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      Last Friday I wrote an article on the idea that if a society has a rule or duty, it must apply to everyone in the applicable situation, no matter who they are, even if it’s someone you love. It was interesting to me that most of the commenters disagreed. Perhaps this is my fault in choosing the famous example of a German general executing his own son for aba […]
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Friday Funnies



* By the end of the party, he’s got every damn kid doing the “pull my finger” trick.

* Clown car must be started with breathalyzer device.

* Props for his “disappearing” trick: a moving van and your wide-screen TV.

* Scares the holy hell outta the kids during the “Severed Limb” trick.

* Prefaces each trick with, “here’s a little number I learned in prison”

* Not exactly the Peewee Herman impression you were expecting.

* Wears a T-Shirt that says, “Drug-free since last week!”

* More interested in squirting seltzer into his Scotch than into his pants.

* Those huge ears look too darn life-like, and the entire act consists of reading jokes off a TelePrompter.

* All the balloon animals are ribbed and lubricated.

This is an open thread.

No cover charge but there’s a two drink minimum – tell Rico what you want.

130 Responses

  1. Ah, the bar is finally open. I’ll have a metropolitan to start. We’ll see where it goes from there.

  2. Senator Martinez has abruptly resigned before his term is up. He had already announced he would not run for reelection. I’m sure all of the pundits and late night comics will skewer him for doing so, just like they did to Sarah Palin.


    • :: crickets ::

    • Why I do not believe he has scary lady parts or has won a beauty contest? Those are the requirements to being lampooned by corporate owned media. That uppity Palin just doesn’t know her place/snark.

    • Yep, we’re all waiting with baited breath for the torrent of negative criticism over him leaving before his term is out. I’m sure it will be coming any minute now….

    • I’m waiting for the front page editorials, the intimations of scandals and FBI investigations, the cries of quitter/stupidity/career dead forever/wants to go make big bucks, etc etc etc.

    • They should be calling him “erratic” any day now. Wait for it.

  3. An open thread huh? I want to know why shooting a bunch of women you don’t even know, simply because you hate women, is not considered a hate crime?? Than I’d like a thousand fleas to infest the shorts of every blogger who has decided to talk about the “important” aspect of this crime, ie, the “racism” this guy showed when he wrote about not liking black men.

    Dead women?? Oh well, sh&t happens. A lunatic writing about how he doesn’t like black men??”HEY THAT’S JUST WRONG!!”

    • Well, for one thing, in order for violence against women to be a hate crime, either a state or federal law would have to be passed to that effect. We couldn’t even get a law passed to say that women have equal rights. As Violet Socks says, violence against women is just the default setting for our culture. We have a long way to go.

  4. Since this is an open thread, can someone please explain to me what the protesters at the health care town halls are upset about? Do these people want to prevent any changes in health care? Do they understand that that Obama plan is going to be a huge gift to insurance co’s? And why is SEIU supporting the Obama plan?

    I’m very confused.

    • I suspect people are just really pissed off in general. Half this country has no idea what’s in the health care plan anyway. Neither do most of our legislators. People are just starting to feel like they’re getting screwed. It’s not just Republicans or astroturfing, it’s everybody. Locally we just had some Dems, some Obama supporters, screaming at a meeting about how no plan is better than this one.

      • Locally we just had some Dems, some Obama supporters, screaming at a meeting about how no plan is better than this one.

        If HR 3200 is the best that a Dem President and a Dem Congress can do, that really says a lot about the state of the Democratic party.

        • i think single payer will pass. Bill C. basically told obama that was the way to go when he wrote that article in Time (or whatever it was) telling him to go the route of LBJ, and obie knows if he can get it to pass, he’ll go down in history. I mean, of course it won’t really be zero that does it, it’ll take congress, but congress can get the votes. Then all obie has to do is sign. I bet single payer passes.

      • I agree with that. I’d rather have no plan than a big mess that just benefits the insurances companies and investment banks, and GE of course.

        • Amen. And I think that’s the fear in these twon halls. Further, when you get answers like John Conyers, who knows what’s really in these plans.

    • maybe’s it’s just cause it’s a Buddhist thing, but I’ve frequently found that anger and ignorance go hand in hand

    • I think many seniors are afraid that they’ll get reduced coverage if the bill passes. I’m sure you don’t want to go there, but Dick Morris is soliciting funds for an anti-reform commercial he was helped produce. It’s basically aimed to scare seniors (he was on Greta last night).

        • We have school that can put out PA’s and Nurse practitioners in two years time (that will relieve the primary care crunch), we need to increase the number of doctors being trained here (that will work here) and offer some slots to doctors from other countries to work here too.

          We have been building more prisons than we have universities, but now they are noticing? Pleeeze, they have known for years, but prisons have had a stronger lobby than those 50 Millions people that are uninsured and those other 25 Million that are under insured and the others that will soon join them.

          The I got mine, screw you Charlie answer is not too kind, those are Americans without insurance, not plant life, where is the ‘Christian’ compassion?

    • It’s the “Gummint Socialized Medicine” they are angry about.

      But little do they know…if they get Medicare…They are already getting Gummint socialized medicine!

      Bwaaa haa haa!

    • Andy Stern sunk a great deal of $$$ into Obama. He is a true limousine liberal.

  5. I don’t know who this guy is, but I remember some people here being upset when he died.

    Cocaine killed TV pitchman Billy Mays.

    I hope that isn’t what caused John Hughes’ heart attack at 59.

    • That headline is bogus. The ME already said he had massive heart disease. When toxicology came back with some tiny amount of cocaine used days earlier, they added “contributing factor” which is standard ME stuff. Just say no to drugs!

      • Don’t shoot the messenger. I don’t even know who Billy Mays is–other than I guess he sold stuff on TV.

        The Hillsborough County medical examiner “concluded that cocaine use caused or contributed to the development of his heart disease, and thereby contributed to his death,” according to a statement to The Associated Press.

        The autopsy showed that Mays used cocaine a few days before his death, but was not under the influence of the drug when he died. The autopsy could not determine the frequency of cocaine use.

        Toxicology tests also showed therapeutic amounts of painkillers hydrocodone, oxycodone and tramadol, as well as anti-anxiety drugs alprazolam and diazepam. Mays was scheduled to have a hip-replacement surgery the day after he was found dead.


        It sounds to me like the guy was a heavy-duty drug user. That’s not good for the heart or the rest of the organs.

        • Just for you BB — Billy Mays in his glory

          • They still have those Billy Mays commercials in heavy rotation. I mentioned to my 5-year-old son that Mays had died recently, and he was distraught.

            “But, mom! Who’s going to sell the Big City Sliders?”

        • I didn’t mean to shoot you or have you think so! I would never do that! I just meant that the story attached didn’t support their sensationalized headline. They certainly didn’t have the kind of info that you justr posted. He sounded like a pharmacy on legs in that piece.

  6. BB, I saw you write once you don’t watch much TV. I think that you’ve proven your point by not knowing who Billy Mays is LOL. I don’t watch much myself, but I’ve even bought some of the product he’s the spokesperson for.

    • I stopped watching TV early in the primaries and I just never went back. I watch political events on the my laptop, and I occasionally watch things like the animal channel and movies. That’s about it. No news and no TV shows. I can’t believe how easy it was to give it up.

    • I was surprised at how sad I was when Billy Mays sunddenly passed . …He was so over the top, he disarmed one

      “But, mom! Who’s going to sell the Big City Sliders?”


  7. I was somewhat surprised that Maloney backed out of the Senate race.

  8. http://www.60plus.org/

    This is just an example of some of the anti-reform messages out there.

    I don’t think the Democrats handled this well, and the messaging seems to be getting away from them.

    I don’t really care for the bill they’ve produced, as I think the insurance industry played a major role in creating it.

    • If by major role you mean they wrote or approved almost every word, I think you’re correct.

      • Exactly! Frankly, they probably wrote every word and handed it over to Congress with orders not to change anything.

  9. I’ll have a Bloody Mary in a tall glass w/extra lime Rico. Work your magic please. I need help with a bad case of jet lag.

    • It sounds like your trip was wonderful, SoD. I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

      • Thanks. It was really great — but exhausting travelling from place to place. I told my husband, next year it’s an all-inclusive resort where all I have to do is *relax*

        • May I suggest the North Carolina beach. Shhh- pease don’t tell anyone I suggested it because I have been trying to keep it a secret for 25 years.

          Just google Topsail Beach or Emerald Isle. Then check the list of houses at Topsail Beach Realty or Emerald Isle Realty. Pick only ocean front rentals. At high tide you will be only about 30 -40 feet from the water. I hope you don’t mind an occasional swim with the dolphins.

          Topsail is closer to Wilmington in case anyone needs to fly in to join you.

          Frankly it is boring. The most excitement is when the commercial fisherman head for their home on the sound side (you watch them from your front deck) and you run meet them to bargin for the best catch of the day.

          The rest of the time you just walk on the beach, hang out in the water, look for sharks teeth, gaze endlessly at the tides and read beach lit.

          • Edisto Island and Fripp island, off the coast of SC, are much the same. Very quiet, not over-commercialized. Just places to relax and chill.

            Fripp is gorgeous, because they put in setback laws many years ago to leave the dunes with their endangered seagrass intact.

        • I will definitely look into both.

  10. Does anyone have a link to the part of the bill that throws 10 million old people and children off the roles to get the 13 million people on?

    The bill itself is a real pain in the backside to load.

    • Click to access AAHCA-BillText-071409.pdf

      if you look at page 102 it talks about that basically because any one eligible for Medicaid or another program that isn’t enrolled gets stuck in this one automatically. and on page 341, government can kick folks or disqualify them from other plans.

      also if you look on page 354 it talks about restricting enrollment of special need folks

  11. “She said the administration wants to save money in Medicare by eliminating unnecessary procedures and hospital readmissions, among other things, but that there was no desire to eliminate needed benefits. She contended that insurance companies already ration care and that Obama wants to give doctors more control, not less.”
    -Sebelius statement

    I’m real interested to know what she means by “unnecessary procedures”? I wasn’t aware that Medicare paid for unnecessary care.

    • Sebelius sounds like a DINO when she talks on healthcare.

      • I guess if one equates DINO with idiot then she’d qualify.

        “unnecessary care” my backside. What she really means is old or sick people that aren’t part of the plutocracy should just go ahead and hurry up and die.

        There won’t be any pacemaker changes like Cheney got for any of us. I daresay we’ll get the care Kennedy or Dodd is getting for cancer either.

        • By DINO, I just meant it doesn’t sound very Democratic to me to want to mess with Medicare.

          But, then she works for Obama, and Obama never actually wanted to be a fighter for the left, he’s always seemed to fashion himself the referee between both sides.

          • Obama wants to pay for his new program by reducing Medicare by $300 billion and Medicaid by $200 billion. That’s about half the cost of his new program. What they’re fighting over, is how to pay for the other half.

    • They want to make Medicare worse than it already is. Yes, Medicare DOES have some problems (though not as bad as many insurances.)

      Docs are pissed about this, because they are already told by Medicare how long someone can be an inpatient for a given diagnosis. If Medicare says “3 days” and you keep them 5, you eat the cost. So you bust your ass to get them out in 3 days (even if you really would have rather kept them there for 4). Oh, and guess what? If the patient is admitted for a 3-day diagnosis, but does REALLY well and adequately recovers in one day? Can’t send him home. Why? Because Medicare will kick it back and say that if he only stayed one day, he obviously never needed an admission in the first place, so no pay for you.

      So now….. the providers already being penalized if the patient “stays too long” or “not long enough”. And they want to turn around and penalize the docs AGAIN if that patient gets readmitted because they were notreally well enough to go home yet, and thus relapse? BULLSHIT.

      I have news for them. Patients are not statistics – they are individuals. Doctors do not treat a median or an average, they treat individuals. It’s sort of like saying that the average MLB batting average is .350. Therefore, every time you go to bat you must bat exactly .350. Not 400 one game, then .250 the next. No, you have to hit precisely .350 every time, because that’s the average. It’s fucking stupid.

      Which is why we need actual working, doctors helping craft any UHC plan, NOT “healthcare researchers” and “medical economics experts”, and “statistical outcome analysts” and not long-retired AMA lobbyists who happen to have an MD.

      • Well that would also explain the hospital readmissions. I mean it’s a no brainer that if you release someone before they truly are ready and are able to demonstrate that they are capable of self care then Duh- you are going to have high readmission rates. My next door neighbor ended up having to be readmitted, they sent her home with new equipment without even being aware of whether she could use this equipment on her own(She couldn’t operate the pen they gave her for insulin. I spent the first day on the phone with her doctor and with a pharmacist because they neglected to give her a script for the needles and the pen was useless without them and then when she went to inject herself she didn’t get the full amount( her rheumatoid arthritis made the pen difficult to operate.) The result- she ended up hypoglycemic the next day. Thank God, I checked on her and went to bring her some alcohol swabs. I won’t even get started on how evil I feel Medicare D is.

        • You need a system where if a statistical average is going to be applied as a cost-control, it gets applied to groups over time, not to individuals.

          I. e. maybe have a set baseline fee per day for hospitalizations, no matter how many days, but then do a quarterly bonus for docs who hit at or below the recommended length-of-stays for all their admissions as a whole. There can still be problems, even with that, but it’s not as nuts as the other.

          Trying to apply a statistical average to each individual patient is just insane. I could go on and on about this stuff (and it’s not just Medicare, either, it’s insurances too). We had threats of an audit from Medicare once because we were admitting too many really sick people. There was a very good REASON for that, and it was right there in the records that they had access to, but we were “not on the curve”, so it was bad according to them.

          • You need a system where if a statistical average is going to be applied as a cost-control, it gets applied to groups over time, not to individuals.

            Great point.

      • Now it those that are supposed to represent us could understand that, instead of only trying to get done just enough of what they think will get them re-elected, they might get a little more trust from all the people in the country that are going to be affected by their actions..

        • Public healthcare is a lot like public education. Is public education good? Absolutely! Should tax dollars pay for it? Absolutely!

          But that doesn’t mean that every top-down, intrusive, statistics-oriented, supposedly bright idea like No Child Left Behind is the way to do it. All plans are not equal. And often the govt, in its zeal to busily micro manage every damn thing, kills the very thing they are promoting, whether good teaching, or good healthcare.

          Whether it’s teaching or doctoring, give us simple, specific guidelines and goals, then take your damn hands off and let the professionals do their jobs in the way THEY think is best for that child/patient.

          • Public healthcare is a lot like public education. Is public education good? Absolutely! Should tax dollars pay for it? Absolutely!

            That really should be the message the Dems should be pushing now. That is so clear and so natural to understand.

  12. Hillary dancing in Africa:

  13. Wow. These guys are good.

    • I heard Pelosi mention swastikas yesterday or the day before.

    • This is the dumbest meme ever. Astroturfing is obnoxious but a little different from Nazism. Even Dems who aren’t kool-ade drinkers are wondering why such a fuss is being made over free speech. What’s next, we raise the threat level to red over rogue AARP members? I really don’t think politicians declaring war on everyone who disagrees with them is a good strategy.

    • Wait, did they just call the PUBS the brownshirts? i am …i…this is totally unreal. Obama has had his brown shirts “movement” since day 1 AND his freakin’ red guard and they’re calling OTHERS brownshirts? That’s hilarious. Well, actually it’s kind of scary. He has always called others what he himself has been, it drives me NUTS.

    • Actually they don’t have the votes in the Senate to prevent a filibuster, Kennedy and Byrd are recuperating.

    • Hahaha! Time to order some more cupcakes…

    • Pray tell, *what* was so good about the president’s week?

    • Helen doesn’t pull any punches — “you’ve failed”

    • If only the clip had ended just before Gibbs took that grossly loud slurp of coffee.

    • Oh, Helen, don’t you see? Failure is the objective. Think of healthcare reform as being like the war in Iraq. It’s less confusing that way.


      • EXACTLY — 0bambam is certainly setting up this health care REFORMS (BS) to fail. Of course it will be EVERYONE’s fault except for his.

        But the fault is all his — he doesn’t have a clue — he isn’t a leader — he is an illusion.

        • Maybe the health insurance racketeers have a fat juicy account in Switzerland or the Caymans waiting for Brand Obama as a reward for delivering a “reform” that fails for everyone but the racketeers?

          • My bet is that his goal in life is to be very very very rich — and this is certainly a way to become that rich person.

            I know the high school he went to — it was just up the road from the school that I went to in Honolulu. I know that the kids who went to Punahou were for the most part children of the very very wealthy in Hawaii. These kids wore expensive clothes to school and thought nothing of it. I’m sure as the grandson of a FEMALE bank VP — Barry wasn’t quite up to the rest of the rich kids. In Hawaii we all knew about Punahou and knew exactly who the students were and that their parents (fathers) were very wealthy. I’ll bet that Barry was pissed that it was the FEMALES in his family who were the hard workers, the “bread winners”. Barry’s exotic father was in fact a drunken wife beater.

            Barry will probably go off and live in a place like the Caymans — certainly — I think we can imagine him there. There will always be the shallow, non thinkers who will be in awe of him.

            It may be that he only plans one term — and then he’ll take the money and run.

            Many of us believe that he wants to fail and he certainly has done everything possible to lose — or if it does pass — people are going to be pissed.

            Insight Analytical continues to point out that the Dems have done NOTHING to change or fix Medicare part D — as bad as Medicare part D is — whatever crap called “health care” that passes will be as bad or worse than Medicare part D.

  14. Great video of Big Dawg getting a “hero’s welcome” as he returns to NY.


  15. Thanks myiq2xu –

    Top Ten signs……….best laugh I’ve had in a week.

  16. WTF:

    The Senate Finance Committee does not want to propose an employer mandate to promote health-care coverage. But it doesn’t want to let employers entirely off the hook, either. So it has come up with one of the worst ideas in recent memory: A so-called “free rider” tax. Under the proposal, employers with more than 50 workers would have to pay the subsidy costs for low-income workers who seek coverage in the Health Insurance Exchanges. But they wouldn’t have to pay a dime for higher-income workers who did the same.


    • I’ll say it again…..class war. They want to pit middle income folk against the lower income people.

      I’m not buying into it. They can let me know when they are going to go after the folks that make 360 times what their lowest paid worker makes. I won’t participate in a war on someone who is making just above the median and could very well have student loans and stuff to pay off . $80,000 isn’t rich. Better off than many, sure. Rich? Nuh uh.

  17. I just do not understand why the Dems think treating voters this way is in any way a good plan.

    This video is awful. A doctor, a constituent of this Georgia congressman, asks a polite question, and the congressman reacts with scorn, arrogance, and accusations.


    • That was really nasty. Can’t believe how thin-skinned these people are for politicians. I think it’s because some of them feel helpless in this process. They’re in the way of a runaway train and can’t quite get out of the path.

  18. I realize I’m a bit late to the party, but if the bar’s still open, Rico, I could sure use a Scotch (a single malt if you’ve got one). Hi everyone.

  19. I guess I won’t have to worry about a townhall. My blue dog says the health care bill as it stands is a no go.

  20. someone on NQ said the National Guard is hiring internment/resettlement specialists.

    I looked, and here’s the ad:


    I wonder who they have to intern/resettle.

    Maybe this is a routine ad, or maybe I’ve just had a long week, but it feels like life in the USA is getting creepy.

    • Honestly, a few days ago myiq was speculating about why the WH was bringing the birther crap up again. Now, the meme that anyone who opposes health care is a birther, rac ist, Nazi, terrorist has gone viral. And not only are these pols openly contemptuous of their constituents, they keep emphasizing that they’re scared and using this Quasi militaristic rhetoric. Our hope and change does seem to be trending in a rather creepy direction here.

  21. I caught an episode of ‘Man v. Food’ this week that had Boston’s Eagle’s Deli on it.

    The host was trying to eat their burger special: a 5-pound 10-patty burger, with 20+ slices of cheese, 20+ pieces of bacon, 5 pounds of fries, and a huge pickle.

    My arteries hardened just thinking about it.

    Anyone ever try that monster?

    • My friend and I were discussing this the other day, is it a rule that you have to keep it down? I remember the guy had a trash barrel on call, he didn’t finish it, and he did get sick, but if he had finished it and then gotten sick, would it still count?

      • I have no idea how long you would have to keep it down for it to be considered a truly successful pigging out.

        On the show, they did say 1,500 people had tried the challenge and failed. They then took their picture and put it on the ‘Wall of Shame’. That cracked me up.

        • It’s kinda funny, because all these big football player types go there and they all order the Reilly burger, which I think is liker 3.5 pounds. You would think that someone who could wolf that down like nothing could manage the 5 pounder–I guess that’s what makes us burger laypeople, not being able to comprehend the subtle difference between 3.5 and 5 pounds. The point at which the limit of human stomach capacity is reached. 🙂

      • “If you puke, you pay”

  22. Can someone explain this whole inciting riots thing to me? When did they break the story that insurance front groups were behind the tea bag crowd? Are people getting paid to do this? Are they being told to just shout down everything that is said? Does anyone know?

    • The community organizer guy said “Get in their faces”

      • Yeah, and he was talking about Harassing private citizens. Maybe I am a Republican rat f—– at heart, but I have a hard time conceptualizing Congesspeople being forced to answer questions as worse than concentration camps.

    • CNN has done a couple pieces about it that’re probably on their site. What I saw was mostly, “An email was sent out! A mass email! Oh noes!” It didn’t seem like enough to justify this level of hysteria from Congress.

  23. Ouch, I just read the drug deal article. that really sux. wth?


  24. With the healthcare hoopla, a new wave of corrupt bastards have wormed their way onto the airwaves with scam commercials advertising the claim that if you call now, you will qualify for health insurance for as little as a few dollars a day.

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