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Moanday Morning News



Jobless grad sues for $70K tuition

She has given new meaning to a class-action lawsuit.


U.S. take on detained journalists hypocritical

While demanding that North Korea release two Bay Area reporters sentenced to prison, the United States has detained a Reuters cameraman without charges in Iraq since September – one of numerous foreign journalists jailed while covering U.S. military actions.


China reliance a risk for commodities: Roubini

China may have overstocked on commodities, risking a slowdown in buying and a correction in prices in the second half of this year, top economist Nouriel Roubini said on Monday, also reiterating that the global recession would continue until year-end.

Wall Street profits from trades with Fed

Wall Street banks are reaping outsized profits by trading with the Federal Reserve, raising questions about whether the central bank is driving hard enough bargains in its dealings with private sector counterparties, officials and industry executives say.


“Cash for clunkers” scheme extended after $1 billion runs out

Car scrappage plan to kick-start US auto industry almost exhausts budget in four days.

Alaska kindergarten teaching assistant behind false Palin divorce rumors

CNN stringer Dennis Zaki accidentally outs misogynist blogger “Gryphen” as Anchorage man named Jesse Griffin.

Obama reappoints one of the fired U.S. Attorneys

Harry Reid recommends Republican Daniel Bogden instead of a Democrat even though defense attorneys and prosecutors had questioned his leadership abilities.


Missing pilot’s body found in Iraq

The remains of the first American shot down in the 1991 Persian Gulf War have been uncovered, the U.S. Department of Defense announced Sunday.

U.S. Navy Capt. Michael “Scott” Speicher was shot down in an F/A-18 Hornet on January 17, 1991, the first night of the war.

Taliban targets police chief, 10 killed

The Taliban killed 10 people and critically injured a local police chief in western Afghanistan’s main city on Monday with a remote-controlled bomb hidden in a trash can, officials said.


Obama’s real birth certificate discovered

(There was no Republic of Kenya in 1961)

Obama’s other real birth certificate discovered

If you believe the first one you’ll believe anything.


Fewer king salmon returning to Alaska

People along Yukon blame pollock fishery, say salmon get caught in nets

Art and Entertainment:

Annie Leibovitz faces court claim for $24 million

Specialist loan firm claims Vanity Fair photographer has reneged on agreement conditions to repay debt

No more boogie nights

Mark Wahlberg gets married to model Rhea Durham (their three kids were beginning to ask questions)

Deadheads party in San Francisco

About 2,000 revelers turned out in all manner of tie-dye for the seventh annual Jerry Garcia Day to listen to live tunes in the amphitheater that now bears Garcia’s name.

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92 Responses

    • WOW-I hope she sues every single one of them. They must have been getting worried about the idea of a defense fund…

    • Yup. Shades of the Hunting of the President. And it had not escaped me the fact that most of the protagonists are women.
      I think that “the Democrats” as the unifying thread here should be replaced with “B0bots” – or Obama campaign, if you please.

  1. Just for the record, since you mentioned it, the Kenyan document is a certified copy, dated February 17, 1964, of what was entered into the Birth Register in 1961. Kenya declared its independence in December of 1963.

    • So that’s not a copy of the actual birth certificate? Even if it’s authentic (ROFLMFAO) that would make it no better than the Hawaiian COLB that the birfers refuse to accept now.

      • Correct. It’s a hand-typed certified copy of the entry that was recorded in the Birth Register. Orly Taitz has filed it in her lawsuit along with a motion to obtain assistance in determining its authenticity.

        • I’ll help her out – it’s fake.

          • Kenya wasn’t declared as the Republic of Kenya until December 1964, , ten months AFTER this supposed record was signed.

            fake fake fake.


          • damn!

          • As a professional photographer, I’ll help her out a little more. It’s an obvious photoshop.

            Look at the text where it crosses the creases in the paper. No distortion.

            Props for the faded typewriter ribbon effect, but no better than a C+ overall. If the birthers are going to pay to have this done, and presumably someone did pay for it, they need someone who’s taken at least a couple courses in digital imaging.

    • I agree that it’s a fake-the Republic of Kenya didn’t exist then, but this makes me wonder:

      WND has reported that among the documentation not yet available for Obama includes his kindergarten records, his Punahou school records, his Occidental College records, his Columbia University records, his Columbia thesis, his Harvard Law School records, his Harvard Law Review articles, his scholarly articles from the University of Chicago, his passport, his medical records, his files from his years as an Illinois state senator, his Illinois State Bar Association records, any baptism records, and his adoption records.

  2. What is it with these birther nuts? If one of Obama’s parents was a U.S. citizen, then he is a U.S. citizen. Period.

    It would be more rational for these people to try to get Obama impeached–like the crazies did to Bill Clinton.

    • I dunno – apparently no amount of scorn and derision will shake their beliefs.

      Facts don’t faze them either.

      • It is just like the nuts who wouldn’t accept that “Whitewater” was nonsense and think that Hillary and Bill Clinton are murderers and drug dealers.

    • exactly BB. WHY do people refuse to see what is right in front of their eyes??

      Ann Dunham was an American citizen. End of story.

      i’d bet a million bucks there are statements on his official records that would make him look like a liar or at least a major obfuscator, which is why they’re being withheld. but not a citizen? come on.

      • If you ask me, they were so busy trying to make him out to be a total genius- you know, the kind that doesn’t need experience, that they didn’t dare let any of his school/academic records out.

        His legislative/administrative records were taboo, too, because they were trying to depict him as all things to all men.

        • Obama’s school records will reflect what we already know – he’s basically a narcissistic slacker with charisma and ambition. If he distinguished himself as a student they wouldn’t be hiding them.

          As for his records as a legislator there basically aren’t any because he didn’t really do anything.

          But as far as a smoking gun – no.

          • iirc he was in favor of late term abortion, being one of the things he didn’t vote present on.

            That wouldn’t have gone down well with the Rick Warren crowd.

          • http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2009/08/03/on_race_no_he_cant_97747.html

            My long-held fear is that Mr. Obama is hiding something about his education. During the endless 2008 campaign, Mr. Obama would not release his college grades. Given that President George W. Bush and Sens. Al Gore and John Kerry all had proved mediocre grades were no impediment to a presidential bid, Mr. Obama likely had other concerns.

            While I have no desire to see Mr. Obama’s birth certificate, I do want to see his college transcripts. My suspicion, one could even call it a conspiracy theory, is that Mr. Obama committed himself to a radical curriculum, aligned himself with the far-left professoriate, and sought to keep this biographical information from his political enemies, especially then-rival Hillary Rodham Clinton, for fear that they would paint the former community organizer and follower of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright as something other than an advocate of racial reconciliation.

    • I agree. There’s no need to make up dirt on Obama. Go after the real corruption. There’s plenty to pick from.

    • It’s actualy more complicated than that. It’s not enough to be a citizen – the president has to be a natural born citizen. As far as what that means, some people say that both parents have to have been born here, as well as the child, while others say only the child has to be born here. It has never been authoritatively defined – probably the Supreme Court will have to address it some day. In the past, it has always been accepted knowledge that a natural born citizen is the child of two citizens – it was even taught in school.

      I’m agnostic on the issue – but an image on an Obama website doesn’t convince me of anything, and there’s something very strange about how every record on him is sealed or lost. So I have an open mind about it.

      • That is not the legal definition of “natural born citizen.” What you are repeating is birther nonsense.

        The Supreme Court doesn’t need to address it nor is it likely they ever will.

  3. WaPo B0bot is trying to convince self, friends they were not stupid voting for Obama (so stop saying that). Attacking Clinton for half the article

  4. You president’s transparency:::: * Kindergarten records – AWOL. * Punahou School records – AWOL. * Occidental College records – AWOL. * Columbia University records – AWOL. * Columbia University thesis – AWOL. * Harvard Law records – AWOL. * Harvard Law Review articles – AWOL. * Illinois Senate memos, calendars and other records – AWOL. * College-era speeches – AWOL. * US passport – AWOL. * Medical records – AWOL.

    • That’s also the main issue: the lie of “transparency” and “new politics.”


  5. Garcia story is a nice catch myiq 😉


    Is Sarah Palin America’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? The two differ in many key respects, of course, but it is remarkable how similar they are. There are uncanny parallels in their biographies, their domestic politics and the way they present themselves — even in their rocky relationships with party elders.

    Both are former governors of a northwest frontier state with great natural beauty (in Ahmadinejad’s case, Ardabil). Both are known for saying things that produce a classic Scooby-Doo double take in their audiences. Both appeal to a sort of wounded nationalism, speaking of the sacrifice of dedicated troops for an often feckless public, and identifying themselves with the common soldier. They are vigilant against foreign designs on their countries and insist on energy and other independence.

    But above all, both are populists who claim to represent the little people against wily and unscrupulous elites, and against pampered upper-middle-class yuppies pretending to be the voice of democracy. Together, they tell us something about dangerous competing populisms in an age of globalization.


    Sarah is a dangerous dictator?

    Who kidnapped Juan Cole?

    • Did Ahmadinejad distribute oil profits to the people?

      Has he resigned because of the expense of phony law suits pressed against him?

      Or has he enjoyed the pay backs of electoral fraud? (If so I could mention a few other dangerous undemocratic parallels in this age of globalization)

      • Salon is rapidly becoming a parody site.

        • The sad thing is that they are helping to make sure that HR 676 Single Payer is defeated, by placing importance on this nonsense. I am a premium member and am really ticked off that they are spending their resources on this while 60 Americans die each day because of lack of health insurance.

          It’s no wonder the US is the last Western nation with no Universal Health Coverage and why our tax dollars continue to be used to fund wars and the press looks the other way. At the very least they could spend their time reading President Obama’s HR 3200 which is 1,017 pages long and which he admits he hasn’t read.

          They should be busy pointing out the pros and cons of the legislation, but they are too busy to care about 50 MILLION uninsured Americans, or that 11 MILLION CHILDREN will loose their health care under HR 3200!

          Imagine the uproar if Palin didn’t read it.

    • Good god. OK, I’ve decided aliens transported me in my sleep to a parallel earth about 9 years ago. None of this is happening. I’m going to wake up in the right place any minute now…. Scotty, are you up there… beam me up already. 🙂

      Hey who know, Democrats are just as bat sh!t crazy as Republicans. Party time.

    • Myiq2xu, Pleeeze, sit down, this may be hard, but someone has to tell you. Palin caused GLOBAL WARMING and next she is plotting resurfacing MARS to send all misogynistic men to live there, wearing burqas. The latter is giving her a bump in the polls, but not to worry, next week she will be responsible for the all the WARS of the WORLD…she is 50 feet tall ya know!

    • Both appeal to a sort of wounded nationalism, speaking of the sacrifice of dedicated troops for an often feckless public, and identifying themselves with the common soldier. They are vigilant against foreign designs on their countries and insist on energy and other independence.

      Um, Mr. Cole, please name for me three national politicians in the USA of whom these statements are NOT true. I’ll get another cup of coffee and wait, because you’ll be quite awhile.

    • Is stupid contagious? I’m a little worried because so far it seems to be incurable.

      Or maybe I’m the dumb@sss. After all, They ARE mainstream. They ARE accepted as normal. So it must be me.

      Really???? This is character and personhood assassination. No one should have to deal with this. This was never directed at Bush, with his torture, oil baron climate philosophy, senseless -endless war, high deficits, and whatever bass ackwards BS and his cabal came up with. This is wrong.

    • WOW! Juan Cole is wayyyyyy out there.
      Perhaps he should stick with clarifying the differences between Sunni and Shiite.

    • But you forget about all those Alaskan protestors shot down in the streets, the obviously rigged Alaskan elections, the teenage kids hanged in the public square in Anchorage.

      Oh, wait. . ..

  7. Rahm comes right out and calls Obama a “brand.”

    The Message Is the Message
    Barack Obama’s ubiquitous appearances as professor-in-chief, preacher-in-chief, father-in-chief, may turn out to be the most salient feature of his presidency.


    • great article-thanks fif:

      But the pacing and variety of the president’s engagements, combined with the sheer volume of his public appearances, suggests that something else is going on. These are the weapons of a blitzkrieg presidency, the likes of which we haven’t seen before.

      Look at a typical 36 hours in the life of the White House this summer: On July 13, Obama made a Rose Garden speech announcing his nominee for surgeon general, Regina Benjamin, and along the way gave an update on health care. Both parts of his address got picked up by outlets big and small (Washington Post, page A3: “On Health-Care Reform, Obama Looks to the LBJ Model”). Then he met with labor and Jewish leaders, generating two completely different types of news stories for the wires, blogs, and specialty presses. He released a video for the White House website answering questions submitted by Africans via Twitter and text. He addressed an urban-affairs summit, calling for the reinvention of our cities. The following morning, Obama let cameras and reporters into the Oval Office after his meeting with the Dutch prime minister, answering one question about Afghanistan and one about unemployment. That afternoon, he flew to Michigan to give an address about the economy and job retraining. That evening, he gave a fourteen-minute interview to Bob Costas for the MLB network before throwing the ceremonial opening pitch of the All-Star Game in St. Louis. (“You gotta make sure they get the new MLB network in the White House,” said Costas. “If I have to, I can have the CIA tap into something,” reassured Obama.) At the bottom of the second inning, he chatted with Tim McCarver and Joe Buck on Fox. And during the game, he starred in a seven-minute video featuring all five living presidents to honor 30 Americans for their community service. Those same two evenings, Anderson Cooper happened to run a prerecorded interview with Obama, during which the president answered questions about the stimulus and gays in the military.

      …One disadvantage to the blitzkrieg approach is that positive news stories don’t have much of a shelf life. But neither do negative ones.

      • My 7yo asked me today if you have to have a reason to vote for someone. I said, well, if you’re voting for American Idol, no, but of you’re voting for a government leader, yes.
        Then it struck me that since Obama IS the American Idol President, that explains the Palin-hate. She’s the one who can get those same Idol votes — she’s got the underdog narrative and she’s got the actual talent. She’s Kelly Clarkson to B0’s Justin Guarini.

        • Damn. That’s a great analogy. Palin has natural political talent. All Obama has is schtick.

      • Obama’s media blitz reminds me of the saying —

        “An aura of busyness can mask a state of paralysis.”

  8. Kirsten Powers steps up for women (even if a bit late)!


    There is something profoundly juvenile about adult men in the media grouping powerful women by crude stereotypes like “bitch” or “hot chick.”


  9. Have you seen this story? Courageous, outspoken Sudanese woman challenging Sharia Law.

    Sudan trouser woman ‘ready for 40,000 lashes’

    A Sudanese journalist facing 40 lashes for wearing “indecent” trousers vowed on the eve of her judgment that she is ready to be whipped 40,000 times in her bid to change the country’s harsh laws.


    • NOW, that is a woman who is speaking ‘Truth To Power’ in asking for respect for her Human Rights and risking her very life to do it. Sending Lubna Ahmed al-Hussein good thoughts, and let’s send letters on her behalf. Sudanese government must stop the oppression of women.

  10. Another vicious Sarah Palin rumor being spread around the internets today…. Get this… Sarah Palin is rumored to be secretly in love with her husband…

    more details to come… Let’s make this go viral!

  11. From Glenzilla:

    I want to return to the subject of GE’s silencing of Keith Olbermann both because there are new facts I’ve obtained that shed light on what happened here and because this is one of the most blatant examples yet of pernicious corporate control over America’s journalism. The most striking aspect of this episode is that GE isn’t even bothering any longer to deny the fact that they exert control over MSNBC’s journalism. They’ve dispensed with the long-held fiction of the sanctity of journalistic independence from interference by the corporate parents that own America’s largest news organizations.

    • Olbermann is a journalist? 😯 What journalism class does someone take to turn red, veins pulsing, yelling while shacking and saying outrages things?

      • Do you have something against clown journalism schools 🙂

        • As I have stated before my eldest is one them, I just don’t recall my eldest taking any class where they teach you to yell, uncontrollably, while looking as though you will attack or as if you might code. That is all, I have nothing for the writing arts and if you are going to beam up, don’t forget to leave the good soap behind. 😉

    • Good Glenzilla post; I read the whole thing through, including comments (very sly, myiQ).

      I didn’t realize that GE spent $21.5 million lobbying the Obama administration last year, for loan guarantees and legislation they wanted.

      I guess Obama is only against SOME lobbying, and not ALL lobbying (snark).

      This sure does put a huge question mark after the integrity question of NBC and MSNBC’s coverage of the primaries , the election, and Obama’s presidency. Nuff said.

      • Question mark after integrity when talking about Obama? I think if you use the word integrity in conjunction with Obama or NBC, you need some cartoon graphics and sound effects (eye’s popping out, steam, horn sounds, all sorts of crazy stuff). Anything else just wouldn’t express the absurdity. 🙂

        • LOL! Like myiq, I’m a tad depressed about how stupid the Democratic Party has been. Especially, our so-called A-listers, who led the way.

          It just makes Women Voter’s recognition of Olbermann’s eye-popping, vein-straining, spit-spitting “comments” even more delusional, given the corporate a**holes he works for, and knew about.

          And all the Democratic idiots who think he’s brilliant and principled.


    • As more and more is revealed about the corporate manipulation of reporters and journalists, I’m starting to wonder whether the apparently blatant misogyny spewed by the talking heads was a distraction so that we didn’t notice that the corporations and Wall Street were controlling the election process. An unfortunate side effect is that it worked so well and went unquestioned because not enough people gave a crap if women were being slammed. The corporations appealed to the prevalent misogyny during the election just as Lee Atwater appealed to racism with the Willie Horton ad.

      Now, we’re all fighting over whether or not Sarah Palin is a feminist, and we are not paying attention to the fact that Wall St., GE, and NewsCorp do not want any elected leader in office who will not go along to get along whether it’s Clinton, McCain, or Palin.

    • Geez, my entire comment disappeared. I’ll try to recap what I just said.

      I’m starting to question whether the blatant misogyny during the election was just a distraction to hide the fact that Wall St., GE, and NewsCorp were manipulating the election. The sad thing is that it worked because not enough people cared that women were being slammed. They appealed to the prevaling misogyny as effectively as Lee Atwater appealed to r@cism.

      While we are all fighting over whether or not Sarah Palin is a feminist, Wall St., GE, and NewsCorp are making sure that we do not elect leaders like Clinton, McCain, and Palin who wil not go along to get along.

      • But of course it was a distraction. Bright, shiny things for the Obots.

        You didn’t really think Obama got most of his money from the “little people,” did ya?

        Corporate-owned, from the git-go.

        All the rest is bread and circuses, distracting the masses.

  12. ABC News – August 3, 2009
    >>>>Two human rights groups Monday morning sent a letter to the chairman and ranking Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee questioning the pending nomination of a State Department nominee because of his involvement with a company that had ties to the government of Sudan.

    Goldman Sachs International Vice Chairman Robert Hormats, President Obama’s pick to be Undersecretary of State for Economic, Energy and Agricultural Affairs, played an “instrumental role…in reassuring the public and the financial markets about PetroChina in preparation for that company’s initial public offering,”


  13. myiq2xu, on August 3rd, 2009 at 11:14 am Said:

    Somebody sounds jealous
    busted 😳

  14. http://www.poynter.org/column.asp?id=45&aid=167786

    The lady selling her tv must have made an impression.



  15. would backtrack understand this if the networks sent it to him?



  16. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/08/02/AR2009080202045_pf.html

    Rahm the enforcer



  17. CNN’s Lou Dobbs Problem

    • I understand how they can try and say Lou is pushing the birth certificate issue, though I think he’s said many times he doesn’t believe the allegation so the accusation I think is bogus, but what has he said that’s racially charged?

      • We will have to stay tuned for the press conference to see/hear/read all the details from the group airing the ad.

      • Perhaps they mean to say that “country of origin” issues are racial?

        But wait, does Lou Dobbs think Obama is secretly Mexican?

        • My guess is they are referring to his stand on immigration, but it seems strange to add that to this if that’s what they are doing. Though I guess it is how things are done today. Make a reference to something to make it look one way, and then fall back on the real meaning when people question it.

          • How about obscure all meanings so that people just accept all as incomprehensible, acquiesce, comply and keep quiet.

      • Glen Beck just started dialing it back today, imploring that they (his listeners) try to avoid a Timothy McVeigh and asked that no one resort to violence, he said (paraphrasing here).

        The Southern Poverty Law Center generally takes things seriously and they stated they had concerns a couple of days ago, and that is the first time that they have stated that.

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