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      I was born in 1968, the year Wallerstein calls one of “world revolution”. It was a revolution that both failed and succeeded: women and minorities got more rights, often a lot more, but the end result was an oligarchy, where most people were equal in their lack of power, and where every year saw ordinary people becoming poorer, no matter what the official st […]
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Entitlements and Smoke Filled Rooms

I recently received an email from someone I worked on a campaign with a couple of years ago.  I’ll call her Daisy.  Daisy is one of the most talented campaign volunteers you wlll ever want to meet.  I hope someone pays her big someday.

Anyway, Daisy and I had an email exchange that eventually boiled down to “I didn’t support Hillary because she had a sense of entitlement.”  (not her words exactly but that’s what stuck with me)

Now, I’ve always wondered why this meme more than all of the others managed to stick so well with so many Democratic activists who ended up supporting someone else.  It could be that the Democratic party used to pride itself on the idea of merit and equality of opportunity and perhaps Hillary’s personal connections gave her an unfair advantage.  But we saw how Hillary started off strong at the beginning of the primaries and then just got stronger right up until the end when she was still winning primaries on the last day even after the rest of the party had cut a deal with Obama in the smoke filled rooms. She earned her support the old fashioned way and not as Chris Matthews once opined, that everyone felt sorry for her.

And then it hit me.  Weren’t the voters the ones who should have had a sense of entitlement?  That point continually gets lost in the argument that Hillary had a sense of entitlement.  The entitlement goes to the people who vote.  It is their prerogative to give their votes to whomever they choose and not have their choices overturned by party operatives cutting a deal because they don’t like the way the election is going.

I was stunned by the hyperaggressive attitudes of the Obot coalition last year who thought it was just political hardball to steamroll over the voters on their quest to install Obama.  They seemed to think it was OK to characterize Hillary voters as racists and stupid, old ugly hags because that made it easier to justify depriving them of their entitlement to their own votes.  Right, guys?  Admit it.  That’s how you felt.  If we were going to be dumb old hicks who were bitter guntoting politically incorrect racists, then we didn’t deserve our votes.

I know a lot of you keep wondering why I come back to the primaries.  Why doesn’t she just let it go, you wonder.  Dwelling on it doesn’t change anything.  Well, I keep bringing it up because last year, our democracy was subverted in such an egregious way by the Democratic party that it could have been concocted by someone with direct access to Karl Rove’s wet dreams.  Who would have thought that te Democratic party could be taken over by a bunch of authoritarian nutcases who would usurp the entitlement of the voters and make back room deals to cut out their voices?  And they did it because *they* knew better than *us*.  They were going to be our social conscience and our Big Daddies who would take care of things on our behalf.

This is what happened to the party. It put itself, and our votes, in the hands of the back room power brokers and completely ignored the voices of the voters.  And we said that if Obama and his friends weren’t going to listen to the voters before the election, he had no obligation to listen to them afterwards.

Now, take a look at Dan Froomkin’s first post for The Huffington Post.  It’s about health care and the deals that the Obama administration is cutting behind closed doors, without the input of the voters.  In fact, going out of his way to cut out a significant number of voices that want Medicare for All.  Froomkin writes:

Despite an abundance of public remarks, Obama’s actual strategy to achieve health-care reform still remains largely cloaked in secrecy. While the media’s focus has been on the unseemly public wrangling in Congress, the White House has been doing two things: 1) Trying to influence legislators behind closed doors and 2) Making deals with industry leaders behind closed doors.

And disturbingly, the crucial endgame will apparently be played behind closed doors, as well. In a conference call with bloggers last month, Obama anticipated that the bills that eventually emerge from the House and Senate will, even then, still leave the most controversial issues basically undecided.

To recap: primaries were pretty much evenly split.  But party operatives got together behind closed doors and gave the whole show to Obama, cutting out a little more than half of the Democratic voters.

The financial crisis is killing the middle class and generating a lot of outrage towards bankers and Wall Street over their outrageous bonuses and cavalier attitudes towards our financial security.  But the Obama administration got together with those same bankers behind closed doors to cut deals.

Health care reform shows that there is strong support for a public option or Medicare for All or single payer.  But the party operatives got together behind closed doors to cut deals with the insurance industry.

See the pattern?

If you voted for Obama and thought it was OK for the party to stomp all over the Clinton voters because you were giddy with powerlust, *this* is what you voted for.

THAT’S why I keep bringing it up.

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99 Responses

  1. I’m gonna repost this here because it fits and it deserves attention:

    • I think we can disregard any campaign rhetoric from Obama. He told us everything we needed to know when he opposed new primaries for Michigan and Florida. The deal had been cut.

      • Yes, very EARLY in the primaries, Obama began calling for Hillary to “GET OUT!”
        The deal had been cut.

      • I never believed him in the first place – but the people who did need their noses rubbed in it.

        • My sentiments exactly.

          I felt like Cassandra, utterly frustrated trying to tell those around me what was so obvious. But they wanted to believe this blatant con. Let them writhe.

          The power elites in the Democratic Party divided the party irreparably taking down our chance for healthcare and getting out of Iraq. Screw those corporate-owned crooks and anyone who went along with the charade.

          (Apparently I’m feeling my green tea this morning)

    • {{{{{SCREAM!!!}}}}}

    • You’re right Myiq – it is most appropriate to remind people of his words.

      RD – great post – I had a conversation with someone this past Saturday that brought me back to telling him that I could never vote for Corzine because he disenfranchised me by handing over our delegate votes to Obama – it always comes back to the primary votes – or lack thereof.

      The DNC is simply slime – they see voters as nothing – simply numbers to be manipulated.

      This post has an important focus. Thanks for the reminder!!!

      • How much of those convention shenanigans have to do with Harry Reid (D-Enema) circling the drain.

  2. RD, very good points – thank you!

  3. I know a lot of you keep wondering why I come back to the primaries. Why doesn’t she just let it go, you wonder.

    I’m glad you are not letting this go. Isn’t that what women are expected to do when injustices are inflicted upon them?

    Not only that, I wondered how Jeremiah Wright was able to state that Hillary did not have to work twice as hard in life? I mean isn’t that what women have been saying for years, that they have had to work twice as hard as men? How did that get turned around.

    • Rev Wright, what a POS person. Sorry, but no extra allowances because he is black. “Hillary ain’t never been called a Ni**er”. That was his Christmas sermon. Well Barry ain’t never been called a C-nt and I know which one is still more damaging in this society.

      • More damaging – maybe, maybe not. But definitely MUCH more common, and more accepted to boot.

    • I also am glad you are not giving it up. What happened in the primary—from the B0 campaign, to the babble of the surrogates, to the caucus fraud and abuse, to the manipulation of the early voting rules/penalties, to the re-assignment of delegates, to the convention itself—it all amounts to the greatest anti-democratic swindling of the American voters, EVER.

      I was appalled and angry for years about what the Repubs did in 2000, but to me that pales in comparison to what the Dems did. At least the Repubs were cheating for their own team against an adversary. The Dems fixed an election against their own party and voters.

      When I think of my own investment of time, energy, and money into the Clinton campaign, I feel livid. I was completely ripped off on every level, because we never had a fair chance. Never.

      When I think of what the country has lost, I feel ever more angry.

      I will never forget.

  4. RE: Clinton….it’s off topic, but an update…the video of her outburst in Congo is now up and will be everywhere….very sad state of affairs…I’m wondering if the Obamacrats are going to push her out….She’s obviously frustrated as hell…and maybe she regrets that she took the SOS job…

    The Complicated Diplomatic Life of Hillary Clinton (UPDATE 1X: Clinton on the Defensive in Congo over Bill’s “Presence”; UPDATE 2X: Bill Off the Leash?; UPDATE 3X: Video of Clinton Outburst, Glenn Beck Comments)


    • Wha? She snapped at a student. I suggest he get over it. I hardly think that’s a reason to resign her position. What kind of crazy world are we living in?

    • The student then – after the meeting told her he meant to say Pres. Obama, not Pres. Clinton – big mistake.

    • Let’s not refer to Hillary’s “outburst.” Her answer to the student was no more an “outburst” than her husky voice in New Hampshire was sobbing.

    • That asinine question was the same bu!!sh*t as holding up a sign that says
      ” Iron my shirt”
      I am glad she erupted and called him out.
      I hope it is a “teachable” moment.

    • Was that translator a mole?

      Did she translate wrong on purpose?

  5. Wow! no wonder WaPo fired Dan Froomkin. His article tells it like it is!
    And read toward the end about his new home at HuffPo and a group of reporters he’s involved with seeking more accountability from the media.
    Lood Guck with THAT one!

    imo – one of the biggest problems with the media isn’t necessarily their omitting specific news – which can be seen and heard anyway on competing stations. It’s the way the SAME Facts are spun….er interpreted quite differently by various media.

    • Yes, was pleasantly surprised at Froomkin’s first play at Huffpoo. What does it mean when the Huffpoo is more willing (maybe) to allow critiques of the incumbent administration than the WaPoo. That WaPoo is under more financial pressure? In this economy, Obama’s audience demo doesn’t have any more discretionary spending potential than anyone else. The MSM sales people will come to that realization soon enough.

  6. I’ve noticed increasingly that those who still defend Obama do so on the basis of what he *isn’t* rather than what he is: “Imagine how much worse it would be if Bush were still in office?” “He’s a delight to listen to compared with George Bush.” “McCain wouldn’t have tried to (push through bailout money, reform health care–just fill in the blank).”

    Sorry, but not being Bush doesn’t cut it anymore, especially since, in quite a few cases, Obama is worse than Bush (think signing statements, wiretapping, habeas corpus, etc.).

  7. I agree totally.

    The Ozombie faithful clearly see how they have been lied to. They don’t care. Yet.

    Sometimes people actually prefer pretty lies over ugly truths. Hard to sustain that over years though. The truth has a way of insisting on itself.

    Ask anyone who has ever been in love with a pretty liar. It eventually gets old and you realize that all you have is a liar.

    People who voted for UHC ought to be realizing exactly what they are waking up with any minute.

  8. Yes, rd. The Party breakup continues. Us old, bitter hags actually believe we should be pushing the Democrats into the best policies we can. What’s best for us. The Obots want us to just trust Obama and see the Democrats are cutting the best deal with the insurers they can. It’s a real split. And, you know, the bots continue to blame the voters, “we can’t have Medicare for All because Americans are too stupid, they hate “socialized” medicine, they could never understand Medicare is government administered health care. They want their choices not cheaper, better care because they are idiots. So let’s just support Obama-Care because all the serious people know that’s the best we can get, because of all the stupid Americans.”

    • They want us to sacrifice the kind of healthcare that we actually want just so the Jughead can get a legislative win. No thanks.

    • Didn’t you advocate voting for Obama in the general election? Did you change your mind?

      • I didn’t vote for Obama. I wrote-in Hillary. I did not vote McCain/Palin because I thought they were a different kind of disaster. I did go through a process when it was clear Obama would win(when Lehman brothers fell) where I hoped with Dems in charge we would at least be able to push through better ideas. I didn’t know the Obots would just follow him toward the abyss like the Bush 30 percenters.

  9. Afrocity has this link on her site that shows Malkin addressing the issue of people pushing what Obama isn’t instead of dealing with what he is.


    • Thanks for the post. Malkin may be right or wrong but she really stands her ground. She got more air time in that clip than most political sacrificial talking heads who get invited to the View. That in itself is some achievement.

  10. Many of our elected officials are making it clear, via their comments in town halls and their condescending responses to constituents, that they view themselves as elite rulers. They feel they no longer need to represent the views of their constituents (except those that fund their campaigns), because in many cases, they believe their constituents are too dumb to know what is good for them.

    Now, I don’t advocate some of the more obnoxious yelling at town halls, but have to wonder how many of those people have felt that their concerns have been brushed aside in the past. I wonder how many of them have gotten there, there little voter letters.

    What happened in the primaries is just indicative of what’s happening on a larger scale.

    • Oh, good – then I no longer need to vote for them

    • Exactly. The New Dems’ attitude reminds me a lot of Cheney’s patronizing “Father Knows Best” attitude. Don’t ask me questions–just STFU and let us do what we want.

  11. A real leader would have begun this whole approach to health care reform by organizing a series of townhall meetings that brought forward experts in healthcare’s major areas—-to publicly identify what the issues are, what the alternatives are for fixing them. The whole health care reform effort should have started with looking at medicare, medicaid, schip and VA health care—-what works in those programs, what does not how to bend the cost curves toward sustainability. Certainly this could have been done through c-span and/or networks like PBS that have a commitment to some level of objectivity and public service. It could have been a massive “blue-ribbon commission”.

    Maybe Obama will get burned by congress often enough to realize that he may have the keys to the White House but by cutting a deal with the party leaders to give them carte blanche on the drafting of key legislative initiatives he got the short end of the stick.

    Or maybe congressional Dems will get burned by O’bummer often enough to realize that when you are constantly putting out fires it is a good idea to look around and see if just maybe you are working with an arsonist.

  12. some of the people telling us to get over it and move on never got over bush V Gore in 2000 and did not move on, so where the fudge do they get off? They refuse to see how the thing was rigged and what a arrogant empty suit Obama is. They didn’t vote for change or for UHC or even for the “anti-war candidate” (JOKE). They voted for the cool black guy over the woman they already knew and were bored with. Most of them didn’t even bother to get to know her independent of Bill. Many of them brought into both the Nadernonsense about the Clinton and old right wing lies at the SAME TIME.
    I was told by a male relative that I was bitter because I had been disappointed by men. I don’t think he has any clue that he was both sexist and insulting. If I asked him why what he said was sexist, he would have no clue.

    • That’s why Hillary reacted to the Congo question the way she did: women, for centuries, have just been appendages of their husbands. She’s worked her a*s off to attain the knowledge and position that she has, and whether or not it was a translation error, she heard the sexism in the question as it was given.

  13. http://www.newmajority.com/michael-moore-obamas-faking-right-heading-left

    “In the latest issue of Rolling Stone, Michael Moore insists that Barack Obama’s ambitions are much farther left than he lets on. Thus, the President has been deliberately lying to us about everything from healthcare reform to the war on terror. But contrary to the Bush years, when perceived presidential deceit evoked liberal rage and a film to go with it, Moore adoringly approves of what he now sees as a necessary “rope-a-dope strategy” to advance his side’s cause.”

    “I take all of the things that make me nervous about the decisions that Obama has made, and I look and them through that lens – that it’s some kind of master plan. ”

    Okay, so the lying is a good thing?

    • OMG, Moore drunk on the kool-aid. What a fool!

    • That’s some mighty fine spin. Actually it sounds kind of like a mental illness, a coping strategy you create in your mind because the truth is just too painful. Obama is actually a secret liberal who’s going to come out of the closet at the last moment and make everything all right? His lies are part of a secret master plan? Oh boy. It almost sounds like the kind of reasoning battered women use.

      • Digby says the same thing. Urges her readers to be paitent, cuz Obama’s a “master” at this kabuki, and reeling people in, to his own liberal ideas.

        cough cough

    • 11th Dimensional Chess Syndrome.

    • You can almost picture it. Moore, under the bus, his head wedged under the front tire. Obama in the drivers seat, key in the ignition, hand on the gear shift headed toward reverse. Moore, calling out to him, “Go ahead, Barack, I get it. Your brilliant! Roll right over my head. Then they’ll think you are not a liberal. This is fantastic! Rope-A-Dope. They’ll never know what hit them”

      • If not for the fact the country may be going under, this would be just hilarious. Would make a nice sitcom for 8 weeks.

    • On the other hand, when and if Mr. Moore wakes up, it will be like a lover scorned. If…


    • Moore is trying to reconcile his public embrace of this disastrous president. It’s hard to admit one’s bad decisions.

    • Yep, he’ll come out and reveal his true shining self after being re-elected…..

      I’ve heard that one b4.

  14. The real issue is that it’s not about health care reform – it’s all about taking care of the insurance companies’ execs profits

    • And Big Pharma and Goldie Socks and all the other Wall St. $$$ guys who make them possible and profitable.

  15. RD: I award you the citizens Medal of Freedom for not giving up on any of this. This site all by itself has more real information on health care and any number of other salient issues than the msm combined. I thank you and the team of posters you have put together. I do not know how you guys do it but I thank the Goddess that you do.

  16. Arlen Specter seems a little surprised by the questions he’s getting at his town hall.

  17. Obama’s Tone-Deaf Health Campaign

    Crusades are busy endeavors, the enlistees in this one, like those in every undertaking of this White House, concerned with just one message. Which is that the Obama administration is in possession of vital answers to ills and inequities that have long afflicted American society (whether Americans know it or not), and that those opposed to those answers and that vision are cynics, or operatives of the powerful vested interests responsible for the plight Americans find themselves in (whether they know it or not), or political enemies bent on destroying the Obama administration.

    The president has a problem. For, despite a great election victory, Mr. Obama, it becomes ever clearer, knows little about Americans. He knows the crowds—he is at home with those. He is a stranger to the country’s heart and character.
    He seems unable to grasp what runs counter to its nature. That Americans don’t take well, for instance, to bullying, especially of the moralizing kind, implicit in those speeches on health care for everybody. Neither do they wish to be taken where they don’t know they want to go and being told it’s good for them.

    Who would have believed that this politician celebrated, above all, for his eloquence and capacity to connect with voters would end up as president proving so profoundly tone deaf? A great many people is the answer—the same who listened to those speeches of his during the campaign, searching for their meaning.


    • Well, Rabinowitz is about as far right as it gets. I wouldn’t expect her to be sympathetic to Obama or health care for all.

  18. I think Ed is still recovering from his intravenous Kool Aid drip. “Oustanding successes” & “hand-picked team of economic advisers who, from all indications, have fashioned an effective economic recovery plan?”

    Falling Out of Love with Barack Obama
    By Ed Koch

    I continue to be a supporter of President Barack Obama. He has had several outstanding successes. The major one has been a positive change in the economy due primarily, I believe, to his hand-picked team of economic advisers who, from all indications, have fashioned an effective economic recovery plan. The recovery still has a long way to go, but using the language of my doctors at the hospital in which I recently spent six critical weeks recovering from open-heart surgery, “All the numbers are going in the right direction.” I also believe his reaching out to our allies and those not allied with us has somewhat calmed the world’s roiled waters.

    Yet, strangely, the President’s support is waning.


  19. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2009/08/11/sen_specter_shouted_down_over_health_care.html

    “Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA) was shouted down at a health care town hall meeting. The man accused Specter of having his pockets stuffed with money from lobbyists.

    “One day God is going to stand before you and he’s going to judge you and the rest of your damn cronies up on the Hill and then you will get your just deserts,” the man said.”

    • That’s what I’d like to see more of, sam! No, not the judgement of god – but people standing up and shouting about the fact that our congress is bought and paid for.

      Put THAT in their faces on a loud, regular basis, coming from both sides of the aisle. We might have a shot at getting somewhere, then.

      • Did you see the security detail in that clip?

        That clip and others from town halls make me feel like we’re moving towards a police state. Now, obviously I understand that security is important, but I just see frightening implications going forward.

        Many of our elected officials have been on the take, and should be prosecuted, but instead, they are being protected.

    • And no matter what the motive, and even the message which in some cases is a bit crazy, I find it most sad of all that “new” Democrats are saying we shouldn’t have any opposing voices, yelling, and protesting. I’m glad I don’t belong to that tyrannical party.

  20. I think that what they call a sense of entitlement is what most of us call the American Way. You work hard, gain experience and you are rewarded with a view from the top. Since they couldn’t match up their guy on hard work or experience, they had to replace what she had with a character flaw. We have seen this tactic used on women time and again when they try to break any glass ceiling: reduce her many positives to one negative that can be used to justify denying her what she has earned. Many women have experienced this in their own lives but were still unable, or unwilling, to recognize it when used against Hillary.

    • Entitlement; her only sin was going into the primaries confident and sure of her abilities and experience the way you should always go to into any job interview. She earned her right to serve with demonstrated resiliency in life. It showed in every debate. No surprises, there for all to see. But the lazy, ignorant, fanatical, and mentally fatigued were pointed to a pretty box in the corner and marveled at what might be in it.

  21. From Froomkin’s piece:

    “But we still don’t know what really happens inside. Is the real Obama being serially co-opted by his aides in there? Or is the real Obama at heart a conflict-averse facilitator, rather than a leader?”

    130 present votes didn’t tip you off???

  22. The sense of entitlement meme about Hillary was also based on the fact that people knew virtually nothing about her 30+ years of in-depth public service. She was just “Bill’s wife,” and that’s how they pushed it. Her campaign did not do a good enough job of clarifying who she was as an individual and what she had done on her own–her personal history. People just believed the right wing talking points, or didn’t know much of anything else.

  23. I kept running into this obot on the campaign who was smart and informed, but when she was faced with BHO’s policy inferiority, she fell back on “Hillary’s too corporate,” citing insider ties. That seemed to me to be a more refined version of, “she feels entitled.” For these obots, it was about style, an indefinable personal quality.

    The fact that all of the financial slosh and slime we see from the Goldman Sachs alumni was predicted by GS’s huge early contributions in a campaign defined by huge contributions wouldn’t nullify “corporate,” or “entitled.” Still, these people are often such dicks they will not admit they voted against their own principles.

  24. Bravo, RD. Yes, this is why the abuses of the primaries still matter, because accepting it incentivized that kind of behavior. And it’s also why I do sympathize with how so many of the town hall protestors are feeling, even if I don’t agree with all their conclusions. “Shut Up and Get On Board” is the order of the day, as our govt saves its concern and respect for the ones whose input matters – the wheelers and dealers behind closed doors.

    There is not just a disconnect (which has been growing for years), but now a true scorn for the worth or importance or input of ordinary voters that comes off of Washington in waves of stench. And Obama and the Dems currently reek most of all.

    • Scorn is exactly right. The other tactic, adopted from the Gingrich/Rove model, is to demonize opponents as bad people that are bad for the country. Racism is a new wrinkle, but the “Mob” and “thug” labels are all straight out of the Republican playbook. If you don’t give W2 a big fat WIN then you obviously want America to LOSE. That is the one and only card W had to play and he never got tired of it. “George the III” has picked it up and is giving it quite a workout.

  25. Calling Hillary “entitled” was also just dripping with sexism. It was like calling her uppity, not knowing her place, thinking to highly of herself.

    We don’t usually accuse male politicians of having a sense of entitlement, not even David Diaper Vitter or Mark Sanford. Those guys wanted a wife and a mistress and a political career. They want to preach about family values to everyone else while not applying their own rhetoric to themselves. That’s some major entitlement right there. Sometimes people call it male entitlement because it’s so prevalent, it’s almost invisible. I doubt any of the diaper boyz even question themselves or their right to have anything they want.

    People also accuse Palin of being entitled………to even be in politics. How dare she? She’s not entitled, she’s not smart enough, she’s not liberal enough……..forgetting all the time that what makes somebody “entitled” to be in politics is the support of voters.

    • “Entitled,” used the way it has been against Hillary and Palin is exactly like saying “uppity.” Exactly. You hit this one square on.

  26. In other words, Obots lived by the sword and are now dying by the sword. You helped push in a guy with complete disregard for the voters and for democracy, and now you’re crying about back room deals for bills. Boo hoo. What was that thing I wanted to say about him and where he will lead us that you didn’t believe but is now obviously true.. um, let me think… oh yea, we told you so!

  27. http://www.wmal.com/Article.asp?id=581503&spid=18348

    “Police “Show Of Force” At The Cardin Town Hall Meeting…

    Necessary or Overkill?

    Senator Ben Cardin had to shout his way through a town hall meeting last night, where angry constituents booed and jeered as he tried to explain health care reform working its way through Congress. Cardin was booed repeatedly and the crowd had to be asked to calm down to allow him to continue. Security was unusually heavy. After Cardin began speaking, university security officers marched through the audience and positioned themselves at the edge of the stage in a show of force.”

    • If there is a potential for violence, I have no problem with more security. However, the problem is that these idiots will just increase it while never once asking themselves the obvious question

      WHAT have I done/not done to prompt such rage in my constituents? Why are so many so angry? And guess what, “it’s manufactured and ginned up” is not a reasonable answer, it’s a COPOUT. I don’t care how many emails you get telling you to go protest, human beings do NOT do it, in those numbers, and with that much emotion, unless they are damn pissed off already.

      And spare me the “they’re swallowing lies” bullshit. Most of these people are no stupider, or less capable of rational thought than I am.

      Tactical hyperbole is par for the course in these cases, and WE engaged in it when we protested the war. I don’t think most of us on the left really believed that IN FACT there were active plans to round up average citizens and prosecute them for terrorism just because they said “Bush sucks” over their telephone line. But that imagery and hyperbole was REGULARLY used because we were trying to make a point.

      • As they continue to screen and screen and screen the town hall meetings, all the while asking their friendly particiants to “talk up” the so-called “plan” they will find that the inherant “SUCKINESS” of the plan and their unwillingness to fix it (for fear of losing industry support) is going to turn even their acolytes into an angry mob. Can we say, “It’s The (shitty) Plan Stupid!”

        • The feeling is growing in the public (apart from 20% die-hard party loyalists on either side) that no matter who is in power, we the people are not even a part of the conversation anymore.

          THAT is the thing this is boiling underneath the surface of all this, and it has nothing to do with left or right politics.

  28. Things seem to be getting pretty dicey out there – kind of scary

  29. Every time I see a video of Chris Matthews I want to smack him in the head. Is there a cure for that?

    • No

    • DT,

      It is the political equivalent of the patellar reflex. If you did not react that way, we would know that something was wrong with your political instinct.


  30. I think the over reaction we’re seeing from Democrats about the crowds yelling and asking questions is kind of indicative of the new reality that voters don’t count and everything is done behind closed doors. What Democrats are really upset and scared about is that there are actual voters out there who have actual questions. And that simply won’t do. Yes, there are some crazies of course, but a lot of the questions being asked, and not answered, are legitimate. The nerve of citizens wanting access to their government officials and want questions answered. Let them eat cake.

    • Yep. And it’s that scornful attitude, that was so evident in the primaries, that I think many are reacting to at heart – no matter what “ant-govt” language they couch it in.

    • This story was picked up by the main media last eve. The congressman and the doctor were both on. The congressman still had no answers about the healthcare plan. My guess is that it’s cuz he doesn’t know the answers. The (idiot) “thing” seems to be to extend an invite for a beer. Not give real answers so that a real doctor can pass on the answers to his real patients.

      At NQ, video of doc who voted for Obama asking a question about the healthcare plan so that he can explain it to his patients. Instead, the Congressman berates the doctor.


  31. You’re right Dandy- their attitude is “let them eat cake” but I think they are underestimating the power of the people in this country.

    I just want to see some real recognition by the pols and don’t want to see anyone physically hurt

  32. NO – there is no cure for that – he needs a couple of smacks to wake him up to reality. 👿

  33. The Incomparable Bob Somerby:

    Translating: Citizens have believed the things they hear from Rush and Sean (and the like) for decades. Yet on our side, we still seem surprised by this fact! We have formulated no real attempt to push back against these public idiots—to warn those citizens that they’re being played by these big stupid hacks. Instead, we tend to call those citizens names. Then, we wonder why they won’t accept our own views about such matters!

    “Conservatives will be better off if reform becomes law,” the e-mailer said—thus stating his own view of this highly complex matter. He then wondered why the “wing-nuts” refuse to accept his wisdom! In part, the answer is fairly obvious: By and large, people don’t take advice from other people who keep calling them names. But this has been the dominant “liberal” approach to this phenomenon for the past twenty years.

  34. Trust Mr. Somerby to reflect on the scene and see the errors of their ways as not necessarily inflicted by those right wing nuts.

    • The Failbots are disenchanted with Uncle Bob these days. They think he’s supposed to be a cheerleader, not a leader.

  35. Same for me, the Democratic Primary was a life lesson, a betrayal for sure, a good one maybe as I now have zero illusions of the rancid corruption in the political party system today. My shock too came with the realization that the Democratic Party faithful allowed themselves to be Punk’d and marginalized by Party and enabled the selection of candidates without the needed aptitudes for their offices. My lingering problem now, the only thing I want this electorate, this Congress or this Administration to work on that impacts me, my family, is to undo the damage they have already created and certainly not tinker with something like health care. Least we forget, the last major industry reformed for our own good was the Congress-Made disaster that created our current crisis the repeal of Glass-Steagall and the creation of the Commodity Futures Modernization Act both which provided the framework and the toxin, without which the great recession would never have happened.

  36. The problem is we aren’t smart enough to understand what “The Precious” is up to. This should help:

    Rules of 11 Delusional Chess

    Delusion 1: No matter how stupid something His Hopiness The 0ne says, W.O.R.M. (What Obama Really Means) is the smartest most bestest thing evah!

    Delusion 2: By caving in to the same old special interests, The Precious is “INCREMENTALLY” changing by staying the same.

    Delusion 3: By adopting Bush/Cheney postions W2 is actually liberalizing them…(from the inside ~wink~).

    Delusion 4: Just because BO doesn’t have a UHC plan now, doesn’t mean he didn’t have one in the campaign. We saw it when he pulled it out of Axelrod’s @$$!

    Delusion 5: BO is NOT style over substance, unless that’s what you like, then he IS, or not, or racism, un-American, Limbaugh. What?

    Delusion 6: The Kool-Aid is free. The Kool-Aid is good. The Kool-Aid is love.

    Delusion 7: He isn’t taking money from the rich like Tom DeLay and Duke Cunnigham, he’s taking money from the rich like Robin Hood, yeah, that’s the ticket.

    Delusion 8: You say “Cult of Personality” like it’s a bad thing.

    Delusion 9: If you hope he’s smart, and liberal, and populist and engaged, hard enough, then he is. Hoping makes it real.

    Delusion 10: He is the master of the teleprompter not the other way around.

    Delusion 11: We’re allowed to be sexist, racist, agist, warmongering and dishonset. We’re Democrats. Deal with it.

  37. http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1915730,00.html

    Would the people of Fla give us some insight on this? It might be a bell weather on which way the republicans go in 2010 and what choices we would have against some of the democrats who forgot who they represent.
    This was the latest post that this link would be close to topic.



  38. Don’t ever stop bringing it up. The democratic party showed its true colors and proved “democratic” party is an oxymoron- there is no democracy in the party. Not even the repugs dare to have super-delegates -it woudl have been a completely different primary if Obama had not been able to roll out super delegate endorsements when he was loosing primaries And we still hear not one peep about eliminating them.

  39. RD, I hope you keep bringing it up. We will never forget what happened. And we need to make sure these pathetic asshats who got us into this mess don’t forget either. Thank you.

  40. Re the deciders. Not once but twice terms limits were voted for in New York. I’m against them but I’m not for overturning election results unlike Mayor Bloomberg ( Republican no matter what he says) and the majority of Democrats on the city council who did away with term limits. If there was a prize for laughably pathetic excuses for a vote the competition would be fierce on the City Council. And they did it for a Republican. Not to mention that there won’t be a primary for the senate race because Senator Schumer has decided for us. I can still remember being so thrilled that Schumer beat D’amato, that anyone beat D’amato. Did the presidential primary open this rotten floodgate?
    I don’t remember a time when it seemed that our elected officials so blatantly ignored the will of their constituents. Yeah, I do blame what they did in the primary for these antics.

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