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Obama’s Poll Ratings In Free Fall

Free Falling

Free Falling

Obama has only been in the White House for about seven months, yet it is no longer accurate to call him a popular President. His poll ratings are dropping fast. According to the Pew Research Center,

Barack Obama’s approval ratings have suffered major declines. The president’s overall job approval number fell from 61% in mid-June to 54% currently. His approval ratings for handling the economy and the federal budget deficit have also fallen sharply, tumbling to 38% and 32%, respectively. Majorities now say they disapprove of the way the president is handling these two issues. The new poll also finds significant declines over the last few months in the percentage of Americans giving Obama high marks for dealing with health care, foreign policy and tax policy.

Furthermore, Obama has lost ground in nearly every demographic category, including big losses among Democrats. Although 74% say they still like Obama personally, they are unhappy with most of his policies and with the way things are going in the country overall.

For the first time since Obama took office, as many say the government is on the wrong track (48%) as on the right track (46%) in handling the nation’s economic problems. In May, 53% said the government was on the right track on the economy, while 39% said it was on the wrong track.

Today’s Rasmussen presidential tracking poll has Obama’s Presidential Approval Index at -12, his lowest score yet. Only 28% of respondents strongly approve of Obama’s performance while 40% strongly disapprove. In addition,

Forty-nine percent (49%) now say that America’s best days have come and gone. Just 38% believe they are still to come. Thirty-four percent (34%) say the country is heading in the right direction. Seventy-five percent (75%) want the Federal Reserve to be audited.

Comments, reactions? This is an open thread.

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79 Responses

  1. we told them. they wouldn’t listen.

  2. Well…..we DID warn them didn’t we?

  3. From Real Clear Politics:

    Obama is dropping faster than Carter

    Until Obama, Carter was the last president to begin his term in the high 60s. Carter first polled at a 66 percent approval rating. He did not reach Obama’s present territory until mid September, when he hit 54 percent.

    Obama is now in the 53-52% range, and it’s only July.


    • This is the only good news that seems to have come out during the summer.

      • Should also say, I’m not happy this is the way things are going, other than seeing people are finally starting to wake up.

    • I think he’s dropping faster than George W. Bush did. If it weren’t for 9/11, Bush would have kept dropping too.

      • Clinton hit 37% approval after 5 month in office…he finished at 66%…Obama has given his best act and he is incapable of improving.

        • Clinton was lower, but he started lower since it was a 3 way race and thus didn’t have majority approval early on. So it’s even worse for Obama than just looking at percentages tell.

          I’m trying not to laugh and say I told you so (bites lip, holds back smirk)

          • Clinton was 58% Jan 24 and 37% in June…Obama was ~69% late jan and 61% in June. The difference is that Clinton had to fight for every step in his career…Obama has been given everything…he doesn’t know how to deal with the “bad” times and turn thing around. He and the TOTUS are a “one trick pony”.

        • Obama has nowhere to go from here. The first act was constant razzle dazzle with all the stops pulled out. There can be no second act, because Obama is a one-note character who is wholly dependent on special effects. It’s just like that fantastic Kander & Ebb song in “Chicago”. Problem is, this country can’t survive on a diet of feathers and sequins and styrofoam columns, a reality to which more and more Americans seem to be waking up. .

          • That’s what I don’t get. What did they think was going to happen? They spend 4 years alternating between doing nothing and doing things that are bad and nobody notices? While they thrive on stupid distraction, that didn’t work in the primary and not really even in the general, why would it work in government?

        • Uh oh, is spammy back on the job? Looks like my latest comment got eaten.

      • It looks like Obama will have a “record-setting” term in office – he’ll set the record for the fastest and farthest fall from grace.

  4. Makes me just want to go all childish and stick out my tongue, put my thumbs on the sides of my cheeks, wiggle all my fingers and say, “told you so, told you so, told you so”.

    • That was my first reaction, too! Then I remembered how screwed we are. So, instead, I cried “Make the mean man go away, Hillary” and I wished really hard.

    • Neener neener!

  5. I said last year that once Obama is in office he will be in trouble with no place to hide.

    Candidate Obama was all things to all people. President Obama has to make choices (doing nothing is a choice too) and whatever choices he makes someone will be unhappy.

    Obama is alienating the left in favor of the right. That’s like a man who dumps his wife to chase after a woman who doesn’t like him.

    • roflmao ~ you are always the funniest clown at the party!

    • myiq he has never in his entire life had a job where he was EXPECTED to PERFORM. Ever. It is a totally new experience for him. Just as we said it would be.

      • Ahh, but they promised him all he’d have to do was speak the words they give him and they would take care of the rest! 🙂

    • Heh
      The more he tries to curry favor with the conservatives the more they holler “socialist.” It’s positively deranged.

      Any sensible person at this point would be saying the Hades with you. We will work around you if you impede progress. Then again, that would have required him to have had a vision or plan going in. During the campaign, I thought it was pretty apparent he was winging it and didn’t feel strongly about any particular game plan.

    • That’s like a man who dumps his wife to chase after a woman who doesn’t like him.

      This is because the man is a narcissist. Narcissists get extremely frustrated when they run into people who refuse to realize how wonderful they are, and MUST pursue them.

      • That’s why he has the entire MSM groveling at his feet, but he focuses on FOX News. You can tell it really bothers him that they do not fawn like the others.

    • What’s maddening are the people who contend he’s some wide-eyed liberal. What’s equally maddening is the people who contend it’s all the Blue Dogs fault. It’s all very strange to me. I see a guy who is always trying not to rock the boat of the power brokers who brought him in, and really nothing more.

      • People (aka the media and liberal elite) are still trying to believe in the magic that made them vote for him. The Dems are trying to blame blue dogs and Republicans for their failures and reluctance to fight for single payer health care.
        I think his poll numbers tell another story about what the average American thinks of Obama and his policies.

        • He doesn’t really have policies. He has vague aspirations. It’s ridiculous. I keep daydreaming scenarios where he decides the job just isn’t for him and we get to have another go at the WH with a better Dem in 4 years.

        • Dems are always blaming someone, it’s pathological how weak they are.

          Or maybe they’re just unprincipled, duplicitous phonies.

          Oh wait. There it is: they’re weak, unprincipled, pathological, duplicitous phonies.

          They have a majority after all. How stupid do they think we are?

          All I can say is 2010/2012. I want workers, I want honest-to-god principled public servants. I want Hillary–again.

  6. That’s what happens when you elect a wishy washy post partisan who wishes to emulate a conservative to represent the liberal end of the spectrum. He isn’t going to stand up for liberal policy because that would require the fortitude to withstand criticism from conservatives. Obama isn’t used to that. He wants to hold hands and sing kumbaya with them.

  7. He told them he was a blank slate and people saw what they wanted to see in him.
    We told them he could not do the job.
    Not listening has consequences , the problem is all Americans will pay them.

    have you or your husband ever heard of Science Care?
    I just got mail from them about a whole body donor program?



  8. Oh, this is nothing a few prime time speeches can’t cure. he just needs to do more appearances, maybe more than one speech a day…

    • See my post at the top of the next thread…78 yr. old sells her TV’s because she so sick of seeing Obama! 🙂

  9. Yaaaay! Just checked in for the first time in hours and am SO glad we’re back to the old place. It’s far preferable to the temporary spot – all the light and air is back! Please, please, can we just stay here???

    • The location doesn’t matter to me, just make sure the design is nice and friendly and usable. I trust katiebird will make it nice, so I’m not worried.

    • Katiebird will make it look like home. I do hope there will be nesting though.

      • Oh yes please, nesting is nice.

      • Big YES to nesting – it’s a huge plus, and most of us have gotten pretty comfortable with it. I’ve also learned to make smiley faces and stuff on wordpress and would hate to have a hard won skill go to waste so soon! :D:

      • Nesting works for me, and I can follow the points without having to go back up and see who said what. PRO NESTING 🙂

      • and avatars!! I felt all nekid without my tinfoil bonnet. There’s mind controlling bastards everywhere!!!

  10. And what’s really amazing, there are many obots still in a trance, drinking the kool-aid. I just talked to an obot friend about health care, and they tried to explain the complex chess being played and how great it was all going to turn out, you just have to have faith because it has to be in baby steps and Obama knows what he’s doing.

    You know that Twilight Zone episode about the people getting on board the alien ship for a visit when at the last minute the book gift is translated and it’s a cook book. I kind of feel like that about obots. More sorry for them than anger at this point. Obots, you’re going to be eaten. 🙂

    • Maybe with the Obots it’s more along the lines of, it’s more important to appear they were correct, than to deal with and look at the truth.

    • Now and then I read online comments from what sound like younger commenters who seem to have sincerely believed that voting for Obama would make a big difference and who are now deeply disillusioned. Have to say I feel some empathy for these people, but wonder why the hell they didn’t bother looking into who he might really be before climbing on the bandwagon. I mean, it didn’t take a genius…

  11. miq2xu
    this is for you. I was looking for a song with falling in the title and came across this.




  12. Question: why is there such a disparity between the numbers who still think Obama is, um, a “nice guy” (gaaah) and those who think he’s failing re policy? Is this largely a result of the massive MSM deification? Or does it also have to do with respondents being afraid to say they don’t approve of him because he’s black? My guess is that the latter is definitely playing into this, because Obama most certainly is NOT a nice guy and a whole lot of other-than-PUMAs have to be catching on to this.

    • I don’t understand that at all, especially because the “very strongly” opposed numbers are so high. I’m sure those who feel strongly are not all warm and fuzzy about him.

  13. The funniest post of all is the latest from the NYT, with a 58% approval rating. lolol. Are they polling their readers? No way he gets a 58%.

  14. Since this is an open thread.

    The Govt has already suspended the Cash for Klunkers program fearing that the money would be quickly used up.

    Wonder what this is going to do for people’s perception of Obama administration competence.

    • I can’t believe that. 😯

      If even Italy can run a cash for clunkers program very successfully (several times)-why can’t the USA?

      But then again, now I think about it he hasn’t even filled up all the staff of his Administration yet.

      From Justin Webb’s BBC blog:

      I attended the formal swearing in of Philip Gordon, the new Undersecretary of State for Europe today.

      Lovely ceremony, proud family, good speeches. And above all a reminder that this administration is not yet fully staffed!

      Bizarre but true: Phil (who is a friend so I will say nothing about his competence and politics) is by no means the last aboard. Others still languish un-confirmed and unable to begin their public service.

      And yet, in other respects, the administration is getting old – with some real falling out now among constituencies upset by the compromises made in government and worried that Obama is going the same way on their issues that Kennedy did on civil rights.


  15. I am so happy that this site is up and roaring along again. Can we have a post on what the heck was going on?

    Daki I do not know about this health care thing. I really wanted a good health care bill but I think this is really not good. I have had read parts of it but they are almost unintelligible and I think I can read legal jargon pretty well. I think this site was correct in a post early today in stating that there is no real commitment and never has been for real reform. This is about Dems doing what they think will get them reelected for the next few decades (and getting it all wrong) but not giving up on all those election $$$ from the people who are screwing up health care.

    I was amazed at the revelation that Rahm Emmanuel’s brother has 2 important positions in this administration and is the author of a book that pretty much promotes not giving medical care to people who can not contribute to the community.

    It is clear to me from what parts of this proposed legislation I have read and listening to all the politicians talk around, over and under it that they have no clue about what this legislation and no clue about the real problems that need to be fixed.

    • Copyright infringement by Daki over a bluedawg painting she posted as an illustration.

  16. Cliches have truth to them:

    what goes up, must come down.

    His image was so hyper-inflated (comparisons to Lincoln before entering office?! not to mention God), that there was only one dicrection they could go. I knew his hubris would be his undoing. He’s overreached, believing his own press clippings.

    Having said that, it’s mostly based on the economy. If that turns around, his numbers will rise again. It’s still a long way until 2012.

  17. http://www.ibdeditorials.com/IBDArticles.aspx?id=333844488864340

    This was in an e-mail I received. What do you think?



  18. (((waving)))

    Hi Boomer, hi everyone! I made to Yosemite. Holy jeez the road to the house we’re staying in was skeery!!! (I’m a wimp).

    But the house is beautiful…riverside by the Merced River. 3 days here and then on to Napa Valley to drown in wine tastings.

  19. SOD
    enjoy , enjoy,enjoy //////////////



  20. The “Beer Summit”

  21. I can’t celebrate Obama’s falling numbers because in the eyes of the Beltway and the MSM Obama is a liberal, so as he goes down he takes liberals with him, even though in reality he is a conservative.

  22. We told them so…and now we’re seeing the Democratic Party implode.

    I saw a prediction the other day about how Obama would lose in 2012.

    Great, the Repugs return with a license to hack at everything in the safety net possible…and women’s choice, too!

    • Quite possibly eroneous on my part, yet , I have long felt that Obama was never interested in a second term.

      I feel that his backers had designed his first term to get what they wanted, “break the bank” so to speak. I do not think they felt a second term would be needed. Hence, all the rushing of legislation designed to benefit only the few.

      Why should Obama desire a second term? He has no work ethic, he will have all the benefits regardless, and he is set for life. I believe he will walk away, if he is not driven away.

      I also remember Michelle repeatedly stating words to the effect that, “If you want to vote for Barack, you had better do it now, because WE are not going to go through this again”.

      To me, those words, and most of all his governance, seem somewhat prophetic.

      • But he’s a narcissist and there’s no way he can spin walking away as anything but an embarassing failure.

      • As long as they keep him in total luxury he’ll stay.

      • I agree JustMe, it is one more thing he can check off his list. Been there, done that! And being able to live the life is all he wanted and he’ll have it. 😦

  23. That is what happens when you go straight up at a great speed. Once the momentum is gone, you go down at the same great speed.

  24. I never liked him and I still can’t stand him.

  25. the bigger they are..the harder they fall…

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