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I’m tired and I don’t wanna do it


I know I’m supposed to be all excited that Nancy Pelousy promised that there will be a roll call vote on single-payer, but I can’t work up any enthusiasm:

Seeking to dampen liberal anger about deals cut with centrists, Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) said House leaders have agreed to allow a floor vote on a government-run, single-payer system.

“A lot of members on our committee want a vote on that,” said Waxman said in an interview. “I believe their wishes will be accommodated.”

I guess the memory of last year is still too fresh. After a year and one-half of campaigning, with debates, fundraisers, rallies, primaries, caucuses, drama and trauma we had two nominees in a virtual tie, with Hillary holding a slight lead in votes and Obama (thanks to the RBC and the boys from Brazile) holding a slight lead in pledged delegates. Neither candidate had enough pledged delegates to claim the nomination outright.

The Democratic leadership had annointed Obama and they used threats and promises to apply pressure on the superdelegates to choose  so that they could declare Obama the “presumptive nominee.” Then they began planning his coronation with a scripted delegate vote where only his name appeared on the ballot.

PUMA members and other liberals put a lot of effort into making the roll call vote genuine, and succeeded in getting Hillary’s name put on the ballot. Since superdelegates could change their votes up until the last minute it was hoped that enough of them could be persuaded to support Hillary and give her the nomination instead. This application of democratic principles and Democratic rules was commonly referred to by Obama supporters as a plan to “steal” the nomination.

We got our roll call vote but it was a sham. The delegates actually voted in their hotels where they were strong-armed into voting for Obama. Despite the millions of tax dollars spent to hold primaries across the nation and laws requiring delegates to cast their votes for Hillary their votes were cast for Obama instead.

Even Hillary went along the kabuki.

This single payer vote will be another sham. All it will do is give Democratic sell-outs political cover so they can face the voters next year and say “I voted for single-payer.” After the votes are dutifully counted and the bill is defeated, they will pass a piece of shit Obamacare instead.

No single payer. No genuine public option. No ponies.

It might be different if the A-List “progressive” bloggers hadn’t betrayed us, but they sold their souls for Kool-aid and the occasional conference call with Obama. Right now they’re too busy worrying about birthers and Sarah Palin and beer summits to concern themselves with health care reform.

I’m gonna save my enthusiasm for the SF Giants and the Oakland Raiders. Unlike single payer, neither team has been mathematically eliminated yet.


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75 Responses

  1. righteous rant, brother clown.

    • I’m not drunk enough for a righteous rant.

      Check back in a couple hours.

    • Well, I had a thought watching CSPAN, seeing everyone clapping once the vote was tallied YES 31 to NO 28. Prior to the vote they thanked someone….plot…tic,toc,tic,toc… Someone who has been working 53 years to provide Health Care To ALL Americans…tic, toc, tic, toc…

      OK…it wasn’t Obama! It is Congressman John D. Dingell of the 15th District of Michigan, who’s father also worked tirelessly for Single Payer.

      Congressman John D. Dingell represents Michigan’s 15th Congressional District and is the Chairman Emeritus of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, one of five ‘exclusive’ committees in the U.S. House. During the 111th Congress, he has the lead role in crafting national health insurance legislation that goes before this Committee and the House.

      Could President Obama be blocking HR 676 Single Payer, because it will be the work of others, John D. Dingell, John Conyers and a host of others (close to 100)? He said it wasn’t about him, but he has Democratic majorities in Congress and the Senate. So, WHO is getting in the way? COULD IT BE…Oh, no, not ‘TEH ONE’?!? Could the EGO of ‘TEH ONE’, be so strong as to block HR 676 Single Payer? Could the Obama of 2003 (the one who said he wanted Single Payer) be in a struggle with ‘TEH ONE’, who is thinking about the loss of all the Purty logos ( http://www.logodesignlove.com/obama-08-logo-design-options ) of ‘Obama Care’? 😯

      What do others think? ME thinks the clown is onto something, especially when you apply the logic of the EGO, ‘TEH ONE’, where ‘winning is loosing’, then EGO gets his way and everyone claps for it in the end.

      (After thought:Teh One at work seems much more soothing to consider, than the other possibility, which is he SOLD US DOWN THE RIVER!) 😦

  2. You have such a way with words. You have precisely identified the deal on the table—you get to vote but you will not win. This will also give Pelosi etc. cover—hey, we aren’t socialists, we voted against single payer—so there.

    The great hypocrisy in all this is the new Pelosi and Dem rant against the insurance companies. Oh, like that makes a difference in anything.

    • If they didn’t know what the outcome would be they would never allow the vote.

      • You’re so right. I’m not buying into the Dems lies any more. They are way too predictable. I think nothing would be better than what they have planned for us.

      • 😥 Whaaaa…I am lighting candles and praying that the Obama of 2003 wakes up and remembers his promise to support HR 676 Single Payer. Obama listen to the people!

  3. Yup, not buying it.
    Sham city.

    Now, about that righteous rant..3 o’clock eastern?

  4. Yeah. That’s pretty much how I felt when I heard about this vote. It is just to expedite Obama nonreform.

  5. This is exactly how i feel. Yesterday in fact, i decided i would give up. Hopefully i change my mind, but i have realized through seeing that the media controls everything and there is no hope for the truth.

  6. However, i do believe their will be a good public option that passes. Fuckface knows that if he doesn’t have it as his legacy, he’ll look like a loser.

    • Well, Obama and his messengers have already switched to the meme that Obama never promised universal healthcare and so whatever ends up getting passed will put the US on a “glide path” to universal coverage. It’s sounding like it’s gonna be a weak public option.

      • Shorter Obama:
        “Promise them anything but give them the shaft”

        • I was just remembering Obama’s famous quote
          here in PA, when the Gov told him Fridays were not good for fundraisers

          ” we don’t need the people, we just need the checks”.

          Chicago to the bone

  7. I don’t want a symbolic vote. I don’t want a rushed through program. I want them actually to do the right thing and try to educate folks on what’s going on.

    Symbolic damned votes mean nada, zippo, nil, nothing!

    • niente!

      wait for the spin-single payer defeated! by the people!

      • Obama declared its defeat when he wouldn’t let it onto the table and was blocking it, but yet doing a wishy washy excuse, while going on his ROCK TOUR… 😳 health reform tour, but hasn’t had time to read the 1,017 pages of HR 3200 (which will COST MORE and reform little)!

    • Damn straight, no symbolic vote.

      I want my Medicare NOW! NOW, NOW, NOW. Just like the banksters got their trillions Now, Now, Now.

      People die bcz they don’t have insurance, If they don’t die, they get much sicker.

      People get bankrupted without insurance, even with insurance.,

      I don’t want people to have to wait 4 years for relief meager as it will mosly be.

      WIth Medicare for All, every worker is actually signed up already in that workers pay into the Medicare fund with every pay check. It’s there, it”s ready to go.

      If LBJ could get Medicare up from scratch within 9, 10, 11* months after signing it into law (44 years ago this past Thursday, July 27) — without computers! — I think we could get Medicare for All up and running in even less time. (*I’ve read all three numbers of months)

      It’s doable, it’s feasible, it saves money. People know it, how it works, that it works.

      Please, do not lose heart NOW!

      At least some good LTE’s from all these good writers. Pleeeeze?

  8. The pictures say it all. Nicely chosen.

  9. I spent years getting frustrated because the Democrats kept giving up without a fight.

    I finally realized that they don’t want to win.

    There are a few true believers in Congress but they are outnumbered by the sellouts.

  10. I want the best health CARE we can get — for everyone. I want people to know about Medicare for All. I want the MCM* to be forced to cover single payer, Medicare for All. Will the A-Listers covering it help make the MCM cover it? Maybe, maybe not. Will it affect Obama and his Chicago Boys econ-health insurance team? I don’t know.

    Won’t know if the coverage isn’t there.

    My own GP told me that there simply aren’t enough people being vocal and active to overcome the power of the Big Insurance Parasites’ (BIPs)’ and other Big Health Industry Players’ (BHIPs) monetary importance to both parties. I told him I call, write, email; he said there aren’t enough like me. (He’s very concerned as the BIPs lower his reimbursement every year.)

    I’m desperate to get Medicare for All. I’ll have cleaned out my savings by the time I make it to Medicare–I might have squeaked through had the market not tanked when I needed to take out big bucks to feed my Big Insurance Parasite (BIP). But I want it for others…NOW. Not 4 (or more?) years from now. Not 10-15 years from now.

    Interestingly, Ed Schultz had a come to Medicare for All moment, according to this diary on DKos, when he went to talk up the amorphous public plan and the crowd kept calling out for Single Payer, Medicare for All!

    Fascinating account– after many speakers about problems with coverage, lack of coverage, the problems with the various permutations of the public plan, need for single payer, a Dr. Frankel, Portland pediatrician since 1965, spoke:

    …he told Ed that just hours before, Speaker Pelosi guaranteed that a single payer amendment to the health care bill, HR 676, would get a full debate and vote in the house after the August recess. Dr. Frankel got a standing ovation from the overheated packed house.

    This was the final turning point for Ed Schultz. He had heard enough. Ed promised everyone in that room that he would start pushing for single payer on the radio, on TV and at his appearances. He swore he would become the voice for this movement to single payer. Over 600 people heard his oath, and we will all hold him to it.

    Good diary, worth a click to “that” site. Some folks there are trying to bring rationality back.

    I wonder if Rachel and Keith may pick up on what the people want, not just follow along with BO and his BIP rescue plan.

    Just maybe enough calls, emails, letters, postcards, LTE’s (the fact Pelosi’s promise getting very little coverage in the MCM is a good hook to hang a letter on, btw–gives the paper some genuine news), and picketing with legible signs at our reps’ offices, district appearances–just might help. Might shake up Versailles and the courtiers to corporatists.

    Will this help?

    Won’t know if it’s not done.

    *MCM–Mainstream Corporate Media

    (The fact there is so little A-List blog coverage is scarily reminiscent of the primaries, however…. Be nice to shake them up as well, eh?)

    • Re: picketing rep’s:

      My congressman (Dennis Cardoza) is a blue dog.

      How blue is he?

      During the last Congress he chaired the BD caucus. 3 years ago the GOP ran a token candidate against him (he got on the ballot but didn’t bother to campaign) and last year he ran unopposed.

      This district (CA-18) has voted GOP in Presidential elections since Reagan. Cardoza’s predecessor (Gary Condit) was a founding member of the Blue Dogs.

      If you wanna get amped up over a rigged game you go ahead.

      I’m tired and I don’t wanna do it.

      • I know tired. I have days I’m exhausted. I was going to go to DC, but I realized I was going into a down phase, so I didn’t sign up for a bus. Good thing, as I probably couldn’t have been able to walk that much. I walked a few blocks to my drug store and thought I might not make it.

        Get some rest–on a day you’ve got more energy, your kind of rep is the best kind to picket.

        Mine is a “Northeastern moderate Repubican,” but his office in on the town square.

        So, I told my draggin’ ass, Be There or Be Square.

        Just need to get my car repaired to make it that far. Hate those flashing check engine lights. And I’m one damn mile over the limit for the Clunkers for Cash!

      • but myiq, not everyone’s Congressperson is a Blue Dog. (I actually have the opposite, my House guy has already signed on for single-payer).

        I took the opposite lesson from the campaign to get Clinton on the ballot. I never thought we had a chance in hell of getting her to the nomination. But I wrote my letters and emails, ranted all over the place, and donated to the cause (mostly to he PUMAmobile, but elsewhere too). Because while we didn’t win, we made them put Clinton on the ballot AT ALL. Their perfidy and neglect and cheating was still more than we could combat, but it wasn’t complete. And, given the short amount of time, and relatively small number of vocal people, it was amazing to get even that much.

        And that night, while the FKD f*cked over the counts and back-room strong-armed delegates into throwing their votes to Obama, Hillary Clinton shone.

        Now it’s not a person we need to fight for, but a policy, a principle.

        One of the saddest and most infuriating thing about the A-list single-payer FAIL is that they have twisted a perfectly good and correct argument into a justification for their cowardice and cravenness. A symbolic victory on single-payer, even if we don’t win the final argument, does put us closer to a real SP system. That’s the slimy justification for people like Hamsher and Bowers flogging the anemic (and virtually useless) public option. Bc it gets us closer to the real goal. When Obama’s plan fails, and it will, people will remember a brouhaha over Medicare for All if people make a big stink.

        Because it will get us closer. I would like it to win SP for us altogether but realistically that isn’t going to happen under these FKDs. It’s a totally legit argument that should be encouraging people; I hesitate to make it bc the A-listers have sapped the meaning out of but f*ck them, I’m taking it back.

  11. My Rep is a republican so no use trying to persuade him.
    I wrote both my Senators ( Casey Jr and Specter) and got canned replies.
    Health Justice has an e-mail out with a spoof or republicans sponsoring a Single Prayer bill. Only problem is that’s about what we’ll end up with thanks to the sell out Obama-crats.

    • Yup…remember when they said he was more in tuned with what our values were and during the debates he kept saying he agreed with her… 😥 They plan on Killing Hr 676 Single Payer and they want us to clap while they do it. I am waiting for the ‘Fierce Advocate’ bull to be rolled out.

  12. It does feel like Lucy holding the football….again. If Dem promises were dollars, after all these years of promies, we’d have enough for another bailout.

    I’m waiting for the upper crust to come back from Nantucket for another worker bee shakedown. Bush2’s chief of staff , Andy Card , said you don’t roll out a new product in Aug

  13. Didn’t the Congressional Black Caucus pretty much damn and discredit this POS sham “compromise” bill? Seems to me that would be a clear signal for congress to go back to the drawing board and start over with no tricks.

  14. Single payer isn’t about the Democrats, Obama, Hillary, etc…It’s about us. It’s about guaranteeing equitable health care to every man, woman, and child as a birth right. Your other choice is allow Obama and the Democrats to lock us into an unsustainable, unfair private, for-profit health insurance scheme for the next several decades. Ya know, if the SP folks make enough noise it may at least halt Obama-Care and start us on a path to an honest debate in this country.

    • I support single payer, but I’m not wasting any energy on this current kabuki/sham/scam bullshit.

      • I think it is a type of progress that one doesn’t jump like a Pavlovian dog when a Dem ” promises” something lol! It’s hardly a ” take it to the bank ” situation…unless you are a bank of course . Those promises are kept.

      • Well, I don’t have that luxury. As one who isn’t insured and can’t afford anything on the Exchange, I have to ask for better. And, I certainly want to stop Romney-Care from becoming law of the land, as I can not afford another penalty.

      • well I’m saying , it’s good not be put off by Nancy’s promise of a vote and indeed, keep agitating. One can agitate and not jump at the first bone offered ..in fact it helps to get something better…like a real vote .

        • I’m not like impressed with Nancy. I know this is just a show for her. But for people who want single payer, it’s an opening, despite Nancy’s plans. If I were jumping at bones, I’d support the public option. I don’t. I think it’s crap.

    • Single payer isn’t about the Democrats, Obama, Hillary, etc…It’s about us.

      I agree, but why did President Obama keep it off the table? I do agree, that the only reason they are giving it a vote is due to the FACT that 76% of Americans want a Public Option and we are letting out the $$$$$MONEY facts of some ‘DemoneyCrats’! Senate Finance Committee Health Care Influence Cluster: The Democrats http://tiny.cc/V0tZO Mapping Senator Max Baucus’ Health Care Lobbyist Complex http://tiny.cc/aNAde

      • Yes. So? I mean, nothing ever changes if everyone just sits back and says oh this is just kabuki. That certainly ain’t how the New Deal passed. No, it was the socialist movement. LBJ didn’t enact civil rights legislation because everyone was too cynical to give a crap. He was pushed from the outside.

        • The New Deal wasn’t just passed, it was shepherded through Congress. This “symbolic” vote on singlepayer is being put on the table to get Obamacare through, not to prevent it.

          • Because of outside agitation. Not because Congress was a bunch of nice fellows. Duh. Today it’s symbolic. But there are a lot of people in this country who don’t understand Obama-Care but do understand Medicare. They may actually at least halt the current reforms for a real debate.

            Whatever. As I said, since I live uninsured under the penalty of Romney-Care, I can’t afford to sit back and watch. Again, this has nothing to do with Nancy or the Democrats. She gave SP advocates an opening, and even if it’s just symbolic for her(which clearly, we all agree, it is) it’s an opening that a lot of people will try to use to push the debate toward a viable solution, Medicare for All.

          • I don’t begrudge anyone trying to make the most of this vote and move the debate further. My expectations are very low of what can be accomplished with this, though. I feel like it is designed to “steal the thunder” of the single payer movement, to quell it and its appeal to the American voter, to serve as some kind of stupid “proof” that single payer is not politically feasible and Obamacare is the next best thing.

          • Well, OK, we will agitate, but you know that a guard at the Social Security office took a grannies knitting needles away…he thought they were a weapon! Dangerous Grannies!

        • I am not giving up, I complain, then get back up and work hard on the issue. I have even been told I should move to another county that has Single Payer/UHC by aides to legislators…today when they call, the first thing they say is they support Single Payer. I think the Health of the nations working people should be their FIRST PRIORITY! We are the last Western Country with NO UHC coverage, yet we are the wealthiest?????

  15. The awful part of the bill, well one of them , is that the timing works like the phony blue ribbon panels Bush inc set up to push a topic off the front page and making sure nothing actually changes. This health care ” reform” doesn’t even start till 2013… that’s so Obama doesn’t have an obvious failure at re-election time and so any health care hardship until then will be greeted and put off with, ” well wait till 2013 when the reform kicks in! ” .

    And when the “reform” starts at 2013 and when it stinks, they will say , ” but it just started! Give it a chance to work.!”.. blah blah .and this just is how years and years are lost . What if your doctor said about a cancer ” hey , it just started! give it a chance” ….yeah, that makes sense.

    If they want something really done, like a bailout, it’s done over a Sunday and we hear about it later .
    I think Nancy is hoping her promise will be forgotten..but it does assure the health care industry complex keeps sending the ad money until congress is back….

    I do like the ” Medicare for All” battle cry . Because it’s simple and its a known…it’s good slogan

    • Also, it’s an easy 2012 election pitch: vote for Obama to make sure that health care works in 2013! Blergh.

      • Health Workers aren’t buying it! He is going to get a surprise, they are being over worked, while those on top are getting the bonuses, while their injury rates are going up. Rose Ann DeMoro is the executive director of the California Nurses Association and a National V.P. of the AFL-CIO. “There is a conspiracy of silence” against Single Payer in the Congress. “We’re going to have to turn up the heat” if we want to get anything done. She added that Single Payer has been “kept off the agenda” and that there was a lack of “political will” in the Congress about doing the right thing with respect to the current crisis in health care.

  16. Blue Dogs Mark Territory, New Healthcare Ideas, and More – U.S. News Weekly

    • Yea, they are ‘PISSING’ on all the working people and next they will help dismantle Medicare while they claim they are reforming it.

      • Yep. Cutting $350 billion from the budget right before the Baby Boomers retire is just the first step.

  17. Single Payer: Listen To The Doctors! Physicians for a National Health Program:http://www.pnhp.org/ Obama’s own Doctor is for HR 676 Single Payer and is NOW actively speaking out since he wasn’t ALLOWED to attend the ABC White House Kabuki Theater :oop:, I mean Health Care Reform.

  18. No single payer. No genuine public option. No ponies.

    I don’t blame you or any PUMAs, myiq. But it could be different because there are male single-payer supporters as opposed to the (mostly) female PUMAs.

  19. You are so right myiq2xu. Obama, Pelosi, Reed, all of them, are nothing more than mouthpieces for the corporate elite. “Words, just words”… yep, he got that right. He speaks the words they know the people want to hear and then it’s business as usual behind closed doors. What a propaganda-ist piece of crap this whole political farce of a government has become. And “we the people” have to live (or die) with the devastating results.

  20. It’s theater to Pelosi and Co. You’re right about that. And we may all be going down. You’re right about that too.

    But that doesn’t let you off from going down fighting. Even if the thing is a damn windmill.

    • Mix drinks, not metaphors.

    • Yup, it can be both theater and an opportunity.

      No Medicare for All advocate is being fooled by Pelosi; everyone knows her intent is just a sham-STFU gesture. But that doesn’t mean we have to give in to her kabuki. Laying down and saying ‘so what’? just means she wins, again, in her (and other faux-Dems) campaign to do nothing.

      Personally, aside from the critical issues at stake in the fight for Medicare for All, I’m happy to just cause her, the Blue Dogs and all the other fakers (A-listers, I’m looking at you) a bunch of angst.

  21. This is the kind of issue that LTE’s are good for. Especially since the MCM* isn’t covering the news of the Medicare for All bill, HR676, very well and, so far, it’s not saying much about the promised vote.

    So, your LTE would have the hook of bringing real news to the editorial page.

    Think about it–lots of great writers here.

  22. Ironically the Giants are beating Philadelphia right now.

  23. Here are some framing suggestions from a commenter at the DKos diary I linked to above (about Ed Schulz having his Come to Medicare for All Moment):

    I’m quoting it bcz I couldn’t figure out where the individual comment link is–been a long time since I’ve been to DKos.

    Let’s Roll
    Let’s change the frame, control the game and make single payer happen!

    Here’s a start on a few crisp phrases and reframes. First, one good way to start the campaign is to remind people that California, the largest state in the union and 5th or 6th largest economy on earth, has already passed a well-designed single payer bill twice before it was axed by Arnold. SB 810 is poised to go through a third time and someday an enlightened guv will sign it.

    A few other phrasings:

    “Publicly funded, privately delivered healthcare” — This phrasing emphasizes doctors are autonomous and work for themselves to deliver healthcare (as they do in Medicare) and not for the govt. This also indicates SP is not strictly-speaking “socialized medicine” which usually means the govt hires the doctors and has far greater control over medical decision-making. Under SP, docs make their own decisions with patients (as they do in Medicare, a single payer system).

    If an all-out SP campaign gets moving, a fun way to phrase it would be “single payer with a robust private option” for people to buy additional coverage for private rooms, etc. This reversal would put the more affluent in same the spot we’ve been in, fighting for a public option, “fighting for their rights” (as it were), which might have the effect of keeping them on board as they won’t be left out. This also moves discussion toward lots of options for insurance companies to insure things, and shifts focus toward a jobs program (broadly speaking) for insurance co employees solved partly by some of them being absorbed into the national SP administration system, etc (essentially an expansion of Medicare). “Self-responsibility” for their hard work denying claims and dropping policies, in some cases, might come into play. However, without being vengeful we wish them well as we reorient our economy to a single payer system to save money for employers, individuals and families.

    With the money saved, allowing businesses to compete more vigorously; retain jobs and grow jobs, single payer would be viewed as not just a health plan but an economic plan.

    Detractors call single payer “government-run healthcare” but the private insurance system is “Wall-Street run healthcare.”

    “One America, One Payer”, a YouTube question I sent to candidates (particularly Edwards) during debates in 2007.

    There are lots of refreshing creative ways we can reframe the single payer campaign. I’m suggesting these and others to MoveOn, Ed and KO and Rachel et al. Let’s hear some other phrasings/counter-arguments we can use when we meet people and debate on the blogs;, speak at conferences and gatherings; write letters to the editor and write to our Critters.
    Get on board California’s single payer bill SB 810

    by good grief on Sun Aug 02, 2009 at 03:34:30 AM EDT

    I must emphasize that I think calling it Medicare for All is an easier way to sell it than using Single Payer.

  24. wassah maddah widyoo? no HOPE?

    Love the “meh” pic. LOLOL

  25. Posted in another thread but I guess should have posted in this thread since it’s more current.

    I’ve never believed the administration has ever planed to really push single-payer, in fact I think their only concern with Medicare is to make as many cuts as possible to it.

  26. It may just an convenient excuse that Blue Dogs vote as they do because of their conservative districts. Michael Tomasky at the Guardian has an interesting analysis of all the Blue Dogs districts, elections etc. and we may have bought into an easy lie.
    Obamas insurance reform is a big ugly bailout of the insurance companies and the Blue Dogs may be the excuse people are willing to buy– kind of an easy replacement for Republican obstructionism and of course he who must not be blamed or held responsible for anything ever.
    There’s no reason that we can’t have single payer. I know it, you know it, and the congress knows it.
    I won’t vote for anyone who doesn’t vote for single payer and keep on pushing for it without excuses.

  27. Democrats.com:

    Dennis Kucinich came today to Aurora I helped organize the talk. My main message is he was not pleased about HR 676 coming to the floor, he thought it was basically a trap where they were going to kill it and declare it dead ASAP.

    I told you so!

  28. myiq2xu —

    Lynn Woolsey, leader of the progressive caucus, told Diane Rehm today that the progressives have already compromised: They wanted single payer and they’ll settle for good (undefined) public option (undefined).

    IMHO, this mean we need to call her and do some pushback. Call our reps, WH, senators. Do all the other stuff to try to get Medicare for All considered.

    I almost could not believe her words….but you can listen to audio at the Diane Rehm Show site.

  29. I hear you loud and clear re betrayal of the A list sites.

    Wondering why none of the feminist A lists covered this:


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