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Dana Milbank says Hillary should drink “Mad Bitch” beer

Seriously.  From Peter Daou / ConsiderThisNews:

Just like last year.  Now all we need is the Failbots:

Sexism, what sexism?  Hillary IS as mad bitch!


But what about the racism? Bill Clinton said “fairy tale!”

I’ll betcha Milbank doesn’t get fired for this, but I bet he would be unemployed if he suggested Obama should drink (racially offensive term) beer.

Why is sexism more acceptable than racism?

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102 Responses

  1. Sarah Palin gets “Arctic Devil”

  2. Chip Pickering’s soon-to-be ex gets “Bitter woman from hell” beer.

  3. What is that as good as Milbank could come up with?? Don’t they make any beers with the word cu nt in the title??

  4. Of course, this from a batch of NBC frat boys. Does anyone care what they think? Do they think? NBC is certainly out of touch with Americans. We need the consumer right of cable TV a la carte so we can call up and drop NBC stations and stop subsidizing them.

  5. Anyone know if there’s a “Limp Dick Ale”?

    • You made me laugh, Joan!

    • They all are if a guy drinks enough of them.

      • That’s just beer – performance line goes steadily down, there. Liquor is actually a modified bell curve, but you have to time it exactly right on the way up, or before you know it you’ve hit the sudden downtrend and there’s no point.

        One advantage of age is that one gets very skilled at detecting that approaching apex (“Honey, we need to leave and go home right now“), as well as the tipping point beyond which it’s futile. (It ain’t happening and we both know it. *smooch* Nite, sweetie.”)

      • True, but 1)They obviously don’t need to waste the time or money drinking to get what they already have and 2) I wouldn’t get any satisfaction out of sending them a case of Bud signed, “With Deepest Sympathy, Madam Secretary”. Or maybe I would. Hmmm….

    • LOL!

  6. my husband used to say that certain beers tasted like
    ” panther piss” can we find some that taste like “puma piss”
    and serve it to the boys along with the limp dick ale?



  7. “Why is sexism more acceptable than racism?”


  8. Good thing they didn’t use a racial slur. They’d be fired.

  9. I guess if there is any possibility of a silver lining in this it is that the underlying message that comes thru is that the beer summit was pretty much a beer bust and a fraud. Obie doing a Bud lite just seems real appropriate. Too bad he couldn’t have a bong and some of that Hawaii ho, ho.

  10. Obama wanted a bud, but he caved to Republican pressure to water it down. So he got a bud lite. (That’s by way of Colbert)

  11. How many NBC frat boys does it take to screw in a light bulb? None, they can’t screw.

  12. Digby posted about this one, too.

    She thought “Mad Bitch” was funny, and thinks Jon Stewart shoulda used it first.

    I’m gonna be sick. Barf, Digby.

    • I’m hoping it’s badly done snark

    • I think Digby made it clear last year that she doesn’t give a fig about sexism or just isn’t even aware that it’s a problem. So I continue to avoid her blog like the plague. I’m sorry that she was returned to the blogroll here. Very disappointed in her. Funny that she doesn’t get that JS is more averse to sexism than she is!

    • Lovely. BTD called it “good, clean fun”.

      • Not surprising about BTD. His ego is so fragile, he doesn’t even KNOW he’s a chauvinist. Yuk.

        But Digby should know better. Period.

        • Finally – someone who speaks my thoughts re BTD.

        • BTD has been fairly convincing that he has no time for sexism, but he has a mountain-sized chip on his shoulder. If you read him regularly, there are a ton of messages in his posts and, particularly his comments, that indicate he carriers great resentments.

      • He was being sarcastic. It wasn’t readily apparent but if you go through and read the coments you can clearly tell that he thought their behavior was uncalled for.

      • Okay, who’s BTD?

    • Yes she did. i posted it up on my site and got some…”Lighten up” feed back on it. I commented on Hullabaloo and was ridiculed as a Republican troll….Oh well.

      • Hullaballoo must have deleted your comment

        • The one where I was told to “lighten Up” is gone but the others are still there. Was just called a “republican B-word!

          Wow. That was the first time I ever commented on that site. I’ve read it but never commented…serves me right….LOL

          • Digby only delets the comments that call her on her “red meat” crap.

            She doesn’t delete the comments from people who LIKE it, and attack those who don’t.

            Welcome to Digby’s tiny little world.

          • Huh. Join the digby Feminist Hall of Fame with me. I was once called a cu nt for defending some woman – oh, there are so many I can’t even remember who it was – against sexism.

      • I don’t know how anyone can read that blog. The visual is painful on the eyes, the typeface is so crammed, the colors and layout are so off that it’s distracting. I’ve never been able to finish reading a post.

        I do know that TL’s darling, squeaky, idolizes digby, which is enough right there to keep me away.

        • Yes. Digby and Squeaky are Modo wannabes.

          Nothing is really learned, in that process.

  13. The media is dominated by men and this is the biggest part of the problem.

    Women can help change that…

    Only 10-20% Of Op-Ed’s Are Written By Women. Men are five times more likely to submit an Op-Ed piece than women. Watch this video from Katie Couric’s Notebook, and go to “The OpEd Project” website to learn HOW to write a good Op-Ed piece. http://bit.ly/cARAf (h/t Womens_eNews)

    “Our mission is to bring about a sea change in our national conversation, which is currently overwhelmingly dominated (85%) by men.” —OpEd Project

  14. I was just having this discussion with a friend about the guy who sent the racis t email to a female African American columnist from the Boston Globe. My friend was trying to parse whether the guy telling her to go make him doughnuts and serve them to him in bed was rac ist or just sexist. He felt it was ra cist and therefore unacceptable, but apparently if it was just sexist, no problem that’s just the kind of thing she should be expected to smile and put up with. What a world.

  15. Did anyone catch Dylan Ratigan this morning on “Morning Meeting”?

    Ratigan was interviewing a corporate trainer about Obama’s cabinet retreat. (around 9:30am into his program).

    They were discussing possible exercises that some in the cabinet might do, and the first cabinet official they discussed was Clinton.

    Ratigan said; “Ok, what about Hillary Clinton. She’s loud and obnoxious just like me.”

    • Any man comparing her to himself is probably a big compliment to her considering the usual crap she gets. You have to find the positive where you can if you’re Hillary Clinton!

  16. Well if I were Hillary I’d tell Milbank it’s a damn shame she can’t find a “Braying Jackass” beer to recommend to him.

  17. Why are you surprised, everyone gave them a walk last week.

    Gates yelled out his door “are you going to believe a white woman over a black man?” Take out the modifiers: are you going to believe a woman over a man?

    No one, not even Greta Van S. and the 911 caller’s woman lawyer, who listened to the clip and heard it as well as I did, said anything.

    Seeing that picture of them yucking it up and having a beer made me sick. And now you are surprised by this – the boys club, in their smoking jackets, yucking it up putting everyone else down. I didn’t take geniuses to think up that set after last week

    Sexism and misogyny have to be confronted every time it is encountered. Just remember the little girls who got acid thrown in their faces for wanting to go to school.

    I think the American feminist movement and the American labor movement let the people of the rest world down when they won some victories then just sat back and rode the crest.

    • Do you have a link? I’d like to hear that.

      • A source for the alleged quote from Gates, you mean? It’s from the Boston Herald, a man who wouldn’t give his name but claims to be a neighbor and claims to be a witness claims to have heard it, though no one else seems to agree including the police report. As my high school teacher says, everyone should take the free copies of the Herald offered everywhere, especially if he has a puppy.

        • Thanks, I’ve heard people repeat the line, but I haven’t heard a tape or anybody who says they actually heard it.

          • It’s like a big game of telephone, right after it appeared in the paper, rightwing radio picked it up (mentioning it appeared in the paper, but conveniently omitting the unconfirmed, unnamed source part), then bloggers picked it up, then other news outlets “witnesses say” suddenly it’s everywhere.

          • There seems to be a lot of misinformation, perhaps disinformation, that commenters are quoting as fact. They also regularly assert that Gates refused to provide ID, which is false. It was after he had provided ID and proved he lived in the house that he was arrested.

        • I believe it is part of the statement the black officer on the scene gave recently.

          video of him saying it.

          • Thank you for posting this. I hope we’ll have no more “That’s just speculation” posts anymore. Perhaps this interview was the source of the Boston Herald’s information.

            Sgt Lashley himself says it happened. He was there.

            But then again, he’s being trashed as an Uncle Tom by many of the Gates supporters. I think there’s a discussion to be had there, too, but you won’t see Eugene Robinson engage in it, since Gates’s website is actually owned by WAPO, and they’re business partners.

            Both Ashley and Ms. Whalen supported Crowley’s arrest of Gates, based on Gates’s behavior that day. They were there.

            Check out the Harvard Crimson website. They’re not so proud of Gates, apparently.

          • The cop in the video says “I heard him say…” There’s a big difference between “saying” and “yelling.” If anything, the cop’s statement supports Gates’ claim that he wasn’t yelling.

          • The whole clip is very short and it didn’t appear to me Lashley was commenting on how Gates was saying it in that particular clip, but what he stated. So IMO that part hasn’t really been determined as far as if he yelled it or not.

            There are people that were there as well as Lashley that do say he yelled other things like the “black man in america” so I don’t think it’s too far a stretch to assume he yelled this too.

    • Gates yelled out his door “are you going to believe a white woman over a black man?” Take out the modifiers: are you going to believe a woman over a man?

      If Gates in fact yelled that out his door, why is it not on the police tapes? Crowley lied in his police report about what Whalen did and said. What makes you think he told the truth about anything else?

      • Is Crowley saying that Gates said that? Where can I find that?

        According to Lashley in the clip above of what Gates said, it was more along the lines of “A white woman calls the police and I’m locked up”, and I can’t make out anything on the tapes of what Crowley said, and haven’t heard anyone that can. Is there a transcript of what Crowley said on the tapes?

      • The cop in the video link does not use the word “yelled” in describing the situation. If anything, this supports Gates’ version of the story.

        • Really,hmmm. I didnt’ get that from what he said. He didn’t appear to say one way or the other IMO, but in the tapes even though I can’t understand what Gates is saying, it appears to me he’s yelling, and that he lied about that..

          • I haven’t heard any tape with yelling in the background. And if you can’t tell what the man is saying then how would you even know it’s Gates. The police officer states “I heard him say” and he does not, at least in the link posted above, ever use the words yell or shout. At this point, the officer’s statement backs up Gates.

          • The reason I believe Gates can be heard in the background yelling, comes from when I could hear what I perceive as yelling. This would have been in the beginning of the police tape where Crowley is contacting dispatch confirming there was a person claiming to be the resident of the home, and when Crowley was giving Gates name to dispatch. Both men confirm they were the only one’s on the porch. AFAIK neither man has ever said anyone else was yelling, and I’ve heard no witness say anyone else was yelling., so I have to conclude it’s Gates.

            AFA how I come to the conclusion, it’s what I perceive I’m hearing, and based on witness reports. Though I can respect that others don’t hear that, I would also expect them to respect if I do.

          • {quote]The police officer states “I heard him say” and he does not, at least in the link posted above, ever use the words yell or shout.{/quote}

            It’s true Lashley didn’t specifically say in the clip above that Gates yelled this, but as I mentioned in another post I didn’t get the impression in that statement he was addressing how Gates said this as much as what was said. Also in the video link above he also mentioned the “black man in America” part too, and it’s been stated by witnesses he was yelling this, so it makes sense to me he would have yelled “A white women calls the police and I get locked up” part too. Lashley has stated in other comments he affirms Crowley’s version of it which would include the yelling part as well as others that witnessed it and went on the record saying Gates was yelling.

  18. It was also reported as a fact and not hearsay on the NECN news, whatever that is, which may be owned by the Boston Herald for all I know. You can watch the news report here.

    If Gates did not in fact make that statement, then NECN TV owes him an apology and a correction.

    • Oops! My comment was meant to be nested on Cinie’s comment above.

    • Is it the “Lawyer: Gates 911 Caller Not Racist” story? I couldn’t play the video, but the written text part didn’t report the Gates quote as fact, it quoted a statement from Wendy Murphy, Whalen’s lawyer, and Murphy quoted the alleged statement as fact, without giving her source (and in an attempt to sort of backhandedly attempt to somewhat blame Gates for attacks on her client). It’s possible there are other sources out there, though I searched necn website and found nothing but this piece quoting Murphy, but from what I’ve seen it started in the Herald and subsequent mentions seem to flow from that account. (NECN is New England Cable News, btw).

      • The news reporter stated: “Gates challenged the police to explain why he would believe a white woman over a black man.” It was presented in the news report as a fact rather than an allegation. I just wanted to point that out to Cinie. It turns out that The Boston Herald was not the only media outlet pushing this claim.

        • I guess that the problem was with the way the news reporter read the story. The sentence before the one I highlighted quotes Murphy, but the way the reporter read the report, what came next, the part about Gates’s challenging the police to explain why he would believe a white woman over a black man, did not sound like it was a continuation of Murphy’s quote, but rather a known fact about the case.

    • It wouldn’t have been difficult for you to find out what NECN is–or you could have asked one of the Conflucians who lives in New England. I don’t understand your attitude. And the New England Cable Network is not owned the Boston Herald unless they just bought it yesterday. ????????

      • I’m sorry. I knew from the site that NECN owns a cable hews network in New England, but there was something on their website that made me suspect that they might have a relationship with the Boston Herald. That’s why I said “for all I know.”

        I just remember seeing the news clip a few days ago, and I thought that Cinie might want to see it, because, as I stated above, it reported Gates’s alleged statement as a fact. I didn’t mean to display an “attitude.”

        Thanks for explaining that there is no relationship between the news network and Boston Herald.

        • And I guess I also need to explain that when I posted my comment, which I intended to nest under Cinie’s comment, the Boston Herald was being discussed as the only known media source pushing the supposed quote by Gates. That’s why I stupidly interjected that for all I knew there might he a relationship between the NECN and the newspaper.

      • Hey BB,

        Would it make you feel any better if I told you that I can’t stand the Yankees and am rooting for the Red Sox? Because I truly am.

        Pax, Inky 🙂

        (Btw, I probably shouldn’t have commented on a post by Myiq, given how he feels about me–I’ll try not to do it again. I thought I had something germane to tell Cinie, but you’ve shown me just how wrong I was.)

  19. Wouldn’t be great if Sarah gets to be GOP nominee and Hillary for the Dems? Either one who wins will surely give these men a coronary.

  20. We need to get a rapid responders list together again, because now we are ready to ambush these assholes and the media around them that doesn’t call them out.

    • We can maybe revitalize “puma responders”…into only a sexist media watch.

      Puma Responders is based on Hillary Rapid Responders.

      I was a Hillary Rapid Responder for many months and worked my ass off. I wouldn’t mind a new sort of “responder” system specifically for sexism.

  21. Someone said the video has been pulled down now over at TalkLeft.

  22. But, but, Whelan got a big bouquet of flowers from the menz today…so everything is ok. Hillary just needs put up and shut up and maybe she’ll get some flowers too.

  23. OK, I know I quit watching cable news for some years now – so, please update me: are they doing “news’ now in robes and other costumes? Drag?
    Are there midgets? Nudity? Clowns?

  24. OT, but single payer FINALLY gets a floor vote:


    What will the public option people do now? Go with their principles or stick with Obama-Care?

    • {quote}Speaker Nancy Pelosi has pledged to give Single-Payer an up or down vote when healthcare reform is considered before year’s end.{/quoe}

      I can’t believe my eyes, but I hope it’s gets traction.

      • Haven’t caught up on the news yet, but it makes me think of Hillary’s roll call vote, i.e. symbolic…

        And, perhaps meant to make fool of single payer advocates by “proving” it’s politically unfeasible. But who knows.

        • Only in the freakin’ Democratic Party would they think it’s politica genius to demonstrate how out of touch we are and how many stooges vs. Decent pols we have. Here you go, America, a poke to your eye!

      • I hope so. I doubt it will pass, but I want the bastards on record.

      • How big of her, but they are STILL KEEPING SINGLE PAYER OUT OF THE DISCUSSION! Pelosi is not fooling anyone!

  25. Corazon Aquino died today. Let’s see if the media can show a woman the kind of respect she deserves.


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