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    • Chaos demon strikes again
      It was the first meeting Trump had with Pelosi since the impeachment began, and today House Republicans broke ranks to join Dems in a vote against his Syria withdrawal. He basically threw a tantrum and yelled at Pelosi, who has raised five kids and knows to ignore them. So the Dems walked out of the … Continue reading Chaos demon strikes again
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    • AOC, Ilhan Omar and Tlaib Endorse Sanders
      I find it interesting that  many centrists are angered and surprised. They though these, arguably the most progressive members of the House caucus, would endorse Warren. Certainly by recent standards Warren is progressive and left leaning, but she’s weak sauce compared to Sanders. But centrists thought because she was a woman, AOC, Tlaib and Omar […]
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Our sincere congratulations


On behalf of The Confluence I would like to extend our congratulations to the Blogstalker Online Forum for passing the epic milestone of 10,000 comments.

Our pathetic little blog has been around three times longer and has only managed 358,000+ comments and 6,800,000+ hits. In our defense the BOF is a spin-off from an award-winning blog that was established way back in September 2007, while The Confluence was only created in January 2008.

I am ashamed and bow to the superior abilities of people who devote their lives to stalking other blogs.

This is an open thread- what’s on your mind?


192 Responses

  1. Just posted this downstairs…

    Durbin is open to dropping the public option, such a farce:

    “I support a public option but yes, I am open,” to its absence Durbin said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

    Durbin stressed that keeping the three Republican senators, Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.), Olympia Snowe (R-Maine), and ranking member Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), still negotiating with Finance Committee Democrats is key to passing a successful bill.

    “We want to keep them in negotiations. We are determined to get a bill to the floor, it doesn’t have to be a perfect bill,” he said. “I don’t want this process filibustered to failure.”


    • You knew it was coming.

      I’d bet my last dollar, that just to get it passed, Durbin et al will completely abandon the public option and offer the co-op thingy instead.

      It’ll be completely toothless.

      • Yeah, it always did seem like shark bait. Fauxgressives have been chumming hard for weeks.

    • So Durbin is willing to sacrific the majority of liberals, working Americans, and Democrats who want Single-Payer, Universal Health Care for a handful of Republicans to sign on -and- it can be a half-assed, bad bill to please them not us. How’s kool-aid tasting now Obots?

      • I am wondering if this is an attempt to stir up the “anger” on the left really in support of crappy Obamacare, to match the anger on the other side.

        Whatever it is, this is a farce.

      • Follow the link. He means that if it is filibustered, it is dead. If they can at least pass something then the conference committee can add stuff back in. Not that there’s a guarantee but it’s not as bad as the excerpt sounds.

        • I thought they had set this up (forget what they call it) to where a simple majority could pass it.

          I guess it’s a “must be bi-partisan” crap. Bullshit. If the Repubs were in the majority would they be so concerned?

          • NOPE they won’t give a crap — if they had the numbers that the Dems have — they would & have railroaded anything through Congress.

        • Wha? They are going to put the non-existent pub opt back in committee? I don’t think so. Mark Warner is against it. Kent Conrad. Max Baucus. And, I’m sure others. So what do you think, the Dems are going to come back from comm. with a bill that Joe Biden may have to come in and be the deciding vote on when they have 60 seats in the Senate and made such a big deal of having a bipartisan bill. No flippen way.

    • Well he does not have to worry about it being perfect.

    • Here in Illinois Dyrbin’s comments are sure to come back to bite him in his “Daley machine arse!”

    • What would a non-public option bill be made up of?

    • May the good Lord ask these God fearing ‘Christians’ what they did for others and then inform them that they CHOSE the corporate plan, HEAVEN IS UNIVERSAL CARE…as the gates close.

    • Can we all say bullshit, boys and girls?

    • I listened twice……when he says there will no mandate, was it just for small businesses, or did he mean no mandate for everybody, as in individuals?

      • No mandate for small businesses and no public option at all. I take that to mean people could still be mandated to purchase private insurance as individuals. The worst of all possible worlds.

        • Thanks, Ralph. No public option, but a mandate to purchase private insurance anyway, IS the worst of all possible worlds.

          F*ckers. (Sorry all, but I feel better)

        • Oh they can kiss my ass with no public option and an individual mandate. Lol. Obie will come off looking like the world’s biggest loser if that’s what happens. That would just be fun, no chance for re-election, and hillary could run and win. Bye f-ckface! LOL

          • Problem is will go into effect after the 2012 election in 2013. The rat bastids have it gamed.

        • Good Lord, did they TRY to make it as fucked up as possible?

      • No real public option anyway, perhaps a public plan run like or by private insurance. No big savings for people though.

    • People can die and go bankrupt trying to pay medical bills but heaven forbid the insurance companies had to compete with a public option.

      • Yep. Boo-effin-hoo for the insurance jackals. They have had years to formulate a better product with a realistic profit margin and they have refused to do it. ’93 was a strong warning and they got greedier in response. They testified to Congress that they will continue dumping sick policyholders. What more do they need to say to show what they are? They deserve to be bankrupted, not their prey.

    • Heh. Great minds and all that.

      Do you think Ross understands just how fully inserted his foot really is here?

    • Is it 2012 yet?

    • I wonder if they’ve ever defined “affordable rates” ?

  2. This seemed fitting:

  3. This is bizarre. California is trying to collect taxes in cash for all the IOUs they sent out earlier. The Governator sucketh!

    ” Small businesses that received $682 million in IOUs from the state say California expects them to pay taxes on the worthless scraps of paper, but refuses to accept its own IOUs to pay debts or taxes. The vendors’ federal class action claims the state is trying to balance its budget on their backs.”


    • Thought you might like this , Ralph.

      On Zerohedge’s blog, the poll question is:

      “Should we sell California to China (asset buyout & assumption of debt) in exchange for debt forgiveness?”

      Choices were yes, or no. Don’t tell Digby, but I think we’re getting closer to majority yes. lol

    • I have a VERY reliable source that says the head blogstalker likes to prance around in a skin-tight body suit just like Freddie Mercury wears in this video.

      • That’s odd. I heard he blogs naked, and likes to touch himself after he posts. 🙂

      • if you are speaking of the same one I am thinking of… he thinks he is a feminist “activist” too. I have nothing against him wearing stretchy lycra, provided he looks as good as Freddie did in it, he just does not strike as someone that likes females much, particularly the uppity PUMA kind.

        Overall though, if he was not such a useless little squeeler pal’n around with at least two sock puppets (one for each hand), he would actually comment on the battle for the hearts and minds of PUMA’s by democrat and republican operatives (read: Establishmentarians from both Inc./Political Machines and those hired by them.

  4. I do not understand this post. Those 10,000 comments seem rather pathetic—is your accolade to them sarcastic or am I missing something?

  5. Here’s one about their devotion and needing our absolution. 🙂

  6. The Blogstalkers theme song:

  7. It sounds to me like the no mandate is on small business owners—-they would not be mandated to provide health insurance but could access a public option along with their employees. I think this begs the question. Why not make it possible for small businesses who employ so much of our work force to access health insurance options nation-wide? But it boils down to the insurance thing. I still think they should have started with medicare for all—it may not have flown but now they have few if any back up positions that are worth anything.

  8. One component of the bill that concerns me. I have heard that employers will be mandated to provide part-time/hourly employees with health insurance. That is going to be pretty hard on employers who have hourly needs—even if it’s prorated. I just think this employer provided health care structure is just an albatross that we need to end—now.

    • Not to mention it helps cut the ties of the employees to an employer if the employee wants to change jobs. Frankly, that’s a biggie and could result in better employer/employee relations. If you know what I mean?

      • Yes, but how would the small business owner prorate the part-timers?

        What a nightmare.

        • Employers will be screwed by that provision but that hasn’t stopped them before. After all it’s only jobs they’d be killing not anything important like big corporate profits.

    • coverage tied to employment is the stupidest way possible to do healthcare.

      And every time people start clamoring about “choices”, I have to wonder, who the hell do they work for that they have so many choices? Everywhere I ever worked, I didn’t CHOOSE diddley squat. My employer cut a deal with this or that insurance company, and I got offered at most 3 levels of plans, usually all by the same provider.

      WHO THE HELL are all these millions of people that are supposedly out there exercising their “choice” among all this plethora of options? I don’t know any.

      • I suppose it’s the unemployed then? They have the choice of nothing or no-thing. It’s very zen. /sarcasm

      • I’ve got about 10 plans to choose from but, hell we self-insure. So what we really choose is the level of self-insurance we want to pay for and the people who administer claims.

        I would love to take a look at what these really cost the company. What they quote to the employee is the cost of a full blown insurance plan with payments by the insurer. Employees pay a portion of that cost.

      • Yeah, the “choices” thing is just a way to make us feel they are doing us some grand favor by letting us keep “the insurance we have”, or in my case, the insurance I don’t have. It’s actually a deceptive tool to make people like if they lost their “choice” of insurance they would lose their choice of doctor. It’s disgusting.

        We are the only country in the free world that ties basic health coverage to employment. you think the news media would inform us serfs of that, but for whatever reason, they seem completely unaware.

  9. Aimer jusqu’à l’impossible (love ’till the impossible). The impossible here I believe is when they finally wake up to reality of teh precious. So they’ll be “loving” us for a long time. 🙂

    • Unless he gets gender reassignment surgery and becomes a ‘hag” or “ho” or whatever tf they’re always on about, he can’t really lose their favor.

      • Seriously,

        I have a question for you. Would it be possible for me to e-mail you privately?

        • Sure, bb, but my box is full. Let me change it to the iPhone I’m currently borrowing, give me one second.

          • Okay, that addy should work. 🙂

          • OK, I tried the one you were using, and it bounced back.

          • Yeah, I need to clean my inbox out, but I can only access it from my home computer and I have slow dialup so I have a tendency to just let it go for weeks or months. 🙂

  10. What’s the Blogstalker Online Forum?

  11. Oh, those crazy people. Thanks for the email.

    Yeah, those people are disturbed. Just an older version of 4chan, really. They were also obsessed with The New Agenda for awhile — maybe they still are; I don’t know. At least one of them is a guy pretending to be a woman.

    That’s one thing about the internet: it really exposes you to the crazies in the world. There have always been nuts, of course, but now they have websites.

    • Yeah, for a group with so many alleged women they sure are infected with misogyny,aren’t they?

      The OBF is what happens when trolls start their own blog.

    • always thought that one of those supposed women was a guy

    • Yes, they are 4chan.

    • Everything is f****d up because the white “progressive” blogosphere was incredibily classist, racist and sexist to begin with. Look at 2006 archives of any white “progressive” or white Third Wave blog and read the hatred and contempt towards POC behind the comments. In 2007, there was finally enough uproar from POC and they had to change or lose traffic, stop selling books and whatnot. In 2008, when only Obama and Clinton were left, the netroots took what WOC said wholesale whether it was right or not because they are incredibly racist to begin with and heretofore ignorant about anti-racism. This means all black men are perfect and you cannot criticize them at all. You have the situation we are in where you cannot criticize Obama.

    • And that’s why we are all in trouble.

  12. sham-wow, it’s getting uglier out there:


    One of the signs waved by a plan opponent said “Don’t tell my gigi how to die,” referring to allegations that the bill would allow senior citizens to be euthanized, something the nonpartisan group FactCheck.org said is false. Cohen also denied that the bill would pay for abortions — another claim made by opponents.

  13. Whoo hoo! 10,000 comments in 6 months. That’s 1666 comments/month; and so with their 5 commenters, that’s 333 comments per commenter per month or an average of 11 comments per commenter per day.

    • 10,000 comments? Um… like, wow. I guess.

    • Do you know if they are using “Sitemeter?” I don’t frequent cess pools so I don’t know but if they are I am told there is a way to gin up your numbers to appear as though you have alot of traffic.

      I asked a friend about it earlier when I read this and he claims there’s a way to do it. He doesn’t know how but he says it can be done.

  14. A very interesting read – “The Character of Barack Obama” from Huffington Post by a Yale professor. We should call Obama The Great Accommodator!


  15. Three days after warning against violence, Beck tells “Pelosi” he poisoned her wine
    August 07, 2009 1:34 pm ET —

    Just three days after imploring his viewers to refrain from “violence,” warning them that “just one lunatic, like Timothy McVeigh, could ruin everything,” and saying that “it is your patriotic duty to stop” someone who is thinking or talking about turning violent, Glenn Beck staged a scene in which he gave a glass of wine to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and then said, “I put poison in your — no, I — I look forward to all the policy discussions that we’re supposed to have.”

    The TWO faces of Glen Beck.

  16. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/43d18c68-851d-11de-9a64-00144feabdc0.html

    US banks stand to collect a record $38.5bn in fees for customer overdrafts this year, with the bulk of the revenue coming from the most financially stretched consumers amid the deepest recession since the 1930s, according to research. The fees are nearly double those reported in 2000.

      • Wonder where the money to pay them is coming from….

        • there’s money for that in the health care bills, they’re probably pre-spending it

          • Yes, there is, Dak. Money in the healthcare bill.

            It’s Section 1222, if anybody wants to read it.

            It provides “community organizations” and “other agencies” special access to a program related to linguistic services for Medicare providers.

            As in, “The Secretary SHALL give priority to applicants that have developed partnerships with community organizations or with agencies with experience in ‘language access’ ”

            Big bucks and grants. Acorn & SEIU & all the other groups , who took the money and left the little people to freeze in the Chicago housing units , with no heat.


    • Hell to the yeah. And we KNEW, dammit. As the words were coming out of his mouth, we were saying “He’s a FAKE, you idiots!” No one listened.

      • The stupid 0bots are still trying to paint 0zero as a brilliant “tactician” for making deals that will be screwing the citizens of the US in favor of the CEOs of Insurance companies.

        The 0bots are a delusional bunch of nuts to continue cheer leading for corrupt politicians who were bought off long ago.

    • I guess it doesn’t count.

    • It always killed me that the bots believed that. What the hell discretion does the President have over how Congress deliberates? Dumbas*ses.

    • awesome, thanks for that, love it. : ).

      why did so many people fall for this guy. i can’t believe it. talk about bamboozled. Someone out to make some nice youtube video’s of your post. Is anyone on the confluence a youtuber?

    • Hey! Have you turned that guy in for spreading misinformation? I hear the WH is interested in keeping tabs on misinformation spreaders. 😉

    • God, he is so full of bs. He gives new meaning to the words pathological liar.

  17. Has anyone seen this–very funny:

    No Treats From Obama

  18. Cokie Roberts Attributes Town Hall Disruptions to Shortage of Nuns

    • LOL! Too funny!

      Locally those doing the yelling, screaming, and basically behaving badly, are Dems, Obama supporting Dems. They’re pissed off, they feel betrayed. This isn’t the liberal messiah they ordered.

      • yttik,

        I thought it was funny, since the ‘church’ thinks the American nuns are getting uppity and are doing their own version of asking people to turn in them there ‘fishy’ nuns in that are causing trouble.

        • I can see by my last comment, it is time for me to go to bed, as I am laughing up a storm, thinking of the nuns to the rescue. I do think the ruler thing is out though.

  19. nuns is that best thing that she could come up with.

  20. Yes, they stalked me all over the place. One of their sock puppets even impersonated me on another website.

    I’m afraid I haven’t been helping you guys out with the hit counter though, since I read you on a feedreader.

  21. Hilaryis44 has a great piece up on Obama and healthcare and the protests.

    Yes, some of the protests are inarticulate. Yes, some of the concerns are inchoate expressions of distrust. But Americans are not afraid of “change” if it is the right change and change they believe in. The problem is Americans wisely are growing in their distrust of Barack Obama, and the masters he serves, and the deals he has worked out.

    But I really liked this part. Because truer words were never spoken, and it partly explains why so many object to his plan from all sides, right, left, and middle – and why it’s so confusing trying to figure out where he is on the political map:

    the evidence mounts that Obama is not a socialist, nor a corporatist, nor a capitalist, nor a communist, nor a statist, nor a revolutionary – Barack Obama is an opportunist – that is the ideology which propels the flim-flam scam artist Joker from Chicago.

  22. http://reportcard.cnn.com/

    This poll is interesting. (q6) is the senate rating.

    I does not look to good for them.

    The obots will be working overtime.



  23. I thank God for the intelligence finally expressed by the American People! And, yes,they are mad. The press and Congress ignored our primary votes. They knew better. And most went along. They told us the sky was falling. And most believed. Hurry, hurry no time to read or debate-the sky will fall. And most believed. Now millions have plenty of time to read and digest what’s really happening when they get up late Monday morning with no health care and no job either.
    I am proud to be able to say, “Don’t blame me, I voted for HER!

  24. Isn’t this precious?:

    You don’t see the Widdershins obssessing over whether we read them.
    Comment by Mrs. Polly on 08/10/09 at 01:11 AM

    IOW – “We stalk other blogs and they don’t make fun of us.”

  25. Heh:

    Also. D’you know what would be kinda fun, IMHO? – Even more fun than we can squeeze out of myiq2xu‘s drivel, I mean.

    If the next time myiq2xu ran a “blogstalker” post, nobody here mentioned it (I barely visit the Effluence, so it’s the only way I find out). It would seriously do his head in.
    Comment by YAFB on 08/10/09 at 02:59 AM

    You know what would really psych me out? If they never mentioned me or anyone at The Confluence again.

    But if they did that, they wouldn’t be Blogstalkers anymore.

    • This is what is truly deranged:

      Every day 90%+ of the comments these people post are about us and a handful of other non-Koolaid lefty blogs. These high-brow discussions involve thinking up insulting nicknames for us and other juvenile antics like google-bombing.

      They lurk here reading all our posts and even follow us to other blogs if we post comments elsewhere. One of them even went over to the NY Times Opinionator page when Dakinikat got noticed and posted a comment accusing her of being a racist. (That worked so well that I got noticed by them a week later)

      But if I should post something about them every once in a while they get their panties all twisted and claim that I’m stalking them.

      Here’s my challenge to them:

      Go thirty (30) days without saying anything about The Confluence, PumaPac, Corrente, Reclusive Leftist, Widdershins, The New Agenda and/or Shakesville. That includes the people associated with those blogs.

      No cheating – don’t set up another alternate site where you can chat about us using different aliases.

      I don’t think you can do it.

      • Well that didn’t take long:

        Check out his latest comment. I think the real reason that meatprod and dakinikat have such a sad is that I linked to that horrible post she wrote about how black people caused the financial crisis at the NYT’s economics blog. Poor, sad Efflucians. And he says he was linked to at the Times too. Time to do some searching.

        Comment by Lawnguylander on 08/10/09 at 06:48 AM

        They couldn’t even last 1 hour.

  26. myiq: I’m confused (as usual in the am). Are you talking about the 2.0 site or is there another one I’m missing?

  27. Why don’t you just SAY who you’re talking about instead of leaving us poor lurkers hanging?

  28. Sandra, because myiq2 doesn’t dared! LOL

  29. I still have no idea what site is being referred to. LOTS of people look like Beavis or Butthead, and neither “epic milestone of 10,000 comments” nor “a spin-off from an award-winning blog that was established way back in September 2007” provides relevant Google results.

    Why be so coy? If they’re important enough to blog about, they’re important enough to post the link instead of wasting people’s time. Geez.

    Seriously, one of the reasons I keep reading The Confluence is the (usual) lack of cliquishness.

    • myiq doesn’t want to give them traffic-just do what Mike says and you’ll find them. Their name is very similar to buttburger but it begins with R. But if you don’t like really nasty smearing sites which also happen to think themselves God’s gift to women/humankind don’t go there.

    • Hurry up Sandra, they’re waiting for you:

      That poor creature Sandra, even if she makes it here, is unlikely to find the White Rabbit’s little door. Instead, she’ll find nothing but Stephen Hawking and conflusion to take back to that dreadful Effluents, or whatever that occluded thing is.

      But if she does find here way in, hey Sandra! You know how many PUMAs can’t stand Myiq2xu for the very traits that annoyed you today, and more?
      Comment by Mrs. Polly on 08/10/09 at 03:21 PM

      Google “bugfucker meatprod” and that should get you there.

  30. Well, I feel very special now. (Special in a church lady kinda way.)

    Geez, much ado about absolutely nothing. Myiq2xu, have you considered getting help for your obsessive need to get into pissing contests with the seamy side of the Internet?

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