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The Big Dawg speaks to the Nutroots

That’s what a President looks like.

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60 Responses

  1. yah the real deal, no telepromter no bs

    If you didn’t go to the daily howler today please pay it a visit.

  2. I love you Big Dawg!!!!

    Every time I see him I just want to bawl. He’s the greatest president of our generation.

    • Every time I see him I just want to bawl

      Me too S.O.D. 😦

      I almost hate to watch him and then think about the two. p.o.s. that have followed him. Wah!!!

  3. I was glad to see that the majority of the comments on Lane Hudson’s Huffpo piece, “Why I Interrupted Bill Clinton’s Speech at Netroots Nation” were not complimentary to Hudson. It’s a shame that Hudson takes such an important issue and makes himself the story.


    • It was also posted at FDL and they were praising Hudson.

      The prog blogs are still infested with CDS

      • What a moron. The guy should go hide his head in shame.

        • Lane Hudson:

          As I sat in the audience thinking about how Netroots Nation is about celebrating the most open forum of discussion ever to exist, it occurred to me that we were nothing more than a captive audience being talked to. One way communication was NOT what we were there to celebrate and advance.

          Yeah, right. That’s why they drove everyone who wouldn’t back Obama off their blogs. Idiots.

          • LMAO! My, aren’t they full of themselves? It’s not quite as funny as one of the planners of the event, though, who had earlier opined at how the Netroots were the bestest thing ever when it came to “holding their feet to the fire.”

            LMAO. Um….when? WHEN? Name a single instance where you’ve held Obama’s feet to the fire. I dare you. (Licking them after you ate some cinnamon Red Hots doesn’t count.)

            They are completely delusional.

        • So what was it about Bill’s very clear and understandable answer that he didn’t get? So much easier to act like a teenage bigshot than to actually have to govern. Punk.

  4. I miss that man. Note to the bots: True eloquence and political intelligence s not “performing” a speech well and playing on emotions. It’s being able to stand up and communicate complicated things so average people can understand them.

    • When I look at those faces, what I see is people who are deeply jealous of Bill. Would any of them have the guts to come into a similar hostile den and do half as well ? Hell No. They love Obama because he’s weak. That makes them feel better about themselves,
      and that’s the most important thing of course /snark

      • You nailed it, paper doll.
        His brilliance makes them feel small.

      • you know what’s funny?

        Any time Bill says something, and says ‘thanks to you”, they clap. They are clapping for themselves. It’s really embarrassing.

  5. This comes from Jack And Jill Politics:

    Finally in the evening there were lots of other speakers including the Mayor of Pittsburgh and super-cool Secretary of State for CA Debra Bowen, However, most folks were waiting for “big dog” Bill Clinton. I was actually not that excited about his appearence and in mentioning it to other black folks here at the conference and on twitter: most of them agreed on this — the Obamas might have forgiven the Clintons for their 2008 campaign’s race-baiting. Hillary Clinton’s cynical strategy to throw African-Americans under the bus in a desperate attempt to rally enough racist white blue collar voters continues to disgust me. Don’t get me wrong, she’s doing a good job as Secretary of State. Yet, neither of the Clintons has apologized or in any way signaled to the African-American community in a way that I can understand that they recognize that relations with their former #1 fans is at best frayed. So I left his boring ass speech early. I’m going to quote a well-known nonprofit leader who would prefer to remain anonymous: “I fell asleep towards the end of his speech and I saw a lot of nodding heads out there.”

    I gave Clinton 20 minutes and then walked out. He bizarrely referenced as one of his opening lines: 47% of Republicans in the South don’t believe that Obama was born in the U.S.: “I’m glad it was that low!” But then: no followup on why that’s crazy or what that means?! Sadly I missed the main excitement when Lane Hudson challenged the president late in his remarks (who wasn’t planning to take questions, of course) on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. I hear people appreciated it and that Clinton gave kind of a punk answer. Lane’s awesome and my hero.

    Yep, those really classy people walked out in the middle the Big Dawg’s speech.

    • I hope neither Hillary nor Bill ever apologizes for their primary “behavior”.

      The Clintons are the ones who deserve an apology, not the other way around. As for myself, I will never, ever, support, vote for, help or donate to an organization, or in any way reward ANYONE or any group who called the Clintons racist.

      And I don’t care what their worthy cause is, or how they “redeem themselves”. They are dead to me, forever. Talk to the hand. It is very VERY rare in life that I hold a grudge, but when I do, it’s permanent.

      • Hear hear. This jerk thinks Clinton was boring? I thought it was riveting. I’m going to listen to it again and get my daughter to listen to it. The man is brilliant. Thank you for posting these videos.

      • The Clintons are the ones who deserve an apology, not the other way around.


      • Exactly, wmcb!

        Are you going to Austin for DNC meeting in September?

        • I hadn’t planned on it, no. I saw it on Burnt Orange Report.

          • I keep getting invites from the local party but I can’t think of any reason to go. They’ve been dead to me since last primary theft.

    • Yuk!

      I’m about to go to bed after having a great day. These idiots just ruined it.

      Nice going Myiq, you’ve shredded my day in the last second.

    • Well, everyone’s entitled to be a jackass. Heh. These people are as deranged as the people who think Obama’s a socialist.

    • accckkkkkkk!!!!! apologize???? apologize???? for what????

    • Those “cool” people were drunk! They had been throwin’ back $6 beers and $8 wine from 7:00 to his arrival at 10:00 (he was scheduled to go on at 8:00.) You saw the beer bottles on the table, those were just the last ones they had been permitted to bring into the room. They left early because they couldn’t wait to get over to the Warhol for the big reception.

    • LOL. No mention of Obama’s continual race-baiting for political advantage or his willingness to throw any and all constituencies under the bus when it suits him. When exactly did Hillary “thrown the AA population under the bus?” Such absurd selective perception. And I listened to Bill’s response and thought it made perfect, pragmatic political sense. Let’s see you do it Big Mouth. They’re really like a bunch of self-important adolescents.

    • As Elvis Costello’s guest Bill Clinton (back in 2008) talked about how music had helped him both as President and in his work with the Global Initiative. People who had inspired him were, besides Nelson Mandela, musicians like Nina Simone, Ray Charles, John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman. (Odd collection of people to admire for a racist like himself, right!)

      He then pointed out how being a musician himself had been a help when speaking:

      I like to speak from an outline or just from memory, because you have to ad lib a little too. You have to know where you are with the audience, and in the moment and time.

    • Here’s the reply I left at Jack and Jill Politics:

      “The idea that the Clintons have to apologize for the cynical use of bogus claims of racism made by, unfortunately, too many Obama supporters, is ridiculous though not surprising since most of, in this case, the “black intelligentsia”, with the notable exception of folks like those at The Black Agenda Report, have totally embarrased and prostrated themselves at the altar of Obama.

      But what’s amazing about the post is the sneering tone and self-centered condescension, for example:

      “And btw, I ain’t participating as a blogger again at the Clinton Global Initiative this year. Clinton never made an effort to meet the bloggers last year. Until he shows he’s interested in real dialogue with you and me here at JJP, count me out.”

      Well ain’t you feeling yourself. The Clinton Global Initiative has already made a direct positive impact in the lives of more black people than you ever will but, boo hoo, Clinton didn’t kiss your blogging ass, so you ain’t showing up this year. Yeah, it’s all about “real dialogue” with you. What a remarkable sense of entitlement combined with a shocking lack of perspective. “

  6. Bill Clinton as the Nutroots Keynote speaker. Makes me laugh. Wonder if the Nutroots ever feel as punked as they actually were..

  7. God, I miss the Big Dawg. He is the real deal.

    He just gets up there and speaks without a teleprompter, sometimes without notes, and responds to a rude member of the audience with such panache.

    I want him back!

  8. I watched live last night and a replay again today! Just can’t get enough. Though I did hate him even being with those Nutrooters who were so vile to Hills. I loved when he said the SoS should be where there is human misery. She most definitely is.

  9. I noticed that Bill hardly ever says uh-uh-uh or stutters out nonsensical meaningless incomplete sentences. I sure do miss the days when we had Presidents who could talk like regular people.

  10. Bill Clinton is to Barack Obama as Andy Tayor is to Gomer Pyle.

  11. Bill Clinton supports obama’s healthcare plan, Does that mean we are all on board?

    • Bill Clinton has publicly stated that he supports single payer. He reluctantly recommended that we try to pass something rather than wait another couple of decades to do anything. I think he’s hoping the bill may improve. I’m not expecting that to happen myself.

      Did you expect him to publicly attack the Dem President???

      • BostonBoomer is correct. Hill works for Obama and Bill isn’t going to attack a Dem Prez especially with the r@cist smears from last year. If Hill was president, I think Bill would be touring the country doing town hall meetings on single payer. It’s the little things that Bill won’t do for Obama that I think are very telling about Bill’s true feelings about Obama and his policies.

        • Thanks DV!

          When I get too disillusioned about Bill Clinton helping Obama this is good to remember: there are limits! Focus on what he could and would have done for any other D. president – but doesn’t do for this one!

    • I don’t know what it means to you, but for me no. But then I have never been an Obot type. I can like a pol and still disagree with them.

  12. Heh. While Obama and his cronies keep tanking, the new Fox opinion poll has Hillary’s popularity at 66%.

    Put that in yer Hopium pipe and smoke it, Bots and deranged media CDS-ers.

    • If the US were a dictatorship Hillary would be getting arrested on trumped up charges any day now.

      Being more popular than the head cheese is a capital crime.

  13. New Post Up

  14. Oh snap! God i love this man.

  15. Marvelettes – Dont Mess With Bill – HQ ( A President that truly understood the working folks, and other’s struggles.)

  16. The Big Dawg is AMAZING, and most of we boomers know it. Seems many of the younger bloggers and/or commenters at the meeting or on this site weren’t really following politics then…..they don’t remember as we do. How could anyone not know what happened about “don’t ask; don’t tell.” Geez, it was the first thing he tried to do, that is have it where gays could openly serve in the military, and his performance ratings went down. He was attacked like crazy. He has tried to do everything he could for gays, for minorities, and for the middle class. And how is he repaid: by this dufus who has no IDEA what he is talking about; that’s gratitude for you.
    I’d give anything to have him back! Both Hillary and Bill, extremely intelligent, policy wonks, empathetic persons have gotten creamed by the press, Repugs, Dems, and other uninformed or jealous people.
    Yeah, the ’90s were sooo hard, all that peace and prosperity, The partisanship was necessary to push real reforms past congress and petty, selfish politicians and the media. We’re finding out how easy bipartisanship is now.
    I miss that man, that president; I don’t think we’ll see another one like him for so long, if ever.

    • I remember when people in Washington were arguing over what to do with the Clinton budget surrplus, YES , SURRPLUS!!!! ….we haven’t that problem today! /snark.

      If Bill and Hill weren’t great, the wealthy’s lap dog press wouldn’t be nipping at their heels and going for their throats

  17. Lucy–you rock!!! Totally agree -just wish I could say it so well.

  18. Lucy–do you work with literature some way? I’m impressed.

  19. Thanks dude!

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