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      Just saw a case of the argument that “the people who have been enriching themselves by fucking everyone else for four decades are misunderstood, they’re just following the incentives, and suggesting that the people killing and impoverishing you are bad is polarizing.” Lovely. Everyone is well-meaning, and it’s all just a misunderstanding. They don’t mean […] […]
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This is what a feminist looks like


From the New York Times:

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton toured an African refugee camp Tuesday crowded with victims of violence and malnutrition, pledging $17 million in American aid to help stem the tide of rampant sexual abuse that has staggered war-ravaged eastern Congo.

Clinton’s voice cracked with emotion as she described an epidemic of rapes that has convulsed the Congo over 10 years of internecine conflict. ”We say to the world that those who attack civilian populations using systematic rape are guilty of crimes against humanity,” she said.

Clinton toured Magunga Camp, a dust-choked warren of tents and tin-lined huts in eastern Congo that is home to 18,000 men, women and children. Most were uprooted from their villages by the on-again, off-again conflict between Democratic Republic of Congo troops and rebel forces that killed more than 5 million people since 1998.

”We believe there should be no impunity for the sexual and gender-based violence committed by so many — that there must be arrests and prosecutions and punishment,” she said during a press conference with Congolese Foreign Minister Alexis Thambwe Mwamba in the eastern city of Goma.

The Guardian adds:

Clinton urged university students in the Congolese capital, Kinshasa, to mount a campaign against such abuses.

“The entire society needs to be speaking out against this,” she said. “It should be a mark of shame anywhere, in any country.


The media, of course, would rather talk about really important stuff, like what a mad b**ch she is.

Hillary in Africa
Hillary in Africa

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135 Responses

  1. We all know Hillary well enough by now to imagine how the visit to this camp broke her heart. I don’t know how she does it but she does it – she just keeps going. When others move away in despair she walks right into it. When others can’t think of a solution she forms an organization to address the issue. When others give up and go home she calls on her friends for help and funds.

    In my youth Eleanor Roosevelt was my hero but Hillary took over that top spot years ago.

    We don’t deserve her but I am so glad we have her.

  2. Dee said Who do you know, past or present, that was perfect?
    🙄 Hmmm, that’s a tough one!

  3. Some of us do deserve Hillary, Dee. Like 99.9 percent of Conflucians, those visible on this site and the many million of others who either don’t visit or who visit and choose to remain silent, though they follow our ongoing conversation and can’t help but be aware of our beliefs. . One thing we believe in practically without reservation, are the shining qualities which make HIllary one of the most outstanding (and shamefully trashed) Democratic candidates for the presidency ever. Hillary is what brought us conflucians together. She’s the genuine article, something which constitutes a genuine threat to numerous constituencies out there.(hullo, Jon Favreau and all you other obama fanboiz, hullo Wall Street and the bankster cabal). I’m so glad to see Hillary speaking out for women, loud and clear, not an unexpected turn of events. Her heart is obviously engaged when she speaks of the plight and needs of women and children everywhere. She is among the very few who recognize “us”.

  4. Hillary is a ray of sunshine, and inspiration for many young girls and women too (like me). She dares to look at the pain of the world, and is known worldwide for advocating on behalf of women and children. She sees the pain, because she ventures out into the world and she touches those in their own struggles and lets them know they are not alone. I know she isn’t perfect, I also know she is the embodiment of someone that has struggled in her life and gotten up each time, to face the world. She is is a survivor, she is a fighter and above all she is a human being too, just like us.

    • God, I love that speech.

    • I love that speech too…I well up every time.

      Isn’t it obvious to even the most casual observer that she would have been the best choice?


  5. Hillary Clinton (Alicia Keys – Superwoman) She is my SHERO!

  6. Posted this downstairs, but it fits better here–

    I couldn’t care less about Hannah Montana, so

    can I just say big FU to the media? Because they totally screwed up what was a “teachable moment” with that question to the Congo student because of their own misogyny and CDS.

    They bitch and bitch and bitch in so many subtle and unsubtle ways: “Don’t worry about Hillary. Worry about REAL misogyny like rape, domestic violence, and honor killings”

    and then when Hillary is actually responding in a setting where she is there, in large part, to address the rape crisis there, they make this some bogus story about “Hillary’s insecurities”

    Screw you you stupid ass women-hating media–the next time you lecture about “real misogyny” you can take your faux concern for women and shove it between your Cialis and Extenze ads.

    • Maybe you could care less about Hannah Montana but hundreds of thousands of American girls care a great deal. It’s not Hillary that most of them are looking at for examples of womanhood, it’s Hannah. And that’s pretty damned scary.

      • I was posting in reference to what myiq wrote upstairs about the “outrage” over Miley’s Teen Choice awards performance. I think it is another fake infotainment controversy. The media needs to look inward at the sexualization of girls that they purvey in far before they get to this point. IMHO.

  7. Just as an aside to this, if you haven’t looked into the problems of child brides (this is from Ethiopia) and fistula, you really should. I consider this one of the big outrages on the planet right now. There are other places with the practice: Guatamala, parts of India and the Arab world as well as Africa.


    Meseret, from the Lalibela district in northern Ethiopia, was only 13 when she became pregnant. Married at 12, her underdeveloped body was not ready for the stress of giving birth. After six days of gruelling labour her child was finally born, but it was dead.

    As a result of the long labour, Meseret suffered crippling injuries – including the ripping of internal tissue. This created a hole between her bladder, vagina and rectum, a condition that doctors term an “obstetric fistula”. As a result, Meseret became unable to control normal excretory functions – and urine and faeces started to drip down her legs constantly.

    The girl’s husband quickly rejected her. She had given him a dead baby and now she stank badly. He sent her home to her family.

    If left untreated, Meseret’s condition would probably have led to infections, kidney failure – and eventually, death.

    • It’s so tragic. Women are still not really valued anywhere in the world, including right here in the US of A.

      • It starts with the messages we send about women. Very insidious. If the most admired women in America (according to polling) is Hillary and this is the way we treat our most “admired” women in America, well that says a lot about the women who go IGNORED.

        • It says that the opinions of real Americans are not respected.

          • True, but it also says that if this is how society”celebrates” women they pay attention to, by constantly dehumanizing them and judging them through such a narrow lens….imagine how they treat women they don’t even pay attention to….

      • The Abolition Movement closed up shop and hung up a “Mission Accomplished” banner once all the men were freed.

        Women in America and other developed countries are no longer slaves, true. We have sexism here, but not slavery. However slavery still very much exists around the globe, but no one will call it by that name, since it’s just women.

        • we do have slavery here. We have women from other countries locked in sewing factories and caged at night. We have women from the mid east and asian countries brought in as slaves and listed on the visa as Aunt or grandmother or sister.

    • It is a big outrage. The biggest. I’ve yet to hear about it in any of the cable media’s foam at the mouth “special comments”.

    • Yes,obstetric fistula is what so many African women have following rape.

      So many people seem to think that rape is OK-that women just have to learn to get over it. It isn’t ok, and it maims for life.

    • My copy of Does God Hate Women? arrived last week. I eagerly dug in but had to put the book down after barely making a dent in it. The seemingly endless litany of horrendous abuse against women and girls was more than I could bear. It now sits on my nightstand glaring at me. Maybe some day I’ll have the willpower to pick it back up.

  8. Hillary Clinton cares about the welfare of women about as much as Barack Obama cares about the welfare of black people — zero.

    They’re both self-interested, war-making, corporate servants. If you think I’m full of it, check out the casualty reports as they roll in from Afghanistan.

      • I think this speech should be studied in Women’s Studies…
        Hillary was advocating on behalf of women and children for years, before any of the pundits got their hands on a microphone.

        Go Hillary Go!

        • Yes, she was, and she’s still doing it — in fact she is putting up with all this crap about being “minimized” precisely BECAUSE she has made the welfare of women and children part of her foreign policy “portfolio.”

    • Please go away and get your much smarter wife, mother, or girlfriend, so we can speak with her and discern her opinion. You obviously are incapable of thinking for yourself.

    • And the casualty reports from Afghanistan have what, exactly, to do with Hillary’s history of sticking up for and supporting the needs of women and children? Isnt Afghanistan Obama’s personal quagmire?

      I do agree that Obama has zero interest in the welfare of black people. His number one priority has always been his own advancement.

    • C,

      The casualty reports from Afghanistan are not evidence that Hillary does not care about women or that Barack does not care about black people. Both are war making and war sustaining, which begs the question of which wars are worth fighting. War making is not in and of itself wrong.

      I agree that corporate servitude is endemic to Washington life and that moneyed corruption is vampirically sucking the life out of the body politic of the US, but I think that Hillary’s record of civil service is evidence that she is more than just a servant to the corporations. Further, this work is clearly more than a self-interested act, insofar as many other acts would be far more cost-effective in terms of bringing her aggrandizement.


      • The policies pursued by Obama and Clinton align directly with the corporate interests that run this country. They have little to do with concern for black people or concern for women – or, for that matter, anyone in this country who is on the wrong side of the poverty line.

        I think there are women (and men) out there who should be revered as great feminists, but I have a hard time accepting that a power-hungry capitalist like Clinton is someone who should be given that honor. She is near the top of the system, but I don’t think she’s changing it in a fundamental way. And a fundamental change is what’s needed, not just different faces doing the same thing.

        • Clint, with all due respect FUCK this continual conflating of feminism with every other cause out there, no matter how worthy or true.

          Feminism has a DEFINITION. It is about the treatment of WOMEN. It is not about capitalism, or corporatism, or global warming, or campaign finance, or gay rights, or war profiteering, or the plight of the tufted fucking titmouse.

          It is about WOMEN, and how they are treated because of their gender alone.

          I am sick and tired of being told that somehow we have to embrace all these other things under the banner of “feminism”, because you know what happens, Clint? Let me tell you. The concerns of WOMEN always end up on the BOTTOM OF THE FUCKING PILE when we do that. Every time. Funny how that works.

          So as much as I have strong opinions about all other aspects of the system, and many, many problems and injustices in this world, QUIT TELLING ME THAT MY CONCERN IS TOO NARROW when I am talking about basic human rights for WOMEN.

          FUCK YOU, and the vague “we’ll get to you ladies somewhere in the pressing pile of very very important concerns” platitudes you spout.

          We are not falling for that shit anymore. Got it?

          • “Feminism has a DEFINITION. It is about the treatment of WOMEN. It is not about capitalism, or corporatism, or global warming, or campaign finance, or gay rights, or war profiteering, or the plight of the tufted fucking titmouse.”

            All those things you mentioned are inextricably tied up with the treatment of women. In a lot of cases, they directly determine it. Issues don’t exist in isolation.

            “The concerns of WOMEN always end up on the BOTTOM OF THE FUCKING PILE when we do that. Every time. Funny how that works. ”

            I disagree. The concerns of poor people, male or female, end up at the bottom of the pile.

            The 2008 election is an easy, compelling illustration. It was conceivable that Clinton could have won the presidency, wouldn’t you agree? Many people thought she would early on.

            But it’s INCONCEIVABLE that a poor person could have won that election. I’m talking about someone advocating staunchly for labor, for a living wage, for expansion of welfare, for New Deal-style programs, etc. In fact, such a candidate couldn’t even be remotely viable.

          • Clint,

            Given that the pedigree of patriarchy is at least 8500 years old, in the form of the movement from matriarchy and the beginnings of armed conflict between communities, the fact that it antedates those other types of oppression suggests that it is not inextricably linked to them. (It is worth noting that the grave goods of both the women and the men in the earliest known warrior society contained swords and combat related items, so the opportunity to oppress others was gender-neutral with respect to the division of labor.)

            It seems to me that you are placing us proles in an inside/out dilemma. How do we gain political power within the structure without being perceived as part of the apparatus? Further, given Hillary’s set of possibilities for bringing about positive changes for women in a global sense, what should she have done otherwise?


        • >i>a power-hungry capitalist like Clinton

          What total rubbish. Hillary is a coal miner’s grand-daughter. She worked hard all her life with exceptional intelligence to get where she is. She got her education the hard way -through scholarships.

          As first lady her first commitment was to UHC.

          • How does working hard not make her a power-hungry Capitalist?

          • You mean working hard at trying to get the American people UHC, makes her a power hungry capitalist?

            Perhaps she should have done a vegetable garden instead.

            Or perhaps working hard at standing up for children’s rights makes her a power hungry capitalist too?

          • If I gotta choose between power hungry capitalists then I’ll take the one who actually gives a damn about health care reform and women’s rights. The one who said “Women’s rights are human rights”… and meant it.

          • Why do we have to choose between power-hungry capitalists?

            And yes, I do respect Hillary for her attempts to reform health care (even though her proposals would still be for-profit).

          • As I asked earlier: Were you a McKinney supporter? She was certainly not a corporate candidate.

            And I was using the term facetiously. I don’t think Hillary is a power hungry Capitalist even though she’s much closer to center than I am. It’s clear to me that Obama was the corporate candidate, not Clinton.

        • You sir are an incurable asshole. And a dipshit at that.

          • I’m not going to try to improve on RalphB’s eloquence here, since he’s made the essential point succinctly and accurately.

            As a socialist from the age of 18, however, and female since conception, I feel fully qualified to point out that non-capitalist men are just as sexist, if not in many cases more so, than capitalist men.

        • capitalism… oh nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

          let me guess, you voted for Nader because Gore and Bush were the same…… Your hero is some guy from the 1930s who ran for president 20 times and never won and there for never had a positive impact on society. You think the world will be better when we have world wide socialism and a government even less connected to our opinions and concerns than the one we have. And Cuba is a fucking paradise compared to the US.
          You consider yourself a real leftist and Liberals are idiots, right?

    • (notice also that MSNBC cuts away in between while the pictures of abuse against women are being shown)

    • So you’re saying that you voted for McKinney?

    • “Hillary Clinton cares about the welfare of women about as much as Barack Obama cares about the welfare of black people — zero.”

      I guess (hope) Clint is gone by now, but how on earth would he know that? Certainly not based on what Hillary has accomplished over a long career.

    • Yea, I guess she’s just been faking all that intense public advocacy for women for the past 30+ years. Good cover Hillary! Clint obviously knows so much more about women’s rights than this courageous pioneer. Please Clint, lead the way.


    • you know nothing, moron.

  9. I am fortunate to be married to a man who is ever respectful of women, values them and joined me in supporting HRC. I do not understand the deep anger that produces rape, misogyny and the general degradation of females. I think we need to identify the men who do not follow that path, celebrate them and make sure their genetic make-up, that female appreciating gene, is the future.

  10. Clint: Give me a break. Sticking up for women and highlighting women’s issues is not a story line that is going to get Hillary Clinton much on the male dominated world political scene. The very fact that she has consistently supported the cause of women when all about her in the power structures of the world pay less than lip service to it is proof positive that it IS genuine commitment that drives her to use her position and influence on behalf of women. The very fact that there is almost no media coverage or recognition of what she is doing is prima facie evidence that she does it not for fame or fortune but because she believes in it.

    Clint: you may take a time out and reflect on your comments.

    • Clint will get his next time out in Spam.

      • Sorry for disagreeing with your Clinton praise.

        • next time bring evidence instead of personal derision

        • clint ~ dkat is too polite to say this but I have no problem
          FUCK OFF

        • Don’t let the actual facts get in the way Clint. We know that so inconvenient in terms of your arrogant certitude of Clinton’s history, of which you are obviously unaware. No one who has followed her ceaseless efforts on behalf of women and children–year after year–could possibly make that claim. Tell us Clint: what have you done for women for the past 3 decades?


        • you are as much a bot as the Obama worshipers. The name
          Clinton makes you foam at the mouth.

  11. dakinikat/Jangles,

    Time Out is boring.

    Why did you cut my post responding to Steven? I liiiked it!

    For those denied the pleasure of reading it, it was a brilliant – but concise – analysis. Many scholars have already praised it as a tour de force (or maybe it was another cool sounding French phrase?)

  12. A great song dealing with feminism:

    • This is not:

    • Oh, yeah. “Keep on putting out and having my babies and I’ll treat you right and not beat on you, cupcake” is a real feminist message. And of course 3/4 of the song is not about women at all, but about the hard life he and his fellow men have, struggling so hard.

      Calling 2pac a feminist is like calling Strom Thurmond a civil rights activist because he said some nice things about the black folks from time to time.

      • In the song, Tupac says:

        – That he sympathizes with women in poverty
        – That women should leave abusive men
        – That women should be proud of who they are
        – That women are strong enough to survive on their own
        – That men shouldn’t father children and leave the mom to take care of them
        – That men should treat women with respect
        – That women should have reproductive rights, free from coercion by men
        – That women should stay positive and hopeful

        And your problem with this is what exactly?

        • Sure Clint, why would any woman have a problem with being lectured to by men like Tupac–or you for that matter? I’ve had about enough of it, and I just got here.

        • Possibly with the person who sings them?

          In November 1993, Mr. Shakur was indicted on charges that he and some associates sodomized a 20-year-old woman in a Manhattan hotel suite. During the trial, he was shot twice as he entered a Manhattan recording studio and robbed of $40,000 worth of jewelry. He was sentenced to 1 1/2 to 4 1/2 years in prison for sexual assault. While in prison, he married his longtime girlfriend, Keisha Morris, but the marriage was annulled. In October 1995, pending appeal, he was released on $1.4 million bail, which was put up by his new recording label, Death Row Records.

          But I suppose you consider 2pac to have been neither violent, nor a Power Hungry Capitalist taking advantage of women’s plights?

        • If you have to ask, it’s not worth answering that question. Heh.

        • He sodomized a 20 yr old woman and then stood by and watched his buddies rape her. Some feminist he was.

          • tupac was an honorary poor person, for some reason, and the woman he raped had a job that paid like $1 above minimum wage, so that makes her a wealthy corporatist warmonger. Or something. It all makes sense if you think about it logically.

          • It’s the penis. It gives you magical ideological shape-shifting abilities. Too bad she didn’t have one.

        • I voted for Nader.

          (Can I at least get this response through, admin? It is answering some direct questions.)

          • just be polite please

          • Thanks. That explains a lot.

          • Nader was my preference, but Hillary earned my respect.

            Hillary, and her supporters, gained my empathy because of the immoral antics of the Oborg community in the blogosphere and the sleazy political antics of the Obama political machine and they gained my respect because of how they stood up to the brownshirt antics. Hillary’s CV also made it easy to find common cause.

          • well of course you did. Thanks for bush.

        • Oh no, please: don’t tell me Clint is actually claiming that Tupac is more of a feminist than Hillary Clinton?!



      • Well I guess that gives some insight into the misogyny of the obots. They’ve been getting their “feminism” from male rappers and convicted sex offenders.

    • lol, when Clint wants to post a great song about feminism the best he can do is come up with one performed by a man.

  13. I just got home and I’ve read here 6 comments at most.

    How could you guys put up with this Clint buffoon for so long?

    • If I’d been around for the whole discussion, “Clint” would have been gone long ago.

      • Poor Clint. He’s in the spam filter talking to himself. He thinks “there’s a lot of anger on this blog.”


      • I think he represents the standard divide that exists between the left and the center. The center wants to improve the function of the structure whereas the left wants to change the structure.

        • I don’t think using Tupac Shakur as an example of “great feminism” is the way to go about changing the structure.

          • Yup. But Tupac as a feminist might not be as much of a stretch as Obama as a man of the people.

        • yes, but not all the people within the structure perpetuate it, some just work in it because there’s no place to go at the moment to get something done, and really, in the USA there’s little momentum to change the structure except to undo the fasteners one at a time

        • Well, he’s walking–or maybe typing–proof that the left can be just as sexist and condescending as the bourgeois center and right ever was.

    • it was me, i let a few go through originally, and he got carried away.

      • you know the saying, give the boys an inch and they’ll call it six. at least i think that’s how the adage goes…

      • You’ve got nerves of steel. I have a very short fuse for such numb nuts.

        • nah, I’m a teacher, I’m used to listening to adolescents go off on wild verbal tangents with no apparent connection to reality , then it’s also my job to firmly dispel their fantasies with theory and stylized data … more like hazards of the trade than nerves of steel

          • fortunately every one that blogs here regularly tends to be well grounded in facts and reliable sources so I can leave most of that to others

          • I don’t think he was that bad-at least he wasn’t repeating Axelrod talking points.

          • not Axelrove, those were old Michael Moore talking points.

          • Yep. Michael Moore, the man who told us Roe was a carrot stick and to ignore it and vote for for Nader in 2000; then turned around and used it as a stick to beat up votes for Obama in 2008. So-called “liberal” men… with friends like these…

  14. I’m sorry, but I can’t get behind our foreign policy whether it’s Hillary or McCain or Bush or Obama behind it. I’ve never agreed with it despite my great love and admiration for Hillary, and I can’t square her words about the Congo with her support for the U.S.-financed murderous rampage that is going on in Somalia. Where, by the way, women are routinely being raped and murdered for no good reason except to protect “our” corporate interests.

    Sorry if I offend, and I fully expect to be flamed, but I dislike false worship of anyone, especially any politician. Anyone who knows me or has read any of my posts knows that I have enormous admiration for Hillary. I am WELL aware of her record and like most of you supported her vehemently in the primaries, have nothing but contempt for Obama, and know that we were robbed and that democracy was not in place during the primaries. I think you all know that.

    That does not mean that I condone what we are doing in other countries, or perhaps I should say “to” other countries. And no, Hillary doesn’t get a pass just because she is the spokesperson for Obama — I didn’t give Colin Powell a pass for using his credibility to support Bush’s war and I won’t give Hillary a pass for supporting our murderous global empire. She has supported every one of our “interventions” and she owns that, too.

    • DO,

      All of the links are worth watching, if you are interested in the goings on in Somalia. For the unversed, they are likely to be eye opening. They are part of some research I did on designing a diplomatic strategy for working with Somalis to bring stability and civility to the region.

      The Conoco-Somalia Declassification Project


      Somalia: A State of Need


      Islamic Courts Militia


    • I think you may find less disagreement than you think. I don’t agree with all of our foreign policy either. But, I do believe Hillary is trying to work from within the system to change things, and I think that takes a lot of grit.

    • I have some Somali friends here. She told me that all they want is decent government.

    • she has NOT supported everyone of our interventions. Go watch her speech to the senate when she voted about Iraq. It was not a vote for intervention. No HC supporter should be ignorant of that fact.

  15. Just a thought question. Can you just imagine Maureen Dowd’s next column? I would love to see her transplanted back into “Leave it to Beaver”.

    • Oh wow, that’s a horrible thought picture. “Leave it to Beaver–now with 68% more ‘issues.'” She’d tell the Beave to clean up his room then have to run into another room and ritually scourge herself. I give it one week before America tired of her speking to her TV sons in that creepy, flirty way.

  16. A month ago, human rights workers in the Congo tried to call attention to the rising violence that accompanied the U.S./U.N.-backed military intervention there. Oxfam reported a huge surge in rape, torture, and forced labor carried out by UN-backed militias and were told that this was “the price of peace:”

    “Marcel Stoessel, head of Oxfam in the Democratic Republic of Congo, said:

    ‘The war is far from over for ordinary civilians. Over 80 percent of the people we interviewed said that security is worse now compared to a year ago. The offensive against the FDLR was supposed to bring peace to eastern Congo, but our survey shows people are living in constant fear of violent attack. This suffering is not inevitable. It is happening because world leaders have decided that collateral damage is an acceptable price to pay for removing the FDLR. But as the people we met can testify, that price is far too high.'”


  17. Well that’s the era that Dowd writes from. I just wish we could “time travel” her back in history. .

  18. I’ve got it, how about we make her stay in a “Mad Men” show the rest of her life?

  19. Steven Mather, thank you for those links to the situation in Somalia. Very eye-opening indeed. I fully expect that we’ll be at war there next, or perhaps Iran.

  20. “Mad Men” would be much too stylish for the Dowdster!

  21. Come to think of it, she would probably like the “attention”. Let’s think of another era.

  22. exactly, HA!

  23. Thank you, myiq. Thank you.


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