share of their time in 2007 and 2008 to Mr. Obama, said in interviews this week that they supported the president completely but were taking a break from politics and were not active members of Organizing for America.


“It’s a waste of time,” said Gilbert P. Sierra of Davenport, a Democrat who attended an Organizing for America meeting, where about 100 people gathered to vent frustrations and discuss how they could stand up to conservative critics. “Why spend money on this and only be talking to the choir?”

It’s not clear to me whether these supporters are reluctant because the health care plan is nothing but a pile of crap or whether they are just generally apathetic, and Zelaney’s article doesn’t address the actual issues. But it sounds like Organizing for America’s tactics aren’t going over that well with legislators.

Organizing for America has paid political directors in 44 states, Mr. Stewart said. In recent months the group’s strategy has changed. Gone are the television commercials on health care, climate change and other issues that were broadcast in an effort to pressure moderate Democrats to support the president’s proposals. Now, after the White House received an earful from some of those Democrats, the group has started running advertisements of appreciation.

Did Bill Clinton have to hire paid political directors to support his legislative agenda? I’m really confused by the way Obama is doing things. Instead of having a permanent campaign, why doesn’t he just show some leadership? Why doesn’t he come right out and say what kind of health care plan he supports and fight for it? Even George W. Bush had the guts to go out and actually try to destroy Social Security. Obama is nothing but a wimp.

Last week Organizing for America volunteeres were asked to visit their congresspeople’s local offices this week and ask them to vote for the health care legislation if and when it ever comes to the floor of the House or Senate.

That effort didn’t go so well either. According to Politico, Diane Feinstein complained that about 100 people showed up at her office expecting to talk to her without appointments. According to Tom Blumer (a conservative writer for Newsbusters, so take it with a shaker of salt) he was the first “volunteer” to show up at his Congresswoman, Jean Schmitt’s (!) office.

I set up a visit to Republican Jean Schmidt’s office, and another one to the office of nearby Democratic Congressman Steve Driehaus, for Monday afternoon….I was the very first OFA visitor to Driehaus’s office as of 3 p.m. Monday, and the fourth to Ms. Schmidt’s office as of 4 p.m. Of the three previous visitors to Schmidt’s office that day, one, like me, was an ObamaCare opponent….

In a response to a Friday afternoon follow-up call, Ms Schmidt’s communications director informed me that they had received “31 or 32” OFA visitors at that point — an average of about one per hour. I also learned from a person in the office of Congressman and House Republican Leader John Boehner, whose district is also in Southwestern Ohio, that his two offices had received 40 and 15 OFA visitors, respectively, during the entire week to that point. A Friday phone call requesting follow-up information from Driehaus’s Community Outreach/Field Representative was not returned as of 9:30 this morning.

I guess “community organizing” is working so well for President Obama. Maybe he should try being President for a change–you know actually working in the Oval office instead of running all over the country to town halls “catapaulting the propaganda,” as Dubya called it? Can you believe one of the e-mails the Obama people sent out actually asked people to donate a dollar a day until health care “reform” passes?

Obama is even talking about just being a one-term President! You mean the Obots sold their souls and pawned their principles for one-term President?!

Over at Daily Cheeto, Cenk Uygur asks “Is Obama Just Another Politican?”

I am not a doctrinaire. I understand the value of compromise, diplomacy, bipartisanship, etc. But if you compromise on everything, then what do you have left? It’s a balancing act, of course. You have to know when to compromise and when to stand firm. So, that gets us to the question of the day? The central question of the Obama presidency.

Is Obama a Linconesque compromiser or is he just another politician who will sell out any principle just to get re-elected?

He still has some feeble hope that it is all 11th dimensional chess, be it sounds like he doesn’t really believe it. Cenk draws the line at whether Obama will fight for the public option. He says that

the main reason why the public option is so important [is] because it is a standard bearer. It is a road sign. It tells you what Obama is all about. Is he willing to compromise something he knows is essential to get a deal done so that he can brag in the next election that he got “healthcare reform” passed? Or does he actually give a damn about policy and getting it right? That is the central question.

Why, oh why didn’t these silly Obots do a little research before the primaries began last year? Why did they buy into the con man’s patter so easily? We could have had eight years of a Clinton presidency with Obama as VP. He could have gotten some serious mentoring from Hillary and Bill and then had eight years of his own presidency. We could have had 16 straight years of Democratic rule. But no, we got this phony baloney used car salesman-like con artist who has already sold us out to the banks, insurance companies, and Big Pharma. And his formerly ardent, cult-like followers won’t even stand and fight for him against the big bad Republicans.


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208 Responses

  1. It’s too bad Obama doesn’t have any principles or any interest in policy. He could have actually come up with a bill and then fought for it instead of expecting his kool-aid klan to do all the work for him and donate money too.

  2. From Politico:

    Party leaders prepare liberals to accept a health care reform deal

    After the toughest week yet for health reform, leading Democrats are warning that the party likely will have to accept major compromises to get a bill passed this year – perhaps even dropping a proposal to create a government-run plan that is almost an article of faith among some liberals.

    With August dominated by angry faces and raised voices at town hall meetings, influential Democrats began laying the groundwork for the fall, particularly with the party’s liberal base, saying they may need to accept a less-than-perfect bill to achieve health reform this year.

    AKA: “Getting lubed up”

  3. It really is kind of hard to fight for something that is unclear. We don’t really know what Obama wants. I think it’s time to just adopt the slogan, “Medicare for All” and run with it.

    • That’s fine with me, but I don’t think Obama’s paid organizers will be allowed to help us.

      • I don’t think he has done a good job of defining this issue. I’m tired of waiting for Washington to tell us what we get. It’s time to demand the things that are important to us. Even my ardent Republican husband said he wouldn’t turn it down. But, he would volunteer to cheer the townhallers on. Go figure.

    • AMEN! They are now saying they need more Democrats elected and Obama maybe to World Premier before they have the courage to let in even a tenth of Public Option.

      Does President Obama Have Courage to listen to 76% of Americans that want a Public Option? HR 676 Single Payer, Everyone In, Nobody Out, It’s All American, just like gran’s Medicare!

      • OMG, he just said; “We will have to cut Medicare”! 😯 The press isn’t going to print what he said before that, he should know better than to hand the GOP a sound bite. That bit is going to be used in an ad, I can be 100 bucks and be safe on that.

        • 0zero started waging WAR on the elders — and baby boomers in late 2007 and he was going full blast with that message in early 2008. His aim was to turn “his” base against the older folks who go out and vote — even in the off years. So how are the elders and baby boomers EVER going to believe that 0zero really doesn’t HATE anyone old than he is? Most of hate targets GOT the message.

          • Maybe he blames his mother for not keeping his father around? And, while not exact;y baby boomer age, iirc, she was very close and she lived a definitely anti-convention life.

            I swear I came across an article about his need for bringing together disparate types being based on wnating to bring Mommy and Daddy back together.

            I know, psychological mumbo-jumbo, but he does seem to have it in for the Boomer age group, at least the leading edge Boomers.. And he seems to have almost compulsive need to be seen as a reconciler, someone who comes down in the “middle.”

    • That’s it, how can you fight for vapor legislation?

      • I see that the resident MCP is here — the one who get thrilled to see cops BEATING up women.

  4. Well, I’m glad it’s not just me. I can’t figure out WTF Obamacare is and, given that I trust the Big Zero as far as I can throw him, I doubt it has a whole lot of “reform” in it. If it’s anything like the “change” he promised then it’s going to be more of the same old same old (which = a whole lot of nuthin’).

    MOO, but the dwindling population of ObamaNation tells me that his whole groundswell of support was as ephemeral as we all thought it would be. Fabricated enthusiasm has a very short shelf life. Besides, most obots got what they wanted, a black man elected president. They couldn’t care less about actual issues.

    • I agree. This needs to go down in flames. Sadly, I don’t trust this government to administer a program.

      • What bothers me is that Democrats will be misinformed as to why this program should go down in flames. They will blame the “teabaggers” when progressives should’ve been the ones holding Obama’s feet to the flames and demanding single payer. This is just going to be more class warfare with the Obama Dems accusing the ignorant red state people instead of understanding that this program was destined to fail from the start – even if it ends up enacted. People on the left and the right are misinformed about the difference between Obamacare and single payer.

        • Excellent point. I used to call our era The Age of Unenlightenment, but The Age of Misinformation is probably more apt. So many information sources, so much bad info.

      • we all know it will be Hillary’s fault because she didn’t get out of the race early enough in 2008.

        • Joke about it now but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are articles in 2012 blaming the Clintons for not working hard enough to campaign for Obama if he loses.

  5. I think my peeps at BAR are self hating Blacks (Btw that was said to me in during the Primaries)

    Obama On Health Care: A Comprehensive Betrayal – Where Do We Go From Here?

    The shrunken and eviscerated public option in the Obama health care plan may now be discarded in favor of something called a health co-op. The mounting toll of concessions to drug companies and bailouts of private insurers contained in the Obama plan have transformed it, according to Rep. John Conyers, into “crap,” and threaten to make Obama a one-term president. Republicans, all the while, are fighting Obamacare every bit as resolutely as if it were Medicare For All, drumming up disinformed protesters for health care town meetings. And the embargo of single payer media coverage continues, despite its being the majority sentiment of Americans. This is the year of health care reform. Or not.

    Right there, you have all the reasons Obama’s “Army” is not showing up. Just like anyone who was jazzed for HC reform, they are deflated.

    What should people be fighting for? Just fighting Republicans for the sake of it?

    As I said in the News, “you can’t fool all the suckers all the time”.

    • BB:

      Can you fix my comment? I don’t know why everything is underlined.

      You can delete this one.

    • President Obama needs to know what Real Health Care Reform looks like and why we can’t wait another 16 years to get it. HR 676 Single Payer, Everyone In, Nobody Out, It’s All American, just like gran’s Medicare!

  6. The plan Obama is trying to sell is just not well-thought of. First, Obama is campaigning for the approval of a bill that is not even in its final form. As reported, there are four in the house going around, and what the final bill is going to look like, only God knows. Given past bills where all sorts of earmarks are added on at the last minute, and given that the house and senate bills have to be reconciled, who really knows?

    Given the projected cost stated by the CBO, everybody knows it is something that the nation just cannot afford. A majority of the American people cannot see the sense of it all.

    If they want to encourage competition, why don’t they start by eliminating the federal restriction on interstate insurance coverage for patients and doctors. This would certainly encourage competition among carriers even in the present system.

    You want to eliminate fraud and waste in Medicare?
    Why don’t they determine how, where the waste/fraud occurs in the present program and write a law to address it. They can also examine the Supplementary Income program (SSI) to indigents and make sure that the recipients are alive and still in the country. Then perhaps there will indeed be savings that can be used to cover the uninsured.

    They can also revisit the prescription (Part D) portion of Medicare. For the life of me, I don’t understand why insurance companies have to be in the loop. Drug retailers should be allowed to buy the approved medication at the lowest price. Then even people who are not covered can buy the occasional prescribed medication at a fairly decent price.

    Given all the reported secret negotiations the white house has been doing with interest groups, no wonder the people sense the unrighteousness of it all.

  7. I don’t buy Obama’s one-termer comment. If he really cared that much about healthcare that he was ready to forego a second term, why not tell all his handlers to screw it and lets put singlepayer back on the table so we could have a REAL debate about healthcare.

    • It’s obvious B.S. that Obama would rather be a one-term president in order to solve the health care problem in this country. He is only saying this because he sees the writing on the wall. His poll numbers are abysmal, his health plan was half-assed reform from the start and even he knows that it will likely fail, and the Dems are in danger of losing dozens of seats in 2010. He’s saying this because if he does lose in 2012 he’ll say that it is because he tried to fix health care and the remaining Obots will make him into a martyr who stood up for a liberal cause and lost because of it. Whatever.

      • Yay!! 1 Term! Oh what i wouldn’t give for that to be the case.

        • One trem?
          How about Tony Rezko finally rats him out and he gets a prison term.

          • lol. that’s what my friend wants. I said I wanted him to resign and she answers: RESIGN?! I want him in jail! i want him taken out of f the white house at 3 o’clock in the morning in his pajamas and put on a plane!” lol.

    • This could just be an early sign that Obama is getting “bored” with this job, too.

      • Some wag told him that Pope of Rome is an elected position.

      • You could very well be right. He loves to travel and remain in campaign mode but he doesn’t seem to like to stay in Washington and do any work. I even think I remember him saying that he was getting tired of the White House even in his first few months in office. He’s already made the history books as the first black president so mission accomplished. I think that was his main goal all along. It was always about him.

        • I think he said that after one week. He went to visit some kindergarten class because he said it was boring just being in the White House.

    • Me, neither. Why would this so-called reform not even begin until 2013 if he wasn’t going for a second term in 2012? He could say he did it as a positive for re-election before anyone could even know that it wasn’t going to accomplish what he promised it would.

    • I believe he’s an errand boy. I don’t think he really cares about this issue. He’s enjoying playing POTUS too much.

  8. Great post BB! It was worth the wait.

  9. “Is Obama a Linconesque compromiser or is he just another politician who will sell out any principle just to get re-elected?”

    Uh, no. Lincoln wasn’t a “lincolnesque compromiser”. And, what, prey tell, are Obama’s principles anyway? This is such BS. It’s a way of saying it’s not that Obama sucks it Obama sucks only as much as everyone else.

    “the main reason why the public option is so important [is] because it is a standard bearer. It is a road sign. It tells you what Obama is all about.”

    See, that’s it right there, isn’t it? Even the pub. opt. supporters don’t actually support it because it’s some great policy. They support it so they can say how freakin great Obama is even if the entire policy is FUBAR. They want the word “public” in there so they can feel good about it. Unbelievable.

    BB, my father calls the astroturf campaign on both sides, and their resulting crowds of the misinformed, the most synthetic debate he’s ever seen.

    • I posted Abe down below for you…he’s back!

    • Your dad is right, Masslib. It’s all a kabuki dance, and we real people aren’t gonna get anything out of it, IMHO.

      • And it is going to cost us more. I was trying to think why I didn’t like the word co-op and then realized that the only co-op that I know currently is where they swap clothes because they want to save money or can’t afford the next set of clothes. I remembered because I recently got some clothes together to give to a couple that is doing it, while they are raising their kids and part of it is you have to put some clothes in. Funny but in my day it was called brothers and sisters and some cousins too ‘hand me downs’.

    • Your dad is right about the most synthetic debate.

      An Obot was going on about the injustice of people interrupting the townhalls and nazi signs. Without a bit of concern that these tactics were solid Democratic techniques with Bush and the war.

      Being upset the bs theater was interrupted rather than being upset at bs is a losing strategy for everyone. The Obot couldn’t see past the villains offered by the Dem ‘leadership’ and look at the real problem. The bill and the solutions offered behind closed doors with all the players who got us into this mess.

      Like closed door meetings worked well for the Iraqis. Instead of talking over maps of oil fields clearly the American people were served up.

      I heard it recently somewhere….forgot where.

      “If you aren’t at the table then you are on the menu.”

  10. Single-Payer Health Insurance This is Abe Lincoln here. All of this fuss over a so-called “public option” or “single-payer” health insurance program has caused me to come back from the dead. I hear that more than 40 million Americans have no health insurance and those who do are on the brink because of the extremely high monthly premiums they are paying. How in America can anyone not be provided health insurance is beyond comprehension. This is America for God’s sake. Children are dying and becoming unhealthy because corporations want to make a quick buck. Times must change and it all starts with you…The AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  11. Look at it this way. Insurance companies are making large profits. People haven’t received a real wage increase since the 70’s. It’s all been eaten by the cost of living. Employers are paying high premiums for employee’s coverage, which many can’t afford any more so they, the employer,are picking a lesser plan. Now lots of protesters are chanting that they do not want the government in their insurance. So, do we really want employers picking the plan. Cause, in these times, and for the foreseeable future, they aren’t going to be funding the best plans. It will be based on cost..

  12. Well, I believe this health care reform opposition is the manifestation of months of frustration at the antics of an out of control Congress and a President who seems to think the American credit card has no limits on spending. A stimulus bill with a gazillion earmarks and favors to special interests, which month after month doesn’t appear to be stimulating anything, a 300 page adder to the Omnibus bill in the wee hours of the morning of the day the bill was voted on, a 1000 page health care bill so full of lawyer-speak that no average American can understand it, a President who says time after time in the primaries that discussions and negotiations on health care will be televised on C-SPAN, then plays Dick Cheney behind closed doors, on and on and on.

    We need a bill that everyone can read and understand. We need a bill that can be enforced as it is written, not one with ambiguous language and nooks and crannies to be “tweaked” later. Congress and the President have earned the scorn and mistrust of the American people. “Transparency” has become only the rhetoric, not the reality. They need to understand this before anything else, or I believe that opposition to any health care reform will contnue to grow.

  13. If anyone is surprised that Obama isn’t standing up to the Big Money interests that put him in the White House, they weren’t paying attention.

    • All they were paying attention to was the “eloquent” speeches Obama read off his teleprompters. That and slogans like “yes we can” and “change we can believe in.” What a bunch of suckers!

      • The media cheered on Candidate Bush and Candidate Obama because they were “uniters, not dividers” — should have been a red flag to more people on the left,but it was not.

    • Wonk the Vote, on August 15th, 2009 at 7:39 pm Said:
      If anyone is surprised that Obama isn’t standing up to the Big Money interests that put him in the White House, they weren’t paying attention.

      ……..or looking at the fraction of his record we are allowed to review. What is the difference between now and years ago when he partied hardy with slumlord Rezko, as his supposed constituants ( and Rezko tenants, ) were freezing their asses off ? The only difference now is scale.

      This how Obama has always operated. This is Obama . Standing around, looking pretty, as his backers wail on those he supposedly represents .

      Let’s stop fooling ourselves that he gives a rat’s ass about us anymore than he cared for those south side constituants. We are all on the south side now.

  14. Obama’s movement never existed. It was always just a bunch of chanting moronic idiots that like a good slogan and logo. Morons.

  15. myiq2xu, on August 15th, 2009 at 6:37 pm Said:

    If Obama really wanted to reform health care he would have started with single payer and asked us to settle for public option.
    No single-payer was the only hard demand that Obama had for “Health Insurance Reform”….As HHS Sec. Sebelius said on NPR:(paraphrase) “The President will make sure that the legislation is written so that it can’t evolve into a single-payer system” there-for no “Public Option” either.

    He has mouthed the words about Public Option but that means as much as “The first thing that I’ll do is sign FOCA . He started meeting with “Big Health” CEOs on Feb. 4, before the new paint was dry in the Oval Office. You know that the “sell out” began shortly after Nov. 4.

  16. You know that the “sell out” began shortly after Nov. 4.

    Correction SHV, that “sell out” began on May 31, 2008 — IMHO (and possibly long before)

  17. Sadly, the pol who knows something about Health Care Reform and is a domestic policy wonk is in Africa now… doing battle with a bunch of sexist SOBs who want to know what her hubby and preznit think about who knows wha?

    And the one who should be traipsing around in predominantly Muslim countries… convincing them to treat their daughters with a shred of respect is over here meddling in granny’s end of life planning.

    We are screwed. In more ways than one….

    But, Camille has no buyer’s remorse:
    None whatsoever.

    Typical Obot. Not responsible for anything. Ever. It’s all somebody else’s fault…. yeah…. like Bill and Hillary’s….

  18. Obama will not fight for single payer because he never intended to. The worshipping hordes were idiots to believe him.

    How did I know this, when they evidently didn’t? Simple. I look at actions, not words. And none of them could point to ONE DAMN THING that Barack Obama had ever stood and fought for against opposition in his entire career. Not once. What you have done is a good predictor of what you will do.

    It didn’t take a brain surgeon to figure Obama out. Common sense did the job just fine. What he is doing now is no different at all from what he’s always done. Their surprise surprises me.

    • I read his book. His fondness for the “Reagan revolution” and privatizion couldn’t have been clearer. He spelled it out. It was also obvious he didn’t support abortion rights particularly strongly. All those Obots bought the book, but apparently never read it.

      • Since it didn’t come with a pack of crayons and there were no connect the dot puzzles they put it on the shelf.

    • Yep…and we’re masters of the obvious both then and now.

  19. i think the best way to describe the golden child’s out of control spending. its kinda sounds like a teenager getting their 1st credit card

  20. What the democrats managed to do is give the republicans life again. Anybody see Howard Dean?

    • Dr. Dean at NRN – Ideas on health care: The power of NOT having to run for office

      • or this one

        • Howard Dean On Health Care At NN09, “Just Like Old Times”

        • Sorry, but Howie can KISS MY ASS as well. He knew damn well there was one candidate who had the will and the drive and the heart to get us UHC, and he spit all over her.

          Howard (“Sexism? What sexism?”) Dean can take a long walk off a short pier, the spineless fecking enabling coward.

          Howie could heal the sick and raise the dead tomorrow, and I’d still despise his sorry ass.

          • Agree again WMCB.

          • Totally agree, WMCB

          • Yes, oh yes!

          • Yes, oh yes!

            I just love having that sort of effect on a man. (Ya gotta admit you set yourself up for that one, Ralph.) 😉

          • Yeah, what she said.

          • women usually get that effect from me. some of us may not be free, but we are cheap.

            Wonder how Whole Foods Nation feels about the Founder and CEO of Whole Foods dissing health reform?

            Maybe the creative class “cough” will lose weight. hope the linky works.

          • Completely agree.

            Dean the scream all upset the Clintons didn’t run and help him out after he fell on his face at the beginning of the race. You know he was plotting his revenge at the DNC for when Hillary ran. I was shocked anyone placed him there. Even with the man child being revealed I still didn’t have a clue his revenge would be as bad as it was.


          • I can’t even bear to watch him now. And I say that as a former total and complete Deaniac and former DNC 50-state strategy field organizer.

          • Sorry, but Howie can KISS MY ASS as well. He knew damn well there was one candidate who had the will and the drive and the heart to get us UHC, and he spit all over her.Howard (”Sexism? What sexism?”) Dean can take a long walk off a short pier, the spineless fecking enabling coward. Howie could heal the sick and raise the dead tomorrow, and I’d still despise his sorry ass.

            Oh that is so much how everyone I know feels about him, every bit as passionate as you’ve expressed it here. I love seeing it in print. ty

      • I am shocked about Dean for saying how good it is to have Harry and Louise in favor of Obama’s Bill HR 3200. Harry and Louise are a trojan horse couple on any really REFORM. I keep forgetting, real reform is being blocked by Obama, you all are doing the Compromise Dance…the follow-up to the Unity Pony Dance, that we refused to do.

        HR 676 Single Payer, Everyone In, Nobody Out, It’s All American, just like gran’s Medicare!

      • Dean looks like he is trying to sneak one out the side in that clip.

        • That’s a “one-cheek sneak”

          • … and smells like Obama’s health reform plan.

          • That’s a “one-cheek sneak”

            How Carlin of you.

          • Carlin jokes? Are you saying Dean’s a “fump”?

            Okay, if you get that reference you are revealing your age, and you probably listened to it on vinyl. 😀

          • O.M.G. I remember when I bought my first Carlin album. I put it on the turntable and turned the volume waaaaaaaay down so my dad wouldn’t hear it. On this particular album, Carlin began with a story about his grandfather. However, he began with barely a whisper

            “My grandfather used to say something…my grandfather used to say…”

            I couldn’t hear it and I figured the punchline couldn’t be obscene since he was talking about his grandfather, so I cranked the volume up nice and loud, just for the punchline.

            Those of you who are Carlin fans will know what happens next to my attempt to hide my “dirty” purchase from my dad.

  21. Rhetoric and verbal camouflage at its finest

    • He is a hateful fascist. He’d rather young children think everyone who doesn’t agree with a black man, is a racist rather than be questioned or critiqued. He is a really sick person.

    • I wouldn’t call him hateful.

      • there are plenty of political opportunists that don’t call everyone a racist. Not even Sharpton calls people who say socialists, racist. and Obama allows this by complicity, same way he’s did in the primaries. So maybe not hateful, i’ll sub that with disgusting.

        • I’m surprised this tactic still gets traction.

          • yup. oh, but as a side note, it is my opinion that he is hateful. hopefully people don’t flame me for this, it’s just my opinion, but i do believe he hates all non-black people in this country. i believe he hates them (And just for the record, i am african american (well, half)/. He knew he couldn’t do the job, and he ran anyway, somehow got a great domestic politician to do his bidding across the world. i think he’s hateful. He’s called American so many names it makes the head spin.

          • I don’t think Obama hates all non-black people.

            I think he just views himself too much as a referee between left and right, black and white, etc. He’s not a fighter.

          • Wonk, I don’t even think he’s an honest compromiser, in the sense of trying to find workable solutions between disparate groups. While I might disagree with that, I could respect it to a degree.

            But he’s not even that. He is consumed with being seen as successful, and all of his “compromises” are not even to some arguably practical end – the one and only standard is what promotes him and his vision of himself as president.

            That’s the thing I have always found so creepy about him, in a way that I don’t even find Bush creepy. Bush had beliefs, even though some of them were terribly wrong. But Obama has no center. At all.

          • WMBC, i fully agree and have for so long, that he cares about absolutely nothing but himself. I always have asked people “Name *1* thing he cares about”, and none have ever been able to answer.

          • I agree that a lot of his “compromises” are smoke and mirrors.

          • Anne, he weighs policies not as policies for good or ill, but as advertising for Teh One. The only question he asks is “Will this make the ‘Obama brand’ look good?”

            He bought his own hype long ago, before he ever ran for president. I knew it from the first time I read the remark he made to a reporter at the 2004 convention backstage, where he said something like “Yeah, I’ve got game, I can play on this level. I’m LeBron, baby.” I knew then this guy was bad news, who wanted the presidency for ALL the wrong reasons.

          • WMCB, That quote from Obama, about having “game”, just says so much about him and his motivations, or lack thereof.

            He is so shallow, and in politics for all the wrong reasons. And that’s the best case scenario.

  22. Bill Clinton revived the Democratic brand as good for the middle class economy.

    • It’s so depressing, SoD. I thought it would be bad, but it’s so much worse than I even imagined.

      • People will remember the peace and prosperity of the Clinton years.

        • “Now look what this asshats have done. They’ve squandered the greatest political capital the Democrats have ever had”.


          • Ditto. That’s the thing that pisses me of so badly. This was a once-in-a-generation opportunity, and the Dems are just throwing it way by being completely ineffective, corrupt, arrogant, and out of touch.

          • Yup, when will POTUS, Congress and the Senate be in Democratic control to bring about CHANGE? Another 16 years from now? They blew it! 76% of Americans want a Public Option, but they aren’t listening. 😦

          • This is what happened in 1994. Tip O’Neil thought he could sweep the House Banking Scandal under the rug, Newt Gingrich knew better.
            This is where it all began, republicans in control of the House ushered in Ken Starr and the phony Whitewater investigation.
            We are seeing that same arrogance today from Pelosi.

          • Mr. Mike, I remember 1994. This feels even worse than then, as far as the mood of the voters is concerned. Unless things change course drastically, the Democratic party is headed for a long dry spell in the wilderness.

            The bots always tried to blame the 1994 losses on Bill’s “triangulating”, but I was there. People were okay with Bill, but they DESPISED that corrupt Dem congress.

          • The mood of the voters isn’t the screeching mal-informed loons disrupting town hall meetings.
            The mood of the voters is akin to buyer’s remorse when the shine comes off and the turkey starts to stink up the joint.
            Who want’s to go out and fight for that?

          • The bots always tried to blame the 1994 losses on Bill’s “triangulating”, but I was there. People were okay with Bill, but they DESPISED that corrupt Dem congress.

            Yes. It’s because Bill was not part of the master plan. He did an end run around everyone when they expected Daddy Bush to pull his second term. The Dems gave Bill as much pushback as the Pubs.

        • I felt the same way. And then it all turned to ashes. And we didn’t even get a Democratic President.

        • Amen and imo it’s no accident or blunder ….at least in the Dem elite circles. The reason the DC Dems can’t get bills passed representing traditional Dem values is, they don’t want to.

          Few will welcome new GOP house members in 2010 with more gusto than elite Dems…hooray! less work finding excuses. They aren’t fulfilling their promises to the base because they don’t want to . Hillary would have made them…..and we can’t have that .

      • Ditto. I expected what I thought was the worst, but what’s actually happening is beyond my imagination. It’s incredible, actually. The damage to the chances for a universal payer in health care, for improvement in race relations, for progressive policies–he’s taking everything down, bit by bit.

        Some nights, I think that is his ultimate goal.

  23. Oh, spammy got me…for making fun of Harry and Louise.

    • I always thought that hand sign was made over a men’s room stall divider if you wanted to do something naughty with the guy next door.

      • Mr Mike, what a funny but astute
        observation! The BO sign appears to be sexually charged.

  24. You have to see these photos at Tennessee Guerilla Women. These people look like they live in a third world country, not America!


    • Egalia rocks, she is helping to get the message out about the crisis in Health Care in this country. We can do better, we must do better, we are Americans after all.

      HR 676 Single Payer, Everyone In, Nobody Out, It’s All American, just like gran’s Medicare!

    • Maybe I missed some pictures, but I only saw two pictures, and only one showed the people well. I wasn’t sure why you think it looks like a third world country….? It looks like America to me, but then I live in a large city….. maybe that’s the difference…..?

  25. Can anybody explain single payer and Medicare for All in plain, simple English on ONE sheet of paper that we ordinary Americans can read, understand and explain to other ordinary Americans? You know, the Americans who follow the rules, pay our taxes, help out our neighbors, do some volunteer work, teach American values????
    The longer the wronger, my high school history teacher used to say. Wonder what he’d say about that 1,000 page mish mash thing floating around Congress.

    • You’d think these fools holding town hall meetings would’ve prepared for them like any good teacher or professor trying to get an idea across in a lecture room. Some handouts with good explanations would’ve been helpful. But then again that presumes that Obama and the Dems actually know what they are talking about or that they want people to understand what Obamacare is. If they actually explained it in clear terms then it would occur to more people that Obamacare is poorly thought out scam.

      • Oh, I think the confusion is deliberate on the Dems part. They wanted to pass something on the sly, counting on hopenchange emotion to sweep it through with no one looking too closely.

        Then they got called out on their smoke-and-mirrors obfuscation, and now have the GALL to scold the voters for getting alarmed, and demanding to know just what the hell they are passing.

        • Absolutely! Vagueness and ambiguity are all part of BO’s
          bait and switch strategy. Also, he just tells them what they want to hear then does what he/the corporations want him to do.

    • HR 676 is 23 pages long, but I agree we should make a one page point, by point on it. HR 676 Has no PORK and no BULL, just Health Care. This video explains how it will work:What is Single Payer

  26. we got stuck with a ” showboat” president and an
    ” over and out” congress.

    We are screwed until 2010 then lookout world.



  27. Interesting article from Bloomberg:


    It seems Phrma hired Axelrove’s advertising firm to taut his “health insurance reform”.

  28. […] August 15, 2009 · Leave a Comment The Confluence: […]

  29. Obama does not have a health care initiative. The reason he is the President is so that NOTHING liberal or anti-corporate happens for the the four (or God forbid, eight) years.

    Time to take another look at Plato’s Republic.

  30. I heard a radio ad today on the way to work to buy a new car using the government’s money. To do it fast before the government’s money runs out.
    That annoyed the hell out of me. It is not the government’s money , it is the taxpayer’s money being spent by the government. The government might think it is their money and they can spend like drunken sailors but it is not.



  31. We’re watching Sen. Arlen Spector’s PA townhall on public TV (yes, this is my Saturday night! … we did go out to dinner earlier!).

    There are NO angry mobs. Everyone sitting down … he is taking questions. Positively tame.

    The media SUCKS!!!

  32. Sick For Profit
    Join us and keep tabs on who’s Sick for Profit:

    UnitedHealth CEO
    Stephen J. Hemsley
    2007 Compensation
    $13.2 million
    2008 Compensation (Forbes)
    Former Managing Partner and CFO of Arthur Andersen (BusinessWeek)
    Total Value of Unexercised Stock Options (Forbes)
    2009 Options Exercise
    Value of Wayzata, Minnesota Home (Hennepin County Assessor)
    Hemsley returns $190 million in stock options acquired as a result of practices found to be fraudulent by the SEC

    Edward Hanway
    Five-Year Compensation, as of April 30, 2008 (Forbes)
    $120.51 million
    Total Value of Unexercised Stock Options (Forbes)
    Value of New Jersey Beach Home (Cape May County Assessor)
    The family of a 17-year-old girl who died hours after CIGNA reversed a decision and said it would pay for a liver transplant plans to sue the company, their attorney said Friday.
    Hundreds of entertainment industry workers in California and New Jersey who buy health insurance as a group are being hit with a rate increase that will raise some family-plan premiums to more than $44,000 a year.

    Humana CEO
    Michael McCallister
    2007 Compensation
    $10.3 million
    2008 Compensation (Forbes)
    Five-Year Compensation Total (Forbes)
    $15.1 million
    Total Value of Unexercised Stock Options (Forbes)
    2006 Options Exercise (SECForm4)
    Value of Park City, Utah Home (County Assessor)
    Humana abandons senior citizens in Florida, returns after Republicans pass new Medicare law, upping HMO payments by ~ 25% (NY Times)


    WOW, that site is shocking to see how much money is being made and how long the lines are for Free Medical Care. When are they going to fix the system? Seniors need to take a look see and see that the GOP isn’t looking after their interests.

    • This is the topper, WomanVoter:


      1.6 BILLION in stock options and $125 million annual salary!


      • William McGuire of UnitedHealth Group is definitely sick for profits and here they are raising premiums and denying care but the GOP is blind to what is going on. It is truly unbelievable that the GOP would want Americans without Health Care.

        The other day ‘yeller’ Mike Levine actually said on his show that ultimately the GOP plan is to get rid of Medicare and Social Security. I am amazed at the lame fight the Democrats are putting up, why don’t they run an ad with a sound bite of that and see what the seniors think?!?

  33. Is this a joke? As if Clinton or McCain would be any better. Until we have public financing of elections, we’ll continue to have outside money ruining any legislation geared toward helping the majority of Americans, regardless of who’s president.

    Go to opensecrets.org to see who’s bought our Congressmen (and everyone else).

    • At least McCain took the public option. Obama really set that bar high at only three-quarters of a billion for the presidency.

      • Well, McCain was a Prisoner of War for over five years and he has the will to go for the long fight, but he was demonized as a war monger. President Obama helped out the GOP extreme right by first keeping out HR 676 Single Payer out of any discussions and later by slicing and dicing the Public Option. He could have been historic but he takes care of The Wall Street Poor Millionaires first and they already have their hands out for a second Stimulus Package.

        It is clear who his base is, and it is not the working class folks, otherwise he would be listening to 76% of Americans that want a Public Option.

    • Did you vote for Obama? If you did, then you must have believed that Obama was a better choice than Clinton or McCain. You must have believed that he would have done things differently, brought the “change” he had campaigned on for two years. How did that turn out for you?

      Rather than coming here and telling us that we’re a joke, why don’t you say something substantive about what is happening right now with Obamacare. Clinton nor McCain won so get over it and stop making excuses for Obama’s failures.

    • If all Obama has left is “Ummm…. but someone else might’ve theoretically been even worse!” then he has big problems.

    • How do you you know Clinton would not have been any better? She ain’t President! Your guy is. Don’t excuse the President for screwing up health care by even trying to bring Hillary into this. He’s President. He’s accountable, nitwit.

    • Yah, well, you’re overlooking something a teensy bit important here: Obama HIMSELF obliterated any hope of campaign finance reform, all by his his greedy, self serving, self worshiping, f*ck the future and everyone else in it, lonesome.

    • How are the “Overseas Contingency Operations” working out, you know, the ones that were WARS before the elections. Are you holding him accountable to the same standards that Hillary and McCain were held to?

    • bull shit. Clinton said that if a democratic president ever had a super majority in the house and senate then single payer was something that should be considered.
      You supported the cool black guy and you got a corporate DINO.

    • BS. McCain had the experience, a lifetime of service. And Clinton had the brains and talent. They may have governed (way) to close to center for my liking but they damn well would have done things differently. Geesh. As if anyone believes that we’d be in the mess we’re in today if Gore had been elected in 2000. The differences may be subtle but they sure as hell matter.

      Regardless, Obama won and the idjits who voted for him own this mess along with their messiah. Especially those very same idjits who voted for Bush.

  34. Not like any of us didn’t know, but finally the NYT printed it. Rahm and Axelrod are the president, Obama just the talking head on tv.


    • Are you serious?!? I have to go read this…

      • I read it earlier today, it was interesting.

        • Yes, it was an interesting read, but funny how despite the snipes it is actually a PR piece to portray the Obama Administration as one that is getting things done. It sure is, since it blocked HR 676 Single Payer and is now leaving Public Option hanging by a thread and making concession on every other item within HR 3200, while pretending they are putting up a fight.

  35. Healthcare special – 6 Aug 09 – Interview 1 Fault Lines looks at the US healthcare system, exposes its cracks, and uncovers the forces that are spending millions of dollars every day to influence the debate over the US healthcare reform.

  36. Healthcare special – 6 Aug 09 – Interview 2 Fault Lines looks at the US healthcare system, exposes its cracks, and uncovers the forces that are spending millions of dollars every day to influence the debate over the US healthcare reform.

  37. Healthcare special – 6 Aug 09 – Interview 3 Wendell Potter, a former Cigna Executive.

  38. BILL MOYERS JOURNAL | Preview: Wendell Potter PBS

  39. BILL MOYERS JOURNAL | Preview: Wendell Potter pt 2 | PBS

  40. What Happened to Obama Nation?
    Ummmm, the time is now. Ummm, now is the time. Ummmm, ahhhhh, we are who I’ve been, ummmmm, waiting, ummm, for. Ummm, this bill is ummmm, the bill we’ve been ummmm waiting for. Ummmmmm.

    I believe what happened to Obama Nation is Obama won. After that it was all inevitable.

    You know, watching Obots figure things out is sort of like watching corn pop. They finally see what’s happening, get a bit hot under the collar, and then pop. And since we saw it all coming back in the primaries, we’ve been ready with the butter and salt. 🙂

  41. I have gone from believing health care reform is the most urgent policy issue of our time to searching for any and all ways we may save ourselves from the Dems and their health care bills.

    I have gone from looking at the dream of HRC and then Obama that could build a Dem majority and a progressive legacy for 16 years or more to seeing that road as a 16 year nightmare.

    I have gone from thinking that government is a significant strategic choice for helping to solve important social and economic needs to being pretty certain that government action is more likely to make things worse.

    Besides a complete cynic, what does that make me?

    • Not alone.

      You summed up my feelings as well but I am also at a loss of what that means.

      It took me a bit to even decide voting is still worth it after the selection.

      Ugh….does that mean Reagan was right about the worst words in English language are “I’m from the govt and I’m here to help.”

      Someone please tell me no…my stomach is turning.

      • No, Reagan was wrong.

        • Indeed. The truth of the saying depends who’s running the government at a given time. When those who despise the government are running it,( Reagan -Bush 1& 2 ) it stinks. When those who believe in government as a tool to better lives and run it properly ( the Clintons) , it’s good.

          I would put Obama in the Reagan / Bush group.
          He doesn’t despise government. He uses it has a slush fund for friends…. the Chicago way. The result however is the same…government goes to shit

        • Whew….thanks…SoD and Paper Doll….

          I read this the other day and couldn’t post but Obama has shaken my faith we will every get a politician that cares about the people again.

          The crony system seems to have gone from looting we all grew up with to a new level of graft.

          Grabbing the last lifeboats on the Titantic and billing us for THEIR use of lifeboat as we go under in record numbers. Don’t they know we have to survive for them to thrive?

  42. I have always thought that medicare for all with private insurance options for supplementary insurance was the way to go in health care.

    Now I am rethinking that position. What has initiated my new perspective is the awful mess in health care bills we have in front of us today and the totally incompetent way health care reform legislation has been developed, promoted, and mismanaged. But my rethinking has also been fired up by my own reality check.



    Public schools are a virtual nationwide monopoly; they serve millions of our children and their families. They are widely thought to be failing and this has been so for almost the last 25-30 years. Their condition was one of the main reasons Bill Clinton was elected because of what the Clintons set in motion for education in AR.

    What has been one of the major policy initiatives in the USA to change the downward drift of our public schools? Charter schools, operated by a range of independent boards and for profit school operators. Charters are public in that they receive public funds but they have an independence of the traditional public school system with its locally elected Board and reams of state and federal education mandates. The “traditional public system” remains in place but people have what amounts to a publicly paid “private school” option.

    Is there some lesson in there for health care?

    • The federal government contributes next to nothing to public education. Further, public education has been defunded on the local level largely by the ballot initiative process. Charter schools are a way to get around unions, cherry pick the least problemed students and further deplete public schools of resources. Sorry, but your reasoning is flawed. If private, for-profit insurance is so hot, why in f*ck’s name do we pay twice as much per capita for health care and still are the only industrialized nation with a health care crisis?

    • California had the best public school system in the world-until Reagan philosophy arrived.

  43. Why, oh why didn’t these silly Obots do a little research before the primaries began last year? Why did they buy into the con man’s patter so easily? We could have had eight years of a Clinton presidency with Obama as VP. He could have gotten some serious mentoring from Hillary and Bill and then had eight years of his own presidency

    terrific post bb… but even this is too much 11th dimensional chess for me….Obama as learning anything or wanting to?? lol! Or hanging around 16 years…lord he’s so bored now as President. If he had to endure being a woman’s VP for 8 years , I just don’t know what would happen! lol! He thought a few months of real campaigning was the Bataan death march! He’s there as the anit-president and thinks he’s mentoring the Clintons! lol! Plus for Obots, killing off the Clintons was a big draw for them. for them , Barry as VP was a non starter . But you know all this.

  44. The idea that Obama is now willing to drop a public option in favor of insurance reform seems to indicate he is/was more interested in the illusion of a political victory as opposed to really dealing with the health care crisis in a meaningful way. And his sell-out to BigPharma is shameful.

    Where’s Hillary when you need her?

    • Join us at Dakinkat’s thread. It’s time to recruit Hillary for 2012. I was willing to wait until 2016 but our country needs her now more than ever. Americans can’t wait until 2016 for quality health care!

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