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The Big Dawg gets it done

From the New York Times:

Former President Bill Clinton arrived in Los Angeles Wednesday morning after a dramatic 20-hour visit to North Korea, in which he won the freedom of two American journalists, opened a diplomatic channel to North Korea’s reclusive government and dined with the North’s ailing leader, Kim Jong-il.


“Thirty hours ago, Euna Lee and I were prisoners in North Korea,” Ms. Ling said in brief remarks to reporters, blinking back tears. “We feared that at any moment we could be prisoners in a hard labor camp. Then suddenly we were told that we were going to a meeting.

“We were taken to a location and when we walked through the doors, we saw standing before us President Bill Clinton,” she said, recounting the final moments of her ordeal. “We were shocked, but we knew instantly in our hearts that the nightmare of our lives was finally coming to an end. And now we stand here home and free.”

Bill Clinton – Greatest ex-President ever.  He’s done more since he left office than some Presidents did while they were in it.

It’s hard to believe the Failbots whinged “no dynasties!”



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110 Responses

  1. Thank you, Bill!

    Loved the Clinton/Gore hug, LOL

  2. Add any clips or links you find in the comments, but don’t upset Spammy by posting clips of TOTUS speechifying.

    • If someone has a link to a longer clip of Laura Ling speaking that isn’t filled with chatter from bloviating gasbags please post it.

      • heres one:

      • Aren’t they unbearable? I haven’t watched MSM news in over a year, unless HRC is being interviewed, and I couldn’t stand CNN this a.m.–two nitwit anchors rambling on in tangents, terrified to leave a moment of blank air space. The further I get away from it, the more blatantly inane it all seems.

  3. I saw this on a winger blog and thought it was kinda funny:

    “Bill Clinton goes to North Korea, leaves with two women.”

    • There were comments like that on Twitter yesterday, but most of them really came across more like good-natured teasing of Bill’s foibles, sort of like the way you’d roll your eyes at a much-loved uncle who the family knows to be a bit of a horndog. It was not venomous at all like in the past.

  4. Isn’t it nice to see someone who knows how to get things done?
    Both Clintons have and will continue to do more for the people of the world then any other person right now.

    If backtrack could stop looking in the mirror and saying “I am all there is” and pay attention and learn there might be some hope for him. But we all know that will never happen.

    We could of had a V8 and we got stuck with koolaide. This country lost a great leader and a great team.



    • Obama gave the credit to Bill Clinton (and Al Gore), as he should. I don’t think it was a snub to Hill or state dept, nor some sudden show of humilty. I think it was smart.

      That said, I’m not gonna lie–I still wish we had both Clintons back in the White House!

      • I agree …..to both points

      • Yes, what was Gore doing in that pic? I noticed him right away.

        • Euna Lee and Laura Ling are reporters for Al Gore’s CurrentTV. He has been working to get them home.

          • D’oh! Thanks.

          • I would guess that Al Gore paid for the private plane and all other costs of the trip as well.

            According to an article I read last night (think it was the NY Times) Al wanted to go but little Kim didn’t want him or Bill Richardson. Kim wanted Bill Clinton. Al personally called Bill and asked him to make the trip. Bill said he would if the W.H. and state department approved.

            Sure was nice to see those two working together again. Loved the hug…

      • Oh yes, please. Let them share a co-presidency. Anything to bring back decent adults in the WH.

    • ITA. Thank heavens the Clintons still have our back. The country lost a great leader and a great team, and we also lost a lot of ground. Ground, I fear, we’ll never make up.

      • Fortunately, we have not lost them completely. Their ability to put their vanity aside and keep working on behalf of the country is amazing. So proud of them.

  5. One can only imagine the joy these two journalists felt when those doors opened and they saw Big Dawg.

    • Lord that’s what I was thinking. You are told you’re going to” a meeting.” That could mean anything and none of it good…but you walk in and see Bill Clinton! Wow.

      Thank God for the Clintons… the last leaders standing

      • Lord that’s what I was thinking. You are told you’re going to” a meeting.” That could mean anything and none of it good…but you walk in and see Bill Clinton! Wow.

        Exactly what I was thinking, too, says it all.

        • And as one commentator said, “It’d be overwhelming *just* to *meet* Bill Clinton!”.

        • I would have fainted….meeting Big Dawg is one faint worthy thing for sure, but as they said, when they saw Bill Clinton , they knew thier release was a done deal… a done deal….wow

      • Gives me goose bumps just imagining what they must have felt when he walked in, with his big, warm smile.

        Thank God for them, indeed.

    • That part floored me, and I teared up. I can’t imagine being in that much fear and trepidation, then blinking and there stands….. Big Dawg? OMG.

  6. http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,1914636,00.html?xid=rss-world

    North Korea asked for Bill, do not waste time with the second string when you can have the A team.



    • No matter where ON EARTH Bubba visits, he’s greeted with appreciation. People know Bill is a Win/Win player and can trust him to give as much as he gets.

  7. kudos to the biggest and best big dawg there is and ever will be. and to the strong woman he married. i will say, however, that i hope that algore makes his journalists promise not to pull these stunts again. this could have precipitated an international crises. and most of all, welcome home ladies.

  8. The Natural has clearly hit another home run. I am unsure whether this is where he knocks the cover off the ball or where he destroys the lights but all you say is, “Damn, damn , damn, he is the best there ever was!!!”

  9. Love watching both Bill and Hillary “listen” to people, like in that photo above with Laura speaking.

  10. Here’s Hillary commenting on the event. More details to be addressed later.

  11. What a great story. Greattest ex-POTUS ever is right. Congratulations Big Dawg!

  12. Yes and they do that all the time. It’s amazingly powerful and frankly gets the person more attention from the press than they would get if Bill was staring into space. I’m speaking generally, clearly in this case ,the press would focus on the young women released today regardless. But Bill and Hillary know how to respect and honor people and it’s a big part of their “power” for want of a better word.

  13. This story was about the first thing I heard this morning when I turned on the news, and I felt so warmed and nostalgic. And what I wouldn’t give to walk into a meeting and see either Clinton there!

  14. http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/08/04/the-bill-clinton-touch-current-tv-reporters-free-after-he-visits-north-korea/

    I got this from the current tv site.

    Yes the Bill Clinton touch works, it is called class and respect and willingness to listen, and being smart enough to hear.



  15. Great picture of the families reunited here. And I can barely see through tears:


  16. Oh, and that little 4-year-old girl is the cutest thing ever. The second video had a zoom of her face, and she is flat adorable! I’ll bet mom has been hugging the snot out of that baby every 30 seconds. I would be – I’d be touching my child constantly just to remind myself she was real, and I was home.

  17. Remember when we actually had a GOOD president? It’s been so long…sigh.

  18. http://current.com/items/90607543_laura-ling-and-euna-lee-update.htm#responses

    another one from current tv. read the comments



    • It’s interesting, because that hug between Al & Bill was strong and sincere. Good to see that.

    • now you really have us crying all over again…

      thank god for Bill and Hillary Clinton – this world needs them desperately

  19. What is true class is Bill saying nothing, knowing to not exploit nor seek self praise for doing a humanitarian act, this is leadership at its finest, something that has not been seen in America since 1999!

    Way to go Big Dawg, you are and always will be the pheonix that rises and your doing so gives REAL HOPE to everyone!

  20. The part in the first video when getting ready to leave and watching Bill wave, hold his hand on his heart and then salute the dignitaries at the airport in Korea is true class and statemanship.
    Take that any day over the self absorbed fake American idol POTUS walking and leaving Sgt Crowley to assist the ailing Gates to the garden any day of the week!

    • I didn’t see your post until after I wrote below, and said the exact same thing. That one touching and real gesture of appreciate and warmth says more than anything I’ve seen from O. Bill really does “feel your pain,” and his natural compassion is understood in any culture.

    • I noticed that, too. Took it as a gesture that would mean, “my heartfelt gratitude”. These are the characteristics of the Clintons that earn them such international admiration and respect. They listen, learn and put into sincere practice the important elements of the culture they are visiting.

      Bill and Hillary Clinton are such inspiring people.

    • right on Mel…you hit nail on the head…

      Bill Clinton – real class, statemanship, leadership, heart and soul…he does truly give REAL HOPE to the world…

      and we are stuck with an Imposter who frolicks around like a kid with ADD reading from a teleprompter – trying to get on the job training

  21. I’m so glad that everyone made it home safely. I was afraid the North Koreans might pull something at the last second. Glad that this was fairly cut and dried.

    The Clintons are it and anyone who says otherwise is in denial. And, yes, other people get props, too. Go, Gore! (Haven’t said that in a long time.)

  22. Hold on just a minute. Hasn’t anyone noticed that obama and the press have only recognized Pres. Clinton and VP Gore as responsible for the success of this event? What about SOS Clinton?

    Here is a link to an excellent article posted on “The Real Barack Obama” that goes into detail about Sec. Clinton’s involvement from the beginning, as well as the fact that the politiboro — Emanuel and Axelrod — are making great efforts to freeze Sec. Clinton out of certain regions of the world. Why and for what purpose? Sec. Clinton deserves more than she got from THE ONE, who can’t seem to stand to share any credit with her good works. The only credit obama would have been glad to give Sec. Clinton would have been if this detente had not been successful:


    • Like I said upthread, Obama gave the credit to Bill Clinton and Al Gore, as he should. It’s not a snub to Hill or state dept, nor some sudden show of humilty to credit Bill instead of taking it for himself. It’s simply smart and the right thing to do. Bill’s effort was coordinated with the White House and the State department, but still it was a private humanitarian effort. Hill and the state department are part of Obama’s admin, and Obama is keeping enough distance between his Admin and the humanitarian effort. Smart.

      • I’ll be fair – Obama deserves a measure of credit in this too, even if all he did was follow Hillary’s advice.

        There are good reasons why they are pretending this was all a private effort. Obama can’t praise Hillary for her work in this without acknowledging that the government was involved.

        It was a job well done by everyone involved, regardless of what the Mustache of Rage and Dick(head) Morris say.

        • I can’t stand the way the talking heads on Fox News have been about this story from beginning to end. Patriotic my ass.

          • That’s when partisanship is bald and ugly–on both sides–when it is obvious that they refuse to offer credit when something good happens. If the knee-jerk reaction is to ALWAYS criticize and diminish, then it’s just dogmatism.

        • I beg to differ somewhat myiq2xu, you tend to forget this POTUS stumped on sitting down with rogue natioons and having frank and open discussions to resolve issues.

          Look at the team Bill had with him, something tells me that Obama might have known what was up, but if he was involved in it in any form, he would be plastering it till he is blue in the face about his stump message of facing enemies and having a dialogue to try to resolve matters.

          IMHO Kim Jung snubbed the administration and this is a saving face by Obama since there is no way BO would let this moment go without his capitalizing on it!

          • Bill Clinton would not have gone to NK without Obama’s approval, even if Hillary were not SoS.

            This “private mission” stuff is just a charade. I’m glad Obama was smart enough to use the Big Dawg.

          • Response to myiq below: it’s not that O was “smart to use Bill.” The North Koreans specifically requested him. They wanted to send Richardson or Gore. Hillary has been saying for quite a while now that the State Dept. has been working on their release “daily.” It was quite deft the way it was handled, keeping the foreign policy issues separate. Still, there is a consistent pattern of diminishing her role and accomplishments that is quite intentional. Fortunately, she just keeps working and her own performance speaks for itself.

        • Obama doesn’t give Hillary credit for anything.

        • I won’t be giving Obama credit for anything until he smartens up and give Hillary credit for her work.

      • WtV,

        I agree.

        Obama deserves credit when it’s due and it appears to be due in this case. I don’t hesitate to criticize him when I think it’s due, so it’s only fair that he receives not only credit when it’s due, but support in the face of undeserved criticism.


        • I am definitely not an Obama fan, but I agree with you. It must have taken quite an effort for BO to swallow the snub that NK gave by requesting Bill but he did. I want to believe it was because he decided to do the right thing. I will not hold my breath though.

          Kudos to Bill, Al, Hill AND BO. Two americans are home!

    • When you do not have the right stuff, you are jealous of those who do. Lets face it if the either one of the Clintons walk into a room people know that they have the knowledge for a proper discussion of any issue, and things will get done.
      Fear of being exposed as a fraud causes many stupid mistakes. This current backtrack bunch know they do not have the right stuff and keep trying to hide that fact. It is not working.
      Only in America do the Clintons not get the respect they deserve.



      • I think looking at this as Obama vs. the Clintons is missing the point. Bill, Obama, Hillary, Al, and everyone else involved played their roles the way they needed to play it so that two American journalists could come home. It’s a win for the team.

        • My reply was about the article saying that SoS Hillary Clinton is shut out of any discussions about certain parts of the world.

          I am sure someone in backtrack’s bunch gave the ok for President Clinton to go to North Korea. It would not be good policy for anyone to go without executive consent.



          • Well, then my reply is to that article–it’s missing the point. The reason Obama didn’t mention Hillary is because she’s a part of his administration.

          • Mrs. Clinton was frozen out of the Middle East, of Russia, of all critical confrontation — all except, I am told, East Asia and North Asia. The second agenda was HRC’s to establish herself as a world-scale player. HRC deserves all the credit here. HRC set this up: HRC enlisted Al Gore and then Bill Clinton; HRC dealt with the hostile White House.

            hrcHRC knows that she is opposed by the White House Politburo of Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod. POTUS is closely advised by Susan Rice and Stephanie Power, both of whom oppose and deride HRC.

            Mrs. Clinton has just arrived in Africa on her mission, and accompanying her are two powerful Democratic House members, Nita Lowey on Foreign Relations and Donald Payne of the Congressional Black Caucus. Both Lowey and Payne are major players between the White House Politburo and Congress.

            this is the part of the article I was replying to and not saying that backtrack’s bunch did not give the ok for President Clinton to go to North Korea.
            No American citizen can negotiate with a foreign country on their own.



  23. I’m not holding my breath but perhaps N K is looking for a reconciliation of differences generated by Bush.
    IMHO, perhaps being close to his demise has caused Kim Jong to reconsider some of his life choices?

  24. What’s with all the weird creepy old uncle love coming from Al Gore in that last photo?

  25. I give the O admin snaps for this one. They may have banged up the PR job of it, but the operation itself was pretty great. This is coming from someone who will literally leave the room if he’s on tv and I can’t find the remote. On this one, his people did good.

    Then again, Hillary is one of his people, so that’s a given.

    • Obama pretty much did nothing. The smart people (like Hillary) worked it all out down to the last detail, then someone presented it to Obama and said, “It’s a done deal slam dunk. OK with you?” And he said, “Sure, whatever.”

      Yeah, he gets a snap for not being complete idiot enough to say “No.” But that’s about all.

      • I read somewhere (New York Times, I think) that the administration distanced itself completely because they wanted it to be all on the Clintons if the outcome wasn’t successful. That sounds about right to me. Also White House spokesman Gibbs said himself that Clinton and Obama had not spoken since March.

        I’ve Obama credit when it’s due … and it ain’t due yet.

        • I read somewhere (New York Times, I think) that the administration distanced itself completely because they wanted it to be all on the Clintons if the outcome wasn’t successful.

          I believe this more than I have ever believed anything. Either way, half the country is taking it as an O coup. I think it might have been an admin coup, but I don’t think he specifically did much. I’ve found that whenever he gets involved in foreign policy, they start to hate us more, not less.

      • LOL, yep, that about sums up the Big Zero’s effort: Staying the @#$% out of the way and letting the grown ups take care of things.

        • yes true gxm17…and then as soon as everyone is safe and it is a success…O has to take his long walk to the podium to say “PRESENT” – he is so obvious

      • I agree. Hillary has been working closely with the families and all parties on this for quite a while. Then NK specifically requested Bill. Do people really think O’s was thrilled with the prospect of using Bill? Hillary orchestrated this, and of course, as Chief Executive, he had to sign off. He didn’t get in the way–big whoop.

  26. That family picture on the bottom is pure gold. Choke on that, John Bolton.

    But as a Big Dawg fanboi, my favorite picture is the one of him accepting the flowers from the little girl (not one of the pictures above, but it’s all over the internets). He is giving her such serious and respectful attention. 99.9% of people would be grinning at the cute little girl.

    • That is so moving and so sincere! In the video you see him listening very attentive to the interpreter while still giving the girl his full attention. Hillary has the same gift of being present! And making the people they engage with feel that they are both seen and heard ! A rare gift.

  27. Did you notice how Bill put his hand over his heart, and then wave goodbye from the door of the plane as he was leaving NK? He conveys more feeling with that one gesture than I’ve ever seen from our current president. That man is all heart.

  28. You know what I’m saddest about? That I missed the Big Dawg Fan Club elections and now I can’t be president of it.

    Can I at least be Secretary?

    • I anoint you Co-President…provided you SHARE!! You’ve been known to be greedy with that Big Dawg. 😉

      • Yes! Thank you. I’ll totally share. You can have him every other week day and weekends. I’ll be occupied with the SoS the rest of the time. See, I work two Clintons. 😀

  29. just want to add how much love is in the air for Bill and Hillary Clinton…

    I was doing the same things as many of you here…fixated all day long on every next move and tears just immediately coming to my eyes all day…

    and then to hear Laura Ling describe what happened when she saw President Bill Clinton standing there and she immediately knew they were safe…OMG!

    …well that just said it all…along with what myiq2xu said:

    Bill Clinton – Greatest ex-President ever. He’s done more since he left office than some Presidents did while they were in it.

    AGREE…Love Hill and Bill…real leaders in the world…not kids going thru job training…

  30. ThinkProgress has a round-up of winger attacks on the Big Dawg’s trip:


  31. Just learned, that the Swedish ambassadot to NK has been involved in (secret of course) negotiations for several months!

  32. there are some people that say ..yes we can.
    there are other people that.. do what they can.
    thank you Mr,PRESIDENT CLINTON.

  33. I saw a comment yesterday lamenting that we Clinton lovers would have been all over him if he would have touched his heart and gestured in the same manner as Bill.

    • Heh, I’ve been waiting for the head of the Big Dawg fan club to show up! Are you loving this story to bits! Vacation going well?

    • Hi britgirls! you bet! I’ve been doing my “that’s why I love the Big Dawg happy dance” the last two days. He’s unbelievable! Sigh…

    • Oh…and vacation is great! we’re still in Napa Valley. We return home tomorrow.

    • Now come on! Obama’s all about gestures. He DID give a very couteous bow to King Abdullah, after all. He did give Hillary the finger. He did brush he off of his shoulder like dirt.

      Wait … what? He didn’t? My bad!

  34. The Clinton’s really are the best–who cares what the Obots think! Eventually even they will not be able to ignore that they (and we, sadly) are stuck with the great pretender.

  35. LOL via PUMAPac:

    They were shocked. Of all people — in North Korea! And yet they instantly knew, in that moment, that they were going to be free. The thing that really tipped them off was that Clinton — and this has not yet been widely reported — was wearing tights and a cape.


    The narrow goal: If the United States showed respect to Kim Jong Il by dispatching an emissary of significant stature to North Korea, the regime would release the two journalists. The choice of Clinton, one of many high-profile public figures who volunteered for the assignment, fit the bill.

    Frankly, the whole thing looked like a high-profile, face-saving photo op for Pyongyang. We now know that North Korea specifically told Euna and Laura that they would be released if Bill Clinton himself came to request amnesty for them. Within days of learning of this demand, the family members and former Vice President Al Gore approached Clinton about the mission.

  36. An aircraft carrying former US president Bill Clinton and the two American journalists freed by North Korea took off for Los Angeles from a US military base in Japan , broadcaster NHK said.

    ”The airplane carrying the group took off from the Misawa Air Base shortly after noon after refuelling,” said NHK, showing footage of the chartered aircraft taking off from the US base in Aomori prefecture.

    Clinton secured the release of the two TV journalists, Laura Ling and Euna Lee, after a surprise mercy dash to meet veteran communist leader Kim Jong Il.

    The women are in “very good health,” a senior US official said in Washington.

    Kim agreed to pardon the TV reporters after Clinton ”expressed words of sincere apology,” the official Korean Central News Agency reported, although Washington denied Clinton had made such a gesture.

    Clinton later flew out of North Korea with the pardoned American women, who were expected to be reunited with family and loved ones in Los Angeles early Wednesday local time.

    Ling and Lee were arrested in March while reporting near North Korea’s border with China and sentenced in June to 12 years of hard labor.

    The two women had been on an assignment for San Francisco-based television network Current TV at the time of their arrest.


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