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Dealing with Angry Mobs 101

Today Joe Sestak, Congressional Representative from Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District, and Senatorial candidate 2010,  held a town hall meeting on the issue of Healthcare reform.  Joe is one of the few Congresscritters who has read the entire bill; but more importantly, he understands the fear, anger, and frustration of his constituents over this issue enough to treat them with dignity and respect and respond to their questions.  Yes, the “angry mob” showed up.  However, watch how Joe refuses to take on the cloak of arrogance we’ve witnessed from some of the Congressional Dems during these meetings.  (These videos are apparently homemade although I watched it on PCN)

First, here is one of the “angry, racist, birther, lunatic, neocon, astroturfers” going on the offensive:

and here’s one “whacko, brownshirt, terrorist” that they tried to throw out…but Joe told them to leave him alone so he could answer his question:

Now, here’s the other Senator handling the same angry mob:

There are a total of 21 videos of Representative Sestak’s town hall available on YouTube; and in each one, and with each question regardless of the questioner’s demeanor or political philosophy, Joe gives the attendees the deference a constituent deserves.  Whether you agree with his assessment of the quality of the bill or not, he demonstrates a clear understanding of the health care legislation he is endorsing.  He even has a copy of the bill on hand and staff available to provide attendees with the portions of the bill applicable to their questions.

See how it’s done?

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50 Responses

  1. uh…..cuz they are idiots.

    I like Joe too. I haven’t donated anything yet (although I did get a donate envie from him)but I will.

  2. Sestak did a great job. THAT is how it’s done. His whole demeanor was like night and day compared to most of the Democrats I’ve seen in town halls. He exuded respect for the voters, not boredom or contempt or patronage.

    He did an interview after as well, that is really good, where he talked about the guy who challenged him with the certified letter. It’s here:


    • Here’s where being a former Admiral helps Sestak a lot. He doesn’t have macho to prove and had a successful life outside Congress.

      If they want to sell a plan, this is definitely how it’s done.

      • Yep. I’m married to a former Navy Commander, and so recognize the type. Guys like that are usually not out to wave their big balls in anyone’s face. They know they have them, nothing to prove.

  3. I may not have agreed 100% with the plan he was trying to sell, but at least he didn’t try to insult anyone’s intelligence over it either.

    • Oh, I completely disagree with him. But he treated the voters with much more respect than most I’ve seen. Notice how people, even angry people, calm down a little when you LISTEN to them instead of looking down your nose, lecturing them, and treating them like stupid morons?

      • He did try to point out the better parts of the bill, but was not too shy to point out where it lacked and what he saw as a better idea.

      • I disagree him for the most part, but I wouldn’t mind at all talking with him about it.

  4. Heh:

    The double-down on the town hall drama — highlighting the outbursts and deeming protesters as “mobs” — was probably untenable for the White House and Dems.

    For one thing, it’s tough for members of Congress to stay on message with such a strategy (ideology and rudeness aside, the protesters are, after all, constituents and therefore not exactly ripe for such denigration among individuals who want to get reelected).

    Then there is the fact of democracy itself. Some of the protesters may have been organized by outside groups and some may have been unruly or even unhinged, but it’s difficult for a White House to deem freedom of expression as un-American.

    And the hope that highlighting such chaos would only scare those undecided on health care into backing reform — akin to last fall’s effort to bring over centrist voters who didn’t want to be in league with the angry right-wingers at McCain and Palin rallies — proved fruitless when polling showed that more Americans sympathized with the protesters.

    • Well, this is the real Joe Sestak anyhow. He’s one of those “keepers” we’re gonna lose because the DINO has been annointed by teh preciousl.

    • Word. I have no clue who this routine was supposed to appeal to. The nutroots? The staunchest of Dems, many of whom feel more alienated from their party than ever in their lives, that I’ve been talking to were both appalled at the condescention and attitude and bemused by all the fuss. Everybody who’s ever been to any type of lecture, talk, or q+a session knows that there will always be yellers, rude people, ramblers and the offbeat, and you just handle them politely and respectfully.

      And after Obama’s musings on how the American people would never begrudge him a one week $35,000 vacation with his family no matter how much we’re suffering, I’m back to my theory that he’s a plant paid for by the Bush family to make them look better by comparison. That or we’re being punished by karma for past life misdeeds.

  5. Here’s another Democrat that needs to take Sestak’s class on “Dealing with Angry Mobs 101”

    • If I’d been that constituent, I’d have been furious. You would have had me on videp going, “EXCUSE me?? You did not just answer your phone while I was talking to you.”

      • Did you see Jackson Lee on Greta last night?? OMG. Talk about digging the hole deeper. She filibustered on about the “robust public option” while Greta was simply trying to ask her whether she could understand why people saw her talking on the damn phone as RUDE. I have lost almost all my respect for her.

        • I really can’t believe the bumper sticker for the Democrats is going to be “Vote for me you racist Nazi thug”. That makes a bad ass bumper sticker 🙂

          • ROTFL! I know – it seems insane that they think they are going to garner a lot of support with this crap.

          • Wait until you get ahold of the new canvassing policy, open the door you get punched in the face, fail to open, they break your window.

      • thats was preety messed up . looks like her cell is more inportant than her constituents

        • from what im seeing is most of the dems & reps are talking but there not listeing to the people

          • if they keep this up which it looks like they are but not listening to the people both dems & reps

            they people will fulfill that other grand american tradtion . vote the bums out.

          • the over and out congress

            correct radio responses

            Over talk to me

            Out conversation is done

            when you say ” over and out” you are saying
            you can talk , but I am not listening



  6. “Can someone please explain to me why Obama, Biden, and Rendell are backing Specter and not Sestak?? ”

    Because that was the deal they made with Specter to get him to switch parties! Stupid Specter lost all of his seniority to become a Democrat and now risks loosing everything all together! I don’t think he will win, he will be left out in the cold.

    • Here’s to hoping since I honestly believe the guy is a political opportunist. He fits right into what the Democratic Party has begun though. It seems to have more than its fair share willing to sell out principles for their own piece of the pie.

    • im glad to see all these people at these townhalls . but there one more thing id like about them both reps & dems they need to fear thier people not the other way around. & it been the other way around for 2 long

    • How could they back someone who knows what he is doing? He would not fit in with the backtrack bunch.
      This is a man who has shown honor and integrity, when have they?



  7. Maybe Joe Sestak should try selling the plan to Sen Kent Conrad. He says he won’t vote for any plan with a public option.

  8. Why?

    The party made a deal with Specter; and, they are trying to move their careers along by sticking with what the party ‘leaders’ want.

    Sestak is not a career politician. I’d vote for him just because he would not let the party dictate to him. I think he will win.

  9. wowwee myIq2xu – you shuttin’ it down tonight, 4 posts, consequently, with many substantial points to ponder.

  10. The Obama as Joker crime wave continues. Clermont police have a suspect for putting up Joker posters.


    Now they are looking for crimes to charge him with, other perpetrators, and some victims.

    May I suggest they interview the 1st Amendment as a victim.

    • Ralph… the executive branch(no caps on purpose) no longer recognizes any part of the Bill of Rights. They are working off of executive privilege only, anymore…

      • They certainly seem to be and have absolutely no sense of humor. From the LA Weekly story about the poster, an actual quote “No, dude, it’s all about race.”.

        These people are just pathetic.


        • I never could figure out why people thought those Joker posters were racist. They’re mean, but we have a long tradition of mocking our leaders in this country. Posters of Bush in a dunce cap were pretty mean too, but that’s one of the cool things about living in America. No one is above ridicule, especially those in positions of power.

          • You know, the backlash from making everything a “raycist” taboo is going to suck. I can tell you what a lot of people will think: “If we put a black guy in power, that means we can’t criticize or mock him? Then remind me not to put a black guy in power again.”

            You watch. It’s not right, but that’s what will happen. Obama and his delusional defenders are f*cking over the election chances of other black people, bigtime. It’s a crying shame.

  11. Why Specter instead of Sestak?
    Because like him thay are all closet republicans.

    • lol!

      Sestak the real deal. I’m so glad he didn’t do as he was told and just sit down when Arlen decided to become a Dem . I saw him at Hillary rallies here in PA last year and I’ll be voting for him in 2010

    • WMCB – that was a point one of my AA friends made last year when he stole the nomination -she was so afraid that putting an AA “emply suit” with no experience in office would ruin chances for any other African’ Americans for a long time.

  12. I saw clips on Obama’s TH with a mostly conservative Repub crowd today in Montana. There was plenty of hype about what it would be like with these Red State Red Necks. The reality was pretty tame—some real questions but no yelling or disruption—it was a decided contrast with the Pres. in the NH town hall.

    Do you realize how long we have been wrapped up in political theater with the One? Look at how many Americans are becoming engaged and active. This is their Vietnam war. I think it’s great that we are demonstrating about something like health care and not war and napalm bombing in some place people can’t find on a map.

    • The Red Staters are big time into the Executive Branch ~ they were being respectful of the office of POTUS/CIC. It is in their chromosomes.

    • So do I but I don’t want people to forget we’ve got young men and women fighting and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan. The buildup of forces in Afghanistan is a mistake in my belief and that should be protested as well.

      It would be protested if Obama hadn’t essentially co-opted, and thus killed, the left in America for a generation.

  13. I saw Joe Sestak on Fox talking about the TH protestors two weeks ago and challenging Specter. I was very impressed with him. He is definitely not a girly man.

    Specter is disgusting. He is all into to pushing the Advanced Directive counseling. Why can not he and others 1) see that is way too easy to misconstrue; 2. Entirely unnecessary since it is already in the regs 3. Really not even a good recommendation or provision—the counseling needs to have far more of a legal component; it is something that could be done with help from a web site and i-chat.

    • with insurances companies taking over, people need counseling on how to get the coverage they paid for….rather than when to die Getting your care and avoiding someone looking for a bonus and being denied your coverage represents the one of the greatest counseling needs …imo

  14. right now Specter probably wishes he had stayed a rep . just from the reaction hes been getting from those town halls as he has been trying to sell Berry’s health care plan

  15. Here is one sexual predator who won’t be kidnapping anyone again soon

    “Kidnap victim beats attacker nearly to death”


    I love it.

  16. Why? Because Specter is as corrupt as the rest of them on Capitol Hill. We need to rid ourselves from this kind of treatment by those whom we hired to represent us, not pad their own pockets.
    When we try to speak we are called unamerican, yet our Constitution gives us the right, they care nothing about our country or the Constitution.
    They don’t listen to us, they figure they know what is best for we American citizens.
    I thought a representative was supposed to do just that, represent, but from what I have seen this past year, we are being told what to do and to hell with how we feel about it.
    This isn’t the America I know and love, Obama is destroying us financially, bigger and bigger debt piled upon the American people and we have no voice and no choice about it.
    We are under a dictatorship, soon the government will own everything and we will have to face rations like the Soviet people do.
    Obama thinks himself the savior of the world, but Jesus beat him to it.

  17. They are backing Specter because he could slither up their ass better than Joe. I hope the people in Pa. never forget those townhall meetings and the smirks Specter had after some of the comments. Having been born in Pa. with family still in Pa. the people should demand he leave now.

  18. they are supporting Spector because they have enough honor to keep a deal. They worked on him forever to get him to switch and he did, giving the democrats the 60 votes they needed since it was only a matter of time before Franken took office. I am not fan of Spector but he is the kind of old fashioned moderate republican who really did get chased out of his party. I will wait until the primaries to decide who to vote for. Each can make their case. However I would not be surprised if Spector chooses not to run again.

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