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They’re contenders


Going, going, GONE!

This morning:

Rookie Joe Martinez has pitched in two major-league games, better known as the ecstasy and the agony. On Opening Day he got a win. Two days later, a Mike Cameron line drive fractured his skull.

Martinez finally gets a third big-league game today.

This afternoon:

Where do you start, with the rookie who pitched and won for the first time in the big-leagues since his skull was cracked by a line drive, or the 29-year-old backup catcher with 2,200 minor-league at-bats who delivered the victory with his first homer in The Show, a grand slam?

There were so many dark days for the Giants over the past four years when fans struggled to grasp a single positive story. In this season of rebirth, now two-thirds complete, yarns like these emerge from every corner of the clubhouse. On Wednesday, two of them served as the foundation for a 10-6 victory.

Joe Martinez, saying, “You don’t want to be known for getting hit in the head with a line drive,” earned the win with his first five innings of major-league work since Mike Cameron’s April 9 comebacker thrust him into the headlines.

Martinez won because Eli Whiteside broke a 3-3 tie in the sixth inning with a deep and high grand slam against Brian Moehler, into the Crawford Boxes in left field, at Minute Maid Park. There was a little bat flip as he watched it soar. Why not? He waited years for this.

If there is a God and he is merciful then the LA Dodgers will burn in hell.

This is an open thread.

26 Responses

  1. Wow, that poor kid! Good luck to him and the Giants.

  2. I was born in Brooklyn in October of 1957, the month the Brooklyn Dodgers up and left for LA. I have never doubted that there is a God, that he is merciful or that the LA Dodgers are destined to burn in Hell.

  3. The Giants were pretty much written off before the season started. They’ve broke my heart a zillion times but it’s so much easier to take when they do it in the fall instead of the spring.

    • I was living about 10 miles from the epicenter of the ’89 World Series Quake. I was watching the pregame when it hit.

      The Giants were swept by the A’s in that series.

      • I was in Philadelphia talking to a trainmaster on the phone in Oakland Station when it hit. They had just loaded the train and all the passengers were out of the station when the roof came down.
        It had to be scary for you living so close.

        By the way How are the Phillies doing?



      • I was at the “earthquke” game. What a wild ride.

  4. Love, love, love Pac Bell stadium, or whatever they’re calling it these days.

  5. Don’t be shy Myiq, how do you really feel!!!

    • Growing up right outside the SF Bay area and watching the Willie Mays era Giants play I learned 3 things:

      1. A love of baseball

      2. The value of sportsmanship

      3. A deep and abiding hated of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

      No season is a losing season if we manage to knock the Dodgers out of the playoffs.

      • Damn cold field though. But it’s baseball.

        I’m a bit more team neutral do to moving around. So mostly I just love watching baseball especially when it’s a good game. Still nothing quite like it.

        • Hmm, actually I’ve probably gone to more Pittsburgh games than anything, and given my new politically inspirited avatar, perhaps they’re my team as much as any. Let’s see, how are they doing this year. Oh. Never mind.

          • DT,

            So the Steelers and the Penguins are not enough to slake your thirst for champioships That explains the DTs.


          • Now football is different. Never liked the Steelers. Sorry RD. Packers is my main team. Though I have liked the Raiders off and on.

            What’s this hockey you speak of? I thought it was a myth. 🙂

          • Isn’t hockey part of the ice Capades?

            BTW – I’d like to thank the Pittsburgh Pirates for giving us the greatest hitter in baseball history.

            “Your Corporate Logo Here Park” shall forever be known as “The house that Barry built”


  7. Sportswise it’s Braves, Browns, Lakers and Buckeyes for me. I “hope” for them but I hardly bother to watch these days. I used to be hardcore, but sports heroes like so many other heroes have been a real let down since I grew up.

    If the Browns make a strong play-off run that would change.

    Go Cleveland!

    • Ah, Cleveland! The “mistake on the lake”

      1980’s “Cardiac Kids” and “Red Right 28”

      ( I watched two consecutive AFC championships with the Bay Area Browns Backers. Denver won both games)

      • What about disco night? That went over well.


        I could get this kind of treatment of the Daily K(roc) O(f) S(hit)!

      • It’s “red right 88” trust me I know, that play will live in infamy myiq, as any looooooooong suffering Browns fan will tell you.

        Curses upon you Elway!!!

        I still have my Kardiac Kids teeshirt, yes I am that pitiful.

  8. “If there is a God and he is merciful then the Pittsburgh Steelers will burn in hell.”

    Fixed your typo.

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