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That’s why he’s the Big Dawg


From CNN:

North Korean President Kim Jong Il has pardoned and released two U.S. journalists, state-run news agency KCNA said Wednesday.

The announcement came after former U.S. President Clinton met with top North Korean officials in Pyongyang to appeal for their release.

“Clinton expressed words of sincere apology to Kim Jong Il for the hostile acts committed by the two American journalists against the DPRK after illegally intruding into it,” the news agency reported. “Clinton courteously conveyed to Kim Jong Il an earnest request of the U.S. government to leniently pardon them and send them back home from a humanitarian point of view.

“The meetings had candid and in-depth discussions on the pending issues between the DPRK and the U.S. in a sincere atmosphere and reached a consensus of views on seeking a negotiated settlement of them.”

The report said Clinton then conveyed a message from U.S. President Obama “expressing profound thanks for this and reflecting views on ways of improving the relations between the two countries.”

Obama can claim a victory or wash his hands of it, but two Americans are coming home.  The Clinton haters and blogstalkers will find something wrong with it, but Bill doesn’t give a f**k.

Neither do I.

NOTE: Be prepared for some serious Clinton hate.  Team Obama won’t sit still for Clinton & Clinton stealing the spotlight.

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182 Responses

  1. Remember all that bullshit about Bill being a drawback to Hillary as SoS?

    • The Big Dawg is an international statesman, and he is an asset to our country. A Little girl in California will be happy to have her mom back home, whom was not doing to well health wise.

      Thanks to the North Koreans for freeing both journalists and Special thank you to the Big Dawg.

    • Bill just gave all of those haters from last year a big heaping bowl of STFU. We should all feel lucky that we still have Bill and Hillary working for our country. Way to go Big Dawg!

    • I want to know why Gore didn’t try to negotiate their release. If he did I am not aware of it but I would have thought he would have some juice to at lest try.

      • Gore did negotiate their release, behind the scenes. He asked Bill to go once it seemed like there was a victory at hand and he wisely knew that NK and Kim Jong Il would respond the best to an international super star like BC. Gore is a mensch.

  2. Huffpo comment section is full of “WTG Bill!” “I still love Bill!” “That’s why Bill is the pimp!” (It’s huffpo, after all)

    I’m sure this is only temporary.

  3. Over at MSNBC they’re already pushing the meme that this makes HIllary very weak and might destroy her. Huh? And so it begins…

    • What a loser channel, everybody knows MSNBC’s game now, who do they think they are kidding?

    • Are you serious?

      • CDS is like rabies, they foam at the mouth, wanting to destroy her, that is why we push back and refused to do the Unity Pony Dance!

    • Unbelievable.

    • According to them, everything that happens “makes Hillary weak and marginalized.”

      The sun rose today…Hillary marginalized.

      It rained in the Northeast…Hillary marginalized.

      No wonder their ratings are in the toilet.

  4. I’m keeping an eye on memorandum … just waiting for the CDS to start.

    But I am oh so happy for those two women! What an ordeal they’ve been through.

  5. Bill and Hill will be remembered for serving our country and our democracy. bho the fraud and his Chicago thugs will be remembered for being Chicago thugs.

  6. Yes, it’s already started. Times Online:
    Mr Clinton is a hugely respected figure on the world stage — more so than his wife — and Mr Obama, a very pragmatic politician, knows this.

    Reuters blog headline:
    Bill grabs spotlight from Hillary


    But, I am so happy those journalists were released. That’s all that matters.

    • Surprise, surprise, even when Hillary is the Secretary of State, they are still patting Bill on the back and tsk tsking Hillary for everything. Lame. These people say they don’t want a repeat of the 90s, but sure seems like they do.

      • Yup, and no mention that Foot In Mouth Biden couldn’t do it. Hillary will always put her country first and the well being of Americans in need of assistance and won’t worry about what people think. She is an American Shero!

    • f***ing predictable.

    • dumb asses, it was Gore who asked Clinton to go after he spent months negotiating. Obama had nothing to do with it. Though I am sure they are already trying to take credit.

  7. “Clinton expressed words of sincere apology to Kim Jong Il for the hostile acts committed by the two American journalists against the DPRK after illegally intruding into it,”

    Expect to see these asinine rants depicted as a true representation of events by those with CDS, both the KosKoolAidKids & the Freepers. There’s little difference between the two when it comes to how their minds work.

  8. I just listened to Hannity for 10 sec and I had enough. He is slamming Bill and apparently that great diplomat John Bolton gave RIght-wingers the talking point.

  9. You know Hill got that young woman journalist freed from Iran recently … she couldn’t been seen doing that again so soon! lol! This is the Clinton tag team at work ….and I mean at work, per usual

    • Maybe the Clintons played Bad cop – Good Cop?

    • Hillary had gotten into a verbal match with Lil Kim – and the CDS crowd is speculating Bill stepped in to rescue Her!

      • One of the journalist wasn’t doing well, Hillary did what was best, she is a country first SoS, and that is never a weakness.

      • Even if that happened…the Clintons never lose sight of the two regular American citizens at the center of it all that need the freaking help and do whatever to get it done . They are amazing.

  10. Yeah, see, this is why I love them.

  11. That’s MY president, right there. Always will be.

    • Amen to that, doubletime!

      • Bill has my heart, as does Hill. I didn’t like everything he did, all the time, but dammit he was one of US, there for US, and he never forgot it. Never. He was as good a political infighter as there ever was, but he never belonged to Washington.

        And you know, that’s the one thing that the party poobahs and the beltway village media types never did forgive, never have forgiven, and never will forgive him for. They knew he was OURS, the peeps, and not THEIRS. And it made them crazy. Still does. They could not stand the fact that he did not see them as central to the political universe – he reserved that spot for US, the people.

        Love that man.

        • And this is why Hillary was treated so abominably (or is that obamanably?) during the primary and since. She too belongs to us, to the people of this country. She is not owned by anyone, unlike B0.

        • Gotta love the Clintons. Ths is yet another example of why I still say Bill Clinton was the best POTUS we’ve ever had, and may ever have unless HRC runs again and wins. All the nay sayers can say want they want. Actions speak louder than words everytime.

    • woot woot. Gosh, I adore him! I can just imagine how this talk ensued, smooth, easy and jovial; where with Obama it would have been a lot of blubbering without the teleprompters.

      Clinton Tag Team — I love it!

    • Love them…

  12. If this had been an ego contest between Obama and Little Kim those women would have been there a long time.

    Like hostage negotiation, the goal is everyone going home alive.

  13. Send Bill to Iran to free the 3 American tourists!

  14. Now, someone, explain to me why people still care what Judas Bill Richardson has to say? CNN? Bueller?

  15. Did any football coach or baseball manager ever look bad because he had a superstar or two on his roster when he won a championship?

  16. What is this crap about “Can Hillary do it?” Stop it, CNN. I don’t know what I expected after you acted like human beings this morning. Now, I know for sure that you haven’t changed. Let it go and accept that Hillary + Bill = DREAM TEAM of Global Diplomacy. Just because your MVP is total failbot at it, doesn’t mean no one else does their homework.

    • They are a piece of work aren’t they. Not as bad as CNN, but a close second.

      • Mistype, delete this one please…

      • Yup, Fox just fails like its their job.

        • Yea, didn’t even consider them in the mix. Though I have to admit sometimes they can be better than the other two — mostly because they don’t take sides among Democrats.

          • Yup, I’ve noticed that. When I wanna see the Dems throw down without anybody being the favorite, they’re my go-to.

          • I do watch Fox a good deal now (though some I still can’t stomach, like Hannity.)

            It’s simple, really – If you want to hear any actual critique of the current administration, you have to go to the network that opposes them. That’s why if you want to know about the Repubs dirty deals, you go to MSNBC, and if you want the scoop on the perfidy of the Dems, you go to Fox.

            You listen with a jaundiced ear, being fully cognizant of and taking into account everyone’s biases, and go from there. *shrug* It’s just the reality of our dismal broadcast journalism in this country.

          • True about listening with a jaundiced ear, and…

            It’s simple, really – If you want to hear any actual critique of the current administration, you have to go to the network that opposes them. That’s why if you want to know about the Repubs dirty deals, you go to MSNBC, and if you want the scoop on the perfidy of the Dems, you go to Fox.

            …If you want to hear about celebrity death, you go to CNN.

          • for the last two presidential primaries I have watched Fox because they hate all democrats equally.

        • Fox is a joke but it doesn’t pretend to be anything other than the joke that it is, they flaunt it with their “we report, you decide” shenanigans and are happy to have the ratings to show for it, while the other channels take their infotainment way too seriously and pretend like they are more respectable than Fox.

          • All kidding aside, the only time I ever watched Bill O’Reilly was when he interviewed HIllary, and it mostly to see how he treated her.

            In comparison, he was a much more honest, decent journalist in that interview than MSNBC or CNN ever dreamed of being, in terms of Hillary.

            It really blew my mind, and that’s exactly the moment I began to see the deceitfulness of MSNBC and CNN with more clarity.

    • They are a piece of work aren’t they. Not as bad as MSNBC, but a close second.

  17. I remember the Republicans tried to convince everyone that Ambassador Wilson went to Niger on a boondoggle and not on behalf of the US. Are they starting to say that Bill Clinton was looking for a nice vacation spot and North Korea was on the top on his list, yet? It is bound to come.

  18. I just checked in at Blogstalkers. Like I expected, they figure if Obama doesn’t get the credit it doesn’t count.

  19. Don’t worry. The nutball theories that disparage the Clintons and connive far fetched scenarios to give the glory to others sound like exactly wha they are. BS.

    Clearly Bill and Hillary were together on this and it was played to perfection.

    If W2 green-lighted the mission then good for him who cares. he need the Clintons to pull it off becasue nobody else in the world can do what they do!!!!

    • Exactly. Bill got it done (obviously on concert with Hillary)–case closed. It’s called “results.”

  20. I’m all for media freedom but I feel like it’s totally tempting fate to have the commentators going off the rails on Jong-Il before those journalists and Bill are on a plane out of that place. I just feel like they’re talking some seriously questionable stuff and we know how this guy is. He can still change his mind.

  21. Bill Clinton went over and finalized their release, but let’s not discount all of Hillary’s work. She’s been working on getting them released since their capture, involving the Swiss as negotiators, etc, etc.

    All these Americans who are getting snagged in other countries are lucky they have Hillary. It took Obama six months just to pick a dog, imagine how long you’d be sitting in prison waiting for him to do something.

  22. Does anybody recall how the release of the two women evangelicals who where captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan during Bush2 was secured? I don’t recall.

  23. Bill just left North Korea, but I don’t know if the journalists are with him.

  24. I am under the impression that they had to send a private citizen rather than Hillary or anyone from the govt because the U.S. does not have diplomatic relations with NK. Am I mistaken? If it’s true, why isn’t the MSM reporting that?

    • Because the story is whatever the administration wants it to be. They’ve disclaimed this ” mission” left and right all day, while fielding questions about personal messages being shuttled from O to Il. They’ve done a terrible PR job at this, but you’d best believe the media’s gonna cover for ’em.

      It was an authorized hit after all. Who knew?

  25. It is a remarkable testament to Hillary Clinton’s lack of ego and self importance that even after NK insults a few weeks ago, she was able to set this up for the good of the journalists and the country.

    Bill will snag the “Big Dawg’s” share of the glory, but it is Hillary that continues to blow me away with her leadership and unbelievable strength of character.

    • Hillary focuses on getting results for people and lets the chips fall where they will. We need that kind of leadership right now more than ever.

      • Yep

        And I reckon if Bill or Hill happen to get in front of a camera anytime soon I am sure Obama will call an emergency Rose Garden media event to pull the spotlight to himself.

        I think that is why he came into the press conference earlier today with cupcakes. He wants it to be the lead story tonight.

        He could just wear a sign that says:

        ATTENTION !

        ATTENTION !

        Thank you, I NEED ATTENTION!

        • Honestly i find W2’s narcissism and attention seeking alarming. I really think there is something wrong with him.

          • He reminds me of the last guy who lived in the W.H. only Obama is better at using the media

    • Yes-that’s why we love Hillary. (And Bill does too).

  26. Twiitter is all over it, hailing Bill as a hero according to CNN.

    I like this one:

    Damn – you go with your bad self Bill Clinton. Can anyone say no to that man? Seriously!
    less than 20 seconds ago from web


    • #BillClinton on Twitter is an interesting read right now.

      • Can you give us an overview?

        • Bill Clinton is everybody’s favorite president ever. Many people are waxing nostalgic about him and saying that there’s nothing he can’t do. Of course, there are Clinton jokes, but much more praise. People want to send him to the other troubles corners of the world. Jimmy Carter is being replaced,etc.


        • Even the few jokes are mostly good-natured, in a weird way. They are saying if Bill goes to Asia to pick up women, no one can stand in his way.

          But it’s mostly nice ribbing, even the jokesters saying “he da man”.

          LOTS of AA posters affirming their love for Big Dawg, which I found interesting.

          • Yup. He is now the man. Not everyone knows that Hillary sent him, but plenty are figuring it out. It’s fun for me. I had to take a picture because I know it won’t last. It’s just kind of awesome to see a ton of people feel about him how I feel about him (and Hillary) everyday.

  27. Obama can get the credit. Gobama, it’s your birthday.

    The Clintons get shit done.

    • He’s not getting the credit at all though. Its all about Bill with some Hillary throw in for good measure.

      • Poor Obama, his cupcakes got upstaged.

        • This was my favorite tweet a few seconds ag:

          @richlca Hillary Clinton is in AFRICA, Bill Clinton is in NORTH KOREA. BARACK OBAMA is giving out birthday cupcakes – WTF

          • {quote]Hillary Clinton is in AFRICA, Bill Clinton is in NORTH KOREA. BARACK OBAMA is giving out birthday cupcakes[quote]

            Doesn’t that really say it all. Let’s see CNN/MSNBC come to terms with that. It’s obious some of the American people already know it.

          • LOLBill sez “Im n ur krappi diktatershp freein ur prizners”

          • [quote]Bill sez “Im n ur krappi diktatershp freein ur prizners”[quote]

            LOL, I’d love to see that headline.

            side note, it’s also obvious I need to start using a spell check. 🙂

          • You spell fine. You just don’t know code. A google search would clear it up.

          • That’s probably true, though knowing the above quote is how the MSM really thinks of Bill, I think would lower their veiwship more than it already is if they came out with a line like that, and the reason for my comment.

          • opps, posted too quick,. Meant to finish with, maybe I’m jsut reading it wrong.

          • You just don’t know code

            Actually, I guess I did, I just got so use to doing it with [quote] [/quote] that I used over at another site I do most of my talking, but has nothing to do with politics.

  28. Celebrate. Clearly HRC used Bill’s world stature to get the job done. And thank God she did. I hope she uses him more because some of the other players this administration is putting out there, especially The One and his #2 aren’t doing all that well when it comes to outcomes, unless you count world opinion as more than show boating.

    Greta gave Bill and Hill appropriate kudos yesterday as this story was developing. I’ve learned that you have to step back on Fox and look at the whole news op. They actually have a pretty broad spectrum with Chris Wallace who totally nailed IN RepPence on his Sunday show; Hannity and Beck are the red meat for the right; OReilly plays both sides and had a whopping smack down last night of the Repubs. Greta has been especially fair to both HRC and Palin and she has gone after both sides of the aisle on the health care. Bair and Shepherd Smith seem to be pretty straight up on news/little or no opinion.

    I no longer watch MSNBC but from when I did, I don’t see that spectrum that you get on Fox. MSNBC is pretty much one attack. Mathews, Maddow, Olberman, and Big Eddy all push the same talking points.

  29. Wait a minute! I thought we were told last year that Bill Clinton was a r@cist. Why would Obama send a r@cist on such a sensitive mission? I’m going to have to take a sip of koolaid and ponder this.

    • Because he’s just that big of a person. he’ll even consort with racists. He’s so swell. LOL.

      • He wants to bring everybody together, after all. It’s not just McClurkin and every foaming at the mouth misogynist on Earth who gets to sit at his table. Lol

    • And we were told the reason it took so long to vet Hillary as SOS was because of Bill’s baggage. Guess he must be travelin’ light these days.

  30. In case anyone’s interested, on Twitter, Bill’s the first Black President again.

  31. I love Bill Clinton!

  32. Will this shut up the Obots once and for all?

    Kudos to Bill and Hillary. I am so glad that they are able to look out for America and Americans and beyond all the petty politicking.

    Also: hee hee hee .They said no to Juda..I mean Bill Richardson!

  33. Bravo Bill and Hillary!

  34. There’s a Rasmussen poll on Hillary v. Palin out. Which is boring since that match-up is such a moot point. But the one fun part of the polling is that Hillary does way better against Palin than Obama does. Hillary breaks 50% against Palin, Obama does not.

  35. I got goosebumps reading this news.

    Hooray for President Clinton and Madame Secretary!

  36. Oh, and fuck the Clinton-haters. They’re soooo 2008.

  37. SOD
    Was just about to petition myiq to put your Big Dawg pic up..
    please oh please, myiq, you’ll do it?

    • Oh, yeah, we need that pic. So I can say “Big Dawg can come get me all released any time he wants…”

      • HaHa. I’m gay and even I can drum up a good fantasy about being rescued by Clinton.

        Well, either Clinton if you must know.

        • Girl, I’m right there with you. They are my Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Really, I wouldn’t mind if they had to sweep me off my feet to carry me to safety. Really, the feminist in my thinks that’s practical once I’ve twisted my ankle after slipping on the puddle of drool I’d leave behind if they showed up.

          (Is one of those mythical unicorn English-majors, otherwise known as bisexuals.)

          Yes, I’ve give this some thought.

    • That pic is sooo hawt! 😉

  38. Ewwwwwwwww! My eyes! My EEEEYYYYYYEEESSSS!

    I was thinking nice thoughts about the lovely Bill, then clicked on Drudge to see what the righties were saying….

    There is a pic on the front page of Vladimir Putin bare chested on horseback.

    I think I’m damaged for life.

    • gross!

    • that’s what you get for going on Drudge, though 🙂

      • Hey, i like to go see how various groups are spinning the news. 😉 So shoot me.

        (But please don’t subject me to Putin looking like a creepy bald version of Fabio on a bodice-bursting romance novel cover.)

        • WM I am so kidding with you- what a traumatic experience you’ve had!
          if Vlad was the last guy on earth I’d find a Hemlock tree and chew the bark…

    • Oh yuck sorry about that.

    • Starring in the remake of Taras Bulba, or what?

    • LMAO! What the hell is going on with him? It’s like he has a secret wish to release his own swimsuit calendar. No more glamour shots please Mr. Putin.

  39. OT- why did Obama’s cyber czar step down? She said she finished what she was asked to do it’s “time to pass the torch.”

    • from the WSJ:

      WASHINGTON — The White House’s acting cybersecurity czar announced her resignation Monday, in a setback to the Obama administration’s efforts to better protect the computer networks critical to national security and the global economy.

      The resignation of Melissa Hathaway, Barack Obama’s choice to monitor the nation’s online security, is a blow for the administration, which had made the position a priority. WSJ’s Siobhan Gorman reports the search for her successor will be tough.

      The resignation highlights the difficulty the White House has had following through on its cybersecurity effort. President Barack Obama first outlined his cybersecurity plans in a high-profile speech May 29, announcing his intention to create a top White House cybersecurity post — a position he has yet to fill.

      * Pirate Bay Co-Founder Steps Down as Spokesman

      Melissa Hathaway, who completed the Obama administration’s cybersecurity review in April, said in an interview that she was leaving for personal reasons. “It’s time to pass the torch,” she said, adding that she and her colleagues have provided an “initial down payment for what’s needed to start to address cybersecurity.”

      In the past year, intelligence officials have grown increasingly concerned about Chinese and Russian cyberspies surveilling U.S. infrastructure and military networks.

      People familiar with the matter said Ms. Hathaway has been “spinning her wheels” in the White House, where the president’s economic advisers sought to marginalize her politically.

      Cybersecurity is “a major priority for the president,” White House spokesman Nicholas Shapiro said, adding that the administration is “pursuing a new comprehensive approach to securing America’s digital infrastructure.” In the search to fill the top cyber post, “the president is personally committed to finding the right person for this job, and a rigorous selection process is well under way,” he said.

      Ms. Hathaway had initially been considered a leading contender to fill the cyber post permanently. She lost favor with the president’s economic team after she said it should consider options for regulating some private-sector entities to ensure they secure their networks, said cybersecurity specialists familiar with the discussions. Being a holdover from the Bush administration didn’t help either, they said.


      • “Holdover from the Bush Admin” a liability? Yeah, unlike Obama’s current Sec of Def.

        Betchya it was the picking on private-sector entities advice that he didn’t like.

      • There was another person about to be appointed before Ms. Hathaway, who was dumped for legal and ethics problems. I think the person was actually indicted later.

        I haven’t heard yet about Ms. Hathaway, but I probably will. Either she was going to actually do something and so was pushed out, or she just wasn’t playing the game of pretending to do things in the right way (most likely), or she has some ethics issues like the last person.

      • She lost favor with the president’s economic team after she said it should consider options for regulating some private-sector entities to ensure they secure their networks, said cybersecurity specialists familiar with the discussions.

        That figures. They really have no intention of doing anything to regulate the markets-not the teensiest tiny bit of anything.

  40. Mmmmmmmm….I would grant Big Dawg any wish also! (((sigh )))

  41. You guys are too fast. Worked, had dinner, and checked in and the two stories I zeroed in on were Timmy’s tantrum and Big Dawg Gets It Done!

    Obama must be seething, as Bill upstages him. LOL!! News flash to the juvenile division: this is what LEADERSHIP looks like!


  42. Apparently, the 2 women are on the plane with President Clinton.


    • go Bill go!

    • Thank you! I was just going to take a peek and see if there was any further news on that.

      God, can you imagine their reaction when Bill walked into their jail cell? I think I’d be convinced I’d lost my mind. Can’t wait to hear their side of the story.

  43. Al Gore’s 2 journalists pardoned by Dear Leader… Bill Clinton has never looked taller.

  44. Isn’t this hilarious? The only real success story out of this administration to date is about BILL CLINTON!!

    Karma’s a bitch. 🙂

    So fun reading this thread celebrating the Clintons. It’s like old times.

  45. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/8184698.stm

    Bill shows backtrack how to be a president.

    this is the best video I have seen all year



  46. Bill Clinton in North Korea

  47. First tears of joy I’ve cried in about a year.
    Thank you Bill!!!!!!

  48. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2009/08/04/MNND193S7H.DTL&feed=rss.news

    stupid is as stupid does



  49. Not sure if it’s already been mentioned here but I noticed an interesting article out of the Wall Street Jornal

    Pyongyang made a special request in negotiating the release of U.S. journalists — send Bill Clinton


    • Amen.

      Translated, it means:

      Don’t send Biden.
      Don’t send Pelosi.
      Don’t send Reid.
      Don’t send Kerry.

      SEND BILL CLINTON, they requested.

      He gets shit done. 🙂

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